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Mission Statement Second’s Gazette serves as a monthly newsletter to inform the congregants of valuable information happening on the campus of Second Baptist Church and in the community, as well as spotlight individuals and events that edify our parish church, but most importantly; glorifies the name of Jesus Christ.

On Giving and Loving

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he truth comes so often in simple sentences. For example, isn’t it true that a person can give without real love or sympathy (maybe to impress others, for example) but one simply cannot love without giving? In fact, one of the clues to how much a person loves is how much he or she gives in terms of time, talent, friendship, service, encouragement and prayers on behalf of others.

Thanksgiving, to be truly Thanksgiving, is first

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s we move into the month of Thanksgiving, it is those who support the church and keep it alive and well with money, time, talent and other gifts. On behalf of the Second’s Gazette staff Thank You all for supporting us this year. Have a wonderful and filling Thanksgiving and may God continue to bless you all.

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he prophet Habakkuk says, “Behold the proud. His soul is not upright in him; But the just shall live by faith” (Habakkuk 2:4). “His soul,” the Chaldean’s soul is the focus of this prophecy. In contrast, the just shall live (enjoy deliverance and abundance of life) by his faith or faithfulness (moral steadfastness). A person who has faith is a person’s trust, and who can be trusted. From the above passage, I offer an inventory which helps us to determine whether we are in danger of losing our faith to succeed elsewhere, like on the job. Does work compete with the Lord and His Church for first place? Do you think about your work a good deal of the time when you’re not on the job? Has worry over your work or business robbed you of peace of mind, or interrupted your sleep? Have you ever neglected or misused the essential relationships of life in the family to succeed? Are you ever tempted to compromise what you believe biblically to gain or keep a position? Do saints trust God in everything? The answers you give to these questions directly affect the answer to a basic question. (Can the Lord Christ count on you to be honest with Him in what you do for God?). Can He trust you to obey His Word? The brother or sister in Christ who is righteous by faith (rather than by works) shall live. The Lord puts emphasis on salvation by faith alone. Would you say that you live a balanced, wholesome life daily at work, recreation, enrichment, spiritual commitment, and personal growth? Think about the people around you with whom you work. Do they know that you are a Christian? Do they sense the influence of your faith in your attitude, decisions and values? If not. Why not? Let this message from the prophet Habakkuk feed your hungry soul. Amen. Until He Comes, I Am Serving Christ Joyfully, Bishop Dr. Wm. LA Rue Dillard


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SBC Cancer Survivors

SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH, INC. Bishop Wm. LaRue Dillard, Under-shepherd

TEENS-IN-PROGRESS Dear Parents and Church Family, Dear Parents and Church Family, Second Baptist Church (SBC) Teens-In-Progress (T.I.P.) offers teens a safe place to learn about God and their salvation through Jesus Christ, and to express their Christian faith with other teens without worrying about being cool. Proverbs 22:6, states “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” In order to expand opportunities for our teens to further develop their Christian faith, TIP is launching a Booster Club. The newly formed TIP Booster Club will be comprised of parents and friends who are willing to invest their time, talent, and treasury to help build our Teens-In-Progress Ministry. The TIP Booster Club is a parent ran endeavor with the specific purpose of providing support and encouragement to our Teens-In-Progress. Throughout the year, the Booster Club will be working with parents and friends to raise funds to provide teens with opportunities to participate in a greater number of activities such as; Christian Youth Conferences, Christian Concerts, Faith Building Camping trips, and Gospel Night Amusement Park trips just to name a few. In recent years, the TIP Ministry has served in church functions and various community events, including the Gospel Explosion Evangelism Day at the Monrovia Library Park and during the SET for LIFE Annual Healthy Living for LIFE Expo. I Peter 4:10 states “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace:” We pray, through the revelation of the Holy Spirit, that each teen will become aware of the spiritual gifts God has given them and use them individually and collectively for His Glory.

Thanks for Giving Thank you for the Peace of Christ, As He reigns and rules in our hearts, Many members called to be one, Grateful to do our part, The word of Christ dwells richly, Teaching and guiding us through each day, We sing psalms and hymns, and spiritual songs, Our sacrifice of worship and praise, Whatever we do in word and deed, We do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, Thank you God for sending Your Son, By Your Spirit we know you won't leave us,

The Booster Club first fundraising event is a “Stock Investment” offer in the T.I.P. Ministry. We are asking you to invest with a minimum purchase of 1 share of stock at $25 per share. One Stock ($25) entitles you to: One Certificate of T.I.P. Stock; One Letter, Email, or Postcard from a TIP member giving a progress report of activities. Two Stocks Shares ($50 or more) entitles you to: One Certificate of T.I.P. Stock; One Letter, Email, or Postcard from a TIP member giving a progress report of activities, and One framed picture of the TIP teens.

