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t’s that time of year. Couples are buying expensive jewelry, donning fancy clothes, fighting for the perfect date at the perfect venue and gathering friends and family as they make a public announcement of their lifelong commitment to each other. That’s right — it’s wedding season. Though San Diego — with its (mostly) perpetual “70 and sunny” weather — sees a fair number of weddings all year round, there still exist those few months when almost every wedding professional works an event every weekend. From about April to October, the wedding industry clicks into overtime as couples plan for that perfect day. And plan they must. For what is essentially a party to celebrate love, weddings involve months of planning and preparation, even for those couples who think they’re putting together a simpler event by foregoing the big traditional affair. Venue, food, drink, flowers, attire, guest accommodations, order of events, music, rings, vows… the list goes on. Fortunately for couples planning their weddings in La Jolla — one of the county’s most popular wedding destinations — the community offers just about everything one needs to plan such an event within one ZIP code. Even better, couples from all over San Diego will have the chance to come face to face with all the vendors they’ll need for their wedding at the Wedding Party Bridal Show on July 1 at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine. Founded more than a decade ago by Pamela Ann Noxon, the Wedding Party Bridal Show brings together all the wedding services a couple could dream of under one roof. But rather than just a trade show pairing up potential customers with potential service providers, Noxon has molded the show into a unique event that showcases carefully vetted wedding professionals and exposes soon-to-be newlyweds to available services that they didn’t even know existed. “I felt San Diego needed something that would help target better wedding professionals and experts — those that have a positive attitude and that are more talented, who would bring more to the couple’s special day than just a vendor,” she said. “The web is wonderful for researching what you want, but if you’re going to hire people, you need to meet them and feel out if they’re a


What’s inside Check out the complete guide to La Jolla weddings, from flowers to food to fashion. Turn to pages 8 and 9 for the full rundown.


Photo courtesy of Robert Marcos for the Wedding Party Bridal Show

The lifeguard union is stepping into the long contentious Children’s Pool saga with a new solution. DON BALCH | Village News

Lifeguard union proposes long-term solution to endless Children’s Pool saga BY MARIKO LAMB | VILLAGE NEWS After years of observing and mitigating increasingly impassioned arguments at Children’s Pool beach, the lifeguard union has come up with what it says is a comprehensive solution to the pro-seal versus pro-beach access debate that has tirelessly ensued for years. “I’ve watched the evolution of this seal issue since 1993,” said lifeguard union spokesman Ed Harris. “When I look at it, I see a lot of problems. The only way to get back to where we were is to come up with a compromise. If SEE SEALS, Page 2

Post office task force still working toward solution BY DAVE SCHWAB | VILLAGE NEWS La Jolla post office is not up for sale. At least not yet. But there’s still no guarantee that it won’t be. The original timetable for selling the facility, however, is “out the window right now,” said Leslie Davis, interim chair of Save Our La Jolla Post Task Force at the group’s June 22 meeting. Comprised of a broad cross-section of community volunteers, the task force has been working to counteract the U.S. Postal Service’s Jan. 9 announcement that the La Jolla Post Office at 1140 Wall St. is to be relocated and its building sold to raise revenue for the financially strapped federal institution. To block the potential sale, the task SEE POST OFFICE, Page 3






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we continue to butt heads, we will never get to where we can enjoy the pool and not have the distractions of signs and bullhorns and people yelling at you … We’re killing our own tourism.” The proposed solution, Harris said, was inspired by local landscape architect Jim Neri’s use of boulders at WindanSea beach to designate an area for motorcycle parking — an idea he hopes to re-create at the Children’s Pool to separate seals and beachgoers. “In the wintertime, the kids don’t use the beach — they certainly don’t use the water — but the seals do, and they should have a place to pup. So in the wintertime, we propose marking off about 70 percent for the seals using movable boulders,” explained Harris. In the summer, when humans enjoy the beach and seals enjoy the water during the day, the boulders will be moved to designate approximately 70 percent of the beach for beachgoers, and 30 percent for seals near the seawall. “Believe it or not, the seals do not like the beach when we like the beach. It’s too hot,” he said. “They like nothing more than to be out on the rocks, especially when it’s hot. But they do like to come in at night, and they do like a place where they can get away.” Harris said the seals tend to gravitate toward the seawall, and they will naturally make that area their home. Humans, too, will have access to the beach and water, and they would have no reason to go to the seals’ designated area.

