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Growing up in Hawaii, my two passions were sports and health care. LIU Brooklyn gave me the chance to do both. I am now a three-time Northeast Conference champion and a registered respiratory therapist.

Arts & Entertainment

- Erica Chong, Class of 2008



Sports Editor 718.488.1591

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Digital Age: Seawanhaka Website Launches


Campus Events On April 5 LIU Brooklyn Faculty, Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium in association with Kumble Theater present: A Tribute Concert to Kenny Durham and Cecil Payne. The LIU Brooklyn music faculty will pay tribute to Brooklyn jazz legends, trumpeter Kenny Durham and saxophonist Cecil Payne. For tickets and information, call 718-488-1624. On Friday, April 6 at 6:30 p.m. the Kumble theater will be hosting an exciting retrospective celebrating the organization African Voices and its influence on art, literature, film, theater and dance. Launched as a literary arts magazine, African Voices is most noted for publishing the best poetry, fiction and art by emerging artists. The celebration will include featured performances by poets Ekere Tallie and Derick Cross; Voice Lessons, a one-act play written by acclaimed playwright Cesi Davidson and directed by Mary Hodges; and a preview from dance choreographer Germaul Barnes’ Black Buddha. RSVP at On Tuesday April 10th, from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in LLC 515, the Latin American and Caribbean Studies program presents “The Disappeared” - a film on Argentina’s “Dirty War.” Contact Professor McSherry at 718-780-4105 or pmcsherr@liu. edu for more information.

By Ryan Sahadeo


Seawanhaka throughout the year. Photo Credit: Sound Yearbook, Priscilla Pablo


he moment has finally arrived: Seawanhaka has launched an official website. The staff members of Seawanhaka are proud to make the voice of Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus even more accessible to students. For the first time, current and past editions of Seawanhaka can be read online via iPads, laptops and mobile devices. The purpose is to keep readers informed with the very latest campus news, sports, and current events. The website will also incorporate Seawanhaka’s social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. At YouTube, readers can watch companion videos to the articles, opinion pieces, and interviews featured in the weekly print edition. At the moment, the YouTube channel contains two videos with coverage from the Occupy Wall Street movement. Seawanhaka reporter Keeley Ibrahim traveled to lower Manhattan to interview key figures in the protest movement that captured international attention last year. The videos, which have already garnered

hundreds of “hits” online, are interviews that Ibrahim conducted with the noted filmmaker and activist Michael Moore along with Karen Smith, a protester who is deeply engaged in the student debt forgiveness campaign.

Seawanhaka now has a website because this was never done before and this was one of my goals,” said Mabel Martinez, editor-in-chief of Seawanhaka. “I’m glad to see that it is finally up-and-running and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

Seawanhaka’s website, which is powered by WordPress, has been in the works for some time. “There was much to consider,” explains Richard Nau, Seawanhaka Layout and Design Advisor. “We wanted to create an easily manageable website that would grow over time. It’s integrated with the current social media portals and it can be read online with the same look and feel of the printed version.”

Ryan Sahadeo, a regular Seawanhaka news contributor, agrees. “It’s a remarkable change that should have happened sooner,” he said. “An intuitive change that fits in the direction that the campus is changing.”

The effort to launch the website went into full gear about a year ago. Still, the primary challenge, Nau adds, was in configuring the website’s final design. “The process was the easy part, but the development is what took some time,” he added. For Seawanhaka staffers, the website will serve as an exciting and long overdue foray into the world of online journalism. “It’s amazing to see that

Seawanhaka Faculty Advisor Curtis Stephen believes that the website marks a welcome addition to the process of teaching the craft to aspiring journalists in the modern world of news. “Each era of Seawanhaka defines itself. But this one is clearly one of growth. I’ve always told folks that when I was in my freshman year at the Brooklyn Campus in 1995 and joined the paper as a staff reporter, I literally saw when some of the last remaining typewriters were being removed and replaced by bulky desktop computers. That experience opened up a whole new world for us and helped us

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Page 3

Mary M. Lai: Legendary Figure Still Making History at LIU BY: RYAN SAHADEO

well. “All faculty were expected to be in their offices from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and be responsible for much of the student advisory functions,” Lai recalled. Despite the advent of Facebook and social media, Lai laments the gradual disappearance of the one-one-on mentorship process that was once a hallmark in the world of highered. “The faculty has lost much of its personal contact with and mentoring of students,” says Lai. At the peak of the World War II era – which included a mandatory draft system into the U.S. military – there were only 320 students at the Brooklyn Campus. Within a year, the enrollment rose to 5,000 students as more and more veterans took advantage of the G.I. Bill and more high school students came to college rather than joining the army.


t’s no surprise that Long Island University has a lot of famous alumni who dedicate their time to the success of the University and its students. No one is more famous than Treasurer Emerita Mary Maneri Lai. As a magna cum laude graduate of the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University (Class of 1942) with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and economics, Lai became the University’s first chief financial officer. She was one of the first women in the country to ever hold the post. After graduation, she married her college sweetheart William T. “Buck” Lai and accompanied him when he enlisted in the U.S. Naval Air Corps, doing accounting, tax returns, and bookkeeping for the Navy. Upon returning to New York, Lai received an offer from then-LIU President Tristram Walker Metcalfe to return to her roots.

