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It’s Powder Puff Derby time again

Preparations for the annual Girl Scout tradition of racing homemade derby cars are underway, with Ben O’Day leading the effort again this year in Scripps Ranch. The Girl Scouts are working hard to finish their cars for the Powder Puff Pinewood Derby, with race day set for March 16 at Ding eman Elementary School.

“I think one of the best parts about it is not racing their car; it’s the experience of build ing it, and that’s been the core of the event for many years,” O’Day said.

About 120 Girl Scouts have registered and are expected to participate this year.

With the $15 registration fee, each Girl Scout receives a derby car set that they must use to build the car that competes in the race. Each set includes a wood block, wheels and nails that must be used. No pre-cut cars or other pieces purchased online will be allowed in the race, along with cars from previ ous years.

Michelle Kramer tops 1,000 points for SRHS

o, it’s not Deja Vu, but rather another Kramer who has broken the 1,000 point mark playing for the Scripps Ranch High School womens basketball team.

This time it was senior forward Michelle Kramer during the 65-42 victory over Cathedral Catholic High on Jan. 26, matching the same feat her sister, Amanda, achieved in 2022.

“I was just super excited and happy to follow in the footsteps of my sister,” Michelle said. “It was fun doing it with a team that I’m super close with. Everyone is my friend and I love that I was able to do it with them.”

Michelle has been a standout player from the moment she first stepped on the

aomi Chavez has seen firsthand what young students leave behind after a long day at Miramar Ranch Elementary School. As a parent and volunteer lost and found coordinator, and a Family Faculty Association (FFA) member, she has taken it upon herself to collect items daily around campus.

“The things that I have found range. It’s something different every time I am there,” Chavez said. “It’s not just the jackets that I hang for parents to pick up, but there are also hats, beanies, umbrellas, barrettes, water bottles, and full lunches that have not even been touched, some with mold and bugs. I have even found a dress in October, and some jeans in

parents can help move things out of the school’s possession.

“We always leave it out for a week or two if it’s not going to rain,” Chavez said. “When they are not claimed, I pick up the jackets, put them in big trash bags, and then the principal decides where we will donate them: either to Salvation Army or Goodwill most of the time.”

and found cubby, or the fence along the outside recess area. The cubby in the cafeteria is the first place everything ends up, with hopes the items will be claimed by the kids. After that, Chavez tries to put everything out on the fence at least once a month to see if

Chavez noted that many name-brand and expensive jackets go unclaimed in the lost and found fence roundup even after there are multiple emails and snippets in the school newsletter to check for kids’ items.

“Some of the jackets are expensive brands that look brand new, and I just cannot believe that they go unclaimed to be donated away,” she said.

Michelle Kramer drives to the basket for Scripps Ranch High School. (photo by Jim Wick) Michelle Kramer (photo by Jim Wick) See
Scripps Ranch Girl Scouts, families and friends await a race during a previous Powder Puff Derby race day. (courtesy of Ben O’Day)
Lost & Found: The things students
will lose
See LOST & FOUND, Page 10
The coat fence holds an abundance of items left behind at Miramar Ranch Elementary. (courtesy photo)


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“Our rules remain the same. Girls are supposed to use the original block of wood supplied with registration and not purchase a car, kit, or anything else that’s premade. Along with that, there are just a couple of dimension requirements: use the size of the block of wood you have, plus a couple of inches higher, but you can’t go too much wider or too much narrower,” O’Day said. “The design is completely up to the girls. They can add as much of their own stuff as they want. We’ve had a few people purchase something that looks like a derby car and try to use it, which defeats the point of this entire experience. So, we encourage them to use the original materials, have fun with it, add as much extra stuff, but keep it under five ounces.”

Once the registrant receives the kit, there are workshops that the Girl Scouts and family members can attend to get help with building and checking that the requirements are being met on their derby cars. There are three workshops that registrants can attend to build their cars this year: Saturday, March 2; Sunday,

March 3; and Sunday, March 10.

“My favorite part of the event continues to be that this is a parent-with-a-kid event,” O’Day said. “Parents get to come to our workshops and learn how to use tools and supervise their kids using tools.”

Once each car has been built and has passed the requirements during one of two check-in dates – March 12 or March 13 – they are safely stored by O’Day and other volunteers until race day begins.

“We keep the cars, and we bring them all to the race day to have them all displayed. Lots of pictures are taken, and then we do back-to-back races,” O’Day said.

Within these races are specific categories based mainly on design. The design categories are best food theme, animal theme, sports theme, Girl Scout theme, most creative design – and a recent addition this year – best Disney theme.

Along with these distinctions, there are multiple top-placing awards for speed. Furthermore, every Girl Scout who participates walks away with a patch. Another fun thing that has been added this year is a recycled trophy program.

