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First Annual Photography Contest "Fog Lifting Patricia Bay"

Seaside Fashion

Original Gold, New Shine

Seaside Homes

Layered looks this season

The Latch Inn & Restaurant

An artist's eye for detail



Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. – Elizabeth Lawrence

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winspear art show & gala satuRDaY, sept 28

winspear family community reception aRtist anDY Wang

DecADenT DeSSerTS 2 pm – Free DeLicioUS 4-coUrSe meAL prepAreD By iSLAnD cULinAry 6 pm – $65


get your country on! dance to all your country favourites WitH

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"Fog Lifting Patricia Bay" Cover photo by Monica Reekie

seaside snapshots


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Seaside Magazine's First Annual Photography Contest 2013 Fall/Winter Style: Warm and Wearable Seaside Homes: Creating the Home of Infinite Good Taste Peninsula Restaurant Profile: The Latch Inn & Restaurant

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Show OCTOBER 18•19•20 2013 Friday, Saturday, Sunday MARY WINSPEAR CENTRE, SIDNEY



fresh diverse exciting artists&their work Proud to be a participant in the Peninsula ArtSea Festival Oct. 18th to 27th




september.2013 YOUR WEST COAST CULTURE madeleine Kemp

Though it brings the cooler weather, autumn harvests many things to look forward to regarding fashion: chunky knits, scarves, soft leather boots and layered outfits, to name a few. As fall approaches this year be sure to go back through your wardrobe and revive those items with fur and leather accents you purchased last year, as well as animal prints, tweed, military-inspired colours and shapes and all things white. This season's styles are a collaboration of many previous popular trends with a slight twist – this is what excites me as the season unfolds: seeing these past trends awakened and used to create a new perspective. Recently, I have explored this passion with my own fashion blog, high-T, which is a destination to explore ways to elevate your basics and be inspired by creativity in style; visit it today at! cydney hellier gray

Life is most amazing! We never know exactly where we're going to end up … the journey is about the experience; we learn and discover in the moments along the way. I approach every client and contract with keen eyes. Never do I believe that just I have all the answers. When you really listen to people, they are giving you answers. Having been educated and experienced in a few design genres, as well as travelling extensively around the globe, I feel I bring a very open perspective to every job. I came to the Victoria area from Vancouver, 20 years ago, and have loved the simplicity and beauty ever since. I am grateful for all the wonderful clients I have had, who have helped me realize my design dream. dave gartley

30 years ago I began brewing all-grain beer at home. I loved the eight-hour ritual needed to make ales and lagers from scratch. I started hanging around local breweries and eventually travelled to Britain to learn their methods, then one day I discovered wine. My love affair with beer didn't end completely, but my new passion of making wine from fresh grapes excited me. It grew to the point to where I built Gartley Station Fermentations – 15 years ago now – and here I am, still making wine. A few years ago my interests morphed into wine and food pairing; in hindsight a natural and predictable progression. As I grow more knowledgeable and appreciative of fine wine and well prepared food, I realize that pairing is my ultimate passion, which I'm able to indulge from time to time in Seaside's Island Dish column.

Publisher Sue Hodgson 250.516.6489 Editor in Chief

Allison Smith 250.813.1745

Advertising Marcella Macdonald Sales Lori Swan Madeleine Kemp 250.516.6489 This Month's Contributors Arlene Antonik, Trysh Ashby-Rolls, Erin Bosdet, Jennifer Bowles, Shelley Breadner, Gillian Crowley, Al Duncan, Dave Gartley, Doreen Marion Gee, Shannon Hall, Cydney Hellier Gray, Linda Hunter, Janis Jean, Tina Kelly, Madeleine Kemp, Sharon Rose Kneeshaw, Lorianne Koch, Mike Lane, Barry Mathias, Susi McMillan, Arianna Merritt, Scott Mitchell, Amanda Punch, Monica Reekie, Stu Rhodes, Steve Sakiyama, Steve Sheppard, Susan Simosko, Jim Townley, Jo-Ann Way, Jessie Williams, Dee Woodhead, Heather Zais

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gillian crowley

As a writer and communications specialist, I value the strength of story, especially in recreating a different time. Fred Green's stories of his family's farm in the 1940s and '50s will, I hope, bring back pleasant memories for some and remind the rest of us of the challenges Island farmers continue to face. I was raised in the Okanagan when the orchards were still bountiful on the hillsides and we gorged ourselves on fruit every summer. After living for many years on the prairies, I appreciate the cornucopia of fruits and vegetables still grown on the Peninsula and hope rekindled interest in eating locally will preserve what remains of local farming.

Victoria Airport/Sidney

The  Latch

the latch inn & restaurant • sidney

Emerald Isle Motor Inn Victoria Airport Area

Cedarwood The

Inn and Suites


f irst word Times have changed. Is a picture still worth a thousand words? Over the centuries, people have gathered around campfires, in town halls, over meals and in other places to tell their stories, and these gatherings have been central to shaping our culture and our communities. In more recent times some people have lamented that the art of storytelling has been lost amidst the rise of different technologies. Perhaps there is some truth in this, but I also wonder if perhaps it's just the way we tell stories that has changed. One such medium for storytelling in the time in which we now live is digital photography. A photograph has the ability to convey emotion, mood, narrative, ideas and messages – all of which are important elements of storytelling. In this issue of Seaside Magazine we present the winners of our First Annual Photography contest, Seaside Snapshots. We also showcase our second issue of Seaside Fashion. Both of these features are driven by photography. An objective for many photographers is to produce direct, truthful and bold images that tell the stories for those who have no voice. Photography is the ability to evoke feelings and experiences that cannot be described with words. Call it vision, imagination, or seeing … it all comes down to the same thing: the

ability to envision a final result in your mind's eye and then make it so with your tools at hand. It's about seeing something, and knowing how you want it to look. With our cover choice, "Fog Lifting Patricia Bay" by Monica Reekie, the photo allows our imagination to simply drift into the sea. With fashion and design becoming a driving force in our culture, photographs of such can be even more challenging to portray. Designers influence not only the way we look and the shape of things around us, but also the way we live and think. What used to be distinct realms – architecture, fashion, design, art, cinema, music and food – have now blurred: fashion designers open restaurants and hotels, musicians design fashion collections and artists make Hollywood movies. More than ever, what we choose to buy, wear, display, experience and live with – whether it's the platform shoes in the store window, the family vacation purchased on the Internet, the watch on our wrist, the car in our garage, the wine for our parties or the blankets in our bedroom – influences how people look at us. When perception is reality, for better or worse, it becomes shorthand for who we are. So whether you're shooting photography for your own short story, or for fashion, food, travel, architecture, or simply because you love it, keep the storytelling alive. As a magazine publisher, I know how important it is to have a mix of great photography among well-written words. Thank you again for all the photo submissions. You are all very talented artists!

Sue Hodgson,


September is For Planting & Planning For Spring … Bulbalicious - Make Your Spring Garden Look Delicious! We are Local and Proud of it and We Love to Support Our Community!

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7030 Bell McKinnon Rd, Duncan | 7874 Lochside Dr, Saanichton 250-652-2342 8 SEASIDE | september 2013

letters Seaside Magazine welcomes your feeback! Send letters to the editor via or post your comments on our Facebook wall! Letters may be edited for space and content.

Shred in September

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On behalf of the Mill Bay/Malahat Historical Society I want to thank you so much for including the article about the Good Old Daze event in Mill Bay. We appreciate your interest and support for local history! Maureen Alexander

Classes begin Sept. 8th at the Saanich Fairgrounds, including Bootcamp Circuit and Iron Woman’s Aerobics – loved by the most reluctant!

Much appreciate all the Seaside team does to produce such a lovely magazine … I've watched it grow with pleasure! Pene Beavan Horton Instead of your sanctimonious article on Woodwynn Farm … the purpose of the owner (unknown) is to urbanize the whole area using "housing for the homeless" as an initial front. Who is the real owner? Not LeBlanc and not any homeless society! Many residents are against this manipulation and want to keep the land green for the future. Tim Parsons (Brentwood Bay)

We arrived home from our U.S. west coast road trip a few days

ago and read the article of our home and garden in the August issue. We were delighted with the final result, the approach taken by Linda to focus on our home life rather than the architecture and construction, and the photos selected by Sue and Allison from the many daytime and evening shots taken by Jo. It was a pleasure meeting and working with a fun yet professional team.

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ch ni aa .s w

Those who live in this paradise are very fortunate to have such a treasure as Seaside Magazine document and highlight our local "West Coast culture." We always look forward each month to opening the next issue. So thank you for coming into our lives and adding special memories of our house and garden. Joyce and Paul Pearlstone

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r. ed ac ll wa

I just want to make a comment about your ads: they all look so good that one WANTS to go and take a look at your advertising customers. Ingrid Ostrander

WOW! Thank you for the wonderful promotion in the August issue of Seaside Magazine. I very much appreciate the inclusion of both of the TIDES upcoming events, the locations within the magazine and the reinforcement through different avenues of articles, ads and columns. I am sure your work in this issue will be a huge reason for our anticipated success. Thank you! And once again, the content and layout of the whole magazine made it a pleasure to read and gaze on. Steve Duck TIDES Group


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e d i s a e S

“Even though fixed in time, a photograph evokes as much feeling as that which comes from music or dance. Whatever the mode – from the snapshot to the decisive moment to multi-media montage – the intent and purpose of photography is to render in visual terms feelings and


experiences that often elude the ability of words to describe. In any case, the eyes have it, and the imagination will always soar farther than was expected”- unknown author. Like virtue, photography is its own reward, triggering memories of life's greatest moments and relationships. In our First Annual Photography Contest, Seaside wishes to further reward some of these amazing artists, with some good old-fashioned ink in our local magazine. With over 350 submissions, this task wasn't easy. You’ll find our choices in the four categories outlined below, and we couldn’t resist choosing a cover too! Thank you to all of the winners, and to everyone who submitted such fine work.

m onica ree k ie your W est C oast C ulture “Fog Lifting Patricia Bay”

I have had a love for animals, nature and art since childhood. After many years in the nursing profession, and owning a successful award-winning B&B, I have met a multitude of fascinating people from all walks of life along my path. Some were famous, some wise, some funny, some had endured unspeakable horrors, most were ordinary, but all have inspired me to reawaken my childhood dreams for travel, art and photography. My photographic subjects vary widely from animals to architecture, floral details to expansive vistas, chandeliers to cars; the marvels of the world around me provide constant inspiration. My photography depicts the world and its beauty as I see it through the lens of my camera, often focusing on the details, shapes and colour contrasts that others may overlook. I produce my work without using digital manipulation to portray life as it is.

erin b osdet I sland D is h "Untitled"

Erin Bosdet is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a vegan chef and a mom. She is passionate about nutrition, photography and raising her son. This photo was taken to capture the beauty of these tomatoes, grown by her Uncle Stu right here in Sidney, B.C. You can find more of Erin's photos and recipes on her Simply Dish Facebook page.

m i k e lane wonder f ul W ildli f e "Untitled"

I live in Saanichton and photography is my hobby. I enter photo contests but I'm fairly particular, as I only enter a contest where I might have a winning photo submission. In the past, I've won everything from cash to calendars to camping equipment. It's a fun hobby that is both rewarding and inexpensive. High quality digital photos are much easier to create than even 10 years ago, and as a result I never go anywhere without my camera. The photo of the blue heron was a stroke of luck, as the heron let me get quite close before I could tell that I was intruding and backed away.

D ee W ood h ead your west coast culture "Sun's Up!"

Focusing on being more aware of the incredible beauty and magic of this amazing Island we call home keeps me grounded in the moment! My favourite shots are of nature – birds, landscapes and waterscapes. This shot, taken in April around 6 a.m., captures the mist rising off the water and the early morning light on the beautiful old wooden bridge. Can you spot the red-winged blackbird that I was "chasing" with the lens?

j anis j ean C razy Kids "Wild Play"

I recently retired after nearly 25 years in public service. Early retirement has given me the ability to focus on what is most important to me: my family. It has also given me the time to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a professional photographer. Photographing people, especially children and families, is what I enjoy most. In "Wild Play," I photographed the thrill of a young girl jumping into a swimming hole, capturing the essence of childhood freedoms, too soon forgotten.

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weat h erwit "getting the thing on was an exhausting process punctuated with grunts, small breaks for oxygen and comments like: help. my legs are in the sleeves."

Smurf's Up!

I saw a bumper

sticker that said: "More Wags, Less Barks." It reminded me of the time our family ventured out to the wilds of Long Beach for some wag-inducing by Steve Sakiyama fun: surfing. The good part about surfing is the black wetsuit. The tight fit (did I say tight?) made me look 20 years younger – although with gloves and booties I looked like a cross between a Ninja Smurf and an overcooked Bratwurst. Getting the thing on was an exhausting process punctuated with grunts, small breaks for oxygen and comments like: "Help. My legs are in the sleeves." By the time I suited up, I needed a nap. After our excellent lesson on the beach it was time to head out and ride the curl. The roar of the ocean called me, and with overwhelming excitement I picked up the board and Riverdanced over the sandy expanse to the beckoning surf. Yes, bring it on. Unfortunately, my vision of a sprightly dash to the ocean was far beyond my energy level and it was soon replaced by a laboured stagger. Needing to catch my fleeting breath, I collapsed in the shallow surf with an undignified "Sschhlump." But it was all worth it. The exhilaration of riding the wave and feeling the air-whipped surf splash on my face was beyond priceless (for everything else, there's MasterCard). Even my dismount was wag-inducing: a two-and-a-half turn, backwards pike position, face plant – worth at least a 9.8 due to the high degree of difficulty and my pointed toes upon entry. Speaking of waves, the atmosphere has them too. Under certain conditions, atmospheric waves can be similar to the pattern that occurs when water moves over a submerged rock. When moving air encounters a mountain, ripples or waves can form directly over and downwind of the mountain. Sometimes clouds will form at the wave crests, providing a visual clue as to the existence of these waves. As the air moves upwards to the peak of the wave it cools, and moisture in the air condenses – creating a cloud at the wavecrest. As the air heads downward into the wave trough it warms, and the cloud evaporates. The result is an alternating series of clouds and clear areas many kilometres downwind of the mountain. For our September weather outlook, will it be wags or barks? Long-term weather models indicate a bias toward warmer than normal temperatures and no preference for wetter or drier

conditions – so perhaps our spectacular summer weather will continue into a pleasant fall. September is a month of transition, in weather and life. For Labour Day my sentimental forecast is an alternating mix of sun and cloud, symbolic of the waves of change as we ride from summer vacation to other good things like work and school. In celebration of this day, I'll head out with a Riverdance skip into a wonderful day, ready to surf whatever September brings me. Then … take a nap. ~ Weatherwit What brings wags to your life? Email or visit my weather blog at


Central Saanich


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island dis h

Expand Your Culinary Horizons! by Jennifer Bowles

Over the summer months my husband and I have been experimenting with some more exotic cuisines and have been making an effort to really expand our pantry. We've had some hits and we've had some definite misses (note: chutney doesn't go with everything). Some of the more enjoyable results have been our forays into Thai cuisine. Curries, soups, rolls – we've tried as many dishes as we can copy or come up with on our own. My husband insists on getting the right ingredients called for in a recipe, so we've ventured far and wide to get some of the more exotic pantry items, however with the booming interest in southeast Asian food, many of the seemingly rare ingredients are available at any grocery store. There are some staples that should be in your cupboard at all times: fish sauce (nam pla), coconut milk, rice noodles, jasmine rice, Thai curry sauce (green, red and yellow), sriracha hot sauce (this goes well with EVERYTHING), lemongrass, ginger (keep it in the freezer), galangal and Thai chilis. These all go together in virtually endless combinations and are ripe for experimentation. Go out to a Thai restaurant, try a few dishes and then head home to try and recreate your favourites! We took this strategy to heart when we came up with this month's recipe, which is now a staple –

14 SEASIDE | september 2013

cultivating beauty, balance & eco-mindfulness

"we've had some hits and we've had some definite misses. note: chutney doesn't go with everything" Tom Kha Gai is a light and creamy coconut galangal chicken soup. This is great for any season and you can make it as mild or spicy as you like by adjusting the sriracha or Thai chilis. (serves 2) Brush two boneless, skinless chicken breasts with sriracha and bake at 350° for 20 minutes. In a medium saucepan bring one litre of chicken stock to a simmer and flavour the broth by adding: 5 cm chunk galangal, sliced thinly 2 cm chunk of fresh ginger 1 stalk of lemongrass, the white soft centre smashed with the back of a knife 1-3 sliced Thai chilis (to taste – these can be very hot!) Let the broth simmer for 10 minutes to infuse the flavours then add: ¾ can of Thai coconut milk 4-5 sliced mushrooms juice of 1 lime 1 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp nam pla (fish sauce) Let the broth simmer for another 5 minutes and assemble as follows: Slice the chicken breasts and place into soup bowls; ladle the broth over top. Garnish with any or all of the following: Chopped cilantro Bean sprouts Rice noodles Enjoy! Wine pairing courtesy Dave Gartley, Gartley Station: This one is pretty easy and if you read my past pairings you already know the answer … this is not a test. Next time you visit an Asian or Indian restaurant take note of what wines the customers are drinking. They're probably not drinking wine. Then ask for the wine list. Chances are they won’t have one. So why is that? We have several Asian customers at Gartley Station and they only ask for one wine: Ice Wine! The only thing that tames spicy food is sugar. A tannic wine or an acidic wine will actually amplify the heat sensation. When pairing this Tom Kha Gai dish, choose a semi-sweet wine, off-dry champagne, a liqueur or an ice wine. The spicier the dish, the sweeter your beverage should be.