Page 4

Throughout her career, Lai – who holds two honorary degrees, has broken many records while also charting a lot of “new ground.” She became the first woman to be hired by a mid–sized accounting firm in New York City, the first female to serve as president of the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) from 1979 to 1980, the first female to receive NACUBO’s Distinguished Business Officer Award. Additionally, for many years she was the only woman on several NYC bank boards. Still, Lai’s most treasured honor came – not surprisingly – as a result of her longstanding ties at LIU when President David Steinberg named the university finance building, where she works, after her. “It was a wonderful feeling,” Lai said in an interview last year. “It’s a thrill to be immortalized and it was one of my favorite moments at LIU.” Lai has been, and continues to be, a treasured landmark in our school’s rich and vibrant history.

“I agreed to return as the Bursar for one year to bring the financial records up to date. I wasn’t sure how long William and I would remain in NY. Back then, in the business office, everything had to be done manually,” said Lai. “Every student had a ledger card, which had to have his or her financial information recorded on it. We had to have seventeen clerks on staff just to write all the data required.” The job soon proved to be one of her many “callings” as she remained the chief Financial officer for nearly sixty years. “I had put my heart and soul into the job,” said Lai after being asked when she decided to stay on the job for so long. “After one year, I couldn’t leave.” When she returned to LIU in April 1946, there were three administrators. Several faculty members performed administrative and student services – instead of teaching the normal five classes, they only taught two. For example, the dean of women was not only a dean but a professor of English as

Mary M. Lai with Provost Gale Stevens Haynes Photo Credt: Steven Hausler Vice President of Marketing at CW Post

Seawanhaka Website Launches (continued from page 3) with our news-gathering,” said Stephen. “I’m excited about the possibilities that exist for students today with this new, and ever-expanding, platform. It’s important for students, particularly for their careers, to have their work available online. It’s a crowded arena, but Seawanhaka has finally joined the community. Yet the goal stays the same – to keep the campus community informed. “ The process was complicated and the launch of official website and YouTube channel had a late start, but students are definitely embracing the news positively. “I think it’s great that Seawanhaka has a website because most newspapers have an online segment and I feel like Seawanhaka can connect with more students when they are off-campus,” said Chris Welch, a junior majoring in Sports Management. Michael Garcia, Seawanhaka’s sports editor, is also enthusiastic about the website’s prospects. “I think it’s an essential part of the organization as a whole. Times are changing and

Faculty Advisor Curtis Stephen and members of Seawanhaka Photo Credit: Sound Yearbook, Priscilla Pablo everything is going online,” he said. “It’s a revolution and I think it’s important that we adapt. We can supply our readers with a new outlet to connect with the campus and the surrounding

communities.” For Seawanhaka, an App is also in the works for iPad and Android users. In the meantime – check out Seawanhaka’s

official website www.seawanhakapress. com and be sure to follow Seawanhaka on Twitter @SwhkPressLIUBK for instant updates and “like” the official Facebook page, Seawanhaka Press.

Campus Camera: What Industry are you Looking For a Job In?


Chris Welch, Sports Mgmnt., Junior

Elizabeth Brukson, Pharm., Freshman

Wayne Lawson, Marketing, Senior

Shelly Choez, Nursing, Junior

“I want to get a job in the field of sports management because I enjoy sports and I am a student athlete myself.”

“When I graduate from LIU, I want to be a Pharmacist because you get to make a direct difference in people’s lives.”

“At first I thought getting a job in marketing would enhance my business skills, and now I feel that I am a more well rounded person, because of it.”

“I want to get a job in the field of nursing because nursing matches my personality.”

Page 5

Job Hunting at LIU Best of Brooklyn Career Fair



undreds of LIU students gathered together on April 3 to network with prospective employers and possibly receive employment or internship opportunities. The fair was a momentous event that employed dozens of top-notch companies, including ABC News, World Trade Securities LLC, and APPLE Inc.

A lot of students felt it was a 5-hour window of opportunity to add to your professional network, and maybe even start your career. The employers at the career fair were very friendly, and some even anxious to reach out to

students idly passing by booths. A lot of employers hired students on the spot— Luna Park hired 10 people the same day of the fair; they offered various positions: ride operator, marketing intern, EMT professional, and several more. Companies ranged from the Tech and Health Professions industry, to even the government and nonprofit sectors. Several students admitted the experience was much more easygoing than they expected. Long Island University student, Sebastien Delice, assured us that “It was very natural

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ow you can pursue your master’s in business degree at your own pace, entirely online. Through

Flexible, Convenient: Earn Your Graduate Business Degree Online!

distance learning, The Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John’s offers a Master of Science in Accounting or Taxation. From your own home, you can complete our 33-credit M.S. in Accounting in as little as a year. This licensure-qualifying program prepares you for the uniform CPA examination and gives you the skills for success in this demanding field. Or enroll in our 31-credit online M.S. in Taxation program. With our focus on the

For more information, contact:

Page 6

The Peter J. Tobin College of Business Graduate Admissions Office Tel (718) 990-1345 Fax (718) 990-5242

Internal Revenue Code, tax regulations and U.S. Treasury rulings, you’ll excel at tax research and tax compliance.