“We’ve been giving out trophies for years, and my family and several other families that have been doing this forever have a ton of trophies. As our kids age out, we hate that many of those get trashed over the years or just stuffed in boxes never to be seen again,” O’Day said. “This year, we’re doing a trial to see how many recycled derby trophies we can collect, and so far, we’ve collected almost enough that we don’t have to buy any new trophies.”

The official registration date passed at the end of January, but O’Day will accept late registrations until the first few days of March through email at bpoday@

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Powder Puff Derby racers are lined up for a past race day event. (courtesy of Ben O’Day)

Volunteers glean fruit that would be wasted

Property owners with fruit trees in the northeastern part of the city often find themselves with an abundance of fruit and no place to put it, or no way to harvest all of it. This is when volunteers from the Backyard Produce Project come in handy.

“We go and pick the trees. We donate it to senior living facilities, low income families and S.T.E.P. (Support the Enlisted Project; based in Scripps Ranch),” said Cindy Haddow, a Scripps Ranch resident and Project volunteer. “Every week we deliver. So, if we pick three days, we try to get the deliveries out within a couple days.”

Once contacted by a homeowner, the Backyard Produce Project sends teams of volunteers to pick fruit from trees on the property so that none of it goes to waste. The fruit is then supplied to organizations that distribute it to those who welcome the additional nutrition.

The busiest time each year is February through April during citrus season, although the work continues into the summer.

Gleaning takes place mostly in Poway, Rancho Bernardo and Scripps Ranch. Volunteers are placed on a list, and they can view a list of addresses with property owners asking for help. Volunteers may view a spreadsheet of the properties. A map of the locations is provided, and volunteers may sign up for a day they are available.

“I talk to the owners, and I schedule all the volunteers,” said Haddow, who is going into her fifth year of volunteering with the Backyard

Get a ‘Taste of the District’

District 5 San Diego City Councilmember Marni von Wilpert will hold her first “State of the District” address on March 13, 6-7:30 p.m. at Oasis, 17170 Bernardo Center Drive. She is inviting local residents to meet her while they enjoy local food options, free. The program will begin with a “Taste of the District,” a selection of food from District 5 restaurants. Then, von Wilpert will give an update on her first term in office and the work being done at City Hall. Contact the District 5 office for any questions: (619) 236-6655, or email MarnivonWilpert@

Produce Project. The organization will send a couple of volunteers to a property if they just have a few trees, and it will send larger teams to properties with more trees. As many as 16 volunteers may attend a large picking session.

“Notices go out the weekend before, saying that we will need so many volunteers … it’s easy to access. If you don’t have that week available, it’s no big deal; you just don’t volunteer. What people like is it’s very flexible,” Haddow said.

A volunteer will normally work on-site for an hour to an hour and a half. Gleaning

is always scheduled in the morning to avoid excess heat. The leaders transport all the equipment to each site and set it up for the volunteers. There is always more than one person on-site for gleaning.

“I started as a picker, a gleaner and moved my way up into leadership,” Haddow said.

The leader on-site does not pick fruit, but rather ensures everything is in order. The leaders greet the pickers and provide instructions. Leaders must also make sure the fruit is being collected correctly because agricultural rules forbid any leaves, stems or rotten fruit be gathered and

distributed by the organization.

Volunteer pickers usually bring their own gloves and clippers, but some of these can be provided. Backyard Produce Project leaders bring ladders and buckets.

The organization can also use more volunteers to deliver the fruit to distribution sites.

“A lot of people do not have proper food,” Haddow said, adding that food pantries offer bread and groceries, but rarely have fruit available. “We are thanked over and over again for the fresh fruit. With low income housing, there is a set time we drop it off, and they are lined up waiting for it. Everybody is so grateful for it.”

The property owners are also grateful because their fruit trees get picked rather than the fruit dropping to the ground or rotting, Haddow said.

“The people who volunteer and the leaders – everybody is so friendly and welcoming. That’s what makes it so nice,” she added.

The project has been operating for about 15 years and the founder is Jane Radatz.


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Volunteers for the Backyard Produce Project pick fruit from trees on a local property for distribution to low-income families and seniors. (courtesy of Backyard Produce Project)

Groundbreaking Weight Loss Treatment Available in Scripps Ranch

Semaglutide, a breakthrough medication originally developed to manage type 2 diabetes, has recently emerged as a promising tool in the battle against obesity. Now approved for weight loss, semaglutide is helping people gain a new outlook on health … and it is available at Synerchi Medical Spa.

How it Works

Semaglutide works by mimicking the action of a naturally occurring hormone called glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP1). GLP-1 plays a crucial role in regulating blood sugar levels, insulin secretion, and satiety. By activating GLP-1 receptors in the brain, semaglutide helps suppress appetite, leading to reduced caloric intake and subsequent weight loss.

Synerchi clients have seen more than substantial weight reduction with semaglutide. Some have also experienced metabolic benefits, such as improved blood pressure. Others use this step on their weight loss journey to make other healthy lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise.

