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July 7, 2019

Second Baptist Church Pastor Christopher A. Bourne, Senior Pastor 925 S. Shamrock Monrovia, CA 91016

Nadine O.Harris,MBA,Founder/Chief Editor Ferrari Y. Green, Production & Design Dr. Precious Flemings, Writing Editor Sherry Joiner, Operations & Distribution Vera Frazier, Operations & Edit Contributors: Peggy LaBon / Jessie Anderson / Vera Reeves / James Ella Harvey/Betty Thomas /Anita J. McCulloch/ Felicia Dickson Photographers: Robert Anderson, Adele Davis, Gerald McLendon Children’s Church Consultant Jaylyn A. Harris Second’s Gazette is published and distributed monthly, every First Sunday, to provide parishioners with information about our church, the community, and the world. We welcome your comments. Contact us at:

Many of Jesus’ parables liken the kingdom of heaven to wheat growing abundantly in a field, as opposed to weeds planted by the evil one. When God “sows” the gospel broadly, some soil produces great crops of wheat (believers, people who become part of God’s family); elsewhere, wheat (belief) flourishes briefly or not at all. Wheat also symbolizes the bread of Holy Communion and Christ, the bread of life.

123nd Issue * Version 9 Second’s Gazette


Mission Statement econd’s Gazette serves as a monthly newsletter to inform the congregants of valuable information happening on the campus of Second Baptist Church and in the community, as well as spotlight individuals and events that edify our parish church, but

most importantly; glorifies the name of Jesus Christ.

Notes from the Editor . . . .


on’t carry two days at once “Worrying is carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength — carrying two days at once. It is moving into tomorrow ahead of time.” This wise counsel is attributed to Corrie ten Boom, a devout Christian whose family in Amsterdam sheltered some 800 Jewish people from Nazis during World War II, suffering imprisonment as a result. Her father and sister died in captivity, but Corrie was freed and later set up a rehabilitation center for concentration camp victims and supporters of the Germans alike. Surely ten Boom couldn’t have survived and achieved what she did without laying aside her worries and trusting God. Indeed, her wisdom closely echoes Jesus’ teaching: “Do not worry about your life. ... Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? ... Your heavenly Father knows [what] you need. ... Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matthew 6:25-34, NIV).

The semi-annual convocation took place last month to hear what each ministry is doing to encourage one another. This was an important assembly of church members at this time as we are moving through the transition of our Pastor. Over the past six months we have celebrated and helped Bishop Dillard retire after serving us for 45 years. He will always be special to us. Now, we must continue forward to greet our new Pastor Christopher Bourne. During this assembly we looked at all of our functions and realized we need to continue forward with our day-to-day functions and tweek things as it became necessary. Of course, there are no changes toward loving and serving the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to remember all the things that Pastor Bourne pointed out that are crucial to the church’s continued success. There are 7 little words that will kill a church, they are: “We’ve never done it that way before” So………. Serve your ministry in excellence, with passion, with good character, being accountable and respectful making sure that the ministry is attractive. Let our community know that SBC is here and that our leaders are on a united front.

As the days continue to warm up, our outer wear will change. Let’s o do casual wear, being “Saved” with your wear. If we are seeing too much, don’t wear it, stay in scripture. Other churches come in flip flops and tank tops, if they visit us or wish to join, welcome them. Stress to others our commitment to maintain a level of respect in God’s House; that includes our in/outer wear. The business f he church is “Saving Souls”. Let’s utilize our Bookstore, come to Vacation Bible School, the week of July 15th and prepare for loads of fun at the Family Fest on July 27 th. In His Service,

Pastor Christopher A. Bourne, Sr. Parish Under-Shepherd


Second’s Gazette



Second’s Gazette


Our Nation's Birthday! July 4th 1776


n July 4, 1776, Thirteen Colonies declared their independence from British rule, which became a historic event in our nation’s history. But before the Colonists’ gained independence, Blacks were already a significant part of the fabric that helped to make this nation great and strong during the fight for independence. This July 4th, our nation will celebrate its Two-Hundredth and FortyThird Birthday. Although many Black Americans take part in the celebration and rightly so, many don’t know the history behind the celebration and the sacrifices our ancestors made for us to celebrate this date. By 1770, there were over 40,000 free African Americans in the Thirteen Colonies, and prior to the American Revolution, many free African Americans supported the anti-British cause. The most famous of these African Americans was Crispus Attucks who is reported to be the first person killed at the Boston Massacre. The Continental Army and the Navy recruited free and enslaved Black men to fight in the American Revolution because many were already experienced soldiers and sailors, having served in the British military, and on merchant vessels in the North and the South. The Battle at Lexington and Concord, and the Battle of Bunker Hill had a number of African American soldiers, and by the winter of 1778, the Continental Army was made up of about one-fifth of African American men from the North.

