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Letter From The Editor My name is Karen Miller and I am the new Managing Editor for Seawanhaka Press. I am a senior majoring in Journalism. I have been a part of Seawanhaka since Fall 2011, and I absolutely love how Seawanhaka plays such an important role in the LIU community as the voice of the students. I remember the year I changed my major from nursing to journalism, I received negative feedback. However, I knew in my heart I made the correct decision. I was encouraged from Ralph Engelman the Chairman of the Journalism Department to become a staff writer for Seawanhaka Press.

Seawanhaka Press | | SEPTEMBER 27, 2013

When I first joined the paper, I was a horrible writer and had no experience in journalism. I remember times when I started to feel as though I picked the wrong major. But with practice while at my first internship at Downtown Magazine, and reading the New York Times, I improved immensely. My hard work paid off and I was offered the Arts and Entertainment Editor position for Fall 2012- to pring 2013.


Seawanhaka S t a f f CONTACT

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I believe without Seawanhaka I would not have been giving the amazing accomplishments I have encountered. I currently have a paid internship at Island Def Jam Music Group and on CBS’ 92.3 Now FM night segment show. I strongly believe my past mistakes have made me stronger writer and reporter.


After graduation I plan to become a television or radio producer. I want to make my mother proud, and despite growing up in a single parent household, I will become a successful woman in the media business. I have many great ideas for developing and producing story ideas and I cannot wait to share my ideas with the world.I encourage all media and communication students to become involved with their campus media.


A&E Editor

Sports Editor Office: 718.488.1591

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In the previous issue, the cover page was titled, “Class of 2018, Welcome to LIU.” I was approached by my colleagues, and faculty about the year 2018 as a projected year for the incoming freshmen. They indicated that it should’ve been 2017. According to FindTheBest website(, only 7% of LIU’s students complete their degree in four years. So based on these projections, we’ve predicted the average four year program may take five or more years to complete. - Shannon Thomas, Editor-in-Chief

Entrepreneurship Week at LIU

BY Jervelle Frederick

Time management is essential for all college students. LIU Brooklyn students are encouraged to attend a series of academic workshops to learn how to develop time management. The workshops will take place in the Pratt Building, Monday, September 30th in room 517, from 5:006:00pm.

The last day to apply for the comprehensive examination is on Friday, October 4. The examination is a requirement for all students in order to graduate. For more information on the exam, visit BY Karen Miller

A Panel of speakers at Entrepreneurship week Photo Credit: Chase Melvin


IU hosted Entrepreneur Week from Sept. 18-29th. The event’s purpose was to educate the students on the risks and rewards of going into business. Held in the Paramount Gym, the event included companies of students enrolled here on campus as well as outside organizations. The week also celebrated the launch of LIU Brooklyn’s new Bachelors of Science in Entrepreneurship program. The aim of the program is to provide students with hands on experience that can develop business proposals that are eligible for the real world funding. LIU administration believes that this degree is a worthwhile second major for students in any field, because it assists with the presentation of one’s self to employers, and the public as well as teaching successfully operation of practices or businesses.

In attendance on September 18th was Mia Hall, Community Manager at Barclays Center which she said is, “the center stage for sports and entertainment.” Her position is to links the center and the community, by creating a strong relationship and giving back. Not only was she representing Barclays Center, but she was also supporting LIU’s

student body. LIU’s Media Arts department also took part in the event. They showcased clips that some of the students had created and promoted their readiness to help those interested in film hone their skills. Sherline Calixte-Barnes LIU student founded her company, Sherfap six years ago. She designs and creates her own handmade jewelry. Calixte- Barnes also produces natural body and hair products such as raw brown sugar scrubs, raw shea butter and body oils. She stands behind her statement, “Art is a passion whether it is worn or designed.” Another of the LIU students presented on the 18th was Ryan Sahadeo. His company, RS Enterprises focuses on research and computer graphics. The company which started in August 2011, has done research on premature babies. Sahadeo was also able to land a deal on the show, Shark Tank and hopes to go international due to this accomplishment. Sahadeo said, “Having a business mindset and helping people is my life.” Kerson and Reggianie Jean-Charles, students at LIU, represented Organo Gold for Alexandra J. Cassesus (a Resident Assistant at the University). The company offers a healthy option

of coffee. Accordning to the company’s pamphlet, their coffee is infused with 100% certified organic Ganoderma—a Chinese mushroom regarded as the “miraculous king of herbs,” which is famous for its ability to improve the body’s healing capacity and longevity. List of effects include more energy, vigor and a stronger immune system. Orango Gold’s current goal is to capture 1% of the coffee drinkers, which would bring in $125 million dollars per month. Also present, were Virtual Enterprise and Project Enterprise, both outside organizations. Tyree Newton represented Project Enterprise, which helps provide loans for those who want to expand their business. “For people who want to start their business this is the best way,” said Newton. Virtual Enterprises offers programs to high school students and some colleges, which transforms students into business executives. The Accounting Society at LIU also took part of the event. They showed the differences between a big business and small business. The Accounting Society also offered free help with taxes for individuals that make $52,000 dollars a year or higher.

