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SCENES | Portfolio of QIAOQI DAI Application for Admisson to MLA I Program,GSD

QIAOQI DAI B.Engineer ,Tongji University qiaoqi.g.dai@gmail.com

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Social Problem Residence


Wolong Mountain Tourist Route Project Community Transportation Public Space

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Community Library Population


Labour Rent

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OVERFLOWING Residence-market Complex

Plot Ratio Economic System

SCENES China is experiencing a special mode of urbanisation process with characteristic that it is hyper-fast, mega-scaled and government led as a vital means to invigorate the country's economy. Meanwhile, the problems left by the racial social change haven’t gotten enough attention. Through discover scenes from the real society, we may find some really absurd things arround us. However, analysis on social rules behind these scenes may told us what is going on exactly and what is the real problem.With these problem, what we should do as architects becomes more meaningful.


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AS A CONTAINER New Boundary for Zhexingli Block

As Colin Rowe once noticed, ideas need to be filter by talent and craftsmentship to become poetics. I hope that through my design, my idea on existing problems could intervene into the urban and social development and stimulate people’s feeling and thinking on our society.

Religion Tradition History

Pg 28 PROVISIONAL GARDEN Wooden Pavilian

Aesthetic Education



[Wolong Mountain Tourist Route]

Fall 2013|Individual Work Tutor:Zhu Xiaofeng,Ercu Gorgul Collaborator:Tang Yini The project is designing a Tourist Route in a Wolong Mountain,Yinan.To maintain the special rural memory and respond to the spirit of place,we tried to turn the lanscape formed by nature and human activities into a tourism resource. By choosing a route and placing four construction,we connected tourists to activities that once happened or be happening here.

Lost Memory


SITE MEMORY Rural memory is a kind of collective memory.The memory subject(villagers) keep transforming the memory carrier(the land) and the memory carrier arouse the memory. Through this dynamic pocess,the rural memory can keep spreading and developing gradually. However,once the outsider intervene and tries to redifine the carrier memory,the organic,dynamic process of collective memory maybe disturbed,causing the loss of the rural memory. WoLong Mountain is located in Yi n a n , S h a n d o n g . I t u s e d t o b e c a l l e d Zhensong Mountain.However the name was changed to Wolong when the government noticed that this Zhuge Liang (Wolong was the nickname of Zhuge Liang,who is one of the most important politician and militarist in the Three Kingdom Time)was lived here in childhood and they decided to use this story to attract tourists.With making Wolong the new symbol of Wolong Mountain,the process of rural memory of the mountain is being disturbed.

CURRENT TOURISM There have been many cities using Zhuge Liang as gimmicks to develop tourism just because they can find he once did something there.But in fact,the culture of Zhuge Liang don’t have any effect on the history and development of most of these place. Yinan government is one of them.They planned to build a Wolong Culture Theme Park in Wolong Mountain.Now a part of them has already been built,with some buidings poorly imitating the architecture style of the period of Zhuge Liang.With no social or culture root,the park seems inappropriate.

Lost Memory



Terraced Field|The Foot of Hill

The dry climate and stony geology result in the variation of natural conditions as elevation rising: The relatively rich soil and various vegetation at the foot; The thiner soil and the dense cypress forest at the gentle hill; The massiver stone and less dense cypress forest at the steep hill; The bareless rock and the sparse sypress forest at the peak. On account of the various environment, residents exploit the mountain spontaneously in suitable ways: The foot, the relatively rich area, had been exploit into terraced field; The gentle hill serves as graveyard for its gentle slope, bunch of dirt and the enclosure of trees, forming a silent atmosphere; The stony steep hill is used for lime stone quarry, with its grand scale delivering a sence of industry; At the peak, a Xiangu(fairy) Temple becomes a landmark and a visual center. Its location endows the temple with sacred ceremonial sense. These fonctions which are carefully placed in suitable sites, have changed the sheer nature into a place with spirit.

The relatively rich soil and various vegetation are at the foot of hill.It was expoited into terraced field by villagers,forming special rythem.

Grave Yard|The Gentle Hill The thiner soil and the dense cypress forest at the gentle made it be used as graveyard. Enclosure of trees forming asilent atmosphere.

Lime Stone Quarry|The Steep Hill The massiver stones and less dense cypress forest are at the steep hill.It was expoited as lime stone quarries,its grand scale delivering a sense of industry.

Temple|The Peak of Hill With bareless rocks and sparse forests,a fairy Temple became a land mark and a visual center,though rebuilt by villagers with shabby material after an accident.

Lost Memory


THE NEW STORY To reveal the old memory and turn it to a special tourism resource,we create four construction works accordingly:the ribbing for terraced field,the trestle for graveyard,the observatory for quarry and the parapet for temple.

