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We Understand Your Business and the problems you face. Insurance Certificates. Because we fully understand the financial impact of certificates on your collections, we FAX them if needed so they will be in your office the same day.

Premium Payment. Our accountant will work with yours in designing innovative payment plans,and if you have a question on your premiums, one phone call will get you a prompt response and a complete explanation. Hold Hannless Agreements. We feel so strongly about our responsibility to you that we recommend our review of the insurance provisions and hold harmless clauses in your construction contracts so you can be confident your contractual obligations are properly insured. Do not eliminate your attorney.

Audits. We know how to successfullyrepresent your case in the event of a dispute.

Insurance Documents. We deliver our policies in three-ring binders. tabbed to assure that your insurance documents are easy to find. Our delivery system creates an organized method for fifing revisions and amendments.

Bonds. We take pride in our bond expertise. Claims. We are dedicated to providing prompt and efficient claims service for our accounts.We act in an advisory capacity between you and the insurance company to provide professional counseling and direction in the settlement of c:aims.

Experience Modifiers. We have done, and still do extensive work on


experience modifiers.

"We are large enough to meet all of your insurance needs, yet small enough to appreciate your business and provide personal service."


Erecting Since 1947 PRECAST

STRUCTURAL STEEL •Industrial / Power •Warehouses / Distribution •Institutional / Commercial •Arena / Complex Structures

•Parking Decks •Modular Prisons •Wall Panels •Structures

AISC Advanced Certified Steel Erector PCI Certified Erector



Operated and Bare Crane Rentals Turnkey Heavy Lift Planning & Contracting


Hydraulic, Rough Terrainand Crawler Cranes

•I i

Attachments Include:

light and Heavy Luffing Jibs • Derrick (Superlift)attachments


BUCKNER ... Go the Distance PO Box 598 • Graham,

North Carolina


• 800-848-6234


7 President's Message




Th(" ConstrU('tion Grou1,Jbrc.1kil)g

Ch.)llc-ngc!'i of




12 SEAA Board of Directors 24 Crane Operator



from the editor


from the executive director

18 William Davis award 20 man of the year


54 advertisers' index

In Pr;,Ktk-t•


AISC Erector Certification How Ar<' V\1p Doing?

34 Key Issues Identified Since the New OSHA Subpart R Went into Effect in 2001

40 What Is FEMA 353? A nrl

\.Vhy Erc•don: N<•<-<lto Know

42 2005 Convention

ON THE COVER Denver Art Museum


Ph01o by rred J. Fvhm'lelW)r • limo komo Photogophy

PnMldent/CEO: Jim Mortin Chief financial Officer: Jock A. Pctcn,on Soles Oi,ecto,: J001\ K..ruege, MOl'k.etlng 01,ecto,: Andreo Hood Marketing Speciolisf: Kristine Aldrin Director of Publlsher Recruiting: Kimt>o1ly Rose Recruiting Specialists: Teri Burke, Jcnnifc, Young Account Monogo,s: Cindy Maestos. Clifton Walker Creative Services Director: Tyler Hordel(opf Ptoduction Director/Managing Editor: Keri Heoth Cre-otive Services: G10gory Bolos. Bogor Costto Felix, Getty Dunlop, Broonno Fellows. Becky Goodbolrcl. Srendo Holzworth. Tonro Kempe. Jodi Nielsen. Debbie Rode, Sean Rohde, Susan Solomon. Anita Trod. Stephanie Trod Accounting Monoger: JOA Renton finonciol Services: Steve Koenig. The,eso lomoniloo, Sharon lordeo. Toby Rode, Eric Whitaker Circulotlon Dire-do,: Holly Carnahan Ci,culotion Manager: Bclh Lolirn Monogc, of Human Resources: CoffiO Hildro11"1 Monoger of lnformotfon Technology: Eric Hibbs Printed by Sunshine Media Printing William H. Hibbs. General Manage, The


s,oc.M.OfylOf'(:I Ave .. SVite '200, Phoerix.

edition of The SfAA Connec1CK i:; pvt>i$hed by Svr'!Shi1)e, Medi◊, ll)C., 1



Althounh every orecovtion is token to ensure occ1.Kocy of pvbJished materials. the 200$edition of SEAA Connector cannot t>e held responsible for opinions expressed or toe ts svppliecr by it~ outho«. Copyrighl :200.4. S.UnshinoMeOO. Inc. A!I rights rcsc1Vod. Rctirodvction in whole Qf in po1t withovt ,willen penn~io,, is orohibcled. Postmaster. Ploosc send notices on Fo,m 3579 to 15-40E. Morylond Ave .. Suilo 200. PhooniK. Al 85014. 2 I THE SEAA CONNECTOR

AZ 85()i4. PhOOe i602) 277-3372.



s u N SH, N c M coiA


Printedon Rccyelcdhper

Exclusive S'fru~ural Steel T-A® Dtil g system



120 Deeds Drive• Dover, OH 44622 • Phone 800-321-5537 • Fax 330-602-3400 • Email: Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. is Registered by U.L to 150 9001:2000

FROM THE EDITOR ln thi:-. th\.· ~\.·<.:-

on<l pl'intini of Tl,c SEAA Con• ncctor~

we hop,:

to 3chl<'V<" rnany

goals. Tlw first is providing ('l'C'("lon> wilh (.;Urrcnt inlorm:Hion a1'ld idt'~,s that can be put to use now in thc.·ir

husin,'ss. The SEA A staff and hoard mernbers involved in ln:J.nyna.tional trade organizations, state- and f<'df'ral govc-rnm(.•nlgroups advancing the cause of stc·c-1<'r<•ctor.~across the- nation and dissc1ninating information through lhi:-: magazine, the Sl:AA Web site, SEAA Road Show s.cminar::;,membership meetings, ne1,vslettt:rs. pn ..·s.s releases and the annual convention. Hf'c:ognitionof significant projcc.:lsand achi<·v<.·111<.·nt.s is another goal of this publication. Erectors that stretch the envelope with 11C\.V and innc>Y.1tivc·ways to c-rc-ct bigger c11H.I more coinplcx slructurcs, sud,•-~ the I.PR project featured in this issue, arc an cxarnplc to us all of' using the rcsoun.:c.:;available to do things never done before. Rc<--'Ognition of individual contributions

and a,:hicv<.'m(.·ntsto our industry i:; an uhj1..•t:tiv1..· of thi$ puhli<.:atiOI), lndu))try l<"adc-i-slik<' Eddie- \,Villiams, who h;.wc givL'" cou1'ltk·ss hour:; to the adva1'1C('ffu:.nt of ~t<'c-1<"1'4."C'to1·s, reduction in retainage l~\Wl), f..-ircontnl<.·ts and sa{Cjol>sitcti, tiCt the ha1"high fOr cua-rent s1ee-l f•rN·1ors. The m..:nand womL·n who lake· Lim(.' from d u:i r own johs lo t r;,l\'d, att<.'nclcommitl<'<.'m<'Ning~, w1·it(" r<;ports and make presentations to the rest of us need to be comn1.<·nd<·dalong with the: compank:,; thac allow th<'ir <"'mployt~<~s lhf• frc~·dom to h<•Jpthe (.'n.'ction industry. Pro,no(iun or .skd t·rtTtion ,\:; (\ (.'JH'Cr :-houkl b(.· high on a list of goa1i-for this assoda(iou and publication. I bdieve tlw most serious prohlem facing c1·c\tors today is a shor1age of young skilled workers. his our responsibilil y to provide safC

wutk places for tksc young pcupk and communicate the rewards of a career in stcd erection. No other trade comparc.s with th(" joy or ll"aving work l"arh day and admiring the.·structure put in plan~ vvhcrc J .short fr_•\vhours be-fore there vva.s nothing. Jvlan has an inner desire to huild. and nowhere else in construction can you b\\Hdso much so fast a.sin steel ci-cction. SEJ\A has invested many dollars and much

time in the development of the NCC!.:!{ lrouv1.tork('t-Training Program that has been underutilized in thC:'industrv. If vou ' ' or your company nc(·ds more-inforrnal ion on ,his p.-ogram, pl'-:';)~<"' <·ontac-tSl-:AA or Lh,, NCCER. Sh,lring information about ..:rcction with archit('cti-. c-nginc-('rs, de-taikrs and fobricators is another goal of The: SEtlA Conne<tor.Co1npl('ting a. :,;u<.·t'l.'S:·d\il sh·c·I buildingproj<'cl l'('<(uir(•s fi>ur ffMin iH·m:-;: A t-ooocl clc·sioner/<.•noim·<'r a <'<>mp('1<.'nt ~ t, • sl<.·<.·I d<.·tdilcr, a (IUality Ctbricator ;;\ncl, lastly, a capable erector. r-ailure in any one ,,rc ..t Cd.U bl'.disJslt.:r to du: whoh.: project. The more we c·an l\"arn ;.1hootdw otlu..-r the."h(·ttcr· we (',an roles in this p•·o<·c-.-.s, pcrlOrm as an industry. Fed free to send vour comm<·nl~. Sul!.gcstions and ideas for future edition:.. Thanks. ,


l)uffZimm<'rrnan J,;ditor uf Tiu· SEAA U.mncnor and

( >pcrarion.s Manager of Cooper Steel

SAFRAN LAWOFFICES Serving the construction industry for over 25 years. Address: Phone: Email: On the Web:


120 S. Boylan Ave. Raleigh, NC 27 603-1802 (919) 828-1396 (800) 326-3372


Nitto Kohki U.S.A., Inc.