Seawanhaka Press | | SEPTEMBER 27, 2013

Are you still undecided on your potential career? If so please attend a Find your Career Passion Event. Students will be able to participate in an interactive game that can pinpoint their interests. The event will take place Tuesday, October 1 in the Pratt Building, room 618, and the hours of the event will occur from 11:00am-12:00pm.


Another club room dilemma

BY Chase Melvin

sheets of club meetings to SLLD; abiding by administrative policies, such as maintaining a certain level of membership (seven for Greek organizations, ten for student media and 15 for all others). This new process was most recently updated Sept. 9 and was sent to all student organizations. Nevertheless, some students remained confused, and others are irritated. “[My club] was assigned a room that wasn’t properly renovated,” said Mouramani Kaba of the African Students Association (AfSA). “Several things were left in the room from the previous tenants, chairs were broken and there’s a pretty bad smell in here. Now we’re waiting for Buildings and Grounds to hopefully help ventilate the room.”

Club Rooms at LIU Photo Credit: Chase Melvin

Seawanhaka Press | | SEPTEMBER 27, 2013



uring last year’s renovation of the Sloan Building, some of LIU Brooklyn’s student organizations were shifted into different rooms and found themselves having to share those rooms with other organizations for the first time. Some students were skeptical about this change, while others lamented not having a club room at all. There was uncertainty about future club room allocations. Effective Sept. 2013, the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development (SLLD) has updated the selection process for club rooms. “Before this new process, [student organizations] continued to keep their rooms from year to year,” said Kapreka Booker, Coordinator of Student Activities & Program Development. “When the room renovations started last year, [SLLD] decided to have all the organizations start fresh, so each year, every organization will have the opportunity to obtain a club room,” she continued. Administrators worked to restructure the process to include a rubric for a “Points System” that will be used to

determine which student organizations will obtain club rooms, and what rooms will be assigned to them. “All the executives are new [this semester], so my club didn’t really know anything about these points or how to earn them,” said Amin Humaidi, Vice President of the Muslim Students Association. “We actually had enough points to get a club room, but we felt there wasn’t enough explanation of what to do.”

The stench of M-215, a room which is currently being shared by AfSA, the International Students Club and the Christian Fellowship Club, was purported so odious that the Student Government Association caught wind

According to SLLD, these points are based on the prior academic year’s conduct and activity of LIU Brooklyn’s student organizations. “Points are given for club involvement and abiding by the policies, so you earn points for the next academic year,” Booker said. “If you follow the policies and actively participate with your organization, you can earn rights to a club room.” Organizations gain points for activity which includes: their participation in LIU events such as Convocation Day and the Bi-Campus Leadership Retreat; diligence in turning in all agendas, minutes and attendance

Furniture of an unrennovated LIU club room. Photo Credit: Chase Melvin

of the problem from their offices and helped AfSA take the appropriate actions. The room currently smells like a hodgepodge of various air fresheners and disinfectants. “The process of allocating club rooms does get slowed when personal and other items aren’t removed as requested after each semester,” Booker said. Other club room issues dealt not with smell, but with size. “The room was way too small,” said Mohtasim Rahman, Anime Connection Club vice president. “We donated the most blood at the recent blood drive, and I thought we would get a better choice of rooms. We have our doubts about this point system—and we’re still without a budget.” SLLD will be providing all students with a full listing of the new point system. “People will know where they stand and what they have to do in order to get a room next year,” Booker said. Visit M-311 for a complete listing of Student Organizations’ acquired points and further explanation of the Club Room Point System Rubric.



BY sarai Arroyo and noelani Montero

igma Gamma Rho, an on-campus sorority for women of color, is making to an effort to donate school supplies to underprivileged kids. “Operation Big Bookbag” began Sept. 17 and will continue until Oct. 18. Boxes for students to donate are stationed all over campus. The supplies collected will be donated to the Ingersoll Community Center just blocks away from the LIU Brooklyn Campus. In this center, elementary to high school students will be able to obtain the materials that their hardworking or unemployed parents cannot always provide. “It’s a national program for the sorority and is done throughout every chapter,” said Sigma Gamma Rho’s president Abena David.

“We usually donate to one classroom— but this year we hope to supply the entire community center. Its unfair to the other kids in the community center because they also need supplies,” said David. Students who have already caught wind the event believe it is a positive thing for the sorority to do. “I think it’s a great thing because it’s really helping out the community,” said freshman and journalism major, Sanday Socoh. Students can donate at the following offices: Latinos Unidos/Pep Squad, Carribean Student Movement(CSM), Seawanhaka, WLIU, Student Life and Leadership Development, and The Office of Residence Life and Housing.

Campus Camera: How was your first week of classes? BY Chase Melvin

Toyibat Oridami Nursing, Sophmore

DeVaughn Allen, Occ. Sports Science, Sophomore

Adrianne Gomez Psychology, Junior

Kerry Benjamin Computer Science, Sophmore

“It was pretty intense, way harder than freshman year.”

