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Since 1962, Dr. Wille L. Morrow has been the world’s expert on Afro-curly hair and Black skin-care. In a career that spans over 53 years, he has authored over 20 books and 100 research papers. These writings have been used by several branches of the United States Government, state legislators, state and federal judiciary system, professional beauty organizations and highly regarded medical boards. Dr. Morrow’s accomplishments are constant, innovative and industry-proven!

Who is the scientist of California Green! The Father of Modern Afro-curly Hair Science has Done It Again! Dr. Willie Morrow discovered a way for Afro-curly hair to be processed in healthy ways. This has been his life-long mission. Today, he is at the pinnacle of his career, introducing a totally Green hair care system that processes hair therapeutically.

The most experienced Black hair expert dives into the sciences of Afro-curly hair to discover the product system of the century.

All Green

Dr. Morrow would like to invite you to embark on a journey of a life time: realizing our desire for high fashion, hair styling and maintenance without the price tag of losing our most prized possession “Our Hair!” Join us in eliminating harsh chemicals from our Black hair-care industry. Let us transform it from an environmental chemical waste dump to an Totally Green Hairviable, Carenonenvironmentally friendly, Supplements corrosive healthy hair-care, rain forest. It’s time for us to cash in on our nature! Welcome to the world of “California Green.”

The Willie Morrow "GreenScience™”

The Science Is The Only Answer! Twenty years ago, my research took me to the art of chemical principles known as Alchemy. By understanding the art of Alkalines and Acids, I believed that, one day, I would design a complete line of products that aligned Afro-curly with the very nature that sustains us: mother earth and its MINERALS! For over twenty years, I researched the power of minerals, mastered the understanding of their attributes and behaviors. Then, I asked myself the ultimate question: “How do I get Afro-curly hair to be straight, without diminishing its health and natural consistency, in any way? Well, I managed to bring technologies together like Nano-technology, ceramic technology, acid research and, of course, the technology of Totally Green Hair the oceans: mineral salts. The key was found in the synergy Supplements of all of those elements. The Tri-Matrix, known as the hair shaft, is metabolically activated by the synergy of thermodynamics (heat) and hydraulics (water science) while maintaining the Tri Matrix integrity of the hair, itself!


Known Issues Acid based texturizers are no longer suitable; they are highly corrosive and dehydrating! They cause the hair to become brittle and very coarse. They rob the hair of natural sheen and flexibility

Twenty years of Research Pays off! The Breakthrough was apparent when my eyes witnessed that a specific hair cuticle conditioning changed the cuticle’s behavior. The key to the solution is an understanding of the problematic role of hair moisture retention - the main issue for Afro-curly hair. For instance, why do some hair frizz or why are most ethnic-curly textured hair is coarser than others? Once one understands the Tri-Matrix’s relationship with moisture and how it is absorbed, hair fiber conditioning becomes a fascinating subject.

The Willie Morrow "Green Science™”

MINERALS The nutritious properties of minerals have proven to be vital for hair conditioning. Being genetically flat in structure, Afro-curly hair cuticles can get twisted, or even turn in backwards. Our Mineral technology Green realigns the cuticles with the generalTotally Tri-Matrix hair Hair Care shaft so that once moisture moleculesSupplements are infused, moisture is retained. Fact By removing the acidic anhydrous nature of the cuticle layer, the mineral technology changes this nature into a hydrous, flexible and supple environment that allow moisture deposits to go through the cuticle and be stored into the hair’s cortex. Note: Coarseness is not texture. Coarseness is the lack of absorption. That is why brittle hair or coarse hair frizzes. Afro-curly hair is a coil or spiral in repetition. This is not a phenomenon; it is a genetic formation found in nature. I have formulated the above science from the hair’s structural integrity, not it’s cultural stigma.

Heat Activated Formulation


Thermo Heat naturally opens the pore. It seals, re-textures and smoothes the cuticles.



3 layers of hair become pliable as heat stimulates all three layers.

The chemical relationship of minerals and its content.

Mene The measurement and pH strength.

Alchemy Heat Harnessing the power of heat, energy is the key to healing. Being very therapeutic, heat guards against bacteria and is vital to moisture retention. “California Green� mineral properties therapeutically enter the pores with heat.

Totally Green Hair Care Supplements

Tri Tri-Matrix processing results in a flexuous and pliable keratin protein fiber.



Researching the relationship of minerals with protein fiber is the key factor.

Mene The point between wellness (health) and illness is pH balance and the measurement of the synergy of heat.

Heat Activated Formulation


Hydro The hair’s elixir, Alka water is infused into hair.



3 layers of hair become pliable as heat stimulates all layers.

The chemical relationship of minerals and content.

Mene The measurement and pH strength.