Thanks for Giving your very best, For family, work, and rest,

Offering a certificate, letter, photo, and progress report is our way of giving you insight to what we do with our young people. One of our goals is to help bridge the gap between the youth and adults in the community. T.I.P members will be involved by asking family, friends and loved ones to purchase stock in the teens. Would you support us today? Complete the form and make your check payable to:

For all the many blessings, You've given throughout the year,

Second Baptist Church Teens-in-Progress Attn: BaLinda Reneé 925 S. Shamrock * PO B 479 * Monrovia, CA 91017 626-263-0558 Your financial support will become an investment destined to empower teens in our community.

TEENS-IN-PROGRESS STOCK ORDER FORM Stop by the Teen Booth after the 7:45 or 10:45 service to turn in your investment

For fellowship with believers, For provisions beyond compare,

All we can say is thank you God, For wiping away our tears, All our needs are met, All our prayers heard, Hallelujah! We are living, Hallelujah! Happy Thanksgiving,

By Brother Eric Johnson


Geneva Ward-Douglas


eneva Ward-Douglas is a resident of Chino Hills, California and has been a member at Second Baptist Church since November 1988. She is married, and she and her husband have five children and three grandchildren between the two of them. Geneva has been the Administrative Assistant to Bishop Dillard for 23 years, and counts it as a blessing, privilege, and an honor to hold such challenging position, and to see and understand just how important confidentiality is. She says that “Bishop Dillard is one of her mentors.” She believes in the power of prayer, stating that in spite of the difficulties, obstacles, and the ongoing challenges, she embraces them with a smile and prayer, knowing that “All things work together for good to them that love God …” (Romans 8:28). One of Geneva’s proudest accomplishments was getting her MBA (emphasis in Global Economy) from the University of Phoenix in November 2004. She said that it was an awesome and overwhelming learning experience and she will never forget how it felt to walk across the stage, accomplishing another one of her dreams. Even the frame around her license plate on her car reads, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). Geneva considers her mother as being her best role model. She said that her mother worked hard, gave and demonstrated so much godly wisdom, love, kindness, and family time to her and her five sisters and one brother while they were growing up, and that she was always there for them and it is the same way today. She said that her mother refuses to speak words of defeat. Geneva unwinds by listening to soft gospel music and jazz, and she enjoys reading. She likes to get a really good book and read until she falls asleep. She also enjoys traveling, going to gospel concerts, spending time with her grand kids, and hanging out with family and friends. Her favorite colors are black, gold, and ivory. She said, “the favor of God comes to us in the midst of life’s challenges. When you are going through tough times, and even if your situation looks impossible, stay in an attitude of faith. Before long, God is going to show up and turn that difficult situation around in your favor.” Some surprising facts that most people do not know about Geneva, she once owned three women’s clothing stores many, many years ago. She also worked as a supervisor in the HR Department at Sears Roebuck in East Los Angeles for 15 years; she was a member of the Psalms of Victory Choir at SBC (now known as the Anointed Voices of Praise) until Bishop kept asking, “isn’t it time for you to get out of that choir?” The age range back then was 18-35 …! She is currently in the last stage of writing her first book, titled “Blended Families,” which should be released sometime in 2014. She says that her goal in writing this book is “Hopefully, it will help others.”

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Men’s Family Keepers

Dia “A

Them come L

“Statistics ass their family d America's soc high school d divorce, hom How Does

s Conference – October 27, 2013

akona Larry Willis shares man's man is a Godly Man”

me... “Equipping Men to BeLeaders In Their Families”

serts that men, by walking away from duties, are responsible for much of cietal dysfunction, which includes dropouts, a soaring crime rate, racism, mosexuality and abortion. A Husband Lead His wife And Family?

Diakona Larry




A Song of History

efore every sporting event played in the United States, we as Americans stand to say the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the singing of the National Anthem, badge of honor that we are taught at a very young age to be proud of as Americans, and our country.

