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“As a Jesuit university, we believe in educating the whole person—mind, body, spirit—so it is about a holistic approach to education,” says Provost Shane P. Martin. “Our curriculum and character stretch far beyond the classroom and into the world that surrounds us.”

It’s all rooted in Jesuit education, which goes beyond just acquiring knowledge— it’s what you do with that knowledge that is just as important.

Spend your spring working with an NGO in India. Your summer interning for a Fortune 500 company in downtown Seattle. Your evenings hanging out where music fans first discovered Nirvana. Indulge your ad venturous spirit, get your hands dirty and become invested in the community as you enrich the lives of everyone you meet. It all begins here at Seattle University. That first class. That first student club. That moment when you and your peers look around and realize that in a city so full of culture and history, you are prepared to make a difference.

Seattle University students make a meaningful impact on the world. They’re future focused, fearlessly exceptional and brimming with passion and purpose. They balance self-reliance with interde pendence, knowledge with spirituality. And bravely question accepted norms to advance our understanding of the world.


SEATTLE U GRADUATES AMONG THE HIGHEST PAID IN WASHINGTON STATE (National Association of Colleges & Employers) LAUDED AS A MODEL FOR SUSTAINABILITY (The Princeton Review Guide to Green Schools 2021)

INCLUSION IN THE 2021 FISKE GUIDE TO COLLEGES (Top 14% of U.S., U.K. and Canadian colleges) TOP 16% AMONG ALL UNIVERSITIES IN THE NATION (Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education 2021) INCLUSION IN THE 2022 PRINCETON REVIEW ANNUAL COLLEGE GUIDE, THE BEST 387 COLLEGES (The Princeton Review)


People from everywhere come to Seattle University with open minds and open hearts. We care for the whole person and educate our students knowing that mind, body and spirit are equal parts of the human equation. Here, innovation meets humanity and is evident from our curric ulum to campus life, service to social justice. At Seattle U, it's an education rooted in Jesuit and Catholic tradition, an international perspective and a commitment to intellectual transformation. We reflect before we react, embrace difficult questions and seek to find common ground. To learn more about the Jesuit tradition at Seattle U, visit SEATTLEU.EDU/JESUIT-TRADITION

TOP UNIVERSITY Seattle U ranked in the top one-third of all national universities. (U.S. News & World Report: Best Colleges/ National Universities 2022)

“Honed over 500 years, the distinctively Jesuit approach to Catholic higher education engages our students’ intellect, their spirit and their values to teach them not only what they need to know but also how to discover and ultimately how to live with integrity.”

—Eduardo Peñalver, JD President, Seattle University



ALBERS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS 93% of Albers seniors reported a placement before or within 6 months of graduation. #1 Business Analytics program in the Northwest—#2 on the West Coast and tied for #17 in the country. (U.S. News & World Report 2022) #22 among speciality undergraduate finance programs in the U.S. and tied for #2 on the West Coast. (U.S. News & World Report 2022)

For a full list of undergraduate and graduate programs, visit SEATTLEU.EDU/ACADEMICS

Seattle University houses four undergraduate schools and colleges, each with a focus on academic excellence and the personal and professional formation of every student. Across the board, all areas of study, programs and departments are committed to your academic success, with small class sizes, dedicated faculty and a community of driven scholars and leaders to effect change for a more just and humane world.

COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Top 5% for highest paid arts & sciences and humanities graduates. (College Factual 2020) Top 12% among arts & sciences and humanities programs. (College Factual 2022) 93% of employers agree that candidates’ demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems is more important than their undergraduate major. (Association of American Colleges & Universities)

Top 10% among the top nursing schools in the U.S. (College Factual 2022) Top 100 BSN programs in the U.S. rated by nursing academics and administrators. (U.S. News & World Report 2022) #1 nursing program in Washington state. (Niche 2022) COLLEGE OF NURSING COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING #27 best engineeringundergraduateprogram. (U.S. News & World Report 2022) 44% of Seattle University STEM students are women, compared to 23% nationwide. 94% of undergraduate students participate in on-campus research, summer research or an industry-sponsored project.