Alchemy Hydro Totally

Green Hair Care Water is the greatest moisturizerSupplements on earth. However, the key is to make water retention remain in abundance. Minerals keep water retention high. Water with minerals are a natural humectant. It is the nature of this combination to continuously attract water. Tri Tri-matrix processing results in a flexuous and pliable keratin protein fiber. Acto Researching the relationship of minerals with protein fiber is the key factor. Mene The point between wellness (health) and illness is the pH balance and the measurement of the synergy of heat.

The New Green Press Technology The Willie Morrow "Green Science™� vs. The 1800 Traditional Press and Curl Method Green technology, within the Afro-curly hair care industry, means product science that enhances hair textures without harming or deteriorating the hair itself. Within the next paragraphs, we provide insight into the old, antiquated hair care methods such as using permanent waving solutions or direct hard heat (called thermo-reconditioning) that are no longer suitable for use. Those methods provide an uncontrolled environment, therefore creating an unhealthy hair shaft behavior which causes unstable pH levels. Direct Heat Method

Totally Green Hair Care Supplements Extreme uncontrolled heat, known as the Press and Curl process, causes the cuticle to separate one from another and dehydrates the hair. The effects of this poor heat method aggravates, scorches and burns the cuticles, causing it to bend, to disfigure and to be weakened. In addition, this condition makes hair manageability and style difficult and causes the hair to break or fall out whenever the hair is combed or brushed.

The New California Green Press-In Cream Application

The Willie Morrow "Green Science™�

Part 1 Hair cuticles reflect elasticity and moisture level. Therefore, it was key to ensure that the California Green Press-In Cream maintains a hair cuticle environment that is undisturbed during cream application. This allows the hair to be softened and re-strengthened with heat. The hair moisture serves the same purpose as moisture on fabric when it is being pressed. Part 2 The California Green chemical-free Press-In effects the protein links in the hair by linking them closer together, in a more uniform structure. The Press-In has conditioning powers that reshapes all protein links, stretching them as they are being elongated into a softer transitional formation. NOTE: The New Press-In System creates straightness without creating distance between protein links, better yet without breaking them. This causes pH imbalances, breakage and flat lifeless hair. Example 1 Shows Dehydrated Cuticles, the rough fibers and scorched surface that makes hair hard to maneuver and style. The cuticle’s thirst for water is what causes reverting and frizz.

Totally Green Hair Care Supplements Example 2 Illustrates what the California Green does to the environment. Minerals soak into the hair fiber pores and rearranges protein links into proper pH and form.

1. Is your salon a “Chemical Waste Dump?” 2. Are your client’s quality of life, and life-span, adversely impacted by the use of harsh chemicals? 3. Is your use of hair care chemicals polluting the environment and compromising your city’s water supply?

Hair Enhancer

Tired of Harsh Chemicals?

Re-Texture Enhancer Cream The healthiest life on the planet is found in the Sea. Earth’s richest minerals are in the oceans. We have found the key to Texture Enhancement, the ultimate therapeutic processing system that upholds the integrity of the hairshaft. We call it Re-Texture Enhancement! We don’t destroy or take away from $24.99 your hair’s health; we Enhance your hair’s texture! We are in the business of giving you your best hair! NOTE: The California Green Mineral Enhancer is the world’s first alternative to harsh chemicals.

“Green Press-In” Sea Salt Minerals

Do you really KNOW… what causes hair frizz?

Alkalines are earths richest moisturizer! Imagine liquid Sea Salt Mineral transforming your hair into soft strands. Now, it is a reality!!! Frizzing has been an issue because we don’t understand the laws of absorption. Now, with our understanding of the absorption phenomenon, you can bathe your hair into the “Green Press-In” product and your hair becomes moisture balanced and extremely shiny, before your eyes! Our Green Press-In Sea Salt Minerals stretches the mouth of the pores and makes them flexuous. This causes the pores to accept more moisture before evaporation occurs. Simply put, if more water is absorbed than is lost, we retain proper moisture balance and prepare the hair for healthy combing or styling.$39.99 As moisture is locked-in, frizzing does not NOTE: The “California Green Press-In” fixes occur! frizz from a scientific level, not a commercial level. Cuticle smoothness, natural sheen and true moisture retention is achieved. Voila!

“California Green Vitamin Neutra C-7”

Citrus – Vitamin C Fortified Shampoo “C” Power is the only power to have! Our C-7 is the most healthy shampoo balance for your hair. The most important factor is the moisture balance. All shampoo companies want to either shampoo your hair with herbs, extracts or oils; yet, neither promotes moisture absorption. Hair must be able to absorb its nutrients. Lemons, Pineapples, Limes and the Powerful Orange are the world’s most powerful balancer, antioxidant and chlorine neutralizer. Did you know that “Citrus” is the element that transfers the suns energy into life?

Did you know Vitamin C is Great for your scalp!

