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The City of Seabrook’s

e-Update October 2011 Volume 3, Issue 10

Tournament Rules Seabrook 2nd Annual Saltwater Derby Friday – September 30, 2011 Entry Fee $60.00 per person: All entry fees and registration forms must be submitted NO LATER THAN Friday, September 24, 2010. There will be no entrants accepted after this DEADLINE. Click here for details.

SAVE THE DATE Saturday, October 22nd Celebrating Seabrook’s 50th Anniversary! This October marks the 50th anniversary of the City of Seabrook’s incorporation. We’ll celebrate with a SPECTACULAR Festival at Meador Park that everyone can take part in. Attractions include: • • • • • •

PARADE from 9:00 am to 10:00 am TRAIN RIDE around Meador Park with optional tour of our new Evelyn Meador Library ROCKWALL Climbing, plus moonwalk and other inflatables Live Music Interactive exhibits and demonstrations Games, Costume Contest….and more! PLEASE COME OUT FOR THE PARADE at 9:00 am, THEN JOIN US FOR PARK ACTIVITIES FROM 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Don’t miss the fun!

News from the Friends of Evelyn Meador Library The Evelyn Meador has opened on N. Meyer and is ready for all to see and use. Our new feature is drive up service for returning books and checking books out from the library. Just come and check out this service. Every Tuesday at 10:30 am, year round, we have Preschool Story time. Every Wednesday at 10:30 am, year round, we have Bookworm Babies.

An oral history of Seabrook by its residents.

Available on DVD at Seabrook’s 50th Celebration at Meador Park, October 22 PLEASE COME OUT FOR THE PARADE at 9:00 am, THEN JOIN US FOR PARK ACTIVITIES FROM 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Don’t miss the fun!

Herbs - they are not just a pretty face! Come and learn what to plant, how to grow and how to use herbs at a presentation given by Ginia Keene Mattern, Master Gardener, at Seaside Garden Club on Wednesday, October 19th at 12:30 pm at Carother's Coastal Gardens, 502 Pine Gully Road, Seabrook 77586.For questions: 281474-4825

Evelyn Meador Friends Book Shop The Friends Book Shop is operated daily by volunteers to fund activities/programs outside the scope of county funding for our users. Donated book, magazines, DVD’s and records help our organization work with the Evelyn Meador Library for the citizens of the Seabrook Community. Come by to find just what you might need. Our 3 for $1.00 cart is just outside our door. The book shop is open the same hours as our library. You can find your ear buds and flash drives at the book shop. COME BUY AT THE FRIENDS OF EVELYN MEADOR BOOK SHOP!

Upcoming GLO/CDBG Street Improvement Projects The State recently approved the expenditure of funds allocated to the City as part of the Hurricane Ike recovery funding provided by the federal government. Three projects were identified that fit the eligibility criteria: Lakeside Drive north of NASA Parkway, El Mar Lane & Seascape entrances, and Waterfront Drive. The Lakeside Drive project will simply replace the old concrete pavement from just north of NASA Parkway to the southern entrance of Lake Cove subdivision. Some of the median openings will be shifted to align with the major driveways and reduce the number of U-turn movements required on the street. The City has been expending everincreasing amounts on pavement maintenance on this section of roadway and this grant will enable us to restore the street to like-new condition. Construction is expected to start around the middle of October and take approximately 16 weeks. The road will remain open to two-way traffic throughout construction. The El Mar Lane project will replace the existing pavement with concrete. The City has reworked the street several times over recent years, but the unusual design of the street and limited funds prevented the needed full reconstruction. The grant funds will allow the street to be completely repaved with concrete to make a long-lasting facility. The pavement will slope to the curb (and new storm water inlets) rather than to the median ditch, preventing debris from washing onto the roadway. Construction of this project is expected to begin around the first of the year. Unfortunately, access to property will be inconvenient during the project. Construction will progress in segments so that the inconvenience to each homeowner will be as short as possible. As part of the same contract as El Mar Lane, the two entry roadways into the Seascape neighborhood will be replaced with concrete pavement. The generous areas of these intersections allow for relatively high speed turning movements and the asphalt pavement has required extensive maintenance. The Waterfront Drive project is actually augmenting funds previously secured by the Seabrook Economic Development Corporation to revitalize The Point area. The EDC’s project was directed toward enhancements such as sidewalks, underground utilities, and new pavement. The Ike funds have allowed for the right-of-way to be widened and the street elevated to eliminate the periodic tidal flooding which hampers business. This project is also expected to begin construction at the first of the year.

Seabrook TX October 2011 eUpdate  

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