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Invited Photographer Marcello Di Francesco


Expedition Mato Grosso do Sul

Coverage of the DIVEMAG Super Party Colors: Crabs and Shrimp

Issue 02 –February 2012

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cuttlefish por paul_hunter99

DIveMag International Dive Magazine

January 2012

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Scalefin anthia (13) por Paul Flandinette

chrismastreeworm por liquidkingdom

Dondice banyulensis por jordi benitez -Mikan-

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Purple por Petr Kleiner

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A DecoStop aumentou seu tempo de fundo. A melhor revista brasileira de mergulho, agora no seu tablet.

Acid Flabellina Affinis por Davide Dèdè Lopresti

A revista DecoStop já está disponível no Android Market, e a partir de março na Apple Store. Esta ação faz com que o alcance da revista seja potencializado, atingindo leitores além de nosso alcance físico. A tecnologia digital permite que as edições da DecoStop sejam armazenadas, possibilitando acesso rápido as informações contidas na revista. A edição impressa continuará a ser produzida normalmente. Para download no Android Market acesse:

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January 2012


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DIveMag International Dive Magazine

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Full coverage of the dive world-stopping party in SĂŁo Paulo in January 19th, the great DIVEMAG inauguration with giant screen, lots of confraternization and full house shaken by a good Rock and Roll!!

52. Shrimps AND Crabs

Table of Contents

04 :: Expedition to Mato Grosso do Sul 40 :: DIVEMAG Launching Party 52 :: Shrimp and Crabs 67 :: Underwater Literature 74 :: Photography >> New Releases 76 :: Series >> Caring for your Gear 82 :: Test >> We Used 91 :: Invited Photographer: Marcello Di Francesco 93 :: Sea Shepherd 106 :: Certifying Agencies and Dive Market

An issue filled with amazing images, the natural beauty of our country represented by the crystal-clear waters and the mysteries of Bonito and Jardins, an astonishing world of colors and strange forms in the article of our photographer Carlos Montechi who roamed the world seeking shrimp and crabs of distinct colors and forms, a mini-world both exotic and fun, Italian photographer Marcello Di Francesco who pampers us with a breathtaking portfolio â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Italians having Art in their blood and Marcello being the living proof of such talent.

We inaugurate a section on gear testing, aiming to keep you, reader, as informed and knowledgeable as possible to undertake your purchases, with better knowledge and assertiveness. Also in this edition a list of the main available literary works in Portuguese dealing with diving, new releases, news and a section on gear maintenance, all this and much more!!

Clear waters and good reading.

Kadu Pinheiro >> Editor <<

DIveMag International Dive Magazine PRESIDENT: Flávio Lara NEWSROOM PRODUCT DIRECTOR AND EDITOR: Kadu Pinheiro

Editorial Board


Carolina Schrappe

Cristian Dimitrius

Responsible Journalist: Fernanda Boaro / MTb 35867 CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS EDITION: Kadu Pinheiro, Carolina Schrappe, Carlos Montechi, Marcello Di Francesco, Reinaldo Alberti, Raquel Soldera, Flávio Lara, Paulo Guilherme Pinguim. FINAL REVISION: Reinaldo Alberti Spanish Translation: Hector Marañon English Translation: José Truda Palazzo, Jr. ADVERTISING MANAGER: Reinaldo Alberti READER SERVICES SAC ::

Daniel Botelho

Lawrence Wahba

Reinaldo Alberti

DIVEMAG is an online, free monthly publication by Dive Editora Ltda. February 2012. Signed articles do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the magazine.

ISSUE 02 February 2012

Rodrigo Figueiredo

ADDRESS Rua da Consolação, 348 3rd Floor :: São Paulo :: SP ZIP 01302-000 :: Brazil ph. +55 11 3259.4263

Cover photo: Carlos Montechi

READERS SERVICES The Editorial Board was formed with the aim of keeping the magazine aligned with the best international diving publications; our Board members are publicly recognized key personalities who represent our activity in the media and within the trade.



SHORT NOTES | Web | By the Newsroom

International Dive Magazine

SCUBA CHANNEL, a new option in Entertaining. The SCUBA CHANNEL website was launched in 2012. The idea is to offer divers the opportunity to watch high-resolution videos through the integration of TV and internet, like in open TV channels or even Cable TV. With a difference: in SCUBA CHANNEL the main theme is diving. You can watch the videos through the website:

Expedition to Mato Grosso do Sul Text and Photos: Kadu Pinheiro

The Bodoquena Range harbors one of the most marvelous and still untouched havens of Nature in our Brazil, the townships of Bonito and Jardim, starting points for several attractions and options for diving and adventure. From cave diving to an easy floating down the Prata river, a 72-meter abseiling down the Anhumas Abyss or visiting the Macaws´ Hole, options are many, and certainly a week would be short to get to know all of it.


DIveMag International Dive Magazine

Olho d’ Água

DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | by: Kadu Pinheiro As part of a NAUI Tec/CECAV (National Caves Center) assembled to explore some of the caves in the region, I had the opportunity to access and dive some privileged points of Bonito and Jardim, such as the yet untouched Olho D´Água spring, besides exploring two caves, Buraco das Abelhas (Bees´ Hole) and the Anhumas Abyss.

DIveMag International Dive Magazine


DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro DIVEMAG International Dive Magazine

Our operational base during the 12 days of the expedition was Figueira farm, a place well known by the Brazilian cavers; it harbors the Bees´ Hole, a fantastic cave characterized by being a resurgence of a subterranean river. This cave has been well explored in past times, but currently is closed for diving, with the exception of those authorized by IBAMA/CECAV (the national environmental authority´s cave center). Its entrance is a small lake amidst dense forest; during rainy season, between November and March, water level can rise up to six meters, leaving visibility rather poor. Besides, leaves and branches are found some 500 meters from the cave entrance. Its wildlife is comprised of cave-dwelling fish and riverine fish which enter it during rainy season, when a temporary river is formed. Bees´ Hole geological formation is rather interesting, with large fractures and lengthy conduits at several depth levels, providing for incredible dives.


DIveMag International Dive Magazine


DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | by: Kadu Pinheiro

International Dive Magazine

We were seven divers, and upon arrival at the farm found the situation not entirely promising due to the rains which ravaged the region, setting up camp at the old farm house. In the next day, after an inspection of the cave by Team One, we noted the horrible visibility and a very strong water current coming out of it, rendering the dive impossible due to safety reasons. After another two days´ wait, Team One divers went home, giving up on the Bees´. We decided then to explore the region further with the two extra days available, while the Bees´ situation wasn´t settled. With a quick trip to Bonito we harnessed the support from local operators who kindly invited us to join their tours, allowing us to visit some of the most beautiful refuges in the region.


| DIVE SITES | DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro

Olho D´Água Spring


To reach Olho D´Água spring, the starting point for the dives, our group was transported to the RPPN – Private Natural Heritage Reserve, where we were led by an experienced guide, who helped us with our gear and gave us a true class about the site.

DIveMag International Dive Magazine

DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro Right at the start of the floating I was informed of the presence of a caiman, in an area close to the spring. After a quick survey we located the animal, perfectly camouflaged, in a den at the river bank. With help from the guide I managed to position myself right in front of the animal, which was some 2 meters long. It´s exciting to be in the water with such a majestic animal, rightly admired for being a formidable predator.

DIveMag International Dive Magazine


| Surprises of the Olho D´Água Spring |

DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro The animal was calm and despite my proximity and my flashlights didn´t seem intimidated and stayed there staring at me from less than 10cm from my camera´s dome. After several clicks, it slid down with our group, following the gentle current which took us calmly on a journey through a fantastic underwater world.


DIveMag International Dive Magazine

DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro

Inhabited by dozens of species of fish and aquatic plants, we were surrounded by enormous piraputangas, dourados, curimbatás, piaus, matogrossinhos and other native fish from the Pantanal region. We were very lucky and had another encounter with a caiman, which yielded more photos and a brief scare as this animal was more nervous than the previous one.

