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November 2016

Issue 1

THE REBELS PAMPHLET The official student-run newspaper of OLMBS School.

Student Council Sponsored Pink Out Raises Money for Breast Cancer Awareness by Maria Fabregas

Newspaper Staff Georgia Horgan Gabrielle Barch Jada Jackson Julianne Zenewicz Justine Spinelli Logan Fitch Maria Fabregas Maria Poydence Marisa Ostrosky Mary Smith Matthew Danielson Olivia Susa Samantha Edwards Samuel Wygonik Savanah Ord Simon Szalla Stephanie Vojtilla

Moderator: Miss Calligan

The student council sponsored a pink out volleyball game was on October 14th. Additionally, it was 8th grade recognition night. The Commissioner of School Spirit, Marlee Sholtes and Vice President, Georgia Horgan decorated signs that were hung up in the gym. Some students decorated a large sign for players to run through. A lot of students came to cheer on the players and donate money for Breast Cancer Awareness. This extra support from the students really helped the Rebels get pumped for the game. Being on the varsity team, I personally think it was a really fun experience with all of students cheering us on. All of the concessions and admissions went to Breast Cancer Awareness. We were able to collect about $325 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The pink out volleyball game was a great success!

Issue 1

November 2016

THE CATHOLIC CORNER This year OLMBSS welcomes two new priests, Father John Lendvai and Father Aaron Kriss. Staff writers, Stephanie Vojtilla and Savanah Ord had the chance to interview them.

Interview with Father Aaron Kriss Interviewer: Stephanie Vojtilla How long have you been a priest? I have been in ministry as an ordained Catholic priest for 25 years.

Interview with Father John Lendvai Interviewer: Savanah Ord Why did you become a priest? To help people

What made you decide to become a priest? Since I was an altar server in the 5th grade I always felt the love and peace of God at mass and the holy eucharist I wanted to be close to God. Also I believe I was responding to a call or vocation from God to preach this word, sing his praises and draw others to Christ by serving, to be kind, friendly and caring to people of all ages.

Favorite movie? A Bronx Tale

What would you do if you weren’t a priest? If I weren’t a priest, I would either want to be a teacher of english, literature or a singer - either of pop music or rock - in a band.

Favorite color? Blue

What is your favorite sport? Baseball is my favorite sport followed by hockey.

Favorite candy? M&M

What is your favorite color? My favorite color is blue followed by red.

Favorite animal? A duck billed platypus

What is your favorite Bible verse? The Gospel of John 13:34 “A new commandment I give you. Love one another as I have loved you,”

Where else have you been a priest? Our Lady of Joy, Prince of Peace, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Ave Maria, and Holy Spirit

What is your favorite genre of music? My favorite genre of music is rock from the 1970s and 1980s

November 2016

Issue 1

TEACHER INTERVIEWS This year, Blessed Sacrament welcomed a couple new teachers. Jada Jackson, Simon Szalla, and Samuel Wygonik all had the pleasure of interviewing the new teachers.

Interview with Third Grade Teacher, Mrs. Bowser

Interview with Kindergarten Teacher, Ms. Byrnes

Interviewers: Simon Szalla and Samuel Wygonik

Interviewer: Jada Jackson

When and why did you start teaching? I started teaching in 2006. After I had my daughter Kylie, I decided to go into education because I have a passion to teach kids.

Why do you want to become a teacher? I loved school as a child. I looked up to my teachers and wanted to be like them for as long as I could remember.

How do you feel about the school year so far? So far so good! I’m enjoying my students, and their many talents. I think it will be a great year! What is your favorite movie? My favorite movie is the Pirates of the Caribbean. If you were on a deserted island, what three items would you bring? My phone, a hammock, and pictures of my family. What is your favorite color? Rainbow! In ROY G BIV order, I love all of the colors! Even my wedding was rainbow! What is your favorite animal? My favorite animal is a hedgehog. Would you recommend teaching as a career path? Absolutely, if you want to help kids learn, and be a part of helping them grow up. Who is your favorite singer? I like a wide variety of music. Pretty much anything that sounds good. I’d say one of my favorites is Chloë Agnew.

If you could teach another grade what would it be? 4th and 6th What is your favorite color? Pink and anything glittery What is your favorite movie/TV show? Last Man on Earth What is your favorite thing about our school? All the friendly teachers and staff What genre of music do you like? Country

November 2016

Issue 1

STUDENT COUNCIL UPDATE Coverage of 2016 - 2017 Student Council events

Student Council

Food Drive a Success

President: Ally Swierczewski

*Please note: Results of food drive are as of November 11

Vice President: Georgia Horgan Treasurer: Samuel Wygonik Dance Committee Chairperson: Nevaeh Ewing Commissioner of School Spirit: Marlee Sholtes Commissioner of Service: Maria Fabregas Commissioner of Publicity: Rhiannon Litz Recording Secretary: Tabitha Forster Corresponding Secretary: Hannah Kipp Representatives: Michael Imler, Rachel Babinsack, Iliana Riesterer

