Sea History 025 - Autumn 1982

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World Ship Trust Historic Tugs List by Norman Brouwer, Curator of Ships & Senior Historian South Street Seaport Museum, New York Mr. Brouwer's historic ship lists, partially published for review and augmentation from time to time in these pages, are now thoroughly amended and assembled in an Historic Ship Register to be published in due course by the World Ship Trust (see report, page 41). From this master register we are proud to publish a summary of the "Tugs" segment herewith. Tugs are so ubiquitous that some important vessels are undoubtedly missing from this listingwhich is one good reason to publish it. This presentation of the list is divided: United Kingdom, United States & Canada, South America, Australia & New Zealand, West Germany, Netherlands (more or less following the sun from the Greenwich meridian, zero longitude, as we do in Ship Notes), arranged alphabetically by tug name within these divisions. Vessels are included according to these criteria:(!) A vessel preserved by a legitimate preservation group; (2) A vessel that: (a) includes significant original material; (b) is of significantly unique design; and (c) was built before World War II (some vessels of later date are accepted when they are preserved by responsible authorities , under a kind of "local option" rule). Entries in this listing are merely barebones summaries of the rather rich data sheets that exist for most of these vessels in the actual Historic Register.-ED.

Kerne ex-Viking, Terrier bit 1913 at Montrose, Scotland, steel, 75 ', steam. In service at Wirral, Mersey.

Hercules bit 1907 at Camden, NJ, steel, 135' , steam. Restored, afloat at Nat'l Mar. Mus ., San Francisco.

Portwey bit 1926 at Glasgow, Scotland, steel, 80 ', steam. In service, privately owned in Stoke Gabriel, Devon.

Jean bit 1938 at Portland, Or., steel, 140 ', steam. Afloat at Idaho His. Soc., Lewiston ID.

St. Canute ex-St. Knudd bit 1931 in Denmark steam. Working condition at Exeter Mar. Mus., Devon .

John Taxis ex-Wm Stewart bit 1869 at Chester, Pa., wood 52.5 ' , steam now diesel. Afloat at Chandler's Wharf, Wilmington NC.

St. Denys ex-Northgate Scot bit 1929 at Glasgow, steel, 27 .59m, steam. In working cond. at Falmouth Mar. Mus ., Cornwall. Sea Alarm ex-Empire Ash, Flying Fulmar blt 1941, steam . At Welsh Industrial and Mar. Mus. , Cardiff.

John Wanamaker bit 1924 at Baltimore, Md., steel, 112.5 ' , steam . Afloat in Boston MA

Lone Star bit 1922 at Rock Island, IL, wood, 90 ' . Steam sternwheeler at Buffalo Bill Mus., LeClaire IO . Master bit 1922 at False Creek BC, wood, 70 ', steam. At Vancouver. Worcester bit 1908 at Brimscombe, iron, 45 ' ,diesel. At North West Mus . of Inland Navigation, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire .

Mathilda bit 1899 at Sorel, Quebec, steel, 72 ', steam. Owned by South St. Seaport Mus, New York. In temporary dryberth storage.


Ned Hanlon bit 1932 at Toronto, Ont., steel, 74.8 ', steam. In dryberth display in Toronto.

Arthur Foss ex-Wallowa bit 1889 at Portland OR, wood, 111 ' , steam now diesel. Afloat at Northwest Seaport, Seattle.

Portland bit 1947 at Portland, OR, steel, 186 '. Steam sternwheeler recently retired, afloat in Portland.

Canning bit 1954 at Selby, Eng., steel, 102 ', steam. At Industrial and Mar. Mus ., W. Glamorgan, Wales.

Baltimore bit 1906 at Baltimore, MD., wood and steel, 84.6 ', steam. Recently refloated for Baltimore Museum of Industry.

Reiss bit 1913 at Cleveland, OH , steel, 71 ', steam. Afloat at Douglas ML

Cervia ex-Empire Raymond bit 1946 at Aberdeen, Scotland, steel, 112 ',steam. In use for Int'I Towing Ltd., Chatham, Kent.

Bascobel bit 1919 at Elizabeth, NJ, steel, 142 ',steam. At Witte's yard, Staten Island NY.

Challenge bit 1931 at Aberdeen, Scotland steel, 100 ', steam. Displayed afloat at St. Katherine's Dock, London.

Dolomite ex-Rogers City bit 1927 at Lorain, Ohio, steel 88 ', steam. Afloat, retired at Rogers City ML

Daniel Adamson ex-Ralph Brocklebank bit 1903 at Birkenhead, Eng., steel, 110 ', steam . In use at the Shaw Museum, Runcorn, Cheshire.

Dorothy ex-Janet S., Jesse Jr., NY Central No. 3 bit 1890 at Newport News VA, iron 90 ', steam. Dryberth display at Newport News Shipbuilding.

Goliath ex-Eminent, Empire Tessa bit 1946 at Renfrew, Scotland, steel, 295 gross tons, steam. Afloat, refitting as museum for Maryport, Cumberland.

Edna G. bit 1896 at Cleveland OH, steel, 92.5 ' , steam . In service in Duluth MN .

UNITED KINGDOM Brent ex-TID 159 bit 1945 at Sunderland, Eng., steel, 65 ' , steam . In service as pleasure boat in Maldon, Essex.

Hercules bit 1945, steel 65 ' , steam. Afloat at Medway Mar. Mus ., Chatham, Kent.

Eppleton Hall bit 1914 at South Shields, England, steel and wood, 100 ' . Steam sidewheeler restored in operating condition at Nat'I Mar. Mus ., San Francisco.

Hero ex-John Amos bit 1931 at Glasgow, Scotland, steel, 110 ' , steam. Paddlewheel tug being restored at Sittingbourne, Kent.

Geo. M. Verity, ex-S. S. Thorpe bit 1927 at Dubuque, OH, steel, 130 ' . Steam sternwheeler in dryberth display at Keokuk IO.


Rhododendron ex-Omar bit 1936 at Pittsburgh, Pa., steel, 171 ' . Steam sternwheeler in use as a theater at Clinton JO. Sergeant Floyd bit 1932 at Jeffersonville, Ind ., wood and steel, 138 ', diesel. Afloat, open to public at St. Louis MO. Seguin bit 1884 at Bath Me., wood, 88 ' , steam. Being restored at Maine Mar. Mus ., Bath ME. Tankmaster No. 1 ex-New York, Catawissa bit 1897 at Wilmington, Del., steel 158 ' , steam. In active service for Oil Tank Cleaning Co., Brooklyn NY.

W .P. Snyder, Jr. ex-Clingerman, Perry bit 1918 at Pittsburgh, Pa., steel, 151 ' . Steam SEA HISTORY, AUTUMN 1982