DIveMag International Dive Magazine

We floated downriver for some 2 Km, until the merging of the Olho D´Água and Prata rivers. At this point we ended the floating and went back through a short trail to meet our transport, which took us to the farm house for a typical regional lunch. For more information:



Anhumas Abyss The Anhumas Abyss is a cave located some 23 Km from Bonito, surrounded by a lush forest teeming with life. It is hard to imagine how colossal and amazing the abyss looks. Its access is through a crevice in the rock, a hole that barely unveils the subterranean world it provides entry to. Through vertical abseiling techniques we gain access to the cave, which looks like a football field in size and reminds us of a gothic cathedral dome in its beauty.



DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro

DIveMag International Dive Magazine

DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro

DIveMag International Dive Magazine


DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro

POINT | Anhumas Abyss

DIveMag International Dive Magazine

There are 72 meters of vertical descent to the wooden deck floating on a crystal-clear lake which reaches 80 meters in its deepest portion. The abseiling offers a unique, panoramic view of the cave, a voyage into Mother Earth´s womb, in a place which offers a connection with Nature to a degree I´ve never experienced before, beside the abseiling adventure in itself. After we transport and send down all dive gear, buddies, cameras, lights, etc., as we got ready to do a deeper and longer dive to better explore the interior of the flooded cave, we are ready:


Water!! While immersing myself an entirely surreal world appears; I find the sheer size of the formations hard to believe! First stop: a giant sloth skeleton, more formations, the dance of lights is incredible, each recess of the lake is explored by our team, and there is general delight. We barely notice that almost 1 ½ hour have passed since we dove, and it´s time to face a climb… of 72 meters to climb the rope back to daylight, but before that, a boat trip around the cave shows us more hidden beauty, the light rays entering through the cave ceiling giving us a sensation of sacredness. I could spend pages and pages trying to describe the visual impressions I´ve had, but it´s better to go there and see it – it´s not to be missed.

International Dive Magazine

DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro


DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro

Inside the lake, dozens of limestone cones fill its surroundings, with formations attaining 19 meters high. They can also be observed in the boat trip. Certified divers can take recreational dives in the shallow parts of the cave. In the dry section there is a salon with speleothemes of memorable beauty, sculpted by Nature during thousands of years. The Abyss was entirely opened to visitors in 1999, with the beginning of research, training and capacity-building, so that the Anhumas Abyss has its touristic operation monitored, ensuring sustainability in its exploration and visits, causing as little impact as feasible. This policy recommends that only 18 people are allowed to experience this adventure per day. Remember to make reservations in advance. For abseiling you will need to undertake training in advance with the monitors, in Bonito.

DIveMag International Dive Magazine



DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro

International Dive Magazine

A visit to the Anhumas Abyss comprises a series of steps that allow you to undertake it with total safety. On the day previous to the visit a specific training is undertaken by the Abismo Anhumas team in Bonito. Thus everyone get to learn the techniques for going down and back up and the safety procedures related to this adventure. You can obtain more information at:

DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro

Macaws´ Hole: another fantastic place we visited during our expedition was the Macaws´ Hole, a sinkhole 124 meters deep and 160 meters in diameter, providing for a panoramic view of its interior. Nestled in scrubland, it looks like an enormous sandstone crater recovered by dense woods, where several bird species, in particular Red Macaws, made it their natural hangout.


DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro


DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro

The name Buraco das Araras (Macaws´ Hole) was given due to the large number of macaws dwelling there and performing veritable shows. Inside it, unique fauna and flora can be seen in a rather particular ecosystem with a large lake inhabited by broad-snouted caimans.


DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro

The trip to the site is a good option before or after the visit to Prata river, or when you are arriving at or leaving Bonito. It is located at the Jardim Township at the BR-267 highway, some 53 Km from Bonito on the way to Porto Murtinho, and some 5 Km from the Ecological Reserve of Rio da Prata. For more information?


|Giant anteater at Rio da Prata Farm|


DESTINATION | Mato Grosso do Sul | By: Kadu Pinheiro

Back to Figueira Farm, after three days of dry weather the Bees´ Hole was now nicer, allowing us to do the training dives. The landscape at the farm is another marvel in itself; everyday going to Abelhas we saw and abundance of wild animals, from peccary herds to deer, toucans, hawks and a diversity of other animals. Describing the Bees and its amazing dives will be a subject for a further article. Stay tuned!!!

| Rheas |

| Reriton, Jornada and Lica, and the brave loaded pickup !! |

| Figueira Farm |

| Looking for Caimans |

NOVO PRISM 2 O Prism2 é um Rebreather de circuito fechado ideal para explorar mar aberto, cavernas ou naufrágios. Esta unidade pode ser controlada manualmente ou eletronicamente, o que significa que você pode escolher o quanto a PPO2 deve ser mantida no loop. Inclui contra pulmões montados sobre os ombros, scrubber radial montado na parte traseira, o que proporciona fácil respiração com mínimo esforço, e baixa carga hidrostática. O kit padrão inclui um controle electrónico e um display com um conjunto de BCD e arnês que fornece um kit completo pronto para mergulhar. O Prism2 também podem ser entregue com uma combinação de plate e asa.

VISÃO GLOBAL CCR Eletrônico (Rebreather circuito fechado) • Eletrônica Selada • Projeto do Scrubber Radial fornece baixo esforço respiratório e melhor eficiência na utilização do scrubber • HDD Primário (Heads-Up Display) é um diplay de LED seqüencial alimentado por bateria para o monitoramento contínuo sem o uso das mãos • Contra pulmões sobre os ombros para um menor esforço respiratório Mais Informações:


O Hollis DG05 é um computador rico em

recursos e um bom apoio ao mergulho e oferece sistema para todos tipos de mergulho com mistura Air, Nitrox e Trimix servido o mergulho recreativo e técnico em circuito aberto. Com atualização opcional para rebreather o DG05 trabalha com PO2 constante para sistema de circuito fechado de mergulho.

O DG05 incorpora o sistema mais atual de geração de cores em seu display o sistema OLED que facilita a leitura também suporta monitoramento sem fio de múltiplas pressões de gás do cilindro via até quatro transmissores sem fio. O algoritmo de descompressão VGM encorpora o melhor dos fatores de gradiente do modelo de bolhas de Bhülmann e Haldane modelos a gás dissolvido. O sistema de bateria built-in é um passo importante para reduzir a carga sobre o meio ambiente ele é vendido com um carregador universal bivolt 240v/110v. Sistema de ativação na água programável; Design de perfil baixo; Interface sem fio para transmissores opcional, Variável Gradiente Modelo algoritmo (VGM); Fatores gradiente de segurança programáveis ​​para aumentar a segurança; Display colorido de OLED para excelente visualização; Permite visualizar o perfil de mergulho na propria tela; Tela de informações do usuário personalizável; Trabalha com até 10 misturas de gases preset entre Ar / Nitrox / Trimix; Monitoramento de % SNC e OTU • Log book de 100 mergulhos e coleta de dados a cada 10 segundos de intervalo • Avisos de violação de PO2 descompressão requerida, quebra de ar ( Air Break) e velocidade de subida • Monitoramento da temperatura ambiente na tela • Data e tempo de exibição de intervalo de superfície e mergulhos • Dessaturação e tempo sem voar • Simulador de mergulho On-Board • Pode ser usado em qualquer punho, pois aceita inversão da tela • Trabalha com unidade de medida imperial ou métricas • Caixa em alumínio pulseira compensa o ajuste em profundidade. • Bateria de Lithium Ion recarregável


photo: Kadu Pinheiro

WORKSHOPS: Daniel Botelho - Kadu Pinheiro - Cristian Dimitrius - Carolina Schrappe



underwater Shootout Brasil

Shootout Brasil - Curaรงao 19 - 26 May 2012

Sales in BRAZIL: Buy your trip now with one of the accredited schools:

Acquanauta: Sandmar: Mar a Mar: Scuba Point: Shootout Brazil has put up a species website for this event where you will find more information about the competition and its rules, speakers, and soon the entire schedule for what will be happening in Curaรงao! SHOOTOUT BRAZIL in CURAร‡AO Implementation and Sponsorship:


Implementation and Sponsorship:

DIveMag International Dive Magazine


fotos: Kadu Pinheiro

Consulte seu agente de viagens ou seu operador turístico favorito e pergunte sobre pacotes especiais para Curaçao.


o ç r a m Em

r a M A r a Ma ! e t n e r f sai na 02/03 Curso de Mergulho Avançado / Viagem à Cabo Frio 05/03 Curso de Resgate 07/03 Formatura de Alunos 09/03 Curso de Mergulho em Caverna 14/03 Curso Avançado 20/03 Curso de Nitrox Básico 23/03 Curso de Apnéia / Viagem à Guarapari 29/03 Viagem à Bonaire

Para saber mais acesse:

malas Faça as ue e embcaorq ! conos

a l c a nt a ra d e s i gn . co m


Viagens 2012

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DE 17 a 26/02

DE 16 a 26/05

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DE 11 a 18/08

DE 11 a 21/08

DE 01 a 08/09

DE 06 a 23/06

DE 03 a 20/10

DE 31/03 a 07/04

DE 01 a 11/11

Para saber mais acesse:

SHORT NOTES | WEB | by: Newsroom

Campaign: RETHINK THE SHARK AfriOceans has issued a series of videos as part of its campaign RETHINK THE SHARK, demonstrating in an interesting and good-humored way why sharks are not the world´s most dangerous animals. The campaign encourages viewers to rethink how likely a shark attack really is in relation to other, much more common, accidents.



The Legendary Sailor Pub


DIveMag International Dive Magazine

By Divers, For Divers!!

| Grooving at the Dance Floor |


| Nando, Gesteira And Water |


| External view of the House |


| Ary Amarante, Denize Serafim Carol and Reinaldo |

| Celina Azevedo and Friends enjoying the party ! |



International Dive Magazine

| Daniel, Walter, Gesteira, Kadu and Flávio | | Johnny and Bruno Tae |

| Faustino and Nando |

| Vanessa savoring the magazine on iPad |

| iPad magazine was a success |

| Guilherme and one of Sailor´s owners |

In January 19, good old Rock´n´Roll rocked the launching party of Special Edition #1 of Divemag, in São Paulo! It happened at The Legendary Sailor Pub, and as an address for the ‘mariners’ of São paulo the house hosted a great number of divers who attended our event.


| Denise and Marcos |

All those present viewed and perused our special launching issue, which was available on the web for the general public the next day. tablets and the house TV screens pumped the magazine to all guests!



| Mรกrcio Lisa and Reinaldo checking all the pages of DIVEMAG |

| The dive tribe enjoying the evening |

| AndrĂŠ Valentim and Johnny |

| Big Paul and the College team |

| The crowd, having fun |

Well known faces of our trade, including divers, instructors and a good number of our advertisers were present, commenting, enjoying and exchanging many ideas about diving. The welcome and interest in getting to know the magazine first-hand were evident in every one of the guests. | Ary Amarante and marcio Lisa |

| Cris Yuri and Bruno Tae |


| A big screen showing Kadu´s photos |

| Many beautiful people in the party ! |

The magazine visual quality, besides its good texts, horizontal format, and the choices of downloading it and viewing it in any platform were among the most talked about topics during the party.

Alexandre Vasconcelos with the Navy crowd

| And the iPad keeps rolling |

DIveMag International Dive Magazine

DIveMag International Dive Magazine

| Carolina Schrappe, Reinaldo, Vanessa and Fano from Cressi |

We are extremely happy with the results so far, as our viewings until closing this edition were more than 7,000 individual readers! | FlĂĄvio Lara being greeted by AndrĂŠ Valentim and Johnny |

| Our Designer Junior and his Wife |

| DIVEMAG rolling on the big screen |


| Reinaldo, Johnny, Nando and Paulo |

We want to thank everyone for the great support we received since the party, and note that we should have more events like this, to gather divers around our common passion!

| Ary Amarante and Denize with the Photo Sub crowd |

| Guilherme, Fernando and Marcel達o |


International Dive Magazine

| Flรกvio Lara in excellent company |


And, of course, our compromise to continue and improve the quality of information and images of DIVEMAG at every new issue!

| Vanessa, Fano and Paulo | | Kadu Pinheiro and the Legendary Sailor team |

| Kadu Pinheiro and Marcio Lisa |

Conheça as mais belas paisagens sub do México, no Pacífico, Mar de Cortez, Caribe e cavernas de Yucatan, o que torna nosso país um dos mais completos destinos de mergulho do planeta !


Solicite os pacotes da ARRIBATUR para o MÉXICO em seu DIVE CENTER !


FERNADO DE NORONHA com o COLLEGE em Abril de 2012 A esmeralda do atlântico espera por você, com praias de areias brancas, banhada por um mar azul turquesa. É realmente um paraíso e faz parte do nosso Brasil. Além de toda beleza encontrada em terra, encontramos uma rica e variada vida marinha, com espécies preservadas pelo equilibrio natural e humano. Venha mergulhar conosco e viver esse momento tão especial e unico, venha para FERNADO DE NORONHA! VALORES POR PESSOA Parte aérea & Terrestre APT DUPLO: R$ 4.398,00 TAXA EMBARQUE R$ 84,42 Guia Diving College mínimo 15 pagantes. mais informações:

Promoção roupas Oceanic ULTRA 7mm



Vamos acelerar em 2012

Cursos de mergulho recreativo Cursos de mergulho técnico Loja de equipamentos Turismo nacional e internacional

Veja o que o College preparou para você: Coiba e Malpelo

Cat Islands - Bahamas Galha Branca oceânico

Mergulhos Ilimitados e Nitrox Free

19-31 de julho

08-14 de abril

02-09 de Junho



Informações e reservas (11) 3863-2142 - 2864-1990 ou através do site

SHRIMP AND CRABS Shrimp and crabs are close relatives. They share being decapod crustaceans, which means they have ten pairs of legs, the two front ones being highly developed for holding food. There are some 5,000 species worldwide, inhabiting all oceans and depths, from the shallows to abyssal trenches.


Their coloration or transparency camouflage and eye colors are very attractive to underwater photographers. However, they don´t usually give their seekers an easy time.

DIveMag International Dive Magazine


DIveMag International Dive Magazine


During the day they live in hiding, protected by the substrate. Many are nocturnal, and others rely on their coloration as a way to mimic its environment or host.

DIveMag International Dive Magazine





International Dive Magazine

Unfortunately, many species which are particularly colorful are endemics, found only at specific locations, and we must travel around the world to find them.




In every region, the help of local guides is invaluable to find them, as many of these crustaceans are territorial and only change their place during mating and breeding seasons.


DIveMag International Dive Magazine

International Dive Magazine


DIveMag International Dive Magazine

Some have a habit of carrying their eggs and caring for them until hatching. A tip for a successful search is to do a previous research and talk to the local divers about the habits of native species and the likelihood of encounters.




DIveMag International Dive Magazine

During my latest night dive in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, I was able to watch and register in video a hermit crab decorated with three anemones, and in one of these, a smaller crab. A walking show of life and symbiosis! (http://vimeo. com/36628613).

DIveMag International Dive Magazine


Another tip to find the hidden targets is to carry a flashlight in every dive. Their eyes usually shine, betraying their camouflage. But be careful: direct bright lightning may scare them away. To avoid this, it is a good idea to use red filters in your light. Apparently this color isn´t properly perceived by these crustaceans, and I know reports from photographers that some are even attracted by it. Particularly Iuse the white light to find them and then the red to help focus.