Discovery Day at LIU

BY: NANCY UWOGHIREN last year in the annual CSTEP Student Conference for his research in Dance Dance Revolution providing moderate to vigorous intensity exercise in adults over 50. This year Zawadi WilliamsMurray presented “The use of strategy video games in resolving conflict,” with The ADAM Research Center. His research showed that decisions are compromised in stress filled places. By playing the video game Tetris, subjects were relieved of stress. The Division of Athletic Training, Health, and Exercise Department had a The Global Studies Department presented a variety of presentations that showed different diverse areas around the world.


iscovery Day is a spring event tradition that happens every year on campus hosted by Long Island University. Discovery Day gives Long Island University the occasion to display our educational standings to the Brooklyn community. The daylong event is open to other schools including high school students like the Boys and Girls High School, which is partnered with Long Island University through the Smart Scholar’s grant. “Discovery Day… open the doors of the city and the world to men and women of all ethnic and socioeconomic

backgrounds who wish to achieve the satisfaction of the educated life and to serve the public good,” said Dr. Gladys Palma de Schrynemakers, Associate Provost and Chair of Discovery Day. On March 28, Discovery Day overflowed the Old Paramount Gymnasium. Long Island University’s Zawadi WilliamsMurray, a biology major student from the CSTEP, Collegiate Science Technology Entry Program, R.I.S.E. and Honors program gave the last opening statement, which opened the event. Zawadi Williams-Murray is a prestigious student who won first place

Students who have traveled from Costa Rica to India showcased their work. Laura E. Black’s presentation on “Human Rights Abuses in the U.S. Prison Industrial Complex” viewed “the art of people in prison and other visual designs to portray just a few of the many violations of international Human Rights treaties and conventions that exist in U.S. prisons... these areas of focus included Cradle to Prison Pipeline, Reproductive Injustice, Conditions of Confinement, Solitary confinement and torture, and prison as a form of slavery.” Laura E. Black gave a detailed account on taxpayer dollars being used to further punish inmates

by severe use of solitary confinement. “...with no human interaction some inmates go insane. Other inmates chose to use art as a means of escape,” said Black. “Bullying and its Influences” presented by Crystal Silos, Trance Karachi, Vanessa Cox, Jamella Johnson from the Social Work Department showcased The Act of Bullying and Being a Victim. “Bullying is being recognized as a serious problem facing students, faculty, and parents. We explore whether or not undergraduate students at LIU Brooklyn have experienced bullying as well as examining their perceptions about whether it occurs on campus,” said Cox. “I personally was bullied and became a bully. Inflicting a cycle of pain to people is wrong, researching my topic, I found that everyone has been bullied at some point in their life,” said Silva. Discovery Day taught a variety of students the value of educational learning. John Dewey was correct when he wrote, ‘Things gain meaning by being used in a shared experience or joint action’ because Discovery Day is a day of shared experiences that leads to meaningful dialogue,” said Dr. Schrynemakers. Discovery Day had a great turnout and left people with a better understanding of what LIU offers.

Best of Brooklyn Career Fair (continued from page 6) and actually a lot of fun. I was nervous at first with this being my first career fair, but I was fairly comfortable. I was worried about competition, but things ended up okay. A hiring manager from Luna Park wished to sit down with me, but I had class soon. Luckily, I got her card and secured an interview for the following week.”

A lot of lower classmen were actually worried about class competition. It is true that many employers were exclusively seeking for Junior and Senior students whose careers were steadily approaching. But this shouldn’t have discouraged any lower classmen because a lot of companies were also exclusively

looking for maybe sophomores or freshmen, too.

Companies try to get a head start by scooping up the young talent and securing a next workforce generation. Asphalt Green, a nonprofit fitness program that help children and adults remain healthy and physically fit, were very anxious to gain the interest of the lower classmen and get them engaged in the nonprofit community. “It’s very nice to see students getting an early start at their careers. These are the younger generation students that are going to be the future leaders,” said one Asphalt Green representative. Even some highend companies didn’t discriminate

against age. A lot of employers gauged students by experience and their passion for the respective position or career. For those unable to attend, take note of

what happened. The fair was an amazing opportunity to take a leap towards your career, or even organize ideas about your future.

Page 7

Governance of Contraceptives, an Underestimated Issue

BY: LINDSEY WALKER than other topics. In light of recent decisions made and statements put out (with or without a public apology), it has become clear that the topic of contraceptives has far greater implications than the morality of “the pill.” It’s more than a religious battle. It’s become about women’s rights and patriarchal dominance, not to mention what will become of funding to women’s health organizations in the future.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

of taking birth control. He is implying that women keep their legs closed and practice abstinence. The joke itself is disgusting, but the fact that he places the burden of abstinence on women alone is even more so. Although a public apology was issued for the comment, its implications are clear enough. The republican’s war on women is far more complicated than simply discontinuing availability of contraception. There have also been attempts to redefine rape, cut funding for single, low-income mothers, and in South Dakota, republicans proposed a bill that would make it legal to murder abortion doctors.

The so-called “war on women” commenced in early February when conservative executives of Komen for he most recent poll shows that contraception far below health care, the Cure breast cancer foundations Obama has double the support of unemployment, and gas prices when it contrived to withdraw all funding female voters under 50, compared comes to the most important election from Planned Parenthood. Later, Rush Although the topic of contraception to republican candidate Mitt Romney. issues. At the same time, however, Limbaugh openly decried Susan Fluke, may not appear as important as the Although women have had a tendency another poll demonstrated that more accusing her of being a “slut” for her economic crisis at first glance, it has to support demcratic candidates in than half of the public did not even have pro-contraceptive activism. To further far greater implications for the future the past, recent decisions regarding enough knowledge on the topic to make fuel the fire, Foster Friess, multiof women in this country, and it is an contraception and other female-related a decision either way. If the voters do million dollar financial investor and issue that needs to be greatly considered health issues have swayed the female not understand each candidate’s view backer of Rick Santorum’s campaign, when making the decision of who to LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION PRESENTS vote further in the liberal direction. on contraception, then inevitably, its crudely suggested that women place vote for in November. The Gallup poll ranked governance of importance will rank significantly lower an aspirin between their knees instead