GET TO KNOW STEPHEN How has your involvement with the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) helped you find your place at Seattle U? I joined ACM during my first year at Seattle University to hone my programming skills. Being a member has helped me notice my identity extends beyond programming. I realized I have a natural inclination to serve my peers. After founding a personal project competition and becoming the ACM president, I learned that I’m a programmer and a leader. What drew you to Seattle U? I thrive in small communities where I can make a difference. I chose Seattle U because I wanted to have relationships with my professors and a reliable community of peers. What do you like most about Seattle U? I enjoy the ability to step off campus and into the city where there are so many places to explore and eat.

Favorite food: Fried rice! Dream job: Automating routine human tasks through programming. I hope to work as a project manager or entrepreneur and make products that save people time.

Favorite singer: Bruno Mars Favorite place to relax on campus: I enjoy sitting at the Union Green on a sunny day and reading in the Library's Wyckoff Reading Room on a rainy day.

STEPHEN WALLEN CLASS OF 2022 COMPUTER SCIENCE MAJOR LIBRARY TECHNICIAN AT MEDIA PRODUCTION CENTER FROM HONOLULU, HI “I was introduced to programming during my senior year of high school and was hungry for further exposure. I was thrilled to be admitted into the Computer Science department at Seattle University to start my professional development as soon as possible. I appreciate that my professors are enthusiastic about contributing to both my personal and professional development.”

Favorite place to hang out in Seattle: The dog park in downtown Seattle.

philosophy isn’t exclusive to their research activities or filed in the appendix of a book. Our faculty provide personalized learning for students, leading to an education that challenges, empowers and inspires.



Located in the heart of one of the most advanced cities in the nation, Seattle University pulls in faculty at the top of their disciplines. These scholars don’t just lead their fields—they revolutionize Theirthem.

Outside of the classroom, Hultgren enjoys exploring Seattle and Washington state with her family, along with cooking and dining both at home and around the city. She loves crabbing and clamming, which she says is a good way to combine her loves of cooking, eating and marine biology.


CLASSES TAUGHT BY FACULTY (not TA’s or graduate students)


AVERAGE NUMBER OF STUDENTS PER CLASS Kristin Hultgren, PhD, teaches and studies marine species diversity using both ecological and evolutionary tools. Locally, she is involved in several studies examining ecological patterns in crustacean biodiversity in the Puget Sound. Like many classes in the Biology Department, students in Associate Professor Hultgren’s courses often conduct hands-on research during labs. Emphasizing the “how” of biology in re search-based labs allows students to learn by making mistakes, modifying techniques and reevaluating hypotheses.

Hultgren, who joined Seattle U in 2012, teaches courses at sev eral different levels in the Biology Department. “I love the ‘aha’ moment when they can apply a concept they learned in my class to solve a problem in biology,” she says. Much of her research is collaborative, involving faculty and un dergraduate and graduate students from around the world. This was evident during a recent lab at the new Jim and Janet Sinegal Center for Science and Innovation, which offer modern labs in a state-of-the-art facility. She enjoys this approach because it allows students “to see themselves as participants—rather than just observers—in the community of science.”

Hultgren says one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching at Seattle U is the effect the Jesuit mission has on the type of students we attract and their attitude toward their education. “Our students,” Hultgren says, “are strongly committed to social justice and to making a difference in their communities.”



“By doing this, they start to view themselves as a professional scientist. Developing the technical and analytical skills needed to conduct research helps prepare students for a professional life beyond college. Plus, it’s a lot of fun.”

Seattle truly is a city like no other. It’s where some of the most forward-thinking people in the world come to live and work and where students who aspire to shine in the Emerald City come to forge new paths.

Our 55-acre campus, in the vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood, was designated an official Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary by the Washington State Fish and Wildlife Department. On campus, our facilities are state-of-the-art, while off campus art, culture and nightlife are in a constant state of reinvention—and all within walking distance. One minute you’re studying in the acclaimed Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons, the next you’re feasting on world-class sushi then discovering a rock legend-in-the-making long before Spotify does.

When you’re living, learning and playing at Seattle University, a day in the life presents the opportunities of a lifetime.

