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Dear Readers, Welcome to the seventh issue of Seawanhaka! So far Seawanhaka is coming along well and our staff membership has grown by 20, the paper has expanded with new sections such as, Health, Career Services, Student Life and Leadership Development, The Buzz and “Where Are They Now?” Seawanhaka has been focusing on campus news and it has become news by the students for the students which was not seen in the past. We are brainstorming new ideas for Seawanhaka and we want to rebrand the newspaper. We are also recruiting new writers, photographers and graphic designers, so Media Arts & Journalism majors please stop by the office for more information. Please note that all majors are welcomed. We are in the planning stages of producing the paper online and having it available electronically. We want to globalize our paper and make it accessible to everyone on the world wide web so we will not be limited to just the Long Island University community. We have received a lot of positive feedback when Seawanhaka was in full color with free ad space to LIU departments and student organizations but unfortunately, we cannot continue to print in color due to printing production costs. This is why we have made up cost-efficient advertising rates specials for all clubs, organizations and departments on campus in support full color publishing.


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Students Enraged by Poor Conditions at New Graduate Dorms BY: LINDSEY WALKER

One Busy Weekend The stress of the semester is weighing in and Thanksgiving seems so far away. So to kick it off the short break, Avena Lounge is having their “Seventh Annual Thank You Social” on November 22, 2011 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. There will be plenty of food to go around so bring only an empty stomach. For further information please contact the Avena Lounge at 718-488-3390. If you cannot make it home for the Thanksgiving break, staying in school will not be too bad. With New York being the fashion capital of the United States, shopping on Black Friday is a must. Black Friday takes place the day after Thanksgiving, which is a shopping heart attack of high discounted items. The long lines and constant brawls may discourage you, but the prices are worth it. If the drama of Black Friday is too much then try online shopping. Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday where all electronics are on sale and you can shop online without waiting in one.

By Nancy Uwoghiren



IU’s new leased graduate apartment building has been the subject of intense controversy on campus. Students were thrilled to finally have the opportunity to live in larger, newer, and more personal accommodations, until they became infuriated with the exorbitant cost and felt as though the school had not made good on its promises to them. The online brochure advertising the dorms to students depicts a beautiful, spotless room with carpeted flooring, stainless steel appliances, and windows looking out onto a bountiful garden. In reality, construction continues on site to this day, and the rooms themselves are nothing near the paradise students had expected to find. Though the rooms do consist of brand new wood furniture and basic appliances, several students living inside the dorms, who wished to remain anonymous, informed Seawanhaka of the true conditions inside 490 Fulton Street, which is far from the paradise they had originally anticipated. Some of the problems the students have mentioned include leaking roofs, the smell of mold on the walls and furniture, and the constant disruption of studying due to noisy construction throughout

the day from 7:45 am to 3:45 pm. The most recent and perhaps most serious issue inside 490 Fulton is a lack of heating inside the rooms. On Halloween weekend, New York was hit with a rare October snowstorm, followed by a dramatic decrease in temperature over the following days. Students were left dependent upon their coats and blankets as there was no heat provided inside the dorms. It wasn’t until several days later that small, 1’x2’ floor heaters were distributed to the rooms. These heaters used a tremendous amount of energy and would not turn on in some rooms. In other rooms, the power was outed immediately if too many objects were plugged in. Those students lucky enough to have heat were consequentially forced to choose between warmth and light in their rooms. Another pressing issue concerning at the dorms is the lack of laundry facilities promised to students in the brochure. Halfway through the semester, the washing machines finally became available for use a few weeks ago, though the dryers only began to work last friday. Dr. Rodney Pink, director of Residence Life and Housing at LIU,

acknowledged this inconvenience and offered to reimburse students who wished to take their laundry to the laundromat a block away from the dorms. “It’s our issue and we are taking responsibility for it,” he said. Meanwhile, many of the rooms boast a view not of the surrounding city, but of an enclosed, cubical atrium. The window of each room is opposite the window of another room, so that a student could potentially wave to his or her neighbor from less than eighty feet away. This setup offers a clear view into any room without drawn curtains. In other words, unless the shutters are kept sealed at all times, invasion of privacy is not only a danger, but is nearly inevitable. It was inside this atrium that most of the boisterous and distracting construction took place. Workers on scaffolding painted, scraped, and hammered away inside the echoing, enclosed cube. It wasn’t until more than halfway through the semester that the construction

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Students Enraged by Poor Conditions at New Graduate Dorms

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Last weekend, the gas finally kicked in and students residing at 490 Fulton Street were able to enjoy for the first time the room heaters and the laundry machines that they paid for, albeit late in the semester. The hot water heaters still are not working correctly in some dorm rooms.

inside the atrium finally came to a halt. The graduate dorms offer students a variety of rooming options with the cheapest apartment going for $8,500 per semester, per student, and the most expensive rooms going for $10,100 per semester, per student. Each student has his or her own bedroom (up to six per apartment), and some of the apartments are single-person studios. At this price, a student could just as easily rent a Brooklyn apartment without the hassles of guest policy regulations or the rules of Resident Life and Housing. One anonymous graduate student living at 490 Fulton said, “If it wasn’t for the scholarship assistance I get to help me pay for my rooming, I definitely would not live here.” 490 Fulton, though a current source of frustration in some respects, does come with its benefits. It offers a computer and printing lab with ten brand new computers, two brand new pool tables,

flat-screen televisions, and various study lounges and recreational lounges. Also, the dorms are an easy ten-minute walk to campus. A memorandum was issued to the residents of 490 Fulton Street from Peter Tymus, Associate Vice President for Capital Projects. In it, he acknowledges the lack of natural gas service inside the

Where Are They Now?


