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Inaugural AP Capstone Program Welcoming Our New Chaplain & Athletic Director Seabury

Hall's First 5th Grade Class

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Message from our Head of School

Seabury Hall's AP Capstone Diploma Program

Linda Schmitt ’22 and Isabel Farwig ’23 Earn Top Scholastic Art Honors

Yaya Enriquez-Meyer ’08 Returns as Seabury Hall's Athletic Director

Seabury Hall's Inaugural 5th Grade Class

Donor Honor Roll 2021-2022

The Class of 2022

Welcoming our new Chaplain, Father Christopher Golding Class Notes

Community Partnership with Hawaii Assistance Dogs on Canine Detection of COVID-19

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Seabury Hall's inaugural 5th-grade class was full of bright minds and kind hearts who brought a buzz of excitement to campus.

On the Cover: Skylar Conley ’22 shares a hug with a fellow graduate at Seabury Hall's Commencement Ceremony in May 2022.

Board of Trustees


Mr. Jeremy Baldwin

Mr. Zadoc Brown, Jr.

Ms. R. Lee Kajiyama ’67 Carson

Ms. Anne Carter

Ms. Christy Churchill

Mr. Steve Colflesh

Mr. Sumner Erdman ’83

The Rt. Rev. Robert L. Fitzpatrick

Ms. Susan Graham

Mr. James Haynes

Mr. Kimo Haynes ’84

Ms. Katrina Niehaus ’00

Ms. Cordy MacLaughlin

Mr. Kit Okazaki ’91

Ms. Wendy Rice Peterson

Ms. Heidi Riecke ’87 Bigelow

Ms. Judy Siracusa

Mr. Robert Stoner ’80

Mr. R. Clay Sutherland

Mr. Thomas Welch

Mr. Glenn Yamasaki


Mr. John C. Baldwin (deceased)

Mrs. Betsy Erdman (deceased)

Dr. Roderick F. McPhee (deceased)

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Maureen Madden A Message from


Aloha Seabury Hall Community,

In August of 2021 we launched our guiding message to the community of Be the Learner. We could not have imagined at that time how much this message would truly be a guide to each and every Spartan throughout the entire school year. In each Olinda Monday, we highlighted the discoveries we made on a weekly basis. We used this learning to help guide ourselves and our community of learners through unprecedented times. Covid caution was still very much a part of our world but we discovered that by continuing to Be the Learner we were able to achieve more than we could have ever anticipated during challenging times.

We started the school year with a brand new Grade 5 program and enthusiastically welcomed the youngest members of Seabury Hall into our vibrant community. Even without the addition of a grade level, our enrollment unexpectedly soared. We developed a partnership with the wonderful Assistance Dogs of Hawaii and contributed to a clinical study on canine Covid detection. Sadie, the beautiful yellow Labrador retriever, spent several days at Seabury Hall as part of the study and more importantly as a loving, calming, and positive support to students as they coped with the unique experiences of another Covid year.

There are many accomplishments from the 2021-2022 school year that our community can be proud of. Yet, the greatest accomplishment is how we embraced the spirit of Be the Learner in the midst of considerable change and uncertainty. Our school's commitment to remain curious, teachable, and above all, hopeful is what truly sets Seabury Hall in a class of its own.

To the many donors who gave so generously to our school, I want to say thank you. It is because of you that wonderful things continue to be achieved at Seabury Hall. We are grateful for your belief in us and for choosing to use your generosity to ensure our students develop into learners well beyond the campus of Seabury Hall.

Warmly, Maureen O. Madden Head of School

Seabury Hall Launches Maui's Only AP Capstone Diploma Program

16 graduates from the class of 2022 earned the College Board AP Capstone Diploma

In the 2021-2022 school year, Seabury Hall established Maui’s first and only AP Capstone Diploma program. Built on the foundation of AP Seminar and AP Research courses, it is designed to complement and enhance the in-depth study experienced in other AP courses and equips students with independent inquiry, collaborative teamwork, and communication skills.

In AP Seminar, students form groups and identify multiple solutions for a real-world issue. In developing their solutions, students investigate issues from multiple perspectives and analyze information from various sources in order to develop credible and

valid evidence-based arguments. “It teaches them to think and work independently,” said Laura Gerken, AP Seminar Instructor. “In the first semester, I give students a plethora of feedback in order to help them develop their critical thinking and inquiry skills. However, as the year progresses, students take charge of those processes.” In the second semester, instructors are allowed to provide feedback in some areas, but cannot provide direct written or verbal feedback on the College Board assessment. “My role is to provide students with resources, but they must develop the ability to direct their own inquiry and collaborate with their peers in order to successfully complete the course,” Gerken said.

TOP L-R: Aina Sunshine-Frazier ’22 explored the effects of complementary and alternative canine therapy for high school students. Agustina Hunzkier ’23 worked in the field with the Maui Nui Seabird Recovery Project to assess its impact on the conservation of the Hawaiian Petrel. BOTTOM L-R: Carter Rosenthal ’23 analyzes data to determine if Maui drivers misperceive the environmental benefits of electric vehicles. Lyn Chen ’22 creates samples to examine Taxiphyllum Barbieri as a potential Phosphorus accumulator. Camry Gach ’22 spoke with watershed conservation manager, Kim Thayer ’02 about the perceived value of water resources in Maui.

After AP Seminar, students move on to AP Research. In this course, students identify a gap in knowledge in a topic they’re interested in and choose a research question to explore throughout the semester. Some of the topics chosen by the inaugural class included examining Maui tax law and exploring the efficacy of therapy dogs. “Capstone courses are unique in that they challenge students to understand the power of questions and to take an active role in their own learning,” said Jamie Archer, AP Research Instructor. “Instead of having a teacher precisely guide each step, students are responsible for identifying questions, researching possible solutions, and presenting their findings to their peers. They learn that education doesn’t stop with a paper, or course but extends into action–what can be done with this information I’ve worked so hard to uncover? How can I make a difference?”

The program culminates in the creation of a graduate-level paper and an oral defense presentation. Students who successfully earn a score of 3 or more in AP Seminar, AP Research, and four additional AP courses are eligible for the AP Capstone Diploma. Students who choose not to take any additional AP courses but successfully complete the two foundational courses earn the AP Seminar and Research Certificate. “Earning either the diploma or certificate is an elite academic achievement but more than that, it demonstrates the exceptional self-discipline and resilience of each student,” Archer said. Gerken is quick to agree that students in the program reap rewards that go far beyond academics: “Going through this program truly helps students to become better citizens of society. They learn to spark their own curiosity,

become comfortable looking at different mediums and develop a discerning eye for determining the credibility of resources. The entire experience is so empowering for them. Students have told me this is the most important class they’ve taken. At 15, 16 years old, they are learning to research, question the credibility of things they read, and ponder what's being said.”

The program has already done much to empower its inaugural group of graduates. “The AP Capstone program challenged me in ways I needed to be challenged, and helped me to feel confident in my work,” Nikki Fernando ’22 said. “The steps that helped guide me through AP Research also apply to some of the courses I’m now taking as a college student, and I feel more than prepared to approach things head-on. I highly encourage any student, who has the opportunity, to enroll in the program.”

As the program heads into its second year, it will welcome a new group of approximately 48 students into the fold. Archer perfectly sums up the experience by comparing it to rock climbing. “In the past, I’ve taught kids to rock climb. It was mostly me making suggestions as to where they could go as a next step,” Archer said. “My role was to keep them safe and offer guidance but they were free–and encouraged–to find their own way to the top. As an AP instructor, the goal is the same. I am always there to help but ultimately the choice belongs to the student.”

AP Capstone Diploma and AP Capstone Certificate awardees were honored at a school assembly on August 15, 2022.

Seabury Hall Students Earn Top Scholastic Art Honors

Works by Linda Schmitt ’22 and Isabel Farwig ’23 recognized at the 59th Hawai‘i Regional Scholastic Art Awards Juried Exhibit

Linda Schmitt ’22, Transience, Acrylic Paint Painting Gold Key Award 2022

Brianna Sowers Checkmate Soft Pastel

Silence is Violence Mixed Media Molly Vanden Bos Nazare

In March 2022, Seabury Hall art students Linda Schmitt ’22 and Isabel Farwig ’23 took top spots in the Scholastic Art Awards program the nation's preeminent organization for recognizing teen creative achievement. Schmitt's work, Transience earned the Gold Key Award in the painting category with Farwig's painting, Flying Pigs, garnering an Honorable Mention. “It is quite an honor to be selected for these awards,” said Lenda McGehee, Upper School Fine Arts Instructor. “Students from across the state submit their work to the Hawai‘i Regional Scholastic Art Awards and the level of talent exhibited by these students is incredible. We are extremely proud of not only Linda and Isabel, but of all our students for dedicating themselves to their craft and for representing Seabury Hall so well.” The competition is judged by a group of jurors from the arts and arts-education industries. Works are typically evaluated on the basis of technical and conceptual strength, and creative originality. Winning pieces are displayed in the Hawaii State Art Museum for a month after the exhibition and go on to compete for national recognition in the National Scholastic Art Awards.

When asked about the strength of work produced by Seabury Hall students, McGehee credits the foundational practices of the fine arts program. “In every class our goal is to help students not only develop technical proficiency, but also analytic and critique skills,” she said. “It is important for them to understand how to develop a good idea and how to both give and receive constructive criticism of their work.” On the other end of the spectrum, McGehee says there is also plenty of opportunity for creative freedom and originality. Students are encouraged to explore the different movements, styles, and schools of thought in an effort to help them develop their own point of view and artistic perspective.

“Art is oftentimes a messy process,” McGehee said. “But students have discovered that a mess or even a ʻmistakeʼ doesn't have to derail them if they are willing to reflect on their work and try again. On the contrary, many of them are finding their best work emerges from the process of continual evaluation and improvement.”