“The first week went pretty well. Right now I’m taking biology, history, and working in the Student Life Office.”

“The first week was hard because of the transition [back to school] from the summer.”

“My classes are pretty fair,. I’m taking a marketing class, so that’s a challenge.”

Seawanhaka Press | | SEPTEMBER 27, 2013

Photo Credit:

The junior has high hopes for this event and notes that this is the first year that Operation Big Book Bag was extended to the LIU community. This year the ladies of Sigma Gamma Rho aim to collect and donate more than ever before.


The real deal: Texting

BY Magdolen kellel mph (c)


re you texting while reading this? Chances are you probably are. Have you ever considered the negative consequences of texting? The first text message was sent in Dec. 1992. Over the Vodafone GSM network, from Neil Papworth wished Richard Jarvis a Merry Christmas. Since then, text messaging has been on the rise. Because text messaging has become the primary means of communication in our generation, people are doing it while driving, sleeping, walking, eating dinner, attending class, and even in the bathroom.

Seawanhaka Press | | SEPTEMBER 27, 2013

According to a study done by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, in 2011 young adults ages 18 to 24 are the most active “texters”. They send and receive 3,200 text messages per month. That averages to 110 messages a day.


Constant text messaging can be harmful to your physical, mental and emotional health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every day nine people are killed in the US because of car crashes caused by distracted drivers. That is an alarming 3,300 deaths a year, many of which are caused by texting. According to the CDC’s Injury Prevention & Control, Motor Vehicle Safety page on distracted driving, “69% of drivers in the United States ages 1864 reported that they had talked on their cell phone while driving within the 30 days before they were surveyed.” People who text and drive are 23 times more likely to be involved in a car crash. Another danger of texting is sleeptexting. A sleep-texter is someone who literally sends text messages while he or she is asleep. This phenomenon disrupts sleep because you’re not allowing yourself to get “deep sleep” – which is essential for a healthily functioning brain. Dr. Akshay Mahadevia from the ENT Sleep Center in Iowa City says that those who sleep-text are not in a complete state of sleep, but are in between

being asleep and awake. Texting has become so automatic for so many of us, when we sleep next to our phones, we automatically respond to incoming texts. Sleep deprivation and sleeptexting go hand in hand. An article in the “Journal of Adolescent Health” states that 60% of college students are sleep deprived. As a result of this sleep deprivation, these students are having more problems with their physical and psychological health. Sleeping with your cell phone close to your bed disturbs your sleep even if your phone is set to vibrate. The simple but apparently challenging solution for sleep-texters is to either not bring your cell phone to bed or to just turn it off. Is text-messaging also affecting us mentally? Time and time again professors have told us not to text in class, but do we listen? According to a study conducted in 2010 by Nielson, a global marketing and communications research company, 91% of college students admitted to texting during class. In a study released by the National Communication Association, college students report that they believe that they can multitask. Although students can multitask, they are not really absorbing the information being taught when they are texting during the lecture. This, in turn, leads to statistics that show that students who text during class have a lower grade point average than those who do not. Multiple studies show that trying to multitask with Facebook or texting leads to “poorer long term academic outcomes.” If text messaging disrupting your sleep and is lowering your grades won’t motivate you to put the phone down, then maybe this next fact will. Did you know that text messaging may also be ruining your relationships? Although text messaging is an easy way to communicate it can also be an easy way to start conflict.

Photo Credit: Google Images

“For a lot of couples, texting is now the most common means of communication while apart—but it can also be a source of conflict. Unlike telephone or faceto-face communication, it is nearly impossible to know how the other person is reacting emotionally to what is being communicated,” said San Francisco psychotherapist Michael Halyard, MFT in an article about texting and relationships.

CI is causing a “dramatic increase in the number of emergency-room visits for treatment of abrasions on the lower jaw, cheek and nose from involuntary elbow jabs inflicted by one intimate partner on another”

Furthermore, in an article published in April 2013, Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen of Cleveland’s Clinic Wellness Center point out that some couples are suffering from Coitus Interruptexting (CI). CI is also known as texting while having sex.

Although there are some advantages to text messaging, such as being able to communicate quickly and keeping in touch with friends while having a busy schedule, there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned phone call.

Like any other addiction, once an action or behavior starts interfering with your mental and physical health, you must make a change.

not miss “america?”


ecently Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, was crowned the winner of the 2014 Miss America Pageant becoming the first IndianAmerican to attain the title. Immediately the backlash of hateful racial slurs commenced on the Internet.