“I’m not coming back next semester,” said the anonymous resident. “I would definitely not recommend anyone to stay here. It has taken practically all semester to get basic things settled (like safety checks and fixing the alarm system) that should have been taken care of before we even moved in—it’s almost December.”


r. Taraje Williams-Murray, an alumni of Long Island University’s Brooklyn campus, is a great example of success and excellence throughout his years at LIU after graduating in 2007 with honors. Taraje Williams-Murray was a computer science major in addition to having a minor in business. While attending LIU, Williams-Murray has worked at the LIU writing center and he eventually fulfilled his childhood dream of participating in the Olympics doing the sport he loves which is Judo. Williams-Murray participated in the Olympics in 2004 and 2008. “The experience of walking into the ceremony and fulfilling my childhood dreams, there are no real words to explain the feeling,” said Williams-Murray said. Even though Williams-Murray did not win any medals, the accomplishment to

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dorms which has inhibited the use of the laundry dryers, room heaters, and the full capacity of hot water heaters. In order to activate the gas, the building had to first pass a mandatory inspection by the New York City Department of Buildings (NYCDOB). The date was set for November 7th. As for why the inspection was not scheduled for earlier in the year, it remains unclear.

Residents of 490 Fulton have been raising the question of whether they will receive some sort of reimbursement from the administration. “Amenities that we paid for way back in August, some we are just now getting,” another graduate student told Seawanhaka.

make it to the Olympics is a rewarding gift in itself. He strongly believes that while students are in school they should network to develop good relations with a number of people. Williams-Murray interned at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney where he eventually gained employment. “I highly recommend for students to network and to develop good skills with people,” WilliamsMurray said. Currently, Taraje Williams-Murray is a finance advisor and a charter retirement plan specialist at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Williams-Murray’s first plan for the future is to give back to LIU students by assisting upcoming students to obtain a successful career in whatever field of choice they desire. His second plan for the future is to focus on his career at his present job and to increase his relationship at LIU Alumni’ School of Business, Public

Administration, and Information Sciences. Williams-Murray and the previously mentioned schools are hosting a networking night for students to network with LIU alumni especially to gain possible internships, and learn tips to having a successful career. The Student Alumni Networking Night will take place on November 17 at 6 PM in Luntey Commons. Students who make a reservation will have the opportunity to win a weekly metro card or a gift voucher to the LIU bookstore. Students who wish to receive more information or to RSVP for this event may contact Shola Akintobi in the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at or call 718488-1426.

Student Loan Forgiveness


resident Barack Obama recently announced a plan at the University of Colorado calling for student debt relief. These changes will make a difference for millions of Americansit will save you money,” said President Obama.

was noticed by White House officials. These benefits will now go into effect during 2012. So, what can students look forward to regarding the ease of their loans? Debt consolidations and easy to manage rates based on each student’s monthly income.

This proposal, enacted by congress in 2010, was set to go into effect in 2014 but the outcry from student borrowers

The average student borrower owes over $23,000, lent from banks or organizations like Sallie Mae. The

Financial Literacy

BY: KEELEY IBRAHIM typical loan that borrowers have is called a deferred payment option. This allows a student to choose to defer their payments until after school or pay as much as they want while still in school. This may seem helpful, but paying off a loan takes years for most students. Kristine Palividas, a student at the College of Staten Island said, “I’m frustrated because after school I’m going to owe all this money. How am I supposed to find a career?” The term “good debt” is a laugh to Palividas, who feels school debt is just as bad as credit card debt.

An income based repayment policy (IBR) will be an example of the loan forgiveness students can look forward to in 2012. An IBR will allow students to repay their loans based on their monthly income. It will also cap their payments at 10 to 15 percent. In the speech given by President Obama at the University of Colorado, he says students should also look forward to debt consolidations. This will allow borrowers of multiple loans to combine their bills into one small monthly payment, which will also help with late payments penalties.

The loan forgiveness policy is recently being urged by some demonstrators at Occupy Wall Street and also by a petition on the official White House website, called “We the People”. “We the People” directly allows congress to see different grassroots movements started by everyday people with certain issues. Roberto Rodriguez, Special Assistant to the President for Education Policy, said in an official response from the White House on the “We the People” website, “Reducing student loans is an effective way to stimulate the economy and save

Student loan debt now surpasses credit card debt for the first time ever. The student loan forgiveness will not only ease the worries of borrowers, but it will also give a boost to the American economy. “And when a big chunk of every paycheck goes towards student loans…it’s painful for the economy and it’s harmful to our recovery because that money is not going to help businesses grow,” said President Obama. The new student forgiveness policy will be a baby step towards financial relief for many students.

elated. faded.

These poor statistics led then President Bush to seek assistance from the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE). NEFE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping individuals and families make strong financial decisions through fiscal education.

BY: CHASE MELVIN But her excitement quickly

“I spent so much money on classes and supplies,” Cooper said. “I paid full price for pretty much everything I bought.” And she, like many students nowadays, bought more than she bargained for.


henella Cooper spent most of her summer thinking about an achievement soon to be uniquely her own. Cooper’s entirely family is

taxpayers’ dollars.”

from Guyana, and she is among them to attend college in America. Her first day navigating the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University, Cooper was

George W. Bush created the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy in January 2008. The goal was simple, yet daunting– to improve and promote fiscal knowledge throughout America, particularly among students. According to surveys conducted by the Advisory Council among undergraduates across the United States, only 20 percent of students had confidence in their money management skills.

“I didn’t know what financial literacy meant when I was in college,” said Tom Price, Director of Sophomore Year Programs at LIU. “How can we expect students to know unless we teach them?”

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Financial Literacy In addition to being the Director of Sophomore Programs and an adjunct professor at LIU, Price also coordinates the Scholarship Assistance Program. The program exists to educate students about various scholarships and grants available to help pay for the cost of college. Due to the growing importance of financial literacy among students, LIU offers seminars and workshops discussing fiscal matters available from freshman year to beyond. Financial literacy is now a central aspect of Orientation Seminar classes at LIU. “Our goal is to help students control their finances, rather than being controlled by them,” Price said.