Carlos Montechi is a photographer and PADI dive Instructor. he lives in São Paulo, SP, Brazil. He began to dive and practice underwater photography since 1989, though he practiced ‘dry’ photo since his teens. Among his favorite sites are Indonesia, Australia, Bonaire, Cayman and the Red Sea. In Brazil, fernando de Noronha, Abrolhos, Recife, Cabo Frio, Angra dos Reis and Laje de Santos in São Paulo. “To beginners and interested people I would suggest that you first try to learn the limitations of your gear and always practice, aiming to extract the most of your investment. The learning process has to be continued and constant. A good diver does not necessarily become a good underwater photographer, but the reverse is true: an u/w photographer needs excellent flotation skills and knowledge of marine life. Remember that Nature must always be preserved so as to continue to be the subject of the next photographers. To interact with the critters does not mean to stress them out, nor feed them or destroy their home and feeding site. Would you like an alien to come down and do that to you and your family? If you´d like to learn, we can schedule a PADI Underwater Digital Photography specialty course or a more dedicated course depending on your specific needs. I hope you enjoy my work and ‘dive’ into this incredible wet world.” Contact: |

DIveMag International Dive Magazine

a l c a nt a ra d e s i gn . co m

Dimension i3 O primeiro Colete de utuabilidade dorsal que integra o sistema i3

Lotus i3 O primeiro colete feminino de utuabilidade dorsal que integra o sistema i3


a l c a nt a ra d e s i gn . co m


Invasão Aqua Lung, oportunidade para testar os produtos Aqua Lung e conhecer o que há de melhor em equipamentos de mergulho. A Invasão Aqua Lung acontece exclusivamente nos Patners Centers Aqua Lung.

UNDERWATER LITERATURE When a diver enters a dive gear shop, his excitement is such that it may be compared to a child in a toy store. In the same way, when diving aficionados visit a bookstore, it is unlikely that they will not be attracted by books that can at the same time entertain and take the reader into the underwater world. Currently, many titles in Portuguese can be found easily in bookstores or through the web. In recent years the book options related to underwater issues has grown in pair with the quality of such works. Now it´s possible to find publications ranging from impeccable photographic portfolios to technical issues or even the history of diving. Below there are some suggestions scavenged in Brazilian bookstores and publishers. If you learn of further publications on the subject, do send it to our Newsroom; we will keep an updated list of all available literature on our website.

Super Sub Author: Américo Santarelli Publisher: Nobel

Dez anos em busca dos grandes tubarões Author: Lawrence Wahba Publisher: Nobel

One of the oldest Portuguese language diving books. In it, Américo Santarelli explains the main concepts on physics and physiology among others, besides narrating his experiences as diver and spearfisher. A rewarding reading for those who practice spearfishing.

An acknowledged film-maker and documentary producer, diver Lawrence Wahba recounts his experiences diving with sharks in diverse parts of the world. In this book the author shares with the reader emotions that range from diving with the six-gilled shark to facing the white shark.

O Último Mergulho Author: Bernie Chowdhury Publisher: Record The history of Chris and Chrissy Rouse, father and son, who get involved in the quest for identifying a WWII German submarine. The book describes the beginnings of tech diving and the use of cave diving techniques in the exploration of shipwrecks. A must-read for tech divers.

Mergulho na Escuridão Author: Robert Kurson Publisher: Landscape Narrates how divers John Chatterlon and Richie Kohler, using novel diving techniques, risk themselves to finally unveil the identity of the mysterious submarine sunk off the New Jersey coast.

Tubarões no Brasil Author: Marcelo Szpilman Publisher: Mauad Richly illustrated and full of information, this guide lets divers learn from shark biology to visual identification of orders, families and genera through ID keys to the 88 species found along the Brazilian coast.

Rebreather Simplificando a Técnica Author: Lászlo Mocsári Publisher: self-published The most complete book on rebreathers written in Portuguese, it has become compulsory reading on this gear and its concept. It boasts some 330 color illustrations which help the reader to familiarize himself with the gear. Lászlo demonstrates in a simple way the concepts and foundations of diving with rebreathers.





UNDERWATER LITERATURE | BOOKS SPECIAL | By: Alexandre Vasconcelos Naufrágios do Brasil Uma Cultura Submersa Author: José Carlos Silvares Publisher: CulturaSub Focusing on diving, this book takes the reader into knowing part of the Brazilian navigation history. With an impeccable editorial job, Naufrágios do Brasil is a book with excellent finishing, loaded with photos and historical data, the result of a refined research. Reading and viewing to satisfy even those not yet dedicated to diving.

Laje de Santos Laje dos Sonhos Author: Guilherme Kodja Tebecherani Publisher: Globo

Nestor recounts his travels in search of the best U-Boat dives. As a plus the book offers historical information about the most efficient war machine created by man and perfected by the Germans.

Caçadores Submarinos Author: Edgar O.C. Prochaska Publisher: Phorte

Through Portuguese and English texts, the book encompasses aspects related to the conservation of the only Marine State Park of São Paulo. It also has excellent photos from the best underwater photographers of São Paulo, showing all the beauty of one of the best dive sites in Brazil.

Caçadores Submarinos deals with techniques and fundamentals indispensable for practicing spearfishing. Telling also the story of speafishing in Brazil, it takes the reader to the golden age of spearfishing

Sob o Mar Author: Trevor Norton Publisher: Alegro

Mergulho em apnéia Author: Dr. José Luiz Dancini

Dealing with historical subjects, it narrates how brave and brilliant men invented and developed the techniques, concepts and gear for diving.


U Boats Mergulhando na História Author: Nestor Rodrigues Publisher: Redes Editora

A reference on the subject, Mergulho em Apnéia treats freediving in a scientific and enjoyable way, with curiosities and concepts about the science of freediving, seeing from the perspective of a physician and practitioner of this sport.

San Andrés 5x1 Aquarium - Los Delfines - Marazul - Maryland - San Luis

Poderá escolher o hotel que deseja de acordo com os seus gostos e preferências enquanto desfruta de todas as nossas instalações ao melhor estilo Tudo Incluído (reserva prévia).

tudouído incl

• Alojamento • Alimentação ilimitada • Buffet e snacks • Restaurantes especializados • Bebidas e licores ilimitados • Shows diários • As mais lindas praias • Bar aberto • Recreação • Desportos aquáticos não motorizados.

Rua da Consolação, 348 - 3º andar - 01302 000 São Paulo - SP - T.: 55 11 3150 0772 - F.: 55 11 3151 4148

Providencia Viva a sua melhor experiência de férias na Ilha de Providencia! Os 5 melhores hotéis da ilha são afiliados da Decameron, preservando a tradição arquitetónica do Caribe com vista para o mar ou as montanhas. As suas instalações e localização privilegiadas fazem com que as suas férias sejam totalmente agradáveis, cheias de paz e descanso no meio da exuberância da natureza.


UNDERWATER LITERATURE | BOOKS SPECIAL | By: Alexandre Vasconcelos ÁGUA Conservação e Cultura Authors: Laís Duarte and Adriano Gambarini Publisher: CulturaSub Special Participation: Kadu Pinheiro

NARCOSIS Histórias de Mergulhador Carlos Secchin Publisher: Record

The book addresses curiosities as well as scientific and cultural aspects of water around the planet. With many photos and impeccable editorial work, ÁGUA Conservação e Cultura is a literary reference for people who live from the sea.

With a direct and original narrative, Secchin tells his stories as Nature documentary pro. Besides being an interesting reading, the book reflects upon several real-life situations which an underwater photographer may experience.

Naufrágios e Pontos de Mergulho Authors: José Truda Palazzo Jr. and Fernando Clark Publisher: CulturaSub

INTERVALO DE SUPERFICÍE Bastidores do Mergulho Authors: Alex Bretas and Rodrigo Coluccini Publisher: Editora do Mar

Enhanced by pictures and invaluable information from the best dive sites of Brazil, this book is a complete guide for anyone willing to learn and visit the dive sites and shipwrecks located at Fernando de Noronha, Recife and Maceió.

This book reveals curiosities about travel, relationships and several situations experienced by the most experienced Brazilian divers. Paradise environments, indescribable places and breathtaking stories.

