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SECRID Wallets A new generation of wallets Never before has a wallet been so user-friendly. With one simple movement, your cards slide out in an overlapping sequence so you can find exactly the card you are looking for - even without opening your wallet. The heart of the SECRID wallet is the innovative aluminium Cardprotector which keeps your most important cards safe. The sleeve, which is made of sturdy quality leather, offers space for extra cards. The ultra-thin, extremely strong foil on the inside provides exactly the room you need for paper money, receipts and business cards. With so much storage space, the compact SECRID wallet seems bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Find your favourite among the growing SECRID product range!







Cardprotector The Cardprotector is a super-thin aluminium casing which you barely feel when you have it on you. The Cardprotector has room to store up to four or even six cards. With a single movement, your cards slide out of the Cardprotector in an overlapping sequence and are ready for use. Things couldn’t be simpler! The Cardprotector gives your most important cards optimum protection against breaking but also against your RFID and NFC cards being scanned (if you don’t want them to be). Public transport chip cards, ID cards, the latest bank cards and credit cards and many building entry cards make use of these wireless technologies. The SECRID Cardprotector has won many prizes including a Red Dot design award.

Doubleprotector The Doubleprotector is the same as the Cardprotector but offers double the amount of space and is just as convenient to use.


Miniwallet red lipstick

With the SECRID Cardprotector as its secure heart, the Miniwallet is a compact and super-safe wallet. Inside the Miniwallet you can store extra cards, paper money, receipts, business cards and coins - as well as the cards inside the Cardprotector.

The Miniwallet is small and light, making it easy to carry with you in your pocket or bag. A large wallet is not necessary. Choose your favourite Miniwallet from the range of luxury leathers available.


brown dark

cognac basic

red lipstick

black amazon

brown vintage

cognac reptile


blue lizard

brown amazon




green olive


taupe snake

Interior of the Miniwallet The interior of the Miniwallet, Slimwallet and Twinwallet offers space for paper money, extra cards and business cards.

max. 6 cards


business cards

extra cards

max. 4 cards

“In recent years, the contents of wallets have undergone revolutionary changes. Traditional coins and paper money have been replaced by high-tech cards with built-in chips and antennas. Not only has convenience increased, the risks have too. Wallets from SECRID protect both your money and your privacy.”

René van Geer

joint founder of SECRID

“Security is the heart of our products, but perhaps just as important is that they feel good and make you smile. I enjoy hearing from enthusiastic users who like our wallets so much they find themselves spontaneously demonstrating them to others.”

Marianne van Sasse van IJsselt joint founder of SECRID

We design and produce in the Netherlands because we consider it important to get quality, working conditions and environmental care right. Producing wallets in the Netherlands on a large scale is unique, and is made possible by the fact that we have developed our custom production process ourselves. We work with specialist manufacturers - such as a modern leather studio housed in a historic warehouse in the heart of Schiedam. The employees of a sheltered workshop in Leiden assemble our products with great enthusiasm. In the production process, original materials are combined with modern technologies, ensuring good working conditions and high quality products.

The Twinwallet has room to safely carry up to twelve cards inside the Doubleprotector. The leather section also has room for approximately four extra cards, paper money, receipts, business cards and some coins. The Twinwallet fits comfortably into your trouser pocket or ladies handbag and is at least half as compact again as a traditional wallet of similar capacity.


The leather of the Slimwallet is cut more amply than that of the Miniwallet. This means there is space to store extra cards, paper money, business cards and receipts. With no stud closure, the Slimwallet is even flatter than the Miniwallet, which means it fits perfectly inside the breast pocket of a jacket. If you want a beautiful compact wallet and you store your coins separately, the Slimwallet is the ideal wallet for you!

The aluminium Cardprotector keeps your cards safe from bending and breaking. It also prevents cards which make use of RFID and NFC technology from being scanned (if you don’t want them to be). These cards - such as public transport chip cards, building entry cards, many credit cards and the latest debit cards - incorporate a chip and an antenna for wireless communication. In an ordinary wallet, these cards can be activated, scanned and cloned remotely - without you noticing a thing. The Cardprotector keeps your cards safe from this type of criminal activity, as has been tested and confirmed by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). In order to safely use an RFID or NFC card, you slide it out in one movement. By sliding the cards out but not removing them from your Cardprotector, the radio signal is substantially reduced but still sufficient for contact over short distances. In this way, your cards are better protected even during use.*

RFID = Radio Frequency IDentification NFC = Near Field Communication Cards which make use of this technology can be recognised by one of the following symbols:

RFID safe NFC safe

RFID safe to store

RFID safe to use *

RFID unsafe

* Protection is not guaranteed if the transaction terminal itself has been hacked.



Secrid 2013 | brochure english  
Secrid 2013 | brochure english