(Continued from page 5)

Many colleges now offer financial literacy workshops to students, while others offer full courses on the subject as a graduation requirement. Recent SUNY Purchase College graduate Amber McAden is a strong supporter of the new fiscal education programs on college and university campuses. “Taking these finance courses really opened my eyes,” McAden said. “I learned how to reduce costs for the remainder of my classes and create a budget for myself after school.” Budgeting is a strong focus within the curriculum of many financial literacy programs. Given that proper budgeting skills are scarce among college students, several students look to credit cards

as a solution to their financial issues. Considering that 74 percent of American students don’t know how credit card fees work, students can easily fall into debt. “More than half of US college students accrue up to $5000 in credit debt,” Price said. “Over a third of students accrue upwards of $10,000 in credit debt prior to finishing their studies.” After learning more from financial workshops at LIU, Cooper decided to change her course of study from Biochemistry to Accounting.


nternships are now an essential part of the college experience. An internship marks an important transition from student to professional, a time that can be both exciting and scary. There are a number of things you can do to calm your nerves and present yourself professionally and confidentlyto get your career on the right path and make a strong impression. Prepare: Before you start your position, secure information such as start date, hours, dress code and documents you need to bring on your first day from your supervisor or a human resources representative. Brush up on some facts about the company: products, locations,

Page 6

Know your boss: Bosses have various work styles. Some will give you detailed instructions; others may give general information and expect you to figure things out. Some may be warm and friendly, others more distant. Communication styles also vary. Some bosses like face-to-face communication; others may rely mostly on e-mails. Recognize your supervisor’s preferences –and ask for clarification if necessary. Even if you don’t like your boss’s style, remember that it’s important to speak positively about your boss. In fact, in any job or internship, your work should make your boss ‘look good’. Also remember, he/she is there to assist you in your role-and he/she wants you to succeed. Before meeting with your supervisor, write down and organize your questions/concerns to ensure they are addressed. This brings me to... Write it down: It’s essential to use a

“Every student should take advantage of these programs,” McAden said. “The only thing they have to lose is financial ignorance.”

“I was really inspired to learn more about finances thanks to my Orientation

Succeeding in Your First Internship key staff, etc., so you’ll be familiar with the company ‘lingo’ as you are being oriented. Button it up: If you’re told to dress ‘casually,’ wear business casual clothes (button-down shirts and slacks are fine). Save your informal garb for the weekend. Get noticed as the new intern who is professional and takes work seriously.

Seminar class,” Cooper said. “I’ve never been more interested in learning about the inner works of our economy.” Only time will tell if more colleges decide to follow the examples set by the financial education coordinators of LIU and Purchase College.


notebook at work to organize and record information you will be receiving, which will be a lot. Especially when meeting with your supervisor and attending meetings, you should always bring and use a notebook. It’s professional and necessary. Chances are important things will be discussed that you’ll need to remember! Make Connections: Introduce yourself to colleagues, including staff in other departments. Folks will be pleased to welcome you-and will be impressed with your professionalism. Ask Questions: Asking questions shows you are eager to learn and engaged. If you have questions about your assignments, try to offer a solution – rather than just present a problem. For example, say “the client has not returned my call, so I plan to e-mail him again tomorrowdo you think that’s the best approach?” Also, identify staff other than your boss who can assist you. Take a Broad Approach: As an intern, you will have specific assignments, perhaps in a specific department, but you should also use the experience to learn about the general business and other functions. This broader approach will demonstrate your ability to think strategically. Offer to assist on projects

outside of your department, once your work is done, to expand your knowledge and skills. Follow your own compass: Workplaces are complex. It’s important to use your good judgment. People may give you bad advice. For example, other interns/ workers may be using Facebook while working and assure you it’s ok. Don’t assume you can. For all you know, these folks may be about to get in trouble for doing it. When in doubt, always ask your supervisor. Don’t gossip. Stay focused on your assignments and how you want to add value to the organization. Be proud of your accomplishments and professionalism! Think about how you want to be noticed and remembered. Stephanie Steinberg is Assistant Dean, Career Services and Senior Year Advising at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus. She also serves as Co-Chair of the Workforce Readiness Committee of the association, Human Resources/NY. Stephanie has worked as a Human Resources manager in a number of industries, including publishing, advertising and non-profit. She is passionate about helping people determine their career interests, conduct productive job searches and succeed in the workplace.

A Nickel Isn’t Worth a Dime Anymore


he cost of everything seems to be rising by pennies on the dollar. Which is why the cost of your food shouldn’t. Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus has recently dealt with a rise in competition, due to the ever-expanding area of local restaurants/eateries in the Fort Greene neighborhood. It seems as though, prices for commodities on campus have increased when they should be kept at a fairly competitive price.

On average, many commuter students feel that $40 isn’t enough for their semester meals and some are furious at Aramark’s reluctance to lower prices. According to Aisha Faiz, a sophomore Pre-Pharmacy student, “the prices for small quantities add up quickly, for example an order of French fries and bottled water or soda comes up to approximately $5. With prices like these, the declining dollars don’t last too long.”

Long Island University Brooklyn Campus has partnered with food catering service Aramark, to provide healthy and nutritious dishes to its students. However, many students at the Brooklyn campus are finding it difficult to comprehend how a campus dining service can charge so much for meals.

Many students have also found the process of reloading LIU ID cards with money to be an unnecessary burden. The ATM machine, located behind the security desk in the Metcalf building, allows students the opportunity to reload their card with cash. However, seventy-five percent of the time, it doesn’t work.

Commuter students on campus get to spend $40 (per semester) on their LIU ID card for locations on campus such as: The Brooklyn Grind, Quiznos, Blackbird Café, and Lutney Commons. Meanwhile, residential students get $350 on their LIU cards to spend per semester.

According to Christine Francavilla, a Senior Associate within the Integrated Student Financial Services office (ISFS), “an alternative for students to reload their LIU card is via check or credit card. If students report their problems to us we shall investigate and take the appropriate action.” For many


students, this is not an option, because appointments for the ISFS office are a lengthy and time-consuming process.

The prices of food commodities here on campus, should be drastically reduced for the quality that Aramark provides.

While the declining dollars are a positive aspect for some students, they can also be deemed as a double – edged sword. For students who carry their own lunch, it seems they are forcibly charged $40 per semester that they have no use for. Michael Sunday, an Honors student at LIU calls the $40 per semester “inadequate” and “barely supports approximately 8 lunches.”

Having to compete with outside vendors does nothing but hurt the school system, and things need to be changed. Students have enough to worry about without having to budget additional money for food on a weekly/monthly basis. A nickel is not worth a dime anymore in this economy so students need to save wherever possible.