Mention this ad and receive an extra 10% off already reduced items in our HUGE SALE area throughout September! 2348 Beacon Ave, Sidney 778.426.3088

From This … To This! Bring us fresh fruit from your gardens and trees and we’ll turn it into wine, sparkling wine, ciders and ports … better than jam and pies!

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Kiddin’ Around

a3 - 9769 Fifth Street, Sidney 250-656-1041 SEASIDE | september 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 15

On Ava: Fine Knit Dress $39.99, Leggings $16.99, Toms Shoes $44.99, Hat $9.99, from Kiddin’ Around

On Marcella: Jacket $186, Dress $260, Earrings $55, from Sunday’s Snowflakes

Layered 2013 Fall/Winter Style: Warm and Wearable


his fall, style is all about what you want to make it, with trends ranging across the board and across all eras, from the ’40s to the’90s. Take this opportunity to get creative and explore the new shapes and materials we’re seeing on the high street!

On baby Gabriel: Sleeper $53.95, from Bubba Loo children’s wear, toys & gifts photos by on location at Sidney waterfront and Haro's Restaurant.

Prominent trends for this fall/winter include fur of all shapes and colours, layered garments finished with statement jewelry, pinks in dusty and bright hues, army greens and browns, warm jewel tones and lots of plaid. Ladies, try structured shapes

juxtaposed with feminine fluid materials to create a wearable masculine look – this style can transition easily from work to play. Texture is a must for both genders, so don’t shy away from mixing and matching your tweed and leather or wool and silk to create a fun contrast. Black is back for winter, but colour is just as important. Following the trends, the fall 2013 palette also allows for experimentation and versatility, from emerald green and ruby red to nouveau pink to camouflage greens and browns … embrace the colours that speak to you!

On Lara: Livingstone Safari Jacket $275, Matching Tulip Skirt $225, Cream Chiffon Blouse $150, from Tatum & Olivia

On Brandon: Shirt $55, Trousers $99, from Ecotopia Naturals

TRENDSETTERS It’s all in the details with this season’s accessories: studs give an edge to otherwise simple designs and texture continues to add depth to purses and shoes. Fall trends are complemented nicely with the warm rusty tones of leather accessories along with bronze and gemstone jewelry that is making an appearance.

dded Off-White Stu Purse $92 4 Black Purse $5 Scarf $28 Miss Bliss boutique

Matt & Nat Satchel $145 Matching Wallet $70 Cameron Rose On Nia: Jeans $179, Cashmere Sweater $339, Velvet Vest $229, Ring $30, Necklace $116, from Marmalade Tart Boutique

On Barry: Jeans $125, Belt $115, Plaid Shirt $165, Sweater $350, from d.g.bremner & co.

Chevron Necklace $60 Bronze & Turquoise Bracelet $69 Smashin Fashin

101-2537 Beacon Avenue (in the Cannery building) Sidney 250.656.5606

open daily 9:30 - 5:30 at Mattick’s Farm 5325 Cordova Bay Rd. Victoria, BC


You look adornable!

20 SEASIDE | september 2013 |

Broadmead Village




Op ni ng N oveem 2 013b e r Uptown








6 L



Compensating for seasonal changes can help skin stay healthy; ensure your skin not only survives, but thrives this fall and winter!

by Shannon Hall, Licensed Esthetician and Owner Anam Cara Day Spa & Beauty Bar

Our skin is our body’s largest living organ, and it bears the brunt of exposure to the outside world. Depending on the climate where you live, your skin changes as the weather changes. In the winter, electric heaters or gas furnaces keep our skin warm from cooler temperatures. However, dry heat can cause dehydration, causing the skin to become chapped and flaky, especially when coming in from the cold weather. This tendency for the skin to change starts in the fall and becomes more noticeable in the winter months. Awareness is the key to good skin care. Educate yourself on your skin type and needs as it changes with the seasons.

▼ drink more water.

Water keeps our skin hydrated in all seasons! It is the most effective way to flush out toxins that might otherwise be excreted by the skin. It also helps to elevate clogged pores and prevent acne, and it is great wrinkle prevention.

▼ wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is our best defence against the harmful effects

of UVA and UVB rays all year round. Sunscreens are found in moisturizer and foundations and should be used daily to guard against the harmful effects the sun has on our skin.

▼ exfoliate. Exfoliating allows the skin to renew itself and regenerate! This process helps the pores remain clean and clear. In the fall and winter it helps our moisturizers and other skin care products work better because it takes away the buildup of dead surface skin cells that create an unwanted barrier. ▼ moisturize. Day cream protects the skin from the elements, pollution and the overproduction of sebaceous oil production (yes, even if you have acne it is important to moisturize!). Night cream is designed to restore and repair the skin. Its molecular structure is smaller and this allows the cream to penetrate deeper into the dermal layer. In the winter, moisturizer can nourish and rehydrate the skin from the harsher winter climate. ▼ avoid hot showers.

Hot showers can dehydrate your body, and the hot water can be harmful to dry skin and especially acne prone skin. It is best to have a warm bath or shower during the winter season.

▼ seasonal facials. Visiting your Licenced Esthetician at least four times a year for a seasonal facial is one of the best ways to fight the stress the seasons put on the skin. A facial will restore the balance of what the skin requires. Estheticians are trained to analyze your skin and recommend products that will benefit your personal skin type.


the Hawaiian Practice That Heals by Pene Beavan Horton

"I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you." Ten words. Would you believe that the use of 10 simple words some 30 years ago could empty a hospital ward of the criminally insane at the Hawaii State Hospital? That a clinic housing formerly deranged patients could, in four short years, be closed because it wasn't needed anymore? This is the story of clinical psychologist, Dr. Stanley Hew Len, the man who achieved this miracle. He used no force; he didn't even see his patients. "He used to sit in his office and look at the patients' files. While perusing them, he would feel something, a pain, an empathy. Then he started the healing on himself, taking full responsibility for what was going on with a given patient. That's how those people got better, because their doctor had the strange view that it was himself who needed the healing, not them," says Rosario Montenegro. ( What is Ho'oponopono? Simply put, Ho'oponopono is based on the fact that we see the world not as it is, but as we are. So everything that happens to us is coloured by our past memories and current perception of what is, which makes everything that happens our responsibility.

Someone is angry with us? It's our responsibility. If we can't get along with a family member or co-worker, it's our responsibility. Whatever the difficulty or problem, it is our responsibility. No exceptions. Literally, the world is our world, it is our creation, therefore our responsibility. This doesn't mean any of this is necessarily our fault. It does mean "that we are responsible for healing our self in order to heal whatever or whoever it is that appears to us as a problem." A strange and unbelievable story or something that works? Try it. Think of someone you're having difficulty with, or, as Rosario Montenegro says in his blog, when you have a sense that someone is in danger or in great need of some grace or healing. Say their name. Say the 10 words with real feeling. Do this as often as you care to before you meet this person again. Be open to finding them changed for the better, either in attitude or behaviour or wellbeing. Just notice and say the 10 words when you think of them. Try it. "I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you." As I understand the process, we're offering heartfelt love, sincere apologies for any wrongdoing in our life, asking for forgiveness and expressing our gratitude. Most of us don't have a whole lot of criminally insane associates, but perhaps all of us can benefit from internalizing and then projecting Dr. Len's loving thoughts, to heal ourselves and those around us.

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e c i v r e S deep COve AUTO

10930 West Saanich Road in the Co-Op Gas Station

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2012 778-426-1321

new & notewort h y by Linda Hunter services

Improving Your Fitness: Financial, Educational, Legal and Physical The Peninsula's Slegg family is growing, with the newest Slegg Mortgage/Dominion Lending Centre franchise opening its doors in Victoria. Built on a strong foundation of years of marketing, banking and mortgage lending, accredited mortgage professional Janette Roch is excited to be at the helm, offering her clients the vast array of products and outstanding service they have come to expect, in a brand new centrally located office. Check out their Grand Opening on September 12th at Douglas & Alpha Street. Find out more at Let the games, learning and discovery begin … at Adel's Play N Discovery House. Open to three- to five-year-olds, Adelina Gotera operates her Sidney home-based preschool using an innovative approach to early childhood education, inspired by Reggio Emilia. Adelina spent a decade teaching in Vancouver before spending three years at Brentwood Bay Elementary with the StrongStart program. She is excited to help prepare children for kindergarten. The Law Offices of Angel Drolet has opened its doors in downtown Sidney, a town Angel says has charm and community spirit. Angel practises family law exclusively, with a goal to resolution in a respectful and dignified manner. Her offerings include pre-nuptial/ separation agreements, divorce, child/spousal support, parental relocation, grandparental rights and child protection matters. Located on Beacon Avenue and open weekdays, find out more

and connect with Angel at Peninsula Naturopathic recently welcomed Dr. Eric Backhouse to its growing practice. Dr. Backhouse specializes in spinal care for families and seniors, with clinic focus on sports medicine, rehab and soft tissue therapy. In practise for 13 years, Eric and his young family are pleased to now call Sidney home. You can connect with Dr. Backhouse and the team at or by calling 250-655-1660. organizations

Seaside Celebrations Get your groove and your bib on with the Rotary Club of Brentwood Bay Foundation and the Saanich Peninsula Foundation at Lobsterfest, a joint fundraiser, on October 5th at the Saanich Fairground. Featuring fresh lobster, musical entertainment by the O'Briens, a cash bar and a live auction, tickets are $50/person with discounts for groups of eight or more and are available at Tanner's, Beacon Books or by calling Ken at 250-884-9844. Learn more at www. restaurants

at the corner of Mt. Newton and East Saanich, on Facebook, and check out the menu at retail

Hot Stuff … New & Old Victorian Kettlecorn popped up at the Swartz Bay ferry terminal in May and serves up fresh kettle corn, cotton candy, old fashioned candy sticks and beef jerky. Open seven days a week, their treats are only available only until early October, so stop by on your next ferry trip and try something new. Visit them at http://facebook.

com/victoriankettlecorn. Andrew and Amber Smith love Everything Old. In their North Saanich home, their business specializes in farmhouse-type antique and vintage items, including restored furniture and home décor. Re-purposing the old into something interesting, new and useful, they also take on consignment goods and assist with downsizing and estate sales. Open Wednesday through Sunday, visit News, changes, updates, launches? Email

Marmalade Tart Boutique Fun, Flirty,

MT Fabulous Fashion!


Serving it Up Family Style "Family friendly" is the new motto for the already popular Prairie Inn, Saanichton's neighbourhood pub. Since 1974, they have been serving up delicious pub fare including daily specials, homemade pies and their famous skookum burgers. Open seven days a week, the addition of a 20-seat restaurant section means that all ages can now enjoy what the Inn has to offer. Find them



What’s Your Velvet?

Mon - Fri 10-5:30/Sun 11:30-5 Landmark Bldg – #102-2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney 778-426-3356 • SEASIDE | september 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 23

co m m on cents

Take a Sip of Style

are your retirement savings at risk?

Open House Tuesday through Friday 1 - 4 (or anytime by appointment)

We’re All About Care No Wait List! Move iN today Long and Short Term Complex Care Nestled in a Beautiful Seniors’ Services Area of Sidney Option of a Room With a Private Shower in En Suite Bathroom

2269 Mills Rd, Sidney 778-351-2505 24 SEASIDE | september 2013 |

The last thing you need is to lose all of your retirement savings because of a serious illness or a long-term care health need. The hard truth is that it can happen quickly. Consider the following hypothetical situation: A couple by Jessie Williams retires at age 65 with $300,000 in Sun Life Financial RRSPs. An additional $1,000 is needed from savings each month to top up pension income (Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, etc.). The total monthly withdrawal to cover taxes for the tax bracket they're in is $1,300. At this rate, their savings should easily last beyond their average life expectancy, which at 65 is 20 years.1 Then, as a result of a stroke at age 67, one spouse needs long-term care. With home care service costs ranging from $2,900 to $5,400 per month, a withdrawal of at least $5,000 is required from their savings each month (to cover home care, their spouse's normal living expenses, and taxes).2 A stroke at the age of 67 could wipe out $300,000 of savings in less than 10 years. Devastating illnesses and accidents occur more often than you may think. It probably wouldn't take you long to create a list of 10 people you know who have had a heart attack, a stroke or cancer. One way to cushion the financial impact of a critical illness or long-term care need is to purchase health insurance. Critical illness insurance pays a lump sum following the diagnosis of a covered illness. The benefit can help you manage additional costs related to the illness and to cover everyday expenses like mortgage payments, contributions to your retirement savings and saving for your child's education. Long-term care insurance provides financial resources if you become physically dependent. It helps cover the cost of your care over a lengthy period when you're physically dependent. The benefit can be used for care services such as nursing care, rehabilitation and therapy, paying a family member to provide care or paying for someone to come into your home. Today, more than ever, it's important for you to protect your retirement savings from health-related risks. Health insurance gives you more choices if you're faced with the costs of a critical illness or a long-term care situation. © Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, 2013. 1Statistics Canada, 2012 sum-som/l01/cst01/health72a-eng.htm. 2Source: A guide to long-term care insurance, CLHIA 2012. For more information visit

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grey m atters "but what about all the small celebrations? those rites of passage that are part of the human journey?"

Valuing Ritual & Ceremony by Trysh Ashby-Rolls

On Midsummer Day each year the artist Margaret Alpen and her

family celebrate the Summer Solstice. Trestle tables covered with white linen cloths are set up in the meadow below Margaret's house. She picks bouquets of flowers, which she arranges in jugs and bowls around the property. An altar honouring one and all, All as One, is laid on a piece of beautiful fabric at the edge of the pond. There's a sense of magic in the air. Guests trickle in, then arrive in crowds. There are hugs and greetings. Adults carry contributions of food and drink for the feasting yet to come. They are invited to form a circle. A ball of string unravels as it is passed from one person to the next until the string itself forms one ring. Scissors are passed around for each to cut the string and keep hold of a piece until later. The circle breaks into a line. As the line slowly moves forward around the pond, each man, woman and child receives a small square of cloth and a pebble. One at a time she, or he, makes a wish; one by one each throws the pebble into the water. You can never hang onto a wish. It must make its way out into the universe to be granted – or not. A walk along a rocky winding path through the woods is next. Along its way are "stations" – places to stop and receive a small gift symbolic of the summer season. A lavender flower, an herb, a tiny paper heart to wrap in the cloth and tie with string. At one stop a laughing Buddha you could swear is an eight-year-old boy makes a funny face. At another stop a fool dances wildly, merrily. Singing and feasting follow until darkness falls. The candles are lit on the altar and little paper boats floated on the pond. Summer is well and truly welcomed. Most world religions, including Judaism and Christianity, employ ritual. Think of the symbolism of Holy Communion, or the Sabbath supper eaten after sundown on Friday evenings. Apart from these religious ceremonies; however, ritual is sparse in Western society. Yes, candles are lit in honour of birthdays, and there are specific dishes connected with Christmas, Hanukah and Thanksgiving. But what about all the small celebrations? Those rites of passage that are part of

the human journey? One woman, newly divorced, baked a cake, iced on top with different shades on either side of a zigzag down the middle. She placed a photo of her ex-husband on one side of the zigzag, and of herself on the other. She'd cut a photo in half depicting both of them together. After lighting a candle, she burned the "husband" part of the photo and released the ashes into the air with good wishes for his future. Afterward, she felt changed: free to go her own way, live her own life. A man whose life had hit rock bottom went for psychological counseling. Several weeks later, no longer feeling suicidal, he flushed the stash of pills he'd intended to take down the toilet. Like the recently divorced woman, he made the occasion meaningful by adding in a bit of ceremony. It worked like magic, he said. His life took off again. Sir Walter Raleigh described magic as a route to "virtues hidden in the center of the center." Magic, he said, "bringeth to light the inmost virtues, and draweth them out of Nature's hidden bosom to human use.

dolezal consultants ltd. Personal Financial consulting services for Individuals, Families & Businesses Peter dolezal B.a., M.B.a. Author of:

• The Naked Homeowner • The Naked Traveller • The Smart Canadian Wealth-Builder Truly objective advice and assistance in developing your comprehensive FINANCIAL PLAN for Wealth Creation and Wealth Preservation

no Products to sell ensures objectivity contact: SEASIDE | september 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 29

Tiger Lily Events: Timeless Elegant Planning

Call Us So You Can Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy Your Event! Weddings • Anniversaries • Receptions Retreats • Corporate & Non-Corporate Events Honeymoons • Fundraisers • Charity Benefits Product Launches • Celebrations of Life … and any other event you desire!