Synerchi also offers services that complement weight loss, such as body composition measurement with InBody and EvolveX body contouring treatments.

Is it Safe?

Semaglutide is FDA approved with a favorable safety profile. The most common

side effects are mild gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea and diarrhea, which tend to diminish over time.

In addition, Synerchi Medical Spa will monitor your progress and any side effects every step of the way. From your initial consultation and labs, our experienced Nurse Practitioners, Registered

Nurses, and medical assistants will ensure all your questions are answered.

Consistent follow up visits are vital to a successful treatment. With caring, knowledgeable and experienced providers, you’ll be in good hands at Synerchi. Plus, their convenient location in the Scripps Ranch Marketplace is another key to consistent treatment.

How Do I Get Started?

Access to semaglutide is a game-changer for those strug-

gling to achieve a healthy weight. You can begin your journey by calling or texting Synerchi Medical Spa at 858272-9564 to request a consultation. Or request an appointment online at www.

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CA 92131
Synerchi Medical
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Clients at
Spa have seen weight loss results with semaglutide.

Club emphasizes community giving this month

The members of the Scripps Ranch Women’s Club (SRWC) proudly embrace our motto “Women United in Community Spirit” and, as such, we are inspired to make a difference in the Scripps Ranch community. On Jan. 16, we kicked off our Scholarship Programs for graduating female seniors and this month we are emphasizing our annual community giving program. We are encouraging Scripps Ranch schools and local non-profit organizations to apply for donations to fund their respective projects.

We look forward to providing funds for our local schools each year with a primary focus on STEM-related projects as well as reading and literacy initiatives. In previous years, we have funded projects at Miramar Ranch Elementary, Dingeman Elementary, Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary, Jerabek Elementary, Thurgood Marshall Middle School, Scripps Ranch High School and St. Gregory the Great Catholic School.

Every year, we are pleased to make donations in support of the programs and projects of our Scripps Ranch community organizations. Emphasis is placed on projects that support the purpose and objectives of the SRWC and demonstrate support for our community. In the past, we have provided awards to the Scripps Ranch Friends of the Library, the Scripps Ranch Theatre, Symphony in the Park, and various SRCA community needs.

The application process is very simple and donation request forms are available on the SRWC website at

support. The application deadline is April 12, 2024. Recipients will be notified by June 30 and funding will be provided by July 1. For additional information or to discuss your project, please contact the Club’s Vice-President Sally Anderson at

Nothing says February quite like Chocolate! We welcomed February with a chocolate tasting and tour at Seabreeze Craft Chocolates where we sampled a variety of delicious sweets and learned about the processes involved in making chocolate. Our adventurous walking group took us to the San Diego Zoo

May your days be merry and your troubles be few.

May all God’s blessings descend upon you.

May peace be within you, may your heart be strong.

OSafari Park to enjoy hiking among the wildlife, lagoons, and lush gardens.

This was also a month for theatre-lovers who gathered at a pre-play cocktail party at the beautiful home of Lynn and Rick Parke. Thank You to the Parkes for hosting a lovely social gathering for our Club members, guests and spouses. The evening’s production of “Chapatti,” a charming romantic comedy, was a fitting love story for February and Valentine’s Day. Our many, regular social activities continue to provide our members with fun and friendship, including Arts and Culture, Bunco, Bridge, Book Group, Fun and Games, Mahjong, and Walking/Hiking. To elevate the fun and sociability, a new Scrabble group was recently added to our Club’s offerings!

We welcome your interest in the Women’s Club’s many social activities, Scholarship Programs, and community involvement. For further information, please contact our Membership Chair Laurie Wenger at lauriewenger@ or browse our website at


Golf fundraiser

Golfers and sponsors are encouraged to help the Rotary Club of Poway-Scripps make the Poway Chamber of Commerce 11th annual Mickey Cafagna Memorial Golf Classic a success on April 5 at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. A portion of the proceeds will go to a nonprofit beneficiary to be selected by majority vote of the Poway Chamber of Commerce membership.

Those interested may sign up as a sponsor or to get a foursome and play golf. Register online: powaychamber.

ne of the most iconic gemstones in history, the emerald is known for its verdant and deep green color. It is believed that this color represents new life and shines beautifully in direct sunlight. Emerald is formed under rare conditions that often result in subtle fractures and cavities. These inclusions are considered a part of the gemstone’s character, even in top-quality emeralds.

May you find what you’re seeking wherever you roam. Owners/Scripps

LIFE SCRIPPS RANCH February 2024 | Scripps Ranch News 5
Ranch residents, Bill and Cynthia Collins & Family. Open Tuesday-Saturday, 10am to 3pm • Closed Sunday and Monday • 8220-A Mira Mesa Blvd./Mira Mesa Mall 858.578.6670 • Friend us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram Show us love on YELP Scan the QR code and join our over 15.2K+ followers!
Members of the SRWC enjoying the annual La Jolla Shores Beach Walk. (courtesy of SR Women’s Club)

We ’ve talked a lot about defensible space. Now we are going to talk about 10 ways to harden your home.