Students have turned to alternative sources for food such as: 7-Eleven and 2 Bros Pizzeria, which also happens to be among the cheapest, most frequented, spots for students the downtown Brooklyn area. Cheaper prices would do wonders for the school as well as support the school spirit on campus. Chujun Chen, a Pharmacy student, stated, “with the high cost of tuition, having more ATM machines around campus with routine maintenance would be appreciated.”

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L.I.U. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Month! BY: RALPHNIE EDMOND swallowing tube). Once food is in the stomach, a ring of muscle fibers prevents food from moving backward into the esophagus. These muscle fibers are called the lower esophageal sphincter, or LES. If this sphincter muscle doesn’t close well, food, liquid, and stomach acid can leak back into the esophagus. This is called gastroesophageal reflux. Risk factors for reflux include:

What is disease?



Gastroesophageal reflux disease is a condition in which the stomach contents (food or liquid) leak backwards from the stomach into the esophagus (the tube from the mouth to the stomach). This action can irritate the esophagus, causing heartburn and other symptoms. Causes of Gastroesophageal reflux When you eat, food passes from the throat to the stomach through the esophagus (also called the food pipe or

Page 8

Alcohol Obesity Pregnancy Scleroderma Smoking Symptoms More common symptoms are: •

Feeling that food is stuck behind the breastbone

Heartburn or a burning pain in the chest increased by bending, stooping, lying down, or eating.

Less common symptoms are:

Bringing food back up

Cough or wheezing

Difficulty swallowing

Sore throat

Signs and tests You may not need any tests if your symptoms are not severe. If your symptoms are severe or they come back after you have been treated, one or more tests may help diagnose reflux or any complications: •


Barium swallow

Continuous monitoring

Esophageal manometry



Treatment You can make many lifestyle changes to

help treat your symptoms. Avoid foods that cause problems for you. Making changes to your routine before you go to sleep may also help. Avoid drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen. Take acetaminophen to relieve pain. Take your medicines with plenty of water. When your doctor gives you a new medicine, remember to ask whether it will make your heartburn worse. Source:




xÊ œÜÊf™`ˆÌÊ «iÀÊVÀi ˜ ÌՈ̈œ



"53).%33,!7) "53).%33,!7)) -!2+%402).#)0,%302!#4)#%3 ).42/4/-)#2/-!#2/%#/./-)#3 ).42/4/%8#%04)/.!,#(),$2%. ).42/4/%$5#!4)/. 7%34%2.#)6),):!4)/.))) !-%2)#!.()34/29))) -/$%2.*!0!. ).&/2-!4)/.,)4%2!#9 '%.%2!,039#(/,/'9 ).42/4/&/2%.3)#039#(/,/'9 ,)&%30!.$%6%,/0-%.4 3/#)!,039#(/,/'9 "!3)##/.630!.)3())

345$9!"2/!$ 42/0)#!,%#/,/'9).0!.!-! $%3)'.).30!). &!3()/.).30!). $2!7).').30!).



HiVgi=ZgZ#<d;Vg# Ll Univ. Brooklyn 4.88” x 5.5”

Page 9

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Page 11

ASAP and the Evolution of Rap tune resurrected by T-pain and ran with by plenty of artists making auto-tune a short lived but still monumental era in hip-hop. In 2011, artists that are regulated to the underground for the acquired taste are peeking their heads above the concrete, as they get more and more exposure forcing the world to take notice.


he rap culture is one entity that evolves and revolves all at the same time. It has transformed fashion, language, ways of life and mindset. Avid listeners might still be waiting for the universe to provide its own planet for the genre; a place where only true MC’s, dedicated listeners and creators of the art will be permitted, “Hip-Hop Nation” might be what they name it. Meanwhile skimmers, listeners, and lovers of hip- hop remain earthlings, constantly downloading platinum selling celebs, up and coming stars, underground heroes and local favorites on the search to find artists that resonate will all aspects of their individual complex lives. While it may seem that the industry is on lock by few and distinct individuals, there is a small yet quickly growing population that believe that hip hop is on the brink of its next phase. Hip hop has had its cycles of poets, gangsters, lovers, freedom fighters and ballers who have come and swept the game off its feet introducing a new flavor to the industry which would carry it through time until it moved on into its next phase. Rap can be refurbished into new styles like the new millennium sound of auto-

Page 12

Harlem rapper ASAP Rocky has definitely taken more than a peek from the underground market. The release of his videos Purple Swag and Peso went viral. ASAP Rocky, although still unknown to the wide public of rap listeners, is receiving much press by those who keep their ears to the street for new music. Some do not know how to categorize Rocky or the ASAP crew. They are a group of seven artists all starting their titles with ASAP mainly meaning Always Strive and Prosper. Their unique style of rhyme is heavily influenced by Houston, Memphis and some could also say Cleveland by the way Bone Thugs and Harmony clearly influences some of their style of flow. They even have a slight twang in their rapping style which is very different from any New York rapper. Don’t be mistaken, although their influences can be clearly seen in their music they are definitely game changers. They have their own style of dress and they make their own rules.


ASAP Rocky released his second official mix tape, LiveLoveASAP on Halloween of this year, which earned him a spot on Drake’s Take Care tour along with Kendrick Lamar another budding sensation. Harlem is delighted to have one of their own heading to the top of the genre and foreshadowing a shift in the sound of hip-hop. Seawanhaka sat down with a group of young Harlemites who were ironically blasting ASAP Rocky’s Keep it G on 125th street. “When we first heard ASAP Rocky and the ASAP crew we were like nah they can’t be from Harlem with this sound that they have, it has this southern twist and that Memphis chopped and screwed thing going on but when we listened to it, it had all the freshness that Harlem is known for and because the sound is unfamiliar it makes you listen to it over and over to get comfortable, and by that time you know all the words and you love it.” said Kyle Jennings. Seawanhaka also talked to the older crowd to get more perspective of this budding new sound. “When I see the video Peso I can picture a mix between Wu-tang and The Hot Boyz mixed with Harlem flavor. I like it, it’s a tad refreshing. It may be a bit much for some to swallow but it’s honest and you can never deny an artist that has honest work.” said Donavan Smith. ASAP is not the only group of artists that are making noise, there are many more so be involved with your music because Hip Hop is simply a reflection of the state of young America and it will always be. In essence Hip- Hop is you and Hip-Hop is indeed on the verge of its next revolutionary cycle!