2014 early Booking Bonus! Book by Sept. 30, 2013 & Receive:

Tara Keeping, IWPP, is a certified wedding and event planner, founder of Tiger Lily Events and the official 2012-2013 Wedding Planner for Your Victoria Wedding Magazine.


16-Day Shongololo Southern Cross Johannesburg - Victoria Falls Rail Journey


This is part of a rotating series of articles on members of Sidney Meet Up Women's Networking Group, featuring women in business on the Saanich Peninsula. You have a brand new sparkler on your finger and a wedding to plan! You were just promoted at work and are now in charge of organizing your company's annual conference! You have developed

Comfort Rail Safari From $5,087 per person sharing

• free pre night aboard the train • free alchohol on board • free Shongololo cap, t-shirt and overnight bag • free open vehicle game drive in Kruger

Call Carolyn o'Meara!

#116 - 4480 West Saanich Road, Victoria 250.412.1877 |

charity events such as family fun fairs, chili cook-offs and even Mad Hatter Tea Parties! Tara was raised in Nanaimo and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Journalism at the University of Victoria. Wanting to see more of the world, she spent three years in South Korea and Taiwan teaching English as a preschool teacher.

Tara Keeping: Tiger Lily Events by Arlene Antonik the world's best widget and want to hold a jazzin' party to launch it! Who can you call to help with all the planning involved? Fortunately, you have an expert nearby to keep you on track! Tara Keeping, owner of Sidney's Tiger Lily Events (, is a certified wedding and event planner ready to assist with all those pesky, myriad details so you can relax and enjoy your event. As Tara says: "no event is too big or too small – we plan them all!" This includes celebrations of all kinds including weddings, birthdays and anniversaries as well as corporate, fundraising, and

Coast Dental Care

Providing Comprehensive Dental Care in a Friendly, Professional and advanced environment 

3D & Digital Imaging

Implant Surgery  Wisdom Teeth Removal  Crown & Bridges  Professional Dental Hygiene  Cosmetic Dentistry  IV Sedation Available 

Nicole Wilford – Slegg Mortgage Being part of the Slegg Mortgage team and Dominion Lending Centres gives my clients access to the very best mortgage rates and options, as well as home improvement discounts and expertise at our Slegg Stores. Interest rates have fallen dramatically in the past couple of years. If you have an older line of credit agreement, call me for a quick chat as you could potentially save thousands of dollars. You’ve got nothing to lose and I promise you won’t regret it!

Trusted Mortgage Advisor

Dr. Mitra HasHeMi

#104 - 9845 Resthaven Drive, Sidney 250.656.1199 | 30 SEASIDE | september 2013

This was followed by eight years working as a flight attendant with Emirates Airline based out of Dubai. In 2008, Tara returned home to Nanaimo and assisted her parents in running their business, "Keeping House," a nine-bed, private retirement home. "This was a terrific training ground for me to learn about small business and public relations," Tara recalled. "I decided I wanted to pursue a business of my own and realized I had a passion for what up to then had been a hobby in helping friends and relatives plan

250.686.2927 • •

mortgage rates are Increasing … But are Still Incredibly Low! Take Advantage of the Opportunity While You Can

Call ShArOn BOLTOn: mOrTgAge SpeCIALIST 250-655-0632

for a complimentary review of your particular situation OAC • Rates subject to change Some conditions apply

Best rates. Best Service. Best results.

Health Within TCM & Acupuncture

We Can Help With Hormone Imbalance and Menopause Natural health care for your whole family by skilled and experienced practitioners 9156 Cresswell Rd, North Saanich (Up from The Roost & off McTavish Road)

9785 Fourth Street, Sidney

250-656-2067 •

weddings and other special events." Tara moved to Ottawa to attend the QC School of Event and Wedding Planning, earned her diploma as an International Wedding Planning Professional (IWPP), and established Tiger Lily Events in 2009. She settled in Sidney in April of 2012 and shortly afterwards, joined Sidney Meet Up. "Sidney Meet Up has helped me get involved with the community here such as hosting last month's mixer at Haro's Restaurant at the Sidney Pier Hotel. I've been able to meet local businesswomen in different lines of work and we're able to support each other in promoting our businesses and sometimes we do business with each other too!" Her years of experience in event planning and her travels to far-off lands have well-equipped Tara to offer world-class service and present a polished, professional look to her clients' events. "I am present at every event and have a great team to help bring it all together. I always have a contingency plan should something decide to go sideways – especially at weddings!" Tara's success in planning weddings was recognized recently by

Mikiala Christie BA, RAc, R.TCM.P

Your Victoria Wedding Magazine when Tiger Lily Events was chosen as their official wedding planner for 2012-2013. Tara provides tips in the magazine on such things as the dress, décor, jewelry and more! Each month for the past two years, Tara has co-hosted Shaw's The Show in Nanaimo and from time to time also hosts and produces shows with Shaw in Victoria. Last December, she hosted Holiday Cooking with Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich – Gulf Islands. It was through her involvement with the Green Party that she met campaign manager Jonathan Dickie. They soon discovered they had more in common than just politics! Their marriage this past spring was officiated by Elizabeth May and held at Church & State Wines in Brentwood Bay. "It was a beautiful setting for a wedding," reminisced Tara, "although I found myself in a different role, being the bride instead of the wedding planner which I prefer!" With their first child due this month, Tara will find herself in a new role again, that of mother – a very "special event" indeed!

"I realized I had a passion for what up to then had been a hobby."

Come and Welcome our New Certified Stylist Groomer, Masumi!

Open Tuesday through Saturday 9am - 5 pm (last appt at 2 pm)

For Little Paws Grooming Studio Big Paws Always Big Paws Welcome Too!

Call for Appointment From left to right: Alexandra, Carol-Marie, Always WelcomeMarilyn, Too! Janet & Chief!

Located close to the Marinas for

Located Close to the Marinas and Ferries for Convenience

Tuesday through Saturday convenience. 9am - 5pm

Carol-Marie Crofton, Janet Carol-Marie Crofton, JanetLynch, Lynch, #3-2490Call Bevan Sidney forAve, appointment owner professional groomer Owner Professional Groomer 778-426-2587 Tuesday through Saturday 9am - 5pm withwith ParkerParker with Marnie with Marnie w w #3-2490 Bevan Ave., Sidney

778-426-2587 #3-2490 Bevan Avenue, Sidney 778.426.2587 • www.




Call to book for K9 Brite Bark Oral Care Day!


DRIFTWOOD AD ADPROOF PROOF 24 hour response required PUBLICATION DATE: may 29, 2013 Please proof this ad carefully 24 hour response and reply ASAP withrequired your OK


Torch Awards Finalist

T.G.I. FOOTBALL! 20% Off All Reclining Upholstery* Mention this ad and receive free delivery to anywhere on the Saanich Peninsula! * sale ends Sept. 30th, 2013

by Hjellegjerde

Fabulous COMFORT, Incredible VALUE!


9819 Fifth Street 250-655-SHOP The Perfect Complement to Those West Coast Fall BBQ’s!

Liquor Store Good Spirits. Great Value. 9 am - 11 pm 7 days a week Friend us – Liquor Express

Follow us – @liquorexpressbc

Saanichton: 2134 Keating X Road 250-652-4400 • Tillicum: 3170 Tillicum Road 250-384-0060 • Yates: 759 Yates Street 250-384-4136, ext. 3 32 SEASIDE | september 2013

v eterinary v oice we're all familiar with Seeing eye dogs, but there are many different animals used for therapeutic and helping purposes

Pampered People, You Say? by Dr. Shelley Breadner

We love to

pamper our pets, and their happy faces bring joy to our lives. Beyond that, do you know that many animals go beyond bringing joy and dedicate their lives for our benefit? Many elderly people remain healthy in their own homes

because they share their lives with a pet. We are all familiar with Seeing Eye dogs that help people to navigate their surroundings. There are many types of service assistance dogs. What about hearing assistance dogs? They alert their owners to doorbells, alarms, telephone calls and more. Other dogs assist disabled people with retrieving objects, turning the pages of a book, opening and closing doors, pulling wheelchairs and more. Dogs can alert their people of an impending seizure, and help them get to a safe place before it happens. A great commitment by many is involved in training dogs to be assistance dogs, and we benefit from their efforts. Service dogs work with police to apprehend criminals. Others work solely as "sniffer" dogs that detect hidden contraband. This can range from illegal food items to drugs and bombs. Interestingly, rats have also been trained to identify land mines. They are light enough to cover the ground without triggering an explosion. Horses are used as therapy animals; riding and gentle interaction greatly benefits those with autism, cerebral palsy and other diseases. Therapy horses are also beneficial in supporting people with personal strife or mental health issues. Medical uses with dogs include early detection of cancer in individuals before any medical screening is able to identify disease. The now famous cat Oscar has resided in a nursing home in New England and has predicted imminent death in over 50 elderly residents. This

may seem gruesome to ponder, but the generally unsociable cat keeps vigil over the terminally ill people until they pass. Oscar has been so reliable that the medical team utilizes his behaviour to alert family members in time for them to attend the elder's bedside before passing. These are domesticated animals we have been speaking about, yet there are instances of wild animals that have assisted humans in various ways. Dolphins are very well known for intercepting and assaulting sharks when they are lurking around surfers and swimmers. For 24 years (1888 to 1912), the famous dolphin Pelorus Jack guided ships through the perilous waters of the Marlborough Sounds between the north and south islands of New Zealand. Even by night, Pelorus Jack could be seen in the bio-luminescence guiding the ships to safety. So next time you wake up, thank the bees, the birds and all the animals that bring us joy and provide for us without hesitation. How much more pampered can we be? For more information visit

land ’ s end the height of luxury

Board your cat worry-free at Land’s End Cat Resort. Designed by Keith Baker, this kitty-only retreat offers 16 bright, private rooms with heated tile floors, AC, large screened windows and very comfortable beds. Proprietor Dr. Blythe Baillie provides exceptional care for your cat with over 20 years of veterinary experience. Give your cat a vacation too. quiet rural setting

– cats only – close to airport & ferry

1434 laurel road, north saanich, bc // 250-656-1999 info @ landsendcat . com // landsendcat . com

Sidney ’s Pet Centre Proudly Serving Sidney and the Peninsula for 25 Years Come See Us for All of Your Pet’s Needs! #4-9769 Fifth St., Sidney 250-656-3314 www. SEASIDE | september 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 33

Moose Hall Revitalized: Treasures, magic and stories by Doreen Marion Gee

the old attic, now located in Saanichton's 1898 "Moose Hall," caters to every taste and desire

When you purchase a collectible or an

antique at The Old Attic, you are also buying a fascinating piece of past or recent history. Almost every exquisite item – old or new – has a tantalizing human story behind it. At The Old Attic, the word "beauty" takes on a new life. The owners choose their treasures based on their creative explosion on our senses: how they delight the eye and grab the mind – whatever their age or pedigree. The Old Attic caters to every taste and desire, setting the imagination on fire. Entering The Old Attic store in Saanichton, I felt spellbound within my wildest fantasy: a magical wonderland of exotic collectibles and fine works of art lining every wall to the ceiling. The owners, Lynne Parker and Vic Clive, love what they do and the customers they serve. They formed a partnership in 2010 selling vintage, modern, retro and antiques. The Old Attic business has evolved from a business park warehouse enterprise to their brand new beautiful digs at 7925 East Saanich Road. Housed in an old-time 1898 "Moose Hall," it is one of the four oldest buildings in Saanichton. At The Old Attic, "beauty" is independent of time and judgement; the owners showcase items that simply stir our passions. Along

34 SEASIDE | september 2013

with premium quality, the owners value the "specialness" of their treasures: "Our stuff is eclectic. It doesn't have to be antique or 400 years old. It has to be really interesting – that is the stuff that we want! That is what piques our interest." Hypnotized by an eccentric end table with a metal snake wrapped around it, I

"Our stuff is eclectic. It doesn't have to be antique or 400 years old. It has to be really interesting – that is the stuff we want!" was amazed to discover that it was made from a chainsaw, right down to the slithery reptile with nail fangs. The tale behind the collectible is equally valuable to Lynne and Vic: "If it has a back story behind it, that's even cooler." An old typewriter sits at the front of their store with a CBC sticker from a Vancouver newsroom on it, whetting my "journalist" appetite (I wonder what breaking news changed history from those metal keys!). Just after they opened, an old red trunk crossed their door

that had been in an 1895 California hotel. Inside the trunk were road pictures of the hotel – which burned down five years later. Lynn: "We research everything before we sell it. If there is a story behind an item, we tell the story as well." Customers are very eager to hear the tale behind the treasure: "It makes it just that more special." The sky is the limit at The Old Attic: old, new, furniture, paintings, artwork, an old mandolin, a Coca-Cola lamp, an exquisite 400-year-old cabinet-hutch-writing-desk combination, vinyl LPs, a fabulous chunky table made from re-purposed wood, antiques, old musical scores and a breathtaking etched glass swan that changes from turquoise to vermillion. Recently, a young collector brought in his array of Egyptian and Roman antiquities. Every item at the Old Attic is in premium condition and "priced very appropriately for the Victoria market." Visiting The Old Attic was a thrilling time machine ride, flying back and forth at a heady pace – complete with stories of human passion and intrigue and an over-arching sense of transcendent authentic beauty. For more info, visit Picture by Doreen Marion Gee.

Hope Floats On September 8th, paddlers of all levels will kayak across Cadboro Bay to raise funds for InspireHealth and integrative cancer care in British Columbia. This summer will mark the sixth year for Kayak for a Cure, a Vancouver-based society that donates 100% of their event proceeds to charities close to their hearts. This annual fundraising challenge is open to the public and holds very special significance for the participants, most of who have been touched by cancer, either directly or indirectly. Many are cancer survivors themselves or living with a diagnosis of cancer; others are paddling as a unique way to support or honour a loved one. Paddling with Kayak for a Cure Victoria for the second consecutive year is Isabel Cordua-von Specht, an InspireHealth member. For Isabel, participating in last year's event was an expression of deep gratitude for all that InspireHealth had given her. "Getting involved was a way for me to give back," says Isabel, "InspireHealth helped me move towards a much deeper sense of health in all aspects of my life." Hoping to share her experience is what inspired Isabel to take to the waters: "I wanted to help raise InspireHealth's profile in Victoria so that others could benefit just like I had. Kayak for a Cure 2012 was a highlight for me in a treatment-filled year!" Kayak for a Cure™ was launched in 2006 in Vancouver. The society's mission is to organize and sustain community kayak events around the world to support cancer research and prevention programs. Through kayaking, their goals are to build community, provide inspiring experiences and raise money to support research and cancer prevention. InspireHealth has been the fortunate benefactor of this extraordinary event for three years. Last summer, the events hosted in Vancouver and Victoria raised over $50,000 in support of integrative cancer care. On event day, kayakers are divided into pods based on experience and are supported by professional safety guides. The event is followed by a beach party and barbecue for all paddlers and their loved ones. For more information on the event visit

Same Great Pub; Now Family Friendly!

