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Seabor n’s mark of distinction Norwegian Salmon and Fjord Trout Seaborn was established in 2001 by a number of small and medium-sized family-owned companies with a long experience and tradition of fish farming through generations. Our farmers are very proud of the products that we deliver all over the world and of the many meals we provide in 52 countries. The farmers also have unique local identities, and they are proud of the values they create in their respective districts in Norway. Our company is headquartered in Bergen and we also have a sales office in Sweden. Seaborn has become one of the largest exporters in Norway in record time. Seaborn has a unique position as a sales organisation for Norwegian fish

farmers, serving as the link between the market and the producers thanks to our professional and dynamic team who are available around the clock. This gives us the flexibility to supply both fresh and frozen salmon and trout all year round. We believe in the product and in the people involved throughout the process. Our 46 fish farms are located along the coast of Western Norway and in the Lofoten area.

Quality and the environment Contentment the decisive factor Only healthy fish eat, grow and maintain a high quality. Health and contentment are closely linked, which is why profitability throughout the value chain, from roe right through to the dinner plate, is dependent on the well-being of the fish. Clean water, the best feed, plenty of space in the cages and consistently good hygiene ensure good fish health without the use of medication. In addition, stringent regulations have been adopted to secure consumers’ right to good and healthy food. A good quality control network is developed in the following manner: The authorities check that the regulations are complied with and that fish health is good. The fish farmers’ own control systems ensure good quality and revenues. Harvesting and packing stations and carriers are responsible for maintaining top quality all the way to the market. Seaborn monitors all stages of the process. It is our responsibility to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Finally, the customer decides whether the fish meets his/her expectations, which is the crucial test. A traceability system and a certificate of quality enable everyone to check each stage of the value chain. Food safety can be documented all the way from the parent fish throughout the entire value chain for every delivery from Seaborn. Seaborn prepares a complete quality document for every delivery, which provides full information on the producer, biological data, production data and fish feed. Seaborn is aiming for GLOBALG.A.P. certification for the whole chain.

Seaborn is committed to the environment Growth in seafood exports is not possible unless we ensure that seafood production is carried out in an environmentally sustainable manner. Marco Polo is the European Union´s funding programme for projects that shift freight transport from the road to sea, rail and inland waterways. This means fewer trucks on the road, less congestion, less pollution and CO² emissions, and more reliable and efficient transport of goods. A high percentage of Seaborn’s transport services are by rail and sea. Seaborn’s development is based on close collaboration with the relevant ministries, industry branch organisations and research institutions. We are also members of Grønn Punkt Norge (Green Dot Norway), which is responsible for developing, organising and operating recycling schemes for used packaging including plastic, EPS (styrofoam), carton packaging and beverage cartons. Grønn Punkt Norge guarantees that all packaging collected through these schemes is either recycled or recovered as energy.

Photos: Tatiana Shkondina/Godfisk

Norwegian Salmon - for everyday meals and special occasions

Our Norwegian Salmon is the original Norwegian salmon, Salmon Salar, which belongs to the North Atlantic salmon stocks. Since the Ice Age, these fish have migrated to the Atlantic Ocean from their breeding grounds in Norwegian rivers. These rivers are cold all year because of the inflow of water from the glaciers and melting snow.

Robust genes Over thousands of years in a demanding climate, the salmon has evolved robust genes that are well adapted to our ice-cold water. Farmed salmon has been developed from genetic material from Norway’s best salmon rivers. Contentment is the basis for growth and quality. Our fish farmers give the fish plenty of space in their marine cages and the best feed on the market.

Photo: Tatiana Shkondina/Godfisk

Norwegian Fjord Trout - the foundation of Norwegian fish farming The success story of Norwegian fish farming all started with the Norwegian Fjord Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). This species thrives extremely well in the Norwegian fjords where the rivers swell with water from the glaciers and melting snow. This ensures a lower salt content and excellent growing conditions for trout. The pioneers of fish-farming in Norway started farming trout and some never left it. The experience gained from farming Norwegian Fjord Trout laid the foundations for the technology that made the farming of Norwegian Salmon possible ten years later. The bright pink colour and white marbling of its meat give an added dimension to the eating experience, and make it a feast for the

Photo: Marianne Aronsen/Godfisk

eye on a beautifully laid table. Like salmon, Norwegian Fjord Trout is in demand among master chefs as well as in private kitchens.

Our products - fresh and frozen - from whole fish to small bites

Tr i m g u i d e Trimguide Trim A

Trim B

1) Backbone off

2) Bellybone off

3) Back fins off

Trim A:

Step 1–2

6) Belly fins off

Trim B:

Step 1–6

7) Pin bone out

Trim C:

Step 1–7

11) Nape trimmed

Trim D:

Step 1–11

12) Skin off

Trim E - Normal: Step 1–12

13) Fatline off

Trim E - Deep: Step 1–13

4) Collarbone off 5) Belly fat off Trim C

8) Back trimmed 9) Tail piece off Trim D

Trim E - Normal

Trim E - Deep

10) Belly membrane off

Salmon fresh products




SALMON FRESH Fillets interleaved

SALMON FRESH Singel portions 125 g

SALMON FRESH Portions 2 x 125 g

SALMON FRESH Fillets, trim C - vacuum

SALMON FRESH Single portions 2 x 125 g - vacuum

SALMON FRESH Single portions 4 x 125 g vacuum


SALMON FRESH Gutted, head-off

Salmon frozen products



SALMON FROZEN Single portions 2x125 g

SALMON FROZEN Single portions 2x125 g - vacuum

SALMON FROZEN Single portions 125 g - vacuum

SALMON FROZEN Single portions 4 x 125 g - vacuum


* SALMON FROZEN Bits & pieces

* SALMON FROZEN Gutted, head-off

SALMON FROZEN Gutted, head on




* SALMON FROZEN Single fillets

SALMON FROZEN Fillets, trim E - vacuum


* SALMON FROZEN Single portions 125 g



* SALMON FROZEN Single portions

* SALMON FROZEN Single portions

Trout fresh and frozen products


TROUT FRESH Fillets, trim C - vacuum

TROUT FRESH Fillets interleaved


TROUT FRESH Gutted, head-off

* TROUT FROZEN Fillets, trim A, B, C and D

TROUT FROZEN Fillets, trim D - vacuum

* TROUT FROZEN Gutted, head on


* TROUT FROZEN Fillets interleaved


* TROUT FROZEN Gutted, head-off


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Profile for Seaborn

Seaborn - Close to nature  

Seaborn AS is a sales company for fish founded and owned by a number of Norwegian fish-farming companies located along the Norwegian coast f...

Seaborn - Close to nature  

Seaborn AS is a sales company for fish founded and owned by a number of Norwegian fish-farming companies located along the Norwegian coast f...