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Our firm Who are we and what do we do? We combine strong analytical skills and execution power to solve your real estate challenges. We are professionals with impact. In close cooperation with our clients we develop and implement financially sustainable strategies for area development, real estate development projects and real estate portfolios. Since its founding in 1981, Fakton has developed from a financial consultancy firm to an all-round real estate strategy firm with its presence and impact in four major market segments: • Public • Housing corporations • Developers & End Users • Banks & Investors

(Re)development services In the current challenging market, the success of a (re) development project depends on so much more than just the location and the quality of the building. It is all about developing and implementing a smart integral strategy that unlocks the potential within the limitations of the constraints of the project. With this brochure we will give you an insight in our methods and our track record with regard to such challenges.

In the past three decades, our services expanded considerably. Our services range from strategy development and implementation to partnering and dealmaking, as well as process- and project management. Although we have gone through a considerable change, we remained faithful to our roots. Thorough financial analysis will always be the backbone of our services. We strongly believe a project cannot succeed if the strategy and execution of that project are not based on a solid financial analysis. In the end, every real estate challenge comes down to a gap between ambition, vision, resources and implementation. We help you to bridge that gap!

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(Re)development services

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Our method In today’s investment climate, the success of a property (re)development is more than ever defined by the capacity to attract a critical volume of economic resources. Carefully engaging the potential of what is already present in a development area is essential. However, the challenge to unlock this potential requires an integral approach that exposes the constraints and opportunities on all scales, not just on the scale of a single building. We strongly believe that only an integral approach will render success. It’s a matter of knowing what is going on in the local market, the municipality’s planning arena, competing initiatives in the surroundings (competitive as well as supportive), the specific (technical) characteristics of the location and the building, the zoning plans, existing contracts and environmental constraints. We follow a six step process to investigate, define and unlock the potential of a building or a location: • Step 1: Effective market pressure analysis • Step 2: Technical and spatial analysis • Step 3: Policy, rules and regulation analysis • Step 4: Ideation • Step 5: Strategy formulation • Step 6: Execution Through careful analysis and a thorough understanding of the opportunities, market dynamics, constraints and available financial instruments, we create and test ideas (ideation) to find the specific realistic solution, which is viable and manageable within the financial capabilities and risk appetite of our client. We translate this idea into a solid strategy which is the road map for the execution phase. In the execution phase we manage the entire (technical) process from design to delivery as well as the entire commercial process, always in close cooperation with our client.

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(Re)development services Using the earlier described method as a guiding framework, we provide the following (re)development services to our clients. Effective market pressure analysis To successfully (re)develop a project, a good understanding of the location and market is essential. We combine our analytical skills and knowledge of the real estate market with the knowledge on consumer behavior by using ‘Big Data’. By projecting the demand on the characteristics of the project, we know which product is most promising in a certain location, thereby enhancing the success of your project. (Re)development strategies What business case can be developed for alternative use of your property? What area development strategy works best for this location? What types of housing should we develop on this location to match the market and to make a feasible plan? What is the best strategy for contracts with the local authorities for this area development project? All kinds of questions have to be answered in the early stages of a (re)development project. We can help you to get things clear in these early stages and we can help you to develop the best strategy for your project. Deal support Every (re)development involves a set of deals that need to be aligned and closed in order to create the expected value, as well as to mitigate risks. Whether it is your land deal, lease deal, construction deal, financing deal, selling or buying deal, we are there to support you in setting up and negotiating the different deals, in order to create maximum value against acceptable and manageable risks.