2nd Annual Graduate Semi-formal LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE **ONLY 150 SEATS AVAILABLE!!** Student Government Association would like to cordially invite you to our 2nd annual graduate semi-formal!! When: Friday April 13th, 2012 8pm-2am Where: Giando On The Water 400 Kent Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211 Cost: Minimum donation required (please ask for more information)

This event will include a cocktail hour 8-9pm, dinner, desert, music, dancing, photo booth for pictures, stunning views of Manhattan, and top shelf open bar throughout the entire evening! Page 8

Tickets can be purchased in the SLLD office room M311. Proof of graduate status may be required!!

L.I.U. Alcohol Awareness Month! Photo Credit:


lcohol is a beverage created with grains, fruits, or vegetables that are fermented. Fermentation “is a process that uses yeast or bacteria to change the sugars in food into alcohol.” Many necessary items such as cheese are fermented. Alcohol can be a depressant, meaning

it slows the function of the central nervous system (CNS). It also alters your perceptions, emotions, movement, vision, and hearing. Consuming alcohol can help you feel relaxed or less anxious depending on how much alcohol consumed can result in the brain, resulting in intoxication.

BY: RALPHNIE EDMOND People who have overused alcohol may 4) The fourth stage of alcohol use, stagger, lose their coordination, and users have established regular alcohol slur their speech sometimes they are consumption, have become preoccupied probably confused and disoriented. with getting intoxicated and have When large amounts of alcohol are developed problems in their social, consumed in a short period of time, educational, vocational, or family life as alcohol poisoning can result. Vomiting a result of using substances. is usually a sign of alcohol poisoning, extreme sleepiness, unconsciousness, 5) The fifth stage of alcohol use defined difficulty breathing, low blood sugar by the person only feeling normal when seizures and sometimes death may they are using alcohol. result. Risk factors for developing drinking Stages of alcohol usage: problems include depression, anxiety, or mood problem in the individual, as well 1) The first stage is described as having as having parents with alcoholism. Low access to alcohol rather than use of self-esteem is a risk factor that develops alcohol. alcohol dependence. In particular with women antisocial behaviors and 2) The second stage of alcohol use ranges impulsivity are associated with the from experimentation or occasional use development of alcohol dependence. to regular weekly use of alcohol. Both men and women are more likely to develop alcoholism if they have a 3) The third stage is characterized by childhood history of being physically or individuals, further increasing the sexually abused. frequency of alcohol use and/or using the substance on a regular basis.

Thursday, March 29, 2012 A round table discussion for teachers who want to bring environmental awareness into their classrooms

6:30PM * Pratt 250

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 An arts-based workshop for teachers who wish to teach their students about re-using and recycling cast off items in creative ways.

4:40PM-6:30PM LIU Teacher Resource Center 9 Hanover Place, 3rd Floor

Thursday, April 19, 2012 10:00AM – 12:00PM * Health Sciences Lobby

Friday, April 20, 2012 12:30PM – 4:00PM HS 118 Program: • Can Shale Gas Drilling be Considered Sustainable Economic Development • Energy Efficiency in New York City: Federal, State, and City Initiatives to Green the Big Apple • Sustainability at LIU-Post

"Student Debt and Economic Sustainability" 3:30PM – 5:30PM * Humanities Building Lobby

• Building the #Knowosphere: New communication tools to share and shape ideas in ways that can smooth the human journey

Also offered as one credit courses, Bio 543 or Eng 210.

Page 9

Congratulations to Adriano Medina, Office of Career Services Student of the Year, 2012

A history major, Adriano has interned at a broad range of employers including: The US Department of Commerce, the US Department of State, DKNY and J.P. Morgan. He used the experiences to help shape his career goals. After graduation, Adriano will move to Miami and start his career as a Branch Analyst at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

Will you be our next Career Services Student of the Year? Page 10

Every Day is Earth Day As the end of the Spring 2012 is approaching it is time for student organizations to elect new officers. Before you vote, SLLD encourages you to get to know the persons running for office so that you can make an educated vote.

SPRING 2012 BLOOD DRIVE It is always time to give blood. Upcoming on April 10, 11 and 12 is the Spring 2012 Blood Drive from 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. in the H.S. Lobby. If you missed the last drive, catch this one. Someone is depending on you to give.

STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION ELECTIONS April 10, 11, 12, 2012 9:30a.m. to 7:00pm. in the Metcalfe Lobby

All fulltime students pay $130 per year for Student Activities Fees; Students taking more than 4 to 11.9 credits pay $110 per year for Student Activities Fees. Do you know how your money is being spent? Have a say in the matter‌ get to know the candidates. Seawanhaka will host a debate on April 4, 2012. Attend and ask questions of the candidates. The stop by the election booth during the elections and VOTE. Encourage your friends to vote as well.

CAP AND GOWN DISTRIBUTION April 24, 25, 26, 2012 in the Avena Lounge

Students who have already placed orders for Caps and Gowns for the upcoming Brooklyn Graduation on May 10, 2012 may collect them in the Avena from 11:00a.m. to 7:00p.m. on April 24, 25 and 26, 2012. Other graduating students who wish to participate in the Commencement Exercises may also do last minute purchases during the distribution dates. We will try to accommodate as many students as possible while supplies last.