When it is time to replace your roof, replace with a fire resistant Class A roof material.

1. Install noncombustible corrosion resistant metal gutter covers on the gutter to prevent the accumulation of leaves and debris.

2. Block any spaces between your roof covering and sheathing (bird stops).

3. Cover your chimney and stovepipe outlets with a noncombustible corrosion resistant material mesh screen (spark arrestor) with 3/8 inch to half inch openings.

4. Cover all vent openings with 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch noncombustible corrosion resistant metal mesh screens.

5. Caulk and plug gaps greater than 1/16 inch around exposed rafters and blocking to prevent ember intrusions.

6. Inspect exterior siding for dry rot, gaps, cracks and warping. Caulk or plug gaps greater than 1/16 inch in siding and replace any damaged boards, including those with dry rot.

7. Install weather stripping to gaps greater than 1/16 inch in garage doors to prevent ember intrusion. The stripping must be compliant with UL Standard 10C.

8. When it’s time to replace your windows, replace them with multi-paned windows that have at least one pane of tempered glass.

9. When it’s time to replace your siding or deck, use compliant noncombustible ignition-resistant, or other materials approved by the Office of the State Fire Marshall.

Next month: info on the Home Assessment program.

Don’t forget to sign up for emergency alerts. Stay safe.,, (858) 201-3711.

In January, the ScrippsMesa Garden Club bloomed with orchids. This month, the members will get the latest dirt on garden soil.

At the Library Community Room at 6 p.m. on Feb. 27, the local gardeners will learn from soil expert Vicki Vollrath what it takes to keep the right chemistry in garden soil so that plants lead healthy lives. The local gardeners have

a website where they share other information about how to find success in growing vegetables, flowers, and shrubs. Look and learn from their successes at

If you’re new to the community and want to make friends or you have just had a change in your life that provides you with more time to enjoy social activities, check out the Scripps Ranch Welcome Club. The club has been around for more than 40 years and has a strong tradition of bringing local women together for pleasant times.

The website has information about the club. You can get a look at its variety of regular events and special occasions.

This month’s special events were a celebration of the club’s 43rd anniversary, a coffee gathering at a member’s home, an outing to the Safari Park, a potluck supper and evening at the local theatre.

The regular events of Bunco, trail walking, book talks and craft making were all available for enjoyment. A new group activity of hiking trails beyond the community is being organized to start as spring arrives.

The Welcome Club meets monthly on the second Monday at 7 p.m. at the Community Center. You are welcome to attend and to learn more about the friendliness of the Welcome Club.

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RANCH WELCOME CLUB 10 ways to harden your home A social haven for women
SCRIPPS Erica Berick knows the right combination of light and water for her orchids. (courtesy photo)

Longtime Scripps Ranch residents Bill and Cynthia Collins provided a Chinese New Year celebration for the public at their business, Collins Family Jewelers, 8220-A Mira Mesa Blvd., on Feb. 10. Performers donned four colorful lion costumes and danced in front of the store and through the enthusiastic crowd, while

What is the best way to store water? We’ve all had this question at one time or another.

And the answer is, in the ground! But how?

That is the question we hope to answer, with the help of the community, on two weekends in March, with our Rainwater Capture Tour: Saturday, March 16, 9:30 a.m.-noon; and Sunday, March 24, 1:30-4 p.m.

Some of our neighbors have kindly agreed to open up their front yard, backyard, or both, for us to see and learn about the different ways of holding on to more water. Here are some:

• S lowing water down in swales (dry stream beds) so it penetrates better, feeding and nourishing the plants and soil.

• Creating depressions and filling them with branches and mulch, so they absorb more of the water.

• P lanting thirsty plants near the downspouts through which much water flows down into the ground.

You will also see examples of water smart landscaping,

updated irrigation and edible gardening, with experts on hand to answer your questions. For more info visit:

However, if, having lived through the drought years here in California, you’re still not convinced of the need for storing water, I seek your indulgence for a few more minutes.

At present, about 85 percent of our water comes from the Colorado River, traveling long distances through the aqueduct, costing us dearly. And now the Colorado watershed is also in trouble:

Water that runs off our driveways and roofs may carry harmful chemicals, which end up in the storm drains and on to the sea, harming many aquatic creatures along the way. This can be prevented by capturing it in the ground,

which then removes much of that contamination.

On the plus side, the benefits of water capture are myriad – We can:

• Grow our own food, and share it, too.

• Along with compost and mulch, increase, many fold, the capacity of our soil to hold water.

• Prevent water damage and incursion into our homes.

In short, we can always have a vibrant yard that gives us shade, cools the surroundings and becomes a peaceful, beautiful and bountiful haven for all.