Liquor Store On Site!

New KID’S Section: • Kid’s Menu

A Boarding Kennel that loves your pets as much as you do.

• Comfortable, clean & healthy fresh air environment • Quality, nutritious foods • Exercise yards up to one quarter acre • Feline “Cuddle Time” • K-9 Playschool course • All managerial staff “Certified Kennel Technicians” • Recommended by veterinarians • Full grooming services available

• Acitivity Sheets • High chairs & booster seats

“Large portions … excellent food. New restaurant area is kid friendly. Great selection of beers. Well worth the visit.” (

7806 East Saanich Road Saanichton 250.652.1575

A Full Service Animal Care Facility

250-652-2301 2918 Lamont Road, Saanichton • email: Just minutes from Victoria Airport & BC Ferries Terminal SEASIDE | september 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 35

Warning: W3 is Contagious! Have you heard about the new game "sweeping the

Looking for a PLace to Meet?

nation?" Commonly known as W3, Wonderful Word Weaving is truly addictive. Created by two scrabble enthusiasts living on Salt Spring Island, W3 could easily be described as Scrabble for one without a board. Children as young as nine or as old as 99 can quickly learn to play the game. It begins with a player rolling the dice onto a playing surface. One can play it on one's own patio table, at the beach on a tray, or even on an airplane! The challenge is to manipulate the 24 dice facing upwards to compose words and connect them in a grid. The ultimate challenge is to use all letters in as few words as possible, however, unlike Scrabble, words, even once they have been placed into the grid position, can be changed, rearranged, reworked, eliminated, broken down or even added to! While the manual gives suggestions as to how the game can be played by two to six people, the real beauty of it is that it can be played by just one person and that person doesn't need any type of electronic device in order to play. Each game can take as little as five minutes or, if one gets a really challenging set of dice at the time of the initial toss, it can take 20 minutes or more to solve the round. It is an ideal gift for an elderly person, especially one who is alone. Recently I had the chance to play with a person with early Alzheimer's and in minutes she understood how to play and easily took to the game. It's that easy! Kids too have shown incredible interest! W3 is available at SeaSide Home and Garden, at 2428 Beacon Avenue in Sidney.

simple | circulation | balance | bone density | posture weight loss | strength | certified trainer | balance circulation | effective effective| posture | bone density posture | weight loss | strength | certified trainer balance | bone density | private | circulation | certified trainer

✓ Great Coffee & Tea ✓ Lots of Parking ✓ Quiet Atmosphere ✓ Now oPeN TiLL 9:30 pm!

Your Body is Amazing!

Primary Logo:

There are over 650 Muscles in the Human Body One 15-minute Vibes Workout Free Will Engage 100% of Them! Trial! Primary Logo Reversed:

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First Annual Sidney Literary Festival Events

Dance Classes

With less than two months before the new Sidney Literary Festival October 4th to 6th, several engaging and entertaining fundraising events are planned in the run-up to the Festival. On Friday, September 13th at 7 p.m. at the Red Brick Café in Sidney, an evening of readings by self-published authors will introduce a diverse lineup of local writers including T.M "Scotty" Gardiner reading from his memoir, My Life as a Mountie; mystery writer Ruth Wellburn reading from The Devil's Ruse; Hugh Richards reading from his travel book Reflections on Three Oceans; and Karen McCoy reading from One Rep at a Time. Tickets for this event are $5 at Tanner's Books in Sidney. On Friday, September 20th at the Red Brick Cafe, Salt Spring Island resident Patrick Taylor will read from and discuss his very popular series of stories about an Irish country doctor. Tickets ($10) are available at Tanner's Books. Several artists have generously donated works of art for a silent auction in support of the Festival. The art will be on display at the Red Brick Café until September 13th. Bid sheets will be available at the Café. Contributing artists include Kathleen Lane, Betty Rollins, Stephanie Steel, Keith Levang, Richard Julien and Wendy Picken. The Peninsula Gallery has contributed a limited edition print by Pierre Francis Surtees and a framed photograph by David Donaldson. On October 4th, 5th and 6th, the Sidney Literary Festival will host 14 award-winning writers whose genres include mystery, war, children's literature, poetry, short stories and local life. The Festival will begin Friday evening with a hosted author presentation at North Saanich Middle School and continue Saturday with an Author Breakfast at the Sidney Pier Hotel, a series of readings and adult, children's and teen workshops to be held in local venues. Tickets for all events except the breakfast will be available from Tanner's Bookstore. Tickets for the Author Breakfast will be available at The Pier Hotel. For details, visit

Join in the Fun of League Bowling!

Leagues for All Ages • Registrations Begin in September For More Information Call or Drop In

Ballroom Tango Rhumba Line Dance Ukrainian Clogging 250.656.7271 PET FOOD PLUS


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dly u o r P ing serv ey Sidn r fo rs! ea y 1 1 PET FOOD PLUS

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seaside arts scene by Gillian Crowley Is there something happening in the Peninsula or Gulf Islands Art Scene we should know about? Email September 1st feels like New Year's Day with the start of so many fresh new experiences, art shows and continuous learning opportunities. Here's just a wee sampling.

Shakespeare by the Sea Head down to the bandshell next to Sidney's wharf to enjoy Sidney Shakespeare by the Sea – a new festival. Five performances and two plays: A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet. The comedic Dream demonstrates the range of Shakespeare's imaginative sources, referencing Greek mythology and English fairytales and parodying theatrical conventions of his day, such as men playing women's roles. Or take your date to see one of history's most romantic tragedies as lovers Romeo and Juliet try to overcome deep-seated family feuds. Action, poetry and a spectacular setting. What could be better? Tickets $25; www./tides or call 250-656-0275. Proceeds support Victoria Shakespeare by the Sea and Discovery Dance Theatre. For full details visit Performance Sept. 6th, 7:30 pm @ the Charlie White Theatre, Mary Winspear Centre. Performances Sept. 7th and 8th @ 2 and 7 p.m., Beacon Park outside (festival seating). *Romeo and Juliet performed only on September 8th. Outside performances may

be moved to the Charlie White Theatre if weather dictates.

First Nations, Inuit and Métis Art Show and Sale Drop by the Mary Winspear Centre to see an amazingly diverse display of arts and crafts created by local Coast Salish artists and many other First Peoples throughout Canada. Now in its fifth year, this art show is the largest of its kind in Canada. Artistic expressions include carving, weaving, prints, fabric art, drums, rattles, pottery, beading, leather work, painting and jewelry. Stories and music will add to the ambiance of this ever-changing display. The artists pay no fee and entry is free thanks to the Province of British Columbia, Saanich Peninsula Foundation Society, the Mary Winspear Centre and the Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula. See article on page 69 for further details. September 24th through October 12th. Free Admission. Mary Winspear Centre, 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney.

Schumann: His Life and Music Engage your gray cells with a UVic Continuing Studies course focused on Robert Schumann, a "quintessential" fiqure in the early Romantic movement. Instructor Kevin Bazzana writes about classical music for the Times Colonist and is the author of three books about pianists. It's not necessary to have any formal music

training to enjoy and learn from this course held at the Mary Winspear Centre. A variety of other UVic courses are also available, from birding to origins of art. Wednesdays, September 25th to October 30th, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Registration: community or 250-472-4747.

Musical Tributes This is the month for tribute shows at the Charlie White Theatre: The Legendary Platters, September 7th; A Night of Bowie, September 13th; and U4 – The Ultimate Tribute to U2. Information and tickets: 250-656-0275 or

Articulated Materials: Bridging Waters This month the Community Arts Centre will host a transAtlantic textile exhibition created by Articulation (Canadian) and Material Girls (British), two artist collectives that have explored their respective iconic waterways – the Bay of Fundy and the River Thames. Following a successful 2012 tour in England, the exhibition is travelling across Canada stopping in Winnipeg, Sidney and Saint John. More on their textile art at and http://articulationtextilegroup. September 1st to 14th, Tulista Park Community Arts Centre, Sidney (near Anacortes Ferry Terminal). 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

… Where the happy kids live, laugh and learn The Playhouse “We love everything about Playhouse!”

~ Moss and Bridger, 3 & 4

Infant/Toddler Care • Daycare • Out of School Care • Pro D Days • Winter • Spring Break • Summer

1080 Cypress Road, Nor th S aanich • 250-656-2567 • w w 38 SEASIDE | september 2013 |

Back to School With

Authentic Indian Cuisine Made Simple & Easy!

Daksha’s Gourmet Spices 100% Pure Spice No Salt or MSG added Certified Gluten Free Curry Mixes Chai Spice & Chai Latte Cookbooks

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WestCoast ECO Home

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WestCoast ECO Home: Pushing Parameters by Doreen Marion Gee This is the first in a four-part series on some of the unique and local shops the Saanich Peninsula has to offer. "We all have to live in the same house. Wouldn't it be fabulous if everybody had the same respect for each other and their house! It is the same on planet earth." Anita Rydygier, proprietor of WestCoast ECO Home in Sidney, is a long-term thinker with a philosophy of living simpler and living better. Her progressive ideas are pushing boundaries with a whole new paradigm of health and sustainability. WestCoast ECO Home stemmed from the ECO Design business of Anita's partner, J.C. Scott, an interior designer who has been promoting eco-sustainable healthy green interiors for 30 years. Anita sells furniture, handmade crafts, lighting, jewelry, carpets and skin care products at her attractive, glistening store. Her place is a step into the future: all natural green products, created or grown without chemicals, and healthy for humans and the planet. The furniture has no glues or varnishes and their carpets are chemical-free – easy on us and the environment. Some items are made from recycled and reclaimed wood, helping to lessen our imprint on planet earth. Her skin care and health care products are chemical-free, with no formaldehydes and no parabens. "It is about nourishment and protection." Anita talked about a woman with chronic psoriasis who had given up all hope until she got the gentle healing relief of the cream at WestCoast ECO.

WestCoast ECO Home operates under a new paradigm, a new longterm way of thinking. The whole philosophy of their store is "value for money:" providing beauty, sustainability, and local products. WestCoast ECO products may cost a little more, "but the value is exponential:" their health-enhancing features have the potential to result in incredible long-term health care savings. Organic food is a useful analogy. A small extra cost ensures more nutrients for the dollar, longer lasting food, and a well-nourished family with lasting health benefits. Anita's mantra is buy less, but own the best. Anita loves to showcase the work of gifted and talented artisans on Vancouver Island. She sees her store as a return to a time of handmade craftsmanship – before the industrial age. Her exquisite products "just emanate the passion and love of the artist and what the craftsman put into it. Artists push the parameters of society. Creativity should be prevalent in our lives. We need innovation, we need to move forward or else we will be stagnant." In her store's "Mission Statement," Anita is dedicated to her progressive work: "Our retail and online stores are committed to providing our customers with products that are healthy for people, healthy for homes and healthy for our fragile planet." Anita is pushing the edges of our own collective limited mindset. We should listen. Contact:


Glass Fusing and Contemporary Ceramics Studio * Birthday parties * Corporate Events * * Ladies’ Night * * Pro-D Fun Days * March Break * * Classes and Workshops *

Drop-ins always welcome, no commitment, no experience necessary! 9774B Third Street, Sidney

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New Fruit Vinegars of the Season are Ready Using Local Fruit: NEW! Strawberry with Douglas Fir – Come in for a Sample! Gourmet Foods • Pastas • Soups • Fruit Elixirs • Teas Specialty Packaging and a Unique Line of Specialty Cards

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Memories of the Green Farm by Gillian Crowley

fred green has fond memories of his family's farm, long replaced by high speed traffic and subdivisions

On your next drive south on the Pat Bay

Highway, imagine what you'd see near Elk and Beaver Lakes back in the 1940s and '50s. Near the present rowing club, a young boy herds dairy cattle onto the meadow and further south, strawberry fields and orchards spread across the current tarmac, sweeping down to the lakes. On the corner of Haliburton and the old winding highway, local fruit farmers bring their produce to be shipped from a Saanich Fruit Growers Association stand. Fred Green has fond memories of these sights and his family's farm, long replaced by high speed traffic and subdivisions. A retired B.C. judge who still rides a Harley at 76, Fred recalls his life on the farm encouraged independence and a love of challenges. Rural life was much freer then for kids even though they had to work hard. Fred says: "As the eldest, at age eight I was allowed to drive the tractor in the fields and by age 10 I was driving our 1936 Ford three-ton farm truck on the hay fields and nearby gravel roads. At 11 I was blowing out stumps to clear land." In 1942, Fred's father Ivan and four uncles pooled their money to buy about 45 acres of bush now bounded by Santa Clara, Walema and Del Monte Avenues and Destrube Place. The extended Green family had to clear half the land of second growth trees and later

bought another 20 acres for their "dry" cows where today's Silver Rill farm stands. The Green farm ran a mixed operation with 25 dairy cattle, more than 750 layers and 500 broiler chickens, several sows, an apple orchard and fields of "mangels" (fodder beets), hay and strawberries. During World War II, horses were still used for plowing but by 1945 the family had acquired a tractor

A retired B.C. judge, Fred Green recalls his life on the farm encouraged independence and a love of challenges. assembled from old car parts from Hafer's machine shop on Island View Road. Farming could be a dangerous occupation, especially with unpredictable animals. Fred has vivid memories of the day the hired man, who had the horse team attached to a vicious looking hay rake, walked the rig's centre pole to adjust the harnesses. Suddenly the horses startled, galloping off around the field with the man clinging to the pole for dear life. "My Uncle Harold ran to grab a halter but the horses kept going and he couldn't hang

on. Knowing the rake was behind, he flung himself off as far as possible, but the end of the rake hit his head. I'll never forget that awful sight," says Fred. The adults drove the hurt man all the way to Jubilee Hospital and fortunately he survived his injuries. From 1942 to 1946, Fred's immediate family plus his Uncle Harold and Aunt Kate lived together in one house. Eventually enough land was cleared that the families could build separate houses. Welcome in all three family homes, Fred remembers learning something different from each relative. "Dad taught me carpentry, Uncle Harold taught me farming and Uncle Stan helped me develop my love of fishing." Eventually Fred's father returned to construction full-time, Stan became a building inspector for Saanich, and bachelor Harold continued farming on a smaller scale. The land was sold in the early '60s. Despite later residential development, the house Fred grew up in is still standing on Del Monte. Recalling farm life, Fred says: "I loved the freedom, the space and the variety of activities – the vet's arrival, breeding the cows, castrating the hogs and speeding down the hills on the tractor." Are they all good memories? "No, I certainly wouldn't want to go back to hand hoeing the big mangel field or mucking out the chicken houses!"


We grow, harvest and prepare...


Farm Estate Wines & Wood Fired Oven

you experience it.


Open Year Round for Tastings & Tours, 11 am - 4pm June 1st - September 30th: Daily October 1st - May 31st: Weds - Sun (& most holiday Mondays)

9100 East Saanich Road at McTavish Bistro 250-655-0009 Bakery 250-655-0075

2487 Mt. St. Michael Rd, Saanichton 250.544.4824 â??

The Roost:

by Barry Mathias

A passionate farm experience When Dallas Bohl married Sarah, he became part of a 10-acre farm, Highland House, established by her father Hamish Crawford, who bought the land in 1989. Hamish had a desire to build a bakery and sell bread and baked goods produced entirely on the farm. In 2002 The Roost was established, and is now owned and operated by Dallas and Sarah, while Hamish continues to grow the wheat, cultivate blueberries and manage the chickens, eggs, and even sheep. "Over the years we expanded,"says Dallas, "and built a wood fired oven, which is open from June to September." There are delightful areas to eat the Roost's wholesome food, including the porch, the secret garden and picnic benches overlooking the vineyard. Dallas is an enthusiastic man who stresses the importance of the local farm and vineyard experience. "We planted the vines nearly seven years ago and began with a white wine called Siegerrebe, with the Highland House logo." The name is German for Victory Vine; it is low in acid and has a fine bouquet. "It accounts for 80% of our wine

sales." Recently a delicious ginger wine has also been introduced, and both estate wines are a complement to the tempting menu. "We have had huge support from the community, who appreciate this family venture." Dallas smiles, as a child demands his attention. We discuss the family's next project, which is the construction of a building he calls "The Castle." "Imagine a doughnut- shaped building with a courtyard in the middle, that will include a winery, a wine bistro and patio, a cellar, a storage area and a restaurant," he explains. But, the family's plans have been stalled while they battle with the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC). In theory, they are attempting to achieve what the Commission encourages, but in practice the ALC's staff have been "unhelpful." "Often, the building development precedes the establishment of a farm; in our case we have the working farm and vineyard, and need the building to accommodate our expansion. North Saanich Council is unable to respond until the ALC decides to act." The Roost is well known in North Saanich for its excellent food and congenial atmosphere. Dallas agrees that his typical day is never "typical," being a fine balance between family, firing the wood oven, welcoming visitors, and dealing with more than 30 employees. When I visited, the place was abuzz with activity: smiling staff, well-priced food and a whole farm experience.