( 1 ) Painting Honorable Mention 2022 Isabel Farwig ’23, Flying Pigs, Acrylic Paint, ( 2 ) Olivia Kuo ’22, Chinatown 1942, Acrylic Paint, ( 3 ) Ella Powers ’22, Silence is Violence, Mixed Media, ( 4 ) Brianna Sowers ’23, Checkmate, Soft Pastels, ( 5 ) Audrey Ng ’22, Abandoned Bear, Graphite, ( 6 ) Darija Trumbo ’23, Gender, Acrylic Paint, ( 7 ) Sara Lampshire ’23, Equality is not Equity, Acrylic Paint, ( 8 ) Molly Vanden Bos ’23, Nazare, Charcoal

Audrey Ng Olivia Kuo Chinatown 1942 Oil on Canvas
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The Performing Arts Brings the Stage to Life Once More

Music, dance, and smiling faces return for the 2021-2022 season

Masks began to come off this past year as students rallied in a return to live performances at the Creative Arts Center. We came together (30+ strong) for the Kander & Ebb musical revue And the World Goes ‘Round, as well as the even larger Middle School musical, Seussical! Fall and Spring dance concerts featured easy-breathing, unmasked dancers. “Some of my students—the newer ones—I had only ever seen them with their masks on. Some for two years,” Dance teacher David Ward said. “This year, when I saw their faces for the first time, tears came to my eyes.” In the Fall and Spring Music concerts, singing returned. An Upper School production of the comedy Leaving Iowa was followed by the 26th annual one-acts festival, Side Shows, featuring studentwritten, 10-minute plays. What a breath of fresh air!



From a shy sixth-grader to a confident Hawaiʻi state champion runner for Seabury Hall, Kaylee Volner '22 showed tremendous growth on the field and in the classroom.

Though having lost a few years of sports amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Kaylee persevered. She finished her athletic career as the state runner-up in cross country in 2019 and 2021; silver medalist and gold medalist in the 1,500 meters and 3,000 in 2022, respectively; and The Maui News 2022 MIL Girl Athlete of the Year.

All the while, she was excelling in the classroom while balancing other aspects of her life, such as family, friendships, and many extracurriculars like Student Council and National Honor Society.

Through the years, Kaylee had always hoped to one day be a gold medalist like the Lady Spartans that came before her, which

inspired her to find the confidence, courage, leadership and passion from within to achieve her big goals.

“I hope to one day inspire young runners to keep following their dreams and convey that great things can happen when you believe you deserve all your accomplishments,” Kaylee said. “To experience growth you must give 100% even when it feels uncomfortable and be confident in what you have accomplished.”

Most importantly, Kaylee advises future and current Spartans to enjoy the journey and to make memories during the four years of high school that often fly by.

But, Kaylee’s journey didn’t end at graduation as she heads to Santa Clara University this fall. There, she hopes to take everything she’s learned so far and continue growing as an athlete on the Division I running teams and as a student while studying biochemistry.

There are many people who guided Kaylee throughout her career at Seabury Hall, like her teammates and friends, who supported

her and created fun memories; head coach Bobby Grossman, who showed her that she is stronger than she thinks; and her family, who have been there since the beginning.

“Through COVID, I had no idea if I would ever be able to step onto the track again or run another cross country meet and it was hard to find motivation during the uncertainty. Yet, coach Bobby never gave up on me and continuously showed the faith he had in me,” Kaylee said. “From eighth grade to my senior year, my running journey would be drastically different if he had not been a part of my experience.”

Whether it was attending her choir performance or cheering her on from the sidelines of a race, her mom and dad truly showed her what it meant to have a loving support system no matter what.

“We shared our wins and brushed off our losses,” she said. “But most importantly, they kept me focused on the goals I had set for myself in both life and running.”

TOP L-R: Kaylee wins 2nd place at the Valley Isle Road Runners meet in 2016. Kaylee with Coach Bobby Grossman at the 2022 HHSAA Track and Field Championships at Kamehameha Schools Kapālama Campus. Photos courtesy of the Volner Family. MAIN : Kaylee celebrates winning the 3,000-meter final at the state track and field championships on May 14, 2022. Photo credit: Andrew Lee.

Yaya-Enriquez Meyer ’08 Returns to Seabury Hall as its Athletic Director

In the fall of 2022, Seabury Hall welcomed alumna Yaya EnriquezMeyer 08' back to campus as its Athletic Director. Yaya was born in Senegal, West Africa and spent her elementary and middle school years in Hāna before attending Seabury Hall, where she would go on to become a four-sport standout and MIL Athlete of the year. After graduation, Yaya played 1 year of Junior College basketball and volleyball at El Camino College in Torrance, CA, before transferring to Radford University. Yaya later earned a master’s degree in sports management from the University of San Francisco. She spent the last 7 years in the Bay Area working in sports operations, logistics, and event management for the University of California, Berkeley's athletic department, Golden State Warriors, Oakland Raiders, Oakland A's, and most recently, Boys and Girls Clubs in San Francisco.

What stands out to you about Seabury Hall?

How welcoming and supportive everyone is. Seabury Hall is really an ʻohana, and everyone cares about what you do and appreciates the work people put into our students. From the grounds crew, maintenance, kitchen crew, teachers, administrators, everyone plays an important role in keeping Seabury Hall at such a high standard.

How do you feel about returning to the school as its new AD?

It still feels like a dream coming back to Seabury Hall as an alum. I remember on my first day in graduate school, we went around the class and shared why we were in the program. I said that I always wanted to be a high school Athletic Director, back home in Maui, and possibly at my alma mater. That was my dream! I still can't believe it has come to fruition, and that I’m actually fulfilling this goal I set for myself a long time ago. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and I'm ready to get to work!

What are you looking forward to the most about being the AD?

What I am most looking forward to about being AD at Seabury Hall would have to be working with the student-athletes and our coaches. After these last couple of years, the student-athletes have been through so much and sports is such an important part of a young person's life when it comes to social, emotional, and physical learning. I’m excited to get Seabury back to the competitive nature we were at before the pandemic and help our student-athletes compete at the highest level. I also want to make sure our coaches are advocated for and to just be there to support them with whatever they need.

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Seabury Hall?

There are so many to choose from! Obviously, I enjoyed participating in every sport that I could. The gym was pretty much my second home and I especially loved talking story with Coach Colflesh. I also have to give a shoutout to Gus and the kitchen crew. They were so great to be around and always kept us well fed. Mrs. Middleton's “chicken skin” stories is another memorable part of my high school career. I also appreciated being a part of the Social Committee my senior year. We got to plan events for the entire school, which was really fun.

How do you hope to impact our school community?

I want to be able to give back to Seabury Hall the way it helped and shaped me. To be a mentor for all our students and show the community that Seabury Hall is a great place to learn, grow, and become productive people to our community and the world. I hope to also shed light on important issues and advocate for those who have no voice.

ABOVE: Yaya goes up for the shot in a game against the Oakland Swish in Summer 2022. Yaya played for the Berkeley Royals, a team in the Women's Premier Basketball Association, a semi-pro women's league, before moving back to Maui.

in Size,

Big in Heart. Small

Seabury Hall's Inaugural 5th-Grade class brought a renewed enthusiasm for learning and community to campus.

Adding a new grade level was not quite the first thing Head of School, Maureen Madden had in mind for the 2021-2022 school year. Yet, desire for a 5th grade class had been gaining momentum for some time within Seabury Hall's community and after a successful year of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, inquiries about a new grade level increased. “In 2020, we realized how resilient we really were as a school,” Madden said. “We knew we had done a great job of rising to the occasion in the previous year and felt we could at least consider the possibility of adding a 5thgrade class.”

The idea soon became the subject of a school-wide exploratory study which asked each department to consider the opportunities and challenges of adding an additional grade level to the school. “A decision like this impacts every member of our school so we wanted to make sure all voices were heard and all ideas were put out on the table,” Madden said. “Through this study we discovered that the benefits of adding a 5th-grade class would far outweigh the challenges that were sure to come with it.” When the opportunity to apply for the new grade level was put forth to the community, the response was overwhelmingly positive. The number of

The Class of 2029 smile for a photo on the steps of the reflection pond.

applications exceeded expectations and soon the process of creating the new class was in full swing.

In March 2021, Teacher and Program Coordinator Katie Hensley and Teacher Assistant Danielle Emerick were brought on board. “Throughout the Spring and Summer, we selected a classroom, ordered new furniture, selected the curriculum, and planned for orientation and the first days and weeks of school. The thoughtful nature of planning and preparing and the support of the administration left me feeling ready and excited to begin the school year," said Hensley.

In August, after months of preparation, Seabury Hall welcomed 20 students as its inaugural 5th Grade Class at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. The class was housed in the center of campus below the library. It was a fitting home for the school’s youngest group of students, as teachers have referred to the location as the “heart” of Seabury Hall. “I think the promise of a new group of our youngest students coming in felt like a pulse of excitement for the Seabury Hall community,” Hensley said.

In the classroom, it was immediately clear that the class of 2029 was truly a special group. “I have to give credit to Admissions for selecting the perfect personalities and interests to create such a cohesive group. It really stood out to me that the students had come from diverse school experiences

from the previous year,” Hensley said. “Some were in school full-time, some were on distance learning, and some were in homeschool groups. But they were all looking for a community and a consistent school and social experience.”

Outside the classroom, despite being the newest and youngest members of Seabury Hall, the fifth-grade students fit in right away. Most notably, partnering with the class of 2022 on several occasions, including Spartan Day where the seniors paired up with grade 5 and explained the games, competed with them, and cheered them on.

When asked about how this initial group of fifth graders have grown throughout the year, Hensley shared their progress with pride. “The students grew so much this year, physically and mentally! They have truly grown as readers, writers, scientists, and mathematicians. Our weekly STEM challenges really helped them to grow in their ability to work with others and collaborate.

Over the year they have also become more independent and are ready to navigate the campus and middle school next year.”