Sustainable SR events at Scripps Miramar Ranch Library:

• Garden Share; March 9, 2 p.m.

• Pure Water presentation; March 15, 10 a.m., Community Room. Will inform Scripps Ranch of the status of the Pure Water Project, and particularly the Scripps-Miramar Lake efforts.

Sustainable Scripps Ranch is a standing committee of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association.

To learn more about Sustainable Scripps Ranch, visit or email


February 2024 | Scripps Ranch News 7 SCRIPPS PERFORMING ARTS ACADEMY Serving the Scripps Ranch Community since 1987! Academy 858.586.7834 Theatre Camps
10-19, Ballet & Contemporary Train with World Class teaching artists right here in Scripps Ranch! Summer Intensives S ummer 2024
3.5-18 Create a performance utilizing original scripts inspired by childhood themes, Wonka, Swifties, Encanto & more! TWO Camps for $525 expires 3/31 12030 Scripps Summit Dr., Ste. E, San Diego, CA 92131 858.271.8800 | COME TRY: Physical Therapy Private Pilates Pilates Rehabilitation Pilates Equipment Classes INJURED IN AN ACCIDENT? 619-804-2781 HAMILTON ARENDSEN INJURY ATTORNEY SCRIPPS RANCH RESIDENT SUSTAINABLE SCRIPPS RANCH
best way to store
(photo by John Gregory)
paraded colorful
public enjoyed
By Suha Chari
banners for the audience to enjoy. The
tion welcoming the Year of the Dragon.

Some might call Michael James Slattery a jet setter, but he doesn’t think so.

However, photographer Slattery has traveled the world from Istanbul to Singapore to Bourbon Street, creating what he calls “luminism.” His business is Luminous Views Gallery, and he sells online and at the Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market on Thursdays.

“I’ve certainly gotten to do things in this life that I would never have thought I could do,” he said. “This is my full-time job. Every day is Saturday for me.”

Slattery uses state-of-theart equipment and said he borrowed the idea from famous 19th century American artists and painters who painted landscapes in a way that would illuminate not what a photo does in a single moment but the light as they deem fit.

“They were using a camera to obscure their sketches, but they didn’t say that to anyone. It was why I think they became famous for the

magic they were creating. I am convinced they were creating landscape images where they were interpreting the light in the mind’s eye,” Slattery said. In other words, rather than illuminating everything in the same vein, one could see where the sun might be illuminating the mountain differently than the trees and the foreground as if the sun has multiple places in the sky, Slattery explained.

His techniques

Technically, what Slattery does is put the camera on a tripod in the afternoon and continually shoot the same exact photo into the evening

to capture a palette of colors while the sun is out until the sun sets.

“I then take those pictures and blend them the same way a painter might blend color in a painting. I don’t use slider bars or layer masking,” he said. “It’s like using a wand and working like I did in a traditional darkroom … or like a painter might blend red and white to make pink, etc. … I don’t use paint, and this is not a time-lapse (a single exposure). I am bracketing hundreds and hundreds of exposures from the brightest highlights to the darkest shadows using 12 to 30 different images of those captures.”

He has spent many hours studying color theory and perfecting his craft in the darkroom.

“It’s not like the cook invented thyme in spaghetti sauce. I learned many different things in photography and created what I have now,” he said. “Radiant darkroom techniques never provided me with the ability to be able to do what I do until digital came along.”

He is “trying to bring to light what the camera can see in a single moment and bring it all together with fascinating subjects.”

How it began

Slattery became interested in photography when he saw his grandmother’s old Polaroid Land Camera.

“She took five to six photos of my mom and brother in front of a car, and I watched it develop in front of my eyes. … I’ll never forget that,” he said.

When he was eight or nine, he told his mother he wanted to get a job to save up and buy a camera, but she said he couldn’t do it until he was 12 when he could get a job.

Brochures available online at AVIARY CLUB • Choose between traditional camps, themed specialty camps, camps with o -site field trips • Parents can add on swim lessons or enrichment programs • Week long camps run Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm. • Camps open to Kinders thru 8th graders. • Camps open to members & nonmembers. Aviary location: 9875 Aviary Drive, San Diego, CA 92131 Tel: 858-271-6222 GROUP SWIM LESSONS SCRIPPS TRAILS CLUB • Monday-Thursday or Saturday mornings • Swim lessons open to members. Non-members can sign up on our interest list. • Children 6 months to 12 years REGISTRATION STARTSMARCH 1, 2024 LEISURE Scripps Ranch News | February 2024 8 SCRIPPS RANCH FARMER’S MARKET Photo-artist hopes to illuminate the world
See One of Michael James Slattery’s creations (courtesy image)

Highland Quartet plays at library

The “Pleasure of Your Company” music series will present the Highland Quartet on Sunday, March 17, at 2:30 p.m. in the Scripps Miramar Ranch Library Center performing works by Mendelssohn and Dvorak.