The lifeguard union’s proposal also addresses the concern about contamination in the bacteria-ridden enclave — a problem that could negatively affect humans and seals alike. Each time the boulders are moved twice a year, a certain amount of unsanitary sand would be removed and dumped over the seawall or another nearby boulder area to get flushed out naturally by the ocean, he said. “The sand will slowly work its way back into the water, the ocean will clean it [and] when it comes back ashore, the pollution is greatly reduced,” he said. “The ocean will clean that sand in a day. The fish will eat it and the sand will move right back in. It’s a very environmentally sensitive way of doing this.” Harris said the proposal is not set in stone, and he hopes both sides will come to the table to devise a win-win plan together founded on the idea of using moveable boulders. “There are still revisions that need to be done with this,” he said. “I want the groups to get together and come up with a final product — figure out how much land should be set aside and where the boulders should be.” La Jolla Parks and Beaches members backed Harris’ plan at their June 25 meeting and supported his suggestion that user groups come together to establish a feasible, longterm mitigation alternative to the year-round seal rope. “All groups are in support of doing something to settle the conflict down there,” said Parks and Beaches treasurer Phyllis Minick at the meeting. “I think you have a dynamite, workable plan.” Others at the meeting praised Har-

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ris on his leadership and emphasized the need for a solution to the longstanding problems at the Children’s Pool. “This is probably one of the most refreshing solutions I’ve heard, in my memory, for the Children’s Pool,” said Justin Schlaefli, president of San Diego Freedivers. “It’s one of the few workable solutions that achieves a true balance for the ecology that’s there, the seals that are present, the tourists who want to see the seals and the people who need access at the Children’s Pool, like freedivers.” One guest stood in opposition to the proposal, however. “The city attorney said dredging and moving was not feasible. The contamination is due to the manmade wall, and the seals have occupied it,” said seal advocate Dr. Jane Reldan. “The [California Coastal Commission] staff did consider your proposal, and that was not part of the staff recommendation. The compromise on the table right now before the Coastal Commission is the rope issue.” Harris countered that the rope barrier is only a band-aid fix to the real problem at the Children’s Pool. “We’re opposed to the year-round rope because it is not going to solve the problem. It’s going to perpetuate the problem. We believe a compromise can be made,” he said. “Both sides have guilt. Right now, we’ve got such polarization on both sides to the point where we’ve got to lop off the extremes on both sides. We need to bring people in the middle who are reasonable and say, ‘Hey, this is it.’” Harris will present the proposal to the California Coastal Commission at its July 11 meeting, where he, on

Renderings show the lifeguard union’s solution to the seals vs. beach access dilemma. Moveable boulders would segregate seals from humans, with more space being allotted to the seals during pupping season, and less to the pinnipeds in the summer. Courtesy images

behalf of the lifeguard union, will request denial of the proposed year-round rope barrier and ask the commission to give the community six months to come up with a comprehensive, long-term solution to the Children’s Pool issue.

“Right now, what we have is a free for all. We’ve allowed parties to selfpolice and be their own enforcement, and that’s where society breaks down,” he said. “I want people to look at this [plan] in a fair light and say, ‘Wow, this is something I can get behind.’”

The California Coastal Commission will hear the city's permit application to install a permanent year-round rope barrier at the Children's Pool beach at its next meeting on July 11 at 8:30 a.m. The meeting will take place at the Chula Vista Council Chambers, located at 276 Fourth Ave. For more information, call (415) 407-3211 or visit



BY DAVE SCHWAB | VILLAGE NEWS Holding the county out as a model of efficiency, Supervisor Ron Roberts spoke on the local government’s proven record of fiscal success, touching on a variety of themes at the La Jolla Community Center on June 20. Introducing Roberts, community center board chairman Glen Rasmussen spoke about Roberts’ background — a native San Diegan and SDSU undergraduate who earned his master’s degree in architecture from UC Berkeley before embarking on a successful 20-year architectural career and serving on both the City Council and County Board of Supervisors. “Roberts is known for his fiscal discipline and for his focus on at-risk youth,


CONTINUED FROM Page 1 force is continuing to pursue every legislative, governmental or legal avenue available to ensure La Jolla’s post office stays put. However, if it turns out there’s no other alternative but to sell the 75plus-year-old historically significant institution, the task force has Plan B in place — namely, ensure the community gets the first option to buy it. Davis clued her colleagues in on the latest developments. Task force representatives, she said, met recently with aides to U.S. senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, as well as local Congresswoman Susan Davis. “Susan remains committed to helping us,” Davis said, noting an interest-

senior issues, long-range planning, health and his transportation leadership, including the proposed extension of the trolley from Old Town to UCSD and UTC,” said Rasmussen. Roberts, whose Fourth Supervisorial District, previously administered by Pam Slater-Price, now includes La Jolla since the 2010 census redistricting, said the news he had to share about the county was “largely good.” That good news, however, has not been in the news much, he said, because, “We’re not in (financial) crisis.” The event was part of La Jolla Community Center’s ongoing Distinguished Speaker Series, which has featured high-profile leaders like Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs and worldrenowned Scripps oceanographer Wal-

ter Munk. The center, formerly a senior center, is being transformed into a multi-dimensional, full-service adult recreation facility with a wide variety of programming. “A lot of people know who the supervisors are,” said Roberts during his hour-long speech. But, he added, “Hardly anybody knows what the county is.” Roberts said San Diego County, which includes 18 cities and a large unincorporated area, is 4,200 square miles, which, he said, “is bigger than two states — Rhode Island and Delaware — and whose $5 billion budget this year is actually bigger than 13 or 14 states’ budgets.” From a population standpoint, Roberts said, San Diego has more people than 20 states.