Tasting Room & Wine Shop Open 11 to 5 Tuesday to Sunday


Wine Tasting 11:00 am – 6:00 pm daily Lunch in the Bistro Wednesday to Sunday Reserve @ 250-652-2671 Best Red Wine in Canada 2011 Winner


Relax in the Vineyard Terrace Bacchus Room for Special Events

Join the Muse Wine Club


Open for the Summer 11 to 4 pm

Lunch served Thursday to Sunday 250-656-2552 11195 Chalet Road, N. Saanich








1 7


B I R C H R D .


. I A A V E

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. V E . E Y A



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R . N D



Organic is de Vine!

t P o r a p S e

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A W . S


V E . N R Y A

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W A I N R D .

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M c T A V I S H R D .


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3 r d

M I L L S R D .


V E . A N A


V E . A R D A

by Barry Mathias











Local vineyards are unique: some emphasize food as a way of selling their wine, some promote musical and dramatic events, 2 B R E N T W O O D B A Y but de Vine Vineyards concentrates solely on the production S of fine organic wines. "I'm passionate about agriculture, and 1 7 vineyards are a natural fit," says Ryan Windsor, sales director of de Vine Vineyards and president of the Wine Island Vintners 3 Association (WIVA). 5 This 27-acre vineyard was established in 2007 by John and Cathy Windsor, who wanted to start a family business and be R o y a l O a k W e s t closer to their two sons, Chris and Ryan, and their wives, Natalie S a a n i c h R I n t S A A N I C H e r u d 1 r b a n B u r n s i d and Helen. "Like many of our friends who run vineyards in e M c K e n z i e Church & State Wines 1 1 7 11am to 6 pm. this area, we learned on the job," says Ryan. He pays tribute to Tastings in the Wine Bar: every day from V I E W 1 4 R O Y A L Bistro: Wednesday through Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm. L A N G F O R D winemaker Ken Winchester, who advised them on the original 1 A I s l a n d H planting of Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and the remarkable Austrian w y . deVine Vineyards 1 A Tastings: Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm. G o l d white Grüner Veltliner (Grü-V), and guided them through the G o r s t r e H i l l s i d e g e Open a mweekdays by appointment only; call 250-665-6983. winemaking process. B a y Muse Winery The family lives on the property and manages the organic estate E S Q U I M A L T Concert R O Y A L – Prelude to August: E s q u i m a l t C O L W O O D R O A D S with the help of only two full-time staff. "To establish a successful D N Dand concertmaster; Lorraine Min, K e l l y Tam, violinist Terry vineyard you need three things: the 'wine bug,' plenty of capital pianist. Program will feature Debussy, 1 Ysaye, Chopin, 1 4 Pablo de Sarasate and Franck. Tickets $20, available J o h n W e b b e r and a load of good advice," says Ryan. With most vineyards it is p a c i f i c s a f e t y @ s h a w . c a V I C T O R I A at Muse Winery (11195 Chalet D a l l a s Rd, North Saanich), three to four years before owners get any real return on their hard M E T C H O S I N Tanner's Books in Sidney and at the door on J U A N D E F U C A S T R A I T work and investment. the evening of the performance. On their warm, south-facing ridge, de Vine grows organic Feast of Fields: Muse Winery will be in attendance at this event in Metchosin September 22nd. Visit grapes, which means that manpower replaces pesticides and for full details. synthetic fertilizers in the ongoing care of the vines. "We Roost Farm Centre are constantly learning," Ryan says. When they first arrived, Tastings: Every day from 12 - 9 pm. Enjoy a glass with a neighbouring vineyards, including Dragonfly Hill Vineyard wood-fired pizza in our Highland House Bistro! and Winery, Symphony Vineyards and Victoria Spirits, were Sea Cider very supportive. "We have close ties with growers in the south Tours and Tastings: Open year-round – June 1st to Okanagan, as well as locally," he notes. The results include a fineSeptember 30th daily from 11 am - 4 pm. October 1st to bodied Merlot and a cool Pinot Gris. Ryan is particularly proud of May 31st open Wednesday through Sunday 11 am - 4 pm. their Grü-V wine, which is "a hot seller." In the atmospheric tasting room, visitors can sample a range Vineyard of wines and be entertained by knowledgeable staff, and visit the impressive winery with its spotless steel vats. "We don't do food," he says. "But we encourage people to bring their own picnic, Winery which they can enjoy with a glass of wine on our deck." The view, which encompasses the Gulf Islands, the Strait of Georgia and Tasting Room glimpses of Mount Baker, is magnificent, making a visit to de Vine a memorable occasion. Ryan admits to being "very optimistic about the future of the wine industry." The Vineyard is open from May through Labour Day. During September, their hours of opening are Saturdays and Sundays only, deVineVineyards from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. S I D E D R










I S L . V I E W R D






M T . N E W T O N X R D .

S T E L L Y ’ S X R D
















B e a r M t n .



Summer Winery Events P r o s p e c t L a k e

M t . D o u g l a s


i r a

c u

H a r

r i e


T i l l i

I s l a n d H


A d m

w y .

r i a l

e m o


V e t e r a n ’ s M

J a c k l i

S o o k e R d .

P a n d o r a

J o h n s o n

i e l d

i r f

F a


B e l l e v i l l e

C o o k



L e t o r i a

M o s s

H a p p y V a l l e y


B e a c h

Q u a d r a

e r

D o u g l a s

G o v e r n m e n t

w l o g f

e a n

Y a t e s

M e t c


a i C r

O c



F o r t

t o S o o k e

F o u l B a y




U V i c

S h e l b o u r n e

i d n s

r B u

B l a n s h a r d

l s

S p e n


Q u a d r a

c e r


C M a p b y :


i n h o s


A l b e r t H e a d


6181B Old West Saanich Road

(250) 665-6983



trends p otting

Fall … West Coast Style

Get Together Time for a girls' night out? Whether celebrating a special event such as a birthday, retirement or just spending time together, Danielle Studios offers a fun relaxed atmosphere where you do not have to be artsy to be creative! Treat family and friends to beautiful hand-crafted items made by you! (prices start at $15) Danielle Studios 9774-B Third St, Sidney

Yes We CAN! September is the time for getting kids back to school and little backpacks need to be filled for lunches; some need help. Join the trend in giving what you can and have fun at the Family Food Bank event on September 14th at the Sidney Centre (beside Capital Iron).Sidney businesses make it easy to shop and share; every coin and every can counts. Sidney Lions Food Bank 9586 5th St, Sidney

The Valco Baby Spark stroller is the epitome of today's top baby trends in one transforming package. With eye-popping colour options and a unique 3-in-1 seat, the Spark easily converts from a bassinet pram to a rear or forward facing stroller with a few simple clicks. The Spark stroller is just one of the many modern and innovative baby products available at Momease Baby Boutique at Mattick’s Farm. ($499.99) Momease Baby Boutique #121 - 5325 Cordova Bay Rd, Victoria

Going Strong Magic food and drink combinations keep your system strong this fall. Try a combination of ginger, mango, lemon and local wheat grass created by the magic sister team of Toast Café. Grilled sandwiches, soup or salads – all of them have that special touch. Charm, quality and taste … all in one! (vitamin C smoothie $5.50, ROM favourite sandwich $6.50) Toast Café 2400 Bevan Ave, Sidney 250.665.6234

Books As New For You! Whether you're looking for recent titles for yourself or have kids you need to get reading, Dr. Mallard's Just Ducky Books has something for you. Mallard stocks comics and manga to get youngsters interested, and clean, gently used books and paperbacks for all interests. Easy on both your wallet and your nervous system, this could be the new trend in used books. Dr. Mallard's Just Ducky Books #7 - 9765 5th St, Sidney (by Capital Iron)

44 SEASIDE | september 2013 |

photos by • special thanks to trendspotter Susi McMillan

A Colourful Spark


September 2013


Aneye Artist's for Detail Salt Spring Home a Delight for the Senses

Creating the Home of Infinite Good Taste Story by Barry Mathias | Photography by

The attractive new home of Karl and Celia Meade sits comfortably in its landscaped garden. A sloping driveway passes a cottage, now Karl's office and Celia's studio, and a pair of stone steps leads down to the front door. Each step has ornate patterns of blue tiles, and thyme grows in the cracks of the stone patio. "The building was completed six months ago," Celia says, as we sit in the airy lounge. My first impression of this house is of space, light,

46 SEASIDE homes | september 2013

and a sensitive blend of stone and wood. From the windows there are dramatic perspectives of bustling Ganges Harbour, while inside there is a sense of peace and tranquility. "We wanted the windows to provide us with good views, but to be equally attractive from the outside," says Karl, who is a geological and geophysical engineer. Celia has an MA in fine arts and interior design, and with a thick file of ideas was responsible for the subtle blending of colors and textures throughout the building, and for choosing the distinctive and unusual light fixtures which adorn every room. "My father was a practising surgeon on Salt Spring; we've lived here for 12 years." Their original house on this site did not prove suitable for the changes they wished to make, and they were advised to demolish it and rebuild on the footprint. Trevor Wilson, a director of Wilco Construction Ltd., was the project manager, responsible for the demolition and the construction, and he worked with the Meades on the interior and exterior design. "We've known Trevor for a long time and he and his firm have an excellent reputation," Celia says. I meet Wilco's Mary Ellen Henderson, who is the firm's project coordinator and has worked with Karl and Celia for the past two years. "It was a luxury to work with people who knew what they wanted to achieve," she says. It was her job to coordinate the many skilled artisans who worked to achieve the originality and distinction of this house. A high, curved cherry wood ceiling with hidden lights gives the lounge a sense of grandeur that is enhanced by a wall of local grey and imported light blue stone that rises 25 feet, embracing the woodburning stove. The hearth extends nine feet and is a single

From the windows there are dramatic perspectives of bustling Ganges Harbour, while inside there is a sense of peace and tranquility.

piece of local sandstone; the effect is tactile. Throughout the house, the warmth of arbutus floors enhances antique glass book cabinets. The design of this house incorporates delightful sight lines and an artist's eye for detail: the spacious bedrooms look out on the marina, and have individually designed washrooms. The one attached to the master bedroom is a triumph of fossil-marble, tile and glass, with luxurious fittings. The large kitchen, with its granite and fossil-marble tops, a tiled wall of robin's egg blue and a walk-in larder, is a chef's delight. Even the laundry room is elegant, with stainless steel appliances and sea-violet tiles. A craftsman-built staircase leads to the daughters' bedrooms, while downstairs the rooms are designed for activity and leisure. These include a comfortable television room, a spa with a hot tub outside, and two fascinating rooms. Continued next page


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ART to live in

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The first is Karl’s wine "cellar," with its climate-controlled racks of Australian, Californian Our design process enables us to respond to each client with meaningful and B.C. wines set on dialogue resulting in a design collaborative producing unique residential designs with distinction an intricately patterned Pour des corrections, avec votre conseillerdans 48 heure ommuniquer avec votre conseillerdans les 48 heures . / For corrections, please veuillez contact communiquer your Consultant within 48 hours .les marble floor. "I'm still learning about wines," Veuillez apposer votre signature pour e pour Signature _____________________ Signature ______________________________________________________________________________________ Karlapprobation jokes. "I’maujourd’hui. not an confirmer votre jourd’hui. Nom / Name ___________________ Nom / Name ______________________________________________________ Date ________________________ is their Daniel Boot Please sign toexpert." confirm Opposite your approval today. roval today. J’ai pris connaissance des conditions au ve J’ai pris connaissance des conditions au verso et j’y consens. / I have read the conditions on the reverse and I accept them. Pour des corrections, veuillez communiquer avec votre conseillerdans les workout 48 space, heures which . / For corrections, please contact your Consultant within 48 hours ph. 250 889 2584 a1guest room with the help an100.0% elegantlyde framed Murphy Annonce diffusée estofde la taille réelle impr nnonce diffusée est Veuillez de 100.0% de la taillepour réelle imprimés. 14661997AB / Ad shown isdoubles 100.0% actual printed size. Page 1 as ofof apposer votre signature Signature ______________________________________________________________________________________ confirmer votre approbation aujourd’hui. bed; it looks like an antique cupboard with its vibrant wormy Nom / Name ______________________________________________________ Date ________________________ Please sign to confirm your approval today. maple finish. J’ai pris connaissance des conditions au verso et j’y consens. / I have read the conditions on the reverse and I accept them. Outside, the sloping gardens and blue tiled steps lead to a long 14661997AB Page 1 of 1 Annonce diffusée est de 100.0% de la taille réelle imprimés. / Ad shown is 100.0% of actual printed size. and magnificent wooden dock, with intricate lighting and attractive balusters. At the end of the dock, which is suitable for floatplanes to moor, the views of the house reveal a perfect symmetry of windows, Contemporary Residential Designs roof and embracing trees: a delight for the eye.

studio DB3 studioDB3

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Sweet Dreams Boutique® beautiful bedding & linens 2492 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.656.0510

636 Broughton St, Victoria 250.383.6133

Toll Free: 877.477.8822 •

Pacific Paint -3 locations! 2065b Keating Xrd 1031 Hillside Ave. 109-2455 Millstream Rd.



aordable, Canadian made towel warmers

BATHROOM ESSENTIALS 102-2537 Beacon Ave Sidney 250-655-7732

Karen Dinnie-Smyth Personal Real Estate Corporation

Re/Max Camosun Peninsula Properties

Personal Real Estate Corporation

Sidney Rancher on a Quiet Street Offered at $483,900

Karen Dinnie-Smyth


Re/Max Camosun Peninsula Properties

South Facing Waterfront - $1,395,000

Family Home in Fabulous Dean Park - $654,900

One Level Living - $514,900

Peaceful Lake Front Property - $724,900


Full Details Available @ Call 250.655.0608 or email

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Some Words With The Artisans By Barry Mathias

"Murphy beds are no longer the Spartan contraptions featured in the old movies," Tom Bazin explains. He is the joint owner of Murphy Wall Beds of Victoria, which he and Darryl Adrian have owned for the past seven years. "People are surprised by the range, and how good they look," he adds. When he was discussing the possibilities with Karl and Celia Meade, he was delighted with their choice of wormy maple, and admits that Celia's request for dark walnut, as a surround, was "a unique choice." Each bed is made to exact specifications, and the CNC computerized router they use can be accurate to one 1,000th of an inch. "We can build out of anything," he says. Tom explains that the team at Murphy Wall Beds can create a computer model that enables the client to see their prospective bed from all angles, and helps them to choose the right shape and colour

to suit their room. "The CNC allows us to match the wood grain perfectly, and makes better use of the materials." With Karl and Celia, he was able to calculate in advance the exact number of sheets of walnut and maple required for their bed, and demonstrate the grain pattern to be achieved. The end result is a very attractive and unusual bed that complements the house. As I mentioned, the custom woodwork in the house was outstanding, and was the work of Brett Chamberlain of B. Chamberlain Fine Woodworking. "His attention to detail was remarkable," Karl says. Throughout the house there are tasteful examples of his work, from shaped wood pillars, to artistic touches to the staircase, and to the doors and cupboards. I was also impressed with the dynamic stonework in the house, and in particular the imposing stone wall surrounding the woodstove. This is the creation of Brian Stacey, a sub-contractor for Trevor Wilson of Wilco Construction. "He is responsible for all the stonework including the outside walls of the house," says Mary Ellen Henderson, the project coordinator. "He was one of the many gifted artisans who worked on this exciting project."