Being in the city and region of world-class companies—from tech to aerospace, arts to health care—means opportunities abound for students who want on-the-job-training through internships and networking. Many companies and industry leaders employ students and graduates of Seattle University through jobs, internships and practicums. Here's a sampling of employers: Alaska BankAmazonAirlinesofAmerica Merrill Lynch The Boeing Company Costco EvergreenErnstExpediaWholesale&YoungHealth F5 HarborviewNetworksMedical Center King PACCARNordstromMicrosoftMcKinstryLibertyCountyMutual SeattleProvidenceArt Museum Seattle Children's Hospital Seattle Public Schools SwedishStarbucksMedical Center Wayfair.comT-Mobile #1 LOCATION Seattle is America's most desired post-graduation destination for college students. —2022 Axios-Generation Lab “Next Cities Index”

of the Curve A Step Ahead A WORLD-CLASS DEGREE AND A GLOBAL NETWORK BEST COLLEGE FOR 19 YEARS RUNNING The Princeton Review has recognized Seattle University as one of the best colleges in the U.S. for undergraduate —Theeducation.Princeton Review: Best 387 Colleges 2022

The benefits of a Seattle University education continue beyond graduation. Our alumni network includes more than 86,000 graduates around the world. They are experiencing success professionally, while also making a difference in their communities. Since 2021, Per Anderson, ’21, has been a full-time project engineer at Sellen Construction, the company the civil engineering graduate got his start with as an intern in 2020. In what ways did Seattle U prepare you for your work at Sellen?


“Being able to communicate well is the biggest thing that I got from Seattle University and I’m very thankful. Seeing stuff being installed … really helped me understand how to design. It made me a better student by giving me more background, so it was easier to pick up concepts.”

96% SUCCESS RATE SU graduates are employed, enrolled in a full-time graduate program or engaged in post-graduate service within 6 months of Destination—Seattlegraduation.U“FirstSurvey”

MORE THAN JUST A HOME AWAYFROM MORE THAN JUST A HOME AWAYFROMLiving at Seattle University means being part of a dynamic community where diversity is welcomed, leadership is encouraged, respect is required and learning is paramount. Living on campus is a vital component of your educational journey where you can develop your own Redhawk community. We are committed to providing cost-effective housing options as well as a safe and welcoming environment. Our residence halls are designed to help you make immediate connections to new friends with similar interests. Learn more at SEATTLEU.EDU/HOUSING


The Housing and Residence Life program is designed to foster a sense of community and belonging among our students, along with intentional learning opportunities that assist students' success in their academic career and their life beyond the traditional Amongclassroom.incoming first-year students, 94% live on campus. Living in one of our com munities not only offers convenience to campus services and classes, but abundant opportunities to meet and foster connections with peers. SEATTLEU.EDU/HOUSING Life

Gender-inclusive housing policy: Housing and Residence Life is dedicated to providing safe, comfortable and supportive living environments for all students, including those whose gender identity and/or expression differs from the gender assigned to them at birth. Students should reach out to Housing and Residence Life if they feel they want this housing option.

Seattle University requires students to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Appropriate space will be provided if isolation is needed. learn more about the Seattle U COVID-19 response, SEATTLEU.EDU/CORONAVIRUSvisit



For more information, visit

Living on campus is an integral part of the educational experience at Seattle University.


CAMPUS SUSTAINABILITY BY THE NUMBERS 100% commitment to divest from fossil fuels by 2023 ZERO plastic bottled water sold on campus* *Seattle U was the first school in the state to do this! #14 on Sierra magazine's “Cool Schools” rankings for sus tainability leadership among universities FREE OF keptSeattlePESTICIDESU’sgroundsarelushandgreenwithoutpesticides OUR FOOD PHILOSOPHY We cook from scratch, menu seasonally and source responsibly.

On-campus dining fosters a more vibrant, tight-knit community. With more than twothirds of first-year students from out-of-state, it provides opportunities for students to develop close and supportive relationships, meet new people and interact with faculty and staff in a non-classroom setting. Dining at Seattle U is emblematic of our mission with a focus on sustainability, wellness and reducing waste.

• Cherry Street Market in the Student Center hosts the majority of dining options on campus. Here you can grab an organic acai bowl, sushi, a poke bowl, tacos, pizza and more.