ILHA EM EVOLUÇÃO Author: Alcides Falanghe Publisher: Termo In this fascinating book, Alcides Falanghe describes places seldom before explored by Brazilian divers. The book, besides offering an impressive photo collection, takes the reader into viewing the best dive sites of the world through the eyes of one of the best Brazilian reporter and photographer, who adds in his very special way of interpreting the world.

KAROL MEYER A mulher do fundo do mar Author: Claudia Prosini Publisher: Editora do Mar Karol Meyer has become an icon in the global freediving world. Known as “Karol Fish”, this athlete is a reference for participants in this activity, and gives courses in several parts of the world. The book tells about her seven world records, her biography and as a bonus teaches freediving techniques.



Segredos Submersos do Atlântico Author: Eduardo Meurer Publisher: Termo Literário The book recounts the saga of nine divers who jointly undertake the greatest diving expedition ever attempted by Brazilians. Their passion for the sea makes them face amazing adventures, filled with dives and many hilarious situations. It´s at the same time a captivating and easygoing narrative. Mergulho Naufrágios e Aventuras Author: Rodrigo Coluccini Publisher: Editora do Mar A wealth of information on several shipwrecks, this book tells the experiences of Rodrigo Coluccini, reporter and underwater photographer, throughout his diving career. Besides, it offers many tips for those willing to know the many shipwrecks along the Brazilian coast.

TERRA & ÁGUA Fernando de Noronha Author: Marcelo Krause Publisher: Underwater Books

Marcelo Krause offers impressive imagery of one of the world´s most beautiful dive locations. Fernando de Noronha is portrayed in an original manner through an impeccable photographic job.

Novo aplicativo para SmartPhone SSI, Everything Diving! Grátis, fácil de instalar, intuitivo e com tudo o que um mergulhador precisa em casa e durante a viagem. Confira o conteúdo do aplicativo: - Todas as certificações SSI no seu bolso. Mostre o que você pode fazer, diretamente no seu dispositivo móvel. - Importantes listas de verificação sobre mergulho. Planejamento de mergulho, viagens, equipamentos ou de primeiros socorros, aqui você verifica, passo a passo, se tudo está em ordem. - Importantes sinais manuais para mergulhadores. - Tabelas de Mergulho para referência e planejamento. - Plano de Gerenciamento de Acidentes (Primeiros Socorros e Verificação Neurológica); para obter ajuda imediata quando precisar. - Procura de parceiros, perto de você e no mundo. Encontre todos os parceiros SSI no mundo todo, com descrição completa dos serviços oferecidos. A SSI ofere a Verificação de Mergulhadores sem custo em sua página, e agora é possível sincronizar suas credenciais com seu novo SSI App e carregá-las com você. Para este serviço, você precisa estar logado em sua conta de usuário “mySSI” em, e terá todas as funções na palma da sua mão. A SSI oferece treinamento, certificação de mergulho SCUBA e recursos educacionais para mergulhadores, Instrutores, Centros e Resorts de Mergulho no mundo todo há mais de 40 anos. No mercado desde 1970, a SSI expandiu-se e hoje possui mais de 30 Centros de Serviço, é representada em mais de 110 países por mais de 2400 Centros Autorizados, com material didático impresso em mais de 25 idiomas. Link para DownLoad do Aplicativo: INFORME PUBLICITÁRIO | | SSI



Canon releases S100, the best compact in the market Canon has released the new version of line S Powershot which already has excellent predecessors such as Canon Powershot S90 and S95, considered by many the best point-and-shoot camera in the market (until now). Keeping with tradition, S100 continues to offer a fast lens with maximum aperture of f/2.0. This time, however, the lens is a 5.2-26mm f/2.0-5.9 (equivalent to a 24-120 in 35mm). Therefore, it´ps a lens with greater wide-angle and zoom capacities than its S95 predecessor . In brief, a more open and better zooming lens. For a suggested price of US$ 430.00, S100 comes with: • • • •

CMOS Sensor 1/1.7” with 12.1 megapixels Full HD filming with stereo sound, able to zoom during filming Intelligent Image Stabilizer with six different stabilizing modes, coping with a variety of situations Digic 5 Processor which allows a super burst mode, with up to eight photos at a speed of up to 9.6 frames per second (without adjustments in autofocus during the photo sequence) • 3-inch LCD Monitor with 0.461 megapixels • Auto-shoot and timer resources such as face detection self-timer, smile self-timer and winkle self-timer • Best image selection with photos of up to 2.952 megapixels, in which the camera takes up to five photos and automatically selects the best one based in criteria such as sharpness, focus and undesirable movement. No big surprises in a series which for some time now has offered one of the best options for compact cameras fitting your pocket but physically and financially. What was already good got better. S100 already has underwater cases from Canon itself (WPDC43), Fix and Ikelite, all thgese accepting the use of accessory lenses with their respective adapters.

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O Único Resort All-inclusive de Bonaire

Nikon Issues D800


Nikon D800 SLR is the newest release of this traditional Japanese camera manufacturer, destined to professionals working with studios, weddings and those recording lots of video. Therefore it is recommended especially for photographers who work with some control of the environment and can command lighting and everything that must be captured in images. Its ISO is high and allows for working in very dark environments, offering values from 100 to 6,400 – this being expanded to 25,600 if needed. Besides, its 36 megapixels allow for making images in absurd resolutions up to 7,360x4,912 pixels.

Somente no plaza resort bonaire os mergulhadores podem aproveitar uma experiência All-inclusive, um nível superior de mergulho, excelente jantar e um veículo próprio. Reviva seus melhores sentidos em um lugar magnífico, melho banhada de muito sol e aproveite nosso Novo Pacote All-inclusive 4D e tudo que Bonaire pode oferecer a um excelente preço.


Some camera resources have pleased the aficionados, being very similar to the previous company release, top of line Nikon D4, such as the small LCD screen of only 3 inches, same autofocus system (“lightning-fast AF”) and B-frame video compression. The gear shows that Nikon wanted to devise a more accessible camera than the D4, but with the widest possible range of resources. If this gadget fits what you´re looking for, be aware that it reaches the stores with a rather salty price tag, reaching US$ 3,000.

DIveMag International Dive Magazine

SERIES: CARING FOR YOUR DIVE GEAR International Dive Magazine

In this issue of Divemag we start a guide to help you take proper care of your dive gear. In this and the next seven issues the reader will find all the important items to keep his gear well maintained. We will divide the subject in six themes: why care and the importance of periodical maintenance for your gear; inspection and checklist before a dive trip; correct transportation; gear storage; and special care with underwater photo and video equipment. At the end of the series, a special article on specialized maintenance in Brazil.


Part I

Every diver who cares about his activity knows that every dive should be considered “easy”, independently of its degree of complexity, if only two factors are respected: the use of correct techniques (training) and gear. This goes for a snorkeling, a basic recreational dive, a wreck dive or a cave exploration. Since dive gear is a fundamental factor for safety and comfort of immersions, the divers should invest correctly in different steps for its correct use: the purchase of equipment directed towards your needs given your training level, its correct use according to your training and the manufacturer´s specifications, and finally maintenance, which can be divided in two processes: the basic one, done by the diver himself, and the technical revision undertaken by professionals adequately trained for it. Every diver should always invest in more dives, more courses and in the purchase of adequate equipment according to his evolution in the activity. At some point during this evolution, everyone notices how important it is to invest in quality gear, and in a series of items which will amount to an investment worthy of adequate maintenance. Therefore, every diver should understand that when buying a new piece of gear, the investment in maintenance should be continuous at every diving weekend, travel week, and at least annually in specialized revision. This series (purchase + learning + maintenance) is what ensures comfort and SAFETY for your dives. Besides the basic care we will describe in the next issues of Divemag, SCUBA gear should have professional periodic maintenance. The time span will vary in accordance to each equipment, and mainly according to the recommendation of each manufacturer.