It’s Like Adding Another Room to Your Home! Bedrooms • Closets • Offices • Kids Rooms • Sewing Rooms • Custom Cabinets

Get organized & clutter free! Vancouver Island’s only authorized Murphy Wall Bed Dealer 3075 Douglas St, Victoria 250.744.2195 or 1.800.670.5505 SEASIDE HOMES | september 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 51


Feature Home Suppliers

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Matrix Marble & Stone

Starline Windows

Scott’s Plumbing & Heating 250.537.6358

Trail Appliances

architect Robinson Residential Design construction Wilco Construction tile Supply: City Tile Installation: Floor Art 250.537.7456

roofing Kerrigan Roofing 250-537-8579 doors McGregor & Thompson fireplace Salt Spring Home Design Centre Structural engineer Bayview Engineering 250.758.4390

custom woodwork B Chamberlain Fine Woodworking

masonry Wilco Construction

drywall Salt Spring Interiors Drywall 250.537.2590

glasswork Kapa Kai Glass 250.653.4148

painting Deb’s Painting 250.537.7658

Millwork B Chamberlain Fine Woodworking

Door Hardware Victoria Specialty Hardware

Insulation Mike the Insulator 250.653.9522

electrical Salt Spring Island Electric Ltd. 250.537.4364

exterior Wilco Construction

heating/ventilation Salt Spring Sheet Metal 250.538.0100

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interior Design Wilco Construction/homeowners hardwood floors Supply: Canadian Bavarian Millwork-Lumber Installation: Wilco Construction

on design welcome to the world of design Welcome to the world of DESIGN! We are so lucky to be living at a time when our homes are at the forefront of our attention. Everywhere we turn there is inspiration and a wealth of products to entice us. We spend time unwinding at home after stressful days, so a clean, serene and inviting space is what we dream of. by Cydney Many people choose to decorate themselves Hellier Gray (sometimes by trial and error), yet many invest in Cydney Hellier professional help. When I work with clients, they Gray Design are at the helm and there is ALWAYS a budget! They benefit from a wealth of knowledge, technical expertise and trade alliances. Pricing can be better as well. Headaches and concerns disappear. We formulate a plan, remove the emotion, and allow everyone involved to have a voice. More often than not, a couple will have conflicting ideas, yet we always reach a solution. And, whether you choose to be more hands-on, just requiring design coaching, or you prefer everything taken care of, that's your decision. It is wise to take the CONTEXT of the space into account. The components of a room have to relate to each other and the room itself, and the room must relate to the home as a whole. Of course, the location and environment are also factors.


RETHINKING your space with a designer or architect can be a worthwhile investment when you are considering a renovation. Walls can be removed, windows added and view corridors opened up. Often spaces are reconfigured and transformed far beyond the homeowners' imagination. Surprisingly, this can often be done in a very cost-effective way. We work with experienced builders that can execute our visions in the simplest manner. The FUNCTION of a given space will dictate the design. We need our rooms to serve multiple duties. Investing in space planning and custom cabinetry is the ultimate solution for storage and a streamlined aesthetic. We all want a place for everything. BALANCING all your materials is an art form. Orchestrating the combination of wood, glass, stone, fabric and colour can create the most compelling feeling in your home. SOURCING products we love from magazine pages can often be a daunting process. Put your designer to work! Our suppliers have the latest and greatest products that the public doesn't always have access to. Lastly, create a home that works for YOU, and truly reflects what you're all about. Make it real. Incorporate collections of items you've cherished for years. Never underestimate the pieces you already have; we can create your ideal environment as simply and cost-effectively as you like. Most of all HAVE FUN! For info, visit


Complete Design, Renovation & Custom Cabinetry Service … ds ar w lA ta er ys Cr nn ding vice i an er 12 W utst mer S 20 O sto Cu

Down to the Very Last Detail!

#11 - 2075 Henry Ave West, Sidney • 250.652.5081 •



managIng the WorlD’S moSt Important InveStmentS:


In this business…

SI uSan Daafoe nveStment

Experience Matters!


#205, 2537 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

250.657.2224 • 1.866.678.2200 National Bank Financial is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada which is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (NA: TSX).

Now Selling Cottage Paint Products! We offer classes too - call for more information!

Visit Us At Our New Location!

7925 East Saanich Rd, Saanichton

Open Wednesday - Sunday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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west coast G ardener dangerous trees 101 As a consulting arborist with Scotty Tree & Arborist Service, I am most often called out to consult on potential hazardous trees. While it is a good bet trees are safer then they appear, here are a few checks a concerned homeowner can look for when considering their tree's condition. ROOTS: Check for fungal or fruiting by Scott Mitchell bodies such as conks or mushrooms at Scotty Tree & Arborist Service the base and on the ground within a few feet of the trunk. Pulling any ivy or other material back from the area where the trunk meets the ground will ensure you're not missing a concealed fruiting body. As a healthy, well-rooted tree should have no ground movement even during high winds, look for signs the root plate has shifted. There might be cracks in the soil or roots that have lifted up or a slight lean in the trunk that wasn't there before. Standing on the root plate when the tree is buffeted by wind can determine if the root plate is moving: be careful here! Another important consideration is standing water or saturated soils. Not only do most tree species suffer root loss under these conditions, the holding power of saturated soil is greatly reduced. TRUNK: Look for signs of cracks in the trunk; sap flow is generally present with new or recently aggravated cracks. Scan the trunk for cavities: cavities need to be examined to determine how much structural wood is left. Fras or fine saw dust is associated with wood-boring insects. It is often noticed at the base of a tree. Large woodpecker holes are another sure-fire sign the tree has insects inside it. Multi stemmed trees with narrow, angled attachment points can fail, as the multiple trunks don't have room to add sufficient wood uniformly. BRANCHES: The branches play an important role in dissipating energy by dampening the tree trunks' movement. Along with the fact there are far more branches then trunks on a tree, the most likely parts of a tree to fail are branches. Branches can have the same narrow attachment angles that multi-stemmed trees can have. Look for bark being trapped between the attachment points. Obvious larger dead branches are a self-evident risk. Some branches may be missing sections of bark, indicating they are partially dead and compromised. Tip die back can be a clue that a branch is dying. If any of these signs are noticed call in a consultant. In British Columbia an arboricultural consultant should be a registered and certified tree risk assessor. Avoid the temptation to have a free estimate from a sales representative: pay for a professional assessor to accurately determine the true risk your trees might pose. For more information visit

I’m everyone’s son-in-law. The best part of my day? Speaking the universal language of laughter.

Independent and assisted living choices for today’s senior.

2290 Henry Ave. Sidney | 250.656.8827

Wilf, Building Maintenance Manager, has been with us for 15 years.



Transform the “BC Box” house into a modern, sophisticated home, on any budget. is the writing on the wall? it’s time to renovate.

think outside

the box

andrew tidman


3r d g e n e r at i o n b u i l d e r s

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island li f e "the notorious barbara woodhouse wrote: i can train any dog in five minutes. it's training the owner that takes much longer."

Dog Tired? Not on the Islands

Life from a Gulf Islands perspective. There was a time when dogs were wolves, and when wolves realized that cave men's cooked meat tasted better by Barry Mathias than their own raw rations, and was far easier to come by. From this time on, they gradually nosed their way into a situation where they gave 24-hour protection from bears, large cats and other wolves in return for a steady diet of cooked meat. Ah, those were the balmy days when dogs earned their living! Today, there are a minority of dogs who work their paws off on farms, their noses off with the RCMP or make relatives of blind or elderly people feel inferior. But, the vast majority of the canine race have us subjugated to their will, and live in a state of comfort and security that is the envy of the rest of the animal world. It was Aldous Huxley who wrote: "To his dog, every man is Napoleon, hence the constant popularity of dogs." For some couples, their dog is a child replacement, and as such is treated as a never-aging baby. Their owners speak to them in a strange patois: "Who's my goodsy woodsy doggie woggie then?" etc. Some people who haven't experienced the pleasure of canine responsibility may actually dislike dogs. As W.C. Fields wrote: "Anybody who hates children and dogs can't be all bad." Throughout recent history, people, especially women, have C


Full & Partial Dentures Dentures Over Implants Relines & Repairs No Referral Necessary All Dental Plans Accepted New Patients Welcome

#3 - 2227 James White Blvd (behind Thrifty Foods)

VICTORIA 250-383-7227

3937 Quadra Street (2 blocks south of McKenzie)

w w w. p o sti n g s d e nt u re s . co m 56 SEASIDE | september 2013


Sidney Art Store Art Back to^School







FREE CONSULTATIONS Ronald A. Postings, R.D. Robin Postings, R.D.

SIDNEY 250-655-7009

included reference to their dogs in the personal revelations of their diaries. A Mrs. Dorothy Parker issued regular, confidential bulletins about a distressing malady of her poor dog who, she confided with some skepticism: "SAID he got it from a lamp post." Dogs have moved with us as we, in the more advanced world, have improved our living conditions. No longer do the majority sleep in outside kennels: many, and they are increasing in number, sleep in warm, comfortable baskets, chairs or even in beds. Not for them the privations of many humans who live in the Third World. We have raised the dog to a level verging on equality. For instance, the notorious Barbara Woodhouse wrote: "I can train any dog in five minutes. It's training the owner that takes much longer." It is claimed that these days you can judge a person or their family by their dog. There is the supercilious, grey-haired type who does not drop hair; the large, red-eyed, big-toothed bully or the bevy of thinboned, sleek female creatures who warn you off if you come too close. And their dogs are much the same. It was August Strindberg who wrote: "I loathe people who keep dogs. They are cowards who haven't the guts to bite people themselves." But, many of us benefit from our canine friends, and some people may well value them more than their human acquaintances. On the Seaside ad 2013 Sept Back to school.pdf 8/13/13 3:05:14 PM Islands, there is no doubt that dogs are here to stay.


2411 Beacon Avenue Island Blue Print Co. Ltd. Downtown: 905 Fort St., Victoria, BC Tel: 250.385.9786 Sidney: 2411 Beacon Ave., Sidney, BC Tel: 250.656.1233 Toll Free: 1.800.661.3332

Open to Thanksgiving: Fall Series & Crafts! by Jim Townley

What a season

this has been for the Peninsula Country Market! We've seen amazing weather and a record number of weekly vendors on the field each week. Having a diverse group of vendors on the field means customers have more choice to buy the things they NEED, and in some cases WANT! For the past 22 years the Peninsula Country Market has prided itself on being open all the way to Thanksgiving so local residents can continue to enjoy this weekly shopping experience and get "THE BEST FOOD" foods available. Through the fall you will see apples, pickling and a number of stunning root vegetables on the field, so don't miss our weekly basket of plenty! But there's another side to the Peninsula Country Market, and that's our "crafters." We are proud to host some of the coolest local artisan crafts around. If you have an upcoming birthday, wedding or

Christmas gift (it will be upon us before we know it!) take some time to browse through some of the great items you will find on the field. We offer amazing wood products, high-end glassware, hand knitted items, soaps, kids clothing, scarves, hats, jewelry and a whole lot more. Many of these artisan pieces are one-of-a-kind, so owning something unique is made even easier when you shop at the Peninsula Country Market! Remember: the Peninsula Country Market offers more than just locally grown food: it offers the opportunity to spend quality family time in the fresh air and sunshine, with live music and the chance to connect with people you know – or might like to know – in the community. The Peninsula Country Market is located at 1528 Stelly's X Rd. (Saanich Fairgrounds) and offers FREE admission, FREE parking, LIVE music each week, and we're completely dog friendly! For more information, visit our website at:

Your Favourite Outdoor Market ! Open till Thanksgiving EVERY Saturday 9 am - 1 pm

Fresh Food Tastes Better !

Live Music in Sept : Sept. 7 : Sept. 14 : Sept. 21 : Sept. 28 :

Reverie Gareth Hurwood Dave Harris Jennifer Louise-Taylor

Country Atmosphere, Music, Superior Produce & Crafts …

Free Parking • Free Admission • Very Dog Friendly 1528 Stelly’s X Rd - Saanich Fairgrounds SEASIDE | september 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 57

p eninsula restaurant p ro f ile

Original Gold, New Shine: The Latch Inn & Restaurant by Doreen Marion Gee

The Latch is a beautiful icon in this community. In an era of lean downsizing to fast food convenience, The Latch has kept its old world elegance, polished charm and sensual ambience. Most important, its top quality cuisine remains constant with the same prices as eight years ago. Always a class act, a few new changes will only augment the Latch's excellent reputation among locals. Gold never tarnishes; it just shines brighter when you rub it. Almost a century old, The Latch Inn & Restaurant is a fixture on south Vancouver

Island. As I sit in the exquisite dining room overlooking a sleepy little harbour, the pink and white linen tablecloths radiate an air of sumptuous finery. The warm genial owners, Luigi and Valeria Cisotto, offer high-end dining without the high prices and a classy experience without the pretense. Latch fare is premium quality with every sauce, soup and dessert made from scratch with real butter and farm fresh ingredients. And if a patron wants their meal gluten-free, it's a done deal. The sweet juice of delicious fresh figs tingles my throat as I listen to my hosts'

latest creative ideas about their beloved Latch. The smart couple know that times are changing: today's busy patrons have different expectations of the dining experience due to shrinking relaxation time and less money to enjoy it. In addition to their regular fine dining room fare, a "Friday Pizza, Pasta and Beer Night" is in the works and definitely "Coming Soon." The Latch's succulent pasta dishes are a regular item but pizza is a new addition. Never just a pizza, it will be real Italian pizza, square-shaped and chock full of homemade goodies. The dough will be made

The Latch

the latch inn & restaurant • sidney

A Passionate Farm Bakery & Bistro

Discover a British Columbia Heritage Home

Dinner Special:

$39.99 + hst

For An Amazing 3-Course Meal Open Tues - Sun For Dinner

2328 Harbour Rd, Sidney


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Finish Your Day With Something Delicious …

Finish your day with Spitfire Grill!

$3 off any pasta or burger entree on the dinner menu *Mondays & Tuesdays only*

Open 8 am to 9 pm Daily 250-655-0122 • 9681 Willingdon Rd, Sidney

9100 East Saanich Road (at McTavish) Bistro 250-655-0009 Bakery 250-655-0075

of Luigi's own homemade focaccia bread. They will put cream cheese directly on the dough before anything else, sealing it and preventing tomato acids from turning it to mush. The scrumptious Italian delight will have fresh diced tomatoes and artichokes from their 10-acre farm. Depending on the customer's preference, the pizza may have "salsiccia," a homemade special Italian sausage, sautéed in caramelized onions. Valeria's savoury tomato sauce will turn this pizza into a piece of culinary heaven – homemade from fresh tomatoes and basil and extra virgin olive oil. Not a spicy "pizza sauce," it allows patrons to relish the true flavours of the pizza. On pizza night, the restaurateurs plan a "make your own pizzas" twist: "We will give people an ingredient list and they can pick this or that and we will put it on the pizza." What is your pleasure – prosciutto, tuna, anchovies, peppers, chicken, vegetarian

with roasted eggplant and zucchini? There will be one set price for a pizza, with the customer choosing what goes on that wonderful dough. Another change "Coming Soon" to

Another change coming to The Latch: "My idea is to cover up the patio, put in a few fireplaces, a bar in the middle and do a bistro-style restaurant" the Latch is a new casual dining feature, a "Bistro." Luigi is excited about the less formal format: "My idea is to cover up the patio, put in a few fireplaces, a bar in the middle and do a bistro-style restaurant." They see the changing reality – "Ninety-five per cent of people these days want more

West Coast Fall Enjoy it With a Great Meal On Our Sunny Patios!

casual dining" – but they will still keep a formal dining room. Their bistro fare – pastas, steak, ghoulash, soups, seafood, scaloppina – will be priced lower than dining room entrees. The Cisottos offer a stay-in-your-ownhometown package for couples at $220 per night and singles at $110/night, boasting a three-course dinner, overnight room and breakfast. And starting in September, the first Sunday of every month is a "Customer Appreciation Day," featuring a special hot brunch with items such as eggs benny, salmon, and crepes. Luigi and Valeria extend a heartfelt "thank you" to all their fantastic customers and their support over the years. Changing the shape and form of gold doesn't affect its quality; it just makes it more alluring, more enticing. Ergo, The Latch. For more information, visit

More Than Just The Peninsula’s Freshest Coffee !