“It is such a blessing to be a part of our school’s history and having each student and teacher be new was a huge help in forming such a tight community. We all feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to make relationships that will last throughout our years at Seabury Hall.”

LEFT: Hayden Aines ’29, Eleanor Schlather ’29, Miley Kelley ’29, Olali Cole ’29, Kai Levien ’29, and Kingston Thayer ’29 enjoy an art lesson on sketching the human face. TOP RIGHT: Eleanor Schlather ’29, Olali Cole ’29 , and Sabine Cale ’29 work with Jamie Nees ’24 on an art piece for Habitat for Humanity's Re-Store. BOTTOM RIGHT: Students show their support for
the citizens of
Ukraine with
a peace
composed of sunflowers.
“...the promise of a new group of our youngest students coming in felt like a pulse of excitement for the Seabury Hall community.”
— Katie Hensley
14 Cole LoGrande ’22 poses with his mother after He Hā‘upu Aloha 2022 Donor Honor Roll 2021-2022 GIVING SNAPSHOT Annual Fund $323,207.51 Restricted Giving $1,000,000.00 Gifts to Endowment $111,579.36 Special Program Funds $360,991.15 $1,795,778.02 TOTAL GIFTS

Maunalei Society

Planned Giving

Chip Blacker

Virginia Brown

Zadoc W. Brown III ʼ87

R. Lee Kajiyama ʼ67 Carson

Lisabeth Halstead 'ʼ83

Vinnie Linares

Daniel Mayeda

Sharon McPhee

Louis Olave

Henry Rice

Sandi Stoner

Jane Thompson Daniel White

Heritage Society

$10,000 or More


Alston ʻOhana

Anderman Family Foundation

Gabby Anderman and Bennett Cale Sigmund Anderman

Jeremy and Michelle Baldwin*

Bendon Family Foundation*

Ann Bendon ʼ00*

Jack Bendon ʼ25

Dr. James and Susan Bendon*

John ʼ96 and Kristi Bendon*

Luke Bendon ʼ27

Zadoc W. Brown Jr.*

Joshua and Julie Dorkin

Sumner ʼ83 and Angie Erdman*

Steve and Tamar Goodfellow*

Jimmy and Honey Bun Haynes* Healy Foundation

Ed and Trudy Healy

Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Fund Seabury Hall Alumni Association* Seabury Hall Golf Tournament

Pete and Judy Siracusa*

The Haynes Family Fund of the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation

The Roy H. and Lorraine M. Okumura Foundation

President’s Council

$5,000 to $9,999

Tanya and Paul Alston

Mark and Joyce Berry

Heidi Riecke ʼ87 and Dan Bigelow*

Goodfellow Bros.*

Hawaii Petroleum*

Kimo ʼ84 and Sheila Haynes* Island Sotheby's International Realty Robin and John Jugl

Jac and Susan Kean*

Madison Kelley ʼ26

Matson and Jennifer Kelley

Miley Kelley ʼ29

Ryan MacLaughlin ʼ99

Mercedes-Benz of Maui

Cyrus and Jill Monroe*

Wendy Rice Peterson

Seabury Hall Parents Organization

Earl and Sandi Stoner*

Robert ʼ80 and Caroline Stoner*

The Kelley Foundation ‘Ulupalakua Ranch

Hans Utsch

Water Controls & Pump Systems

Trustees’ Circle

$2,500 to $4,999

Edward ʼ76 and Jennifer Bruce ʼ77 Baldwin

Tamara and Eric Barto

Bev Gannon Restaurants

Bowman Termite and Pest Management LLC

Wakon and Jill Bowman Childers

Ryan and Christy Churchill

Mike and Shannon Gurley

Haliʻimaile General Store

Heather Haynes ʼ87*

Paul and Cordy MacLaughlin*

Maui Garage Doors, Inc. Lee Monroe ʼ97

Katrina T. Niehaus ʼ00*

Kit ʼ91 and Karla Okazaki*

Prouty Family Giving Fund

Justin and Amanda Prouty Keri Quinsaat

State Farm Insurance Agency of Kit K. Okazaki

Rick and Erin Volner

Tom and Claudia Welch*

Head of School’s Circle

$1,000 to $2,499

Anonymous (3)

Allstate InsuranceMatthew Cerizo Agency

Dean Arashiro and Margaret Garcia Berkmen ʻOhana

Ian Birnie

Dan Bissler*


Aaron and Kaimanamālie Lee ʼ03 Brummel*

Peter and R. Lee Kajiyama ʼ67 Carson*

Anne Carter

Castaway Construction & Restoration, LLC

Steve and Melissa Otte ʼ67 Colflesh*

Debra L. Deponte

E-H International

Fireman's Fund Insurance Company*

Bishop and Mrs. Robert Fitzpatrick*

Frampton & Ward LLC

Dean Kimo Frampton ʼ90

Global New Beginnings, Inc. Susan R. Graham

Hart ʻOhana* HC&D, LLC

Josh and Sou Jerman

Jhamandas Watumull Fund Robin ʼ98 and Jennifer Kean Keele ʻOhana Builders, Inc.

Kent & Polli Smith Family Fund of the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation*

Lawrence and Mary Ann Lambert* Maureen and Bruce Madden Maui Architectural Group

Bonnie McCrystal Meek Foundation

P. Niess '98

No Ka Oi Energy, LLC Meg Obenauf

Loren Osborn and Helen Mamuad Padilla Designs LLC

Private Practice Transitions, Inc. R. Clay Sutherland, Attorney at Law, A Law Corporation*

Linda and Pete Ruegsegger

Bryan and Dori Smith

Jill and Michael Spalding Clay and Susan Sutherland* Ali and Travis Thompson

Rick and Chrissie Tramontin Bubba Walker*

Walker Industries, Ltd. John and Donnette-Gene Wilson* Glenn Yamasaki and Kyoko Kimura*

Zadoc W. and Lawrence N. Brown Foundation*

Spartan Society $500 to $999

Anonymous (8)

Ajmani and Shah Gift Fund Sumeet Ajmani ʼ01 and Preeyanka Shah Alexander & Baldwin Bank of Hawaii

Carter Barto ʼ04

Ocean and Ian Bassford Alara Berkmen ʼ22

The Bowman Family Trust

Jay and Karmen Brown Moka Brown and Jamie Roth

Zadoc '87 and Stephanie Brown, III* John Michael Bush

Clint and Suzy Churchill Justin Clark ʼ01

Dean S. Arashiro, DDS, MS, Ltd Katherine Don ʼ99

Falit ʻOhana

Dean and Emi George Michael and Wendy Giblin Guaranteed Rate

Seabury Hall’s giving report acknowledges all gifts received between June 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022.

* Indicates consistent giving consecutively for ten years or more.

Holly Barto ʼ03 Hansen

Katie and Mark Hensley

Lehn Huff and Les Skillings

Keiki Soccer Pros, Inc.

Lanihau Properties LLC

Bill and Brooke Colflesh ʼ99 Levien

Filippo Lippi and Laura Gerken

Camille and Sam Lyons*

Lilikoi Maltese and Henry Dent-Brocklehurst*

Margaret C. Garcia, DDS

Maui Oil Company

Bill McCrillis Colleen P. Medeiros

Ariel Merritt

Paul and Rosalyn Meyer

Dr. Thomas and Wendy Milovina Mounts ʻOhana

Dr. Dwight and Julenne Mounts

Elaine Nelson*

Pukalani Plant Company

Eric and Willa Romanchak

Ronald K. & Lella E. Migita Foundation

Russell Family

Netane and Sulieti Savou

Brady Spangler

Joseph and Kristen Stafford

Michael Sugimura ʼ10

Tak and Yuki Lei Sugimura

Ben and Tash Summit

Troy Tanga and Kelley Kramers

Royle Taogoshi

Bryce ʼ99 and Kim Skog ʼ02 Thayer Bill Thompson and Annie Juan

Jon and Lydia Toda*

Elise Strong

Verizon Foundation Robin Wagstaff ʼ96

Dave and Natalie Walters

Jed and Erica White Jack and Kaelan Wolford Matthew Yung ʼ80 Marcia Zerivitz

Blue & Red Club

$100 to $499

Anonymous (23)

Abellanida ʻOhana

Jason Aines

Allen ʻOhana

Lauren Armstrong ʼ03

Kawika and Deborah Aweau

Scott Baker ʼ07

Christopher Baldwin ʼ87

Tamalyn Baldwin

Tina Bartsch and Jim McManus Maryann Baykal

Roberta Beatty

Bruno Bernacchi ʼ14

Sienna Bigelow ʼ20


Sig and Cara Birkholz

Mark Bridgeford and Danielle Perrault

Doug Brunner

Wil Cambra

Maël Carey ʼ93

Carlsen ʻOhana

Castellini ʻOhana

Vanessa Cerrito

Jennifer Charyk

Tom and Liz Childers

Peter Chin and Nicole Apoliona

King-hui Chuang and Huisheng Chen

Simona Clarke

Cleveland ʻOhana

Tony and Anne Colletta

Barbara Cooper

Steve Cornell

Brandon Crowe ʼ12

Janine Cuthbertson

Da House LLC

Casey Daniel

Lisa Yamato ʼ86 Davies

Della Croce ʼOhana

Doug and Jasmine Deponte Karen Derris ʼ86*

Dia from Paia

Tin and Amy Doan

Jacky and Diane Dugied

Cindy Dunne

Danielle R. Emerick

Wayne and Alene Farner

Marcie Frampton

Warren and Sandie Freeland

Barbara and Michael Gach

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Gap Inc.