Top 10 Albums 1) We Found Love Rihanna Feat. Calvin Harris We Found Love 2) Sexy And I Know It LMFAO Sorry For Party Rocking 3) Someone Like You Adele 21 4) Moves Like Jagger Marroon 5 Feat. Christina Aguilera Moves LIke Jagger 5) Stereo Hearts Gym Class Heroes Feat. Adam Levine Stereo Hearts 6) Without You David Guetta Feat. Usher 7) Pumped Up Kicks Foster The People Torches 8) Good Feeling Flo Rida 9) You Make Me Feel... Cobra Starship Feat. Starship You Make Me Feel 10.) Party Rock Anthem LMFAO Feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock Sorry For Party Rocking

Talent Spotlight


Entertainment Weekly BY: SHARI STRAKER

In the year 2009, Audii was accepted to Long Island University, where he began developing his artistic skills. “When I became a student at LIU, I started doing music as a form of therapy, but once I performed at the open mic held in the Avena lounge I seen people in the crowed moving and bopping their heads to my music, and from that moment I was encouraged to perfect my craft.”

Audii Doe Age: 23 Year: Junior Major: Social Work


ip hop, a unique genre that was created to tell stories in relation to inner-city communities through rhyming and eclectic beats. Now, this genre that was derived in the Bronx in the 1970s has impacted people world-wide. Hip Hop has birthed the greatest hip hop artists of all time such as Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z to name a few. Long Island University student Audwin Greene, or better known as rapper “Audii_Doe,” has taken Hip-Hop into his own hands in continuing the path that Hip-Hop has placed for him. Audwin Greene was born and raised in the Canarsie and East New York section of Brooklyn, New York where many young minorities’ only option is a life of crime. Greene however, wanted a different path for his future, although he did not graduate from high school, he obtained his G.E.D through the D.R.E.A.M.S youth program in Brooklyn. As a result, his experiences while involved in the D.R.E.A.M.S program, he began developing his talent. He was inspired to major in the field of social work to assist at risk young men in his East New York community.

From that moment on, Audii began taking steps to promote his music which preceded him to form an R&B/ Hip Hop group called L.H.R which stands for Loyalty, Honor, and Respect. The group consisted of three students from Long Island University, Kevaun Scott, Jeanette Mulwa and John Reynolds. Even though members of L.H.R went their separate ways, working within a group helped Audii to understand how to work efficiently in perfecting his skills. Audii_Doe’s music relates to the average college student, and most importantly to young women. “The topics that I mostly talk about in my music, is topics that I know the best, which is women.” When he was asked, what certain things he knows about women, Audii stated that “One thing I do know is regardless of what women say all they want is security with a man.” Recently, Audii_Doe had the privilege of performing at various showcases at different colleges. He has also opened up for multi-platinum rap artist Fabolous in 2010 for Long Island University’s Homecoming; and Maybach music’s featured artist Meek Millz at this years Homecoming. Audii_Doe, is releasing a new single called “Dorm Party” which will be featured on his new EP titled “Privileged.” For more information on Audii_Doe follow him on his twitter @ ItsAudii_Doe, and like him on Facebook Audii_Doe.


eyonce’s best friend and Destiny’s Child band mate Kelly Rowland accidentally spilled the beans in regards to the sex of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s unborn child. According to the New York Daily News the singer and close friend of Beyonce told a reporter that the couple is expecting a girl. The singer was at a Cosmopolitan event in London when she excitedly responded to questions regarding Beyonce’s child. According to the New York Daily News Kelly said, “I’m so happy for my sister and her husband,” the singer, 30, told the UK’s BANG Showbiz. “They’re so happy in this moment right now, as they should be. They’ve made a little bundle of love, I’m so excited for them...I have no idea what I’m going to buy Beyonce at the baby shower because Jay is going to buy that little girl every single thing possible. She won’t be spoiled but she will be very well looked-after.” Boxing legend Joe Frazier, 67 passed away last week Monday. Joe Frazier had famously given Muhammed Ali his first defeat. According to CNN the boxer had been diagnosed with liver cancer only a month before his death. On Friday fans flocked to see the Heavyweight’s remains as his family held a public viewing at the Wells Fargo Center. His family released a statement saying, “The Family of Joe Frazier continues to stress that they want everyone to know that Joe Frazier was a man of God and a man who loved all of his family,”

death of Joe Frazier came the next day unexpected death of rapper Heavy D. On Tuesday November 8, rapper Heavy D, 44 collapsed in his Beverly Hills home after having some difficulty breathing. According to the New York Daily News, he was conscious and breathing when paramedics arrived at his home but it was reported that he died 90 minutes later at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. According to those close to Heavy D, he had seen a doctor just the day before for flu-like symptoms. An autopsy was done on the rapper but the medical examiner refused to reveal the results until a toxicology test is performed. The result for the test may take up to six weeks which will determine his cause of death.

A couple of weeks ago singer Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon revealed personal pictures of their adorable twins Monroe and Morrocan on their website. According to the twins who the couple have nick named “Dem babies” or respectively “Roc and Roe”, has their own website which is called, where they invite their fans into their family through personal pictures. Below is a first look at the adorable pair!

Almost immediately following the

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Artist Spotlight: Adele


er voice, sweet as honey and smooth as silk is the perfect combination to describe multiplatinum selling artist and future—if not current icon Adele’s unique voice. The moment you hear her voice you immediately get flashbacks of Etta James, Billie Holiday and Sam Cooke. Adele, 23 had conquered the world in 2009 by winning two Grammy awards for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance with her first album 19. Her debut album which went four times platinum in the UK and sold an estimated 5 million copies to date in the US continues to break records.