• The Convergence Zone café, an all-plant based eatery in the Jim and Janet Sinegal Center for Science and Innovation, features Sambazon Acai bowl, Dillanos fair trade coffee and UNFI plant-based snacks, butter, cream cheese and more. of your own? You can participate in Teaching Kitchens—free cooking classes hosted by Redhawk Dining.

• A food station called Thrive Without 9 is available specifically for those avoiding any of the nine major food allergies.


• You’re sure to find every flavor you’re looking for among the 14 on-campus dining locations.

Want to do some cooking

CULTURAL CLUBS INCLUDE: • African Student Association • Association of Latino Professionals for America • Black Student Union • Chinese Student Association • Indigenous Student Association • Indonesian Student Association of Seattle University • Japanese Student Association • Korean Student Association • Marianas TaoTao Tano Club • MEChA • Re-Mixed • Seattle University Chinese Students and Scholars Association • Seattle University International Students Association • Vietnamese Student Association Visit SEATTLEU.EDU/INVOLVEMENT for more information. FIND YOUR PASSION, PURPOSE AND PEOPLE

100% REDHAWK 53% White 31% Asian 14% Hispanic 7% Black 4% Pacific Islander 2% Native American 2% Undisclosed 9% International Note: Race and ethnicity percentages listed are based on Seattle University’s under graduate population. Individuals can self-identify with more than one race or ethnicity and are counted within each group, which results in a total of more than 100%. OFFICE OF MULTICULTURAL AFFAIRS The Office of Multicultural Affairs encourages students to increase their awareness of and engagement with diversity by creating an environment that promotes inclusion and advocacy on campus. The department offers a variety of opportunities to engage on identity and intercultural issues such as campus lectures, dialogue series and celebration ceremonies. Popular programs include Moral Mondays at SU, the Lavender Graduation and the Connections Leadership Program, a peer mentorship program for students of color. Learn more at SEATTLEU.EDU/OMA. OFFICE OF MULTICULTURAL AFFAIRS (OMA) PROGRAMS INCLUDE: Connections Leadership Program Costco Scholarship Fund Graduating Students of Color Celebration Lavender Graduation Moral Mondays at SU OMA Speaks, OMA Live, OMA Stories To learn more, SEATTLEU.EDU/OMA/OMA-PROGRAMSvisit

Regardless of one’s faith background—Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and “spiritual but not religious”—Campus Ministry provides an open and hospitable community to gather in friendship, conversation, discern ment and understanding of what one’s purpose is in life. Opportunities abound, from retreats and service to liturgy, worship and immersions. Learn more at SEATTLEU.EDU/CAMPUS-MINISTRY


The Outreach Center is the university’s hub and resource center for first-generation students and student veterans. In addition to hosting many events for this community, The Outreach Center offers peer-focused opportunities including a mentor program and a guidebook, written by and for first-gen students. The center also welcomes spouses and dependents of service members as it seeks to ease the transition from military to civilian life. Learn more at SEATTLEU.EDU/OUTREACHCENTER


Rooted in the Jesuit and Catholic tradition, Campus Ministry serves a vibrantly diverse, yet inclusive, community of Seattle University students committed to exploring, understanding and deepening a faith that does justice in their lives.




Indigenous Peoples Institute (IPI) supports Native student success at Seattle University and raises awareness about issues of importance to local and global Indigenous peoples. IPI also seeks accountability to Coast Salish and Urban Native peoples and the lands we now share. Learn more at SEATTLEU.EDU/INDIGENOUS-PEOPLES-INSTITUTE

To acknowledge this land is to recognize the peoples who lived and continue to live in this region, whose practices and spiritualities were and are tied to land and water and whose lives continue to enrich and develop in relationship to the land, waters and other inhabitants today.

20% Catholic 18% Christian (non-Catholic) 12% No Religion 10% Agnostic 5% Atheist 3% Buddhist 1% Jewish 1% Hindu/Sikh 2% Islamic/Muslim 3% 25%OtherUndisclosed UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION

Walk Capitol Hill, home to Rock Box karaoke, Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream and more. Stroll Alki Beach or take a swim at Madison Park Beach.