YEARBOOK PORTRAITS FOR GRADUATES April 24, 25, 26, 2012 in the Avena Lounge

Graduating students should make appointment to take your portraits at The portraits will be taken during the weeks of April 10, 2012 to 26, 2012. For more information regarding portraits please speak with a staff member of Sound at (718)488-1592.

STUDENT LIFE GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIPS The Office of Student Life and Leadership Development is now accepting applications for Graduate Assistant positions for the 2012-2013 academic year. Persons interested in applying for a graduate assistantship in Student Life should download our application from The deadline to submit applications for the 2012-2013 year is April 30, 2012.

CONGRATULATIONS! LIU Brooklyn celebrates with the following Service Awards recipients who will be recognized at a Ceremony to be held on in the Schwartz Gym in April: Elisabeth Bernabe Ricky Brackett Calvin Buabeng Man Shan Chan Dawnasia Freeman* Dameon Mills* Valerie Montreuil Jacqueline Morgan Zin Oo Kimchung Pang* Chelsea Stainback Kitzner Vassor *Indicates Special Student Service Award

Page 11

Meagan Good Engaged! Rihanna Unveils a New Hairstyle! BY: SHARI STRAKER

Sony, Franklin is also a Seventh Day Adventist preacher. The two reportedly got engaged last month and have known each other for years. They began dating after production wrapped on the film “Jumping the Broom” to which Good starred in and Franklin produced.

Singer Rihanna, debuted a new hair style on Saturday via twitter, while abroad promoting her new movie “Battleship” in Japan. The 24-year-old beauty now has a long, black and shaved on one side hair-do.

Photo Credit: Meagan Good photographed with DeVon Franklin


The new do’ is reminiscent of singer Cassie’s hair who has had the shaved on one side style for some time now. The fearless star changes her hair ever so often with colors such as blonde, jet black pixie cut and a red curly bob. The only question is how long will Rihanna keep this one?

ctress Meagan Good is engaged! According to TMZ, the 30-yearold actress is engaged to Sony Pictures Entertainment executive DeVon Franklin.

Comedian and actor Nick Cannon has chronicled his health issues in a documentary style series called “NCredible Health Hustle” on his website.

Along with being an executive at

With this documentary Cannon is hoping to help educate others about

kidney disease among other health issues. He debuted his first episode on April 2, which documents his medical issues, which began when he was hospitalized for kidney failure in January. According to, in the first episode Cannon can be seen saying, “A few days ago, I was with my family in the snow, playing, having a good time… All of a sudden, I started swelling up, having shortness of breath, excruciating pain in my right side. I wake up in the hospital, a bunch of doctors telling me I’ve got kidney failure.” He was also forced to quit his radio show in February due to ongoing medical issues. also says that the series will show his modifications to his diet and exercise, and doctor visits in order to keep him healthy. On his website Cannon writes, “I thank all of you for the continuous messages, and want you to know it inspires me to keep pushing. Hoping this series serves as inspiration for anyone dealing with kidney disease, lupus or ANY ILLNESS to keep pushing as well.”

Top 10 Albums 1) The Hunger Games Songs From District 12 2) 21 Adele 3) Port of Morrow The Shins 4) Up All Night One Direction 5) The OF Tape Vol. 2 Odd Future 6) Wrecking Ball Bruce Springsteen 7) The MF Life Melanie Fiona 8) NOW 41 Various Artists 9) Whitney: The Greatest Hits Whitney Houston 10) Radio Music Society Esperanza Spalding

Live and Learn in NYC This Summer at Queens College Make classes feel like summer vacation at The Summit, Queens College’s beautiful residence hall. FOUR SESSIONS FROM JUNE 4 TO AUGUST 16 Summer Session has it all: ■ ■ ■

Hundreds of undergraduate and graduate courses A breezy, 77-acre campus Cybercafés and free use of athletic facilities, including tennis courts and Olympic-size pool SummSess_SeawanhakaAd_3_27_12.indd 1

Page 12

Scan for more Information

• 718-997-5890 • Freshmen and transfers welcome 3/19/12 10:49 AM

Crop Tops Are Back! BY: MABEL MARTINEZ

Photo Credit:

The belly-baring look can be worn with A-line skirts, pants and shorts. And a growing number of celebs are latching on to the trend. For example, Selena Gomez wore the Dolce & Gabbana cropped top with an embellished skirt and pink pumps. She had a sophicated look and it was effortless. Selena wore simple, yet eye-catching accessories, hoop earrings, simple necklace and a stunning ring and the pink pumps blended well at the recent Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

Selena Gomez at Kids’ Choice Awards


ust when you thought crop tops were a thing of the past, they’re making a comeback this spring. And it looks like the belly-baring shirts are here to stay. It’s a bold look, which has taken the runways by storm of late through the Spring/Summer 2012 collections of Betsey Johnson, Dolce & Gabbana, Acne and Miu Miu. Dating back to the 1980s and ‘90s, crop tops have clearly evolved. These days, modern trendsetters like Rihanna, Alexa Chung, Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow have all made the crop top ensemble look sophisticated and classy. The trick to wearing bare midriffs is to only show a small amount of skin while not revealing the navel. To make a statement while wearing a crop top, it’s best to keep it tasteful and don’t overexpose your belly. Take a look at how the celebrities named above wear the trend.