Moderator: Mr. Swalga

by Logan Fitch

It’s that time again, the OLMBSS food drive is back. The food drive is an excellent way of helping out the less fortunate by doing such a easy but helpful task, bringing in unopened, and unused food just lying around your house. The food drive is not only helpful, but fun too! If your class’s donation total is the largest, your class wins a dress down day. If your class wins overall, your class will win a pizza party sponsored by the student council, supplied by J&S Pizza. Fifth grade won Macaroni Monday, first grade won the jeans day for Toiletries Tuesday, and fourth grade won the jeans day for Wee Ones Wednesday. It was a resounding success all together. Good job students!

Glow in the Dark Dance by Maria Fabregas

The dance on November 11th was a success. The theme was Glow in the Dark. Many students wore glow sticks and bright colored clothing. It was really cool to see all of the glow sticks glowing in the dark while everyone was dancing. The DJ, Jake Hayes, played lots of fun songs.There were many decorations that glowed in the dark, like glow in the dark mason jars and balloons.We ate pizza, chips, cookies, and pop during the dance. This was one of the most memorable dances yet!

November 2016

Issue 1

SPORTS Volleyball Junior Varsity Volleyball by Jada Jackson

This year the JV volleyball team had a fantastic year! The roster for the 2016 JV volleyball was Jada Jackson, Justine Spinelli, Noelle Bigenho, Rachael Babinsack, Julie Spinelli, Naturelle Ewing, Katelyn Myers, and Savanah Ord. This year the JV girls made it to the playoffs, but sadly lost their second game. The coaches this year were Coach Kelly Zawart, Coach Danielle Godinez, and Coach Seneca Jackson. They finished the season with a record of 7-7.

JV Rebels at a playoff game

JV and Varsity Volleyball Teams

Varsity Volleyball by Jada Jackson

This year the varsity volleyball team did great! The roster for 2016 was Nevaeh Ewing, Reagan McGough, Tabitha Forster, Molly Herbstritt, Marisa Ostrosky, Georgia Horgan, Maria Fabregas, Isabel Godinez, Maria Poydence, Julia Zenewicz, Mary Smith, Samantha Edwards, and Iliana Riersterer . The varsity team ended the season with the record of 2-10.

Student Athlete Highlight with Volleyball Player, Tabitha Forster Interviewer: Jada Jackson

What position do you play? Setter What’s your favorite part of volleyball? Being with friends at games and practice How long have you played volleyball? 2 years

Varsity team waits for game to start

November 2016

Issue 1

UPPER FLOOR NEWS Coverage of all events on the upper floor

New Enrichment Clubs by Maria Fabregas

There are two new additions to our enrichment clubs on the upper floor this year. Miss Calligan is in charge of the new Drama Club, and Mrs. Rock has decided to start a Faith and Service Club. Miss Calligan wants students to “achieve confidence in their speaking and performance skills.” The students in drama just finished performing monologues. According to Miss Calligan, it was a great success. Next, they are going to read classical theatre works. Miss Calligan wants the students to perform scenes in partners and small groups. Miss Calligan said, “Starting a Drama Club has always been something I’ve wanted to do. Ever since I was little, I have loved theatre and performing arts. I have had the opportunity to see many live professional shows. Throughout my time in high school and college, I took as many performing arts classes as I could and participated in shows whenever I could. Having the option to start a new club seemed like the perfect time to bring my love of theatre to school!” The second new club this year is the Faith and Service Club, run by Mrs. Rock. She wants to “increase awareness of the needs of others, while actively living out our Catholic faith.” The students in the club are currently finding funds for making blankets and scarves for the kids at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Mrs. Rock said, “I wanted to do this club to reach out to others in our community and connect them with our students. We talk about stewardship in class, but this club allows us to actually go out and actively share God’s love with others.”

Blessed Sacrament Welcomes New Band Teacher and Program by Mary Smith

This year OLMBSS got a new band teacher, Mr. Matt. He wants to teach the students in band that music is a gift from God. He is planning to have a Spring and Christmas concert. The Christmas concert is planned for December 11 at the Santa Breakfast. The students are going to play Jingle Bells, Silent Night, and Away in Manger. Mr. Matt is very excited for the upcoming Christmas concert.

Mr. Matt shows student instruments

November 2016

Issue 1

LOWER FLOOR NEWS Coverage of all events on the lower floor

Preschool and Kindergarten Go On a Field Trip to Renshaw Farms by Samantha Edwards In October 2016, preschool and kindergarten classes went on a field trip to Renshaw Farms. The kids got to play in the corn box, feed horses, goats, pigs, and chickens, went on a hay wagon ride, and went in a maze. Ms. Culleiton said her favorite part was the hay wagon ride. The kids and teachers had lots of fun and would love to do it again.