ing “wrinkle” in developments involving the potential sale of the post office includes the fact that Coldwell Banker “has the agreement with the U.S. Postal Service as the sole real estate agent for La Jolla’s post offices.” Coincidentally, Davis said Feinstein’s husband “is a big player in Coldwell Banker.” Part of the problem with the task force’s “rescue mission” is that it has gotten tangled in the intricate bureaucratic web of decision-making. “We are not stone-cold clear who makes the decision as to who puts [the post office] up for sale,” Davis said, adding the latest information indicates “if it happens, it happens at the federal level.” Diane Kane and Angeles Leira, two former city employees, have been

working to expedite La Jolla post office’s pending application for state historical designation. Kane was told by state postal officials that “we’re the only post office being considered as one of the 11 most-endangered postal properties,” characterizing La Jolla’s facility as a poster child for preservation. Leira said the community “needs to put conditions” on any prospective post office sale, suggesting a facade easement requiring building historical features be preserved as one possible way to go about it. “Facade easements do protect,” agreed Kane. “[But] they cost money.” The task force will next meet Friday, July 6 at 1:30 p.m at the Balmer Annex of Wisteria Cottage, 780 Prospect St.

County Sup. Ron Roberts paid a visit to the La Jolla Community Center as part of the center’s Distinguished Speaker Series. Courtesy photo

Roberts discusses state of county at community center


Despite its immensity, the county has proven to be manageable given supervisors’ fiscal restraint. “We have the highest credit rating of any local government agency in the country,” said Roberts, noting that the Board of Supervisors “is very fiscally responsible. That doesn’t mean we don’t spend, but that we’re careful.” Roberts said the overriding fiscal directive of supervisors during his tenure, unlike state government, has been to “never take funds are coming from,” said Roberts of one-time money and start new pro- the county’s philosophy on fiscal management. grams with it.” The county, said Roberts, took an “You [as a supervisor] want to start SEE ROBERTS, Page 4 something — you figure out where the

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La Jolla to light up the night sky with July 4 pyrotechnics BY MARIKO LAMB | VILLAGE NEWS San Diego’s skies will light up in a sparkling spectacle this Independence Day for an annual tradition as American as apple pie and baseball. It’s time to gather up the loved ones, don the red, white and blue, and celebrate at any number of the city’s dazzling fireworks shows this Fourth of July. AROUND LA JOLLA • The Fourth of July fireworks show at La Jolla Cove is a place where local friends, families and neighbors have come together to salute America for nearly 30 years. “The fireworks display is a part of our community,” said Deborah Marengo, director of the La Jolla Community Fireworks Foundation. “Besides being an extremely important patriotic event, the Fourth of July brings many people together to celebrate in Scripps Park, La Jolla Shores, many homes that view the fireworks, and visitors to our community.” The brilliant 16-minute pyrotechnics display will begin at 9 p.m. and can be viewed from just about anywhere around La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Shores, including Scripps Park and Kellogg Park. The annual show takes place only through the efforts of the community,


entirely different approach — privatizing many essential services — which has proven to be practical, as well as fiscally sound, and the answer to resolving some revenue shortages. He referenced the county’s privatizing of its trash system as a prime example. “It was unheard of,” Roberts said of privatizing landfill and trash systems. “But we put the whole thing [which was losing $40 million a year] up for sale and we sold the system for $182 million, and then [the county] got money for it from tipping [user] fees and the landfills went on the tax rolls and we got tax money for them. Does it get any better, selling something to someone and then saying, ‘Send me rent payments in the form of taxes?’” After his speech, Roberts fielded audience questions. Board member Sherry Ahern asked why the city couldn’t emulate the county’s fiscal approach. “It’s a different political environment,” he said. “We’ll never tell them what to do. But if they want to learn from what we’re doing ...” Asked his stance on Irwin Jacob’s controversial plan to eliminate cars in much of Balboa Park’s Prado area and build a parking structure elsewhere instead, Roberts said, “The idea of clearing the cars out of that part of the park is a good idea.” He also characterized a proposal to close the park’s Laurel Street Bridge as “a mistake of the highest order.” Roberts also discussed at length his visionary plan for redeveloping the Embarcadero area surrounding the County Administration Center on the downtown waterfront. He told of plans to turn it into a huge pedestrian park with grass and other landscaping and a cascading series of water fountains that he said could be “an active space where you could go and enjoy yourself.” For more on the La Jolla Community Center’s Distinguished Speaker Series, visit

said Marengo. “Fundraising is in full swing, and we need community members to donate,” she said. “I appreciate the community support and hope that everyone would consider making a donation of any size. Every dollar makes a difference.” For more information or to donate to the show, visit Donations will be accepted until July 4. • La Jolla Country Club: fireworks visible from Mount Soledad, approximately 8:20 p.m. • University City: July 4, Standley Park, all-day festivities (no fireworks) to include a 5K run, pancake breakfast, live entertainment, food and games. ELSEWHERE For an always-surprising and impressive fireworks display synced to the tunes of KyXy 96.5’s hits, Ocean Beach will witness a blazing exhibition of colorful lights shot off from the OB Pier. In celebration of Ocean Beach’s 125th anniversary, organizers assure that the display will feature something extra special this year. “It’s a surprise!” teased Denny Knox, executive director of the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association (OBMA). “We never let anyone know what’s coming. Mike Akey [past OBMA president] nego-