GEAR | MAINTENANCE PART I | By: Reinaldo Alberti

Generally speaking, tanks and their valve knobs must pass visual inspection annually, and a hydrostatic test every five years. regulators and their components also need annual revision, the same going for BCs. Depending on the type and use rate of the gear these intervals can be shortened, down to monthly revisions (such as for daily use gear, especially in dive operators).

Mergulho Livre Aprenda com quem sabe

When the gas mixture received by the gear is rich in oxygen (EANx mixtures above 40% of pure oxygen) there needs to be regular specialized maintenance even when the gear is brand new, as most do not arrive ‘compatible’ with all this oxygen. When the gear gets in contact with salt, fresh or contaminated water in places where it shouldn´t (the ‘classic’ example is the diver who forgets to protect its first stage with the cover and dips the entire kit during washing) it should also be taken to expert technicians. Finally, equipment which shows repetitive leaking problems should also be taken to expert technical repair. Examples are knobs, first and second stages, “power inflators” or any hoses or connections.

International Dive Magazine Tel: (041) 9962-0200 Patrocínio:

Foto: Adriana Brandão


Cursos Treinamentos Clinicas de profundidade

GEAR | MAINTENANCE PART I | By: Reinaldo Alberti There are several specialized workshops in Brazil, such as those from the importers themselves, some independent ones, and often at your favorite Dive Center. What makes them specialized and professional, differing from basic care or even the divers who took the Equipment Course (an excellent idea in any case) is that in these places the professionals have undertaken direct training offered by the manufacturers of the gear, being authorized to do this kind of maintenance, using tools and equipment especially designed and recommended by these manufacturers. Most important, they possess original parts and kits for changing, which are mandatory for preventative and corrective maintenance.


For each equipment there is a specific recommendation for when it should be taken for maintenance by a professional. Usually this information is found at the equipment handbook, or at the manufacturer´s website. If you can´t find it, your Dive Center or gear shop should be able to help you with it. Do what must be done, and good diving! You deserve it!

DIveMag International Dive Magazine

Descubra o explorador em você

IANTD Líder em Educação de Mergulho




Divers for Sharks Project Getting to Know the Homeowners! Scientific name: Carcharinus leucas (Müller & Henle, 1839) Common names: Cabeça-chata, Bull shark, Zambezi shark Characteristics: Carcharinus leucas is a robust shark, with a total maximum length of some 350-400 cm and maximum recorded weight of 316.5 Kg. It has a short, wide and round snout, and small circular eyes. Its first dorsal fin is wide, high and triangular with a round apex, and the rear margin barely falciform. Pectoral fins are large, wide, semifalcated with pointed apexes.

Este pode ser o seu próximo local de trabalho. Faça parte da família de profissionais PADI.

The fusiform body is predominantly dark gray, lighter in the ventral region tending to white. Juveniles have dark tips in their fins, a color mark that disappears with age. Geographical Distribution: it can be found globally in tropical and subtropical waters, and is found along the entire Brazilian coast.

Encontre seu Course Director (Profissional PADI habilitado para a formação de Instrutores) mais próximo de sua residência. Saiba mais em nosso website.

Environment: the Zambezi is a coastal shark, inhabiting the continental shelf between depths of 1 to 152 meters, but more frequent in shallow waters of up to 30 meters. Also found in bays, estuaries and even up rivers, being the only shark species able to survive for long periods in freshwater, thereby being found in some rivers very far from the sea. Feeding: It has a rather diverse diet, mainly consisting of bony fishes, other sharks (even cannibalism may happen), rays, birds, mammals both aquatic and terrestrial, mollusk, crustaceans and occasionally garbage.

| photo: Daniel Botelho |


Reproduction: Males attain sexual maturity at 157-226 cm, females between 180-230 cm, which corresponds to an age of some 10-15 years. They are viviparous, with a gestation period estimated between 10-11 months, yielding up to 13 pups measuring between 56-81 cm. Estuaries and river mouths are usually the sites chosen as nurseries by the females to give birth. Natural predators: Larger sharks and crocodiles. Threats: Fishing in its many modalities is their great enemy, tough it is rarely the targeted species. Its occurrence in estuarine and freshwater habitats makes C. leucas more vulnerable to human impacts and habitat modification. Category in IUCN Red Data Book: Near Threatened Where to dive with Zambezis: santa Lucia Beach (Cuba), Playa del Carmen (MĂŠxico), South Africa References: Froese, R. and D. Pauly. Editors. 2011. FishBase. World Wide Web electronic publication., version Accessed in 02/14/2010 Compagno, L.J.V. FAO Species Catalogue. Vol. 4. Sharks of the world. An annotated and illustrated catalogue of shark species known to date. Part 2 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Carcharhiniformes. FAO Fish, 1984. p 478-481.

DIveMag International Dive Magazine


DIveMag International Dive Magazine

Hello readers, During dives, our team takes the opportunity to use gear provided by our advertisers. In this section we will be giving you our perceptions about the new products, the best-selling and most coveted ones and those who seem to us to be of greater interest for recreational, tech or freedivers. It´s not a didactic and rigorous test but rather a check on whether the gear is as good underwater as the websites or manuals claim. Scattered throughout the magazine, in a simple and direct language, we will tell you why we like, why we would use always or any information that an experienced diver would like to share with a friend in need or wish for a certain item.


EQUIPMENT | WE USE | Reinaldo Alberti

Computer CRESSI LEONARDO OUR OPINION: we agree with ScubaLab, the testing section of Scuba Diving magazine (in our opinion the best gear testing in the market). After analyzing 8 new computers released in 2011, it considered Leonardo “the best buy”, justifying what it offers and the price it is sold for (check it out at http://www.scubadiving. com/gear/dive-computers-gauges/scubalab-dive-computertests-2011). Cressi offered the market the Archimede II computer, still today seen on the wrists and in consoles of many Brazilians. It was heavily sold also due to its excellent cost-benefit characteristics: one of the first in our market with two mixes, easy use nitrox and “aauae” function (depth meter and timer without decompression calculations, often used in tech diving). It was manufactured by Seiko Japan. Cressi decided that strategically it was best to have its own machine, and designed and produced the new computer LEONARDO. This has a Nitrox function to 50%, turns into a “gauge” and for decompression calculations utilizes the extremely safe RGBM system. The RGBM system turned Leonardo into one of the most conservative computers in the market. Some divers may find it not so good, as it limits their submersion time, but we call it SAFETY, especially in repetitive dives in multiple days such as we did in Cuba. where we tested the equipment, and as many do when travelling to destinations with unlimited shore dives such as Bonaire, or even in some liveaboards. What made us happy was that it considers thoroughly your dive profile. For instance, we did a dive which began in a platform at 12 m. We descended through a wreck to 27 m, where we stopped in a “plateau” which the dive guide turns into a bull shark feeding arena (how do you like that? Wait and read more about it soon here in Divemag). With a total of 22 minutes of dive time it was the third dive of the day, so we started to ascend through the wreck. Upon leaving the bottom it indicated a Deep Stop (a function you activate at your will in Leonardo) at 15 m for one minute, then at 12 for another minute, and we were then free to ascend, obviously after the safety stop of 3 minutes between 6 and 3 m (as any good computer requires today). It was more conservative than any of the other three computers we were using, but required us to slow down the ascending speed, the great reasoning of the deep stops theory and proved to be an excellent decompression strategy. Bottomline, obey Leonardo and you will be back on land with lots of safety. For those who use or used the Archimede, the screen is very similar, with little changes, where all the most critical information of the dive are displayed: bottom time, maximum and current depth, no-decompression time and water temperature, in good-sized, readable numbers. Attention must be paid to its operation and configuration of its many functions. As everything is done through a single button, it can be a bit confusing at first, which requires a higher degree of attention. But after repeating the process a few times you get to understand its intuitiveness. Reading the manual is also the right strategy to enjoy all this gizmo has to offer. It is available in some of the best Dive Centers for around R$ 1.100,00 (it´s another good cost-benefit gear available in the market!)