Hutomatic feed "' . " . magnetic BaseDrill \

Save Drilling Cost: • Regulated automatic feed provides optimum cutting conditions • Superior cutter life • Multiple drills can be controlled by one operator

Jetbroach® Cutters • Tungsten carbide tipped annular cutters • Significantly reduces drilling cost per hole • One-touch replacement, needs no tools • Seit-centering effect mechanism to extend cutter life

" ,,,,, ,,, \



' ,,:x''''"\: }•~,,.~

BUILT TO LAST! ~ Cost Cutting, Hole-making Equi~".':'~nt_ff . ~~~"" i'½~-

Portable Hydraulic Punch Save Hole-making Cost: • Portability for less material handling • Amazing tonnage weight ratio (52 ton with 66 lbs.) • Built to last

1 -800-323-8828

Hanover Park, IL 60133 4525 Turnberry Drive Fffi\: 630-924-0303 Phone: 630-924-9393


SE.AA Celebrates Its Accomplishments !\•ton· tli~u)i he•<'<'I dwato1·y a.spo:ct of h.wino drlh•<·ncd a stuv.·e-»f1I first ("1 lit io"


offhe Sl~AAConnector l(n· tht· <~>tl:Slfuc:Uo1l indu:<.t1·y.,1.-. Execu~ tiw Dir(>d()r, rn U$('

this space to c·('/ebm1c the sucn·ss t·a mt<)

tht".~eproje-ct.~ by p.1rnl<'ringwith other trade or g,uliLatjons, mon1:lary prof',.'(1(lonationsaml1lk· h.'\\'Ork ofSl:AA v(,lunt<·C'l"S. These programs

,we.:\'l. id\~ly,Wf't'plc-·d .md US<'dhy n">nstnt<1ion <.·omp:1oi<•~ in Ilk" lJ .S. and abroad. J\nc,th1.·r nul<:worthy item to <·clclmue is SE;\A's national 1't'cognilion a.;. a major playl"'r aod h~wing 30 plus y1.•,lf'~drwin9(hd1we with ('ntitk$ :-ud1 3s ()SflA, SENR1\C, C-DAC. 1

(.'Xpcricnc<.'din <..•\'1.•ry Cln·t of th,· :-ih't'I t•1x·ctiou imlu:,;try. O1w thing i:::rt"Soundingly de-Jr dkll)!)tS Ott JDCl'1roblc. 3JH.Ith..- mc::;;brotc.f

by SEAA tod,ly i:,; "\\'e'rt> l1t"rt' lu slay" ,1..-;,Ul ac:ti\'C participant in <.·oustruc,_·tion ,,nd indu:,;1ry disn1s..-.i<m.s hy: • Make ,wailablc indu:Itry c,_•xpcns to rc-vis...-

y sl,ukl.mb,,md <'xist ing l'<'gubtory t(•xt, s.1.Jl•t :::tat<' plans;



• Prnmotr huildino with tht· m,1h~ri.)l 1,fc·hoi<'l'"

.md -'ppn--~·i.t\l'\Iin ti"'" St~:..-1 F.rt"<:tor!IA~-.01,i.\ tion of Amt•rica (SEAA) today. R<·grcuably. I c;in nol n~cogoiz<" <'ach p<~rsonindividually

:\SA 3ml STAC, etc Th(':;<.•p.irtn\~rsl-, allianc.:cs arc absoJutdy 1.--.ssc.•1,ti.a.l lo t'rl~\1ring ,1

"structunl stcd;" • Coint"' tng, ..tlH·1· in roundtabl(•

for lh\-·ir <:outribuUo,i;;, tl-1ul instc(l<I <)tl(<r this :,;hort :sun11n,u·y tu ou•· 1-.:~dc-1-s io t.x-khr-,uion

:mow or tht: .stantlar<ls ao<lgt'n.:ral io<luslry

of H y<·:irs. \Ve cc:lcbmtc16 video training progr:,uns in

fi(•kl-t·xpl'ricnccd profossionals to icJcmify k...-y issues, t',·aluat<" tll<'fr importJ.n('C ;:iod an3lyzl'

the· English and Spanbh kulguagcs, ~m<lSC\'<:n

in.J0rn1.t-1.ionIO rNtdl propo~'<I d)angt~. VV-:(('el ,hat SL;AA brings 3n ioq,lu::iblc

gukk:s/m,mual:- th,ll \\'(•n·<k•vdopc.:dr;,,..theskd t-n-•ction im,h.!,.••-lry, wi.t.h two additional "idcos n,1rn·ntly vnd<'r prodU<·tion, \V(• :u~ompli~hcd


in our industry. I -;huddcr to lhink when:

p1\l<'tkX"s,...-ould be, today whhout the h<.·11e::fit of

('om.1xmcnt to tl·u· ('OnSlruclion industry by h:.wing a wide- r,mge of n1e-mh<>rhrms that 3rc.·

fi>rums lO

ronf<'r aod op<"ndi~ru~sions on codc.s, pr·,t<.'-affr('kd hy nt•w ti<'e-s,m<-th°'ls, t<·dmifJ\IC-S l•tdmologi(•:,; ,uul in,w,·ations in impro\'ing t.'1..m.st1·utt.1.hilil)'of' stt.·c-1hoildings



h<.'tl(.'r.ln<IS31~·rinclvsl ry; • P,·ovi<lt' t'<luc.---ation,1I " 1orkshops, ~<'mina1~. ,.:links for :;tt..·d t.·rc:·<.·tor1rad(•~. architC'c:ts, c11.gi1,ccrs, fr1IJl'ic.'.'ltors,GC/construction Ol,lOJb'<-'l~


Lhrough tlw SE,·\ A Ro;:idShow and meetings;

• l)cvdop compn.·hcm,.i"<.'tr..1i.ni11g pn>gr<1msfor the steel cn... -c:tlon/construt·lion




• Pr<>,·idcO('twoddo.gopport~inilies with mh(•r i11dusu·yprnJ"c._·.ssiuo,lls.





On hchaU'of lhc Assoc.:i~t1.ion dJKI Bo.m.JofOil'<'Ctors,wt·invilt· you lo l'OinpletC'.l membership applicationtoday and l)('('()Ult' a IMrl of'SEAA. rr J nm an.~w,·rany<1m~:,frm~aboutSEAA, l<."J.nbc

rcad,c<lby c-.lling(336) 19./-8880, m ,. mail n,c at ,•.-.:1'.'<et1tinxlirc:cwr(<4q-<10.ncr. 'fake a<h·antagcof these upcoming sdx·dolrd •·n-11ts: • SEA,<\ McmlJership Enrollment anytime

• 611'Annual SEAANt1.tion,1.l(~olf'l'ounm111cftl Ston<'y Creek Golf Club, Stonl''}' Cnx:k. NC (Piedmont/Triad arc.t) on Ttu,1rs,cby,Octo-

her 20, 2005 • SEAA Road show Industry




• 34-ib Annu::il Sl:AA <.:om•(•n1ion & Trade ~how Kingston Pfont..ttion Resort, Myrtlt' i:leach,

SC, March 16-18, 2006 Sincerely yours, P.1,mda W. Pocock, l-:xcn1tin~ I)irenor Su"t~ICrecto'l"SAssociation of Ame,·j<-\l




President's Message Ai- ~t<'<'l


we· h.m.· long l>t·<'nllw

kc.·c.·1A·rs of I lw rnystiqut•, hdng th<~ wh<1 "w,1lk tlw high iron," those.· \,·ho tk:J) <l..:,llh, who"'Lhcon th<."<."Clg<-." \Vhilc it's pr('tty L"OO[ hdng the "la:-y Rid-l·n.·· ()r dw sted induslry~ n•aJit y diel,tk'S tha.l to bi·<1sur\·ivor in this busi1wss, we must J'lmour oper,uioc~~ the t-'.X..:l<-1 oppu:Jtt.".Sur th,:.•di.~<.'Jiption.s .;il>o,·1.'.". Without nc,1r tot,1Jcontrol of :-.aft--ty and <jualityprogr.,ms, yot,11· ,).c:sc-t:-. will r.c'><)n bdun[! lo lh<r.-l·twin hloo<J,uck.inf!broLh(.'-rs,your lawy1cr.-. ;:mdin.sur:mn· agc:-nts;or worse:yd, sonu:onc dS<.•' l,m )'-'rand his dknl. SEAA's primary goal pro,idt· for iL,i; mcm

b<.-rs,t\mcric,l's stcd erectors, the cools to bt S\1t"\-i\'nr:<;of ind\1str~, ba73l'<fs. I .ikc the good ironwo1i:.;.>r,;: Wt> ('mploy. our ht1.$in<.'SSC'<i

l'<UfViwd,hose· ,·arly y,·.u-:-..or (.'()ut~·'



fc,llowc·d wilh the· usual '"if \\t' only kn<'W Uwn wh,1l Wt' k,,ow n(,w" ('<>ltlfn,•nl,,;. Tht" la;o;l10 yt·:.i1-s Wt"

Ilane l,t"(·n<11.d,· lo fost-lra.<.lour km,wl,....,l~,._ .. 1,...,,;t•

hy l,(""t'(11Hing 1·1.•gul,11· J(k11d,._--;;-:-.of'SF,1\ J\ l'IW\'ling~ with th,:: ;)$SOCi.:nion,I n·<,.·ogni~.('<I th.,1 long1inw ..-,,·c<'tOl"SWC'l'\:lYH)r~ thtmwilling, ..1lmol'<l driw·n, to l'<h.;,m ..• lhcir harcl-t";trn<.·di11clwary k1•owhlgt· witl, ollh~r memlJt"rs, lO l1dp tl1e -nt"wbit".:-."And ,l

sof(\,'Me'!i annual m,1intc:n;u1t•4.• 3g:rt't'lll(;'nt. my du(.'S g:ivt· Ol(' din,'{'\ ,lCTt'SSto lb<.· in1lustry'!) ht'$\

c·xpt~rts, all of thc·m 1-.:•3dy 3n<IwiUing to answc·r most ;,my q1.1c;:;tion,fllling my tool ha[:! with llw l,esl lool.sof lht• lr,1dt·. Along wil h lhal knowle<l~t· <.-um.._• th<.•1-..:twork c.-u1mc<.·tions.K1K>wingodwr ,._•rec-ton; ill a kss combativt' cnvironmt·1H fo~t<.•r-: b<:-n<.·r J'dations in tht.' marktlpktrt·.