NEWSbriefs Home invasion in La Jolla startles housekeeper A La Jolla housekeeper was surprised on June 22 when an armed gunman entered the home where she works and threatened her with a rifle or shotgun, then led her around the house while he collected miscellaneous items and put them in a trash bag. The suspect, described as a thin white male in his 30s, 5 feet 9 inches tall with blue eyes, left after about 30 minutes. The victim was not injured. The suspect was wearing blue jeans, a striped shirt and dirty white shoes. He possibly fled the scene in an older model car with a loud muffler. Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477.

La Jollans recognized by UCSD chancellor Two La Jolla couples, Bob and Betty Beyster, and Peter and Peggy Preuss,

tiated with the fireworks company to bring us something special this year.” Knox suggests that visitors park inland — away from the beach — and walk toward the coast to guarantee the easiest exit after the show. For those who stick around, Ocean Beach’s famed marshmallow fight will ensue just after the final spark has burned out. “Originally, it was a small marshmallow fight on the sand between some locals,” said Knox. “We are hoping people will go back to only throwing marshmallows on the sand and not on the street after the fireworks. On the street, the marshmallows are almost impossible to clean up and costs us a fortune to clean the street numerous times.” She also urged those who participate in the marshmallow throwing to join other community-minded residents early the next morning to clean up the aftermath. “Morning After Mess” cleanups, hosted by Surfrider, will take place throughout the coastal communities on July 5 from 9 to 11 a.m. Locations include the Ocean Beach Pier, Belmont Park, the end of Pacific Beach Drive and the South Harbor Jetty in Oceanside. Visit or call (858) 792-9940 for more details. were among the recipients of the 2012 UC San Diego Chancellor’s Medals. The Chancellor’s Medal is one of the highest honors bestowed by UC San Diego to honor exceptional service in support of the university’s mission. The Beysters became Chancellor’s Associates in 1977, and have since invested time, insight and resources in the university, including the founding of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) in 1969, which has grown to a FORTUNE 500® company that delivers scientific and technical products and services. UCSD alumnus Peter Preuss and wife Peggy played a key role in the establishment of The Preuss School — a charter middle and high school on the university’s campus for motivated, low-income students whose parents have not graduated from college. Since the Chancellor’s Medal was established in 2000, it has been given to a select group of individuals whose long-standing contributions and involvement with UCSD have supported students and furthered research, helped the campus and local commu-

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• SeaWorld San Diego will host an “Independence Day Fireworks Spectacular” — an extended display set to patriotic music — at 9:30 p.m. on July 4. • In an unfortunate La Jollans will development for the Mis- be treated to a sion Bay area, the Mission 16-minute Bay Yacht Club’s 20-plus-year show on the Fourth of July tradition of pyrotechnics during the displays from the club’s annual commudocks has been shelved for nity pyrotechlack of funding. Organiz- nics display at ers cited increasing costs La Jolla Cove. of environmental permits DON BALCH | Village for fireworks shows, along News with decreasing commu(all shows at 7:30 p.m.) Hamlisch will nity support. The displays are estimated to cost the lead the symphony in a rousing Indeyacht club $26,000 annually, including pendence Day salute that will feature an extra $2,000 paid for mandatory John Philip Sousa marches, “American Idol” stars, a tribute to the military and water-quality testing. The yacht club’s decision leaves Sea- a spectacular fireworks display to light World’s display as the primary July 4 up the sky near the Embarcadero Marina Park South. $18 to $76. For more pyrotechnics show on Mission Bay. • San Diego Bay: “Big Bay Boom 2012,” information, visit 9 p.m. • Old Town San Diego: July 4, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Parade, crafts and activities OTHER JULY 4-RELATED ACTIVITIES • Embarcadero: San Diego Symphony linked to San Diego’s history, a pie-eatpresents “Star Spangled Pops” with ing contest and wagon rides. — Kevin McKay contributed to this Marvin Hamlisch on Friday, June 29; Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, July 1 story nities grow and prosper, and inspired Rief ’s vehicle is a black 2006 the community and enhanced the Chrysler HHR, Alabama license plate quality of life for San Diegans. 76070AZ. Anyone with information regarding their whereabouts is asked to call Missing persons last seen (619) 531-2000, (619) 531-2276 or in La Jolla (619) 615-6891. Police are seeking information in the case of Tammy New location, same great Cherie Rief, 43, and workout Jonah Earl Rief, 4, missing since April Pilates Plus La Jolla is moving on to 28. bigger and better things this summer TAMMY RIEF The mother and with the relocation of its workout stuson were last seen in dio to a new space at 7712 Fay Ave. the area of 600 Clients can still take advantage of the Prospect Drive, near same intimate circuit training classes, the La Jolla Recreuse of the studio’s unique ProFormer ation Center. machines and combination PilatesTammy Rief is 5 spin classes. With the relocation on feet 4 inches tall and July 2, the studio is able to provide weighs 120 JONAH RIEF more class times, a greater variety of pounds. She has blond hair and blue exercise and more personalized workeyes. Jonah Rief, who may go by the outs. First-time clients at Pilates Plus’ nickname “Sully,” is 3 feet tall and new location can try the first class for weighs 40 pounds, with light brown $10. For more information and a hair and blue eyes. He has a small scar schedule of classes, visit on his chin and right cheek and has a or call chipped front tooth. (858) 456-1516.