Go see the “next best thing” in music at Neumos or The Showbox. Explore Seattle by way of public transportation—Seattle Streetcar, light rail or Metro bus. Admire the colors of a Pacific Northwest sunset from Kerry Park in Queen Anne. Enjoy the internationally acclaimed Seattle Symphony at Benaroya BreakHall. out your picnic blanket and lunch beside the Asian Art Museum at Volunteer Park.

the famous Pike Place Market and find there’s more than flying fish. Take a selfie with the internationally known Fremont Troll. Lose track of time while wandering the stacks at Elliott Bay Book Co., an independent bookstore just blocks from SU.

Rent whatever you need for your outdoor adventure on a budget at SU’s Outdoor Office at Eisiminger Fitness Center. Shred some slopes or cozy up to a cup of cocoa at Stevens, Snoqualmie Pass or Crystal Mountain. Go kayaking or canoeing without changing zip codes. Explore the cultures—art and food alike—in the International WanderDistrict.

Seattle is equal parts mountainous and FCfansPugetFromIdyllic,metropolitan.butneveridle.thebeautyoftheSoundtotheboomingoftheSeattleSoundersandSeattleSeahawks, OUR BACKYARD IS A WONDROUS PLACE TO PLAY.


“In tournaments specifically, we’ve noted a strong increase in female participants. As a club founded by two women, led for its first two years by women, and with traditional female-majority leadership, this is incredibly important to us. Gaming has always been male-dominated and we’re proud to say that we’re moving against the grain here as best we can to ensure our club is inviting for everyone,” says AlvaroDuringVazquez.COVID-19 most esports games have continued to prosper, thanks to their digital nature. The club hosts large events every quarter, including League of Legends World watch parties, Super Smash Bros. tournaments and panels with guests from the professional gaming world.

Favorite band or music genre: My favorite band by far is The 1975. What you like most about Seattle U: The class sizes and focus on every student’s experiences. I appreciate that you can have an actual interaction with your pro fessor. I feel that this would be more difficult at a larger institution.

Favorite campus location: The 6th floor of the library. It’s a fantastic place to study, read or just relax.

Favorite thing about Seattle: The food. There are so many options when you’re in an urban setting. Shout-out to the food in the International District. Dim Sum King is my go-to for a quick grab and go.

Dream job after graduation: I would love to be a financial or data analyst at a tech corporation. Google or Microsoft would be pretty dope. I would also be open to similar positions at game companies, most notably Riot Games.

When he’s not enjoying the outdoors, Alvaro is a gamer, specifically, one who focuses on Esports, which is form of sport competition using video games. “I would say the majority of my friends come from the Gaming Club. It has been an honor helping move the club—and gaming as a whole—forward by fostering a community of individuals from many different backgrounds, all connected by the same passion. There’s never a week when you can’t just walk in and start spending time with our members. It’s a fantastic way to meet people. People from our competitive teams have be come best friends and for many, it is one of the most enjoyable aspects of their lives at Seattle U.”

GET TO KNOW ALVARO Favorite video game: “Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.” In terms of multi player games, “League of Legends.”

Seattle University Esports and Gaming Club members participate in a League of Legends World tournament.



With more than 600 members, the Esports and Gaming Club is the largest and fastest growing club on campus. Students meet weekly to enjoy the company of others around video games. Members interested in esports focus on the competitive side of gaming and competitive teams excel in their environments. The club’s explosive growth and success led to a dedicated physical space on campus.

D1 IMPROV: Join a group of students who take being funny seriously. ENGINEERS FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD: Collaborate on sustainable design projects in the local community and abroad. ESPORTS AND GAMING: Gaming enthusiasts connect for social and competitive events. FASHION CLUB: Join aspiring fashion designers and stylists.

CLUB SPORTS: Basketball, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, water polo, tennis, cycling and more.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS CREW: Train as a certified peer health educator and help other SU students. THE SPECTATOR: SU's student newspaper since 1933 is open to all students with related interests. MAKERS: Join a community of student filmmakers. ULTIMATE DISC CLUB: Toss a disc and make friends with SU’s competitive Ultimate Disc team, Throbot. WOMEN IN BUSINESS: Expand your career, leadership and networking opportunities. YOUNG LIFE: Discover yourself in a Christian-based organization that celebrates community, adventure and faith.