BY: SHARI STRAKER Her sophomore album, 21 which of her mind in developing her debut was released in February 2011 has album 19. “My debut album is about consistently been within the top five of being between 18 and 19; about love,” Billboards’ top 200 music albums since she continues. “Daydreamer’ is about it has debuted in the US. The album this boy I was in love with, like proper in which has held steady on the charts love with. He was bi and I couldn’t deal for a total of 37 weeks has sold over 10 with that. All the things I wanted from million copies worldwide. Not bad for a my boyfriend, he was never going to be. rookie whose fans continue to embrace I get really jealous anyway, so I couldn’t the London born singer. fight with girls and boys. It’s quite a sad album, [with songs about] being cheated In a world where illegally downloaded on and not getting what you want”. music is the norm, (which has plagued the music industry since Napster, Adele has also previously revealed that Limewire and Frostwire) Adele fans her albums are named after the ages have given hope to an industry that in her life as she went through various seemed as if it were fighting a losing misfortunes of falling in and out of love. battle. Both of her albums, 19 and 21 proved that there are still true fans that Her current album, 21 with its are willing to support an artists’ music. continued success includes hit songs such as, “Rolling in the Deep”, “Rumor In her biography on her website (www. Has It” and her recently released single, Adele explains that when she “Someone Like You”, which is number was 14 she realized that she wanted to three on Billboards Hot 100. Her single, pursue a music career. “As soon as I got “Someone Like You” has been on the a microphone in my hand, when I was charts for a total of 18 weeks. Fans in about 14, I realized I wanted to do this,’ the United States have connected to she said. Most people don’t like the way the British born songstress as she sings their voice sounds when it’s recorded. I about love she’s had, lost and found. was just so excited by the whole thing that I wasn’t bothered what it sounded For example, her song titled, “One and like.” Only” takes listeners on a journey of finding someone she’s falling for but She also delves into the inner workings being too scared to admit it to herself.

To The Sockhop We Go


istory seems to have a habit of repeating itself. Whether its politics, sports or the media, overtime we tend to see things and events, which become recycled. In this case, fashion is repeated. Bringing back styles from the past are coming to be the new “it” factor as of now. Walking through out the city it’s easy to spot many pieces of clothing that were around decades ago such as ringer sweaters, varsity jackets, loafers and even the black rimmed glasses. The “retro style” has been recycled from the 1950’s and is coming back now much stronger. The fashion from the 1950’s has been

The song encourages those who have been hurt by love that it’s okay to let love back into their lives again. Another song on her album, “Set Fire To The Rain” tells a story of being in love and being lied to. She recounts her experiences of falling victim to a lover who continuously lies throughout the relationship. Another memorable song on her album is, “Rumor Has It” which is about being the other woman. Throughout the song she hears rumors that the person that she’s with is leaving his girlfriend for her. However, at the end of the song she stuns listeners as she sassily leaves him for another man. As Adele continues on her journey of musical domination she is definitely a real artist, which is why her fans have remained loyal and showed continued support. Her albums are reminiscent of a timeless era back when singers could actually sing. At the tender age of 23, she never fails to amaze, turn heads and make people smile with her music.


brought back. Malt shakes, going to the sockhops and poodle skirts would be the gossip of this golden age; sneakers such as Converse or P.F. Flyers would be worn by the kids with the slick backed hair full of gel. From Buddy Holly to Richie Valens and many others, the styles of these iconic front men from that time era have had a major impact on today’s society and fashion. Everything from bowties to cardigans; it’s all coming back! Wear a pair of khaki pants and pair it with an old pair of Converse and add a white or black t-shirt with a light ringer cardigan that would complete an outfit. To add onto

that classic feel, visit a local vintage shop that is sure to hold some of these items. Visiting a few of the vintage stores in Williamsburg such as Tree House Brooklyn and 10 Ft. Single By Stella Dallas would have assortments of cardigans, various button downs, and other items to make that “golden oldie” look come alive. Similar like the “Greaser” jackets in the movie “Grease”, it’s easy to also pick up a vintage leather jacket, that can be very useful in this weather. Want to accessorize? Can’t go wrong with a pair of horn-rimmed glasses with a thick black frame like Buddy Holly in the picture shown here.

Fashion has always made a come back in every time era. Fashion is always repeating itself but there are plenty of ways to wear today’s trends and still wear some styles from the 1950’s. Try something new and check out your nearest vintage shops, you never know what you may find.

Deals and Steals a Black Friday Special! Friday!


t’s the most wonderful time of the year! Filled with fattening food, family and friends. Not to mention annual sales of a lifetime for those (mainly coupon crazy women and techgeek men) who are brave enough to face the brutal weather and vicious crowds. Just the thought of such a challenge can turn off many from taking advantage of such amazing price cuts. Since college students are always on a tight budget they often try to avoid coming back home empty-handed for the holidays. So here are some tips on making the most of your time and money for one of the best days of the retail year—Black

you could think of and the convenience of a warm and sheltered indoor setting. Many stores change their deals annually, but a few which have had consistently amazing prices have been Urban Outfitters and Express. Their sale items are up to half off of and up to 40% off at Express. Major department and electronic stores such as Macys, Target and Best Buy offer up affordable price cuts as well.

most of the prices are amazingly low as it is.

LIU faculty are too professional for such types of bribery!) By having a list of the prospective gift recipients, you’ll have a clear idea of what you’re getting and whom you’re getting it for. Remember to create a clear budget, which will help you avoid spending your last two paychecks on deals that seem irresistible.

Limiting yourself to a few stores with major price cuts will help you save precious shopping time and energy, may render you with the best deals possible. A last tip would be searching a company’s website the night before, which may have extra coupons that could save you up to an extra 20% off as well as free holiday gift items. (Who doesn’t LOVE free?)

A final money saving option would be Cyber-Monday. It happens every Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday along with its similar Black Friday deals. You’re also able to shop from the comfort of your home. But many online sales and coupons are time sensitive and almost every retail website will have some sale promotion.

Black Friday sales are always a lot easier to manage in large malls than dealing with tourists erupting in the streets of New York City. That being said, Queens Center Mall is one shopping center in which the store options are endless! They have almost any and every store

For those, like myself, who don’t do well with waking up at the crack of dawn on a holiday or fighting off crowds, plan a mini road-trip to an outlet mall. One of my personal favorites is The Crossings in the Poconos, PA. No need to worry about arriving ridiculously early since

Make a list of the people you consider purchasing presents for such as parents, siblings, roommates, cousins and Great Aunt what’s-her-face. This helps you have an idea of who to buy for and the type of present they would enjoy, so you don’t end up wasting your money on gifts that have no purpose. (But they could always be put to good use by giving a hard to please professor for an extra grade point boost…kidding…

Wine and Dine at Club A Steakhouse The swanky steakhouse serves up decent sized portions of hearty All-American cuisine.


ate night studying, midterms and endless papers is the perfect recipe for stress. It also leaves little to no room for a social life, which sometimes can be a strain on relationships. Get some well-needed R&R time in with your sweetie or best friend at Club A steakhouse, located at 240 East 58th Street (Btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave) in midtown Manhattan.