“Absolutely first class …”

Legendary Salads ! Gourmet Sandwiches Wholesome Soups Freshly Baked Muffins Decadent Desserts

Open Every Day 8 am - 9 pm

2320 Harbour Road, Sidney 778.351.3663

The only thing we overlook … is the view! 9881 Seaport Pl, Sidney 250.656.5643

Gluten-Free Items

Saanichton: corner of Mt. Newton X Rd & Wallace Dr


Sidney's Beach Glass At the end of Beacon Avenue and just below the Sidney Pier rests a small stretch of sand called Glass Beach. Hence the name, the place is littered with glass: beautiful beach glass that's been weathered by the sea. Each piece of colourful yet frosty glass tells an alluring part of Sidney's history. At one time a railway reached Glass Beach, which

Wonderful Word Weaving The PERFECT Game for One or More!

Great for Those Showing Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Fabulous for Kids Working on Learning New Vocabulary!

$29.99/game Discount for multiple games purchased

Available at SeaSide Home and Garden 2428 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 250.656.5064 2013_RHINO_Island_7.75"x 4.925"_AD.pdf



2:31 PM

by Amanda Punch

was a wharf where freight cars were loaded on and off barges that traveled to the mainland and Gulf Islands. Back then, Sidney was an industrial area containing a large warehouse near the Bevan Pier. One day, the warehouse burned down, and all the glass from its windows ended up on the beach. Over the years, the ocean weathered the shards of glass into the beautiful beach glass that washes up today. Some scrutinize the sand, collecting beach glass as a hobby. As a kid, I remember buoyantly beachcombing for some. But, also known as sea glass, beach glass can be more than a hobby. Artists, like those at Swept from the Sea Designs, take it quite seriously. The glass can be graded by physical appearance (how rounded it is) and colour rarity. On the colour rarity chart, the most common are colours like "root beer brown" and "sprite green" while the rarest are shades of red, yellow and orange. However, when sea glass is scarce, artisans can take poorer pieces of beach glass and tumble them to create "twice-tossed" glass, and artificial sea glass can be created by putting ordinary glass in a rock tumbler. Artificial beach glass is less expensive and can come in more colours, but real sea glass has a unique etched surface that can't be duplicated. Whether natural or artificial, artists use beach glass to make earrings and pendants. Some even embed pieces of sea glass into their clay to create beautiful pots, vases and mosaics. There aren't many shops on the West Coast devoted to beach glass art and jewelry, but you can buy some unique pieces made in Victoria at

Awarded best of show at the Canadian Printing Awards, our company is committed to excellence, investing in the most advanced technology and talented people in the industry. For outstanding print and an exceptional customer service experience that will help to power your business forward, call us right here on the Island at 250-516-3300.

Victoria | Vancouver | Calgary | Edmonton |

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t r a d e st u d e n t s p ot l i g h t saanich school district jumpstarts student careers

Jordan Blake

By his own

admission, Jordan Blake "didn't know a thing about mechanics" when he entered grade nine at Stelly's Secondary. On the other hand, according to his by Stu Rhodes mom, Caroline Marchessault: "He has been fascinated with how things work since before he started kindergarten. Instead of the usual toys, I would often buy him used appliances to take apart and put back together. He loved it." Once at Stelly's, Jordan soon found his way into a power mechanics class and then into the auto classes with teacher Alan Sukut, who Jordan credits for really turning him on to auto mechanics. "Mr. Sukut ran an open shop where we could bring in our own cars and experiment with different drive train modifications and performance enhancements. This was key in developing my interest in racing drift cars." As Jordan's interest and skills developed, he realized the logical next step was to participate in the Auto Service Technician program available to high school students as part of the trades training partnership between Saanich School District and Camosun College. Not only did this program provide essential technical training, it also helped Jordan earn 32 grade 12 course credits toward graduation. Jordan excelled in his studies while at Camosun and was invited to participate in the Regional Skills Canada competition. As he put it: "Thanks to my training at Camosun I was well prepared for the  Great Selection of Natural Stone 

ENd of SEaSoN SalE

G r e a t d i s co u n t s !

Plants  Shrubs  Garden Gifts Ornaments  Trellis  Arbors Pots, Pots & More Pots!

Open Tues - Sat 9-5  1780 Mills Road, Sidney 250-654-0400 

competition." Jordan clinched the Gold in the Regionals allowing him to advance to the Provincials where he claimed top honours again! He advanced to the National Skills Canada event held at B.C. Place in Vancouver. "Being part of Team B.C. was an amazing experience and really helped prepare me for more my current job with Suburban Motors." Jordan loves it at Suburban where he is presently working as a Lube Tech with aspirations of getting signed as an apprentice Auto Service Technician as soon as he completes his probationary period. He is impressed with the professional atmosphere and colleagiality in the Suburban service centre. His shop supervisors, Rob Sohlstrom and Derrick Stark, are impressed with Jordan too and appreciate his work ethic and enthusiasm. "This sort of programming allows us to get keen young workers and train them the way we want," says Sohlstrom. Before graduating and landing his current job with Suburban, Jordan worked on a part-time basis for Grant Cornwell of Grant's Small Motors. Grant was equally impressed with Jordan and was sorry to see him leave, but wishes him well on his new journey. Jordan is particularly grateful for the learning opportunities he got while working at Grant's: "Grant would just throw me right into it and I had to really think and problem solve how to fix the motors. It was a great confidence builder." Caroline, Jordan's mom, also credits the Skills Canada competitions for helping build his confidence, and for adding a level of maturity. Both are very appreciative for the opportunities and support afforded to them by the Saanich School District. "More parents should encourage their children to explore the trades and support that decision," says Caroline. "Having a trade ticket just opens so many doors these days." When asked what he would say to other youth, Jordan enthuses: "Whatever you're good at; whatever your passion is; just do it! I had no mechanical experience when I started high school and look at me now! I'm working at a Ford dealership!" For more information on how to get involved as a student apprentice, or as an employer sponsor in this, or any other career program in Saanich School District, contact: Garry Arsenault, 250-658-6679; Roger Pires, 250-655-2715; Wendy Walker, 250-514-0259; Stu Rhodes, 250-415-9211; Kathy Stefani, 250-704-4956; or Patti Jordanne, 250-744-4782. View the promotional YouTube video, "Jump Start Your Career" at SEASIDE | september 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 61

salis h sea news "everyday citizens were encouraged to nominate someone who was working hard to improve the health or increase awareness of our ocean ecosystem"

Heroes, Ocean Heroes!

He-ro [heer-oh]

noun, plural he-roes 1. A person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal. The word hero often conjures up images of tights, capes and a letter – such as by Tina Kelly S – emblazoned across the chest. Do Ocean Heroes don neoprene, fins and the initial O? At the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, we set out to find the answer with our inaugural Ocean Heroes contest. Everyday citizens were encouraged to nominate someone they knew who was working hard to improve the health, or increase awareness, of our ocean ecosystem through conservation, advocacy or education efforts. With the submission deadline over, our Visitor Experience Committee took it to a vote and chose two outstanding individuals: Catriona Dempsey and Peter Mieras. Jeff Hilton, a teacher at Parkland Secondary School, nominated 17-year-old Catriona Dempsey for our youth category. Catriona was not only motivated academically: for the last four years, she has been actively engaged with a research and outreach program focused on ocean currents – the Driftbottle Project. Working alongside a physical oceanographer at the Institute of Ocean Sciences, Catriona prepped 500 bottles – donated by a local brewery – to be used as driftbottles, and presented the project and concept of ocean currents to students at Sidney Elementary. If that wasn't enough to earn her the Ocean Hero title, Catriona was also a member of the Parkland Green Team responsible for processing data from local beach clean-ups. Catriona is geared to study science at UVic this Fall. Nominations flooded in for Peter Mieras, the winner for our adult category; one nominator noted when it comes to ocean conservation,

Landscape services Design, Construction Maintenance

Peter projects the "enthusiasm of an underwater evangelist." As the owner/operator of Rendezvous Dive Adventures in Barkley Sound, Peter leads and educates hundreds of divers on the wonders of the sea. Peter's attachment to the ocean doesn't stop at running a business: he actively participates in research projects with data collection on lingcod egg masses, rockfish and reefs and, along with Dr. Chris Harvey-Clark, started a citizen science diver initiative to monitor six-gill shark populations. In a collection of a different type, Peter removes derelict fishing gear/nets (and wrote a manual about the process) and has freed whales from entanglement as part of the Marine Mammal Response Network. Peter Mieras and Catriona Dempsey, in our opinion, have heroic qualities and should be regarded as models for others. And who knows, maybe after this they'll even add an "O" to the chest of their drysuits! Stand by for 2014's Ocean Hero contest and consider nominating someone you know! *Thank you to Odgen Point Dive Centre for the prize donation for our youth category. Images: Peter Mieras courtesy of Dr. Chris Harvey-Clark, Catriona Dempsey courtesy of winner. Tina Kelly is an Ocean Advocate at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre. Visit for more information. hanging baskets • planters • perennials annuals • herbs • small trees • pottery

Stop By For Some Great Fall Colour! Mon - Sat 9 - 5:30 Sundays 10-4

Patio + Hardscapes | Excavating + Trucking | Complete Tree Services • 250.385.4858 • 62 SEASIDE | september 2013

6536 West Saanich Road, Saanichton 250.652.8338

Monica Reekie:

The Art of Monica J Reekie

Living the Dream by Susan Simosko

This is part of a rotating series of articles on members of Sidney Meet Up Women's Networking Group, featuring women in business on the Saanich Peninsula. Monica Reekie may be a dreamer but as an artist, she is grounded firmly in reality. The Manitoba-born photographer and painter draws inspiration from animals, nature, landscapes, and cars! That's right, cars, not a typical subject for most artists. "Ever since I was a child," Monica says, "I've been fascinated by cars. When I was young, I wanted to be a mechanic or racecar driver. That was my dream. Needless to say, my parents didn't think too much of those aspirations," she adds with a laugh. So instead, Monica became a full-time nurse, caring for people of all ages – from pediatrics to geriatrics. She enjoyed nursing but when a dear friend urged her and her husband to move to Victoria, she recalls that something touched her and she knew they had to move. "It was that dream thing again," she says. "Honestly, I didn't understand the pull at first but as we settled here, my dreams began to take shape." When Monica was young, she loved drawing and painting, and often stayed after school to learn as much as possible. However, the idea of earning money as an artist did not seem possible until after she retired, not just from nursing but from running a successful B&B too. "There was something about being here in B.C. that opened my heart and enabled me to throw myself into my artwork," she says. She acknowledges her husband's assistance too. "Every artist needs someone to help pay the bills, set up shows, and so much more," she explains earnestly. Although she describes herself as a realistic artist, many of her pictures have an almost mystical beauty bordering on the abstract. Much of Monica's work focuses on details or unexpected elements of a subject. Even her photographs of cars draw the viewer to see light reflections, colour and form, not necessarily a car, per se. As she puts it: "The more I see, the more I see. I look for opportunities – in life and photographs!" Monica pays tribute to Robert and Birgit Bateman, not just because of the inspiration she draws from their artwork but because of their commitment to conservation and the environment. Not surprisingly, Monica is also strongly committed to the concept of giving back to the community. She donates a portion of every sale to a variety of local and international charities, and she plans to raise more money for charities close to her heart in the coming year. She currently works part-time at the Bateman Centre, continues to take pleasure in creating and showing her work across the Island, and, in her own inimitable way, follow her dreams. To view some of Monica's fascinating work, check out

Capturing moments in time and the beauty around us 250.744.2047 or 250.888.8410

Your Mortgage – Done Right Fran Daviss, CFP, AMP Mortgage Consultant

T: (778)426-0749 • F: (778)402-6528


your mortgage, consider it done!


ingrid jarisz SELLS VICTORIA

USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO SELL HOMES Giving you that competitive edge! Visit my Facebook page for more information. | SEASIDE | september 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 63

e r a e p s e Shak

Sidney by the Sea

SEPTEMBER 6th – 8th, 2013

A Midsummer






All performances are ticketed with proceeds supporting the cast of Victoria Shakespeare by the Sea. Seating at all events is on a first come, first served basis (festival seating).


Friday, Sept 6th – 7:30 pm at the Mary Winspear Centre Saturday, Sept 7th – 2 pm at Beacon Park Saturday, Sept 7th – 7 pm at Beacon Park

Romeo & Juliet

Sunday, Sept 8th – 2 pm at Beacon Park Sunday, Sept 8th – 7 pm at Beacon Park

Creating remarkable experiences for the people of Sidney & the Salish Sea

Buy your tickets at: or call 250-656-0275 For event information, visit

Sponsored by:

s m ell t h e co f f ee seasons change and many people change their coffee drinking habits along with them

The Fall of Coffee

When I

reference the "Fall of Coffee," I'm not referring to it in the sense of the "Fall of Rome" – what I mean by this is: seasons change by Steve Sheppard and many people change their coffee drinking habits along with them. Be aware: this is the time of year that a number of coffee houses start promoting "Pumpkin Spice Lattes" and such, but please don't be fooled by the artificial syrups they add to your coffee! Steer clear of these less than satisfying specialty coffee experiences. Just like in summer when people shift to iced coffee drinks, the fall season brings us the opportunity to switch things up a bit in terms of our daily cup, and I have always found it interesting to see people change into lattes and cappuccinos in the fall like their most comfortable fall sweater. I completely understand people's love of the fall and I think the texture of the warm milk in these more-than-ever popular drinks brings a similar warmth and comfort to the day as the fall chill starts to hit the air. Most of us remember the smell fall has as the leaves turn and start falling to the ground, which is why the season is in fact called "fall." In terms of spicing things up, I know I've enjoyed a number of great lattes, and cappuccinos with a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg. These two spices seem to really bring out the nuttiness in some coffees. The other fall thing to try is … adding unsweetened shaved

chocolate to the top of your latte or cappuccino, which brings out another amazing flavour in the coffee … chocolate. In terms of coffee tasting language, the references of "nutty" or "chocolaty" are positive and I encourage people to avoid adding sugar to see what the true impact of adding these spices does to their drink on their own. Because aroma is such a big part of what something tastes like, the nutmeg and cinnamon in particular are great for enhancing the aroma component right before the taste of the coffee gently coats your tongue. Make sure while you are tasting the coffee you bring in a little air to help your nose out a little. Remember: You either stand for something, or fall for anything … Steve out.

When Great Taste Matters ! Means the Freshest Coffee

On the Peninsula ! Come enjoy a round in a relaxing atmosphere full of fresh air & nature

www.ard 250.656.4621 • 930 Ardmore Drive, North Saanich

Saanichton: Mt. Newton X Rd. @ Wallace Dr. SEASIDE | september 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 65

ignition Buying a car has become increasingly complicated, so Seaside has decided to lend a hand! With the assistance of Motorize Auto Direct, this month we turn on the Ignition for our readers.

Bentley Continental GTC by Al Duncan

With the scent of Connolly hides evoking distant

memories of a great uncle's sitting room experienced only on special occasions, I lean forward, stopping for a brief instance to marvel at hand finished and gloss coated wood inlays. So perfect it rivals the finish on a Stradivarius. I push the start button once. Gauges dance to life. As if in slow motion, a series of deliciously mechanical whirring sounds begin and seconds later, with the bellow of a V12 Merlin Spitfire, the engine roars to life. All 12 cylinders, twin turbos, four intercoolers and 522 horsepower. Clicking the intricately machined gear selector down four notches into what may as well be labelled "clear for takeoff" engages the sublime six-speed gearbox and feeds power to all four wheels. I taxi for the runway and … This Bentley is a sophisticated beast, one to be appreciated and enjoyed by the few who can pony up for the price of admission. She will run at the upper end to 197 mph with the top up and with the wind in your hair to 187 mph. Zero to 60 times are right around

The Bentley Continental GTC: a sophisticated beast

the five-second mark. Fit and finish is flawless as are the usual mod cons such as climate control, premium sound system and navigation. In the "twisties" she feels taught and composed, giving away no hints whatsoever regarding her heavyweight status. The ultimate gentlemans express and a true GT, pedigree checked and approved. I like mine in white, thank you very much, but a full spectrum of distinguished colors are available. She put a wide grin on my face and I stepped out feeling refreshed, yearning for more and wanting to to feel the visceral intoxicating roar of that Merlin engine again. Model as shown: 2010 Bentley Continental GTC, 4,500 miles, $148,000.