Seattle University students accomplish just as much outside of the classroom as they do in it. Pitch the next compelling story with the student newspaper, The Spectator. Land an on-air role at KXSU 102.1 FM, the student-run radio station. Or roll up your sleeves to be an advocate and ally for the LGBTQ community with the Triangle Club. If you have a love for it, we probably have a club for it.

30 CULTURAL CLUBS: Hui ‘O Nani Hawaii, Indian Student Association, MECha, First Nations Club, Black Student Union and more.

INVOLVEMENT FAIRS Join club representatives, university depart ments and off-campus partners to find your community and your home away from home.

DE-STRESS WITH DOGS Find calm before finals week cuddled up to these furry, four-legged stress relievers.

FALL BALL Dress your best and be ready to dance the night away at this annual party, presented by the Student Events & Activities Council.



Kick off the festive season with caroling, cookies and cocoa—oh, and a tree lighting in the Library Plaza.

QUADSTOCK Soak up the sounds of great live music at this annual springtime concert and carnival-like arts festival on the Quad and Union Green.

Travel the world without leaving campus as you indulge in the cultural arts and cuisine from around the globe.

& MemoriesMaking

HOMECOMING Show your pride at the Red Umbrella Parade and Redfest, your volunteerism at Day of Service and your spirit at the men’s basketball rally and game.

Annual events unite our diverse community at Seattle University. They establish a sense of belonging, uplift our values and Redhawk spirit and celebrate who we are and what we strive to be together.

“Students who study abroad have a stronger ability to interact with those of different interests, values and perspectives. They find it easier to navigate cultural differences in the workplace and are able to adapt to challenging situations.”

The featured photographs were taken by students for the Imagining the World: Study Abroad and International Photography Competition. Through these images students capture more than a moment in their experiences abroad—they offer a very personal window into the world.

Become a true global citizen through study abroad. Learn more at SEATTLEU.EDU/ABROAD

Hillary Sturgeon / Spain Oliver Tufte / Scotland Kasey Williams / France



Study abroad programs at Seattle University range in length from one week, one summer, an entire academic year and every thing in between.

“Our advisers work with you to explore options and find a good fit academically, financially and personally,” says Gina Lopardo, director of Seattle University’s Education Abroad Office.

Shika Kalevor / NicaraguaKalevor / Nicaragua Seattle University students come to understand the motivations, ideologies and cultures of other people by simply living among them. Between Summer 2019 and Spring 2020, more than 415 students participated in education abroad across 46 countries. Some of our most popular international programs include: Seth Walker / Egypt COSTACHINACHILEBELIZE RICA CZECH GERMANYFRANCEENGLANDREPUBLIC KOREAJORDANJAPANITALYIRELANDINDIAGREECEGHANA VIETNAMTHAILANDSPAINSENEGALSCOTLANDPERUMOROCCOMEXICO Gerald Yip / China OUR MOST POPULAR DESTINATIONS Thara Salim / Spain

“My time at CON, specifically at the Clinical Performance Lab (CPL), has enhanced my future goals because it has solidified that I have chosen the right path for myself. Now that I have been able to get hands-on experience, it has made me excited for getting into clinicals and the field [of nursing]. My excitement has been able to flourish in the classes I have taken. I am very grateful for having chosen SU’s direct entry ALEXAprogram.”


Favorite band or music genre: My favorite genre of music would have to be reggaeton, more specifically Bad Bunny. I am [also] getting into reggae recently because it makes me feel very happy. What I like most about Seattle University: What I like most is the support that I have received from my professors. Especially through the pandemic and all the accommodations that they made for us. Many of my professors are very understanding and willing to work with us to find a plan for us to succeed. I appreciate that greatly.

Favorite location on campus: This would have to be a tie between the gym— because this is a form of self-care for myself—and the largest study room on the 12th floor of Campion Hall, because I love the 270-degree view of the city.

Favorite thing about Seattle: It’s the nature. Despite being in the downtown area, I feel like when I look around there are always evergreens in sight, which I find very calming. Nature has always been one of my safe spaces, so this is very comforting to me.