SEAAoontinuc-:to partnc-1·";th AISC'hy promoting l;rcctOI' Cc-1'titkation. Thi<:uniq\l<.'progr..1m

t.1~afilicsinrnln-d in whal Wt· do. In f~c:l, n.~.i<ling dK· i,1dtmoill(-a1ion d,\UM"~' th,n" t~r(•gularly acctpt iu most oftoJ.,y's contr.1...1.s, the .._-rc<10r l'llUSt 1~ th\• ...lll ~·iug. ,,11 kn(1wing prt,tt'<.·tor"or th~ \'~ry c-xp<-rts ,vhn wrr(' p..1idto dr~ign ,m<I huild 1-lw pmjcc..1s\\''-' work on. •fo furliwr gin: our companies a chance to .su<.·~ Ct'NI, Wf• mm:t titr thf' lf'gi$lati-v('table"back in ou1·

for whidH:1.-'l'tiJ ic..· .\Liouis a n:quii·t •1r11. 'i\l lO hid, l will n--ctk-nlials. If our c."Omp ..m_vnev<.•r~•tis .t jnh

stiHrate e<:rtHkationas on<'of th<'b1.-slim'c.."Stm1.:nts of 1~50\l~& in my (';,'11'<..x-r, pmhahly only l',,l_•(·ond to th.)told P&I f ~otontli..1t.-.t;)l"t('<f\L'iinhu.si1w:,;,..;, The: cx•rlillC'ation s.1tisfo•smy dc•,,;in•I(,r ;rx,;ur,inc:t·t I'-tl Wt' know wh,lt we art• (loing. We c;,ml'Ollfi<.lt'nlly.s.ty w,._,

an.:·i:t-oljust .i.1)oth,._,,. Ct\'l"1.{t1·;


~,..., ,,


A<lvan<.·td Stt<.-1t:.rtx'tor. UsiJ\g SF,/\A'i,,tr,1ining m3tCl'i.lls. programs and mc-mlx·r<.·onsub:)nls, ,lny lcgi1im;;itc:<>J>C'1'3t<w c-,m3cf.ic-\·c·tlw :-L.11)(tlnls to Ix· cx·rtifo'tl, to kin· hrnu fi<I<· c·•"t~k'flliJl.s. Looking forw,m.l, the A:i:.soci,1tiuu is t'0111111i\lt'll

Considt·ring OSI Ii\ n,l',ul,llions Mt· in t·fl~'t·I for 30 yc-ars or more, th(• rna.gniludt• of our ,·okx·

to the tool hag~ of An\l,.•rt\",.l':''-""t:'<·lrn':-; "ith

hN'omt"i.a11th<'mOrt"<TitiC"al. ·ninkabout it

tbc latest woJs. Tht· SF.AA Corm·nlion


SE,\t\ i..snot t1wn-as our ,·oic'r, who will lx.·? I r,·,..,·ndy wJ.s 1'\'•1,1inisdng with my stJff ahout our lin-t )O yc•an: in hu-:incs.<:,,md we• all agn.·<'tl th<1t il w.t.'i .un,1z.i11gluck th,ll our comp..111y

to bt· .t part of SEJ\A .i.ntl .i vole.·..-i11our i1ldust.ry. Cu1lW jui1l<.1-.!

firu<"t'l'S,:1:-.d~·n SF!:\ t\ Pn-sid ...·nt

('EC) or Ba.-.tlt-n Sh'd ::u«I1.:rt'<-·tion,Inc. l!urlt·~on, Tt"xa;-;

b.,rgain: for l.,_,s,,; lh.m d,,._.<.·oslof my .1t·<-·•m11lin!!,

3llow.-;th<-(•r<•ctorto r.1nl wh,1tall prnf(-x-.k)1·,alsdt·-

question, SFA:\'s gri.','st duty in this dc'(·.,cl,·.

t·rN:h)r.-. fa•<'f1ls lik<-'lht·segi\'t'"you th,._• oppcwtunit y

,K'r'OSSthe t-oum.ty. E,lJ'lyon irl my im·oh'('mcnl

must I)(' wdl train('(! in how to do thc- work corM to idt•nlify th<.· and lo know ll-..,,

fin-or. l..c.·,1dt·r.,;hip 1><irtidp.tlio11 i11OSI It\ N<'goti"C.I Rult· M.:ikiug Commitk~:-ha.,; bct"n, without

pn:~4r:untl~·wk>p~..,l lhmu~h Ilw un.,;;,•llishd'l<lrl:-of SEAA mc•,nlx·r:s;Jlw.iys.inxiousto hdp their K•llow

m1<l'JhuJc Show fot1lurc.·sa(·c:..-s.-.; to 1hc·industry':, most t"t'SfX'<'t<-.,1 authoriti ...'!- on tht- hot topics orLhc <by.( )ur n<•wtra\·ding (·du<.·ali01\al progrJ.m, Lht~ s1:1\J\ R0,:lclShow,


,·,,llt"(luut in lnclianapolis, ,l


( William,,; {( 'olound(·r)

1974 197-1-

~onny Mc-h·..-,r (( 'ol~>umlt'r)

197S 1975 1976-197(,

Rill Coopl"'r

1977 1977 19n-1~1s 1979 197()

1980.1980 1981~1981

!'...-,I Stagg John \Vc-hh S<HmyMdvt:"r (.'lurlic Sl<XldJni faklit· WilJiJ.nh



1982 198l 1984•1984

Frt'(l Sirl:.t·l

t9SS 1981 1986-1986

T\'<kly l)ix<>n Billy Ot'Wiu

[987 1987 198~-1989


1990 1990 199l-l992

199~ 1991~ 1995-1990

Jt's:s..:Gil>sm) l)oi1gPi.w l'ek Walker v' jim Larson ,,,,...._ Kc-vinl>cmpsc-y Tom Undt•tfiill /

1997•1998 1999.2000 }()()1.2001

Buh H<-<·kn~1·t/

2003 200f

EddieWHJiarn.s c/'


lkuc,·<lcn ,/'


John ✓


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SEAA Mission Statement The Steel Erectors Associolion of America (SEAA) is dedicated to advancing the common interests and needs of all engaged in building with steel. The Association's objectives in achieving this goal include the promotion of safety, education and training programs for sleel ereclor trodes, developmenl and promotion of slandords and cooperation with others in activities which impact the commercial construction business.

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BRINGING ARTTO LIFE The Construction Challenges of a Groundbreaking


By Tino Couller lJ) I<J7l, the Vcnv<-rAn Mu~L·umun.wik-<lhs bn:alhtakiugnc:w fadlrcnowui:d ltaHan arc._i:iill.'ClGio Ponti. Th~ l'..-c·..-nl <lt'«.'~iunto ..:-xpan<lthe c.xistir1g building to ncady <loubh::

Curlis .Mayes,l'rtction <ksign <:nginc:crfor LPR, rcJk·<.:l.s on Lhcfactors undL'flying Lhc projt.·cl's :;ulX.."t:SS. '"The City of Denver ma<lc the <l~'ision lO .-i.llowplanning dforls lo b~gio wdl bd(m.: tht: structural ils size presented .m .i.rli.sli<:d1allengc: how lO suc:n·ssllllly marry lite dl·.signw..ts complt·k·d. \'l\fe wt·n.· rt·..1llyt'xt·ih·d .1hout tlw l~,,rlyopporexpan~k,n and the n1oc,umenu,Ilandma,-kwhiC'h,thr~ dt"(\\dcs\"";:.rli<-r, tunity to ('Ontrih\1tc·to th<-proj<'ct. l,ilx-skincl 's ard1itC<."t\11+,1I design W:ls the-opposit<"of <Y>nvcntional. Adv;i.ncrpla.nningg.1"cc,·c1-yoncinvoked h:td thrust Dc1wC"r into the linh'lighr of the .ud1itectural world. an opportunity to mn!\idc·rtllC'comp1<•xitks of the project so we could I )anid Lihc.,c;kind. himSt"framock·rn iC'onof ard1itc('n1ral clc'iign,1'('wo·rkout th(' iimumf•rahk--<'OO~n·ucrahi1i1 y and Jogis-tiC"al issut~s'"<'II in f.if)On.dcd wil.ha<lynami<.:cun<.:cpt iu:spircdbythccity'sc:ha.ractcr1 history and moj(·~'ti<.' surrounding)). His iutc.otwas to crc::it1...· an artistic dialogu-.· adv~mn.~or (:on,')tru<.:lion.'' When the c.·it}' or Iknv1.--rand gcn<..'rJ.I h.:.•cw1.•<.•11 dx· <W(•a'slo<..·aJ ti-.,ditioJ)and Lh..;Cut1..11•1:, .lnd a (jk1\1J ('on,,..._,.._.lion 1.--ontl\K"lor/\•\. A. f\,1ort('nson hetwe-en the downtov,.rnarea and adjacelll neigM>0rhoods. awarded the Ziinmeriuan/LPR ka1n a p1't-"t-·on.st1·uc.·lioo ~nic:~s con Tht>new wing's 2,740-ton sre<"I!\uperstructurt> is oomposed or :m I raf·t, lhty a~:w,nhlt'tJ:i 1ask lt,rc·t·C'ornprised of Ill<'gr1wral nml.r;w(or~ int(·nvoven dusler of }e;;.;.ming_ hrat·ed rranu:.-., tn..1ssc:-s, floor be~m1s :.m.... hite<.·tof recor<l, cnginl"t."rof record, sted fabricator, steel detailer:<-, an<, which arc stabilized by heavily reinforced com1x>sitc conncctjon design c.ngi1wcrand steel erector who all workc<l togct1wr coocrctc floor slabs. The structu-rc is clad in 230,000 square foct of to compktc the dt~signand eventually build the project. Maycs-\.vho titanium shingles at 1:wh,•d Io lhl' sLrm:lurc using a sloping, light g.1ug,· <Utlaborauxl <mtht: coo,,cctioo dt~sign, s(x:1u<'!nc.:ed the project, <lcsigoc<l st<·<·I w~lll inl·<·rfocc, Its 194-root prow, n~rm·d l(1rits ship-lib· :)pJwartlw c·n·c·lion pro<"t·durc·s, clid th<' s1ruc1ur,ll analysis for int-<-nm~liatc· ance, cantilevers horizontally 167 feet over 13th Avenue, and peaks jLtst stage-s of C'onstruC'tion, managc<I dcvdoprncnt of th<' 1·igging phms~mcf ahou1 100 lt:'t'I,abovt"tilt' ground. designed the shoring for the project emphasi7..csthat his rok ,vas just The :,"tructurc is <.:omposedof a myriad of inter.-e<.:ling;mgles, slopone pit't.."'e of a vf'ry hig pit~nm."'. "In tt.·rm:;of its <.:omplc:xity, ing <..'Olumn:;, tilting bcstOl,5, intersecting br3<..-C:-S and cxpan:;ive planes thi.s projt.-cl outweighed (11,yother hy a factor of fivt.·,"Mo.y<.'l:i n:rnarks. "II, S4.·1..·1ru.,d likt• any lask d1at could that app1."'arto he ahno~t magically suspended in spa.ex:.Segments of normally he accomplished in a .singk cfoy wo\1M tak<' m<' five· days on thr huiklingjuBk)'ward like c:ornponc1\t!.of'a massive cry:,,taJ.In fact, lhis project.', VVhenMayes first began talking with the fohrirntor .:and c..-cu1<..·<..·i,•c..•tl I l1<: id('!afrwtht'. Lil)(_·skin<l sldtcs iuhis alllolliography tl1al11<..· l.~ngim~t"r <>rrt'.t·or<l, il irnmci:liate1ybec-;imedear tJ,at dcv(•loping a plan expansion while flying over the Rockies, thinking ;:ihoutt<..·<.·toni<.: phil(!s, skdc:hing the concept on the back of his boarding pass. to sulx:c.:ssfoJJy a::;sc.cnbk: Lhc::;truc,;l ure;:,<:o,,sideri,,g the inevitable effect Tht'. building'!- <;hallengiog desigr, demanded a meticulous and in• "'f 'hc (,'(:f1tcrpore.ion ofgr,wit)', woul<l<lcman<l extraordinary o:-<.:ativity. of th<:structure bulll fo.-the main t:ntrru1t...._. and.at6um w.:isi1nazingly novative p<.•1·fi>rm3ncx· from lhe s:1.<•t•I {•re:dion suhc:01,tractor, LPR coinplieatccf,"hc n.:mc1nbcrs."\Ve began by workingwjthaCAf) rnodd Construction Company. LPR joined forces with On<'of the (incst scccl to d(•vrlop a gt•m·ral sc:<1ut"Jlt:t: of t:nx.1.jon for the structure.'' fabricators in tllc country, Zimmcnmm Metals, based in D<..·nv(·r. il y. <lcsignl.'<l by internationally