We’ve Got You Covered.

Peninsula Brake & Tire Ltd.

Hi-Tech Collision 250.655.3230 Sidney

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Keating Collision

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Simply the best auto body shops on the Saanich Peninsula 66 SEASIDE | september 2013

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Your Neighbourhood Service Centre

Full mechanical repairs for all makes and models Regular preventative maintenance Air conditioning repairs/service 4-wheel alignments and computer diagnostics

Your Tireland Member.

Coffee, Talk and a Walk

• Native Art • Fine Local Crafts • Jewelry & Imports

by Arianna Merritt

One of the best mantras I've incorporated into my life over

T I V O L I G Ae sLt a bLl i sEh e dR 1 9Y 85 250-656-1455 • 2475 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C.

Paris & normandy | Paris to Paris 8 day sailings from march to october, 2014 Walk the beaches of Normandy where Allied forces landed during WWII, and take part in a host of celebrations commemorating that landing’s 70-year anniversary TRUE ALL-INCLUSIVE BOUTIQUE RIVER CRUISING™ in 2014: All gratuities for all onboard and onshore services; unlimited fine wine, beer, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages; shore excursions with local experts as your guide; free Internet and Wi-Fi; and all arrival and departure day transfers

BC Reg 2550 6

the past several years is what I call "Coffee, Talk and a Walk." If you're stressed, need to sort out an issue, or just want to feel even better overall, I suggest you take part in this mantra as well. Some of my happiest and most favourite times involve these three things. You can do this process alone or with others. First is Coffee. In our society, many individuals hang out at coffee and tea shops, which can be seen as community hubs. This beverage seems to unite people. Just the task of going out for coffee can add excitement to your day, as could inviting someone over for coffee. The process of asking someone to join you for a coffee can push you out of your comfort zone, as you will have to interact and talk with the person. Second is Talk. Many important discussions have taken place over coffee. This is a time to share stories and your life experiences with others, and learn more about them in turn. Having a great and deep conversation really touches my heart. Put your phones and other distractions away and connect with the person who is taking time out of their busy schedule to be with you. Over the past several years, I have switched from talking about light topics to deep topics where I share what I'm dealing with. It has made such a difference. The switch happened when a good friend told me, as he called it, to "stop talking about the weather." Dig deep and share your experiences with others. It's really important to have friends in your life who you can talk to about everything and don't judge you. This is really important for your mental health and a happy life! When it comes to the people your surround yourself with, it isn't about quantity: it's about quality. This process can also be done alone. You can go to a coffee shop and think or you can bring a journal/laptop and write. Writing is a good to way clear your mind. A new environment may also inspire a fresh perspective on things. Last is Walk. This doesn't have to be a walk, per se: it can be any type of exercise. I firmly believe that a healthy body is important for a healthy mind. I like to go for a row, a swim or a run by the water, and then go for coffee and a talk afterwards. My walk is usually one by a lake or the ocean as water soothes my soul. You could go to an exercise class and then have your coffee and talk afterwards. Or you could get your coffee to go, and go for a walk with a friend! The specific details of how you manifest this mantra aren't important, just as long as the three components are there. It's just that you get out there, connect with someone or with yourself on a deeper level, have a great conversation, and make sure to be active. These are important aspects that I have incorporated into my daily life and they have made a world of difference!

2353 Bevan Avenue, Sidney 250-656-5441 • 1-800-561-2350 •

Vacation Time? Long or Short, Summer or Winter – Are Your Plans in Order? Visit to find out how

I Can Help. Full Legal Services, Including: Wills & Estates • Real Estate • Business

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w h at ' s h a p p e n i n g

s e p t e mb e r

For details on other events happing in our community, visit until october 12

Peninsula Country Market Saanich Fairgrounds 1528 Stelly's X Road, Saturdays from 9 am - 1 pm 250-216-0521

Now celebrating its 22nd year. Live music, local produce, crafts, specialty foods … and more! Free admission and parking. until October 12

North Saanich Farm Market St. John's United Church Garden 10990 West Saanich Rd, North Saanich Saturdays from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Seasonal produce, fabulous baking, locally raised meat, fish, eggs, crafts, live music. tuesday evenings Saanich Peninsula Toastmasters Meeting Vancouver Island Regional Library Sidney, 7:30 pm 250.656.3738

Toastmasters has a specific structure that provides a safe forum for speaking while giving encouragement and support. It is a program designed to broaden our abilities and comfort in public speaking. If you are looking for an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding experience, please come out to one of our meetings. Every wednesday Bingo at "The Centre"

1229 Clarke Rd, Brentwood Bay, 1 pm

Cash prizes, special games and a progressive jackpot. Refreshments available. Open to everyone. Proceeds go to operating costs for The Central Saanich Senior's Centre. Come out and support this nonprofit facility which provides recreation and support for all seniors on the Peninsula. throughout september

ReViving - The Gallery at Mattick's Farm presents paintings by Nancyanne Cowell, featured artist

September 6th from 5 to 8 p.m. Artist in attendance. september 6 - 8

Sidney Shakespeare by the Sea Sept. 6th, Mary Winspear Centre @ 7:30 pm Sept. 7 & 8th, Beacon Park @ 2 & 7 pm 250.656.0275

Two amazing plays; five performances to choose from. See A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo & Juliet or both! All tickets $25. Seating at all events is on a first come, first served basis (festival seating). Beacon Park performances may be moved to Mary Winspear Centre if poor weather dictates. september 8, 14, 15, 22

Vancouver Island Model Engineers Model Train Rides Heritage Acres 7321 Lochside Dr, Central Saanich Sept. 8 & 22nd 12 - 3:30 pm Sept. 14 - 15th 10 - 3:30 pm

To promote the hobby, the VIME offers rides to the general public on a donation basis from April to October. September 12

Peninsula Newcomers Luncheon

Just moved to the Saanich Peninsula? Why not join our club to make new friends and get to know the community! We meet for lunch on the second Thursday of every month in Sidney, with an invited speaker on diverse topics. Share in a variety of interests and activities organized and run by our members. For more information, please visit our website. september 16

Fall Into Stories on Fern Street 1831 Fern Street, Victoria Doors @ 7:15 pm, stories start @ 7:30 pm 250.477.7044

The Victoria Storytellers Guild welcomes you to hear and tell stories. Admission $5 adults, $3 students (includes tea and goodies). september 16

#109 - 5325 Cordova Bay Road Victoria

"The Spirits of Scotland" Companions of the Quaich Dinner and Whisky Tasting

"Potent moments … cradled in transformation." Reception to be held

In the world of spirits, Scotland stands alone

68 SEASIDE | september 2013

Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa, 7 pm 250.658.1109

as a nation that has become a drink. No other nation can make this claim and for good reason. Scotch is the ultimate manifestation of whisky. This event will feature hard to find whiskies from the five main whisky regions of Scotland. Three-course dinner, five whisky tastings: members $60, guests $70, dinner only (designated drivers) $50. september 21

Fall Fair and Sale St. Paul's United Church 2410 Malaview Ave, Sidney (@ 5th St) 10 am - 2 pm 250.656.3213

Drop in and enjoy a chili or soup lunch, coffee and goodies, kid's games and face painting, shop at our clothing boutique, and browse through our collectibles, crafts and jewellry. Find a bargain among our good quality white elephant items, bid on our silent auction items, and buy some mouthwatering baking and preserves. Everyone welcome! Meet old friends and make new ones! september 21

"How Birds Do It" Friends of the Sidney/North Saanich Library Fundraiser SHOAL Centre Auditorium A 10030 Resthaven Dr, Sidney, 1 pm 250.656.0944

Ever wonder how birds are equipped to produce those warm, fuzzy chicks in the nest? Not all is as it seems. Join Dr. David M. Bird as he takes you on a humorous "bird's eye view" of the seemingly indecent world of avian reproduction involving the Mile-High Club, incest, homosexuality, sex changes, divorce and infidelity. It simply puts television soap operas to shame! You may never look at birds the same again. $10 includes light refreshments and door prizes! september 21

Peninsula Garden Club Fall Plant and Culinary Sale Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney 9 - 11 am

Find your favourite plants, pick up some homegrown fruit and veggies and stock up for winter with jams, jellies, preserves, dried herbs and more! Great Selection! Unbeatable prices!

5th Annual First Nations, Inuit and Métis Art Show and Sale by Gillian Crowley

Colourful banners depicting First Nations' motifs flutter outside Sidney's Mary Winspear Centre – teasers of the artwork to be discovered inside. The longest running show of its kind in Canada, the 5th Annual First Nations, Inuit and Métis Art Show and Sale will present arts and crafts from First Peoples throughout Canada alongside local Coast Salish Territory artists. The show runs from September 24th through October 12th. "This art show will give everyone a better understanding of our people and the spirituality that underlies all our art, especially our connection with land, sea and air," says Virgil Sampson, a Coast Salish artist on the art show's organizing committee. During this unique event visitors will have a chance to meet and talk with different artists each day while viewing their work and listening to traditional music. More than 40 new and returning artists are expected to take part. An incredibly diverse array of artistic expression from artists with First Nations, Inuit and Métis heritage will be on display, including carving, weaving, paintings, prints, fabric art, drums, rattles, pottery, beading, leather work and jewelry. Changing displays will draw visitors back time and again. Tobias Tomlinson, another organizing committee member, sees this art show as a way to encourage emerging artists and give all the artists a way to build community in a supportive environment. "I like the fact that First Peoples have control over the show and can share their protocols and traditions with each other," says Tomlinson, a ChicksawCherokee artist. The committee's Inuit representative, Stephanie Papik, says even with only about 100 Inuit living in B.C., it's important their

art be included to help raise awareness of Columbia funding, the artists pay no fees and their culture. Her involvement with the entry is free for the public. Aboriginal Youth Internship Program will "It's a natural fit to have the show here," also help bring says Brad Edgett, some younger executive director of "It's a natural fit to artists into the Mary Winspear have the show here. the show. Centre. "We're on The Mary Coast Salish land, the We're on Coast Salish Winspear Centre entrance is framed land … the entrance is hosting this by beautiful totems is framed by expanded art show and we have been beautiful totems." for the first time very involved with in partnership their community with the Community Arts Council of the since the days of the Sanscha community Saanich Peninsula, supported by the Saanich hall." Visitors to the show can expect to see Peninsula Foundation Society. Thanks to everything from crafts to "high end" art, these partnerships and Province of British he adds.

Thank You !

Thank you Winspear Family, Donors, Tournament Supporters, Professional Golfers & Amazing Players who supported the 40th Anniversary of the Winspear Cup Pro-Am Charity Tournament, supporting the Mary Winspear Centre !


2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC, 250-656-0275 SEASIDE | september 2013 | WWW.SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 69

b rainteasers & stars



ARIES (march 21 april 19) Make changes

on the job or with procedure to improve the bottom line. You are a natural innovator seeking progress. Cooperate graciously with the "deadwood" to help motivate others. You will be admired for it. Lead them.

TAURUS (april 20 may 20) Take a break

or success will be affected by the route you eventually take. Go easy. CANCER (june 21 - july 22)

Communications are important to your plans now. Make sure they are clear or in writing as your expectations are high. Procedure must unfold step by step for the right conclusion. You are ready for positive changes. Organize. LEO (july 23 - august 22)

or shift some of the load to others this month. You are strong but that does not mean you have to do it all yourself. Learning to delegate (to a point) will be beneficial. You still need to keep a watchful eye though. GEMINI (may 21 - june 20)

Matters relating to home or office require a choice for you or others. Location discussions get serious; you need to take the long view. Your future direction

down or apologize.

future. Enjoy the ride along.

LIBRA (september 23 october 22) Explain your

CAPRICORN (december 22 january 19) You open up to

position to those who have some authority to help or deal with the issues. Meet in private first in order to lay out a game plan. Put all the facts on paper. Find a shortcut so delays are not too long. It gets resolved.

SCORPIO (october 23 november 21) You are more

Mars in your sign this month makes the lion "roar." You seek or instigate action towards your ambitions. You bypass those in the way or other delays. Your natural regal attitude is focused on success one way or the other.

gutsy, standing up for what you believe in. You have what it takes for strong leadership as you don't fear much. Others admire this about you and are willing to step aside for you. Hopes and wishes unfold.

VIRGO (august 23 september 22) You try

SAGITTARIUS (november 22 december 21) New or renewed

a new avenue of approach. Gather your forces or associates behind the scenes so you are all on the same page when it comes to "show time". Some are caught off guard and may have to step

career ambitions blossom, improving your status or reputation – near or far. Plan to travel or meet at a neutral location if it is required. The past has paved the way for your

other opportunities. This can include ones that were on the back burner. In any case they are all viable. Consider location changes if it will speed things along. Your determination overcomes any delays. AQUARIUS (january 20 february 18) Take time to

assess the value of anything jointly held (personal or business). If the benefits are not there just cut your losses and move on. You can recoup later on through other sources. Ingenious solutions bring gains. PISCES (february 19 march 20) By now you

will know who you can count on in your personal or business relationships. New or renewed contacts need to be evaluated to determine who stays and who goes. Don't sacrifice where truth and respect count.

Hardly Simple


Middle of the Road

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4 8 3 7 2

Puzzle by 70 SEASIDE | august 2013



3 6 4 8 2 1 5 5 9 8 9 5 2 7 1 8 9 3 2 5 5 6 1 4 5

Puzzle by

KEEP YOUR BRAIN HEALTHY The Alzheimer’s Association recommends doing puzzles like Sudoku to strengthen brain cells and the connections between them. Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. *Sudoku Solutions may be found on opposite page

last word

Allison Smith, Editor

2 7 1 5 3 4 8 6 9

Puzzle by

3 8 6 7 9 2 1 4 5

5 4 9 1 6 8 3 7 2

6 5 4 3 8 9 2 1 7

1 9 8 2 5 7 4 3 6

7 2 3 6 4 1 9 5 8

5 7 4 3 9 8 2 1 6

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Puzzle by

8 4 7 6 3 5 9 2 1

1 9 5 4 2 7 3 6 8

7 5 6 2 8 3 1 9 4

4 8 9 7 5 1 6 3 2

3 1 2 9 6 4 8 7 5

Sudoku Solutions

9 3 2 4 7 5 6 8 1

Middle of the Road

4 1 7 8 2 6 5 9 3

healthier. Not counting calories or "dieting," exactly, just trying to make better choices about what I put in my body every day. Part of this is a desire to create better eating habits that will take me through the rest of my life, and part of it comes from the growing realization that, truly, "we are what we eat." I recently did a three-day smoothie challenge. For three days, I was supposed to have nothing but these fruit- and vegetable-based smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although the challenge didn't work 100% (there may have been a delicious pizza made in my friends' cob oven eaten at one point), I got the point: lots more "real" foods such as fruit, vegetables, and even flax and coconut oil in my diet make me feel better and give me more energy. I've been having the breakfast smoothie from the challenge most days since ‌ it's pretty simple: raspberries, banana, spinach, lemon juice, flax, water and almond butter (email me at if you'd like the amounts). I'm not a food purist (the bag of Cheetos in my cupboard right now speaks to that effect), but recently, things are just starting to click for me. I think an extra nudge came as I was scooping almond butter

into my morning smoothie. This is so good, I thought to myself. Out of curiousity, I looked at the ingredient list on the jar. Just one: dry roasted almonds. I pulled out "old faithful," a well-known brand of peanut butter, to peruse its ingredient list: select roasted peanuts, soybean oil, corn maltodextrin, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, salt, mono- and diglycerides. When did food stop including food? It's time for me to make a switch. Since then, it seems that the more healthful ingredients I put in my body, the more I crave them. Luckily we live in a place that has an abundance of farms offering fresh, local, "real food" available in all seasons. I think I'll stop by the Peninsula Country Market this weekend and stock up!

8 6 5 9 1 3 7 2 4

Lately, I've been trying to eat

Hardly Simple

Wry with a twist. Jack Knox Subscribe Today


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nissan Leaf pictured, 6 available right now, call today! photos courtesy

One Store, One Sales Contact, Any Car – Exactly What You Need. Open Tuesday - Saturday #203- 2031 Malaview Avenue Sidney, B.C. V8L 5X6 (across from Slegg Lumber) Phone: 250-655-3534 Text Message: 250-884-2698

Buy Local. Buy the Best.

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