University City residents, planning group give an emphatic ‘no’ to potential new power plant Power company reps say plant will be one of the cleanest power plants worldwide BY MARIKO LAMB | VILLAGE NEWS Capital Power received an unwelcome reception on June 25 at the Canadian-based power company’s first public airing of its proposal to build a 350- to 800-megawatt power plant on a 50-acre city-owned site near Nobel Drive and Interstate 805 in University City. In May 2010, city officials issued a request for proposal (RFP) for the excess, unused portion of the North City Water Reclamation Plant site, which they considered to be suitable for power generation. “The northern end of that triangle has long been sought after by power companies because of its location next to a substation,” said Mayor Jerry Sanders’ spokesperson Russell Gibbon. “In 2010, the mayor’s office put out the RFP with a view toward beneficially reusing this underutilized site to generate revenue for the city revenue fund, tax revenue for the general fund, and jobs for unemployed residents.” The city accepted applications for six months before selecting Capital Power as the preferred bidder for the long-term lease opportunity, whereupon the city and the power company began negotiations over the next year and a half. In mid-June, the negotiations were complete, and contract agreements between the two parties — including option and lease agreements, a memorandum of understanding related to

Mt. Soledad decision stands — for now The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the case involving the constitutionality of the 43-foot cross atop Mt. Soledad on June 25, making last year’s ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals — that the cross is unconstitutional and must be taken down — the present standing in the decades-old case. The high court denied hearing the federal government’s appeal due to the interlocutory nature of the case, which has been remanded by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to the U.S. District Court to “fashion an appropriate remedy.” Court of Appeals Judge M. Margaret McKeown emphasized in her written opinion that the court’s Jan-

the continuation of ongoing discussions for the sale of reclaimed water to the proposed lessee, and approval of an ordinance for voter ratification of the proposed lease agreement — were made public for the first time. Although the lease agreement was previously headed for the November ballot for voter ratification, the power company decided to pull the ballot initiative to allow voters more time to vet the project. At an emergency University Community Planning Group meeting — called by the local planning group and District 1 City Councilwoman Sherri Lightner — residents weighed in on the project proposal. Although the reasons differed, the plan was met with unanimous disdain. “It is the wrong site for so many different reasons. The location is just 2,000 feet away from a dense residential neighborhood, as well as such important community assets,” Lightner said, citing the local library, recreation center, high school, synagogue, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and national cemetery as being in close proximity to the proposed site. “It’s also bad for business — University City’s economic engine.” She also said the site, which was recently found to have Pueblo land attributes, is environmentally sensitive and that building a power plant on the site could drive away potential businesses and renters in the area. Capital Power representatives coun-

tered that they anticipate a need for power generation in San Diego by 2018, and that the power plant is needed to supply locals with reliable power generation using some of the cleanest technologies in the world. “Local power generation makes sense for one important reason — reliability,” said Patricio Fuenzalida, director of business development at Capital Power. “We’ve identified a need for additional capacity in the 2018 range. If California’s economy recovers — and we have hope in California — there’s going to be an increment in demand for power generation.” The size of the facility and generation capacity will be determined by the need for anticipated power in that time frame, said project manager Peter Sawicki. “If we’re successful with our proposal and it’s approved, this power plant will be one of the cleanest and most efficient power plants in the world,” he said. “Our proposal includes a combined cycle design — one of the most efficient natural gas designs in the world. This facility allows for high efficiency and low emissions.” Measures would also be taken to minimize noise level, emissions and aesthetics issues, and a health risk assessment will be performed to ensure no harm would come to any of the local sensitive receptors, said Sawicki. “The facility would have to address all of the environmental regulatory agencies’ requirements. We recognize that the multi-species conservation plan habitat would require mitigation

does it mean that no cross can be part of this veterans’ memorial.” Although the Supreme Court declined hearing the case for now, it may be willing to review the case once the lower federal court has issued a final judgment. “Our denial, of course, does not amount to a ruling on the merits, and the federal government is free to raise the same issue in a later petition following entry of a final judgment,” wrote Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in a statement. The local federal court is currently seeking out remedies to the case. The Mt. Soledad cross has been With ever-evolving circumstances, the subject of an intense debate for decades. PAUL HANSEN | Village News however, a solution may still be years to come, said Jeff Mateer, general uary decision “does not mean that counsel of plaintiff Liberty Institute. the memorial could not be modified to pass constitutional muster nor — Mariko Lamb


