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Collaboration is what it’s all about

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WBE: An inspiring family business Foliage specialists WBE group WBE Westland and R캐nsburg Dutch Green Centre Wiba Greens Eurose & Greens GreenZone Van Duyvenvoorde flowers & plants Javado: your partner in garden and house plants Webshop

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An inspiring family business

WBE Director Peter Baak: ‘My parents-in-law, Jaap and Ineke, laid the foundation for this company. This is certainly an achievement to be proud of.

In 1977, Jaap and Ineke Beets started a small-scale company for the export of flowers: Westland Bloemen Export (WBE). The company very quickly gained a prominent position in the floricultural sector. Since the early eighties, the demand for ornamental foliage grew, and WBE also became a prominent player in this segment. For several years the company exported flowers and ornamental foliage, but after some time the decision was made to focus on ornamental foliage. Now, 35 years later, the WBE group is still the specialist in ornamental foliage, and various other players in this market have joined under the WBE umbrella. The company also has an interest in Javado (plants) and Van Duyvenvoorde (flowers and plants) and has thus achieved a multifaceted and professional group. The philosophy based on which Jaap and Ineke Beets founded the WBE group in 1977 is still the guideline and source of inspiration: cooperation is always the basis.


Growth through the years 1977 Founding of WBE by Jaap and Ineke Beets 1994 Opening of branch in Rijnsburg 1998 Founding of Eurose & Greens 2001 Founding of DGC (Dutch Green Centre) 2005 WBE acquires an interest in Van Duyvenvoorde

Collaboration is what it’s all about

2008 GreenZone joins the WBE group 2008 Wiba Greens joins the WBE group 2011 WBE acquires an interest in Javado The WBE group has six subsidiaries and over 250 employees. The excellent cooperation between our employees of the various companies forms the basis for our group’s success. Our organisation is characterised by a flat organisational structure, transparency and short communication lines. The companies involved enjoy major synergy advantages, by establishing a joint professional IT department, for example, with in-house IT employees. In doing so we create an interesting and competitive advantage in the form of webshops, amongst other things, in a time when automation becomes increasingly important. The extent of the WBE group makes this possible for small companies that are unable to gain in-house access to this expertise. We can thus achieve state-of-the-art solutions, which result in adequate and efficient services.


Multifaceted group supplies the total package The WBE group consists of a number of companies which jointly supply a total package of floricultural products to a large and varied client base; from a small retailer to an international exporter, and from a garden centre abroad to wholesale business trade. Each autonomous company within our group has its own strength and character and therefore you will always find a supplier that suits your sales market, business operations and vision. Since the companies operate independently, each of them is a decisive company, where a personal approach

At the WBE group we look beyond the mere figures of our annual report. We attach considerable value to fair pricing throughout the entire chain and make a permanent effort in this regard. In our vision, transparent and realistic pricing is the most important condition for a successful and sustainable branch of

Stichting Dada We are ambassador for the Stichting DaDa. This organisation works to provide extra care and services to sick children in need. The organisation raises funds for projects that make kids’ stay in hospital more pleasant and which cannot be covered by the regular (healthcare) budget.

industry. Our company also pays a great deal of attention to corporate social responsibility. We interpret this in a concrete manner by being involved in a number of charities. In addition, our name is linked to a large number of local initiatives. For many years we have sponsored various local sports clubs and facilitated a wide spectrum of small-scale activities, and also gladly take our social responsibility in this regard.

Ride for the Roses The Ride for the Roses, a cycle tour of 100 kilometres and two tours of 25 and 50 kilometres, is an event (campaign) in support of the fight against cancer. We actively participate in this event with a large group. The Ride for the Roses has, in the meantime, become a household name in the Dutch cycling world.

is guaranteed. The cohesion and scale behind the scenes of the group give you the necessary benefits, but you are still able to benefit from the individual small-scaled nature of the companies, on a daily basis.