If anyone asks why Black Americans should celebrate the Fourth of July, tell them Black Americans have been part of the fabric that helped to build this nation. Tell them that in 1770, the total population in Colonial America was made up of 500,000 enslaved Black men, women, and children. Tell them that Black men fought so we could live a life of freedom in the pursuit of happiness, liberty and justice for all. Tell them that God created this land for man to live in peace and harmony and we should celebrate the Fourth of July because we are Americans. Amen! Dr. Precious

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In the Desert


know there are some wonderful people whose birthdays are in July, one being Sister Betty Dillard, as well as my prayer partner Dr. Precious Flemings. So I want to wish you both a very Happy Birthday, and to all those born in July (including me); HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

We are also celebrating the original 13 colonies independence from England which happened on July 4th 1776. We thank you Lord for allowing this country to grow and prosper. However, the prosperity of America came on the backs of slavery, stealing, murders, manipulation, dishonesty, and many other criminal acts. The “Christian men” who came to America from England had good intentions, and a common goal. But the sinful nature of man would not allow their original intent to go smoothly. Exodus 20:7 states, “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in Vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His names in vain.” During the early days of developing this “New Land,” the Bible and in the name of God was used to beat, slay, imprison, and manipulate the slaves, and the Native American Indians to do whatever the oppressors needed to have done. They also used the same tactics on each other. It has gotten better over the centuries; yet somehow, this country continues to have some of the same problems. What can we do about the problems of our country today? I Peter4:8 say, “And above all things have fervent love for one another, for love will cover a multitude of sins.” Love is the answer to all our problems! If we love as the Bible continues to speak about in: II Thessalonians 3:5, I Timothy 6:11, I Corinthians 13, and other Scriptures, we would not need welfare. There would not be thousands of homeless people across this country; even our land, sea and air would be in better conditions! I believe if we do our part to help each other, it would show our Father that we love our fellow man and living up to I Corinthians 13:8a, “Love never fails.” In Christ, Peggy LaBon



xperience devo-

tion with your

children in a new way. After coloring the page use the QR code that leads you to a 10 Life Changing Minutes devotional of impact for your children. You will find: •

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To help your child become the follower of Christ you want them to be!

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Each star is different. I Corinthians 15:41

Each star is same.

Each star is different.


hese three started on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. They called themselves the Kinjaz. Kinjaz means “skills/ techniques”. This brotherhood of dancers are known for their intricate choreography style and storytelling through dance. Season 8 of ABDC, winners are from The City of Angles and on Season 8 they dance their way into the heart of the nation to many HipHop tunes. They have worked with many popular mainstream Hip Hop and R&B artist but they are now making waves in Gospel Music. Let’s say their praise dance is not typical but the fire is definetly there. At the close of 2018 Vinh Nguyen, Jawn Ha and Mike Lee along with Anthony Lee made routine to Lacrae and Anthony Mineo’s “Coming in Hot” and set the Gospel and HipHop worlds on fires with the intricate and relevant dance moves. Praise Dance just changed forever! Scan the QR code to see for yourself! Second’s Gazette



Date and Time: Sat, July 27, 2019 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM PDT Location: PRAISE CHAPEL WHITTIER 16269 Whittier Boulevard Whittier, CA 90603 Cost: $10

From your children’s education to your dreams for retirement, your hopes for the future can sometimes be hard to believe in. The truth is, belief isn’t enough. What families need today is to know the facts, understand what tools are available, and create strategies that work. Date: July 21st @ 6PM

5515 Shirley Lane Montclair, CA 91763


Second’s Gazette

CHURCH is our College. HEAVEN is our University. JESUS is our Principle. The HOLY SPIRIT is our Teacher. ANGELS are our Classmates.

The BIBLE is our Study Book. TRIALS & TEMPTATION are our Exams. WINNING SOULS is our Assignment. PRAYER is our Attendance. The CROWN of LIFE is our Degree.


Second’s Gazette


Juneteenth - Dr. Rick Kittles, Associate Director of Health Equities, Comprehensive Cancer Center, City of Hope, Betty Thomas & Patricia Duff Tucker of SET for LIFE, Pastor Chris Bourne - Senior Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Marco Williams, City of Hope.

