Sea History 025 - Autumn 1982

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& MUSEUM NEWS On February 15, the Falkland Islands issued firs t day covers of a series of stamps commenorati ng 5 of the more than 200 shipwrecks in the Islands. Designed by Islander John Smith (who wrote about the wreck s in the NMHS pu blicati on "Condemned at Stanley"), the vessels depicted are the British bark Lady E lizabeth (built 1879, wrecked 19 13); the 390-ton British bark Capricorn (buil t 1859, wrecked 1882, capstan preserved in the Stanley Museu m); the 428-ton British bark Jhelum (b uilt 1849, wrecked 1870); the American clipper Snow Squall (bu ilt 185 1, wrecked 1864) see NMHS Sh ip Note above; the American Down Easter St. Mary (bui lt 1890, wrecked 1890, some of her remains on view at Maine State Museum in Augusta). N. Brouwer, SSSM, 207 Front St., New York NY 10038, USA. The 96 ', 100-ton gaff-rigged schooner Deliverance went through the Panama Canal in February, on her way to cross the Paci fie as part of a three-year round-the-world voyage. Built in

parts o f the world . Contact: Dr. G. Jenkins, Curato r , Welsh Indu str ial and Maritime Museum, Bute St ., Cardiff CF ! 6AN, UK.


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Friends of the Maritime Trust publi shes a quarterly Newsletter chock fu ll of news about the restoration, preservation and exhi bition of historic British ships. Not on ly does the newsletter report on the heritage, but on ways to get involved. £10/yr. Trust, 16 Ebury St. , London SW IWOLH .

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Town Docks Museum recent ly acq ui red a photograph of Cap ts. Willi am and T homas Cou ldrey, father and son whali ng masters. T he photo preda tes 1869, the yea r that Hu ll whali ng ended , when her last whaler Diana wa s wrecked. T hese photos are also signi fica nt as they pre-da te modern photographi c tec hni q ues. The Mu seum is interested in acq ui ring such hi stor ic material fo r their archives. A .G . Credland, Keeper, Museum , Queen Victoria Sq ., Hull HU I 3DX. The £ 1. 5 milli on project, launched May I, to build a replica of Capt. J ames Cook's Endeavour, has received a li nk to the past. Oak trees planted by Adm . Lord Nelson have been offered to the project by Mr. Henry Edmonds, owner of the for mer Nelson estate in Wiltshire (See SH22: 36). Mr. John Tindale, Sec'y., Whitby Chamber, Whitby.


Capt. 8111 Alexander

Box 247 SH. Rockport . Me . 04656




WINDJAMMER "MARY DAY" Fo r Folder Wr it e:

Capt. H. S. Hawkins Camden, Maine 04843 Tel. l-207 -2'36-2750


Galveston Historical Foundation and the barque

Elissa 5_18 23 rd S t., Ga lves ton , Texas

1956 as the royal yacht for the Prince and Princess of Monaco, her present owner, Dave Higgins, is a for mer Olympic oarsma n , who extensively refit her in 1979. Expected to arrive in New Zealand in Nov. '82. Charters available. Dave Higgi ns, 138 H ampshi re Rd ., Wellesley Hills MA02 181. Philadelphi a Ship Model Society, o ne of the oldest and most active organi zations of its type in the u .s., will host the annual con ference of the international Nautical Research Guild in Phi ladelphi a, Oct. 1-3. Conference acti vities will include technical sessions, semi nars and talks by foremost authori ties in the fields of nautical history, research and model building, o pen to all in terested people. Rick Menapace, P res., Phila. Ship Model Society, c/ o Benjamin Fox Pavili on , Jen ki ngton P A 19046, USA. Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is sponsoring a maritime lore and heritage to ur of Northern Italy, Oct. 1-17 . Itinerary includes Lake Como, Milan, Florence, Venice and Verona. Museum , PO Box 636, St. Michaels MD 21663, USA. A symposium on the Anthropology of Maritime Communities at the I I th International Congress of Anth ropological and E thnological Sciences will be held in Quebec a nd Vancouver, Canada du ri ng the last two weeks of August , 1983. Papers and discussio n will add ress various aspects of the ethnology a nd social history of maritime communities in various


Maid of the Loch, a Loch Lomond paddle steamer, has been sold to a partnershi p for med by Ind Coope AJloa Brewery and Marine Co . Verigen . Plans are to turn the 29 year-old vessel into a leisure center with a restaurant; excursion sail s will be offered at least one day a week starting the spring of 1883. B. Beadle, 39 Newland Ave., Hull HU5 3BE . From Notice to Mariners, News letter of Ma riners Internati o nal : British bri ga ntine Soren Larsen (SH21:29) is sailing to Greenland th is summer to take part in the film ing of a documentary abo ut Ern est Shackleton's polar explorations, playing the part of Shackleton's Endu rance. She' ll return to Southampton in August to sail in the Tall Ships races .... The Thames sailing barge Oak, which has been full y restored, celebrated her centenniel last year, sailing fo r the first time since 1934. Owned and fu lly restored over the past 10 years by Benny and Joy Bensted, she' ll enter 3 barge matches th is summer and will be available fo r passenger charters . . .. The Jubilee Sailing Trust bark , designed to accommodate both disabled and non-di sabled trainees, will be named L ord Nelso n a fter the Admi ral, who himself was disabled . Designed by Colin Mudie , wh o designed the training brig Royalist, L ord Nelson will be 135' LOA, with a beam of 28 ', draft 12 ' , and sail area 10,000 sq . ft. The project is estimated at £2 million; building will begin when £ ! million is raised, and about half of that has been raised . .. . Traditional vessels for sale worldwide are also listed . MI, 58 Woodville Rd ., New Barnet, H erts, EN5 5EG .

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