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on the site, and we recognize that a multi-habitat planning area with boundary adjustment would be required to develop the site,” he said. “These aren’t easy things. This is an extremely long and expensive process for Capital Power that none of us are taking lightly.” If placed on a future ballot, an affirmative vote on the city’s long-term lease agreement with Capital Power would allow the permitting process to begin, but it would not guarantee the power company could develop the site if permitting requirements are not District 1 City Councilwoman Sherri Lightner met. addresses a crowded room at UTC’s Forum “This project will only be perHall on June 25, assuring concerned resimitted if we can demonstrate it dents that the city’s long-term lease agreement with a proposed power plant has been will not significantly degrade air pulled from the November ballot. quality. This facility will comply MARIKO LAMB | Village News with all federal, state and local standards through the permitting process,” Sawicki said. “If this buying a house in University City in proposed project produces any poten- the area adjacent to the Nobel Rec Center and the library,” said Jonathan tial risk, it will not be built.” Despite assurances, community White. “I talked to someone in Orange members came out in droves to air County who lives next to a power staconcerns over potential health risks, tion, and he said it makes a roaring harm to environmentally sensitive sound 24/7 … and I’m thinking about lands, noise pollution, diminishing pulling out, because I’m due to close property values and the secrecy of the on Friday, three days from now. If you negotiations leading up to this point. don’t think this won’t affect your propOne would-be resident even said erty values, it might.” In the only motion of the evening, that he might seek out a way to pull out of his contract to purchase a new the University Community Planning home due to the potential entrance of Group voted not to support putting the power plant initiative on the ballot this new neighbor. “I am currently in the process of — now or ever.





(858) 729-9988 WWW.AMICIS.COM

Amici's Now Open In La Jolla! You don’t have to live in Manhattan or New England to enjoy authentic East Coast style pizzas, full-flavored pastas and the freshest gourmet salads anymore. La Jolla now has it’s very own “slice of New York” with the newly opened Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria at 811 Prospect Street. The company was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid-1980's by two East Coast transplants, Peter Cooperstein from Boston, and Mike Forter from New York. They discovered they had a shared passion for the type of pizza they’d grown up with. They also shared a frustration at not being able to find the good quality pizza and distinctive Italian fare they'd grown up with. The pair set about re-creating all the elements involved in making the distinctively delicious pies from the famous pizzerias of New York, Boston, and Connecticut, including the huge traditional brick ovens. Thus, the first Amici's East Coast Pizzeria opened in 1987, in downtown San Mateo. Needless to say that it was a huge success and the public welcomed Amici's with open arms, so much so that eleven more locations have followed in the Bay Area and now one in La Jolla. Last year Peter and Mike decided the time was right to explore locations for Amici’s beyond the Bay Area. La Jolla was an immediate “no-brainer” in Cooperstein’s words.“The location on Prospect Street was perfectly located in a high traffic visitor area and surrounded by a discerning and savvy dining population who seemed willing to support and patronize their local restaurants” , he said. As with their Northern California locations, the traditional brick ovens are the focal point of the spacious open kitchen. Diners get to watch pizza dough being stretched and tossed by hand before they’re topped with homemade Tomato Sauce, Whole-Milk Wisconsin Mozzarella, and their choice of toppings. Four minutes in those ovens next to an open flame that keeps the cooking temperature above 700 degrees is all that’s needed to cook a Large 15” Pizza to a crisp, bubbling perfection. With a focus on authenticity, friendly service, and customer satisfaction, Amici's hopes to become La Jolla’s standard for high-quality, freshly made pizzas, pastas, and salads! Visit Amici's soon to taste the difference for yourself!

811 Prospect St., La Jolla • (858) 729 - 9988 • Happy Hour: Monday-Friday (3:00pm-5:30pm) • Open Daily for Lunch & Dinner • Free Delivery (with minimum purchase order): La Jolla, UTC, Sorrento Valley, Bay Ho & Pacific Beach




Business highlight: Papalulu’s serves up beach-fresh fare BY DAVE SCHWAB | VILLAGE NEWS If reasonably priced tropical cuisine appeals to your palate, check out Papalulu’s on the main drag of La Jolla Shores. “It’s eclectic,” said owner Nanci Kirk of the homemade cuisine she serves at her restaurant, now open for dinner, as well as lunch and breakfast starting at 7 a.m. at 2168 Avenida de la Playa. “We’re a bit of Mexico, a bit of Hawaii, a bit of Southern California — it’s the beach with twists,” she said. One of Kirk’s culinary creations is a Thai dish that she calls Thai crusted chili salmon. “It’s sweet Thai and chili sauce — it’s awesome,” Kirk said. “I can cook a great dish.”

