Sea History 003 - July 1975

Page 6

ex-SUNBEAM II-Three-masted topsail schooner, steel, 167 ft. , 636 tons : Built in 1929 as a British yacht. Later a Swedi sh m erchant marin e schoolship, and now operated by Greece. F ALADO VON RHO DOS-Brigantine, wood, 49.2 ft., 44 tons : West German yacht built in 1968. FRAM-Barkentine, wood , 400 tons : Arctic research vessel used by Nansen 1893-1896, and by later explorers. Preserved inside a museum building at Oslo, Norway . GAZELA PRIMEIRO, ex-GAZELA-Barkentine, wood, 178 ft. , 324 tons : Built at Cacilhas, Portugal in 1883. Formerly a unit of the Portuguese Grand Banks fishing fleet. Now belongs to the Philadelphia Maritime Museum. GEFION, ex-KAREN SORENSEN, ex-AMELIRTopsail schooner, wood, 89.5 ft ., 95 tons: Built at Solvesborg, Sweden in 1894. Currently Americanowned and operating in the Baltic. HAI CHU, ex-HEATHER, ex-LIEUTENANT RENE GUILI~O~-.Motorship, former barkentine, steel, 179 ft., 850 tons : Built at Nantes in 1933 for the French Grand Banks fishing fleet. Now a cargo vessel owned in Hong Kong . HORIZONT-Barkentine, wood, 129 ft. , 322 tons : Built at Turku, Finland in 1948 as a training ship for the Russian merchant marine and still in service. HUASCAR-Naval relic, iron, 190 ft., 1870 tons disp.: Originally a brig-rigged seagoing turret ship built at Birkenhead, England for the Peruvian Navy in 1865. Now a museum ship at Talcahuano, Chile. INDEPENDENCE-Topsail schooner, wood, 90 ft. : West Indies passenger cruise ship. JACARE-Topsail schooner, 121 ft. , 100 tons : Operated by Carib Cruises Ltd. of St. Lucia, West Indies. JADRAN, ex-MARCO POLO, ex-JADRAN-Threemasted topsail schooner, steel, 190 ft. , 720 tons disp. : Built in Germany in 1931 as a schoolship for Yugoslavia and still in service. JOANNA OF FOULNESS-Brigantine, 53.5 ft., 18 tons, Thames Measurement : A British yacht built at Looe, Cornwall in 1970. JUAN SEBASTIAN DE ELCANO-Four-mastea topsail schooner, steel, 309 ft. , 3222 tons disp.: Built at Cadiz in 1927 as a Spanish Naval schoolship and still in service. JUNGA-Barkentine, wood, 126 ft. , 322 tons : Built at Raumo, Finland in 1947 for the Soviet Union. Serving either as a schciolship or· research vessel. KAPELLA-Barkentine, wood, 126 ft., 322 tons: Built at Turku, Finland in 1948 for the So_viet _Union. Lately a merchant marine schoolship based at Riga . KATHLEEN & MAY, ex-LIZZIE MAY-Threemasted topsail schooner, wood, 98 ft.: Built in 1900

masted schooner in 1944. Now owned by a French organization called "Les Amis de Jeudi Dimanche." BLACK PEARL-Brigantine, wood, 54.6 ft., 41 tons : A yacht built at Wickford. Rhode Island in 1957, and based at Newport, Rhode Island. CALIFORNIA-Barkentine, wood, 80 ft. overall : Built at Vallejo, California in 1935. Now making cruises out of Hawaii. CAPTAIN SCOTT-Three-masted topsail schooner, wood, 129 ft., 380 tons: Launched in 1971 for a Scottish youth training program. CARIB¥E-Topsail schooner, wood, 96 ft.: Built by William Robinson at Ipswich, Massachusetts in the late 1930's as a yacht, from plans of a vessel of around 1800. Now making cruises out of Jamaica. CENTURION, ex-AEGEAN, ex-BEEGIEBrigantine, wood, 43 tons : Built as a yacht at New Smyrna, Florida in 1947. Lately British-owned and cruising m the Aegean. CHARLOTTE RHODES, ex-META JAN , ex EVAThree-masted topsail schooner, wood, 89 ft.: Built at Fjellebroen, Denmark in 1904. Now owned in Dartmouth, England. CITY OF AUSTIN-Hulk, former five-masted barkentine, wood, 281.8 ft. , 2231 tons : Built at Orange, Texas in 1918 as a cargo vessel. Later the barge SMITH & TERRY NO . 4. Now lying abandoned at Port Johnson, Bayonne, New Jersey. CITY OF BEAUMONT-Hulk, former five-masted barkentine, wood, 254 ft. , 2043 tons disp. : Built at Orange, Texas in 1918 as a cargo vessel. Later the nightclub BUCCANEER, anchored in the Hudson River. Now lying grounded at Hastings-On-Hudson, New York. DEWARUTJI-Barkentine, steel, 180 ft., 847 tons disp.: Built in Germany in 1953 as a schoolship for the Indonesian Navy and still in service. DUENNA, ex-~iD, WILL & HARRY-Brigantine, wood, 61.9 ft. , 22 tons : A yacht converted from an oyster smack built at Brightlingsea, England in 1903. Now Owned in West Germany. EBE, ex-SAN GIORGIO-Brigantine, wood, 600 tons: Built at Viareggio, Italy in 1921 as a cargo vessel. An It~lian Naval schoolship 1952-1955. Now completely rebuilt inside the Science Museum at Milan. EOLUS-Barkentine, wood, 112 ft. : Built at Pukvik, Sweden in 1948 as a three-masted schooner. Rerigged at Ramsgate, England in 1970 for World cruises. Currently for sale at Singapore. ESMERALDA, ex-DON JUAN DE AUSTRIAFour-masted topsail schooner, steel, 308 ft . 3673 tons disp.: Built at Cadiz in 1952 as a Spanish Naval schoolship. Sold to Chile in 1953 and still in service. EUGENE EUGENIDES, ex-FL YING CLIPPER, 6

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