DIveMag International Dive Magazine

EQUIPMENT | WE USE | Reinaldo Alberti

COMPUTER MARES ICON HD OUR OPINION: Sensational! A little toy which can become an addiction for diving. A complete computer, including integrated air through radio, with information in Portuguese (or the language you prefer from a wide built-in range) giving you details of the dive all the time. Sounds silly? With all the info it generates it´s actually quite a cool differential. Changing screens underwater is simple using the two central buttons from the total of four, and it always has very visible data (depth, dive time, time to deco mode, water temperature, and remaining gas in the tank (including a nice tank drawing with pressure information and how is your SAC, surface air consumption, in real time). What´s cool is that you can pre-program information about gas management, define your reserve, return pressure, among other nice information. In brief, it can become a great companion and help you in always improving control over your diving. All this in big numbers and letters (such as the “SLOW DOWN” in red occupying a good part of the screen when we simulated it in our test). Those who need to use lenses to see information in their computers are well served here! Another cool feature is that after the dive there´s a drawn dive profile in your log, so you can analyse it and improve your ups and downs, your safety stop and your behavior during immersion (and this screen can also be accessed during the dive). The compass is “easy” to use. The caveat is because normally who migrates from a common compass to an electronic one (already relatively common in some computer models) finds it naturally difficult to change from two controls (compass plus clock to mark the times of the navigation legs) to one, and sometimes gets lost. We used it for navigation back and forth, triangular and rectangular, and it was simple and efficient. Reading the manual and a little practice soon puts you in harmony with the system. So many screens in such a size, with so much color and lights, makes the battery consumption of the Icon HD rather high, lasting some six dives. But like every hi-power flashlight nowadays, it is rechargeable. You plug it directly into an outlet (it´s bi-volt) or personal computer through a Mini USB/USB connection. Meaning no battery changes and just one critical flooding point. This connection also allows more dedicated divers to download images into the Icon. You can survey data about the dive site – a map for instance or a shipwreck croquis – and download it into the computer, consulting it anytime in loco, down there. Très chic! But don´t forget: you can´t leave the charger back home, or the USB cable! Its case is big, as it carries the charger, computer (the largest in the market for recreational diving), cable and pressure sensor. So it´s not something to carry on board a boat, and we suggest a smaller case for this, a small padded bag or something like it. Another detail that deserves attention is that with so much information, reading the manual is very important, even as in our opinion the computer proved to be rather intuitive in configuration screens and diving adjustments. It is for sale in the best Dive Centers with an average price if R$ 3,900.00 with the transmitter (place it in your diving gear wish list, it´s worth it!)

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EQUIPMENT | WE USE | Reinaldo Alberti

Aqualung Express ADJ Fins OUR OPINION: Efficient, good propulsion with recreational gear and a very good COST x BENEFIT. What got us excited was to use a fin that´s light above water, e.g. very little weight, but with very good propulsion and strength underwater. More experienced divers fondly remember the Technisub Stratos fins, the first open ones, and heavier, with good impulse, for tech diving or “swimmers”. 15 years ago they were very good among the few options we had in Brazil. This little tale is just so our readers understand that this type of fin has a history and tradition. With the market´s flexibility to tend to customers of different weights, seizes and leg strength, fins were adapting. The Aqualung Express ADJ proves it. It derives from a closed fin (the Express), considered by users as an excellent fin for freediving and Scuba in warm waters. The ADJ epithet comes simply from adjustable, or the open-heel version, so now this good fin can be used with boots in colder waters, with better protection to feet and heels. The test was extremely simple to do, swimming with complete stroke and half stroke, frog stroke, doing a safety stop (ecstatic swimming) and some helicopters (gyrating around one´s own body underwater). It responded very well in all cases. The only difficulty in relation to other models was that we found the “unclip’ button a little hard to open. But the strap has a handle which can be used to remove the fins without unclipping. Or you can change it for a coil, and it´s solved.


Ah! For girls there a version in black with pink details. For sale in the best Dive Centers for an average price of R$ 350,00 (a good COST x BENEFIT)

DIveMag International Dive Magazine

EQUIPMENT | WE USE | Reinaldo Alberti

OCEANIC ULTRA 3.2 WETSUIT OUR OPINION: One more excellent gear option regarding COST x BENEFIT. A wetsuit that does not look so much different from others at first sight (e must confess we even thought of not testing it…) but looking it further, touching and especially wearing and using it we started to realize the proposal Oceanic has with the new Ultra line.


It is a wetsuit for warm waters, but didn´t let us down in the Cuba test, where in Santa Lucia (north of the island, last February) we found 24 degrees Celsius. Chest and back in 3mm, legs and arms 2mm, but with a neoprene Ocean calls “OceanSpan Super-Stretch”, which means a super-elastic rubber, giving real comfort to move legs and arms, especially behind the knees and elbows. Another interesting detail is that it has a rubberized protection in the knees, which is normal… but with the same kind of protection for the shoulders. What looked at first nonsensical proved to be useful for us who use, even for recreational dives, a plate with harness – it prevents chafing and slipping of the harness. We tested it with a jacket-vest type BC and also, paying attention to detail, no slipping. Good idea! You see, other wetsuits also have this kind of protection, but this is a rubberized one with a higher relief than the others, which proved to be really efficient.

It has a pure and smooth “silver skin” neoprene in the ankles and wrists, avoiding water exchange and improving efficiency. Same for the neck, a highquality and smoother neoprene. The back zipper makes it easier to don and has Velcro for better closing. We tested the wetsuit for warm water since we went to Cuba, but Oceanic also has models for cooler waters in 5/4 and 7mm. When we try these, we´ll tell you! Sold in the best Dive Centers for an average price of R$ 450,00 (it´s a good price!)

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Vem aí o maior evento de Mergulho da América Latina!!! Novo Local: São Paulo World Trade Center


Expositores Nacionais e Internacionais Palestras Gratuitas,

Cursos, Clínicas e Workshops


13 a 15 de abril Local: WTC - World Trade Center São Paulo

Av. das Nações Unidas, 12559 - Brooklin Novo – São Paulo - SP

Maiores Informações: |55 11| 4337-1393 - Realização:




Underwater Dogs Whoever owns a dog knows the power a simple tennis ball can have over our canine friends. Animal photographer Seth Casteel ( Who lives in Los Angeles, California, has had an increase in his finances after his pictures became a fad in Facebook early last February. His gallery received more than 30.000 likes and 22.000 shares, and he´s got more than 1,000 image requests from around the globe. Check some of his photos below and the entire gallery at:

| Fotos: Seth Casteel | |



| Fotos: Seth Casteel | |

DIveMag International Dive Magazine

Sea Shepherd Institute Undertakes Monitoring Action in Tramandaí (RS)

DIveMag International Dive Magazine

| The group meets the Environmental Police command. Photo: Sea Shepherd RS nucleus |

In the 27 of January, in Tramandaí, volunteers from the Sea Shepherd Rio Grande do Sul branch undertook monitoring actions in the area affected by the oil spill in that beach resort. During that period, volunteers monitored and recorded the collection of residues done by the TRANSPETRO employees and Municipality staff. “Several bags with contaminated sand were gathered with machinery and transported in a truck to the Imbé bar. Later they will be taken to Osório, to a site TRANSPETRO has not given details about”, highlighted Carla Larrea Machado, interim coordinator of Sea Shepherd RS. In the afternoon volunteers moved to the Center for Coastal, Limnological and Marine Studies (CECLIMAR) and made themselves available to help in a potential animal rescue for those affected by the oil spill. According to information, CECLIMAR had still not been hailed to action by the Center for Marine Animal rehabilitation, CRAN. During the three days of monitoring, together with our Director and volunteers from Santa Catarina, ISSB stayed in regular contact with the Environmental Police of Tramandaí, and always available to them should the need to rescue animals arise. Volunteers were received there by Sergeant Luis Fernando Quevedo, who informed that those responsible for the spill had been cited under Article 54 of Law 9,605/98 which defines environmental crimes. Besides, ISSB stayed in contact with the federal public attorneys, following and helping in the investigation and determination of potential damage to marine wildlife.


| Isolated records of oil in the beach | | sandbags gathered at the beach by the TRANSPETRO staff |

DIveMag International Dive Magazine

This month our invited photographer is Italian Marcello Di Francesco, born in La Spezia (a little town near the Ligurian Sea) where he lives and works as a port agent at the local harbor. Its entire life has been linked to the sea, and now as an underwater photographer he developed an unbreakable bond with the marine environment.