Social involvement

Oranje Trophy (Orange Trophy) WBE is the main sponsor of ‘Team WBE’ consisting of Geraldine and Bo van der Voort (cousins), and in doing so, supports the adventurous charity event ‘Oranje Trophy 2014’. With the start in New York and the finish line in Rio de Janeiro, this adventure is an extreme test for participants and their vehicles. In their (orange) 1975 Opel Ascona, Team WBE will also pay attention to various local charities in Central America, together with WBE suppliers.


Foliage specialists WBE group supplies a complete and high-quality selection

Five companies within the WBE group are specialised in the foliage segment: WBE, Eurose & Greens, Wiba Greens, Dutch Green Centre and GreenZone. These foliage suppliers are complementary and jointly guarantee the most complete selection of foliage. These autonomous companies trade ornamental foliage from carefully selected nurseries across the globe. The entrepreneurs have excellent contacts in Africa, Australia, North and South America, for example, but also in European countries such as France, Germany and Italy.


WBE was founded in 1977 and has grown, over the years, into a company with more than 60 employees, divided amongst two locations: flower auction FloraHolland Westland and FloraHolland Rijnsburg.

WBE Westland and WBE Rijnsburg: a strong trade name

WBE imports ornamental foliage from all over the world and supplies an extensive range to buyers at flower auctions. We also export independently to a large number of destinations within and outside of Europe. Product and service quality has been the common thread within WBE since its initial establishment. There is a reason, after all, why we are able to call ourselves market leader in ornamental foliage.


DG C DGC: ornamental foliage, ornamental fruit and decoration items


Dutch Green Centre (DGC) was founded in 2001. However, the skilled employees working in our company have considerably more experience in the world of ornamental foliage, and have a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the sector. Flower wholesalers, cash & carry companies and garden centres in Holland and abroad therefore gladly do business with DGC. Our client base is also growing significantly in Russia. We attach considerable value to personal contact which results in long-term relationships. Dutch Green Centre has an extremely wide selection of products. In addition to practically all types of ornamental foliage, we also supply ample ornamental fruit and decoration items. These items can be ordered easily in our own user-friendly webshop.

DGC Director Eric de Wolff: ‘The dynamics in this green business never bores.’


Wiba Greens was founded in 2008. We are a young and enthusiastic company, specialised in the import and export of ornamental foliage. We serve a growing group of importers and exporters from our location at the FloraHolland flower auction in

Wiba Greens: proactive partner offers complete selection

Aalsmeer. We prove ourselves on a daily basis as a proactive partner for our clients no matter the size of the deal. Wiba Greens supplies a complete selection and has built a strong name in especially Pistache and Galax. We listen carefully to our clients’ requirements and always search for new products with which to meet these needs.

Head of Sales and Purchasing, Wil Spierenburg: ‘Purchasing the most beautiful products: that is my passion.’


Eurose & Greens: foliage specialist at FloraHolland Aalsmeer

Eurose & Greens was founded in 1998. This subsidiary is established at FloraHolland flower auction in Aalsmeer and is a specialist in ornamental foliage. We import and export an extremely wide selection of products and supply to retail trade, importers and exporters, as well as to our own WBE group partners. Eurose & Greens represents a client-oriented approach. We supply fast, we know our clients and we work with competitive, great prices. Clients are able to place orders fast and easily through our smart webshop. This webshop has a very complete selection of floricultural products: ornamental foliage, of course, but also flowers, plants and decoration material. Since we form part of the WBE group, we are able to provide our clients with a high-quality total package.

Salesman John van Beek: ‘Quality is important. This is true for our clients, and therefore also for us.’


Manager Marco Storm: ‘We act fast: for us, action immediately results in a reaction.’

GreenZone was founded in 2006 and is established at the auction grounds of Rhein - Maas in Herongen (Germany). GreenZone supplies foliage from all continents: by means of its own import activities, on the one hand, and by means of close

GreenZone: total supplier in Germany

cooperation with renowned companies from Aalsmeer, Westland and Rijnsburg, on the other hand. We also supply flowers and plants and are thus a total supplier for florists and wholesale traders in the Netherlands and Germany. What’s more, GreenZone is also a specialist in painted and waxed products. Each season GreenZone puts a special product in the spotlight. Cut (spring) branches in January, Peonies in May, Summer Flowers in July, Pumpkins in August and Vaccinium and Pinus in November. Through our excellent contacts with nurseries we are able to guarantee high quality at a great price. Clients are able to purchase these products and others through telephone, fax or email, but also through our own webshop. Our team of ten individuals advice and assist our clients on a daily basis.


