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Second Baptist Church {Evangelical Orthodoxy) 925 South Shamrock Avenue, Monrovia, California Bishop Dr. Wm. LaRue Dillard, Parish-shepherd/Soul-watcher Office (626)358-2136 Fax (626) 303-2477 Email: _____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

March 30, 2018 The Bible says, “And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” That is, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” (Matthew 27:46NJV). The Lord Jesus is quoting from Psalm 22:1 in its Aramaic form, except that “Eloi” (Mark 15:34) has been reconverted to the Hebrew Eli. {Love Epistle} It is high noon, and Jesus has been on the cross for three pain-filled hours. Suddenly, darkness falls on Calvary and “over all the land” by a miraculous act of Almighty God, El-Shaddai, mid-day becomes midnight (Verse 45). This supernatural darkness signals a deeper and more fearsome darkness. The great High Priest enters Golgotha’s Holy of Holies without friends or enemies. The Son of God is alone on the cross for three final hours, enduring what defies our imagination. Experiencing the full brunt of His Father’s wrath, Jesus cannot stay silent. He cries out: “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” Here, I believe, Jesus descends into the essence of hell, (heart of the earth) the most extreme suffering ever experienced. It is a time so compacted, so infinite, so horrendous as to be incomprehensible and, seemingly, unsustainable. Jesus’ cry does not in any way diminish His deity, He is the “God Man!” Jesus does not cease being God before, during, or after this as some has said. Jesus’ cry does not divide His human nature from His divine person or destroy the “Godhead.” Nor does it detach Him from the Holy Spirit., which is impossible. The Son lacks the comfort of the Spirit, but He does not lose the holiness of the Spirit. And finally, it does not cause Him to disavow His mission. Both the Father and the Son knew from all eternity that Jesus would become the Lamb of God who would take away the sin of the world (Acts 15:18). Oh, holy men and women, how stupendous is the love of God! Indeed, our hearts overflows with love that we respond joyously, “We love Him, because He first loved us” (I John 4:19). Amen Until He Comes, I Am, Serving Christ Joyfully, Bishop Dr. Wm. LaRue Dillard Parish Under-shepherd


{FIRST WORSHIP HOUR---12:00 to 1:00pm} The Call to Worshipful/Praise --------------------------------- Bishop Dr. Wm. La Rue Dillard Congregational Sing--Along ------------------------------------------------------ Gathered Assembly Brotherhood Laymen League & United Women Fellowship Guild Ministries FOCUS: “FROM THE THIRD TO THE NINTH HOUR!” Worship Leader ------------------------------------------------------------------- Diakona Valeria Burwell Opening Hymn ----------- “Lead Me to Calvary” (# 81) -------- Sister Kathleen Dantzler Scripture Reading ----------------------(Luke 23:26-43)------------------------- Sister Velma Pratt Invocation ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Diakona Robert Anderson Joyful Praises unto the Lord --------------------------- Praise Leader / Gathered Assembly Solo---------------------“He Looked Beyond My Faults”----------- Diakona Shirley Robinson SERMONIC GOSPEL HOMILY Exhorter Eric Johnson “The Rebellious and Repenting Criminal!” (Luke 23:39-43) {Invitation Extended: Make a decision to trust Jesus as your Lord and Savior} CLOSING & RECESSIONAL SONG-----------------------------------------ENDS THE FIRST HOUR {SECOND WORSHIP HOUR 1:00-2:00pm} The Call to Reflection Continues ----------------- -------------------------------------- Selected Elder Hymn of Thanksgiving ------- “Were You There?” (#485) -----Sister Delores Sanders Scripture Reading-------------------- (Luke 23: 40-49) ---------------------------- Sister Della Cain Invocation------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diakona Lonnie Stokes Joyful Praises unto the Lord --------------------------- Praise Leader / Gathered Assembly Solo------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brother Tirrell Dillard SERMONIC GOSPEL HOMILY Elder James Walker “The Redeeming Christ!” (Luke 23:44-46) Invitation Extended -------------------------------------------------------------------- Elder James Walker CLOSING & RECESSIONAL SONG----------------------------------------ENDS THE SECOND HOUR

{THIRD WORSHIP HOUR 2:00 TO 3:00pm} The Call to reflection Continues ---------------------------------------------------------Selected Elder Hymn of Decision -------------- “Wounded for Me!” (#75) ----- Sister Kathleen Dantzler Scripture Reading: -----------------(Luke 23:44-49)------- Sister Joanne Collins-Crawford Invocation ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diakona Ronald Husband Joyful Praises unto the Lord -------------------------- Praise Leader / Gathered Assembly

Offering my gift in remembrance of Him------------------------------------Sister Renee Willis Tray Holders-----------------Mildred Baber, Merri Hancox, Darius Scott, Louise Watson Solo ---------------------------"Because He Lives”-------------------------------Diakona Carrie Walker SERMONIC GOSPEL HOMILY Bishop Dr. Wm. LaRue Dillard “Three Hours of Miraculous Darkness!” (Luke 23:44-46) The Invitation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Selected Elder Benediction --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Selected Elder CLOSING & RECESSIONAL SONG-------------------------------------------ENDS THE THIRD HOUR

2018 Good Friday program

2018 Good Friday program