Invited Photographer: Marcello Di Francesco




International Dive Magazine


During a trip to the Maldives Islands in 2003 I met my passion for the underwater world. It was love at first sight; what I saw was so incredible and marvelous, I sensed such fulfillment and intensity, that I made the ‘blue world’ my new home.

INVITED PHOTOGRAPHER | MARCELLO DI FRANCESCO | Over the last few years I have done more than 1,000 divers worldwide, in the most beautiful seas of the globe such as Indonesia, Micronesia, Maldives, Philippines, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Tanzania and Madagascar among many others I visited and photographed. The passion for travelling and diving took me over, and I´m certain it will be with me for the rest of my life.


DIveMag International Dive Magazine


DIveMag International Dive Magazine

In 2008 I became a PADI Instructor, but it was only in early 2009 that I really became close to the underwater photography world. I began using compact cameras of several types, such as the Canon A640 and the famed S90, small but allowing for manual adjustment and control, which led to my learning of the basic concepts of photography and improve my techniques. Later I acquired a flash and accessory lenses. Luckily I live near the coast and it helps me to be always in the water training and learning.


DIveMag International Dive Magazine

DIveMag International Dive Magazine




DIveMag International Dive Magazine


In 2010 I decided to migrate to the next step purchasing my first DSLR, a Canon EOS 450D with an Italian camera case (Nimar 3D), assorted lenses and 2 Inon Z240 flashes, plus a variety of other accessories. My favorite lenses are Tokina 10-17 for wide angle, and my predilection for 99% of the dives are the canon 100mm and 60mm for fish, macro and super macro â&#x20AC;&#x201C; my true passion.


International Dive Magazine


DIveMag International Dive Magazine

Recently, I began dedicating myself to the realms of competition and editorial, where I´m finding much satisfaction.



I tried to develop my abilities in Wide Angle photography too, but my real ground is in fish portraits and macro, although I continue to learn and perfect my techniques for landscape photography.



INVITED PHOTOGRAPHER | MARCELLO DI FRANCESCO | In the future, I hope to improve my gear and abilities and to continue to be able to travel and photograph ever more the underwater world, helping to promote it and touch less fortunate people who cannot experience the beauty of our blue world with my images.




CURSO DE FORMAÇÃO The NAUI ITC – Instructors Training CourDE INSTRUTORES NAUI se is designed FUTURE to train, qualify and ensuBRIGHT ITC graduated canre that the successfully

Essentials Diver

O Curso acquires de Treinamento de Instrutor (ITC) didate technical and NAUI didactic é designado para treinar, qualificar e assegurar knowledge, abilities and professional que o candidato graduado com sucesso attitude to ascend to become a NAUI adquira conhecimentos técnicos e didáticos, Instructor The ITC can prehabilidadesmember. e postura profissional para be ser apto sented two phases. first NAUI. phase, para se intornar membro The instrutor O naITC qualifica o candidato através do aprendizado med Instructor Training Program, consists de training métodos to efetivos para the ensinar mergulho of prepare candidate, autônomo e livre em conformidade com as without evaluation requirements. During regras e padrões NAUI. O ITC pode ser ITP each candidate facesA tests by fase, two apresentado em duas fases. primeira qualified which at de lechamada evaluators, de Programaone de of Treinamento Instrutor (ITP), consiste do treinamento para ast has to be a CD – Course Director or candidato ITpreparação – Instructordo Trainer and ansem STW caráter – Staff avaliativo. Durante o ITP cada candidato passa Training The ITP can be underWorkshop. em teste por dois avaliadores qualificados, taken through several formats, with vasendo pelo menos um Diretor de Curso (CD riable a week(ITto Courselength, Director)comprising ou Treinadorfrom de Instrutor Instructor Trainer) e um STw (Staff Training a much more expanded time frame. The workshop). ITP pode ser realizado em diversos second orOfinal phase, also called IQP – formatos, com variações de período, Instructor Qualifying Program is compricompreendendo de uma semana a um sed of the final evaluations, parperíodo bem mais with the extenso. ticipation atou least Course Director. A segunda of fase final,one também chamada de Programa de Qualificação de Instrutor (IQP), The candidate must obtain at least 75% compreende as avaliações finais,exams. contando of achievement in the course obrigatoriamente com um Diretor de Curso. O PREREQUISITES candidato deverá obter 75% de

This intermediate level of continued education is designed to allow certified divers to improve on their diving performance, review and practice the essentials learned in any IANTD dive program. Techniques and knowledge acquired in this program prepare the diver for more advanced dives. Essentials Divers is recommended for those divers willing to improve their performance and competence during their dives. This program does not qualify the diver to go deeper than his previous certification.

Who can teach this program? An Advanced EANx Instructor or with a higher degree and certified as IANTD Essentials Diver. A rebreather instructor is required for a diver to be certified as rebreather diver at this level.

aproveitamento nas avaliações do curso.


Encontre a Facility NAUI mais próxima:

• Open Water (Nitrox) Diver certification or equivalent • Minimum age of 15 years with authorization from parents or legal guardian, or a minimum of 12 years to qualify as Junior Diver, or 18 years without previous consent.

Equipamento. Providenciar e ser responsável pelo próprio equipamento para o Equipment: provide andadequado be responsible ensino. for his own gear, adequate to the learExperiência. Ter no mínimo 120(cento e vinte) ning program. mergulhos registrados. Os mergulhos devem Experience: have ambiente, at least 120 logged divariar nos aspectos: profundidade e ves, with varied aspects: environment, tipo de atividade. Materiais. o Departamento de depth andContate type of activity. Treinamento NAUI para os requerimentos Materials: contact NAUI´s Training Deatuais.

Program limits: • No dive to be conducted in depths further than the student´s qualification • All dives to emphasize teamwork and interaction with one´s buddy

Dive be a NAUI Assistant InsPRÉ - Certification: REQUISITOS Certificação de Mergulho. Ser umor Assistente de tructor or NAUI Divemaster; have unInstrutor NAUI (AI) ou Divemaster NAUI (DM); ou dertaken with success the Preparatory ter realizado com sucesso o Programa Program for NAUI Instructor with at least Preparatório para Instrutor NAUI (PREP) no 12 months validity. máximo com 12 meses de validade.

partment for current requirements.

16º ENCONTRO INSTRUTORES NAUI 13 a 18 de Agosto de 2012


12 a 22 de Abril 12 a 22/04






Safe Dive = Zero Accidents

(Clique na escola para se associar a DAN Brasil)

Estas Empresas compartilham a nossa preocupação em tornar o mergulho ainda mais seguro

Given your training as a diver, is it difficult to avoid accidents involving the causes below? Lack of air Entanglement or being snatched in something Problems with gear Agitated water Trauma Flotation control? Probably your answer was affirmative! In your basic training you have nost certainly learned how to deal with these situations, and especially how to avoid them. Unfortunately, these are the main circumstances which led to fatal accidents. The article “Understanding the Triggers of Dive Accidents – Dive Safety: It´s no Accident” published in Alert Diver Online – Winter 2012 discuss these situations. You can access this article by clicking the link http://

+ Alagoas

+ Bahia

+ Paraná

+ Santa Catarina

+ Pernambuco

+ Distrito Federal

+ Rio de Janeiro

+ Espírito Santo

+ Mato Grosso do Sul

+ Minas Gerais

+ Paraíba

+ São Paulo

+ Rio Grande do Norte

Foto: Sergio Viégas.

© Sergio Viégas


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