Want to wear a similar ensemble that’s a bit more casual? Urban Outfitters has a Sparkle & Fade cropped bustier in blue and black for about $30. This bustier can be worn with high-waisted skirts or shorts. Forever21 has a metallic threaded sweater in royal blue with ¾ sleeves for $12. For a playful outfit, especially as it starts getting warmer – a stylish way to pair the skirt is with Forever21 black and white polka dot A-line circle skirt and platform pumps. Not ready to take on the daring trend by showing some skin? There are plenty of ways to wear bare midriffs and still keep it conservative. Another way of sporting the trend is by channeling the runway outfit seen in Aquilano Rimondi’s line with a printed black bustier and the H&M printed knee-length fitted skirt that’s around $50. Meanwhile, ASOS has a variety of cropped tops. For example, their ‘90s crop top comes in black and white and retails for $15. Since spring is all about bright colors, experiment with a range of color palettes. LuLu’s has a coral crop top with a scoop neckline that plunges in the back and costs $22. Pair this coral top with Forever21’s green wide leg woven pants for $23 and platform wooden sandals. Whether you’re wearing bare midriffs with shorts or skirts, there’s multiple ways to mix up the outfit with the essential pieces in your closet. Wearing a short sleeved crop top with wide pants is a good way to look stylish while still having the right amount of coverage.

Fires in the Mirror BY: GALINA ALKHAZOVA

A scene from Fires in the Mirror Photo Credt: John Sannuto


t LIU, Blacks and Jews were at odds. The scene started on March 27 and ran through March 30. But the raucous scene wasn’t real – instead, it was the recreation of the tense relations between two racially divided communities in Crown Heights was recreated at the Kumble Theatre for the Performing Arts. The fascinating production “Fires in the Mirror” took audiences back to 1991. That year, a 7-year old Guyanese American child was accidently killed by a young Hasidic driver. Three hours later, a few blocks away from the car accident – Yankel Rosenbaum, a visiting Jewish scholar and an innocent bystander, was stabbed by TrinidadianAmerican Lemrick Nelson, Jr. The riots unfolded on the streets of Crown Heights as Blacks and Jews set fires and threw stones. Although the Crown Heights riots erupted more than two decades ago, the events surrounding the incident isn’t well known among today’s youth. One LIU student who identified herself as Anisha said that before she saw the performance, she had no idea about the riots. The production, she said was very enjoyable and powerful. Written by Anna Deavere Smith, “Fires in The Mirror” was beautifully re-created and brought to LIU’s stage by Director Misti B. Wills. He directed numerous

Off-Broadway shows including Twelfth Night, A Thing of Beauty, and Twilight the Musical. Theatre Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Theatre John Sannuto presented the brilliant performance to an audience that was clearly engaged by the production. The show featured nine students and one professional actor. The strong acting was achieved not only by hours of rehearsal, but also by touring the neighborhood. And since the actors took a personal tour of the community, they were able to understand the firsthand experiences of Crown Heights residents. In fact, some scenes were filmed in the neighborhood and were projected on stage during the show. “Even today you see a division in that neighborhood,” one of the actresses said. Overall, the production spoke strongly to the audience while also leaving questions unanswered. “In our production, we have focused not only on the lines which divide but more importantly, what lives underneath, around and between the lines,” Wills wrote. Check out Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts frequently at http:// to get information on other productions at LIU.

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Another Good Deed Kudos to all the people listed below who donated in our Valentine’s Blood Drive. Special Congratulations to Blood Drive Captain, Stacy Gropack and the School of Health Professions for succeeding in getting the most people to donate!











Join us on April 10, 11, and 12 for our next Blood Drive in the Lobby of the Health Science Building. Contact (718)488-1216 for more information.

Women’s Golf Conquer MU Invitational; Men Finish 16th at Fireline

Photo: Anna Palsson


Get in the Hole: Senior Anna Palsson (above) and freshman Brianna Maynard led the Blackbirds to a first place finish at the MU Invitational.


ver the weekend LIU Brooklyn’s men’s golf team competed in the Towson Fireline Invitational. Junior Josh Waters led the Blackbirds finishing tied for 14th place after knocking in rounds of 76-70-73. With carded rounds of 74-76-75, freshman Obe Ayton finished tied for 39th. Sophomore Lloyd Martison finished tied at his position in 45th place with scores of 79-73-74 and freshman Rhys Jones carded rounds of 77-75-78 landing him in a tie for 70th place. LIU finished in 16th place as a team.

Jay Mulieri of Loyola University (Md.) came out on top for individual scores by carding rounds of 72-68-69. In second place Northern Colorado’s Steven Kupcho carded rounds of 71-72-68 and in third Anthony DeGol knocked in a 68-71-73.

by last weeks Northeast Conference Golfer of the week, freshman Brianna Maynard. The freshman shot a 77-78 to tie for third. Classmate Alice Boothroyd and senior Anna Palsson tied for eighth, after Palsson knocked in an 80-77 and Boothroyd carded a 76-81.

Northern Colorado and Seton Hall tied at the top spot for teams with a total of 871.

Placing 11th, Cristina Felip carded rounds of 84-75. Closing up for the Blackbirds was senior Julia Rappa who ended tied for 23rd.

The men’s golf team goes back to action on April 12-14 at the Longwood Invitational at the Manor GC followed by the women’s golf team who compete again on April 13-14 at the Columbia Roar-EE Invitational.