MUSTGO Just because San Diego’s I Love Poke Festival is over doesn’t mean locals have to settle for anything less than the freshest catches made by the area’s leading Asian seafood chefs. Some of the festival’s award-winning chefs will ensure poke lovers have more to look forward to this summer with the launch of poke cooking classes at Cups Culinary in La Jolla. Chef James Harris, winner Antonio Friscia’s first- of the I Love

Kirk boasts that the meat served in her restaurant is higher quality, coming all the way from Niman Ranch in central California. “It’s grass-fed, no hormones, just better for you,” she said. A longtime La Jolla restaurateur, Kirk previously ran The Cottage, known for its outdoor patio dining, in the Village. Dining outdoors at the Shores is still the trademark of a Kirk restaurant, as Papalulu’s is situated in a courtyard. Just like her recipes, Kirk started completely from scratch when she opened Papalulu’s five years ago. “There was nothing in here — there wasn’t even a kitchen,” she said of her eatery space, which previously had been Rudy’s Cafe but was vacant when she took over. She has built it, quite lit-

Poke Festival’s traditional poke category, will teach participants how to re-create his classic ahi poke dish, sprinkled with macadamia nuts, sesame oil, Hawaiian salt and taro chips on June 29 from 6 to 9 p.m. Chef Antonio Friscia, winner of the festival’s non-traditional “Any Kine” category, will demonstrate how to produce his own winning dish — a yellowtail, bay scallop and octopus poke with chili yuzu, uni and micro shiso — alongside other Gaijin-style Asian fusion dishes. Friscia’s class will take place on July 24 from 6 to 9 p.m. Cups Culinary is located at 7857 Girard Ave. The cost is $65 per person. RSVP at or (858) 459-2877.

erally, from the ground up. Kirk named her second La Jolla restaurant in honor of her parents, Papa and Lulu, whom she said came out of retirement in Mexico to be her first two employees at The Cottage. “I had a 2-year-old and a 6-monthold when I started the business back in 1985,” Kirk said. “Papa was the first cook at The Cottage and Lulu was the first waitress.” Kirk was retired all of six months between her stints as owner/operator of The Cottage and Papalulu’s. “I did catering and then this [Avenida de la Playa] space came up and I just fell in love with it,” she said. Kirk felt something was missing from the area’s restaurant scene, and she thought she could broaden the mix of

La Jolla Shores restaurants where Piatti’s and Babarella’s have been standouts for years. “There was no place for families with kids that was not just burgers,” she said, adding, “You can still get a burger here.” The combination of outdoor café patio dining and eclectic beach cuisine makes Papalulu’s what it is — a fresh, cooling ocean breeze on a summer day down at the beach. “I now have a little tiki bar with beer and wine and some specialty drinks nobody knows about yet,” said Kirk. The atmosphere, she said, is “casual, flip-flops, dress-as-you-want outdoors.” Her cuisine, meanwhile, is always fresh, and could be described, she said, as “a lot of healthy stuff, gluten-free,



To get a taste of the exceptional wines Paso Robles is dishing out without the trip up north, visit the La Jolla Community Center on June 28 and try community leader Steve Haskins’ Paso Robles-based blends. The Rob Thorsen Jazz Band will be on site to entertain guests as they sip on Windansea wines alongside hors d’oeuvres provided by The French Gourmet. Wine will be available for purchase by the glass and bottle, and Haskins will be on hand to answer questions. The first 50 people who sign up will be entered into a raffle to win a free bottle. The event is $10 and will take place from 5 to 9 p.m. at the La Jolla Community Center, 6811 La Jolla Blvd. RSVP online at or call (858) 459-0831.

A retrospective of Jennifer Thompson Gunn’s pastels, monotypes, sculpture and jewelry will be held at the La Jolla Art Association Gallery from July 3-15. Gunn grew up in La Jolla, attending Country Day and La Jolla High School. She exhibited in galleries in Alexandria, Va. and Santa Fe, N.M. and had her studio open for two studio tours in Santa Fe before her death in 2011. The gallery is located at 8100 Paseo del Ocaso and will be open daily from noon to 6 p.m. Call (858) 459-1196 or visit for more information.

