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Government Translations for Secure Countries Technology has facilitated today's world to be increasingly connected. Since urbanization, population growth and shortages of resources have strained systems, individual governments continuously work to connect the world and adopt a global outlook. To improve the environment and social conditions and bring in economic growth, many governments need to communicate, gather views and knowledge from other local communities and meet the demands of the citizens. This calls for smart handling of security issues and language differences. However, for the government organizations to communicate openly with their citizens’, information needs to be readily available in a language understood by them across various channels. Government translations have since long depended on the capabilities of human translators and interpreters for global communication. The technological innovations have helped various governments to tap the information available across the globe and translate content faster into multiple languages across diverse communities and create smarter and sustainable cities. Defense establishments of every nation are dependent on the information available from external sources. The information is gathered from agencies through various operations need to be accessed through faster means than depending on human translators for timely actions. Instant translation of the multilingual data would facilitate the government authorities to take immediate and emergent action to safeguard the country. Further, since the sensitive and critical information gathered includes human intelligence, satellite, aerial photography, open source, signals, technical, financial intelligence, cryptanalysis and communication interception. Deciphering this multilingual content will provide the security establishments with early warnings of an impending crisis. For other government establishments, translation of the multilingual content will facilitate correct analysis and effective communication across the public regarding policies and other public sector information. The growing need for data capture requirements and the available volume of content for all government entities has made translation solutions a vital factor. With real-time translation being the need of the hour, a number of service providers have used the technological innovation to develop translation tools and software that can facilitate government translation. The solutions will help them cost-effectively translate content into multiple languages and connects to diverse communities in real-time enabling faster mission critical decision making. By installing enterprise translation servers, the service providers ensure government sectors with on-premise translation services that are secure and automated and integrate well with workflow and existing applications such as translator productivity, foreign broadcast monitoring, web monitoring document exploitation and multilingual search. Using a statistically based translation technology with a dictionary to manage terminology translation the service providers also ensures that large scale government translation have broad language coverage, are scalable and are also a cost-effective value addition to the existing applications. Read more on - Software Language Technology Solutions, EasyTranslator, Global Information Management

Government Translations for Secure Countries