• BECOME A • NURSE DIRECT ENTRY BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING PROGRAM • First-Year Cohort • Transfer Cohort STUDENT-TO-FACULTY RATIO • 8-10 students per faculty in clinical and lab courses. ALUMNI • 6,210 alumni—70% residing in Washington state. CLINICAL PERFORMANCE LAB 20,000 square foot clinical and teaching lab 24 bed acute care simulation hospital 90+ high-fidelity simulation suites with a research commons and skills lab equipped with patient simulator models that can run more than 90 different patient scenarios.

GET TO KNOW ALEXA Campus clubs: I am currently involved in MEChA, which is the on-campus club for Chicanx/Latinx students. I am also involved in (student-run radio station) KXSU, where I have a radio show along with two friends on Fridays, from 6-7 p.m.

Dream job after graduation: My current dream job is to be a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner or to work in pediatrics. My plan is to go through clinicals and get a feel for each rotation to see which one suits me the best.

When you’re a student-athlete, you raise your level of intensity on every play. When you ’re a fan in the REDZONE, you raise your arms—and the volume of your cheers—to show your Redhawk pride. From softball games at Logan Field to swim meets and basketball at Redhawk Center and Climate Pledge Arena, our voices soar. WETOGETHERSOAR D-I SPORTS Learn about all of our D-I athletics at GOSEATTLEU.COM BASEBALL BASKETBALLMENMEN / WOMEN CROSS COUNTRY MEN / WOMEN GOLF MEN / WOMEN ROWING WOMEN SOCCER MEN / WOMEN SOFTBALL WOMEN SWIMMING MEN / WOMEN TENNIS MEN / WOMEN TRACK & FIELD MEN / WOMEN (Indoor/Outdoor) VOLLEYBALL WOMEN REDHAWK PRIDE

When did you first pick up basketball? I was in the 3rd grade. What is it about basketball that interests you? What interests me most about the sport is the overall compet itiveness, aggressiveness throughout the game, teamwork and the friendships I create with my teammates.

Favorite place to hang out in Seattle: Pike Place Market. Favorite food: Seafood, specifically oysters.

What is your dream job? Racial equity and social justice advocate/child therapist— with a focus on children of color—with my own private practice.

GET TO KNOW CHINWE What drew you to Seattle U? The basketball team and the fact that it was close to home.


“What I like most about Seattle U is the location. I love how it is right in the center of downtown Seattle and how close it is to all the different attractions and great eateries. And what I like the most about being a student-athlete is having a platform at Seattle U to be able to speak up and use my voice as a woman of color.”

What do you do before a game to get hyped up? What I like to do before a game is listen to my favorite playlist that consists of Megan Thee Stallion, Saweetie, Ella Mai and City Girls!

Favorite singer/band/type of music: Currently my favorite singer is Ella Mai and H.E.R. and my favorite female rappers at the moment are Saweetie and Megan Thee Stallion—aka, empowering and confident Black women!

Favorite place to relax on campus: My favorite place to relax and de-stress on campus is in the Chapel of St. Ignatius.

Quite a bit will change between your freshman and senior years. You know you have the drive to lead, but who? And where to? Our Career Engagement Office professionals can help you figure out your journey by breaking the process into manageable steps. They offer a broad range of career development support that will make finding your career path a little easier, including guidance through: • Self-assessment with a strengths-based lens • Career exploration and experiential opportunity sourcing • Opportunities to connect in person and virtually with recruiters and alumni • Individual appointments • Exclusive access to career research tools and job databases Learn more about our career resources by visiting SEATTLEU.EDU/CAREERENGAGEMENT. STEP · BY · STEP LEA R N I N G TO Redhawk Landing’s mentoring and networking hub opens doors for students and alumni alike, connecting them to a powerful online resource where they can build purposeful connections and community. There are currently nine affinity groups that students and alumni can join within Redhawk Landing. This summer launches Redhawk Landing Projects, short-term experiential learning projects posted by alumni for students.