Drs. Arleen Ricalde-Garcia and Daniel Garcia

Barbara and Joe Giasone

The Rev. Christopher and Julia Golding

The Goldyn Family

Larry Goodknight

Dana Gravesen

JB Guard IV ʼ90

Karen Hewitt 'ʼ68 Guest

Erik and Renee Hammer

Hampe ʻOhana

Clint Hansen ʼ00

Daryl and Josee Hansen

Janet and Peter Harp

Christina and Mike Hartman

Clark and Jackie Hashimoto

Higa ʻOhana

Ian ʼ94 and Emalia Hogan

Ted and Margaret Hori

The Hori ʻOhana

Lono Hunter ʼ91

Savy Janssen ʼ15

Thomas and Amy Jenkins

Bob, Suzanne and Sean ʼ12 Jensen*

Kelan and Allison Joshua

Kaimi Judd and Malika Dudley

Julie Kean

LaMonica ʻOhana

Sean Leblanc

Wesley and Lei Lee

Gerri and Jason Lewis

Mark and Julie Lipetz

Sergio and Cora Lugo*

Steve and Diane Maier

Tim Mason

Nate Matanane

Chase Matayoshi ʼ12

Derek and Lynn Matayoshi* Maui 5K

Bo and Hannah McKuin

Cynthia Sellers McLean Mino McLean ʼ93

Douglas and Gale McNish Mark and Katie Moquin

Pete and Eiko Mori

Morikawa & Associates, LLC

Lyman Morikawa, PE

André Morissette

Lisa Mullen

Uʻilani and Dale Nahoʻolewa

Melissa and Micah Nickens

Elizabeth Young ʼ73 Norcross

Sarah Hunter ʼ87 O'Brien

Darren ʼ00 and Wendy Okimoto

Peter Oliver

Jorma ʼ89 and Mercy Palmer

Charles Parente and Elizabeth Ignacio

Alison Kean ʼ03 and Thomas Pearce

Peter and Susie Peck

Robert and Michelle Pellettieri Peterson ʻOhana

Gerrit and Yvienne Peterson

A. James and Dr. Julita Phillips Aaron and Rhonda Placourakis John and Flo Plunkett

Annie Popkin and David Parker

John and Sara Powers

Prather Family*

The Preiser Family

Phillip Proctor

Cynthia Quisenberry*

Rappenecker ʻOhana

Jeff and Marlene Rebugio

Katherine Goodale ʼ69 Richardson

Ritchie Family

Jill S. Roberts

Lecca Roberts ʼ04 and Andrew Lusby Paul Romero

Roque Family

Marc and Kelly Rosenthal David Roth ʼ98

Joel and Barbara Rudow Ruth and Louis Baker Foundation

Johnny Ryan

Cliff and Valerie Ryden

Gordon and Kimberly Sagun

Gabe Sankey ʼ94

Molly and Tom Schad

Carolyn M. Schaefer*

Cristina A. Schenk ʼ98

Nielson W. Schulenburg ʼ84

Scott ʻOhana

Heidi Sherman and Anthony Crook

Andrew Silard ʼ01

Dante Siracusa ʼ01

Leif and Maile Sjostrand

Stephani ʼ95 and Maroe ʼ92 Smith Smith-Ryland Family

Rosemary Lau ʼ70 Smythe

Marina Stagner-Brown Brook Starr ʼ91

Barbara Stehouwer

John and Lorraine Stewart

Michael Stone

Kathleen Stout

Sharon Suzuki

Natalie Baker ʼ05 Suggs

Sarah Suwanjindar

Veia and Matt Swartz

Hervey and Marlene Takatani Shaun ʼ96 and Denise Thayer* James and Judy Thomson*

Hilton and Maria Unemori

Todd Van Amburgh*

Devin Vinoray ʼ12

Walter Vorfeld and Ellen Loucks* Wilma Vorfeld*

David Ward and Dean Wong*

Anita and Robert Waterford

Violet Harada Chad and Esther White Sean Wilson ʼ86*

Julie Wind and Anita Dekker

Brian and Sharon Yamada Kevin Yamashiro

Tets and Kellie Yamazaki Jon M. Yokouchi Leonard Yu

Friends of Seabury

Under $100

Anonymous (39)

Cristhian and Linda Andrade Salma Ansari

Bea Arendale

Cherisse Bandy ʼ80

Kris Baptist

Bryan Berkowitz

Robert Bland

Victoria Wayne ʼ00 Bowley

Magdalena Carey

Lisa Infeld ʼ85 Chandler

Francesca Cipro ʼ99

Gordon Cockett

Courtney Cole ʼ01 Arlidge

Dan Connelly

Tiffini Connelly

Denver Coon ʼ03

Brian and Laulani Hart ʼ98 Cordero Lana Coryell ʼ04

Robert and April Crane

Forrest Dein ʼ10

Quincy Dein ʼ07

Julie Elleby Christie Ellison

Julie Enos

Justin and Tanya Farmer Chris Findeisen

Ken and Nancy Findeisen

Foodland Give Aloha

Foodland Super Market, Ltd.

Dale and Anne-Marie Bates ʼ94 Forsythe Noah Garcia ʼ19

Leila ʼ26, Savannah and Jeremy Gooding


Grossman ʻOhana

Jadyn Gurley ʼ23

Fay and Richard Haake Jr.

Tony Haleakala

Peter and Jaylon Hansen

Liz Hart ʼ04

Alastair Hebard

Bob and Ross Henderson

Michelle Hodara ʼ99

Lee and Debra Imada

Jadyn Enterprises LLC

Hortense Joaquin

Nick Jones

Elizabeth R. Jordan and Thobe ʻOhana

Jeffrey ʼ94 and Kaya Kafka

Kawika Kapuaala

Marsha Kelly*

Peter and Jenn Konohia Kimiko Koyanagi

Neal and Janie Kunin

Nanette Le ʼ06*

Rovianne Leigh ʼ95

Eric Micha'el Leventhal

The Litt Family

Emily Lorusso*

Tamiko Mackie ʼ86

Gayle and Richard Martelles*

Andie Matayoshi ʼ14

Lorraine McCarthy

Dan and Kim McEvoy

Lenda McGehee*

Annie Maier ʼ96 and Cory Mellein

Nick Meyer ʼ04

Kathy Middleton

Scott and Dawn Migita

Adam and Lenna Miller

Brian Mimm

Bryan and Kaulana Molina Lani Monroe ʼ00 Galetto

Neil and Kathleen Murray Laura and Luke Nagle Jayse Nakasone ʼ22

Stephanie Nelson Jane and Darryl Ng

Lisa Oberbeck

Ron Ohira

Caleb Palmer ʼ90

Tara Palmer

Ami Pearce

Ann Pirsch

Keith and Lynn Powers

Ronald Powers

Dee and

Theresa Malia Thomson ʼ84 Quiocho

Christina Ramos

The Rilveria ʻOhana

Ethan ʼ94 and Wendy Romanchak

Ross and Bob Henderson Charitable Fund

DeAnne and Michael Salzer

Alex Samson

Debbie Sandstedt

Shelagh Sandstedt

Theresa Sherman

Ken Smith

Alison Somilleda Nathan and Tia Anderson ʼ94 St. Cyr Chris ʼ08 and Sara Sugidono Kukini Suwa

Mitchell and Laura Tasaki Tauaese ʻOhana Jon Tavares ʼ90

Shawnee Tuʻivai Piohia Tuʻivai ʼ22

Brian Turano

Kean and Kim Uyehara Icer Vaughan ʼ93

Kayden Volner ʼ26

Kaylee Volner ʼ22

Ameera Waterford ʼ20

ʻOhana Wong Leong Yamaguchi ʻOhana Kiptyn Yamazaki '27

Lou Young

Alicia Zoetewey and Ancil Clancy Alumni

Class of 1967

R. Lee Kajiyama Carson*

Melissa Otte Colflesh* Class of 1968

Karen Hewitt Guest Class of 1969

Katherine Goodale Richardson Class of 1970


Rosemary Lau Smythe Class of 1973

Elizabeth Young Norcross Class of 1976

Edward Baldwin Class of 1977

Jennifer Bruce Winston Class of 1980

Cherisse Bandy Robert Stoner*

Matthew Yung Class of 1983

Sumner Erdman* Class of 1984

Kimo Haynes*

Theresa Malia Thomson Quiocho Nielson W. Schulenburg Class of 1985

Lisa Infeld Chandler Class of 1986

Anonymous Lisa Yamato Davies Karen Derris* Tamiko Mackie Sean Wilson* Class of 1987

Christopher Baldwin Heidi Riecke Bigelow* Zadoc W. Brown III*

Heather Haynes*

Sarah Hunter O'Brien

Class of 1988

Anonymous Class of 1989 Jorma Palmer Class of 1990

Dean Kimo Frampton JB Guard IV Caleb Palmer

Jon Tavares Class of 1991 Lono Hunter Kit Okazaki* Brook Starr Class of 1992 Maroe Smith Class of 1993

Maël Carey Mino McLean Icer Vaughan* Class of 1994 Anne-Marie Bates Forsythe Ian Hogan

Jeffrey Kafka Ethan Romanchak

Gabe Sankey Tia Anderson St. Cyr Class of 1995

Rovianne Leigh Stephani Smith Class of 1996

John Bendon* Annie Maier Mellein Michael Scott

Ora Shields Scott

Shaun Thayer* Robin Wagstaff Class of 1997


Emalu Dancil Cleveland Lee Monroe Class of 1998

Laulani Hart Cordero Robin Kean

Peter Niess

David Roth Cristina A. Schenk

Class of 1999

Chesa Cipro

Katherine Don

Michelle Hodara

Brooke Colflesh Levien

Ryan MacLaughlin

Bryce K. Thayer

Class of 2000

Ann Bendon*

Victoria Wayne Bowley Clint Hansen

Lani Monroe-Galetto Katrina T. Niehaus*

Darren Okimoto Class of 2001

Sumeet Ajmani Justin Clark

Courtney K. Cole-Arlidge

Andrew Silard

Dante Siracusa Class of 2002

Kimberly Skog Thayer Class of 2003

Lauren Armstrong

Holly Barto Hansen

Kaimanamālie Lee Brummel* Denver Coon

Alison Kean Pearce Class of 2004

Anonymous Carter Barto Lana Coryell Liz Hart Nick Meyer Lecca Roberts Class of 2005

Natalie Baker Suggs Class of 2006 Anonymous Nanette Le* Class of 2007

Scott Baker Quincy Dein Class of 2008

Chris Sugidono Class of 2010

Forrest Dein Michael Sugimura Class of 2012 Brandon Crowe

Sean Jensen*

Chase Matayoshi Devin Vinoray Class of 2014

Bruno Bernacchi

Andie Matayoshi Class of 2015

Savy Janssen Class of 2019

Noah L. R. Garcia Class of 2020

Sienna Bigelow

Ameera C. Waterford Class of 2022

Alara Berkmen Jayse K. Nakasone

Piohia Tu'ivai Kaylee M. Volner


Alexander & Baldwin

Allstate InsuranceMatthew Cerizo Agency Bank of Hawaii


Bev Gannon Restaurants


Bowman Termite and Pest Management LLC

Castaway Construction & Restoration, LLC

Da House LLC

Dean S. Arashiro, DDS, MS, Ltd

E-H International

Foodland Give Aloha

Foodland Super Market, Ltd.