Most of such insensitive comments took place on Twitter. Tweets like, “How the F---k does a foreigner win miss America?, She is a Arab! #idiots,” “Miss America right now or Miss Al Qaeda?” and “More like Miss Terrorist” flooded the Twittersphere in response to Davuluri’s win. Not only did the tweets get Davuluri’s nationality wrong in their rants, but they also went as far as calling her Miss 7-11—degrading stereotypes. At this very moment, American soldiers are in the middle of a danger zone, floating around the extreme possibility of death. These brave men and women endure hell on earth to protect the American people and the freedoms provided to them. These individuals— like those they aim to protect, vary in birth nationality, race and gender but

BY Jervelle Frederick

are bonded by their pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States. Citizens tearing each other down solely because of race may be the mightiest of insults dished out to those who have lost their lives fighting for this country. Thanks to the ignorant and down right vile response to the historical win, it makes sense to assess the situation in a simple black and white manner. Is Ms. Davuluri American? To evaluate, one must produce some sort of a checklist. All of the self-proclaimed Americans who attacked this young woman are technically descendants of immigrants. Like her persecutors, the Syracuse, New York native shares this attribute. The racist commenters and Ms. Davuluri share many of the same experiences, such as being schooled in American institutions and paying taxes. Relatively, all Americans are bonded by the same ideology, the idea that any ordinary individual can achieve the American dream is very much part of


Our tough, at sometimes crude, demeanor has always been apart of our urban charm, and yes, if you can survive in N.Y., then you can survive anywhere else. But we are a little too rude? The NYC Subway is practically a haven for rude New Yorkers. People push, shove, run into, or even trample others just to catch an incoming train. But,

The issue is clearly appearance driven, rather than patriotism. For example the late Steve Jobs, (creator of Apple) has never been categorized as un-American. How could this be considering that his

biological father Abdulfattah Jandali is Syrian. Jobs, being Syrian-American, has never had his heritage questioned. Is it because he has the “Caucasian” look? It appears so. The bright side of these incidents is that despite negativity from those in the nation who have yet to mature, Americans of ethnic backgrounds continue to be resilient which is instrumental in breaking ignorance.

BY Shannon Thomas

that’s just half the story. Once in the car, many more ill-mannered atrocities can occur.

ew Yorkers have for a reputation for being notoriously rude. It is nothing new and dates back to when New York was still just a colony in 1774. John Adams stated in his diary “They [Native New Yorkers] talk very loud, very fast and altogether. If they ask you a question, before you can utter three words of your answer they will break out upon you again and talk away.”

this culture. Ms. Davuluri did just that! She achieved her American dream. In actuality, she is the definition of the American Dream. Her becoming Miss America symbolizes that, she deserves these rights as much as any other fellow Americans.

I was on the 5 train on my way to school. I looked up from my English homework and noticed an 18 or 19-year-old girl on crutches. Along with her bandaged left foot, I noticed her frantic scan of the train car for an empty seat and the look of disappointment that there were none. No one even seemed to consider giving up his or her seat. When she looked my way, I gave her mine. Two weeks later, a group of high school boys boarded the train I was on. In between their sophomorically teenaged banter, one of the boys spit on the floor. I left the train car—I was beyond disgusted. I thought to myself: Hey New Yorkers; have we no couth? The New York City subway system is the oldest and most extensive public transportation system in the world

and averages at least 5.4 million daily riders. Considering the antiquity and crowdedness of the subway, people should really be more mindful of their actions. According to a poll done by Business Insider, 20% of Americans believe New York is the rudest state of the nation. This is not the stigma that should be associated with N.Y. Especially since at least $52 million dollars come from NYC’s tourism industry alone, we should work harder to be more welcoming and improve the nation’s perspective of our city.As the Empire State we should have a higher standard of interpersonal morale and be weary of how we treat each other. Believe me—I get it; to live in the “concrete jungle” is no stroll through Central Park. But if we were more considerate to our fellow city dwellers and tourists, life could be just a little bit easier.

If we did basic courteous actions, curious onlookers may even be inspired to do a small yet kind gesture for someone else. If everyone did minor things to keep the subway sanitary, it would be a step to a more polite and inviting city.

Photo Credit:

Seawanhaka Press | | SEPTEMBER 27, 2013


Miss America 2013 Photo Credit:


Seawanhaka Press | | SEPTEMBER 27, 2013



II needed needed to to hone hone my my skills skills in in marketing. marketing. LIU LIU Brooklyn Brooklyn had had exactly exactly what what II was was looking looking for. for. Their Their Office Office of of Career Career Services Services helped helped me me land land an an internship internship at at Def Def Jam Jam Records. Records. -- Stephanie Stephanie Persaud, Persaud, Class Class of of 2013 2013

Seawanhaka Press | | SEPTEMBER 27, 2013




hen she isn’t waking up for early morning photo shoots, going back and forth with her tutor or crushing on Harry Styles, Callie Reiff is just a 13-year-old girl hanging with her friends. Reiff has been taking over the modeling scene for 6 years now. She has modeled for various big names such as Gucci, Juicy Couture and Joe Fresh – just to name a few. Reiff says her favorite modeling jobs are on locations , especially on beaches like Tulum Beach in Mexico. She expressed how she loves that for most jobs, she is able to shoot in the morning. “It’s so fun,” Reiff said. “When you shoot in the morning then you get the rest of the day to relax, sit on the beach and hang out.” When asked what designer does she look forward to she said, “Jeremy Scott, I love his sneakers, all his designs. It’s unique, so its stands out…everyone knows who he is.”