dc:,·doping the ~«onnc<:tion1> ,\nd kcC'ping~•rt"{'l,1hilily high on lhi: Jisl of prioritit~~."ooks 1\llay«:s,Aftt"r mudt ('ldih('1\1tion, tlw tc-.m1 cft•-cidt'(I (o fohric,·1lt• n,lunu1,.:;with over~ized dust('1;<,; of gusset pl.'.lt<'S d(·~igncd 1o r<·-

Si.ncx:the method of con.stru<..·tionw.1s unknown whc•n the initi~I :,,1.ructul't~ was designed, lhe engineer of rcronl harl to<·onsiclc•r tl1t•c·fl(·c·t of c..·rnl!jlnwt icm Old hods in tht'ir design. Mayes rccal1s, ;'Tlw <.'nginc<.·r took a t'Ons<..·rvativc..· approac:h. Th<:"ywt'rt' wi:.t"'10, hi1)kof th("c-xtrrm<"s hap1.x:nin the constn.1ction ,vorld, ;:m<l<le-signthe..·:;trm·tur<to h:w1dlcth<.•1>os:--ihlt" t"fft--c.·(:- oC..liIT'eremconsO'\lction sccnarjo:;. Thi!) .lllowcd for sonw flh: ibility in I h<-ronstruction methods, which r..:-,llly hclp<:dus i1l our final ..:rcction stn.·ssanaty:-is."Tltt•f•ngint•f•rsharcdthree st rucr ural analy~i:-modt,ls \Vith LPR that ,,·c-rc<..Tf.'<.lt<..'<I wilh a powt"1ful :struc:llJrtllanalysi,-.program) SAP2000. The structural 1nockls w<..'r<: \l:<.<:d cxlcnsi,·dy by LPR in the dcwlopnwr,t <1fshoring loads and stress ,H't.\ly:-.i~ fur lh(" nwltipk st.:i.gcsof constn,1ction. Firsc. a thrre--dimt"nsional wfr<"framcimage of lh'-· pr<>j<'<'t was cxtr~ttcd from the SAP m0<leL Aftc•r c·:.itabli.shingwhl'rl.:'..shon-s would be ncc<lc<l,they wert mo<lded il)lO t1w~ll'ucture to cakulat<' loads .-iml stn.:-.s.scs. Approximatdy 40 diff<..•r.;.•nl c.:-m1.stru<.:t.ion Lundition modds for int<..'r!"l"l('cli~\1.· st.~gvs of <:ons11·1.1clionwc-rC" dcvdopc·d lo pro,-e that the l<·mpor~\rysl1tw1.·.s woulcl not l,l..ow1•l(mcledand► morc.:·lmporl;,mtly, that the-stn.1ctur(' itsdf ,voulcl nol h<~o,-("rsnes~ed during con.structioo. Solving tl1<:prohlcrn or c._-onnt.·<:tion design would take many meetings ond many minds thinking outside tile- I)()~. "lt w3s nol unc-ommon to sec a ~reel c:onncction ,vitb up to t'"ight or i1ine 1nc._•mb.,,-rs from ,Lildi r('('lions C'OnVC'roino .,t ,L si ,,gl'-'"point. It \V;\~ very <"omplicatcd to get all the loads in and through 1he ('QOJH:<'1 ions. Zim

n~iw· ::illof lht' ht'a1ns, hrac-t"sand Stl'uts. As a n..·suh of th\' design, some of the <:<>lumns can1c out of I h~· i:::hopresembling 40 foot taU lollipc·,psc·ulpLun·s. In each of th.;.•hro<'<'<I 1-->:.iy ar<'a.s, the tea.m optccl to use-ov(·rsb-:(·d holt's in the conne<"tion p1ys. Norn.13lly1 ov~:rsizing lh~, holt"'~ would <.i-catcunwanted flcxihility in the geometry of a sln.lC'tun:, huL ir) this uni<1ucL\lSt:, it was a brilJiant collahor;,1.ivt.. solution. At ka~t one foH-:,;izl·<I pin woulcl he,dl"i,·l"tt ittto c-a.chcomwction to re1ai1\tht" M-fahricatcd ~acing of the stnK'lun:. Thisfa('iliHH1..'<l 1nuch l>cth.~rcootrol of the huilding gNmwtry while stilJ pco\•idiog unusually goo<ldcaraIKC lo jusl "clrop in" most of 1Jwbolt:., HundJ'eds of the-S(" full sized pin.s werC"uSC'<It<'mpor,trily, tlwn clrin·n out ,\1HI rt~us<'cl dscwhc1'!:! .ts th~ <:oJ\strUC'tion progl'<'S~cl .

A gt·1wr.1.I:-.t•c1ut·ncc: ,tod preliminary erc-c-tionprocedure



"' "'

Project of the Year: Alan Sears presents the Project of the Year Award to Ed Valencia of LPRConstruction.


S:Cr,ARll P

and DOWCO,alldid a phenomenal joh of THE SfAA CONNECJOR


I 9


t·rat('<l Nrly in the phuming

procC;.".s.s, bn:.lking tlw stn,1clt.m,: in.lo 18 indivi«lualconstruction SC<-JU(•1)c·rs.."I )d~--rmining the-<'r«1:ion .ct<'(l'-1c-nc·I." carty aJlowNIZimmf•rrwm 10 gc:ldct;:iilingst.:irt<'din th(~right plan:•and to get rnalcrial or<kn...-d to keep the project moving,'' May~..-.<"xpbins. "\•Vhcnthe proct-xlun· lc,r a s<'quc:-n<X.' wascornplct<..-<l, w<.·st·nt il l<><>Ur prujt:ct man.igcr and our fi1.:ld.supt-rvison;to get t.hcir frcdhack. The cxtr.;1<:ollalmntlion between I he oHin· :,nd tlu.:fid<l t:n.abk<lth.: final the incvit,1bfc <.ldail:; <·xc·n1tionor the pl.anto go ~moothly, i1¼.111·1x.w,1ting ofjoh$itt' cong<'stion, t1·uc-ki1,g nx1uin:mcn1;<; and :-t<'rl<lt"'liwric-;<;," M;:iyesis an enthu Asa result of hisexperi(•nc<·during>j<.·c·t, .siasllcproponcm ofTcklt XSTEEL, a lhn·<·-climcn,,:ionalmodeling and stcd dct,uling program utilize<!by the Canadian dctaike, DOWCO. I.PR utili'l.e<Itlw XSTEEL virtual rx:ality vi(!\\'<:r.r. ~·xt<·nsi\'dyin Liu,' ofli('.~M1d l'ickl, whid, h(_•l1)('d im1nc'ns<'I}' with tht.·pl,\nningancl visuaJi?::ltionof rht•projl'<'I.''fhr os.r of th(' 3 I>viewer program elim.inatc<l a..:;stnnption~,caku lations and guesswork as to how the scructurt· could be asscrnhJccl Alignment control posed another djfiicull prc<.:onstnu.:t.ionc.:hal~ Ieng,:. ''Thankfully, w<:-took th(' opportwUty to develop our structural alignmrnl plan whC"nthe pr«-on.stru<.·tionphase of the project begao/' we· Mayes notes ...,Between the detailer, the fahri<·atorand i he~<·n·cl<>r> came.·up with a prl"tty rt"marbhle- solutic)O.\\'(--dc·dck·clto ck-tail and shop~drmcxr.:ra'alig"mc:nt' hok-.sin all tht"co1umn.s.At the top of each c-olumo, surveying prisms wcrt.~inscrtc<l into the holc.s. The dctaikr lhcn providt•d corn·sponding 3-D X YZ coordinate inforrna.tio1\to our fir-Id1':urvcyorsfor the theo1·eticaJlocation of~ach p-rism. This allo\v~cl us to survey lhc columns with total station todC'h•rmi1tt•:,,nclm:.1intain very accurate alignmr-nt of rhe:stn1<;ture;:." Ll>J~<lc<.:i<lc<l Loprea:;sembJcas many pieces as pos.~ibleinto l)\(>dule:s was rna(lt: while slil1 on the ground. One of the most complex m0<lull!:S members. Ct.\Stom'riggir~g \vas (1t~'iignedfor up of :-ibou( 2S lndivich:1;:i.l each module so that it could be lifc~d off the: grovnd and !>tLSpcn<lc<l \'Cry dose toils final attinidc ($lope and tilt) ... This way, <..-ach module could be tSafclyand dlicio1tly connected to the emerging structure/' M~ycs <"xplains."We dcvdopc<l 3 special lifting method for lhe Ii,-st