Similarly, African Americans have an anthem that was penned on November 6, 1901 by James Weldon Johnson and his brother J. Rosamond Johnson entitled “Lift Every Voice and Sing” which was adopted by The National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) as the Black National Anthem. James Weldon Johnson, born June 17, 1871 and his brother, John Rosamond Johnson, born August 11, 1873 to a Virginian father and a Bahamian mother had very successful careers that spanned fields such as education, law, music, politics, civil rights activism, and a solider. James Weldon graduated from Atlanta University and later became a grammar school principal. In 1897, he was the first African American to pass the bar exam in Florida. By 1906, Theodore Roosevelt appointed James to diplomatic positions in Nicaragua and Venezuela. In 1914, James became involved in the NAACP and by 1920 he was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization. Mr. Weldon was also a leading figure in the Harlem Renaissance. James died on June 26, 1938. John Rosamond Johnson, going by J. Rosamond Johnson followed a different path from that of his older brother. He was the musician in the family. After helping pen “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” J. Rosamond went on to perfect his composition and vaudeville performance skills in numerous black theatrical shows. When World War I started, J. Rosamond received a commission as 2nd Lieutenant in the 15th Regiment. Once the war ended, he continued his musical career, and even played the part of the lawyer in Porgy and Bess in 1935. J. Rosamond Johnson died on November 11, 1954. In a time when the lyrics of our Black National Anthem resonate just as clear today as they did when they were initially penned, we should take solace in knowing that regardless of the times Our Heavenly Father is still in control; and that although we have overcome some struggles and the days ahead look trying, Earth is not our home for born again believers, Heaven is. So let’s not wait until February to sing a song that depicts our strong African American heritage. Let’s sing it daily, weekly, monthly so our children and our children’s children will know these words and sing them with pride, until it is time to go HOME.



ince this is the time of year that things begin to change around us, like the weather, the trees, our wardrobes, and sometimes our attitudes. Oops! Well, one thing I’ve learned is change is inevitable; we either embrace it, or get left behind! One of societies biggest changes was what we use to call a secret is now coming to the surface. Most people are not willing to hide behind “pride” and “ego” (Edging God Out). We don’t mind sharing our flaws as well as our attributes. These are the things that help other people to grow, and so on! We should never stop growing; so we must keep opening up. One of the things I love about my Bishop is he is open; at the appropriate time and place. He shows strength when he shares his weakness; as we all do. The Twelve Steps began that process for me many years ago, and now its second nature to share what’s going on with me to anyone who wants to know. When you are genuinely concerned for another person, or your own mental stability, it helps to have someone to talk to. Recently I spent a weekend home alone (with Jesus I’m never alone), I really enjoyed it. But the enemy wanted me the think I was isolating, or should be doing something else. But GOD!!! (Shouting)

Enjoy this Thanksgiving, and every day with Jesus in your heart!


Pastor Andrae Crouch Lord, help us to surrender our desire for influence and success to You. May our heart’s desire ever be to be used by You to further Your kingdom. Make our lives a living testimony of You.


oday I am brining you someone who has been on the music for 47 years. He has phenomenal talent and is a musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and a pastor. He is originally from northern California. He has multiple hits. One of them is titled, “Soon and Very Soon, We Are Going to See the King,” and the other one we, at SBC, have adopted as our benediction song, “Let the Church Say Amen.” He helped build the Winans and many others along the way. He has won many awards which include a Grammy, Dove, and a Stellar. The name of his church is New Christ Memorial Church in San Fernando, California. His original group was called the Disciples, which was formed in the late 60s. His twin sister Sandra plays drums and sings with their brother Andrae, who is also a pianist and organist. This is just a tad bit about a man of God who has laid the foundation for others to go forward. So let’s keep him in our prayers as he strives to grow stronger in the music industry. Amen.


For now, I am out!


Praying Through Your Pregnancy An Inspirational Week-by-Week Guide for Moms to Be By: Jennifer Polimino & Carolyn Warren

P The word “Christian” appears only three times in the Bible: Acts 11:26; 26:28; I Peter 4:16.

raying through Your Pregnancy shows a mother how to provide an early head start for her child through the power of prayer. With fresh spiritual insight, each chapter reveals what is happening with the baby's development that week, starting with the very first moment of conception, when God begins the creation of either a boy or a girl. Readers will learn how the confidence they place in God affects the healthy development of their precious growing baby, and how to reduce their own stress and anxiety by looking to the Creator. In this interactive guidebook, the author shares excerpts from her pregnancy journal as an encouragement for women to write their own thoughts and feelings, and each chapter ends with a “Mother's Prayer” and “Scriptures for Meditation.” This one is a must for all the “preggo” mommies!

