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Galatians 5:1 - Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage .


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Second’s Gazette Issue 141


ways choose love God wants us to choose to love him freely, even when that choice involves pain, because we are committed to him, not to our own good feelings and rewards. He wants us to cleave to him, as Job did, even when we have every reason to deny him hotly. That, I believe, is the central message of Job. Satan had taunted God with the accusation that humans are not truly free. Was Job being faithful simply because God had allowed him a prosperous life? Job’s fiery trials proved the answer beyond doubt. Job clung to God’s justice when he was the best example in history of God’s apparent injustice. He did not seek the Giver because of his gifts; when all gifts were removed, he still sought the Giver. —Philip Yancey, Where Is God When It Hurts?



astor Chris named a number of recipients in the church and awarded them with a Certificate of SBC Job Award. “A faithful, sensible servant is one to whom the master can give the responsibility of managing his other household servants and feeding them. If the master returns and finds that the servant has done a good job, there will be a reward. I tell you the truth, the master will put that servant in charge of all he owns.� Matthew 24:45-47

Thank You Pastor Chris

(See attached listing for individuals named)

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5 NEED PRAYER, call the church office and obtain the telephone number of the Deacon according to the first letter of your last name (See below). If your name starts with ...

A Call Robert & Jessie Anderson B Dennis & JoAnne Craig, or Betty Brown or Rodney Bough C A.G. Harrison, or Shirley Robinson, or Larry & Deborah Hayes D James Harvey or Venda Hawkins E/F Ron & La Vonne Husband or Adrienne Hurst G Minnie Mannings or Valeria Burwell or Ellen Clark H George & Tamara Lewis or Thelma Jones I/J Ellis & Thelma Johnson or Eva McLaurin or Walter McDonald K/L/N/O/T Terrence Williams or Lonnie & Josephine Stokes M Chuck Williams or Melva Hill P/Q Carrie Walker or Nadine Harris R/S Larry Willis or Oscar Woodard U/V/W/X/Y/Z Robert Hamilton or Ron Demps or Michael Dickson


The Laughing Pew


You are Chosen to Make a Difference, Join Zoom MEETING : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83464895984? pwd=Z0xNTUJVNGp2ZGE2bWovUTZXaFBUZz09 ID: 834 6489 5984

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CHAPTER 2021 If it had not been for the Lord who was our side, Let Israel now say—“If it had not been for the Lord who was on our side, When men rose up against us, Psalm 124:1-2


ust like a distance runner you can’t win a race by starting off like a sprinter, you must manage your spiritual, physical and emotional energy deliberately for the long haul. As we break free of the 2020 restraints that has held us back it is nothing but God that has sustained us thus far. We should now be more equipped and reconditioned to respond differently for what’s to come. Just knowing the fact that your most powerful source of energy to endure anything comes from the Lord. As we look back on Chapter 2020 don’t stay there, take away the positives that can help you welcome the next chapter with a new perspective. Just like any new read you are exited and intrigued to see what happens next. Stay positive, prayed up in knowing: “ If it had not been for the Lord who was on my side tell me where would I be. Buttafly Burke

The Prison Fellowship Ministry served 17 families ( appx. 40 children) in the Monrovia, Duarte and Azusa areas. We had over 35 volunteers and donors that contributed to Angel Tree. We had our dynamic team. Everyone used their talents and committed to the vision we had to serve God through this ministry. We are registered for 2021 to serve 75 families!! We set the foundation for some great relationships and we look forward to continuing serving God through the Angel Tree/ Prison Fellowship Ministry.


DO YOU BELIEVE When a pastor is shaken by the visible faith of a street corner preacher; he is reminded that true belief always requires action. His response ignites a journey that impacts everyone it touches in ways that only God could orchestrate.



Almost two-thirds of Americans (62%) believe the coronavirus is a message from God to humanity to change the way they live.



Nashville, TN) May 1, 2020 “Motown Gospel legendary recording artist Ricky Dillard, along with his beloved choir, New G, celebrates the release of his aptly titled new album, Choirmaster, available across all digital platforms today. Live performance music videos

accompany the albums release. Recorded live in Chicago before a sold-out church audience, Choirmaster brings choir music back to the forefront, as Dillard returns to the churchy sound and style, he first pioneered years ago. The project features standout singles Release, featuring Tiff Joy (currently a Top 15 single, and rising, at gospel radio), Let There Be Peace On Earth,He Came, and More Abundantly Medley, a revisited treatment of his first hit single.



