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Fund Types The South Dakota Community Foundation is made up of 925 endowed funds that hold approximately $317 million. Each fund type allows a donor or nonprofit to accomplish different goals. See which fund type best fits your charitable intentions. The percentages listed reflect the portion of total SDCF assets each fund type represents.

Designated Funds


Benefit specific charitable organizations selected by the donor. With a designated fund, you can support organizations that are important to you for generations. Learn how an estate gift helps a community on page 8.

Agency Endowment Funds


Established by a nonprofit to create a long-term funding source to support the organization.

Donor Advised Funds


Allow donors maximum flexibility with their giving. Each year, donors recommend nonprofit organizations to receive grants. Donors can also name successor advisors to continue the giving tradition or designate the organizations they would like to receive benefits beyond their lifetimes. Learn how a family is creating a legacy and passing on their philanthropic values through their donor advised fund on pages 11-12.

Community Savings Accounts (13%) Giving community members a way to support basic needs and enhance the quality of life in their hometown. A local board of directors raises funds and distributes grants in the community. The community of Faith decided to create a long-term funding source for charitable causes in their area. Read about it on pages 50-51. 5

Fund Types

Scholarship Funds


Benefit South Dakota high school graduates pursuing higher education. As a scholarship fund holder, you will set the focus of the scholarship and application parameters. The SDCF will handle all the paperwork necessary to comply with federal regulations and issue the scholarship checks.

South Dakota Fund


Helps to meet the diverse and vital needs of people across the state in the areas of culture, economic development, education, health and human services. Donors can establish a named fund within the South Dakota Fund to honor their family’s name forever. The SDCF Board of Directors selects grant recipients throughout the year based on a competitive grant selection process. The SDCF awarded a grant that impacts students across South Dakota through Junior Achievement of South Dakota. Read more on pages 34-35.

Field of Interest Funds


Support broad areas of interest, specific issues, people, groups or geographic areas. Donors can choose to support causes represented by existing field of interest funds or start their own. The SDCF Board of Directors awards the grants from these funds each year. The Fairy Godmother’s Fund celebrates its 10th anniversary. Learn more about the fund on page 36.

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2018 South Dakota Community Foundation Annual Report  

2018 South Dakota Community Foundation Annual Report