Jenna Masnyk came in second for Hofstra University carding rounds of 75-79. Hofstra placed second for teams

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On the opposite side LIU’s women’s golf team earned the top spot at the MU Hawk Invitational on Sunday by totaling 628. The Blackbirds were led

with a total of 633. Placing first for individuals was Fairleigh Dickinson’s Annika Karlsson who knocked in rounds of 74-75 to help her school place third with a team score of 643.

Photo: LIU Athletics Photo: LIU Athletics

Photo: LIU Athletics


Photo: LIU Athletics

Track Competes in Eric Kloiber Invitational

Under the Sun: Sophomore Steve Buscema highlights a talented, young track & field team looking to build off multiple championships


n Saturday LIU Brooklyn’s men and women’s track and field teams competed at the Eric Kloiber Invitational hosted by Mount St Mary’s. At the meeting, the Blackbirds turned out well in the 4x400-meter relay and the sprint events on both sides. Senior Charlene Fuller took the number one spot in the Women’s 200-meter relay with a 00:24.99, followed by freshman Bryanna Williams who came in second with a 00:25.78. Junior Amber Mitchell also placed for LIU with a 00:26.19 to

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give the Blackbirds the first, second and third spot in the relay. In the women’s 400-meter hurdles sophomore Marielena Rivera placed third with a time of 1:09.1. Together Rivera, Williams, Mitchell and Fuller placed second in the 4x400 meter relay, closing the race at 4:10.96. During the field events Williams came out on top when the freshman cleared 00:5.53 meters in the long jump and with a leap of 00:10.17 meters sophomore Camilla Thomas came in sixth in the

triple jump. For the men, junior Dwayne Layne placed second in the 400-meter hurdles, crossing the line at 00:55.39. Layne along side senior Kyle Corbett, freshman Andi Augustin and classmate Cameron Cipcic took second place in the men’s 4x400-meter relay with a time of 3:32.7. In the javelin, sophomore Steve Buscema came in fifth place after throwing 41.41 meters.

On a side note, junior Jasmine Carter placed 11th in the women’s 100 meter dash and senior Emily Rosario placed 14th in the women’s 1500-meter run. Junior Tiffany Parker placed ninth in the women’s 400-meter hurdles and on the field sophomore Bianca Miller placed 13th in shot put. On the men’s side, Buscema placed 11th in the men’s 200-meter dash and Augustin placed 11th in the 800-meter run. Cipcic also placed 13th in the 400-meter hurdles.

Lacrosse Loses to CCSU, Drops Heartbreaker to Bryant

Photo: LIU Athletics Photo: LIU Athletics


Up and Coming: Despite outstanding efforts from veteran Shakoya Smith, the Blackbirds couldn’t come away with a win. Freshman Brittany Rader (below) is showing great promise recording yet another hat trick.


Friday the ladies duked it out with the Central Connecticut State University Blue Devils as the Blackbirds were seeking their first win. The Blue Devils scored first with a pair of goals, but Shakoya Smith struck first for the Blackbirds making the score 3-1. It wasn’t long till Smith struck again cutting the Blue Devil lead to two. Sophomore Ashley Delaney and Junior Caitlin Farrell each had a goal on the day. Going into half time the Blue Devils were coming off a six-goal run. CCSU

scored first in the second half but Smith found the next once again for her third goal of the game. The Blue Devils found the net three more times before Smith found her fourth and last goal of the game. Smith is LIU’s leading goal scorer. The Blackbirds fell to the Blue Devils with a score of 18-6 that game, also falling behind in ground balls (20-16) and shots (33-21). Sophomore Gina Haber had 11 saves on the day. After falling short to CCSU, the Blackbirds move forward and took on Bryant Sunday afternoon. The Blackbirds were ahead 3-1 early on before Bryant scored two to put them dead even. It wasn’t long until Brittany Rader found the back of the net again keeping the Blackbirds on top.

Delaney found the back of the net, but it wasn’t enough to keep the Blackbird lead. Bryant put two more goals on the board giving them the lead, 7-6 into halftime. The game went back and fourth in the second half. The Blackbirds found themselves down by one goal with the help from goals by Rader, Farrell, and Delaney. Unfortunately, Bryant found the net ten more times that half giving them the win over the blackbirds 17-11. Rader had five goals that game, while Haber had 13 saves. The Blackbirds return home April 5th at 6pm to take on Wagner.

Photo: LIU Athletics


he LIU women’s lacrosse team was on the road again this weekend for a pair of NEC match

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Baseball Drops Nail-biting Finale, Splits Series with Bryant



Photo: LIU Athletics

t was a good and bad weekend for the Long Island University baseball team as it split the series against Bryant. The Blackbirds returned to the “Birdcage” for their NEC home series of the 2012 season. They dropped the first game 4-0, but took both games in the doubleheader Saturday with scores of 8-1 and 7-3. In attempt to win the series in the final game, Long Island lost a 2-1 nail biter in extra innings against the Bulldogs. The winning run for Bryant came in the top of the 11th inning when LIU reliever Evan Zerff gave up a leadoff double to Dan Muscatello. After an intentional walk to Kevin Brown, Zerff allowed the bases to be loaded when he walked John Mullen. With the bases loaded, the Bulldogs took advantage of a pitch that bounced off catcher Tyler Jones’ chest protector and into the LIU dugout that allowed Muscatello to score the winning run for his club. Trailing 1-0 in the bottom of the ninth, the Blackbirds began to rally back. LIU’s Derek Stupski and Michael Garcia began the inning with back-to-back singles. With two outs, centerfielder Pete Leonello drew a walk that loaded the bases up for Drew Walsh. Bulldogs’ Muscatello had a chance to end the game, but bobbled a grounder hit by Walsh and allowed LIU pinch runner Jonathan Pineiro to tie the game up. Blackbirds’ starter Jordan Wilcox pitched a beauty despite allowing a run in the third that gave Bryant a 1-0 lead. Wilcox threw seven innings, allowing one run on five hits and a walk. He struck out two in six and 2/3 scoreless frames, however Zerff falls to 0-2 on the season. The day before, the Blackbirds were in full control of both games in the double header. The first game was a close one until the sixth inning, as Garcia hit a monstrous grand slam to center to give his club a 7-1 lead. The grand slam