PLAN Terraced Field|

Grave Yard

Lime Stone Quarry

1 Ribbing


2 3

2 Trestle

3 Observatory

4 Parapet



Lost Memory


Ribbing To reveal old terraced field,a landform of a repeated wave-shape is set,symbolizing its continnuosly rising and falling ribbing,upon which,corn straw paves the previous path.This site could be used to go sightseeing and rest,on the same time implies its agricultural memory.

Trestle As the path passing through the graveyard,a trestle is to set to let tourists disturb less to the graveyard visitors,and enjoy the forest from different height.The trestle is made by wood。The outward leaning toeboard minimizes the visual disturbance to the graveyard.

Lost Memory


Parapet To seperate the two functions of temple and viewing deck,the viewing deck is located below the temple.The temple is enclosed by stone wall and a lithe sheet of concrete stairs connects two platforms.In this way,the sacred atomosphere is strengthend and the need for sightseeing is satisfied.

Observatory A ramp digged downward from top of the precipice left by the quarry implys its excavating process of a quarr. Visitors’experience of descending then turning up on a high obsevatory emphasizes its exaggerate scale. Materials like concrete and weather resisting steel offer a strong industrial sense.

Lost Memory






Drawed by YINI TANG

Lost Memory



[Community Library]

Spring 2014|Individual Work TutorďźšZhu Xiaofeng Top 100 in Chinese Contest of the Rookies' Award for Architectural Students The project is building a community library in a street corner along Meilong road,Shanghai.In digital times,library needs to overstep its traditional functions and find new roles in the society.With the creative structure system,specific atomosphere of space is obtained in this library to respond to its new social function.

Beyond Books




The inventation of computer and internet made the information turned to virtualization.It became much easier for public to collect information and get knowledge.Under this environment,The social function of library today has expended a lot,far beyond books.

The site is in the intersection of Meilong Road and Lingyun Road,Meilong District. In the north of the site is a little river and the Lingyun Community.The streets and community makes the site a place of people gathering. In this high-density district,with most blocks encompassed with walls,open space is needed for public activities.Dominanted by residences and education institutions,the district also needs culture facilities.The community library has to face these social needs.

To satisfy new function,space require certain atomosphere. As a place for reading and collection,to create special reading experience by presenting spirituality of order and atomsphere of peace are the kernel.However,as an important public space in this district,it’s important to increase communication vitality,which call for flexible and free space atomosphere.

Enclosure Walls

Open Space

Education Institution

Beyond Books


Residence Community with Wall Most blocks in this district encompassed with walls.


Huadong University The district is dominanted by residences and education institutions


Park Open space is needed for public activities.




To meet complex social needs,the library have to combine two different kinds of space atomsphere.We lift reading area up into second floor,leaving the ground floor an open space.The second floor becomes spirituality and the ground floor with some activity rooms become a free and public space for culture activities and communication.

Two concrete columns in the ground floor turning into four stelel columns in first floor forms a structure units.Void formed by V-shaped structure can be used for equipments and pipelines.Units connected to each other to resistant horizontal force. Second floor obtains ordered and peaceful atomosphere.The void allowing the first floor to descend partly lead to abundant types of reading space.Ground floor obtains open and free atomosphere by arranging the direction of units.V-shaped structure makes first floor above seemes lighter.

STRUCTURE PROTOTYPES To combine two different kinds of space in ground floor and first floor,a special structure system is needed.When structure directly intervenes into site and forms space and atomosphere,materiality of architectue can be presented.We tried various structure prototypes with different combination and finally chose one.

Beyond Books



Beyond Books



Beyond Books



SPACE CATALOG Though presents a spirituality of order, space in the second floor is not monotonous. With the change of floors and roofs and different ways of combination,we create various kinds of space with different atomosphere and function.

Beyond Books



Beyond Books



[Residence-market Complex]

Fall 2013|Individual Work Tutor:Professor Wang Fangji Work Published on The Architect,169 The Project is to design a residence complex with a food market in Anshan Road,Shanghai.Most blocks in the area old workers community residences(Zeilenbau) with lots of private additional construction because these old residences can’t satisfy the need of residents today.We analyzed the demands of different kinds of residents and designed for them.



SITE ANALYSIS History of Residence In 1950s,this area was planned as residence district for workers of the factories in the south and the west area.As under the planned economic system, a large number of workers community residence were built under a plan for complishing 20000 houses. In 70s,with the need of more residence and better condition,a new plan come out.New-buit workers residence changed the designment and old residences were reconstructed. Then came1990s.Planned enconomic system was replaced by market economic system. Construction of workers community residence stopped and commercial residence came out. Present Residence Most of the blocks are still workers community residences(Zeilenbau)built in 60s-90s,which presents high degree of private additional construction because these old residences can’t satisfy the need of residents today.



ADDITIONAL CONSTRUCTION & RESIDENTS ANALYSIS Workers community residents was originally designed for workers infactories.To be equitable,the house types were all similar. However residents’ family structure are becoming more complex and diversity.Families that can’t be satisfied by the old house types turned to build additional construction personally to meet there own needs. Through investigation,we classified these residents into three types and analyse their own special needs.










