Sea History 025 - Autumn 1982

Page 60

Campus of the Maritime Institute of Techn ology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS) at Linthicum H eig hts, MD is just eight miles from downtown Baltimore.

This Is MM&P Country A few short miles from the waters of Chesapeake Bay, just outside the Port of Baltimore , lies the handsome 55-acre campus of the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS), where today's ship officers can sharpen their skills on dry land while they safely navigate their way through projected perils of the sea. Classroom instruction, supplemented by an astonishing array of highly sophisticated simulators, is aimed at fine tuning the competence and productivity of the professional students in attendance. In these buildings students absorb large daily doses of instruction in the use of collision avoidance radar systems , steam and Diesel propulsion plants, the handling and transport of liquefied natural gas , advanced shipboard medical care , Admiralty law , license upgrading and the principles of shiphandling in a variety of environmental settings, the latter course made to closely approximate conditions in the real world through the use of two brand new ship simulators. MITA GS is the result of a collaboration between MM&P and the American flag shipping companies in their joint Maritime Advancement, Training , Education and Safety (MATES) Program_ ROBERT J. LOWEN International Presidef!t

LLOYD M. MARTIN International Secretary-Treasurer

ALLEN C. SCOTT International Executive Vice President