Seawanhaka Press | | SEPTEMBER 27, 2013

The teenaged model calls her personal style “street chic,” she loves watching people on the streets for their designs


MUSIC REVIEW: ELTON JOHN by beni choudhury

and styles. She also reveals that her favorites places to shop are Macy’s, H&M, Target and little boutiques. Reiff likes to pick out non-popular items, so it would be easier to personalize. In an industry where growing up too quickly is inevitable, the trendsetting fashionista doesn’t find it difficult to remain age appropriate for fans and followers, because she “loves being a kid” and “still hangs with the same friends.” These are the same friends that have encouraged her to create her fashion blog, Her friends would always been curious about what she would wear during her photo shoots and would give fashion advice when she was asked. Reiff also states reasons for her blog is because there aren’t any tween fashion blogs influencing kids of 9-13 years of age. She loves that tweens are reaching out to her via Twitter and following her blog.


lton John’s 13th solo album, The Diving Board, has created a nostalgic feel to his older songs. The Diving Board was originally going to be released in fall of 2012. Then it got pushed back to February of 2013. Then they have decided to release it fall of 2013 on Sept. 24, 2013 Finally! The song “Home Again” was released in June and it was the premiere song. The song “Kids in the Candlelight” was released in August,The album opens with the song “Oceans Away” which sets a slow melancholy. The opening song usually sets the tone for the whole album, but as it progresses the album becomes more peaceful and calming with the short instrumental interludes “Dream No. 1”/”No.2”/”No.3.” It’s as if he sets up the album in a way to make you have a rollercoaster with your feelings.

BY Shaelyne Moodie

“It’s fun because there has been so many tweens reaching out to me, telling me to put stuff on my blog. “ The young mogul shared, “It’s really fun because I get to help all of these 9 and 13 year olds dress. It’s been a great experience.” Reiff also talks about her YouTube channel, where she posts drum instrumental covers for various songs like ,“Locked Out Of Heaven” by Bruno Mars and “Better In Time” by Leona Lewis. Reiff started practicing drumming the age of nine. Drumming also helps her new hobby: DJing. “It helps me stay on beat and learn new beats,” said the rhythmic enthusiast. When asked, where Reiff sees herself in 10 years, she answers, “I mean who wouldn’t want their own fashion line. Definitely Djing, and I hope one day I get to play at festivals. Hopefully work with Dj Diplo or Dj Litchi, I would love scratch with them one time” To check out more about Callie Reiff, visit her blog and follow her on Twitter @calliereiff.

The percussion section of the album is very rich with plenty of bass, and very simplistic piano arrangements. There weren’t too many variations of instruments used in this album. He also uses a lot of familiar symphonies from the past. Elton John has a habit of telling stories through his music, which makes it easier to follow the words. You get sucked into the song and start imagining his words. He paints beautiful pictures with his songs. Some are strange stories, like his song “My Quicksand. ”Songs like this, make you really think about what he is trying to tell you. This album endeavors a lot of raw talent that our generation of music is lacking, All in all, this album showcases the quality and talent that is expected of Elton John.

mUSIC rEVIEW: Kings of Leon Mechanical Bull BY kabraun dixon

mUSIC rEVIEW: DRAKE nothing was the same

BY kabraun dixon

for a woman who was willing to love,” lead singer Caleb, sings on the second track. “Don’t Matter”- The album is shaping up to be a very well-produced album. It has a very edgy sound to it and has a lot of personality, which is important for album songs to have early on in the track list. Although the song is good, it just doesn’t measure up to its

Photo credit:

With this album, they plan to attract their audience with a fun and younger sound. Kings of Leon is likely to please their core fans and even gain a few new ones with this album. “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody” are some hard songs to follow up with but there are a lot of promising songs on this album. “Supersoaker”- The opening track to the bands sixth studio album will be sure to please their fans that have been with them from the beginning. The very Rock-n-Roll-esque track offers a guitar stringing over a sweet piano melody, which plays over a thumping set of drums and tamberines. “Rock City”- This song gives off a good Beatles vibe with a King’s of Leon twist. “I was running through the desert, I was looking for drugs and I was searching


“Wait for Me”- The guitar’s opening instrumental instantly stands out. The first verse is sung in a very catchy formation. The song seems to have the best rhythm than any other song on the album.

Tuscan Leather- “This not for the radio/ but it probably get play it on the radio/ it’s that new Drizzy Drake/ that’s just the way it go.”