Frampton & Ward LLC Gap Inc.

Global New Beginnings, Inc.

Goodfellow Bros.*

Guaranteed Rate

Haliʻimaile General Store

Hawaii Petroleum*


Island Sotheby's International Realty

Jadyn Enterprises LLC

Keele ʻOhana Builders, Inc.

Keiki Soccer Pros, Inc.

Lanihau Properties LLC

Margaret C. Garcia, DDS Maui 5K

Maui Architectural Group

Maui Garage Doors, Inc. Maui Oil Company

Mercedes-Benz of Maui Morikawa & Associates, LLC

No Ka Oi Energy, LLC

Padilla Designs LLC

Private Practice Transitions, Inc.

Pukalani Plant Company

R. Clay Sutherland, Attorney at Law, A Law Corporation*

State Farm Insurance Agency of Kit K. Okazaki

ʻUlupalakua Ranch

Walker Industries, Ltd.

Water Controls & Pump Systems



Ajmani and Shah Gift Fund

Anderman Family Foundation

Bendon Family Foundation*

Fireman's Fund Insurance Company* Healy Foundation

Jhamandas Watumull Fund

Kent & Polli Smith Family Fund of the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation* Meek Foundation

Mounts ʻOhana

Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow Fund

Prouty Family Giving Fund

Ronald K. & Lella E. Migita Foundation

Ross and Bob Henderson Charitable Fund

Ruth and Louis Baker Foundation

The Haynes Family Fund of the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation

The Kelley Foundation

The Roy H. and Lorraine M. Okumura Foundation

Verizon Foundation Zadoc W. and Lawrence N. Brown Foundation*


Ameron Hawaii

Doug Brunner Nicole C. Caswell

GP Roadway Solutions Harmer Radio & Electronics, Inc.

Native Nursery

Seabury Hall Parents Organization Tri Isle Inc.

Rick Volner

In Memory Of

Peter Baldwin Anonymous Dylan Collins ʼ24 Deponte ʻOhana Kate Cooper Bill McCrillis

Len Crawford

The Rev. Christopher and Julia Golding

Pearl Crawford

The Rev. Christopher and Julia Golding

Hunter Eggers

Anonymous Betsy Erdman

Paul and Rosalyn Meyer Wendy Rice Peterson Hal Fletcher

Peter and R. Lee Kajiyama ʼ67 Carson Peter Neville James Golding

The Rev. Christopher and Julia Golding

Emalia Brown Guard ʼ89

Anonymous Zadoc W. Brown Jr.

Ryan and Christy Churchill JB Guard IV ʼ90

Cynthia Quisenberry

Pete and Judy Siracusa

Zadoc W. and Lawrence N. Brown Foundation

Linda Lindsay Higgins

Francesca Cipro ʼ99

Doug and Jasmine Deponte Violet Harada

Hart 'Ohana

Lehn Huff and Les Skillings

Lawrence and Mary Ann Lambert Dee and Theresa Malia Thomson ʼ84 Quiocho

Robert ʼ80 and Caroline Stoner

Tak and Yuki Lei Sugimura

Alex Hufalar "Always Good" Doug, Jasmine, Makani ʼ26 & Liloa ʼ30 Deponte

Dr. Malcolm Kerstein


John Myrick Kaipaka ʼ85 Anonymous Charlotte Melrose

Peter and R. Lee Kajiyama ʼ67 Carson Dave Melrose ʼ72

Lecca Roberts ʼ04 and Andrew Lusby Alan Moffat

The Rev. Christopher and Julia Golding Lisa Owen

Anonymous Elaine Nelson Eli Palmer

The Rev. Christopher and Julia Golding Dick Parker

The Litt Family

The Rev. Albert Pitt-Owen

The Rev. Christopher and Julia Golding Peg Pitt-Owen

The Rev. Christopher and Julia Golding Allie Powell ʼ00

Kathy Middleton Helen “Snooker” Hamilton

Lawrence and Mary Ann Lambert Icer Vaughan '93 Hatsune Travis

A. James and Dr. Julita Phillips John C. Walker Jr.


Bruce Alexander Wilson ʼ85 Lawrence and Mary Ann Lambert John and Donnette-Gene Wilson Sean Wilson ʼ86

In Honor Of Ludmila Aleksejeva Marina Stagner-Brown Barrett ʼ22 & Daisy ʼ24 Barnard Camille and Sam Lyons Kaimanamālie Lee ʼ03 Brummel Doug and Jasmine Deponte Class of ʼ69

Katherine Goodale ʼ69 Richardson

Filiberto ʼ07 & Nicolas ʼ14 Colon

Marcie Frampton

Iliana ʼ29 and Zoe ʼ27 Dorkin Claire Bowman Meeya ʼ21, Prianna ʼ23 & Jeaneau ʼ24 Dugied

Jacky and Diane Dugied Jana Gannon ʼ84

Bev Gannon and Hali'imaile General Store

Riley ʼ26 & Mia ʼ29 George Toshitami and Eiko Mori

Catherine Hampe ʼ25

Hilton and Maria Unemori Jayda ʼ29 & Kristian ʼ27 Hansen

Maryann Baykal

Gayle Hart

Doug and Jasmine Deponte Rio Imperto ʼ23

Anonymous Ms. Savy Janssen ʼ15 Scott ‘Ohana

Abigail Romanchak ʼ94 Jokiel

Anonymous Mr. Garret Kovach

Ritchie Family Makenna Nickens ʼ27

Melissa and Micah Nickens Nurse Jenn Charyk

Doug and Jasmine Deponte Ross Peck

Carolyn Ross

Harmony Powers ʼ24

Ronald Powers

Seabury Hall

Cliff and Valerie Ryden Seabury Hall Teachers

Doug and Jasmine Deponte Ginger Thomas ʼ22 Barbara and Joe Giasone

Mr. Dylan West-Von Sonn ʼ14 Scott ʻOhana

Jeffrey D. White Jed and Erica White


Endowment Funds

Seabury Hall is thankful for the generosity of donors who have created endowment funds to support exceptional students and professional development opportunities for our faculty. Below are the 2021-2022 award recipients.

Linda Lyons Bissler Scholarship Fund

From the generosity of Dan Bissler

For a student who shows special ability in either the fine or performing arts.

Recipient: Ava Notarangelo ’22

Polly Baldwin Whittier Scholarship Fund

From the generosity of Nancy W. Grady

For a student who shows great potential as a scholar and citizen.

Recipient: Nikki Fernando ’22

Mayeda Family Scholarship Fund for the Creative Arts

From the generosity of Dr. Daniel Mayeda and Colleen Sotomura Mayeda

For a student who has a demonstrated passion for and commitment to the creative arts.

Recipient: Mia Davies ’22

Malone Family Foundation Scholarship Fund

From the generosity of Malone Family Foundation

To provide optimal opportunities for deserving gifted students with limited financial means to reach their potential.


Lyn Chen ’22

Kristian Roque ’23 Sean Cortez ’24

Maia Motley ’24 Ava Salvatierra ’24

Skylar Kuroda ’25

Rachael Bandy ’25 Alexander Pell ’25

Clia Kafka ’26

Wesley Kosaka ’27

Bruce Wilson '85 Memorial Scholarship Fund

From the generosity of John and Donnette-Gene Wilson

For a student who displays qualities of leadership, cooperation, teamwork and good communication skills in school and in the community.

Recipient: Barrett Barnard ’22



Hamilton Memorial Scholarship Fund

From the generosity of Icer Vaughan ʼ93

For a student that exhibits good citizenship, leadership, communication skills and caring, both in school and in the community.

Recipient: Lei Ana Bland ’22

Rob Thibaut Family Scholarship Fund

From the generosity of Patty Thibaut and Family For deserving students each year.

Brianna Sowers ’22

Tiana Medeiros ’22 Zariah Birrer ’23

Braydon Cabanilla ’23

Prianna Dugied ’23

C.N. Wodehouse Faculty Benefit Trust

From the generosity of Maude Wodehouse

Supports faculty salaries, benefits and their professional development opportunities.

The Betsy Erdman Professional Development Fund

From the generosity of Betsy Erdman

Brittlay Carillo ’22

Melani Sjostrand ’22 Cole LoGrande ’22

Recipients: Richard Ladera Legacy Scholarship

MacKenzy Hammer ’23 Mansa Devaki ’23

From the generosity of Chris ʼ01 and Amber Ladera ʼ02 Thibaut

For a student who demonstrates the character of good citizenship and selflessness.

Recipient: Marina Carosso ’22

Maunalei Scholarship Fund

In memory and honor of Emalia Alexandra Brown ʼ89 Guard

For a student that demonstrates a commitment to Hawaiian values and willingness to enrich Seabury Hall by sharing those values.

For the faculty member who is selected each year to receive the Betsy Erdman Professional Development Award.