LADIES OF CPAD—Dede Teteh, PhD; Emilee Bargoma, PhD; Josiah Tapia; Jazma Tapia; Caree Carson; Stefanie Wright-Golightly



ummer is finally here! It’s time for “fun in the sun,” but have you noticed that what the sun may be doing to your skin may not be fun?

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a form of non ionizing radiation that is emitted by the sun and arti-

ficial sources, such as tanning beds. However, the sun has some benefits for people that include the creation of Vitamin D. But the sun can also cause some health risks. The beneficial effects of UV radiation include the production of vitamin D, a vitamin essential to human health. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus from food and assists bone development. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 5 to 15 minutes of sun exposure 2 to 3 times a week.

Risks factors include: Sunburns, a sign of short-term overexposure, which can cause premature aging and skin cancer as side effects of prolonged UV exposure. Oral/topical medicines, as well as some cosmetics, may increase skin and eye sensitivity to UV in all skin types. Potentially blinding eye diseases, if eye protection is not used. Serious health issues including cancer; skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States.

For Protection from UV Radiation: Stay in the shade, especially during midday hours. Wear clothes that cover the arms and legs. Wear a wide brim hat to shade the face, head, ears, and neck. Wear wraparound sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB rays. Use sunscreen with sun protection factor (SPF) 15 or higher, for both UVA and UVB protection.

Second’s Gazette

In the Black community, there is a common misconception that people of color melanin infused skin com-

pletely eliminates the need to use sunscreen for protection against sunburns. Yes, Blacks melanin does protect from some UV rays, but Black Americans actually do need to wear sunscreen. They reason why, if you have ever experienced sunburns, then you know it is the worst feeling; and seeing your skin peel before your eyes is pretty weird. Sunburns can occur on all types of skin tones. However, dark skin won’t burn as quickly as someone with fair skin, but burns can still happen. Therefore, take extra precaution when choosing a sunscreen designed for your skin type. It doesn’t hurt to take these extra measures, because in the long run, your skin will truly thank you.

While in the sun, the skin will become darker. We know this! But do we know why? It is because the tanning effect isn’t really a tan; it is a sign of skin damage from the sun. Then the body has to produce more melanin in an effort to protect that previous outer layer of skin. Darker skin produces more of the pigment called melanin which helps to protect skin, but only to a certain extent. People of color can still get sunburned, and they can also develop skin cancer from UV damage.

It is of concern that 63 percent of African Americans who participated in a survey said they never used sunscreen. African Americans should wear a broad-spectrum, UVA/UVB sunscreen with a SPF of at least 15 whenever they go outside to avoid premature aging and skin damage that can lead to skin cancer.

Everyone should use sunscreen every day and practice sun-safe habits, such as seeking shade and wearing protective clothing, hats and UV-blocking sunglasses. Skin cancer and aging lines don’t discriminate. Every skin tone on earth is at risk of becoming dried out, aged and burnt by the sun. Additionally, certain skin cancers are caused by factors other than UV, such as genetics or environmental influences, and may occur on parts of the body rarely exposed to the sun. So as you enjoy the sunny summer days, remember to be good to your SKIN, which is the body's largest and fastest growing organ. Skin is the body's coat. It protects you! It helps you stay warm when it is cold, and cool when it is hot. The skin keeps all your insides in, and unless it is cut or damaged, it keeps stuff out, including germs and water. Since you are going to live in it for the rest of your earthly life, protect it, your skin!

Live Life Healthy, Jessie M Anderson RN, BSN



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Richard’s will to cook for his mistress, Marie, played by Natasha McElhone and her bratty daughter Charlotte, played by Britt Robertson as long as Marie lives, because Marie is dying from cancer. But Charlotte wants no part of Mr. Church or his help until she sees all the good food that Mr. Church prepares for her mother. But she slowly grows fond of his cooking and fond of Mr. Church. This is a sweet, inspiring movie about friendship, love, and the importance of having a family. I give it Two Thumbs Up! Watch it on Netflix.

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Pastor Chris Letter to the Graduates You Did It! But You Are Not Done Yet!!!


ou did it! Congratulations on your completion of this educational chapter in your life. You have weathered the storms of early morning risings, late night homework, enduring long lectures, reading and comprehending challenging lessons studies, cramming for tests and so much more, but by God’s Grace, you did it! I’m sure you know that as awesome and brilliant as you are, there has been a team of people (parents, family members, teachers, friends, Church Family, Bishop/ Pastor) supporting and encouraging you along the way. The prayers and support you’ve received hopefully reminds you of the love and care that so many have for you.