“Family Tree”- Just like the opening track, this song brings some classic Kings of Leon feelings. It’s a nice blend of country and Rock-n-Roll. Sounds like it would make for a great sing-a-long. “Comeback Story”- “I’d walk a mile in your shoes, now I’m a mile away and I’ve got your shoes,” Kings of Leon sings. It has strong songwriting, but there’s really nothing special about this song. “Tonight”- Raw and honest vocals plasters over modern and classic rock instruments to make a really good song for the lower half of the album. “On The Chin”- KoL finish off the album with a lack-lustering finale. It’s a little disappointing because there are so many tracks that would have made a better closing song. Even the bonus tracks would have fit better. Mechanical Bull had a strong opening, but a weak closing. Final Grade: B+

Photo credit:

rake has delivered his coming third album, Nothing Was The Same, which compliments his past albums, Thank Me later and Take Care. So far Drake is three for three and is quickly carving his name on to the wall of Hip-Hop heavyweights.

Drake almost instantly opens the album with a more confident vibe than that heard on his last album. With his raw straight forward chorus-free opening track he gets honest about his relationship with Nicki Minaj ,and the rumors about him and Tatiana Ali. Furthest Thing- In this song he confesses to his lover that he’s not perfect but still belongs to her. He’s just been “Drinkin’ on the low / Mobbin’ on the low / F--k-n on the low / Smokin’ on the low / I still been plottin’ on the low / Schemin’ on the low”. He also switches up his tone and the beat in the last 90 seconds. “Wu-Tang Forever” The song samples the song “It’s Yours”- perfect use of a Wu-tang sample. Two words that you can hear him sing often through the song- “It’s Yours,” not only to his lover but also to himself, in reference to his success. “From Here” (featuring Jhene Aiko)As fast as he fell of, he got right back on track. One of the albums prettiest piano

mastered productions is supported with some of Drake’s most eye- opening lyrics. “Then we got to talking ‘bout something we disagreed on / Then she started telling me how I’ll never be as big as Trey Songz / Boy was she wrong,” “Hold On, We’re Going Home”Simple, feel good song that Drake says he wanted “Something that just [has] timeless writing, timeless melody.” He was pretty successful at making that type of song. It could fit in with the catalogues of James Brown, Michael Jackson, and R. Kelly. 305 To My City- It’s not interesting right off the back, but as the song goes on, you find that Drake is telling a story about him trying to release the inner wild side in a religious girl. Too Much (featuring Sampha) is the stand out song of the album that presents a great hook, great lyrics, impressive flow and a very good message. The only problem with song is that it sounds similar to “Over My Dead Body,” a track from Drake’s last album, Take Care. None the less, the song is still really good so you luck past it. Plus, the outro is fantastic. Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2 (feat. Jay-Z)- He ends the album with a song where he holds his own against rap icon Jay- Z. In the finale, Drake boasts about his recent accomplishment and continues the more confident attitude that he was trying to spread throughout the album. Final Grade: B+

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he Followill family, best known as the members of American Rock band, Kings of Leon, are setting up to release their sixth studio album, Mechanical Bull.

predecessors. “Beautiful War”- The Grammy winners slow it down a bit for a more sentimental track. The song is also the album’s most lengthy track, spanning a over five minutes. It’s just one of those songs that when played at their concerts ,the crowd has to just put their hands up and wave them back , and forth.


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The late actor passed away on July 2013 from a drug overdose. Critics have slammed the TV Academy’s decision to include the Glee star. Executive producer Ken Ehrlich told the New York Daily News about including Cory Monteith with James Gandolfini, Gary David Goldberg, Jean Stapleton and Jonathan Winters. “Cory’s appeal was maybe a little too different generation than some of the others we were honoring,” said Ehrlich.

Miley Cyrus before her break-up with fiancee Liam Hemsworth Photo Credit:

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ounding up this week for your daily fix of entertainment news we have break ups, reunions, and shocking news.

The actor reportedly had two major relapses. Sources tell TMZ that Zac has been doing cocaine for more than 2 years and he was also into Molly.

What had people talking this week is that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth called it quits. Everybody knew everything spiraled downhill when the pop star unfollowed Liam on Twitter.

He tried to clean himself up in March by getting professional help. According to TMZ he left California and stayed in a private residence where he received intensive outpatient care for several weeks.

According to Us Weekly, Liam and Miley are completely done and broken up. An insider told Us Weekly this is the third time the pair has broken up over the course of their four-year romance. Liam and Miley met on the set of their movie, “The Last Song.” In May of 2012, Liam popped the question to Miley. He got her a massive $250,000 Neil Lane diamond ring. E! News reported it was Cyrus’ decision to end things because she believed he wasn’t faithful. He was spotted moving his belongings out of her Los Angelesarea home. After their spilt up Cyrus’ Ex was spotted Kissing Eiza Gonzalez, one day after calling off the engagement with Miley. What was even more shocking was heartthrob Zac Efron went to rehab twice this year for cocaine addiction.

“In all candor, this became a producer’s option,” the producer explained. “We selected these five individuals knowing that there were certainly others that could have been treated this way.” Danity Kane performed together for the first time in six years at the iHeart music festival in California. In sexy, all black ensambles, the multiplatinum group performed an acapella rendtition of their hit single “Damaged,” and proceeded to introduce The Wanted to the stage. Danity Kane currently has a new single titled, “Rage” and a new album in the making.