But don’t expect a shake shack dinner here, because as you step inside Club A, you’re welcomed with sexy but sophisticated jazz music (courtesy of a live band) that seems to linger throughout the restaurant at just the right tempo and beat. Rich red leather sofas and carpeting accompany mahogany lined bars and tables lit with small votive candles. It leaves you feeling as though you’ve stepped into a hip 1940s jazz bar and not a restaurant in Manhattan. Reservations, which are made in advance for this establishment, give patrons the option to either sit downstairs or

The advantages of an outlet mall are that they have a lot of their deals running until mid afternoon. They also offer coupons ranging from 15-30% off already discounted prices. Spending a little extra for that brand name bag for yourself or cologne for your significant other won’t hurt your spending budget.

A word to the wise: make sure to keep several tabs open and constantly click the refresh button. Figure out which shopping option works best for you keep in mind to plan and budget. Shopping is supposed to be fun, not stressful. Happy Shopping!


upstairs. Being seated upstairs offers the pleasure of a scenic view, while sitting downstairs you can enjoy the live band along with your entrée. Scoping the menu your eyes run across a list of mouth watering entrees such as: Filet Mignon (served best at medium rare), Prime NY Strip, Half Lemon Thyme Roasted Organic Chicken, Prime Pork Chop, Pinot Noir Braised Short Ribs (osso bucco style), Double Or Triple Colorado Lamp Chop, Sautéed Colossal Shrimp Scampi, Grilled Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna, Pan Seared Wild King Salmon  and Lobster Ravioli to name a few.

After sipping on a nice glass of Pinot Grio or Chardonnay you’re right about ready to inhale your food. (literally!) Your server dressed in a classy but not over done black ensemble, offers up the dessert menu, which un-doubtfully becomes hard to resist. With choices such as cream puffs and chocolate tsunami it’s hard to just pick one, so as the jazz band plays its last song for the night, you bid your farewells to Club A with your goodie bag of leftovers in tow and a satisfying smile on your face. What are midterms again?

Some side entrée choices include: Garlic Herbs Fries, 5 Cheeses Truffle “Mac” (a favorite of patrons), and Wild Mushrooms (pan roasted).

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Men’s Basketball Drops Season Opener at Hofstra BY: SHANEL GILBERT


n Nov. 11th the Long Island University men’s basketball team lost to Hofstra University 89-71 in their season-opening game. Throughout the night, excessive fouls and poor foul shooting stopped Long Island from keeping up with the pride, despite overcoming a nine-point deficit during the first-half. The team struggled with destroying Hofstra’s lead and the Prides Nathaniel Lester outscored all players with a career-high of 33-points, 17 of which were made in the opening period. During the second half Hostra was able to extend its lead by as much as 26 points holding LIU at bay with an 18-3 run that blew the Blackbirds chance of recovery. H.U. was also able to capitalize off of 20 Long Island infractions made during the closing period. Early in the competition Long Island was able to build a five point lead but it was short lived as Lester fired up with sank back-to-back three-pointers that put the Pride up 18-12 capping H.U.’s 8-0 run. With just over seven minutes left in the first-half Hofstra was able to build a nine-point lead. Still, the Blackbirds did not back down chewing away the deficit, utilizing a 7-0 run that was sparked by layups from juniors C.J. Garner and Julian Boyd. Following the run, senior Michael Culpo and Hofstra’s Sheldon McLendon traded threes to close out the openinghalf 32-30. Sinking a pair of foul shots, junior Jamal Olasewere opened the scoring in the second stanza tying the game 32-32, but H.U. was able to break away with the lead using the Blackbird foul trouble to their benefit. Just four minutes into the half, Long Island was whistled for seven infractions and the team was well into the doubles by the second break. Mike Moore helped reestablish control

Photo: LIU Athletics Archives

On the Rebound: Junior Julian Boyd, senior Michael Culpo (recently named one of top 50 shooters) and the Blackbirds look to bounce back and prove they belong on top. of the contest putting up a pair of threepointers split by LIU free though putting Hofstra up at 43-36. Two free throws by more put H.U. back up by nine points, but the Blackbirds fought to cut the deficit down to five. However LIU was answered with seven straight points from the pride bringing the score to 56-44

Trailing 58-50 with nine minutes to play, Hofstra turned up heat once again ignited by Moores third three pointer of the half leading to an 18-3 run putting the game out of reach for the Blackbirds. Olasewere lead the Blackbirds with 13 followed by sophomore Jason Brickman who finished with 11.

from the floor compared to LIU who shot 48 percent. Long Island will go on to travel to Norfolk, Va., taking on Old Dominion in its first game of the 2011 Basketball Hall of Fame Tip-Off Tournament on Monday, Nov. 14. at 7:00 p.m.

Moore tallied 23 points adding to Lester's 33, the Pride shot 59 percent

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Women’s Basketball Dominates Drexel in Opener



he Long Island University women's basketball team opened its 2011-12 season with a 60-52 victory over Drexel on Friday evening at the Daskalakis Center. LIU was led by Ebony Davis who debuted for the Blackbirds delivering an amazing performance. Davis recorded a doubledouble in the opening period and closed with 18-points and 17 rebounds. From beginning to end the Blackbirds were able to keep Drexel at bay, leaving the team without a field goal for the first 8:41 of the game.

Photo: LIU Athletics Archives

One, Two Punch: Seniors Kiara Evans and NEC Preaseason First-Team Candidate Ashley Palmer look to pace the Blackbird offense.

