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Seattle University Alumni Association:


the Seattle University Alumni Association has been reimagined and reinvigorated, with our alumni experiencing the results. This Annual Impact Report highlights

Number of SUAA Programs Number of Individuals Attending Programs 75

Over the last three years,



successes and shares many of the exciting things happening with your Alumni Association. We invite you to join us!








2,555 0

A New High for Alumni Engagement


2,630 2013-14



With more relevant programming, alumni came out in force in 2015. More than 3,800 participants attended programs, a 46 percent increase in event attendance in one year! 733 of those had not engaged with Seattle U— either through programming events or financial contributions—in the past seven years. 21 percent of previously unengaged alumni showed their Seattle U pride and satisfaction by donating in the next fiscal year.

Ride with SU Pride

A Return to Homecoming

In January, Seattle U license plates hit the road. Now, alumni can drive with pride and help support student scholarships through a portion of the sales. Get your SU plates today!

Three years ago, the tradition of Homecoming was reignited at Seattle U. Homecoming 2015 was a huge success featuring the Red Umbrella Parade, Hall of Fame Awards, student and alumni mega-rally and a win by our Redhawks!

Alumni by the Numbers 73,000+


A Global Network

in the United States

in Washington


alumni worldwide in 85 countries


in Greater Puget Sound area

17,000 in Seattle

You Shape Our Future A gift builds a global network of leaders who carry on the university’s proud legacy. With alumni support, we secure a strong today and an inspired tomorrow.

54% Alumni by Decade of Graduation

Before 1960



1960-1969 2010-2014


of donors are alumni







6% 2000-2009




Corporate & Foundations


Faculty & Staff




Other Organizations

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Alumni Attitude


A High Opinion of Seattle U


rate their decision to attend SU GOOD or GREAT

In spring 2014, we surveyed alumni to better understand how we can improve the alumni experience and deliver meaningful benefits, communications and programs.


had a GOOD or EXCELLENT experience students as


have a GOOD or EXCELLENT current opinion of Seattle University

Career and Professional Development Matter Alumni most value career and professional development programs and services. These include:

• Continuing education • Professional development • Career services • Online directory

Recent Alumni Are Passionate Graduates since 2000 are passionate about Seattle U.

of recent alumni highly value their • 32% relationship with SU. want to stay engaged with each other • Alumni and come back to campus. value professional development and • Highly career-oriented offerings.

We Responded

Alumni discuss leadership development at the popular SU Advantage | Networking Night.

• Provided new networking programs, career workshops, webinars hosted by national experts and counseling. • Reignited reunions and homecoming. • Hired a new assistant director to focus on student-to-alumni transitions, recent alumni and reunions. • Launched the SU Bridge Young Alumni Chapter. • Developed meaningful programs to appeal to our diverse alumni. • Established regional, affinity and industry chapters. • Introducing a new online alumni directory. • And much more! 2 




The SUAA has a 3-year strategic plan

to provide every graduate of Seattle University a world-class alumni experience. The SUAA strategic plan focuses on five key engagement areas that ensure we engage alumni and meet the ever-changing needs of our alumni.

Goal 1:

Seattle U for a Lifetime

Develop lifetime relationships through key engagement points from the time a student first steps on campus through graduation and every stage of alumni life.

Goal 2:


Grow Seattle-area alumni community and pride through campus traditions and pioneering programs.

Goal 3:

Expanding our Reach

Build alumni connections by bringing Seattle U to diverse regional, affinity and industry communities.

Goal 4:


Connect our alumni to Seattle University and each other through an effective marketing and communication strategy.

Goal 5:

SUAA Services

Deliver Alumni Association benefits and services that enhance the alumni experience.

Seattle University Alumni Association 

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Goal 1:

Seattle U for a Lifetime

The lifelong alumni experience begins as a student. The SUAA builds lifetime relationships, supporting alumni at every stage of their relationship with Seattle U from admission to retirement and beyond.

Student Alumni Ambassadors Spread the Alumni Message Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAA) connect students to alumni through leadership and professional development opportunities such as “The Insider’s Guide to Getting Ahead.” Hosted by SAA and the SU Bridge Young Alumni Chapter, the event brings representatives from a variety of industries and fields to campus to mentor students and recent alumni.

447 2014-15

301 2013-14

Reunions on the Rise In 2015, nearly 450 alumni rediscovered college friendships and relived memories at Seattle University reunions. In the fall, we celebrated the HiYu Coulee 75th anniversary, the Sullivan Scholars 25th anniversary and the Costco Scholars 15th anniversary and hosted the first URec alumni reunion. In May, the classes of 2005 and 1965 reunited with friends at the 2nd annual Alumni Reunion Weekend.



Reunion Attendees 4 



Legacy Family Pinning Ceremony Celebrates Seattle U Families In October, more than 170 legacy family members attended the 2nd annual Legacy Family Pinning Ceremony to celebrate their family tradition of a Seattle University education. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who are alumni proudly pinned new students to welcome them into the Seattle U family and cement their legacy.