mo<luk on the job and it workt'd flawk•s.-;Jy. l.:;vc.·ry oth(·r m,xlulc.-on thC' job was hung with tlw :-;,u'rl(' l>Jsk rigging method.'' E<l V.,k·ncia>LPR's din.Ttor of .Sati:ty 3n<l Training. whos(' s<u,, on till' 1nassi\c· proj<'ct, i:; Travis, work('d <15 on~ of the <."oO.Jk'<.·h.u-:. rightly proud of tht" comp.rny's pt-rfr•t·L s,lf(·ty r<'f'Ordin surh ,l c:h.)1J<'ngingcnvironme-m. '"LPR has h;:ul JOOpc:'r<x-nt ovC'r·six ft"ettie off policy fol"conntctor.:; .-;.iJK"t" I992," h<·notc:-s . ..iE,·C'n thougJ, hooking on Lo this tmusoal :;tn.K'turc w35 cumbersome. ancl \Y(' had \() dl~vdop our plan for fall ptotcc.:tion as th<' projt'<·(progn::;:;cd, we tli<ln'l ha\'<.: a singJe injury." .c:ust.lined,, Volunt.wy Prot<---<-' Six ye<ll":-;ago, LPR bundwd and h,,.o:: lion Program (VPP) in partnc.·rship with OSI IA, which rc-Jieson the invaluable ins.ighlsan<l ideas of employees to clcvclop maxirnally efio. lhcf(..•<.·tivc safCty systems. LPR is cun,,ntly th(' only Sled t..·rt..·<:LOr Llnilc<lStates to alt.:tin tlw VPP "Star 1.cvd" !>latu.s.Terry M. Terry, who rcprc.·scnlt'tl OSJJA in tlw VPP p;:irtn('r.ship, points oul, "The ...u<..·cr-ssful s;:il(:tyn·n•nl of th<' stC'cl erection portion of the projt._-<'l can be din•ct1y attrihutrd to LPR's ex<"e-llemle,\dership :wd highly trained pcrsonnd ." \¥hen complct<-d io 200<), du.; Dt..·nvc:rArl 1\·iuscum expansion, knt)wn as cl-k·Fn·dl·rid, C. Thunihon Uuilcling,will Ix the new home of th,· Modem ;.mdContC'mporaryart oolk--ction,as weUas the colkctio1'1 of Architecture ;:mdDesign and O(:eanic Art. The lobby will provide access to shop.,;,a caf(-'and a il'k"akr. Tht· ,ww building will sc·rv('l.l.'-th«· primary ('.ntraoct:lo Lhc:mu:;t;'.:um <.:omplcx,w('koming visitors to one of the r\alion'~pn·,nk-r m.u:;cums,and one of the world's most significant ;;lr<.-hitcctural works. !kinging Libeskind'si<lcato life n~quin'<Iunprf'<'(;<ltntcdinno\';;ilion., :md rt:prtsc-::uts:, lour dr forn· for ('very individual who contributed to its t:reation. The :;:yne;rgyof shared and extraonlin'-'rily creali\'e' problc;m-oolvi.ngmade possible an expansion that goes for beyond the simple addition of space, and establishes d,e museum as an engagi,,g destination for \•isitors from arour)d the wodd. • 1


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Eastern Steel Erectors, LLC

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I lOSou1h J.wbon A,•(•. J,wl:so,wi11<·,H. ~2120 l-:c-11 S119,<J' (904-) 7~U 6040 hlx(90-l-)7SJ SS6l ks,"f:MSh'('l.oom w,,·w.:t1b1.u,·st,TI.< om

P.O. Box i6 T<·rrr·illl·, C.:'1'0&786

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Steel Performance, Inc.

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Structural & Precast Erectors, Inc.


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Jay Steel, LLC 62 Route 101A, SuitC'# l Antllerst, NII 03031 Jchn )Jc•mUMl'f'Ja (60)) 672-1300 l ,lX (60 ~) (,7'J 1154 j,1y4~1l'l~I@)ja) st('l'I.l'0m


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ERECTORS $3-SM Ajox Construction Compony, Inc. 28H Vi,:to•·y I littflwiy I larri:J"vill<·,RI 02330 P"etrrJ-.,Rm1lcy

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Padgett, Inc.

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Alliance Riggers & Constructors, Ltd.


CSE, lnc./VT

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Nc-wAlb,m}',1N471S0 1l7S

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piedmoutstructco(t~ bdlsouth. net THESEAA CONNECTOR. 2005 EDITION I 47


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R.C. Fabricators, Inc.

W.S. Erectors

82+ Locust Street

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D & E Steel Services, Inc. SOOE. 7lnl A~•. Unit I l)1;.•1wt'r, CO $0229~68SS

Wilmingwn, Ul:: J9SOI




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(10?) 57 H9N9

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Ram Steel

Whitley Steel Company, Inc.

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Fax(101)417 MSS \\ •.

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Durable Steel Struclures

(R17) S72-lll0

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Fax (Sl7) 297 44-68 ramstt'•'

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Ranger Steel Erectors. Inc. 60? Cr,:mth;nn A\'C'nu;;W,·:,t Morn'0t•. I.A 71292 6014


lwn'9' H)!JUI (llS) lS7-9SSl ht:. (ilS)

American Aerial Services, Inc.



Karm 8rnncr (410) 219 1000 F,x (410) 374-1624 kllC.'Jlller(QlJlu·abJc:sted.<.-om

East Coast Erectors, LLC 161 Ogdc-n l.<w<lR():t,I 1\1:u4hc-, 06447 Gn·g(°,owdin (S60) 295 1017 ho, (S60) 191 1026 gr.,--gor_\~li11(tl)<.·011lt·..i~l.nm1

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S.L. Chasse Welding & Fob.. Inc. X (,'hri.·qi1l(' I )riw• lludl(Otl, NII OlO;l St<·phm Cl1wx(6(H) :-i:-i6 i4 U, f.1x (60l) SSI 99i;~

l--a1mouth, Ml:: 0<1IOS Jamt3Ri-dd

Erection Connection, Inc.

(107) 797 S9S7 I•,,, (207) 797-()479

Sp,·m·n\ V:\ 24165 IJutryq,Jlun


(276) 957-5223

151 (;r.rndin Roa.:I



Anderson Steel Erectors, Inc.


6'170 w. ,1Slh A,·\'llU(' Wlk·alH.i<lg<.·, CO S001l


Jan,ri: ,.,J)(}t•rwJn

Gl<-nwood,IA SJ53+ /1JJSUJ9h<1J

Steel Fabricators. LLC

()0))42'>-0424 l;ax ( !OJ) 424-0529

44-4-4N.1:. Sth A\·<-.

Barrett Industries. Inc. S6 Mar~h<1JI Sln ..·~·1

1~1.L,1udc-rdal-..•, 1:1,H H4 >ISO

( :,•nr.\a.n• (954-) 772 0440 ~.,x (954) 9)8-7577

Everest Metals, Inc. P.O. Box 93

(712)619-1100 F.x (712) 61? 1056 j:.ingh-'l~t)yJhoo.<·om

I ,•omin:;.1\'r, 1'•1 A 01•11i3 f.itrioct huruu

Florence Steel Erectors. Inc.

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(978) SJ7-04S8

Hor,·,w,·, SC 29)02

1:;n:(97R) i;n

Structural Services. Inc.

Carrara Steel Erectors

3Sl0•1lh StJ\'.~l•,N.W.

1110 P"Y"\~Aw,,~1t• hi<-, I','\ JMOl

lfW,(lm l}cwiu Jr. (~43)662 19H F,,,'((84 3) 667 1987 Jlorsl«J~1)bdbvl•th,<:om

Alln1querque.NM 87107 (.'emir


ffaser Molloy Associates

f{idwrJ Camm,


( 505) 341-0SJS F,x (105) 141 0911

(Sl4)4Sl-4b00 F:ix(:-:14)4%

P.O. Uv;t }8+6

P. 0. Box 202 li(W)

Linrolo, ~•IA 0177 t-0101

Amer fruw:-,


Concept Steel, Inc.

(617) 741 (149;

Structures Derek, Inc.

700 Ca..,on ~trt'1.'l

F.l:-1. (617) 241-:-H21

12M Noru•-1>;,m_.. N,.>nl St<--Maric-,Que-be-,·G61:.lU

Udmont, NC 28012 AJU.llChapm.Jn (70->)S?7 IS\l fax (70♦) S27 II 99


J.•i'IV~ {}tl)d,v (41~) l~7-S191 ~-" (41S) JS7-S982


.sLru<'.'lun-.-.da~·k@1~1obc1rou,•r.0t'l 48 I THE SEAA CONNECTOR

200$ t01ll0N


Green Mountain Steel Erectors, Inc.

Johnson Steel Services

Phalanx Enterprises, Inc.

P. 0. Uvx 7~>8 lknninJ!,on, Vf 0Sl0J

r·.O. Oox 20H Um.vlntvu, NC 2809}

R~yr ~w:l,md (~02/ H7 371~ r-ax (SOJ) 447 1440

Rl<r™" Al<1nJr,fmw,n

141il4 J. I.ff H.o.."ld Chantilly, YA 10151 Mid,.,d ],me.(



Group C Industries

Keith's Welding Service, Inc.

Phoenix Steel Erectors. Inc.

SOI O,,hon Urhc Pdnri:ton. TX 7)4{)7

I'. 0. Box 3868 G,·1•f•iwill<> • .SC.29601-i

Rom~• IL 8d/


9607 Ht•a.thc·rGn'1'n Drh't' M.lnassas, V:\ 20112 Jim l"n.m,

(972) 548 9ll8 Fax (971) 716 1275 mhigdow(i"i1K.rrxom

(864)895 619) fo.., (864) 895-9120

(704) 732 6397 fox (7CH) 712-6 ,97


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(701) l<>5S909 F» (70l) l6S S9¼ jimkwscm@:io).C<101

Lafayette Steel Erector. Inc. I. M. C. Steel Erectors P.O. H,)x 40 HNt('nrf.orf.IA 52727 $,,; ..,; lt~fodnrd1

(56J> m-1202 Fax(~( ..{) {~IJ H~S

I'. ( ). fk,x 166 Scu11, LA 705~B j. 8 Pmdlwmm.· JI (3J7)? 14 94lS

Pneutek, Inc. 17 l)riw

Tlud~..n, NH0l0S:I Kme1,fot/11II



"·" (JJ7) 7J7-0]17 jhp@I ~ l',rom "'""w. L-S-E..,~o,n

Independent Steel Erectors, Inc.