The client’s eyes and ears Van Duyvenvoorde flowers & plants: the client is at the heart of our efforts

Van Duyvenvoorde flowers & plants was founded in 1979. The company has since grown into a reliable specialist in the field of purchasing, packaging and automation. Our committed employees are aware of current trends and know how the floricultural market works. They are

Van Duyvenvoorde flowers & plants has been

our clients’ eyes and ears. Through KOA

active in the export of flowers and plants for the

(distance purchasing), they purchase

past 35 years. Personal contact is an important

from all the flower auctions in the

pillar for our professional and enthusiastic team of


employees. Personal contact allows us to join client

The short lines within Van Duyvenvoorde

in the thinking process, to provide them the best

guarantee a fast and efficient handling

advice and to make their needs central. Our motto

of orders placed. We are also able to

is: customised work, personal attention and good

anticipate special needs with flexibility.


Special packaging, bar codes on the cover or a price label on the plant? Anything is possible.


Branches all throughout Europe

Poland Van Duyvenvoorde flowers & plants has a branch in Poznan: Bart Kwiaty. From this location we supply fresh flowers and plants to wholesale traders in Poland. We make the trip to Poland daily with our own transport. UK In the UK we have a partnership with Flowervision. We supply to these cash & carry companies on a daily basis and


they distinguish themselves through a unique combination of traditional cash & carry and webshop sales. Germany

Van Duyvenvoorde flowers & plants offers an extensive

Van Duyvenvoorde runs a cash &

selection of high-quality flowers and plants.

carry according to the Flowervision

One can order from our selection in various ways:

concept in Reutlingen, in the south of

• Webshop: this is where we present - with a photo - the


products purchased on a daily basis.

• Online order list: includes an incredible 2,500 products, equipped with a photo and reference price.

• Through email, fax or telephone.

France In France we have a partnership with Hortipole. This partner receives flowers and plants on a daily basis and runs a cash & carry in Orgeval. Hortipole also offers opportunities for supply to Paris.


Javado: your partner in garden and house plants

Javado Director Evert Thielen: ‘Our intricate logistics process is truly unique.’

Javado’s mission and ambition is: the daily supply of an extremely large selection of plants of top quality to flower shops, wholesale traders and a large number of garden centres in Europe. Plant exporter Javado was founded in 1982, and was one of the first exporters to directly supply garden centres. We don’t merely cater to the large players in the market, but are also a reliable and professional partner for the smaller garden centres and flower shops throughout Europe. Javado is situated in modern and functional premises at FloraHolland Westland flower auction, where we work with a motivated and competent team of 40 professionals. We form part of the WBE group and are thus part of a healthy and stable company.


Unrivalled selection Javado is the place to be for indoor plants, bedding plants, garden plants and hardy nursery stock. The same is true for specialist products, such as carnivorous plants or special orchids. At Javado you are at the right place. Our unrivalled wide selection consists – depending on the season – of 5000 to 8000 items. Our product specialists, each with their own expertise, compile this selection with the greatest care, by always selecting the best products from over 900 nurseries in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Spain and Italy. Management of this wide selection is a dynamic process which requires our undivided daily attention. We monitor the quality, availability and price level on a continuous basis, and ensure that our selection is up-to-date and of high quality at all times.

As a driven and professional partner in potted plants, we want to be more to our clients than merely a product supplier. We help our clients in their business growth and success and gladly make the expertise of our own quick-witted marketing team available for this purpose. Our team develops creative ideas and surprising styling suggestions, and joins the clients in the thinking process regarding the right type of exposure in the store. For all important sales times during the year, such as Christmas and Mother’s Day, we develop inspiring brochures jam packed with products and ideas with which the client can gain distinction and stand out from the rest.