Second Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan






PUBLIC SPACE Food Square Interior streets provide shortcut between Anshan Road and the open space in front of the community center.Streets are surrounded by cooked-food shop and extend into food square in the joint.They turn the food-market into a active public space.


Platform The open space supported by food market is surrounded by residences.It connects the community center through the extended activity room.It allows residents to move conveniently between community center and residences,indoor space and outdoor space.


AS A CONTAINER [New Boundary for ZheXingLi Block] Fall 2014|Individual Work Tutor:Wang Kai,Wang Fangji Historical blocks in urban city are important elements that provide the diversity city needs.However,The urban development often distory history blocks.Is protection of historical blocks always in conflict with development of urban city? In respond to this conflict,we chose a history lilong block in Shanghai and preserve it in a new way.

As a Container



Existing Boundary Zhexingli Lilong block sites in west of Siping Road,Shanghai.Exsiting former residences of celebrities like Shen Yinmo shows the history of Zhexingli.Due to the construction of the subway station, the important commercial facade of Zhexingli is dismantled leaving a broken and naked block. Change of Community With lots of original residents moving out leaving Lilong to tenants working in Shanghai,the old intimate relationship between residents working together is substituded by a new relationship between strangers.

Bounding wall







g Ro


Commercial Facade

2 1 Hailu

n Ro


Boundary of ZheXingLi Block 1 2 3 4


Parking Lot&Office Restaurant&Book Store Subway Exit&Office Boundary Wall


4 2

1 3

Original ZheXingLi Block

As a Container



CONCEPT Usually when we prefer to protect the authenticity of historical heritages.When it comes to historical blocks,we need to restore both the tangible and intangible elements.However,It’s more like setting an exhibits in urban condition.While we prefer historical blocks can suit the developing urban and social condition and continue to hold the new urban life ,just as a container.

STRATEGY The new bondary responds to two existing problems through two actions: rebuild and break. Rebuild an obvious boundary of commercial and public buildings to definit the isolated Lilong block and recover its traditional structure. Break the obstruct between residents and the city by removing exsiting walls and creating passageways between inside residence and street and subway station.Meanwhile create public space at the boundary.

Original closed and complete boundary with community of original residents creating active public space inside.

As a Container

Exsiting closed but incomplete boundary.Lots of tenements come in with little communication inside.

New open and complete boundary allows tenements have more direct connection with urban and provides public space at the boundary.




Choose the building and square in the corner to do further design.The building is going to contain the existing functions in site and a new museum of Shen Yinmo (Chinese Famous Writor)connected to his former house.

The basement connects to the subway station ;the ground floor connects to the square;the first floor connect to the former hose of Shen Yinmo.Book store,lecture hall and slope of exhibition hall connect three floors with several shortcuts setted at the same time. Residents,visitors and passagers walk through the building at the same time.A direct communication with city is created.

CONCEPT|FOLDING Corresponding to the concept of New Boundary,a public building more open and free to pass through is designed. We imagine its surface as pliable with all functions scatter on it.Then we fold it to generate density and connect to other building in different level.

As a Container



As a Container



[Wood Pavilion]

Spring 2015|Professional Work Project Manager:Professor Dai Daixin Role in the Project:Lead Architect Due to the increasing complexity and diversity of contemporary urban condition,social activities set higher demand on flexibility of urban public space. At the same time,we want to bring more green into urban space.Therefore,we decided to bulid a provisional garden setting in open space of Tongji university to meet the demand of both flexibility and quality.

Provisional Garden




The site is beside the environment research institution so the pavilion was reqired to be able to contain the exhibition hosted by the institution.When there is no exhibition,it will serve as a open resting space. As a design for environment institute, we decide to introduce more green into our pavilion.So we combined exhibition walls with green plants to form a Garden Exhibition Hall.

Digging the potential of traditional Chinese timber craft called LuBan Lock,we design a constraction frame system ,which can be esaily dismantled ,moved and rebuilt,without any metal connects. And then we added several elements into the frame system like planting boxes,panels and boards to meet different function.


mm 50m


Environment Institution

Planting Box

Exhibition Wall




= Garden Exhibition Hall


Provisional Garden


ELEVATION Resting Space

Exhibition Space

Provisional Garden



Photo Taken by DAIXIN DAI

Provisional Garden





TRAVELS|INDIA During the winter vacation in 2013,I went to be a volunteer teacher in India.The religion,culture,nature,people and architecture were really impessed me.Some scene was really make me feel absurd and fantastic,which can hardly be noticed in a familiar social environment.I decided to draw some of those scene because it made me understand more about society and culture.






SCENES QIAOQI DAI BEďźŒTongji University qiaoqi.g.dai@gmail.com



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