Note: For hair that is making a transition from harsh chemicals to our natural, chemical free, “California Green” products, the safe removal of all residues (from the wall of the cuticle pores and the membrane of the follicle’s womb) is crucial to the hair’s health. With the added protection factor of shampooing with the vitamin C, heat is now more of $12.95 than a foe! a healer NOTE: The “California Green Vitamin CNeutra 7 Shampoo ” is the only known “Lab” researched shampoo designed to kill harsh salon chemicals and relaxer resin. Think: In the history of ethnic hair care, has any research been done on the validity of the existing neutralizing shampoo MYTH. It’s a SHAM!

Wet & Dry Set The wet & dry set softens, conditions and enhances curls while enhancing the hair’s body “S” pattern. There is a tri-phasal method: Phase1. For a set starting out wet, apply lotion to the hair and proceed to roller set or blow dry straight.

Is your bathroom cabinet a chemical waste dump?

Phase 2. Hair that has been shampooed, apply lotion into the hair, use dryer to let it completely dry in. Proceed to blow dry hair to complete smoothness. Once blow dried, proceed to flat iron. Phase 3. Flat press ultra flat satin-like hair. For ultra humidity control, or to control sweating hair from reverting back to natural curls, try to reapply this cream twice a week let, it dry in the hair, blow dry or roll the hair to prepare it for the night. $12.95

NOTE: The California Green Wet & Dry Set Lotion eliminates the use of harmful environmental Alcohols, Gels, Flammable Spritz Sprays and Aerosol holding sprays. All of which dehydrate protein fibers. These chemicals suffocate the hair’s cuticles, due to being robbed of oxygen. The chemicals scorch your scalp and pollute the air in your home.

Blow Dry Hydrate Cream The Blow Dry Hydrate cream salt mineral penetrates the cuticle pores, conditions and provides a wet environment to the “S” bonds. With the “S” Bond material soaked in a moist environment, bonds are more fluid and flexuous with added elasticity.

Is your scalp poisoned?

SAFE GUARDS: This powerful hydration cream is activated by the energy of your blow dryer. With heat, the warmed mineral moisture is sealed into the layers between the cuticle and the membrane of the cortex. Note: For unruly hair, if moisture cannot be retained, our hair will remain problematic. If the cuticle of the hair is not moist enough to be re-formed or reshaped, a new pattern of environmental behavior, such as moisture retention, cannot be established. The Blow Dry Hydration Cream is a solution product that maintains moisture and that serves as a smoothing tool for unruly cuticles. $12.95

NOTE: The “California Green Blow Dry Hydration” Cream is an enhancement cream that fortifies the moisture within the keratin protein as it creates suppleness and smoothness.

Moisture Balance Hair Conditioner Moisture Retention --- Problem Solved! With moisture as a problem within the hair care beauty world, we present California Green Moisture Balance Hair Conditioner. Use it for daily maintenance or after a shampoo bath. Cuticles love Moisture Balance Hair Conditioner because it moistens from the inside out (from the medulla to the hair’s cuticle) and it fights moisture evaporation. It is simply moist…silky… luxury!


Do you believe that damaged hair can be truly moisturized? TRUE… YES… They CAN!

NOTE: The “California Green Moisture Balance Hair Conditioner” Cream delivers micro-hydrominerals through the cell tissue into the inner layers of the cuticle, then into the cortex layer where moisture is retained.

Thermo Cream “Oil With Water is Pure Mastery…This is Just Money in the Bank!” Dr. Willie Morrow This is thee first Green Oil & Moisture Mix that provides “true” instant absorption action. It is a mix of water (for ultimate absorption) and oil (for adhesive lock-in.) Oils glue themselves to the walls of the membrane of tissue; but…how they get there, is via water.

Do you believe that oil really moisturizes the scalp and hair? FALSE… No… THEY DO NOT!

Thermo Cream --- A Pure Genius Creation!


NOTE: The California Green Thermo Cream carries Hydration into the Tri-Matrix. The oil adheres to the membrane’s hair shaft that provides moisture retention. If oil cannot be absorbed, then it cannot moisturize. NOW, oil can be absorbed and moisture is retained!

Ordering call 1-800-979-2875

A Safe & Green Hair Care System Vitamin Neutra C-7”

Blow Dry Hydrate For extra hydration

Citrus – Vitamin C Fortified Shampoo

Hair Enhancer

“Green Press-In” Sea Salt Minerals

Re-Texture Enhancer Cream





Gloss Spray For ultimate sheen

Moisture Balance

Thermo Cream

Wet & Dry Set

Moisture Conditioner

soy oil cream

Organic Setting Lotion



$19.95 $12.95

All Green

For ordering Call 1-800-979-2875 or 619-668-1007

The California Green Hair Care System  

The Organic Mineral Eco-Hair System

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