In an age of false prophets, Daniel spoke for God.

English: Pass the turkey! Spanish: Pase el pavo!


xperience the Book of Daniel like never before! Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, has conquered Judah and deported its people to his empire. While in Babylon, Daniel's prophetic gift is noticed by the king, and an adventure of faith, tyranny, miracles, and the relationship between a slave and his master is born! A 2013 Pure Flix production and biblical epic in the vein of “The Bible mini-series.” You can be purchase this movie on-line at Christian, or rent it. Great movie! ~Precious~

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PART 2 of Cholesterol “Facts You Should Know”

Ursula Martin Lolita McLendon Frankie Platt Mother Eldora Polk Brenda Warley

**Since I started taking medication for my high cholesterol, I don't have to worry about what I eat. Drug therapy is usually prescribed for those who, despite adequate dietary changes, regular physical activity, and weight loss still have elevated levels of Cholesterol, or those who have elevated risks for heart disease and stroke. But by making diet and lifestyle changes, as well as taking the medication the doctor prescribes, is the best way to help prevent heart disease. You should still eat a heart-healthy diet and get at least 30 minutes of moderately vigorous physical activity five or more days a week. **I recently read that eggs are not so bad for your Cholesterol after all, so I guess I can go back to having my two eggs for breakfast every morning. One egg contains about 185 milligrams of dietary Cholesterol. The daily recommended Cholesterol limit is less than 300 milligrams for people with normal LDL (bad) Cholesterol levels. And remember that many other foods, especially baked goods are prepared with eggs and those eggs count toward your dietary total. **I'm a woman so I don't have to worry about high Cholesterol. It's a man's problem. Premenopausal women are usually protected from high LDL (bad) levels of Cholesterol because the female hormone estrogen tends to raise HDL (good) Cholesterol levels. But Cholesterol levels tend to increase as one ages, and postmenopausal women may find that even a heart-healthy diet and regular physical activity aren't enough to keep their Cholesterol from rising. **You don't need to have your Cholesterol checked until you reach middle age. Everyone should start getting a Cholesterol test at age 20, but it's a good idea to start having Cholesterol checked at an early age. Even children, especially those in families with a history of heart disease, can have high Cholesterol levels. Life was given to us by God, but it is our responsibility to live as healthy stewards.

Chester Walls Gregory White

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Live healthy,

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Jessie M. Anderson, RN Alba Huezo Tina Robertson Derrick Sawyer John & Mary Scott


General Smith Francisco Soto Precious Thompkin

A +E Networks. 2013. James Weldon Johnson Biography. Retrieved on October 16th, 2013 from The Library of Congress. 2007. J.Rosamond Johnson (John Rosamond) 1873-1954 [biography]. Retrieved October 16th, 2013 from loc.natlib.ihas.200038845/default.html

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Prayer List: If you or someone you know is ill, the name(s) may be added by contacting Deacon Ellis Johnson: (909) 944-1635, Elder Robert Craig: (909)463-1314, or the Church Office (626) 358-2136; Fax (626) 303-2477

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etworking is your lifeline. Let me encourage you as you journey through your Encore Career. This new chapter in your life can be daunting if you are alone. #1: You are not alone. #2: Look on the bright side, this change is getting you closer to your dream job, your passion, your purpose in life or maybe where you are meant to be. Change is good. Embrace it. God’s got your back. #3: Focus on your strengths. As you change careers, check out these sites: The Career Café has career information including career assessments to identify your unique strengths, talents, and styles. Based on how you answer the questions, this free strengths assessment will determine your first (5) core strengths plus 30 more. Add these strengths to your resume. If you need a career coach, academic guidance or college preparation, call on me. Professor Renee Willis, MBA 626-818-3631


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Alileigh Canon The shortest verse in the NIV Bible is John11:35: “Jesus wept.”

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Seconds Gazette November 2013 Issue  
Seconds Gazette November 2013 Issue  

Second's Gazette is published and distributed monthly, First Sunday, to provide the congregation of Second Baptist Church in Monrovia, CA wi...