Maverick, Inc.

~S<,l';inh.·uull<<.:ird,· M.w~vill.:,GA 30)SS


Ch(;rl;;.i P.<,k'!falry

Jcjfrcy K,dbom

(706) 652-1543


F~x (706) 651 'H6'{ i~•i:,lt'("l(a),,,

fax (4-01) S16-0502 ;d I kif'll,(g)aol,<"om

lrongate, Inc.

McAbee Welding & Erection Company, Inc.


888') Augusu.ftood J>,:-J1;c-r, SC 29669 M~•&. lrillie MeALw (864)241 1762 l',1.,(664) 24)-5124

Quinlan Enterprises

~ax (60.!) 882-9165 K1ulhil1@pttt·uu-k.<-~•in www.pn1"u1<'lt.(~)m

1220 Fish Hmd

Rr 0287$


Pro Building Systems, Inc. 1678N. 1\::-.achtrcC' Ro.:i<I Ad.mta, CA 30.'HI £J11·ard ,ltocl:Jr. (770) 4SI 1791 l·a, (770)455 417) ,·1no<•Jt.(ii}p1·()l><lg.systt'ms.rom

201 Riding.~ L.,uw

Whit,· Pus1, VA 22661 li:17~

Drnn.b·R.1du191 (540) 86'>-5100 F.,x (540) 869 770S i11rimgJl<"(~11h•J1,~.ll('l


Jack Foster Co. Erectors, <nc.

P.0. llox J2 Claxton, GA 304-17 JolinQ!1ialan

(912) 739-1S55 Fax (912) 739-2058 john(':f)·nlt•

1119South Sant.a~ \Vichi~. KS67211

Mid Cities Erectors, LLC P.O. Box7962S


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S-lginaw, 'fX 76179-062S I . .~oo" Rf(Jr>h

Raulli & Sons, Inc.

(116) ?6l 2901 F;,x (Jl6J 263 3646

James Steel Erectors, Inc. ClOS! Og,~cchccRoad S;)v:mn~h.GA H4-19 89'<1n S.Jom<'I (~12) n1-1202 l'.i., (912) 927 8730


(817) .106-0962 Fax (817)306-0976 scotmrooks22@sbc:glob.1I.O\'l

21J }e;i.fl :\venlle Syr.1t"1,1S<'., NY Hll0-1291 Rirh Anulli

(111)479 6691 Fax (11,) 479-S514

Pacific Ironworks, Inc. 1841 I )owdt R()_w.l G,-,mlsPa:1:1, OR 97527 Etk I h·nJ,·rwn (541) 476 9945 Fa.x{5'1-1)47691s1~

Raymond Bros. Steel Erectors Corp. P.O. Hox#2 epsoin, NH 032340462 R()naIJ Rap11MJ

John Bowman, Inc.


(601)716-8)6) l~ix (60 I) 7)6-8429

620 I l.(·<-J\M• Sl•lle# 102 N~pJ,,,...fl. H-1()9

Perry & Perry Builders, Inc.

R.B.Narramore & Associates

P.O. n.,xI04-S Rock4.1k. TX 76567 ill. Col!ia Pa9• (512) 446-2752 ~,, (Sil) 446 7564 p,·wp,:r-1•y@l10\mail.a,m

P.O. llox 1.lOS Mt. Pleasant, ·rx75+S6

/<1-rn~,:. Stimncr

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Ro()o/J NortOtn()tC

(903) 56 l 4%S f-ax (90.l) .177-8200 rbn4,




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RFStephens Enterprises, Inc.

Stamford Iron & Steel Works, Inc.

Top Flight Steel, Inc.

I'. 0. Dr,l\\'edi9 1 l 1 ilhurn, (:A ,00,17 0~9'1 R(1t'lJjSu:1ll't<t1~ (770) 92') 86M) i:.-.x{770)925 9409 SF.I~•N•I(a)aol ,<-.m,

l'.0. Hux 21~0 Slaonford, Cr 06'+06

101 CR+717South Rhum,·. TX 7607$

Roonoke Volley Steel. Inc. P.O. Box661, W\•ldo_.,, NC 27$90

fom /'1:1111/1.


(20)) 124 6711 fax (20!) 12◄ -91 lO

(817)6!8 1001


jld\J.l xm (u> bwc:;,;. nC't. www.toplli_glnsh·c·lint·.com

I'.,,, (817) b lN S002

Siar Erecters, Inc.

C,:,·1/ 1k1(1'>..'1t

2$00 .Sum,wr Rh·d., St,iH• # 100\'lgl,, NC 27616

(2S2) S38-4137

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Rose Steel, Inc. ))0 Ckc-,m Ho.1d

Steelco Erectors. Inc,

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646) Lithopolis Roacl C.irroll, OJ14Hll

:Ito.reC,?s (60 l) 4 l6 7910 hl;"-((10J)4U, l-1,()J

Universal Steel Erectors, Inc. .. NH


(60J) 52?-SIOO't

Virginia Steel Erectors, Inc.

(740) (1S9 (,:)3$

7716 Jt>O~·,·.,ull n.wi~· Higl,w,,) Kic:l,111•..1ml, V,\ 2>219 fwy i1: frhlh:,•

RTBConstruction, LLC

R-, (7•1OJ 689 6839«•lro(t()lunt1.1·om

(804) 779 SX69 F:,x (804) 279 ()l)S

8()1 D.1hon Drive



PriU('('lOO,TX 75·107 ~m,!f h.~11 (214)876 ll•IS

r-,,.(97)) 7l6- lJ7S rtbcon..,l(a?.aol.\:.,,i11




w w w. \·•rginiai:1t ....•I, ·n '('l(

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Steelcon of Midwest, LLC 6203 Gbl· Jdr.:n;c.1m·ilk•.IN +7130 ,ll(1rk fforr("f"


(Sil) 2S<I M)H

S.L. Show Company, Inc.


P.O. .Box67

1i:tt-c·k,m111idm:'i:f.rnm ..·011la.ct(il \\'w"·.stc..-c..•lconm.i<lwC'st.coin

J\,kKi111)<'), TX 7S-06\t lHS

(bbl) Nl7I06

Steenblock Erectors, Inc.

/iw,R.cc1c.\ (')71) 1(,2 7710

Fox (661) S71 1571

2,1(),, N.

Uakt•rstic:ld,CA 9 3 W2



Alpha Industries, Inc. ICiOOKc·dbudllh'<l.

Schulz Iron Works, Inc.

l.i1woln Fr..•.:-111ont.NF. 6R02S RobSt«nbloi:k (+Ol) 717 4S42

1620 WolfpJd Lane·

l·,x (402)727-•l-014

Contract Steel Soles, Inc.

R,ll•••gh.NC 17609

r1>h(a> ...;l<'('nhlol·k<•r1'('l1•r,; ...·om

P. 0. Oox 3305 Gn..•t•n.sbvr.v. NC 27+02

Summit Erectors, Inc.

'fim ,'\«(l&.1m ( 316) 173 q704 fa, (ll6) 271 ,.1ll6 salf.:S(a1c:outr.a<.1::stc:c:.Lsa1~. <"OU\


J><w;J A. :i<."h11I/ (919J981 ()Ill fo'( ('H'>)9$1-6122 \'imlysd1ulz(ii)11c·.rr.c·«1m

sr; lk1111,trd


l~cl:~(uH ilk. l·L 3225+ Kurr 'lirr..r,r

Shaw Welding Company, Inc. P.O. Rox ·US, BiJlt•rka, M.A01~21 Ri(~uJ


(978) 667-0197 he, (978) 670-260! rick@~h:1ww<·ldin~.nm\




{904) 7H ;~(,()02 E\x (lf{)4) 78) Ul66 l.:l,;\1mn1it(glbdll><,ull1,nt·l


Suncoost Industries of Florido


Ul3) ldtcwild St.n~;:-t l•on Mrcri:, l·L H912

P.,11 n,...,mh1.1II (7/)4) SJI 76 76 fax (704) "21-60~S

/(111<11Mt1 I.

Southern Rigging & Erection, Inc. r.o.nox 17'. Louisbu,•g, NC 27)49

fax (<l72) 562-0914 tn:'t'\t•;,;((1)alpha..,1,·c·lusa


Davis Steel & Iron Co,, Inc. HHS Comnw~•i,11 n,•iw NC }81(>4



fox (119) 919 9214

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Jon<l([~Suncoai.ti1lodu~tJ'i<•s. 1w1

(919) 4% 4401

Toms Welding, Inc.

Isaacson Structural Steel. Inc. f'. 0. 0ox 67


)707 llollins Avl'

l~C'r1in,NI I f>J;7() OOf.7

Crnuwlly Springs. NC 2S61) Tom,11,mlwll

((10~) 752 }04-4

(828) 87+-2751

fox (60 l)7;? 4? l7



Johtl I larri.~ W91


Southwest Steel Erectors 72~1 55 .A..w:.L:a..~l, Suih' # 142 0 01<,,,, 1{1'"3tlt Fl



(941) ln-S583 E,x(941)

122 8003


'fi:r7 Bfod:



John W. Hancock, Inc.