• Allison Joshua, Math Department Chair

• Stephanie Nelson, History & Social Studies Department Chair


Wayne Dyer

& Seabury Hall Parent Organization Fund

From the generosity of Dr. Wayne Dyer and The Seabury Hall Parent Organization

For a student who demonstrates compassion towards their peers and the Maui community.

Recipient: Valentina Lewis ’22

Alumni Association Scholarship Fund

From the generosity of The Alumni Association with a seed gift from The Class of 2010

Piohia Tu‘ivai ’22

Zhen Li Richards ’23 Lei‘ohu Turley ’24

Recipients: William E. & Carol G. Simon Scholarship Fund

Pōkaikilani PanisColorado ’25

From the generosity of William E. and Carol G. Simon

For students with academic promise and excellent citizenship.


Keani Artates-Kahui ’22

Sophia Bennet ’22

Lei Ana Bland ’22

Brittlay Carillo ’22

Marina Carosso ’22

Mia Davies ’22

Evan Lipetz ’22

Ava Notarangelo ’22

Sierra Ryden ’22

Linda Schmitt ’22

The Alumni Association's goal is to grow this fund to $2M to offer a 100% need-based scholarship to a deserving student.

Establishing a Commemorative Fund

A commemorative fund may be established with an initial donation of $25,000 or more. If you are interested in learning more about creating an endowment, please contact the Advancement Office at (808) 442-6112.


The Fifty-Sixth

Graduating Class of Seabury Hall

Keira Allen Gap Year

Keani Artates-Kahui   University of Hawaiʻi, Maui College

Noam Artzi   University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa

Barrett Barnard Boise State University

Sophia Bennett   Santa Clara University

Alara Berkmen  University of Southern California

Lei Ana Bland   California State University, Channel Islands

Ella Buenger  Evergreen State College

Brittlay Carillo Westcliff University

Marina Carosso University of San Diego

Leah Carrington Chaminade University of Honolulu

Lyn Chen Carleton College

Genevieve Chin Seattle University

Logan Chong University of Puget Sound

Julia Chou Seattle University

Skylar Conley  University of Utah

Luca Connor

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Mia Davies   Lewis & Clark College Jacob Davis Gap Year

Alexa de Crinis   Willamette University

Lucas Dent-Brocklehurst     University of British Columbia, Okanagan

Jacob Devane  Georgia Institute of Technology

Tia Devereux  Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Sydney Emde

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Cora Fernandez   Maui Academy of Healing Art

Nikki Fernando  University of Rhode Island

Camry Gach   Dartmouth College

Gabriel Girardin   San Diego State University

Luc Guidroz  Gonzaga University

Grace Gundred Western Washington University

Finn Hagan  California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Alexander Hutchison Gonzaga University

Isabella Jardine Loyola Marymount University

Luca Jenkins Chapman University

Olivia Kuo Southern Methodist University

Valentina Lewis Northwestern University

Evan Lipetz  Wake Forest University

Cole LoGrande   University of California, Los Angeles

Austin Lugo  Purdue University

Anthony Martin  University of California, San Diego

Finn McAfee                                 University of Colorado, Boulder

Conor McCarthy   University of North Dakota Tiana Medeiros   San Diego State University

Bryanna Molina   University of Utah

Jayse Nakasone  Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Honors College

Audrey Ng  Pasadena City College

Ava Notarangelo  Carnegie Mellon University

Joshua O’Connor  Gonzaga University

William Otterson University of Texas, Austin Johnathan Peck Brown University

Keith Peterson Columbia University Blaze Potratz University of Michigan

Ella Powers Gap Year

Sophia Preiser Northeastern University

Caleb Proctor Whitworth University

Noah Reisenauer  University of California, Los Angeles

Ki‘iola Rilveria Wilmington University

Frank Russell  San Diego State University

William Russell San Diego State University Sierra Ryden University of Victoria

Jayde Lynn Sagun Gonzaga University

Zachary Schettewi Duke University

Linda Schmitt San Diego State University

Joshua Segal University of Washington

Meleani Sjostrand University of Southern California

Evan Smith Colorado School of Mines

Brianna Sowers Rochester Institute of Technology

Darina Stagner  University of Hawaiʻi, Maui College

Preston Summit George Washington University Aina Sunshine-Frazier University of Connecticut

Tyler Taguchi  University of Portland

Ginger Thomas University of California, Santa Barbara

Roscoe Toulouse Soka University of America

Maxwell Tramontin University of Colorado, Boulder

Pi‘ohia Tu‘ivai Western Oregon University

Lucas Utsch Claremont McKenna College

Kaylee Volner Santa Clara University

Leela Waterford  Vanderbilt University

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

henry david thoreau


Jared Libby & Johnny Ryan Kāne Division

Rick Tramontin & Brad Sargent Century Division

Aaron Placourakis & Keith Anderson Golden Eagle Division

Justin Clark ʼ01 & Tyler Niemeyer Spartan Division

Seabury Hall Golf Tournament

Rob & Caroline Stoner Co-ed Division

Hannibal & Philip Spalding Parent-Child Division

Jamie Sebring Longest Drive (Wahine)

Rick Volner Longest Drive (Kāne)

Swag Bag Hui

David Willi Closest to the Pin

Cory Mellein Denver Coon ʼ03

Crew Granum ʼ25 Bullseye

Gift-in-Kind Donors


Silver Sponsors

Red Sponsors



Kaʻana Kitchen

Kaʻanapali Golf Courses

Kimo's Leilani's on the Beach

Manoli's Pizza Company

Maui Coffee Roasters

Maui Soda & Ice Works, Ltd.

Next | Health Maui

Paia Inn

T S Restaurants, Inc.

The Dunes at Maui Lani Golf Course

The King Kamehameha Golf Club

Trilogy Excursions

Vana Maui

Volcano Signs

Wailea Blue Golf Course

Wailea Golf LLC

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2021 TOURNAMENT WINNERS! Mahalo to our Generous Sponsors and Gift-in-Kind Donors!
Gold Sponsors
Goodfellow Bros.
Hawaii Petroleum
Island Sotheby's International Realty Mercedes Benz of Maui Rob and Caroline Stoner ʻUlupalakua Ranch
Maui Garage Doors, Inc. Water Controls & Pump Systems
Construction & Restoration LLC
Frampton & Ward LLC E-H International HC&D, LLC
Keele ‘Ohana Builders, Inc. Kent & Polli Smith Family Fund Maui Architectural Group Maui Oil Company
No Ka Oi
LLC Padilla Designs LLC Rick and Chrissie Tramontin Walker Industries, Ltd. Blue Sponsors
Manoli's Pizza Company
Termite & Pest Management LLC
Dean S. Arashiro, DDS, MS Guarantee Rate Margaret C. Garcia, DDS Pukalani Plant Company, Inc. State Farm Insurance Agency of Kit K.
Lunch Sponsor
Hole-in-One Sponsor
Golf Cart Sponsor Bowman
R. Clay Sutherland Zadoc Brown Jr. Cordy
Maui at Wailea Resort
Michael Baskin ’81
Bev Gannon Restaurants BMW of Maui Zadoc Brown III ’87
Duke's Beach House Maui Duo Steak & Seafood Restaurant Expeditions
Fairmont Kea Lani Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea Gannon's Hailiʻimaile General Store Hula Grill Kaʻanapali
THE 27TH ANNUAL save the
29th Annual
Hall Golf Tournament
date 09.23.2023 The

Maunalei Marketplace & Maunalei Giving Day

In April 2022, Seabury Hall opened Maunalei Marketplace, a virtual Mother's Day Marketplace in support of the school's Financial Aid program. The virtual marketplace featured flowers, lei po‘o, silent auction items, and other gifts for pickup on the day before Mother's Day. On Saturday, May 7, 2022, our school hosted families, friends, and members of the community on its campus grounds for pickup of their marketplace purchases. Visitors enjoyed performances from Seabury Hall's Chorus, Band, Dance, and Hawaiian Ensemble as they collected their items, strolled the grounds and spent the day enjoying the beauty of our school.

Maunalei Marketplace coincided with the 2nd Annual Maunalei Giving Day, a 24-hour giving drive also in support of Seabury Hall's Financial Aid program. Within a day, a total of 505 gifts one for each student at the school were collected from donors across the country. Each gift went a long way to ensuring that Seabury Hall continues to be a supportive and innovative place of learning, by strengthening our financial aid program, school facilities, programming, and technology.

Fernandos Mexican Grill & Cantina Managu

Fleur De Lei

Betty Hay Freeland

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

Stacie Allen

Alii Nui Maui

Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort

Aqua Adventures Maui

Deborah Aweau

Carrie Belew

Bev Gannon Restaurants

Siegfried and Cara Birkholz

Judy Bisgard

Doug Brunner

Cafe O'Lei Restaurants

Casanova Italian Restaurant and Deli

Castaway Construction and Restoration LLC


Anne and Tony Colletta


Jasmine Deponte

Designing Wahine Emporium

Down the Hatch

Ellman Restaurants


Fairmont Kea Lani

Freshies Maui

GP Roadway Solutions

Hailey and Mama at Etsy

Hale O Na Pua LLC

Jack Hamilton

Melissa Hampe

Hawaiian Island Creations

Head High Tropicals

Honey Bun Haynes


Hot Island Glass

Hue Home and Design


Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa

Island Art Party

Bob Jensen

Julie Galeeva Fine Art Makawao

Jennifer Kelley

Cory Labang

Lahaina Fish Co.

Makena Golf and Beach Club

Lilikoi Maltese

Mana Health Foods

Marco's Grill & Deli

Matson Navigation Company

Maui Country Club

Maui Resin Arts

Maui Surfer Girls

Maui Zipline Company

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

Merriman's Restaurant

Dawn Migita

Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman - Wailea

Montage's Cane and Canoe Restaurant

Nagamine Photo Studio, Inc.