“Embracing diversity of opinions was one of the most important lessons I learned from Seattle University to help me be an empathetic product manager. When working on products that millions of customers use every day and collaborating with many engineering and product teams, it is crucial to be inclusive in meetings and in product design. Seattle University helps you build the soft skill set to flex that empathy by questioning assumptions and voicing opinions. Graduating in Computer Science included taking courses in philosophy, ethics, social justice and women studies. It is a pillar of Seattle University to know how to start tough conversations, which helps me so much in my job today.” YU WA


BUDGET FOR FULL-TIME STUDENTS (3 Quarters per Year) On-Campus Living with Parents/Relatives Tuition (12-20 credits) $50,328 $50,328 Room and Board $13,524 $5,100 Expenses ($5,946 total) Books and supplies $900 $900 Personal $ 2,400 $2,400 Transportation $1,650 $1,650 Technology Fee $546 $546 Wellness Fee $450 $450 Total Cost of Attendance $69,798 $61,374 Amounts based on 2022-23 costs. FINANCING YOUR EDUCATION More than 92 percent of Seattle University students receive financial aid, which adds up to more than $138 million in scholarships, grants, loans and employment assistance Freshmenannually. and transfer students who complete an admissions application to Seattle University are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships, which begin at $8,000. These scholarships are renewable for up to four years and are based on the information in the admissions application, not family finances. Institutional gift aid is guaranteed for the number of years remaining until expected degree completion (based on class standing). We know how important investing in a Seattle University education is to you and we’re ready to help you make it happen. Learn how to apply for financial aid with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at SEATTLEU.EDU/FINANCIAL-AID. FAFSA SCHOOL CODE: 003790

“I came to Seattle U because of the ideas about bringing about change in the world. The profes sors recognize and help promote that. That helps me a lot on my path in forensic science, where I want to correct the mistakes of the past and move forward from there.” TRENTEN JOHNSON CLASS OF 2022 CRIMINAL JUSTICE MAJOR UNIVERSITY HONORS PROGRAM FROM MINNEAPOLIS, MN

FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS First-Year Early NOV. 15 Action First-YearDeadlineRegular JAN. 15 Decision Deadline TRANSFER STUDENTS Fall Quarter MARCH 1 priority deadline AUG. 15 final deadline Transfer Nursing DEC. 1 fall entry only Transfer UltrasoundDiagnostic JAN. 15 fall entry only Winter Quarter NOV. 1 Spring Quarter FEB. 15 Summer Quarter MAY 15 APPLICATION DEADLINES COME VISIT US! To schedule a visit to campus, go to SEATTLEU.EDU/VISIT or check out our virtual tour online at SEATTLEU.EDU/VIRTUAL-TOUR This is where determination becomes enlightened transformation. Where human potential is turned into a more powerful force for good. Where those with true character learn to be cultural and economic game changers. Here, you will write the next great chapters of the human experience, from the center of this amazing city to every corner of the globe. Learn more and start your application at SEATTLEU.EDU/APPLY. BEC O M E A JUST, INCLUSIVE AND SUSTAINABLE WORLD FOR A CHAMPION

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Seattle University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, political ideology or status as a Vietnam-era or special disabled veteran in the administration of any of its education policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletics, and other school-administered policies and programs, or in its employment related policies and practices. In addition, the university does not discriminate on the basis of genetic information in its employment related policies and practices, including coverage under its health benefits program. All university policies, practices and procedures are administered in a manner consistent with Seattle University’s Jesuit and Catholic identity and character.

Inquiries relating to these policies may be referred to the university’s Chief EEO Officer/Title IX Coordinator at 206-220-8515. Consistent with the requirements of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and its implementing regulations, Seattle University has designated individuals responsible for coordinating the University’s Title IX compliance. Students or employees with concerns or complaints about discrimination on the basis of sex in employment or an education program or activity may contact the following Title IX coordinator or Title IX contact persons: Jill Moffitt | Interim Assistant VP for Institutional Equity/Title IX Coordinator | Office of Institutional Equity, Loyola Hall 300 | 206-220-8515 | jmoffitt@seattleu.edu; Alvin Sturdivant, PhD | Vice President for Student Development | STCN 140B | 206-296-6066 | sturdial@seattleu.edu; or Matthew Philip | Interim Vice President, Human Resources | RINA 214 | 206-296-5869 | philipm@seattleu.edu. Individuals may also contact the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education.

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ADMISSIONS OFFICE seattleu.eduadmissions@seattleu.edu206-220-8040

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