South Corolino Steel Corporation

Arthur J. Gollogher of Texas, Inc.

l'.O . .Uu:-.HO()

P.O. Box71

S,dl'm, VA 241S l

t;rn·,wHk-, .St' 1'1(>02 f{i.'ha,J I. ruc•.ki:-r (S(.4) 244-2860

4)01 lt.'t· t'.1H·SRd .• !->uil<C-202 i\u,tio, 'J'X 7874,6

(S·IO) lR9 0111

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fhmdt Sl1t·a

('i I l) ·H>6-S~~0

f..1x{864) 24-4-8776 rkh~r<I, tt1<.,l;,er{;) t·m<.-,;g ,<.·nm

F.,i.:(512) U>6-SS08 l"'"ri,·k_:--11\·.,(<._1\.~g.<11@

\\ \\'\\,S(~1\'\.'L<.'Olll


Steel Fab., Inc

Corolino Cho in & Coble, Inc./ ALP 2h lO Yonk<"rsRoad


862 3 Old Ouw<lRo..i.<l Chadottc, NC 27214 Hfl'Tuch·r

(414) 'l29 09SI

(704) IQ,,-5376



Lynchburg Steel ond Speciality Co., LLC P,C), Bm: l5X

Monrot', VA ?4S7-I-


(4H) 9)9 J(,1,


l·.1x(704) J(H 2:SS•I jlm'k<'d(J?!ilN'lfah \', w,,·.s1n·lfab


Raldp:h, NC 27604 Jo,·Shinn

(919) XII Jill l',ox (919) Sll 2999 jfl('-.~(ii:) a11,ind .rom \\'\\ \\

Lyndon Steel Company 11147lfoion Cro.~~Rood

Steel Service Corporpotion

Charleston's Rigging & Morine

\Vin~ton-S.1l1•m, NC27l07

(ll<,)7SI 0S4S 1-'.l:<() 16) 788 ss )5 lwhicb~r(t{Jyr,d,i1MlM>

P.O. !lox 3114/S JJ<.'kson.M$ N2 3? I4H /<Jfll<'( (Jim) ,-;;mon:w.m (601) 919-9122 fox (601) 9 39-9159

P.O. Uox 11)$t; <.l,.Hlt·slon, SC )941 l l2SS /Vd:Sawm

ww,,•. lyndonst1-.•l



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"'"' w ,<·lul'lt>.~1 til\sl'i ~:) ,mill,,~,t1111n

P.O. !lox (,(-,2

SteelFob of Virginia, Inc.

Column Climber

Summin. NI 0'/901 ()S6l

53(1J'ylon Om·,· R;)l,•iil•, NC 27606

2 HiD\·c~,fattllcws. NC 2810+ It,,/, (704) 201-0792 ""' (704) 811 0289 l'<,lh11(,~rolumndimh<'r.oom

I <ir')· Wh,<kr

.1 ·010

Nicholas J. Bouros. Inc.

Tim Day

(90S) 277 1617 l·ox (908) 277.1619



Fax (()J()) 82$ 97 )()

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(919) 82S-9S4S ill('.('0111

(SOIi) 742-<,70l fox (XOl) 721-5819

,,1\\'\,','-l<~•lfab inc<-on,

Construction Insurance Agency, Inc.

Owen Steel Company 717 M.u,ll<')' Drh',~ Columbi.,, SC ?9701 K.erinPhillip<:

Tri Steel, Inc.

I 1288 U.-J.Ls fortl

r.O. Rox 1727!

M,ma.,,i;:,s.VA }0109 Gror,_q.: l'oo'l<:k

(803) 2S1-76?4 fa, (80l) 2S1-76!7 kc\•in .phiII ips@l"lwM~t l"C-1.rom \\' ,,.,,. ,O\\'<'n:<.I, •••l .t, ►1n

TTW>a>.u UnJ,.;rhill


Salc-m. NC: 27116


Olb) 757 1175

(701) 2;7.7540 f-•x (70l) 257-7B9

fox (ll6) 759-0191




Socor, Inc.

Von Lindo Iron Works

Crone Rentol of Orlando, Florido, Inc.

P.O. Rox 671

'l7S7 ltoutv.c-11Road L:>k<"Wor1h, Fl. U46I Rrurct•r 'fo,'.(;/

Orl.m,lv, H. U807

HOJ'('ll('(', SC 19'>0l lfobm .'<lien (84)) 669·S18J

fo:,:(SH) 669 0675 I>·,dl<"f'l'(W srn:.i.nn(·.t-·onl WWW,SO(';ll'"inc.('Om

Southern Steel, LLC 12'Ji3 N('('I}'Road

(S61)5S6 8400 Fax (;61) 586 SS77 ,•,1nlimb.~91,<·ll.,,

(704) l99-Sll1 f-•x (704) l98 0018 mthomas(({)bet.1jnl(•rnati<>1MJ.<.--orn www

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(407) 277 S0-00 Fa, (407) 281-8979 ,MJShlo..:k(Q),.:r,u14;rn1l,1l.,·om WWW,('J'<Ut<."n:nt:'11.~·•iO)


Ch.:irloth.•, NC )$273 S61S .Mark 'I homas



Crone & Equip .

D. F. M. Industries, Inc. J'. 0. Box 471 Wttmh:im, M:\ 02~'3 G/n1 Pi.<t,fli

GIOSTriaugJi:Drh·(' Rak;,_ob,NC )76174717 bno.nL.:-4/iml (919) 7S2 2561 fax (919) 78S-llOl

(508) !i;.t Xl94 I';, (508) lS4-702S .-lfm1 l8@<"om<''t

brianl(a}alk~,1rolinacr.i1)(' .«nn

18SSl)kk<•rron Oriv(• Mabk1.on, GA 30126


Dixie Erectors

/1111 llaJI

(404) 696-3H4 Pax (401•) 696-3404 dc:n_-ctor(q)bcJJsouth. net THE SEAA CONNECTOR


I 51


A superior driving system for fastening type F, B & C metal roof panels

METALDECKING TOOL Need to fos1enmelal panels? Get it done foster, easier, and decrease your costs signif1contlywith the SuperOrive 85 lool. Featuring o narrow nose design, it fi1sdown inside the Type F inlermediole rib. SuperDrive

Metal Deck Stitching Tool 3/4"to 7/S"TekScrews (SOFO)

85 olso mokes it possible to get screws close to the radius on woll panels and trusses in a C channel.

Supe,t)rive 85 works ,vilh oll metol roof deck configurations. It requires no depth setting,no adjustments,ond usesa 153mm LOX@bit.


O Narrow nose design to fit tight spaces O Lightweight and compact design 0

Durable construction

0 0

Fits Aegis/Milek Profile SDFD 3/ 4" - 7/8" LOX, screw co po city

SDFD25XT: 6827 Mokito, 2500RPM 3/4" to 7/8" SDDW25XT: 6827 Mokito, 2500RPM 1-1 /4" Screw Copocity

10x3/4, Self Drill, LOX 2



SuperDrive 85 with Extension:

~ CFP121878JBWZ

12x7/8, Self Drill, LOX 2

Self Drill Flot Pan Heod Tek5


~, CCFP12125Lyz

Featuring Patented LOX Technology


For roof decking of mony profiles ond sizes, use these


SuperDrive screws to "stitch" lap joints.


• • • •


"The Professional' s Choice" 205 Mason Circle, Concord CA 94520



No Waste No Wobble No·Com Out No Slivers



If you use power tools ... You should use screws designed for power tools. • Stick Fit • High Torque • Drives Off Angle

• Exceptional Bit Tip Life


Men of Steel The Story of the Family that Built the World Trade Center DyKan Koch Ill wilh Richard Firslman, Crown Publishers, New York, 2002. :lf<'n(?/Sud h: th,• story oft lw K.u·I Ku<·h r:,·,·, I iog: l'ompa1l), 1lw n, tha1 c.:r<·<·l(•,I tht ,;H•d <111 Th<..•\.VorM Tra<ll• C,•nt<'r. 1---or p,•1)pk· in dw hu.-d,wt-s of slt•,·I, d1h,·r fahric-.Hilljl or (•r(•,;:liu!c!,

1his hook is Cl:-,in.uin~. For yul1r ,Hl'r,1g.._• n:.i..J<..'I', p1·,,lt.1bl~•,1 liul,· .-.l<>w.Tl1(• lm,>k'-. dim,n,


.l('C-UJIt"rt'ni<•H ol l l1t· twin 1m,·<•rs, .,nd lik1• m.rny

high~profil,• stt•d jobs, this lh,: C( .,p:11·1lw11hm<,r~lly ,.11111(i11,uu:i,1ll~·. Tl1,•hb1or~ oflh<·Kod,


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g,mg in l90S for Sl 1 , n•11t:q11 hour. Th-..•d,·s1:riplt\)1'ls of I iwli11~ Wl:n; ,l.U iu~ighl into a lost art in -src•1•l 1'l'1'1'1ing. imuworkl·r:s tr.t<.k•was e·xtr<'nwly h.11,11·,)ou!) ,u tim<.',\, ith on1· iu JO,1cl1Mllyhdng ldll,-clo111hc•juh.C..1nyouimagin..,•tlwwiv,;'!>:Ul<I the• l.1mili<'~of an irnnworkc•r .<:1·nclin"him off clailv, to



:m.'e·Iin tl)('sc-conditi1)11:;:?,\•l<lll)it'<>m,·ul'kl·rs i,.,,,id,-r1·ctinf :;t-.·d \\W~t.l"': c:olcl..,•:;t job in the wmkr and tht• hoW.'Sl io tht- ~urrnn<••-. Tli<• K,)('h Er-.•ning Cvmpany gn'w Jik,, m,my 1•1"t'{·t

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th<:- 1950s. Kod1 we1uld <'rl•CI

~~,2(.,(, t1)1lSof S\<..'d iu ju:st dght months, u:-int! 1w,,. <ll th.\t tiJU(', higlH•tn·ngth bolts. Koch w.i!-: ,,11,.,•...-lypr•.JpOHl'lll of tlw high-sLn•11gth hoh now llw -.1,uul.,nl in sh•d ~·r~·,·tioo.