Napili Kai Beach Resort

Native Nursery

Shari Okada

Orchid Speed Lanai

PacWhale Eco Adventures

Paradise Garden Soaps

Henry ’06 and

Kam Yai Young ’04 Pascher

Pollis Mexican Restaurant

Royal Lahaina Resort

Sam Sato's Inc

Sargents Fine Jewelry


Sea Glass Goodies

Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa

Sherri Reeve Designs

Johnny Stewart

Surfing and Turfing

Laura Tasaki

Elaine Tauaese

The Bikini Market

Tommy Bahama

Chrissie Tramontin

Tri Isle Inc.

Tribe Maui

Trilogy Excursions

Triple L Ranch

Uʻi Gallery

David Villanti

Volcano Signs

Debbie von Tempsky ’73

Wailea Beach Resort - Marriott, Maui

Wailea Golf Club

Waipoli Hydroponic Greens

Whalers Fine Jewelry

Christine Wooding

Chef Johnson Young

Mahalo to our Generous Maunalei Marketplace Gift-in-Kind Donors!

Father Chris

Welcoming our new Chaplain, Father Christopher Golding to Seabury Hall

In August 2021, Seabury Hall welcomed Father Christopher Golding to campus as the School Chaplain. In this role, Father Chris provides pastoral care and spiritual guidance to students, families, faculty, and staff. They are also responsible for coordinating Seabury Hall’s Community Service Leadership (CSL) program and organizing school assemblies and weekly chapel services. Father Chris also serves as the co-chair of Seabury Hall's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Belonging (DEIJB) work along with Middle School faculty member, Stephanie Nelson.

Father Chris was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia. They were ordained in 2011 and have served as a school chaplain, trustee, and parish priest in a diverse range of contexts both in the U.S. and abroad. Father Chris previously served as Associate Priest at St. Luke's Episcopal Church and School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After relocating to Hawaii in 2015, Father Chris served as Associate Rector at the Parish of St. Clement in Honolulu and Vicar of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Kailua.

What prompted you to move to Maui?

Like many others during the COVID-19 pandemic, my family and I were looking for a silver lining. Having lived on O‘ahu from 2015-2018, I'd heard about the beauty of Seabury Hall's campus and community through Episcopal Church circles. So, when the opportunity arose, I took a two-day trip to visit the school and speak with [Head of School]

Maureen Madden about what

might look like. During that trip, I was overwhelmed by the loving resilience of the school ‘ohana during the pandemic. I also had the chance to meet with students and alumni. Current students exhibited an authenticity and an inquisitive spirit which I found immensely hopefilled, while alumni spoke of their continued dedication to a school community that had left an indelible and positive impact on their lives.

What have you enjoyed the most about being Chaplain at Seabury Hall?

It's hard for me to single out one thing! School Chaplaincy embodies relationship building across the entire school. It's an opportunity that I try to celebrate daily. The daily and weekly rhythms, together with the many joyful surprises that community life offers, all of this puts me in direct contact with students. I'm consistently renewed by the energy and optimism they bring. Any chance to be a part of their everunfolding story is an amazing gift in itself.

How do you hope to impact our school community?

My hope, first and foremost, is to be an authentic pastoral presence for the entire school ‘ohana. Pastoral care is the gift of safe space for others. It’s an inclusive intention for everyone. Unfortunately, formalized religion, in the experience of many, is anything but loving and embracing.

However, I hope to live something different. I hope to offer an intentional ministry that offers healing to anyone who has been impacted negatively by this false spirituality. In embodying love and inclusion, I hope we can go on a spiritual journey together–students, staff, teachers, parents, and alumni–whatever that unique pilgrimage might look like. Perhaps this might offer hope and a depth of peace and courage as we navigate change and complexity in everyday life.

What other facts would you like to share with the Seabury Hall community?

I'm a vegan and I love to keep active by exploring the beauty of Maui with spouse, Julia and my children Phoebe (6th-grade) and James (5thgrade). In my downtime, I enjoy keeping up with family and friends, and seeking out all things related to interfaith spirituality, pop culture, and current affairs. Watching Formula One is pretty awesome too!

School Chaplaincy at Seabury Hall


Sharing stories from

Hall's ‘ohana is a dearly-held tradition within our widespread community. By sharing your stories you help to keep the

community strong. Send us your class updates at: seaburyhall.org/classnotes


R. Lee Kajiyama Carson and husband Peter are happy to have their son, Tim and his family back in Hawaii! Being able to have their grandchildren around has truly been wonderful. Tim is the owner and CEO of SMS Research & Marketing in downtown Honolulu.


Susan Huddleston Zaslav shared the sad news that her ex-husband and first male to graduate from Seabury Hall, John McWilliams ʼ72 passed away at his Castro Valley home on April 12, 2022. He was blessed with 2 children, Maile McWilliams and Matthew McWilliams and 1 grandson, Ezekiel Kanoa Mikel.


In June 2022, Jennifer Bruce Baldwin and husband Edward Baldwin ’76 hosted a few Seabury Hall alumni at their home in Kula 200 for pūpū and sunset followed by a larger gathering at a BBQ the next day. Alumni in attendance included Dan Chamberlain ’76, Debbie Covington ’76 Chamberlain, Marty Thomas ’76, Shelly d'Arcambal ’77, Kevin Tackaberry ’76, Robert Stoner ’80, David Kahoe ’77, Jay Halford ’78, Laurie Knox ’75 Loney, Monica Reicke ’80 Morakis, Debbie Von Tempsky ’73, Britt Stisher ’78, David Dixon ’80, Michael Baskin ’80, John Ivey ’80, Susie Huddleston ’73 Zaslav, and Susan Deitrich ’73 Hardesty.


Brent Rosenkranz is a grandfather now and based on what his kids are saying, may end up with as many as 12 grandkids.


Daniel Hodgdon has had a busy year. His

hair care brand, VEGAMOUR, announced a partnership with the incomparable Nicole Kidman and together they launched the brand in Sephora USA in April 2022. VEGAMOUR will roll out in Sephora UK & UAE in Q4 followed by China, Australia & SE Asia in 2023. Daniel and his wife, Lisa, and their Jack Russell, Eddie, are based in Los Angeles but travel frequently for business and for fun. They have a theatrical company that produces plays, musicals & ballets in the US & abroad.

Daniel has also returned to Southern Africa where he has been working in Fair Trade partnership with over 5000 women in the sustainable production of wild harvested Marula, Baobab, Ximenia, and Kalahari Melon Seed oils. Daniel and Lisa travel to Maui whenever they can and have been scouring the Haleakala side of the island (of course) for a place of their own - fingers crossed! There’s something magical about the island that, along with so many fond memories of Seabury Hall, always makes Daniel feel like he is ‘home’.


Life and work are fabulous for Krish McIntosh

Renauer whose family lives in Waimea on the Big Island. She joined a new brokerage with a resort office and is now doing vacation rental management along with real estate sales. This summer she got to take a dream holiday of over six weeks in Europe without her husband and boys age 11 and 13. She went to London, Paris, the South of France, Barcelona and Venice Italy. It was all magical and she can't wait to go back soon.


Jackie Yau was born and raised in Hong Kong, studied in the States, and has now been settled in Singapore for over than 13 years.


Fyfe McLean Kellermyer's daughter, Zoe, graduated from the University of Portland with a degree in biology in May 2022 and her son, Connor, earned his degree from Montana State University in Business Marketing in the spring of 2021. Fyfe and husband, Andy now call Bozeman, Montana

Seabury Spartan Alumni gathered together in June 2022 for a BBQ in Maalaea. From left to right: Dan Chamberlain ʼ76, Debbie Covington ʼ76 Chamberlain, Marty Thomas ʼ76, Shelly d'Arcambal ʼ77, Kevin Tackaberry ʼ76, Britt Stisher ʼ78, Jennifer Bruce ʼ77 Baldwin, Edward Baldwin ʼ76, Robert Stoner ʼ80 and David Kahoe ʼ77.

home. “It really is Big Sky Country here,” said Fyfe. “We love it!”


Kae Nakajima Powers and family said goodbye to California and moved to Tennessee. They are enjoying a new environment and are ready to meet new people and make new memories.


Mino McLean and Kimmie Ouchi ’91 teamed up for the women’s 4.0 pickleball doubles at the Pacific Northwest Classic in Bend, Oregon (in 102 degree heat) and brought home gold! We won’t talk about the mobile IV service that was needed court side post final.


As a Seabury Hall graduate, it has been an absolute pleasure for Kaleo Padilla to be back on campus with his daughter Milaniakai ’28. Kaleo lives in Maui with his wife Melissa and their three kids. He is now the GM of his family's 40-year-old metal fabrication business, Padilla Designs. When Kaleo is not at his shop, he is typically in the ocean or at the beach volleyball courts with his kids. Kaleo is looking forward to being a part of the school's community and continuing the Seabury Hall legacy with his daughter.


Nikki Probst Fox is currently living in Bangkok where she serves as the Spokesperson/Press Attache at the second largest US Embassy in the world. Nikki is in Thailand with her husband, a fellow diplomat, two daughters, but will be moving to another country (location to be determined) in summer 2023.


Angelina Hills Ribet recently expanded her art line into eco-friendly towels designed from her photographs. In addition to towels and portrait photography, she offers bags, throw pillows, phone cases, wall prints and shower curtains.


Glennel Warren Jordan and husband welcomed their beautiful daughter, Raven in 2020! Because of Covid-19, Glennel works from home more often and has gotten to spend a lot of time with Raven growing up. “I feel so lucky to have gotten this time with her,” said Glennel. “Kids are the best!”

Zak Wass is living in Sitka, Alaska where he is now captain F/V Hula Girl on behalf of his family 's business. In 2021 Zak and his partner Casey welcomed their second child, baby boy Indi James to their family. Zak and Casey also have a 5-year-old daughter, Stella Mahina. He continues to work on a music recording studio that he is building on his property. When he isn't on the boat he makes original music and collaborates with musicians from around the world, including Ya Tseen now signed to Sub Pop records. Zak wishes all the best to the Seabury Hall community around the globe!