Advent Mass This year’s Advent Mass had more than 250 guests, tripling attendance and marking the biggest turnout ever. We partnered with the men’s basketball team to offer free tickets and complimentary transportation to the game after the reception, attracting families with young children to their first alumni event.

Seattle University Alumni Association 

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Goal 2:


With more than 58 percent of our alumni living in the Puget Sound area, we provide a variety of engagement opportunities close to home. Whether alumni want to grow their social circle, their network or as a person, we met their needs.

Professional Development Opportunities You told us in the alumni survey that professional development opportunities are a priority— and we heard you. This year, there were more than 140 alumni at three highly acclaimed SU Advantage | Networking Nights, each featuring industry experts and structured networking.

Alumni Awards Celebration 2015 marked the 30th anniversary of the Alumni Awards. More than 300 guests celebrated this momentous night at Seattle’s Fairmont Olympic Hotel where we remembered 30 years of winners and honored six outstanding alumni and community members.




Alumni Day of Service During this year’s National Jesuit Alumni Day of Service, nearly 200 alumni—a 110 percent growth from the previous year—participated in service projects across four states, living up to the mission of Seattle U. Alumni beautified public spaces, helped underprivileged students, rebuilt areas still affected by Hurricane Sandy and more.

2014-15 2013-14 2012-13

17 service sites 189 attendees 9 service sites 90 attendees 4 service sites 114 attendees

Seattle University Alumni Association 

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Goal 3:

Expanding our Reach

Seattle University has dedicated alumni throughout the world. Understanding the importance of connecting our alumni geographically and by common interests, we built a network of regional, affinity and industry chapters.

Industry Chapters Seattle U sits in the backyard of some of the greatest businesses and nonprofits in the world that employ our alumni. Industry chapters connect alumni in their careers to the Seattle U community. Chapters host informational visits for students and provide connections and networking for alumni. Our most active career-oriented chapters include Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon and Costco.

Number of Chapter Programs Number of Individuals Attending Chapter Programs 25


1,001 20





















Affinity Chapters Whether looking to connect around a common interest or a shared identity, affinity chapters provide alumni a link back to Seattle U and their student experience. Our most active affinity chapters include the Women of SU, the SU Bridge Young Alumni Chapter and the African American Alumni Chapter.

Regional Chapters Our regional chapters keep alumni connected to their alma mater even when they are miles away, through social events, service projects and student send offs. Our most engaged regional chapters include the Bay Area, Washington, D.C. and New York City.

Seattle University Alumni Association 

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Goal 4:


To keep our increasingly diverse and widespread alumni connected to Seattle University and fellow alumni, we deliver targeted messages through multiple sources about the news, programs and events that matter most.

Short description with Event Title and Event Dates listed, and a bit more information to peak interest. CONNECT WITH US

COMING EVENTS Event Title Event Dates Event Title Event Dates


and grow with Basketball • Men’s spiritual development v. Utah Valley and volunteer Rally • Alumni Pre-Game Secondary Story Headline programs designed to help you live out • Post-Game Celebration Moles quam eos et, cum our Jesuit values. Alumni Mass • rehenihit, ommo optasiti offic tem • Hall of Fame Awards is core volorem quis corrovid qui

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U license plates • Seattle (coming January 2015) • Class auditing Seattle University Library privileges • Alumni Association Bookstore and hotel • discounts Career Services – • Alumni chaplain Redhawk Network Fitness Center • Eisiminger membership Redhawk Athletics • Medical and auto insurance

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Share your comments or story ideas withNetworking SU Voice nights, writer Caitlin Joyce, webinars, career development Marketing Coordinator.

of Seattle University, you are a member of the

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Association (SUAA), |






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Volunteer to mentor students, speak or work at events, sit on a board and more. We have volunteer opportunities that match your interests.


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for a

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workshops — there’s a professional development opportunity for every stage of your career.


In the last year you’ve seen a new look for Seattle U, designed to present an authentic representation of the university and build institutional credibility and trust. SUAA communications and marketing materials have been overhauled to incorporate the new brand positioning and more effectively represent our diverse alumni audience.

Event Title Event Dates

professional development

February 6-8, 2015



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Seattle University


Event Title Event Dates

SUAA Adopts New Brand

Stay connected to friends across the country and meet new ones across town with SU affinity, regional and corporate chapters.

reunion weekend 2015 May 1-3, 2015 Celebrating Classes of ’65 and ‘05 Enjoy class celebrations, happy hours, tours and much more!

50 states and 62 countries worldwide.