Marketing support 15

Order fast and easily through the webshop

Unique logistics process At Javado the logistics aspect is based entirely on our clients’ needs. We understand like no other how important it is for our clients to be able to perform large transactions as well as daily individual orders in a problem free manner, with just-in-time delivery. This is why we developed a unique logistics process, which allows our clients to place their orders easily, whilst we protect them from risky stock holding. We keep the order quantities small and the supply options open: the client is thus always assured of fresh products. Our approach promotes the stock turn for the client and this is beneficial to the entire chain.

Our selection is available in our webshop 24/7. Here you can view the entire up-to-date selection per category or by using the search function. The photos provide a real-life representation of our selection and you clearly see the price assigned to the product. If you order in the morning before 5 o’clock, our product specialists will ensure that we receive all plants fresh that same day. We allow the plants to remain with the grower for as long as possible, because we realise that nobody can take better care of the product than the actual grower. If you prefer, we will supply your products with a price sticker or special label upon arrival. As the afternoon draws to an end, we prepare your order for dispatch and the truck departs to the final destination. You cannot get products any fresher than this!


Webshop: order when and where you like E-commerce is a development that we at the WBE group signalled at an early stage; we became involved immediately and to an adequate extent. All companies within the WBE group have a user-friendly webshop with 24/7 order capabilities. Online ordering represents ease and speed, and since we developed the webshops with the greatest possible care, you are assured of a reliable order process. You get access to the complete selection and with your personal login code are able to place an order any time of the day or night, from any location. Comfort, service and assurance are the keywords. Would you prefer to request a test account first, or do you need further explanation of the options and advantages of our webshops? Please feel free to contact one of the companies of the WBE group.



WBE Westland

WBE Rijnsburg

Dutch Green Centre

Wiba Greens

Eurose and Greens


Postal address FloraHolland - Naaldwijk PO Box 592 2675 ZV Honselersdijk

Address FloraHolland - Rijnsburg 3 Laan van Verhof 2231 BZ Rijnsburg Box D0.21

Postal address FloraHolland - Naaldwijk PO Box 681 2675 ZX Honselersdijk

Postal address PO Box 592 2675 ZV Honselersdijk

Postal address Eurose and Greens BV PO Box 1450 1430 BL Aalsmeer

Address R1118 Veilingstrasse D47638 Straelen Herongen Germany

Address Eurose and Greens BV 313 Legmeerdijk, location 004-09 1431 BL Aalsmeer


Address FloraHolland - Naaldwijk 29 Middel Broekweg 2675 KB Honselersdijk Str. 26 Box 71 T F E

+31 174 629 888 +31 174 627 034


+31 71 202 0021 +31 71 403 3077

Address 116 Venus Docks 126 / 127 / 128 2675 LN Honselersdijk Location Flora Holland RO M8-14 T Box F E

+31 174 637 963 +31 174 633 751 +31 174 614 858

Address FloraHolland - Aalsmeer 313 Legmeerdijk 1431 GB Aalsmeer Location 004-09 Dock 15 Location: 004-22 Dock 16 Location: 004-23 T E

+31 297 519 310 / +31 297 519 311

Dock 12 = location 004-19 Dock 13 = location 004-20 Dock 14 = location 004-21 T Box F E

+31 297 324 276 +31 297 219 880 +31 297 329 721

+31 77 800 12 00 +31 77 477 04 54

Van Duyvenvoorde Flowers & plants Postal address BJ van Duyvenvoorde & Zn BV PO Box 551 2675 ZV Honselersdijk Address 184 Venus 2675 LN Honselersdijk T F E

+31 174 612 270 +31 174-612 275

Javadoplant Postal address PO Box 662 2675 ZX Honselersdijk Address 116 Venus 2675 LN Honselersdijk T F E

+31 174 615 444 +31 174 622 018

WBE - Coöperation is the basis  
WBE - Coöperation is the basis  

WBE - Coöperation is the basis