1) Shabba Ranks -ASAP Ferg 2) Pound Cake -Drake 3) Higher - Jhene Aiko 4) MILF -Big Sean 5) Know You Better -Omarion 6) Applause -Lady Gaga 7) Wrecking Ball -Miley Cyrus 8) Get Lucky -Pharell Williams 9) Still into You -Paramore 10) Wake me Up -Avicii

Jennette McCurdy’s mom pass away from Breast Cancer. The 21- year old Nickelodeon star’s mother passed away Friday morning. According to TMZ, Debra has been battling breast cancer for close to 17 years and was in remission before it returned in 2010. McCurdy opened up about her mom in a piece she wrote for the Wall Street Journal. The distraught actress wrote, “My mother, the constant optimist and effervescent, sprightly woman I know her to be, is caged along with this hideous beast they call cancer.” To wrap things up, one of the biggest event for television shows The Emmy was on September 22 2013. The Emmy Awards paid special tribute to five television stars who have died in the past year, the most talked about was Cory Monteith.

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STUdent sPOTLIGHT: jameel Hanif eic of sound yearbook by Jervelle Frederick


he school year book (Sound Year Book) is much more important than we think. Take it from Jameel Hanif, the editor in chief, who on any day will eloquently and excitedly explain what the book truly is. An accounting major and Senior at LIU, Hanif has been with the committee since coming in as a freshman in 2009. He was a part of the team which produced the Premier Print award winning 2012 book—coming second after Harvard. After having had a blast in his high school committee and wanting to be active, Hanif decided to replicate the experience in college and he started as a photographer for Sound. He then moved to section editor and is now the Editor- in- Chief. The committee consists of six or seven people, working on the 2014 book. When asked about his plans for 2014, Hanif said, “My vision for this book is trying to make a book that will connect more with the seniors and student body here. I feel like the students, they know about the year book but they don’t

really have that drive or that passion like I want to be in the year book” The enthusiastic editor continued, “I want to make them see that the year book is something much more than just a book it’s their memoires, it’s about college life what happened in the year they graduated. Later if it does win an award then that’s fine too!” Also Hanif is the vice present of the accounting society, he is in the BS program for his Bachelors in accounting, Bachelors of Science and after that he aspires to move on to computer science. He also plans to own a software company in the future where, he will use what he learned about Photoshop/ Graphic Art for marketing.

While parents are asking, “Where has Arsenio Hall been?” Hall is best known for his character as “Semi” from “Coming to America.”

The Arsenio Hall Show could’ve easily been mistaken for a pre-game concert event due to the hip-hop legends such as Snoop Dogg and Sir-Mix-a-Lot who graced his stage, while simultaneously hosting the likeness of presidents, moguls and athletes alike.

Of course, he is much more than his much loved character as an “African buffoon,” Hall’s been a comedian since diaper days was both a pioneer and a royal in late night show business. For five years Hall had an audience that “ROO’ed” for him and him only.

Variety and originality could very well have been the anchor that kept The Arsenio Hall Show afloat while so many others were sinking, but as all good things it too came to an end in the spring of 1994. But even his ending was neither bitter nor forced.

When hosts such as Joan Rivers and Johnny Carson struggled to maintain a decent hold on late night viewers, Arsenio continued to not

Hall who eventually grew tired of the politics in television networking snipped the strings on his own show and freed himself to be a success in

BY Destiny L. Robinson

other ventures. Now over a decade later Hall has returned to late night television on WPIX 11 at 11p.m with as much humor and the star powered line-up that he ended with. His past fan-base seemed to have appreciated the premier the new

Arsenio Hall (Left) Jay Leno (Right) Photo credit:

Arsenio Hall show, which retained some of its 90’s flare by returning guest such as Snoop Dogg, now known as Snoop Lion. But also allowed for the accumulation of a new generation audience with special guest performance by the highly controversial modern rapper Kendrick Lamar and his rising artist School Boy Q.

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only soar as a host, but also change the nature of late night talk shows into late night parties.

The year book is always looking for new members and to those thinking about it or on the fence Hanif said, “Overall in college students should realize that it’s not just about getting an education, it’s also about making yourself well rounded. Just because I’m an accounting major doesn’t mean I have to stick with accounting. Branch out in other things. College is about growing and honing your skills so that when you graduate you’ll be ready for the real world.”

Campaigns on social media sites brought some new faces to the committee for this year’s first meeting. Hanif said that a general problem is the fact there’s not that much school spirit, that people just do things they think will benefit them, so during the first meeting he tried to make sure everyone knew that they were not only there to work.

Late night’s Talk king has returned

ho is Arsenio Hall? A question many millennials probably asked their overtly excited parents as they prepared themselves for his return from a 19-year hiatus as a late night show host.

