Sea History 146 - Spring 2014

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Ships of Glass, Inc. Glass Replicas Featuring Curved Glass Sails We specialize in making replicas of vessels. We welcome custom orders.

Ships of Glass, Inc. Brooklyn McAllister

Don & Kathy Hardy 6702 Rosemary Dr. Tampa, FL 33625 Ph. 813 918-1566 813 732-6917

"Yes, I can make a replica ofyour boat." -Don Hardy Barque Kaiulani

Please check out our catalog of vessels on our website: USCG Barque Eagle "My office is fill ed with glorious ma ritime memorabili a, and the fi rst item people comment on is the captiva ting Ships of Glass rep lica of the whaleship Charles W. Morga n on my desk. Don Hardy is an ext ra ordinarily talented artist, and his glass models a re classy representations of our most beloved ships." - Burchenal Green, NMHS President