Sea History 146 - Spring 2014

Page 26

sailed in ro Sourhern California in 1834. Wirh warercolors, one musr rerain rhe whire of rhe paper for rhe lighrer colors. This meanr masking off all rhe rigging before I could painr rhe backgro und. Ir rook a considerable amounr of rime ro complere rhe masking process before I could apply any color. Ir was a challenge rhar became a labor oflove, and I am pleased wirh rhe final result-ir is one of my besr efforrs.

Over rhe years I have experimenred wirh a variery of approaches wirh differenr subjects. I painred rhe Cabrillo Lighrhouse using rhree differem lighr sources-rhe moon, the light irself, and rhe lighr in rhe children's room upstairs in the lighrhouse. In an earlier painring I had made of the brig Lady Washington-an image I construcred our of my head-I used rwo light sources, rhe moon and rhe ligh rs from inside rhe caprain's

Cabrillo Light 1989, egg tempera 24"x 18" (Artist collection).