(Re)development management and Project management Whether you are constructing a new building, redeveloping a building or changing the fit of a building, our project directors are there to manage your project from initiative, through the design phase, contracting phase, construction phase and finally delivery, within time and budget. With our team of highly experienced project directors we combine strong analytical skills and financial intelligence with raw experience and execution power. Our project directors have a broad network of well-known architects and engineers from which they can select the best team for your specific project. You will experience the ease of having only one company as point of contact in a complex project. Letting management Nowadays letting a building to a client is so much more than putting up a ‘for rent’ sign on the facade, and negotiating rental price and conditions with the client. It requires close cooperation between the owner and his team of real estate agents to get a deal done. We provide considerable added value to this process by managing the team of real estate agents as well as bringing thorough knowledge, strategic insight and process skills to the table. We take control of the process from the moment a potential lead arises to the signing of the contract. We don’t simply talk rental prices or standard rental contracts. We provide potential tenants with a complete business case based on ‘Total Occupancy Costs’ in order to convince them that this is the building they should rent. The business case is the basis for the tailor made rental contract that incorporates aspects like sustainability and tenant specific services.

Our cases





Blaak8, Rotterdam

G-star HQ, Amsterdam

Fakton supported Blauwhoed Real Estate Development with the development, letting and selling process of Blaak8 (15.000m2 offices) in Rotterdam.

Fakton managed the contracting process for G-Star for the development and construction of their new HQ in Amsterdam, a design by OMA (Rem Koolhaas).

Our work contained: • Management of the design & construct team (architect: GroupA, contractor: Dura Vermeer) • Managing the permit process (complicated due to building right next to major railway tunnel) • Final negotiations with Dura Vermeer about price and contracts • Adding sustainability measures to the building and contracting them with the construction parties as well as the investor (Kroonenberg Groep) • Managing the contracts between Blauwhoed (developer) and Kroonenberg (investor) • Setting up marketing strategy • Managing letting team (DTZ and JLL) • Setting up lease proposals to potential clients • Negotiations with and closing the deal with Stedin (the lessee for entire building)

During the construction phase, Fakton was involved in advising the board of G-Star about various issues concerning the construction works as well as interior fit out. Our work contained: • Managing the design team and legal team for setting up tender and legal documents • Manage tender process • Final negotiations with selected parties • Manage contracting • Strategic advice to the board about various issues concerning the new HQ.

Our cases

Central Plaza, Rotterdam

WeenaBLVD, Rotterdam

Westewagenstraat, Rotterdam

In 2012 Fakton was assigned by Unibail Rodamco for the repositioning of 18.000m2 offices in Weena Plaza adjacent to the Central Station in Rotterdam. Fakton developed the business case for the repositioning of the building and headed the design team. The entire building was internally stripped and completely renovated. Sustainability was an important issue in the refurbishment program. We managed to improve the energy label from label E to A.

Fakton was hired by LSI Project Investment NV to develop (and manage the proces) a strategy for the large scale area development (≼ 130.000m² GFA) right next to the Central Station in Rotterdam.

Fakton is hired by Matrans Holding (Vervat Vastgoed) for the development and realisation of 230 apartments in the City Centre of Rotterdam.

Our works contained: strategy formulation, management of the design & engineering team, cost management, scheduling, reporting to the board, management of required permits, setting up tender procedure, selection and contracting of contractors, budget, safety and time control. In this project we fully facilitate our principal in Paris.

In close cooperation with LSI, planners, architects, construction companies, and the municipality we formulated a development strategy that is economically viable, financially feasible, phasable and commercially attractive to potential tenants. Based on the new development strategy we are now developing the first phase in close cooperation with LSI Project Investment NV.

In close cooperation with Klunder Architects we developed a plan that was approved by the Municipality despite the semi-monumental status of the existing buildings on site that will be demolished. We recently closed the deal with the Municipality and are now managing the design proces. Planned start construction by the beginning of 2015.

Our team Looking for a fresh view on your real estate or (re)development project? The current market requires smart and financially sustainable strategies for (re)development projects. The people in our team are very experienced

in this field of expertise. They combine strong analytical skills and financial knowledge with practical experience and execution power in the field of real estate (re)development - housing as well as commercial real estate.

Mark Kuijpers

Erik Faber

John van den Kleyenberg

Erik Woede

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Tim Wendrich

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Fakton - Brochure

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