After a free throw by Davis that put LIU up by eight, a layup by senior Ashley Palmer pushed the lead further giving Long Island a double figure lead. With just over four minutes left in the period junior Tamika Guz ignited a 9-0 run that pushed the Blackbirds lead to 21-10 with 1:10 left for the half. Long Island continued on to the break with a comfortable 15-point lead keeping the

Dragons shooting at 17.4 percent from the floor. Davis dominated propelling LIU with a 24-12 advantage on the glass. Opening the second half with a 9-4 spurt capped by a layup by Davis gave LIU is largest lead of the night at 3616 a little under five minutes into the half. The Dragons refused to go down without a fight and despite a 9-2 run that got the team within 38-25 they were unable to chew away the deficit built by the Blackbirds. The Dragons Hollie Mershon scored 22 of her 26 points in the second half, including a jumper near the end of the half that brought the Dragons closer at 51-44, but the Blackbirds knocked down nine of their 12 free throws sealing the win. Long Island will face Hartford in the second round of the Preseason WNIT on Sunday, Nov. 13, at 4 p.m.

Women’s Soccer Outshot by Cavaliers in 2-0 Loss BY: MICHAEL GARCIA

Photo: Facebook


ortheast Conference Goalkeeper of the Year Jennifer Bannon could not stop the ball from finding the back of the net as the University of Virginia Cavaliers outshot the Blackbirds 19-4, two of the shots for goals, eliminating them from the NCAA Tournament. Coming off what was seemingly the highlight of the season defeating rival Saint Francis (Pa.) in a 2010 NEC Conference Championship rematch, head coach Tracey Bartholomew and the Blackbirds entered Friday’s 7 p.m. match with high hopes but could not come away with the win in front of 590 fans at Klockner Stadium in Charlottesville, Va.

End of an Era: Senior Ariana Calderon is one of five seniors who wore the Long Island University uniform for the final time at Virginia.

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Virginia scored its two goals in the first half. The first came in the fourth minute off a free kick from 22 yards away that found its way over Bannon’s head into the top of the net. The second came

from ten yards from in front of the net as recently named Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Freshman of the Year Morgan Brian tallied in a pass by teammate Amber Fry late in the half. Despite not being able to find the back of the net, senior Ariana Calderon had the only shot on goal for the Blackbirds in the first half. In the second half, junior Katie Egan missed just wide of the net with arguably the best chance to cut the deficit for the Blackbirds. Defensively for the Blackbirds, senior Sarah Laughlin proved vital sending back several scoring attempts out of LIU territory. As the Cavaliers move on to the second round in the tournament, they end the Blackbirds nine-game winning streak who finish their season at 12-8-1 and an 8-2 record in the NEC.

The RUNDOWN Volleyball Sweeps CCSU, Will Host NEC Tournament BY: JOHN TOLIS

The Bulldogs started to take control and broke out a 5-0 run. With the match going back and forth, LIU would take advantage 19-17 after a pair of kills by Gibeau and Sapphire Reid. Gibeau came up clutch for her team towards the end of the match, as she put a pair of points on the board to make things difficult for the Bulldogs. After some pressure from Bryant, Gibeau ended the match with her match-high 20th kill and ended the set 25-23.

Photo: LIU Athletics Archives

Long Island hit .245 for the match and held a 42-31 advantage in kills. Rice closed with eight kills while Reid and Foit chipped in six each. Stanton led all players with 12 digs.


he LIU women’s volleyball team finished off the season in winning fashion sweeping Central Connecticut State 3-0 ((25-17, 27-25, and 25-22). The win puts Long Island in a deadlock tie for first place in the Northeast Conference with Sacred Heart. Senior Jessica Rice had eight blocks in the match and was enough to break the LIU record for blocks in a single season, which is now 147. The Blackbirds barely broke a sweat in the first set and took advantage of the Blue Devils’ errors. The second set was a little tougher for the Blackbirds, as CCSU (20-10, 11-5 NEC) gave LIU some trouble. The set was full of lead changes. Freshman Annika Foit pushed LIU in front late in the set with a key kill to make the game at 22-21. She tallied another three kills to give LIU the set 27-25.

Senior Jessica Rice was the key player in the third set for LIU. With the Blue Devils having a 7-4 advantage, Rice ended CCSU’s scoring run with a kill. With match tight towards the end, Rice gave LIU the final point with a kill and LIU the win. The Blackbirds hit .303 for the match and held a 53-35 advantage in kills. Foit led all players with 24 kills, making it a double-double with 10 digs. Sophomore Hanna Gibeau had 12 kills, while senior Chelsey Stanton had 16 digs. The Blackbirds have been doing nothing, but sweeping teams this season. The day before LIU locked in first place of the NEC, LIU swept Bryant 3-0 ((25-18, 2519, 25-23). Gibeau knocked in her ninth double-double of the season with 20 kills and 11 digs. In the final set, LIU had a 16-12 lead and seem to have the game in hand.

Photo: LIU Athletics Archives

Dig This: Junior Jessica Rice and freshman Annika Foit are only two of the substantial threats posed by the Blackbirds entering the tournament.

After a coin toss, the Blackbirds will host the Northeast Conference tournament and home court advantage means a lot in the play-offs. Now LIU’s record of 14-2 in the NEC and overall record of 20-12 doesn’t mean much, as one loss can end the Blackbirds’ season. The play-offs begin on Saturday Nov. 19 at the Wellness Center.

Boise State Football... MG: A team that plays on a blue turf should be a top 5 team and win the BCS title every year. The heralded Kellen Moore is in his last season and that one loss last week could cost him a national title. Maybe if they played a tougher schedule... JT: I’m not really big on college football, but when I do is because I want to see Boise State. Its a shock that they can go undefeated and still not have a spot in that BCS title game. This is a prime example of why college football should go with a regular 62 team tournament to see who deserves to be number 1 in the country. NBA Lockout... MG: It seems to me that basketball venues across the nation will remain closed for the remainder of the NBA season. This is the biggest disgrace of any lockout in the history of professional sports. Greed and ignorance on behalf of the already wealthy owners JT: I totally agree, but at the same time you can’t pull all the blame on the owners. I mean the owners offered the players a 50 50 split, which is even and fair in my opinion. The players should’ve accepted the last offer and call it a day. By Michael Garcia

& John Tolis

Young Guns: Junior Hannah Gibeau is one of the reasons the Blackbirds are back on top.

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