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White Out: Despite being ranked in the bottom half of the standings in the preseason poll, the Blackbirds are out to show their place is on top. sparked the LIU offense as they tallied another run to put the Bulldogs in a deep 8-1 hole. LIU junior Matt McCormick threw an outstanding complete game. The lefty allowed one earned run in the top of the first, but started to put nothing but K’s on the board after the earned run. McCormick stroke out eight batters, walked two and allowed only three hits as he improves to 3-3 for the season. In the second game, leftfielder Julian Castro hit a ground-rule double that brought in Walsh to score and give LIU a 1-0 lead. The Bulldogs came back in the top of the fifth when LIU starter Chance Fuglistahler gave up a two run

homerun to Mullen and a RBI single to give the Bulldogs a 3-1 lead. The Blackbirds took advantage of Bryant’s mistakes in the bottom of the fifth when Jones laid down a bunt to advance the runners to second and third. Mullen fielded the ball and threw it away that allowed Garcia to score from second. The Blackbirds put the game in their hands when right fielder Albert Faz hit a two-run double that gave his team a 5-3 lead. Faz also scored a run when Castro hit a triple and then was driven in by third basemen Chris Untereiner to make the game 7-3. Fuglistahler earned the win. In five innings of work, he allowed three runs

on seven hits and a walk while sitting down seven on strikes. In the NEC home opener, LIU’s Chris Franzese threw a complete game, but was hit with the loss. Franzese was charged with four runs (three earned) on seven hits and a walk. He struck out two. The Blackbirds’ bats weren’t able to come alive and Bulldogs’ starting pitcher Peter Kelich shut them down. He held the Blackbirds to seven hits and a walk as he struck out ten batters and improves to 4-2 for the season. After this series, the Blackbirds are 3-5 in NEC play and 11-17 overall. They’re next NEC match-up will be against Mount St. Mary’s on April 5th.

Softball’s Offense Explodes in Sweep of Bryant BY: MICHAEL GARCIA


week that began with a heartbreaking loss in extra innings to in-state Hofstra University, would end Sunday with a convincing doubleheader sweep of Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Spanning the two victories, the Blackbird’s offense ignited to plate 24 runs, nine of which were via the homerun. The Blackbirds began the onslaught early, outslugging Bryant to an 18-4 mercy rule victory in six innings, their first of the season. In the first inning, freshman Nichole Toven appeared to be ruled safe due to an obstruction call at home by home plate umpire Todd Robbins but would be ruled out after Bryant paid notice and appealed the touching of third, which Toven missed. Bryant scored first, plating two runs in the second inning but the Blackbirds responded with five in the third as Toven hit her second homerun of the season bringing in freshman Paris Shipp and junior Karina Cervantes. Junior Emily Kakuska and freshman Nichole Archer also picked up RBI’s in the inning. The Blackbirds were back at in the fourth as Shipp belted her first of two homers in the game, a solo shot. Sophomore Jazmin Rodriguez followed with her own three-run homer to pad the lead. In a nine-run sixth inning, four Blackbirds recorded round-trippers; Shipp, Hoham and Kakuska all recorded two run homers while Toven provided a solo shot. Limiting the damage by the Bulldogs, senior Sarah Reynolds and sophomore Cassie Vondrak combined for eight hits and four runs in the six innings. Vondrak recorded her second win of the season.

Vondrak would take to the mound for the Blackbirds in the second game of the afternoon pitching seven quality innings and surrendering only three runs on eight hits in a 6-3 victory.

Photo: LIU Athletics

Despite a missed opportunity in the first inning as the bases were left stranded, freshman Nicole Archer kicked off the Blackbird scoring belting her fourth homerun of the season for an early 1-0 lead. Holding Bryant scoreless through three innings, LIU would tack on another three runs to open the cushion to 4-0. Hoham and Kakuska picked up RBI’s in the inning. The lead would go shortlived, as Bryant would respond with a crucial three-run homerun in the bottom of the fourth. Archer’s two run big fly to left field in the sixth would prove the difference as Vondrak shut the Bulldog down in order to end the game and complete the sweep moving the Blackbirds to even in the conference standings. The doubleheader that was scheduled for Saturday against the Central Connecticut State Blue Devils was postponed due to inclement weather in the New Britain, CT area and has been moved to April 20th.

Fresh Meat: Freshman Nicole Archer (above) provides a much needed boost to the Blackbird offense while sophomore Cassie Vondrak (below) provides a much needed arm on the rubber.

Photo: LIU Athletics

The Blackbirds return to action with a local trip to Stony Brook before hosting doubleheaders Friday and Saturday against Quinnipiac and Fairleigh Dickinson respectively on Easter weekend.

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