2014-15 Schedule of Events

Alumni Day of Service 2014


stay connected

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FRI, 9/19/2014

Costco Scholars Reunion

THURS, 10/16/14

SU Advantage | Networking Event

FRI, 10/24/2014

Legacy Family Pinning Reception

SAT, 10/25/2014

HiYu Coulee 75th Anniversary Reunion

SAT, 10/25/2014

URec Reunion

SAT, 11/8/2014

SU Gala

FRI, 11/14/2014

Alumni Pre-Game Rally

FRI, 11/21/2014

Alumni Pre-Game Rally

SAT, 12/6/2014

Advent Mass & Reception

SAT, 2/7/2015

Homecoming: Alumni Pre-Game Rally

THURS, 2/26/2015

SU Advantage | Networking Night

SAT, 2/28/2015

Search For Meaning Book Festival

SAT, 2/28/2015

Alumni Pre-Game Rally

SAT, 4/18/2015

30th Annual Alumni Awards

SAT, 4/25/2015

Alumni Day of Service

FRI, 5/1-3/2015

Reunion Weekend 2015

THURS, 5/14/2015

SU Advantange | Networking Night

SAT, 5/30/2015

Red Tie Celebration

SAT, 6/13/2014

Commencement Brunch

Website Revitalized We have revamped our website to ease navigation and align with the new university brand. This is the best resource to learn everything going on with the SUAA. Check it out at

Social Media Engagement More alumni than ever are joining the conversation on social media, with more than 13,000 followers across Facebook, Growth of Social Media Connections LinkedIn and Twitter and the addition 2013-14 of Facebook pages for many of our 2012-13 alumni chapters.


2,486 2012-13 533 2012-13


3,877 2013-14

786 2013-14

7,446 2014-15

4,130 2014-15

1,084 2014-15

Seattle University Alumni Association 

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Goal 5:

SUAA Services

The Alumni Association has invested in new benefits and infrastructure to better deliver a world-class alumni experience.

Benefit Offerings Grow Alumni told us they wanted a more robust benefits package. First, we introduced the new Seattle U license plates and now we are working with companies to offer the greatest benefits package to our alumni. Look for the launch of a new Seattle U credit card and insurance options in the coming year.




New Systems Bring New Possibilities Investing in a number of new systems and tools allowed us to be more efficient and better understand how to reach alumni. In 2016, we will introduce a new alumni directory and communication platform to enable alumni to find old friends and network with each other directly.

Investments in Staff In order to better engage alumni in a lifetime relationship, we have invested in new staff positions—an assistant director of chapter and regional programs and the assistant director of life-cycle engagement to meet the needs of our alumni at every stage of their life.

Improved Data The more current data the Alumni Association has, the better we can meet the needs of our diverse alumni population. Partnering across campus, the Alumni Association has improved data sharing and implemented an online information update form to get up-to-date contact information straight from alumni. Update yours now at

Seattle University Alumni Association 

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Engage With Us CONTACT US 206-220-8443 OF FICE LOCAT I ON

Admissions and Alumni Building 824 12th Ave. (corner of 12th & Marion) Seattle, WA 98122

Alumni Board of Governors Katy Greve, ’10, P R E S I DE N T

Director, Strategy and Innovation Development, Premera

Stacy Bennett, ’89

Bennett Marketing Group LLC

John Bianchi, ’02, ’04

Project Manager, Social Solutions

Mikel Carlson, ’07, ’12

Attorney, Carlson Law Firm LLC MAILING ADD RE S S

901 12th Ave., ADAL Seattle, WA 98122-1090

Joslyn Donlin, ’89

Judge, Office of Administrative Hearings

Lisa J. Downey, ’79

WW Sales Excellence Lead, Microsoft SeattleUniversityAlumni @SeattleU_Alumni SeattleUAlumni

Jim Dykeman, ’61

President, DYMARCO

Nicole Hardie, ’98

Registered Nurse, Airlift Northwest

Derek Harris, ’11

Licensing Attorney, Microsoft Corporation

Matt Iseri, ’05

President, TokuSaku Consulting

Anne-Marie LaPorte, ’96

Alumni Association Staff Susan Vosper, ’90, ’10 LEMBA

Director of Governance Services, Group Health Cooperative

Karen Lynn Maher, ’00

Writing Coach & Publishing Strategist, Legacy One Authors

Assistant Vice President Seattle University Alumni Association

Sheely Mauck, ’09

Corinne Pann

Marilyn Richards, ’79

Mary Ellen Engman

John Ruffo, ’65, ’71

Peter Graziani, ’12 MBA

Ken Schow, ’10

Katie Powers, ’08

Toyia Taylor, ’11

Caitlin Joyce, ’11

Kirsten Wattenberg, ’10

Kaily Serralta, ’12

DJ Weidner, ’07

Dave Anderson, S.J.

Ann Yoo, ’98

Associate Director, Marketing & Communications Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement Assistant Director, Life-Cycle Programming Events and Data Specialist Marketing Coordinator Operations Coordinator Chaplain for Alumni

Development Executive, Telefini Premier Communications Owner & Principal, Richards Consulting Group Kennedy High School (Retired) Director, Quality Engineering Services, Nordstrom Founder, We.App Studio Executive Assistant, Amazon Manager, 206, Inc.

Vice President, Washington Trust Bank

Annual Impact Report 2014-15