This virtuosic ensemble is based in Orange County and Los Angeles, and is comprised of violinists Robert Schumitzy and Madalyn Parnas Möller, violist Alice Ping and cellist Erin Breene.

There is no charge for the concert, which is sponsored by the Scripps Ranch Friends of the Library, although donations are appreciated. Masks are recommended but not required at this time.

Scripps Miramar Ranch Library Center is located at 10301 Scripps Lake Drive. It should be noted that due to a parking lot expansion project, onsite parking is


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Eventually, Slattery saved enough money and bought his first 35mm camera at age 12.

Most recent adventure

While he has traveled extensively over the decades, he hasn’t been overseas in a while. His most recent trip was local to Eureka, Calif.

“I’m working on an image of these Redwoods – and this pedestrian bridge between the trees that is about 300 yards long and 100 feet above air the city put up. The Redwoods are pretty spectacular,” he said.

Some of his favorite places for shooting his content include Bourbon Street, as well as Mexico, Turkey and Ireland.

“In Turkey, the historical significance of human history was revelatory to me considering the landmarks and things I saw. … So mind-blowing,” he said. “Mexico, too, is amazing … The entire world is amazing no matter where you go. Just walking among these places is just OMG. I am blessed.”

Where to buy

While he has utilized the art festivals and other outlets, he now sells online, at farmer’s markets, and has a small shop in mid-downtown San Diego. He also creates frames from reclaimed wood from the Ocean Beach Pier. He likes the Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market where his booth has “lots of light.” In addition, the reception he receives, and the people are

currently somewhat limited. Overflow parking is available on Meanley Drive off Scripps Ranch Boulevard, from which the library can be easily accessed via a paved walkway (map and directions: lib-loc-hours.htm). Visit or call (858) 538-8158 for information.

great, and “the community is awesome,” he explained

Visit Michael James Slattery at his booth at the Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market and Family Festival, held from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. each Thursday at 10045 Carroll Canyon Road.

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Photo by Ken
The Highland Quartet will perform March 17 in the Scripps Miramar Ranch Library Center. (photo courtesy of SRFOL)


Falcon Playhouse presents ‘Big Fish’

Members of the Falcon Playhouse at Scripps Ranch High School will be opening with their newest production, a musical called “Big Fish,” on Feb. 29.

“‘Big Fish’ was a book, then it became a film. The film was later made into a musical. The musical made it to Broadway. This musical is not greatly well-known, but it has a great story line,” artistic director Patrick Garcia said.

The musical centers around a relationship between a father and son, with elements of tall tales and life stories incorporated.

Edward Bloom, the father, played by Demian Deonarine, is a salesman who travels a lot for his career.

“Edward tends to tell exaggerated stories about his travels to his son, Will,” Garcia said.

Will Bloom, the son, played by Nathaniel Feria, has a good relationship with his father. However, he is suspicious of the stories his father tells.

“Will is a logical guy. He does not believe his father’s grand stories. He feels like he doesn’t really know his dad,” Garcia said.

Josephine Bloom, Will’s love interest, is played by Sarah Shea Norton.

“Will ends up starting a family with Josephine, and that’s when the plot builds. They are expecting a son, and Will realizes that he does not know his own father. He does not know how his relationship with his son will be,” Garcia said.

At the same time that Will is expecting his son, Edward becomes very ill.

“Will ends up going to help

his mother out in taking care of his father. As he’s helping his father, he starts to try to understand his father. Will learns that many of the great things his father did, his father never told stories about. As his dad passes, Will ends up connecting and understanding his father,” Garcia said.

The play ends with hope, and the idea that the stories from Edward will be passed down to Will’s son.

Garcia explained his interest in this production.

“I always tell my students that the theater is all about telling stories about the human experience, and this

whole musical is just that,” he said.

While rehearsals went well, there were some challenges that the team faced with this production.

“Because of the schedule this year, we ended up having about two weeks less of rehearsal this year than we usually do. It gave us less time to work on the lines, music, etc. However, we have done well regardless,” Garcia said.

In addition to Feb. 29, the musical will be on March 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9. The performances will be in the evening.

Their final production of the school year will be “Clue” in mid-May. There will also be one last production in summer.

“The incoming freshmen have an opportunity to join the summer production. It is a great way to get the incoming freshmen involved in a program at the high school, so that they feel as if they have a place they can go to,” Garcia said.

Tickets and more information for this production can be accessed at

“All of the proceeds from the ticket sales go right back to our program. We are in desperate need of a new sound system. We are trying to raise money to replace the sound system,” Garcia said.

The GoFundMe for the new sound system for the Falcon Playhouse is https://gofund. me/d42445c7.


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One thing that has happened very rarely, but has helped a lot with reuniting lost items is the names written on the items, whether on the tags, printed on the lunch boxes or a sticker with a kid’s name on a water bottle.

