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2018 Dems

PEW RESEARCH: Blacks were more likely than whites to act upon print and online news in two particular ways: speaking with someone offline and saving news for later. Black online news consumers, on average, spoke with someone about the news they got 38% of the time, compared with 29% of the time for whites. They were also slightly more likely than whites to bookmark or save a news article for later, though the rate that this was done was quite low for both groups (7% vs. 4%).

Southern Californians are multi-generational and racially diverse.

Highly-engaged community encompassing 6K+ reader consumerism:

• Baby Boomers 29% • GEN X 71% • Millennials:16%

Female 68% Male 32%

Reader Identity: Cultural Shapers Technophiles Socio-entrepreneurial

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2018 rate card  
2018 rate card