Sat, February 20, 2021 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM PST

By a Soul Sista Productions Follow Juneteenth Cook Out Improvised




021 is here!!! Many of us are waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine to take away the known ills of the disease, and now there are new strains identified which can increase our concern about our health. But God created a line of defense in us, so let’s talk about what You can do to support a Healthy Immune System. Your immune system works constantly without any conscious effort on your part, however, that does not mean that your daily actions don’t have a tremendous impact. The lifestyle choices you make, the food you eat and even the products you use every day can make a big difference in supporting or impairing a healthy immune system. Focus on Microbiome Health. Microbiome is all the species of bacteria (microbes) that live inside your gut. Your adaptive immune system is developed where it interacts with your Microbiome (bacteria) in your small intestine. You have hundreds of different types of bacteria that colonize your intestinal tract which is critical to your health because it helps activate your immune system. Your immune system produces white blood cells, which in turn produce antibodies; which can bind to viruses or disease causing bacteria to stop from invading and infecting the body’s cells. So supplementing with a probiotic can be a good practice for strengthening and maintaining your microbiome health. Eat Right. Your immune system relies on the food you eat for fuel and tools to function properly. Stock up on Essential Minerals. Minerals are inorganic ions that the body requires but cannot manufacture, they must be obtained from your diet. A number of minerals are essential for health: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium, iron, zinc, iodine, sulfur, cobalt, copper, fluoride, manganese, and selenium. You should aim to meet your nutrient requirements through a healthy eating pattern that includes nutrient-dense forms of foods. Fight off Free Radicals. Understanding free radicals requires a basic knowledge of chemistry. Atoms are surrounded by electrons that orbit the atom in layers called shells. Each shell needs to be filled by a set number of electrons. When a shell is full; electrons begin filling the next shell. If an atom has an outer shell that is not full, it may bond with another atom, using the electrons to complete its outer shell. These types of atoms are known as free radicals. When the immune system comes under attack, the additional activity generates above-average levels of free radicals. Antioxidant vitamins like C and E naturally mitigate the damage done by free radicals. Manage Occasional Common Inflammation. Short term inflammation is an essential part of a healthy immune response. But too much inflammation can have the opposite effect. While some factors that lead to inflammation cannot be controlled (such as age) some common causes that you can manage include: obesity, unhealthy diet, smoking, stress, inadequate sleep and lack of exercise. Get Your Vitamin D. It’s difficult to get enough vitamin D especially for those of us who spend so much time indoors. Vitamin D enhances the function of immune cells. Many people are able to meet their daily requirement of vitamin D from sun exposure and a balanced diet. Few foods in nature contain vitamin D but fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel have the highest levels .

Maintain a Healthy Weight. To make the most of your efforts to maintain a healthy weight, look for foods that are high in protein, and high in fiber to help you feel full longer and keep healthy blood sugar levels. Drinking adequate amount of water is also essential. Get Moving. The key to starting an exercise routine is consistency and moderation Catch Your Z’s. Sleep is one of the easiest and best natural immune boosters. Sleep is a critically important time for your body to rest and repair itself. If you are struggling to get adequate sleep, you can try: sticking to a schedule, relaxing first, avoiding naps, exercising daily, sleeping in a cooler room and putting down your phone (as studies have shown that the blue light emitted from the screen can inhibit sleep). Manage Stress. While it’s impossible to avoid stress, you can manage it in healthy ways. Some of the best methods for reducing stress: daily exercise, reduce caffeine intake, meditate on God’s word, engage in meaningful personal interaction and laughter. Keep It Clean. Keeping your body and your environment clean is an important step in preventing undue stress on your immune system. Wash Those Hands. Properly washing your hands with soap is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent pathogens from entering your body and from spreading them around. To wash your hands, build up a good lather by rubbing your hands together with soap for at least 20 seconds, paying attention to all surfaces, especially under the nails. Rinse well with running water and finish by drying on a clean towel or air dry. If you don’t have access to water or soap, use an alcohol based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Disinfect Surfaces. The CDC recommends that you clean and disinfect household surfaces on a regular basis to prevent the spread of germs. Don’t forget to disinfect door knobs, kid’s toys, remote controls and cell phones to name a few. Keep Skin Healthy. As the largest organ in the body and the first line of defense, keeping your skin clean and healthy goes a long way toward supporting a healthy immune system Mind Your Mouth. The mouth is a gateway into the body and the most common entry point for germs and bacteria. Good oral care routine not only improves your smile but it also fortifies your immune system. Your immune system is a miraculous gift! It began working for before you were born, and if it is properly cared for, it will continue to work for you throughout a long fulfilling life. With education and the right decisions, there is a lot you can do to support and safeguard this essential system. Live Life Healthy Jessie M Anderson, RN BSN