“If they have names, I go to the office and they can give me the student’s room number and take it to them,” Chavez said. “Half the time, that’s not the case. However, I have been able to return around five items because they had someone’s phone number and last name written on the tag. Even initials would be a big help for the process.”

Chavez hopes that items in the school’s lost and found can be slowly reduced by parents checking the cafeteria cubby and monthly coat hangups more often if they suspect their student may have misplaced some items.

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The cast and team of the Falcon Playhouse production of “Big Fish.” (courtesy photo)

chemistry with a team made up of several seniors she has had the pleasure of playing with since the third grade.

While having a fantastic season as captain, Michelle also led the team in points per game and field goal percentage during the regular season.

She had one of her best games of the season on Feb. 2 with a double-double performance of 14 points and 12 rebounds in the 51-34 home victory over Christian High School.

“Michelle is a good basketball player and a great person. She’s very dedicated and a hard working young lady,” said SRHS womens basketball head coach James Stewart.

“She’s a three-level player and our best inside defender,” Stewart added. “Michelle has done a great job and the team was very excited about her breaking a thousand points because it’s a great honor.”

Among her accolades, Michelle also helped lead Scripps Ranch to back to back league titles after the team finished the regular season with a 178 regular season record, which culminated in a home victory over Academy of Our Lady of Peace (AOLP) on Feb. 6. AOLP was the same school that sister Amanda broke the 1,000 point mark against two seasons ago.

“I’m really proud of them,” said mother Tania Kramer. “They both work really hard in sports and academics.”

Along with being a proud mom, Tania also serves as an assistant coach for the womens basketball team.

Besides getting inspiration from her parents, who were standout athletes themselves, Michelle closely follows the Purdue mens basketball team, which is the same school her father attended –along with being a huge fan of Boilermaker center Zach Edey.

While her sister decided to attend the University of Michigan, Michelle is still considering her options when it comes to what school she will attend after graduation, but she has already decided that she will major in neuroscience.


Pop Warner JV Cheer

The Scripps Ranch Pop Warner JV Cheer Team made it all the way to the JAMZ National Competition and won.

The JV Cheer squad from Scripps Ranch Pop Warner was in Division 1, and placed first for Pop Warner Regional Competition and won second place at Nationals in Las Vegas on Jan. 20.

Team members competed against eight teams from Texas to Northern California; girls ages 10-14.

The Scripps Ranch Pop Warner JV Cheer Team consists of Casey Cox, Jillian Temnick, Emma Parker, Sarah Bussard,

Jayden Batts, Mia Bucio Jose, Ainsley Stewart, Stella McIn tyre, Zoe Buck, Malia Daniel ski, Ani Laubenthal, Paige Williams, Selma Atayee, Noelle Cooper, Milana Kelley, Rebecca Kalkin, Vasilisa Larikova and Avah Curtis. Avah Curtis and Milana Kelley were on the team this season but did not compete at Nationals.

The head coach is Hope Root. The assistant coaches are Michelle Cooper and Janelle Temnick. The train ers and choreographers from Scripps Ranch High School are Natalie Cooper, Audrey Johnson and Sarah Williams.


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Michelle Kramer flies toward the hoop. (photo by Jim Wick) The Scripps Ranch Pop Warner JV Cheer Team was successful at the JAMZ National Competition in Las Vegas. (photo by JAMZ) FROM THE BUNKER: Xander Schauffele, who formerly played on the Scripps Ranch High School golf team, prepares to exit a bunker during competition on Jan. 27 of the 2024 Farmers Insurance Open PGA golf tournament at Torrey Pines. Schauffele finished tied in ninth place. (photo by Jim Wick)
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Scripps Ranch High senior soccer player Chris Moynihan executes an artful kick against Hoover High during a 2-0 Senior Night victory on Feb. 7. (photo by Jim Wick)
Scripps Ranch High water polo player Emily Konold fires a shot against Rancho Buena Vista High during a 10-8 CIF-SDS Division 3 first round overtime victory on Feb. 8. (photo by Jim Wick)
Scripps Ranch High sophomore Clare Valentine drives around an Academy of Our Lady of Peace defender during a 63-33 blowout on Feb. 6. (photo by Jim Wick)





XingJian Dance Studio celebrated Lunar New Year 2024 at SeaWorld (above and below) as these young dancers from Scripps Ranch and Mira Mesa performed during the special event on Feb. 10. (photos by Lisa Shadburn)

Junction Bar & Grill officially opens

Sudberry Properties announced the completion of The Hub at Scripps Ranch, a mixed-use redevelopment project featuring 260 modern luxury apartments and 10,700 square feet of retail/ restaurant space. The final retail tenant, Junction Bar & Grill, opened in January. The property is located at the gateway to Scripps Ranch at 9840 Carroll Canyon Road. Junction Bar & Grill relocated to The Hub after serving the Scripps Ranch community for seven years. The 200-seat eatery with 30 TVs serves more than 100 menu items, including steaks, bur-

gers, tacos, sandwiches, salads, pizzas and appetizers. It features indoor and outdoor seating and can serve large parties and special events. The restaurant opens at 11 a.m. Mondays through Fridays and at 9 a.m. on weekends.