“I told them, it’s more than being in a club, you’ll learn about yourself and what you can do. Learn new skills and build on the skills that you already have,” Hanif explained.


a captain has fallen

By Justin Ellis

Seawanhaka Press | | SEPTEMBER 27, 2013

Derek Jeter Being assisted off the field. Photo Credit:



ince 1996, the identity of the New York Yankees has been Derek Jeter. It is hard to dispute his incredible résumé, which includes five championships, 13 All-Star game appearances and more than 3,000 hits. But ever since he broke his ankle last year in the playoffs, he hasn’t been the same. This season, he has been on-and-off the disabled list until it was recently announced that Jeter will not return for the rest of the year. Jeter, during his career, has been consistently durable – playing in at least 119 games in the past 16 years. Jeter didn’t come close to his previous games-played numbers – appearing in only 17 games – while batting a un-Jeter like .191. With his ankle betraying him and approaching age 40, Jeter surely must be thinking about his future. Is it time to retire? Absolutely. If he were to retire after this season, he has nothing to be ashamed of. Jeter will be remembered for the leadership and command of the shortstop position. How can Yankee fans forget Jeter

diving into the stands – and bruising his face – to make a catch while playing against the Boston Red Sox in 2004 or his backhand flip toss to home plate in a crucial 2001 playoffs game verses the Oakland Athletics. In his prime years, Jeter was Superman in pinstripes. His career has been remarkable until now. These days, it’s nerve-wracking just watching him run to pick up a ground ball. Jeter may become another historic player to lose his career to injury, but the transition won’t be easy. Jeter is way too prideful and the Yankees do not have a suitable replacement at the position. They knew this day would come and they still aren’t prepared. But the Yankees aren’t the only ones. The L.A. Lakers are still struggling to prepare for life after Kobe Bryant. Finding a major role-player to for any franchise is no easy feat, especially if it requires replacing a legend. After acquiring Dwight Howard with the hopes that he would eventually play

that part, the Lakers watched him leave for the Houston Rockets at the end of last season. A blueprint has been set, but apparently the Yankees still believe in buying players. In the past decade, the Yankees have gotten away from, building young talent in its farm system and placing more emphasis on spending for bigname veterans. And yet teams like the Tampa Bay Rays compete with a lot less money, relying on smart drafting while showing no problem battling against the most elite teams in the American League. It should also be noted that the Yankees have also given up great draft picks including Mike Trout, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim outfielder who is possibly the best player in the game. Hopefully, somebody in the organization takes notice of what made the Yankees thrive over the years. It’s only a matter of time when Jeter will eventually leave due to injury or by

choice. Of course when this happens the team will enter a new era. When Jeter became the starting shortstop, the Yankees were set for prominence for at least a decade. What will the Yankees do without the captain? We’re about to find out.


By Aris Folley


hino Kunisawa, 22, kicks off her senior year at Long Island University with hopes of winning a championship. But the former junior college All-American soccer player insists that she’s just getting started in accomplishing her dreams. While Kunisawa is currently a member of the LIU women’s soccer team, she began her career thousands of miles away – in Kochi, Japan. After joining her friend in a pick-up game, Kunisawa , 12 years old at the time, instantly fell in love with the sport and decided to pursue it even further while attending Japan Aviation High School. Next, Kunisawa went overseas and settled in the Midwest, where she played for Laramie County Community College in Wyoming for two years. In 2011, the midfielder distinguished herself by earning the Junior College AllAmerican honor. But for Kunisawa, the best was yet to come. After transferring to LIU-Brooklyn, she helped the Blackbirds secure back-to-back Region IX Championships.

“She likes playing everywhere,” said LIU Assistant Athletic Director Dan Lobacz. Still, Kunisawa’s most cherished memory was the Blackbirds’ latest championship. In that match, they triumphed against St. Francis University, earning a close victory of 1-0. For Kunisawa, that game is one she’ll never forget given her playing time.

Shino Kunisawa Photo credit: Media Relations

Moreover, in preparation for the soccer team’s current season, Kunisawa, and her fellow players were required to attend pre-season practices prior to the start of the academic year. The players were to attend two practices per day, each lasting two hours long. Nonetheless, one can assume the team’s current winning streak is substantial enough evidence of the potentially positive effect of such routines.

However, despite Kunisawa’s long list of demands, she remains motivated by her friends, family, and most importantly, herself. “I just want to be better,” said Kunisawa. How does Kunisawa’s manage to stay balanced through her busy schedule? “Sleeping,” she answers and laugh, “I sleep a lot.” Furthermore, Kunisawa is also keeping up with the news circulating the FIFA World Cup as 2014 approaches. Not surprisingly, Japan and Brazil are her favorite teams. As she prepares to graduate, Kunisawa has her sights clearly set on life after LIU. In fact, she’s hoping to fulfill her dream to become a professional soccer player in Europe. But for now, she’s taking everything in cool stride. While doing so, her main focus still hasn’t changed and can be summed-up in four words: “To win the championship.” Seawanhaka Press | | SEPTEMBER 27, 2013

After playing around the world, Kunisawa admits that she still “can’t decide” which team she’s enjoyed being a part of the most. She has shared an equal liking for each location.

In addition to being a full-time player, Kunisawa is also a full-time student. Not only is she expected to attend her games and practices, but she’s also taking on a workload of five classes as well.



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