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Investing in South Dakota’s Future The South Dakota Community Foundation’s Objective

The goal of the South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) is to make giving back simple and effective by providing trustworthy guidance and investment management.

How The Giving Process Works:

Who We Serve In Addition To Donors:

When you establish a fund at the SDCF, the principal of your charitable donation is invested. Each year, a percentage of your fund’s value is made available for distribution through grants to charitable causes. As investment returns accumulate, the fund can continue to impact South Dakotans forever. We put the power of endowment to work for good.

Nonprofit Organizations: In 2018, nonprofits received

Where Your Donations Go:

over $1.3 million from the SDCF through the South Dakota Fund, Community Innovation and Nonprofit Savings Accounts grant programs. In addition, over $17.5 million was distributed to nonprofits through funds the SDCF manages for donors. The SDCF also offers agency endowment funds to help nonprofits create long-term funding sources. Communities: The SDCF has a fund type specifically

We work with you, your family and/or your financial advisor to make giving to causes you care about a seamless process. We offer a variety of fund types to meet your charitable goals. For example, you can designate specific charitable organizations, set up a scholarship for local students, support your local community savings account or make a broad impact on culture, economic development, education, health and human services.

for communities called Community Savings Accounts (CSA). A CSA will help support basic needs and enhance the quality of life within a community through grant awards to local organizations for years to come. Today, there are nearly 80 communities partnering with us. Advisors: We partner with professional advisors to

help clients accomplish their charitable goals through estate planning.

What you can give: You can donate a variety of assets to benefit others. We accept:




Cash, Check or Credit Card

Stocks and Bonds, Land, Commodities and Personal Property

Bequests (Will), Life Insurance, Charitable Trusts and Gift Annuities Investing in South Dakota’s Future


Profile for South Dakota Community Foundation

2018 South Dakota Community Foundation Annual Report  

2018 South Dakota Community Foundation Annual Report