May I encourage you to take a moment and thank God for His blessings over your life! He has blessed you with the ability to accomplish this awesome feat. But I believe that God is not done with you yet. Philippians 1:6, “Being confident in this very thing, He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until day of Jesus Christ.” Celebrate this major accomplishment! But as a Child of God, know that God is not through with you yet. You may continue pursuing educational goals. Maybe, you will start a business or begin working on that dream job. You may take up a trade of some sort. Whatever the case, know that God has great things in store for you! With God, ALL things are possible! We celebrate you! But don’t stop here. As you acknowledge God for the next chapter in your life, He will direct your path. We are proud of you and pray God’s continued blessings over your life. In His Service, Pastor Christopher A. Bourne, Sr. Parish Under-Shepherd


Second Baptist Church Monrovia, California Est. March, 1902 - Evangelical Orthodoxy Christopher Bourne, Sr., Senior Pastor Parish Under-Shepherd 26th Annual Graduates’ Recognition Day Sunday, June 9, 2019

I. Pre-School/Kindergarten Christian Carter Robinson Enoch Joseph Simpson

II. Elementary School Camauri Haynes Kennedy Yvette Mitchell Katherine N. Thomas Carlee Williams

III. Middle School Jayden Mekhi Brown Jaylyn Alexys Harris Ryan Allen McCulloch Ellington Alma Lucille Persley

Second’s Gazette

IV. High School Graduates Daylon Keith Adkison Cameron Ashley Amaya Ashanti Brenique Mayfield Raquel Lorenz Nichols Desmond Rhay Perry Miguel Valadez Plascencia Ashley Santana Thomas Silverman, II Lailah Samuela Spicer Delaney D. Thompson

V. College Graduates Keyera DeVonae Collins Kyerra Ebony Green Emmanuel Simpson Maya Olivia Williams Kayla Rose McKeever-Wilson

VI. Post Graduate Degree Dennis F. Craig, II Ferrari Yvette Green Keith Dashawn Holmes Candice Liana Youngblood


Second’s Gazette

Dennis F. Craig, II Venture Capital and Private Equity Law Juris Doctor Georgetown University Law Center Candice Liana Youngblood Environmental Law Juris Doctor University of California, Berkeley Law School

By: Mother Lois Gaston

s usual, the 2nd Sunday in June - Children’s Day, during 10:45AM worship service, at Second Baptist Church of Monrovia was a very special occasion. All graduates, Pre-K through the doctorate level of college, who registered with our Scholarship Commission were introduced and given gifts that include money cards valued at $10 to $50 each. Funding is provided by the church and a commemorative program is printed with each graduate’s name their parents, favorite scripture or inspirational quote, and personal goal. In order to be considered for a scholarship, graduates MUST apply. Second Baptist, the Joseph H. Smith Memorial Foundation and Anna H. Jones Foundation gave scholarships totaling $10,750 to eight 2019 graduates. Daylon Adkison and Lailah Spicer, both from Monrovia High, received Second Baptist’s prestigious G. G. Bailey scholarship. Wm. La Rue Dillard Continuing Education scholarships were awarded to Tameia Marshall Westby. John Northrup and Kathy Jackson Marquise Robinson. It is an honor to be a Graduates Day presenter. History was made when Associate Pastor Jason Jenkins and his son, Khalil Williams, SBC’s first father-son, college students were presenters. Only persons currently enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning, trade school, an accredited career-training program or is an active member of the United States military are invited to be a presenter. A special thank you to Mother Lois Gaston for coordinating annual presenters. Another first happened when Diakona Tamara Collins Lewis, and her daughters, Victoria Collins Johnson and Breana Collins participated. Tamara and Victoria are former G.G. Bailey Scholarship recipients. Their names are documented in SBC Scholarship history. Special thanks go to SBC’s Scholarship Ministry Chairperson and to Victoria Johnson for donating leis for each high school and college graduate. She custom made each using their individual school colors.


Ferrari Y. Green Master of Science Education Educational Specialist National University, San Diego

Keith .Holmes Master of Arts Marriage and Family Therapy Pacific Oaks College


The undisputed CHAMPION In two weight classes Evander Holyfield, prepares Breakfast for SBC CHAMPION ELDER ROBERT CRAIG.

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