Other retail tenants include Carroll Canyon Dental Group, Big Cheech’s Chicken, Waffles and Sliders, and Starbucks.

The Hub at Scripps Ranch was hailed as the “Community of the Year – Attached” in the San Diego Building Industry Association’s Icon Awards last year.

February 2024 | Scripps Ranch News 13 (858) 536-4161 • License No. 782799 SUPPORTING SCRIPPS RANCH S A N D I E G O


Hold Fast

Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego unveiled Hold Fast, a powerful and immersive art exhibition that invites us to explore the impact of climate change on our local kelp forest through the lens of several local artists and scientists. The aquarium will also offer fish printing and sun printing workshops once a month. Advanced reservations are required.



Scripps Ranch Theatre presents “Chapatti” Romance is a distant memory for two lonely animal-lovers living in Dublin. When forlorn Dan and his dog Chapatti cross paths with the amiable Betty and her 19 cats, an unexpected spark begins a warm and gentle story about two people re-discovering the importance of human companionship.


Flower Fields open

The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch will allow guests to experience the magic of growing color beginning March 1, with a dazzling floral display across the hills of Carlsbad. The 2024 theme of “Spring into Color” serves as not only nature’s

announcement of the arrival of spring but is a celebration of the working farm’s cultivation of 55 acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus: a flower renowned for its large, double-petaled blooms that sit atop tall, straight stems. The season stretches eight to 10 weeks each year with a full slate of activities including live music performances, workshops and wellness classes that harness the power of Mother Nature. The Flower Fields, 5704 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad.


San Diego Junior Theatre presents “Puffs,” March 1-17 in Balboa Park. For years, a boy wizard went to a Wizard School and conquered evil. This, however, is not his story. This is the

story of the Puffs, who just happened to be there, too. Set against a backdrop of spells, potions and magical creatures, “Puffs” is a comedic and inspiring tale for anyone who has never been destined to save the world. March 8 is “Puffs” Character Night: come dressed as your favorite character from the wizarding world! An ASL-interpreted performance is March 16.


‘King James’

The Old Globe presents “King James,” playing March 9-31 at the Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre, part of the Globe’s Conrad Prebys Theatre Center in Balboa Park, 1363 Old Globe Way. The breathtaking career of NBA icon LeBron James is the backdrop for this energetic and funny play. Shawn is Black and Matt is White, and they couldn’t be more different, except for their love of the

Cleveland Cavaliers.


Meow Meow

Post-post-modern diva Meow Meow has hypnotized, inspired and terrified audiences globally with unique creations and sell-out seasons from New York’s Lincoln Center and Berlin’s Bar Jeder Vernunft to London’s West End and the Sydney Opera House. Her award-winning works have been curated by David Bowie, Pina Bausch, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and numerous international arts festivals. Details and tickets are available at the La Jolla Music Society box office, or by phone at (858) 459-3728.


‘Celtic Spells’

A new production by one of the founding members of Celtic Woman, Mairead Nesbitt, returns to the stage of storytelling and spellbinding traditions with “Celtic Spells,” March 15, 7:30 p.m. Poway OnStage, Poway Center for the Performing Arts, 15498 Espola Road.

Showcasing the Poway Symphony Orchestra in a performance of orchestral masterpieces from the 19th and 20th centuries Reception with the maestro & the musicians following the concert! Sunday, March 24, 2024 at 4:00 p.m. Poway Center for the Performing Arts 15498 Espola Road, Poway Ticket Information $35 - $45 general | $28 - $40 senior (65+) $18 - $25 student | $15 child (under 12) Free parking at the PCPA Buy Tickets: or 858-748-0505 20th Anniversary Celebration! Scheherazade Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Slavonic Dance No 8, Op 46 Antonin Dvořák Sinfonia Sacra . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Andrzej Panufnik John LoPiccolo, Conductor and Music Director Maestro John LoPiccolo
by Scripps Ranch News | February 2024 14
Oriana Poindexter
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15498 Espola Road Poway, CA | 858-748-0505 | Presenters of World-Class Talent at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts UPCOMING SHOWS CELTIC SPELLS FRI. MAR. 15 7:30PM CHARLOTTE’S WEB SUN. MAR. 17 2:00PM DRUM TAO SAT. APR. 6 7:30PM CALIFORNIA DREAMING: BACK TO THE GARDEN SAT. MAR. 30 7:30PM THE FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS SAT. APR. 13 7:30PM MATERIAL GIRLS SAT. MAY. 18 7:30PM
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