Shannon Cole is loving life, living in NW Portland, OR with her two doggos. Shannon currently works at The Barbers Tanasbourne Central after graduating from The Aveda Institute Portland.

Tiara Rivera self-published her first book entitled, Her Story - A Collection of Business Women, Maui County Edition. The book includes stories, inspiration and encouragement from 38 women-business owners from Maui County. The hardcover book was designed and produced with the hope that women in our community would be highlighted, honored and celebrated for the work and leadership that they pour into our community.


Rachel Hodara Nelson celebrated her 36th birthday in Makawao, Hawai‘i with fellow alumni Briana Welker ’04 Mabutt, Kelly Paul ’04 O'Connor, and Brendan O'Connor ’04 along with their children. A wonderful time was had by all.

Jake Musson and Caitlin Doyle were married on a beautiful spring day at Waiohuli in April 2022. Caitlin is an attorney at Horovitz &

VEGAMOUR, a hair care brand founded by Daniel Hodgdon ʼ85, announced a partnership with Nicole Kidman in April 2022. L-R: Kimmie Ouchi ʼ91 and Mino McLean ʼ93 won gold in the women's 4.0 pickleball doubles category at the Pacficic Northwest Classic tournament in Bend, Oregaon. L-R: Leon (Rachel Hodara ’04 Nelson), Alden (Briana Welker ’04 Mabbutt), Rory, (Kelly Paul ’04 O'Connor and Brendan O'Connor ’04), and Cullen (Briana Welker ’04 Mabbutt) at Rachel Hodara ’04 Nelson's birthday party.

Tilley, and Jake is a Senior Strategy Manager for Medtronic Plc. Alumni in attendance included: Elizabeth Matthews ’09, Carter Barto ’04, Lundie Fleming ’04, David Torres ’04, James (Aut) Fleming ’06, Sabie Fleming ’09, Justin O'Brien ’03, Tiffany Chou ’04, Casey Dyson ’05, Henry Pascher ’06, and Kaili Lickle ’04. The ceremony was officiated by Laurel Sakai ’03


Ariel Duell-Crawford welcomed her first child, Gunnar Makoa Crawford in January 2022. Ariel and her family currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Sierra Ludwig moved to Germany last summer and has spent the year exploring, eating, and drinking her way through the region. Over the summer Sierra and her partner attended a Formula 1 race in Hungary while abroad. She is looking forward to new adventures when she isn't working on IT in Europe and Africa for the US Army.


Lauralei Singsank is currently a second year law student at the University of Virginia. Lauralei worked for the Hawai‘i Office of Consumer Protection last summer, and will be going to Cades Schutte on O‘ahu next summer. She has also become a competitive pickleball player.


Lauren Sieberg graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BFA in Creative Writing and a Minor in Secondary Education from Chapman University’s Wilkinson College in May 2022. She will be continuing her education at Chapman University this fall to pursue a dual MFA in Creative Writing and MA in English.

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Jake Musson ʼ04 married Caitlin Doyle in April 2022 at a cemereony in Waiohuli.


Seabury Hall sends their heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the deceased. Further information may sometimes be found in the Class Notes. The school attempts to maintain accurate records of all alumni and asks families to notify Seabury Hall when an alumni passes away. Notices may be sent to: alumni@seaburyhall.org.

Kimball Wheeler Class of 1968

John McWilliams Class of 1972

Scott Libert Class of 1983

Marty Kenny Class of 1993

Brett Hill Class of 2002

Nicholas Tackmann Class of 2003

Ryan Furtado Class of 2008

John Bailey Class of 2012

Joy Gentil Class of 2016

Lorraine Amoral

Former Kitchen Manager & Head Cook

Linda Lindsay Higgins

Librarian Emerita

Gladys Ho‘opi‘i

Former Kitchen Staff Member

Lisa Owens

Former Music Director

Paul Wysard

Former History Faculty & Business Manager

Remembering Linda Lindsay Higgins

Last year, Seabury Hall bid aloha to its beloved Librarian Emerita, Linda Lindsay Higgins by planting an ʻulu (breadfruit) tree in her honor near the Castle Library. A small ceremony was held on October 26, 2021, commemorating her service to Seabury Hall and the many fond memories of Linda that were shared by students and staff alike.

A memorial scholarship fund was established in her honor and became fully funded in 2021. The scholarship will help to offset educational costs for a Seabury Hall student who demonstrates financial need and is interested in research.

Mahalo to the following donors for their generous support of the Linda Lindsay Higgins Fund:

Theresa Bain

Hans Bjordahl ’87

Doug and Jasmine Deponte Katherine Don ’99

Deborah Farrington

Juliet Green ’86

Martha E. "Meg" Greenwell ’68 Ryan and Natalie Harder ’96 Haneberg

Violet Harada Hart ‘Ohana

Harmony Hasbrook ’94

Kathleen Hogarty

Lehn Huff and Les Skillings

Hortense Joaquin Andrew Lansdowne ’85 Shep ’98 and Elena Nelson Andrew Pells Dee and Theresa Malia Thomson ’84 Quiocho Patrick and Jody Murata ’81 Singsank Robert ’80 and Caroline Stoner Tak and Yuki Lei Sugimura

If you are interested in contributing to the Linda Lindsay Higgins fund, please indicate so on the Donation Envelope enclosed in this ‘Ohana.

Contribute to the Linda Lindsay Higgins Fund

The Nose That Knows

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Maureen (Mo) Maurer, Executive Director of Hawaii Assistance Dogs, started exploring the idea of using dogs to detect SARS-COV-2 bacteria in skin-odor samples collected from humans. “I knew a study had been conducted prior to the pandemic where dogs were able to detect bacterial infections and wondered if they would also be able to detect COVID-19,” Maurer said. “I was also aware of an organization in the U.K. that was conducting this kind of research and decided to see if their work could help to inform a study with our own dogs.”

After learning more about the U.K. study, Maurer and Hawaii Assistance Dogs piloted their own COVID-19 detection study in late 2020, with a hand-picked group of 4 dogs. The dogs chosen were already engaged in Hawaii Assistance Dogs’ training program and were selected based on a variety of factors including temperament, eagerness to learn, and enjoyment of “high use of nose.” “Basically, we wanted to choose the dogs who had more drive and enjoyed repetition in learning scent detection,” Maurer said.

Hawaii Assistance Dogs then partnered with The Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu to obtain skin-odor samples from patients who had tested positive for COVID-19. The positive samples were paired with a piece of kibble in a box along with 4 other boxes that were empty. The dogs first learned to identify the box that contained the kibble and sample. Within just one day of training, staff removed the piece of kibble and the dogs were able to successfully identify the box that contained only the positive sample (the dogs were rewarded with kibble upon finding the positive sample). “The training was similar to the process of teaching dogs to sniff for drugs, bombs, or

Hawaii Assistance Dogs Conducts COVID-19 Detection Study in Partnership with Seabury Hall Dogs from Hawaii Assistance Dogs pay a visit to Seabury Hall in February 2022.

even vegetables at the airport,” said Maurer. Once the dogs could identify COVID-19, the training introduced hundreds of skin-odor samples from other cold and flu viruses not related to COVID-19, effectively teaching the dogs which scents they should not alert staff to. The dogs went through thousands of trials and the results of the study were published in the Open Forum Infectious Diseases issue of the Oxford Academic in May 2022.

At the end of the study, Maurer wanted to see how the dog’s ability to detect COVID-19 could be applied in a real-life setting. Maurer immediately thought of partnering with Seabury Hall. “Our organization had already formed a positive relationship with Seabury Hall over the course of many years,” Maurer said. “The school was a perfect fit for what we were hoping to do. Not only are they our neighbor in terms of location but the size was just right for the number of volunteers we needed. [Head of School] Maureen Madden was truly wonderful to work with. She supported our mission with a great ‘can do’t attitude throughout the study.”

With Seabury Hall on board, Maurer and her team designed the first-ever protocol for using dogs to screen for COVID-19 at a school. Over the course of two weeks between February and March 2022, over 100 students and staff participated in providing skin-odor samples. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, volunteers would report to a tent in the courtyard of Cooper House where staff would swipe flat, round, cotton pads on the right and left sides of the neck. The samples were immediately sealed in a container and labeled. Once all samples had been collected for the day, the dogs went to work, checking each one for the virus. “Ironically, there were no positive cases at Seabury Hall throughout our study,” Maurer said. “Which was a great thing! We did, however, ‘plant’ a few samples we knew were positive in order to keep the dogs interested and working during those two weeks.”

During the partnership with Seabury Hall, the dogs were able to screen 100 samples in less than an hour with a 100% accuracy rate. “This real-life application was a big step forward in this type of study,” Maurer said. “It proved that we were able to screen students and staff in a safe and effective manner and that the dogs were as accurate in a school setting as they were in a controlled setting.” The findings of the study and application have been shared with researchers around the world and have been met with interest from the White House as well as the California Department of Health, which has adopted the protocol for screening students in schools.

When asked what’s next for Hawaii Assistance Dogs, Maurer is eager to focus on the original mission of the organization: training service dogs to help those with disabilities. “We are certainly happy that our findings have made an impact in this field of study but now we’re ready to focus all our energy on training dogs for those who need them the most,” Maurer said. “For a year and a half, we did these studies in addition to training and placing service dogs, which was a lot of work for our small organization. With the onset of the pandemic, we’ve actually seen a rise in the need for service dogs in places like hospitals and courthouses and especially for children. The need is greater now than it has ever been, so it is our responsibility to meet that need by doing what we have always done best.”

LEFT: Hawaii Assistance Dogs search samples in the Cooper House Living Room for the scent of COVID-19 bacteria.
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Alumni pose for a photo at the All-Alumni Reunion Brunch held in June, 2022.

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