https://www.nccih.nih.gov/health/vitamins-and-minerals https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/gut-microbiome-and-health https://health.clevelandclinic.org/how-to-get-more-vitamin-d-from-your-food/



February 2021


t’s hard to believe we’re living in the year of our Lord 2021, and it still sort of feels like an alternative universe from the 1960’s. Thank you Lord for telling us to trust You, because man can be deceitful in his ways. Yet, we are grateful to have a new

President and Vice President! Thank you Lord! This month I do not want to focus of the horrors of our society, because we have more good than bad people, conditions, and situations. However, we must always be mindful, pray and help out as we can to improve what is in our power to do so. Besides the “Happy Valentines” and of course “Black History Month,” there are so many holidays and observances that are on somebody’s calendar somewhere, that I thought it was a good idea to have, for instance, the 2 nd week of February being “International Flirting Week” and “Jell-O Week” to name a few. There’s a nonsignificant event for every day as well. Help us Lord!!! To celebrate Black History, here are a few people who made history: Frederick Douglas’ National Historic Site in D.C. was dedicated on Feb 12, 1988. Toni Morrison was born in Lorain, Oh., on Feb 18, 1931. Debi Thomas was the first black ice skater to win an Olympic medal on Feb 27, 1988, just to name a few of the many achievements of African Americans in our vast history in America. “What God guides, He provides”, a quote from Bishop Emeritus Dr. Dillard. In closing, I hope all the lovers enjoy Valentine’s Day, and those of us who are loved, enjoy it as well! I hope the last part includes everyone. If no one told you that they love you today, I love you!

In Christ, Peggy LaBon


How does AmazonSmile work? When first visiting AmazonSmile, customers are prompted to select a charitable organization from over one million eligible organizations. In order to browse or shop at AmazonSmile, customers must first select a charitable organization. For eligible purchases at AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to the customer’s selected charitable organization.


In Other Words We’re so accustomed to hearing the Bible’s “love chapter,” 1 Corinthians 13, at weddings and other occasions that we may not really hear its meaning anymore. It can help to listen to something familiar said in different words. What new understandings of love does this paraphrase from The Message Bible reveal to you? “Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. Love doesn’t strut, doesn’t have a swelled head, doesn’t force itself on others, isn’t always ‘me first,’ doesn’t fly off the handle, doesn’t keep score of the sins of others, doesn’t revel when others grovel, takes pleasure in the flowering of truth, puts up with anything, trusts God always, always looks for the best, never looks back, but keeps going to the end. Love never dies” (1 Corinthians 13:4-8a, MSG)

In the Image of Love While using play therapy with young cancer patients, social worker Amy Jandrisevits found that kids identify best with dolls that resemble them — yet doll diversity was rare. As described in Gather magazine, she launched a line called “A Doll Like Me” that customizes dolls not only to “a child’s ethnicity, gender, hair color and interests, but also their physical characteristics such as clefts, birthmarks, scars and limb differences.” She adds, “It is more than just a doll to a child; it is a representation of the child who owns it.” So far, Jandrisevits has made 300+ dolls for kids worldwide — a project she considers to be a ministry. Dolls representing vast human differences are a profound reminder that God infused the world with variety and pronounced it good. Just as each custom-made doll is made in the image of the child who will adopt and love it, we’re made in the image of God, who claims us as his beloved children forever.




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Always Choose Love  

l ways choose love God wants us to choose to love him freely, even when that choice involves pain, because we are committed to him, not to o...

Always Choose Love  

l ways choose love God wants us to choose to love him freely, even when that choice involves pain, because we are committed to him, not to o...