Judge Bengal Comes to OLMBSS for Red Ribbon Week by Logan Fitch

The Red Ribbon Campaign is an Anti-Drug based campaign. Judge Bengal comes to our school every year. She explains to kindergarten through fifth grade how drugs can ruin your lives, During the presentation, she makes the children take an oath, never to use drugs or abuse drugs. In addition, there is a reward to the kids and teachers. Every year, Judge Bangle gives each class pieces of candy with messages that involve the candy name and an anti-drug messages. The teachers also get something out of it as well. The teachers from Kindergarten to fifth grade are selected for a raffle to get a gift card to a restaurant. It is a very informative assembly for the students and they seem to have a good time too.

Kid Says

Interviewer: Marisa Ostrosky and Gabrielle Barch

What would you do if you met the Great Pumpkin? Annabella (Grade 1) - I would give it a hug. Jacob (Grade 1) - Pass out. What is your favorite thing about fall or Halloween? Ethan (Pre-K) - I like getting candy and going Trick or Treating. Lia (Pre-K) - I like looking at the pretty leaves. Alex (Grade 1) - Jumping in, like, leaves Annabella (Grade 1) - The leaves fall down Jacob (Grade 1) - Going on vacation in November

Seventh grade girls pose for picture at the dance

November 2016

Issue 1

SCHOOL-WIDE NEWS Coverage of school-wide events

Students Have Fun at Anti-Bullying Assembly by Justine Spinelli

Josh Verbanets and Gab Bonesso are two Pittsburgh based writers and performers. They are a comedy singing group that talk about antibullying. They came to our school on November 9th 2016. At their show they sang songs about anti-bullying and talked to us about bullying and they let us dance on stage with them. When they came they sang several songs including, “Living Life in Catholic School,” they changed lyrics from a Justin Bieber song to anti-bullying lyrics, and a song called “Nine O’Clock Behind the Jack Rabbit.” Both of them tried hard to connect with the students, expressing interest in their hobbies and telling stories about their experiences with bullying.

Student Athlete Highlight with Soccer Player, Anthony Salem

Josh and Gab at Blessed Sacrament

Coloring Contest Winners

Winners picked by Olivia Susa and Maria Poydence

Interviewer: Justine Spinelli

Grade 1 - Gemma What position are you on the field? Right middle How long have you played soccer? 6 years What is your favorite part of soccer? Going out with my friends to play the great sport of soccer and trying our hardest to win and learn.

Grade 2 - Emma R. Grade 3 - Cainen Grade 4 - Maycee Grade 5 - Naturelle Grade 6 - Jada Grade 7 - Melaina Grade 8 - Molly

November 2016

Issue 1

SCHOOL-WIDE NEWS Coverage of school-wide events

Blessed Sacrament Honors Veterans at Veterans Day Mass by Georgia Horgan

On Friday, November 11, Blessed Sacrament honored veterans at mass. The mass started by having the veterans process through the student into their seats. After Communion, Blessed Sacrament honored the veterans with a song and a poem. The seventh graders sang “Taps,” and student council read an acrostic poem for the word “Thank You.” The poem emphasized their sacrifice and commitment, while expressing our gratitude for their service. Thank you to all the veterans who serve our country.

Veterans Day Mass

Students Celebrate Halloween by Georgia Horgan

On October 28, Blessed Sacrament had its annual Halloween celebration. After lunch, students put on their costumes and then went outside for the annual Trunk or Treat. This year, nineteen families dressed up their cars and passed out candy. After that, students went inside for their Halloween parties. Halloween was super fun!

November 2016

Issue 1

ACTIVITY by Simon Szalla and Samuel Wygonik Look for the answers throughout the newspaper

Note from Editor I cannot express how excited I am to be presenting this newspaper to all of you. I have wanted to be newspaper editor at Blessed Sacrament since I came here in fourth grade. In fifth grade, I started off on the newspaper writing articles under James Wilson. Last year, I was Michael Smith’s assistant editor. Achieving this goal has been extremely fulfilling and I cannot thank you enough. This newspaper could not have been made without the support from our moderator, Miss Calligan and the office, especially Mrs. Borland and Mr. Davis. Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to the articles and everyone who allowed us to interview them. Most importantly, I would like to thank my entire newspaper staff. I am so proud of all of you and how far each and every one of you have come these past few months. I look forward to publishing more newspapers throughout the year. If anyone has any suggestions please do not hesitate to tell me. Thank you, Georgia Horgan, Editor

Across 3. Who came and talked to K-5 about not doing drugs? 7. What was the Halloween event on October 28? 9. What falls off of trees in fall? Down 1. Who is the new 3rd grade teacher? 2. What was the theme for the first day of the food drive? 4. What color did students wear to the final home volleyball game? 5. What new enrichment club does Miss Calligan moderate? 6. What was the theme for the coloring contest? 8. Where did Pre-K and Kindergarten go for a field trip?

The Rebels Pamphlet November 2016