Pl.mnint J<)rdw \Vorfcf Tr.ult· C1•1t(n' h,-g.1n i11 19(,0 hy d,t N('w YCJl'I,1 ►rn l t\l1tl1cwit_,,(NYPA).

h :54.•,.·m-. ti,,. NYPA1M<lc:omplt·kd .i.11 th,• bridge·:-. -.uhw.lys ports New Yorkc:ould :-l<md,.md w(•n· !(,,,ling C.u·simwthiug big.. Tlw NYl'A :-dt't·t1:d th(• sru.1II. hut ., wiunint .,n·hik<1 from Dd roil. Mincwu YJ1nJ:-.,ki. :\fH••· -.111dyin~ll1l· prop1) :-ih', \'ama:-aki ronN"i,·NI th,· I IO -.trn·y t ,, in 1.1,,,,.-r lil·sign with 10 million $1.llWl'X' fttt of oflin· .)o'pM·,:. in :'kw Ynrk ( 'ity tritd to Stop nms\ructfon, indu,lini r,·.,1 ,•:-.1,11,• nw1w..•r-. who \\(·r<..•.,frai<l of tlw dli·\'I 01'11..umud1 oflin·· lx·mg,n.tJfobll·,111.,1 onn•. l'lwow1wr:- ,ftlw fmpin· St,)k huildiui \\ ,:n• .il'-4)t)ppo:-<-<I,,1:-tlwydidn 't\\\lllt t<><>,, n tlw ,;\•com I

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highl·St l>uildin!,! in tho:-wcirld. iu th(• In N64, th\~ r,,<> fa~o·:-.1sh•i:l <,_·•>mp<mii::; l-lui.':4>tl·.-:.B,·1hlch(.•m.rn,,IU.S. Skd ,,._(·n..· calk-c.l iu H1 g.iv(•hud~·t ,-.~tini,1t,-.sli ►r tl,,;• fahn(·,,tion .u1d c.•r1•<-·ti1111 nf 200,000 ton-. of-:t<•l•J. Am,l;,iugl), tlw l,udgt'hWt'l't't'Xln•mc•lydc~'.11 S8I million.mdS:-i 3 rwo(.."Omp.tnic.•:lwd mimon, r(•s1x."'l·tiwly. Onl~· tl1t•:-:cb1,-'t'nc.-,tllt·dupcm, l1<-'t.JlL-.l' dw NY PA .:1s.-;umc'<I the·

tix·t th,rn ,my mnn· S<JU,li<..'

IMt••:-,\·I proj.:-c.•t in hbtory would r,"<p1ir<· on,· of tlw l,uw~s, :-h>t·I1·nmp,l11i;·sin 1lw \\'Urld. N1·.1rl)I \\'(I )\'\1r-. l,1ti:-r, in 19(,(>,the: ~m.-t,\H(of11p,111i(•,;:-:l1l1mi1

snMU. Crn1ilybusi,w-s:>l'S

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... Inn· n·l.niw-.-.. Brol hc'I;">,~.011:.uul nc·ph,·" :-.wt->rP

hr•mil,1 into di-t·hu ..i,,n,:,.. Tlwi,· 111•,•,)ktlwoughjuh wa-. th<..•Hiltmor~ llot(•I in Corll (;.1hl{'-:. 1-1,.Thi:-

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fir~t-r.:1lt't·rt'('lor, wil Ii .l in job:- on tinw. Tho:-


~ood tu Kodt, .tl> thl·) l'n·<-·kd m.rny l,u1:?'.,;•r joh:--, indudint tlw O.,k Ri,li,· >i.'.ltiunill I ahe1ratory ,w,u· Kn()X\"1llc-,TN. Tlw job l·<•u·r"1•1I Slro,·1u1\·

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2005 tOITION

Moore Ereclion, L.P................................. 6 Nev,ell Davis ................. ....Bock Cover Nillo Kohl U.S.A.. Inc .. . ................5 Nucor Foslener Division ........ 56 Nucor Vulcrort Group ...........................23 Perry & Perry Builders ... ............. 24 Phoenix SteeJ Erectors, Inc...... . 44 Preferred Sofe1y Products, Inc..... .. 25 Premier Steet rnc.......... ....... 35 Ram Steel Company, LP.......................40 Ring Power Crane ..................................36 S & R Entcrproscs, L.L.C. .................26 SJeel Erectors Association of Arnerico .......................................... 55 Stondoroi,ed Steel Consulting ..........., ..19 Siar Erec1ers.Inc. .................43 Steel Performance, Inc ...... 39 United Rentals ........... ..... 33

kd tlwir sc.·all·dlinal proposal:-., 1\g,,in, tho:-n\1mh<;,r.; \\"<'n·am.,;,·,~·c1w 1lwsu,•pt-i.',t'.lf«l,rntl•iJ1 sn,wrn.'Jl\ oflh<' NYPA, 1h1·hi,ls h,111gr1)\\'lt n,•.:11-ly to $12.2:mill.ion. Tlw NYPA ,q:,; 1\Jrk,o:<:J.\1h\•1\H) working with the·m for nc-,uiy two !<t<:-d('OJUp,1..uje-$ y,·.w.; . .)r,d witltvut auy ,\\truing suhmi1ting 1w,uly ick•11ti1,-·J.l (·<llii(k Tlk· Ju:-lk'<' l)q).lrtnwm im1-.-.tig.i.t<.'il tl\C•lwot·mnp,lllil·:-., hul n,),·swl·rc· c-wr lil,·c-1.At thi:- 1)C1int,tlw \Vodd 'fr.,.!,· Ct·ntn .1l1no:-tr,lln(' 10 ,m t·.)1'l_r,:od, l1\1t in d~pt·r,.1lio11. tlw NYPA <kci<k"<ltu split up t),t" fJhrk.ttion hdwl•c·n Ju tltt• t•u<l,<l 4.rtt·n l·om m.11,y-:nulll•r <-.11np.i.11i,-... p.u1i1·-..,1inong tht•m PJ.1.:ifi<-·Clr & h>Undry, St•alllt', I J.<·l\•ck• St,;'t.-1,St. Loui:-,,1ntlf>iH:--hurgh-1ks Moilll'i-. Slc'\•J, <•m-l<'dup f.1hric-,,lingI h,· joh fo1·d,,~,· w dw 4

origin.ti hudl?~~t.B111"ith ,l lil,✓.l•r\ tlill~~1,·111 C,lwi<·,1 ton•. who W()Uld ('I"('('\ th<..· i11·1cnwr:-? 1\'1<-,rnw-hilc• .lt Kolil 1=r(·<·tir"1j.',, .t pow.:r .strugglt· \\,lS<lt•\;•lopinp:h,•1 ,v._-c,,,Kvc.:l1Sr.,,,hol>(•li,;•\\J.l>


l:1ili11g.Jmlhi:-.l1n1tlwr;,,,R,>l>,m,IJ,•r,mw. Kod\\\J.'> hy the• NYP:·\ lf> hicl th,, l·rn·tion, hl'C,1u-...· ol\hdn•xpo:-ri,:-n("'('.rnd good working r,·1,ltion:-,, ith tht• Nl·W York lronworl:0:-1·,,; llnion. Hoh.u-.1 Jnonw .)o'l.Jt"'l'lt'll

prq>,;m'd llw hid witho111 tlll' in1>t1tfrom Koch Sr. .rncl Kot.'h HI, \d)c1 \\,l.<:.,lso :,.\1fli•r-i1,g from irljl1ri,·,

n·cd,i·tl i11.ul n""l,:tiou.1c,·i1l1·111. K,>,h \\.1-.11"•lm,. ,)nd ,)i,. il 1t11•0,:,IVllt, CJnlyl.Ji•.kl-.·1· ,)l S20 mm ion. ·rh1• nitty !!1'111)d<"t.Jil'.', of th<.·,,1 -.·r,:, tivu. ind\1ding <:-r.'.ln<-s, )'iggiog, \\ ddiug, .sdw<luliog <11i<l pl,uining J.I'(.'c:o,,.•r-.·<l.,, 1-.·ugthin tlw hook. rour month~ ,1ftt•r l'fl"<.'t1onl)(•g,m m .'~ugu~t of 1968, Koe·h En• ( '01npan~· ,,._,~in w,1y owr it!-:hc•MI. I l,1ndling ,l p.:iymll of lU()J'\~ H)() irom,orl..<"r:h:td grown fin:inci.llly impo:-.<:ihl<· for th<· n•l:itiw·ly small ,·omp.11,y.Bnh .,nd j,'ronw admi1H"li 1lw~·h.'.ld undcrhi1l lhl, proj,•c1 ,1ml ,,1'1't' lw·.,,l,·d 1:1stfor imu1 ,,·11<,_·~·· t\\ tlw :<t1,g.g~·,tio11 of Kod1 111.tlw n,mp.i.n~· J.ppl·..1kcl to dk· NY PA to m.i.kt· p.i.yroUs J.noJkt.."\·p Kot'h aOv.n.·l11(' NYPA lw.d uod1vi<-~ J.l thjs:-,·

of tli-1.• hig,h profile projc<-·t,hut to tmdc.•1·,wik Koe:h for tl,<-•n·m.i.mek•rof thl· job. h isn·gn'H<1hl\· 11,.llth...· ,u1tlHw1wvcr mention:- thl~ fin,ll c·o:-,tof l'r<Ylinn. h woolcl Ix- int<'n~~tint lo, ,,m1 ...u·\· 1h,· fin,,J, u:-1Cutlw hidd>y Amt1·ii:-3nl~ri,lgt .)nd U~Stn·J. ofS,-p ·1 h<' final dupt.::t dtJ.I'>,, ith tht: tr..1go:cJ_r 1,•mh,·r·JI, 7001. ·1·J.,..n..•,m:,;o,,,,..intc..·n.-stiugmsights of tlw to,wrs. Of m,,,t\• .,,,.to llw i,tru(·tural 1.k:l-it,u 0 <..·our:,;e.• hi1wMih1 i:".1lw,,y;<. }0 }0, ,md no huildini i.s immunt' to lh<•imp,1<· 1-ir<'dJnug, .. ,,_;i S('('ll on tha.t latdi.1ld.1y.

All i.n aU, this is a fine· n~.:idif ~·ou, lik<' m<·' lll.Ul

orSkt•I. I )uff'/,imnwl"m,\11


OSHA 1926. 750 SUBPART ..R .. TRAINING PROGRAM Brought to you by the Steel Erectors Association of America, these comprehensive Subpart R training modules are videos designed to aid in the compliance of OSHA's mandatory training requirements in: Connector training, CDZ training, Fall Hazard training, and Multiple Lift Rigging training. The Subpart R Compliance Guide offers fully-tabbed regulations, interpretations, illustrations, sample documents, and an interactive CD-ROM.



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AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH LANGUAGES TESTIMONIES "The SEAA videos have done an excellent job in taking the information given by OSHA and turning it into an easy-to-understand format." - Mike Linch, VP Safety and Field Operations, Basden Steel and Erec1ion, Inc. "For a company with Spanish-speaking employees, this video series is a MUST." - Lili Saldivar, Human Resources & Training, Metropiex Crane Partners


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