place poke dish

• The Cheese Concierge, 2 p.m., Warwick’s, 7812 Girard Ave., Venissimo Cheese presentation and wine pairing, (858) 454-0347,, FOR MORE NEWS ABOUT LA JOLLA VISIT $25 for 1 lb. • Dragon Storytime & Drawing Activity, 3 p.m., Warwick’s, 7812 THURSDAY, June 28 Girard Ave., (858) 454-0347, • Avant Garden: (RE)covered, free Manuscripts, 6:30 p.m., Athenaeum, • “Happily Even After: A Guide to 1008 Wall St., music and art mixer feaGetting Through (and Beyond) the turing the new exhibition “Robert KushnGrief of Widowhood,” 7:30 p.m., Warer: Scriptorium: Devout Exercises of the wick’s, 7812 Girard Ave., book discusHeart,” (858) 454-5872, sion with founder and CEO of Widows, $12 nonmemWear Stilettos, Carole Brody Fleet, bers, $10 members, A List members (858) 454-0347,, free free • “When God Talks Back: Understanding the America Evangelical FRIDAY, June 29 Relationship with God,” 7 p.m., D.G. • Srikanto Acharya, 7:30 p.m., The Wills Books, 7461 Girard Ave., book discussion with Stanford anthropologist Neurosciences Institute, 10640 John Jay Hopkins Drive, renowned Bengali Tanya Marie Luhrmann, (858) 456artist Srikanto Acharya will perform his 1800,, free E V E N T S


Don’t miss it!

American with a tropical twist.” Delectables on Kirk’s daily menu include Jamaican coconut shrimp appetizers, Caribbean jerk shrimp salad and her Papa Dilla specialty: two seasoned, mashed potatoes between two flour tortillas topped with barbecued chicken and chipotle pork with a dash of basil. “It’s different,” she said of her signature dish. Kirk also runs a full-service catering company, which has been serving San Diego for more than 15 years. Dinner is served at Papalulu’s daily from 5 to 9:30 p.m., except Sundays and Mondays. For more information call (858) 459-3131 or visit

Bengali and Hindi songs, (858) 7053695,, general admission $25, children 18 years and younger $12, GSBA members free, free


MONDAY, July 2

• Fireworks show, 9 p.m., La Jolla Cove, 1100 Coast Blvd.,, free

• Mosaic Masterpieces art class, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Athenaeum, 1008 SATURDAY, June 30 Wall St., two day children’s art class for • Soul Tones – a “Singing Bowl” ages 7-12, (858) 454-5872, concert, 4 p.m., Athenaeum, 1008 Wall, $130 members, St.,, (858) 454$150 members plus $30 materials fee 5872, $20 members, $25 nonmembers to be paid to instructor at first class • Laugh Out Loud with Rich Little, 8 meeting p.m., Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, 4126 Executive Drive, TUESDAY, July 3 comedic performance, (858) 457-3030, • Investment Workshop, 2 p.m., La, $35 members, $42 non- Jolla Community Center, 6811 La Jolla members Blvd., discussion with financial planner Dottie Stanley on today’s investment SUNDAY, July 1 issues, (858) 459-0831, • Weekend with the Locals: Ben, free Kamin, noon, Warwick’s, 7812 Girard • Bird Rock Community Council Ave., book discussion with the author of meeting, 6 p.m., Bird Rock Elementary “Room 306: The National Story of the School, 5371 La Jolla Hermosa Ave. Lorraine Motel,” (858) 454-0347,

THURSDAY, July 5 • Joe Locke and Geoffrey Keezer, 7:30 p.m., Athenaeum, 1008 Wall St., jazz concert, (858) 454-5872,, $21 members, $26 nonmembers • “Argyle Armada: Behind the Scenes of the Pro Cycling Life,” 7:30 p.m., Warwick’s, 7812 Girard Ave., local writer and photographer Mark Johnson discusses and signs his new book, (858) 454-0347,, free • La Jolla Community Planning Association meeting, 6 p.m., La Jolla Recreation Center, 615 Prospect St.,, (858) 456-7900, free



Venues in La Jolla run the gamut from simple affairs on the beach (above, courtesy Cynthia Zatkin) to cultural venues like the Museum of Contemporary Art (left, courtesy Bauman Photographers) to hidden gems like the La Jolla Cove Bridge Club (far left, courtesy True Photography).

hoosing from the myrthe scenic La Jolla Cove iad options for a wedBridge Club and the ding venue — the fundamenoceanfront Scripps Seatal launch pad for the main side Forum all provide event — can be an exciting one-of-a-kind venues for adventure or a downright a memorable evening daunting search. One option surrounded by enlightened architecture, inspirto help track down that diaing artwork and natural mond in the rough is to start garden and beachfront by narrowing down the gensettings. eral environment you seek in a wedding site. From historic to contemporary, beach to A TIME FOR TRADITION garden and everything in For brides and grooms between, La Jolla has just who hear church bells the right venue to fit any couple’s style on when they think of their ideal ceremony, La their big day. Jolla’s options are endless. Popular church venues include the La Jolla Presbyterian WEDDING WITH A VIEW Church, Congregational Church of La Jolla, Wedding scenes don’t get more stunning St. James-by-the-Sea, La Jolla Christian Felthan those situated against the backdrop of a lowship, La Jolla Lutheran Church, All Halsetting sun and an expansive glittering water- lows Catholic Church, Mary, Star of the Sea, line. Thanks to La Jolla’s temperate climate and La Jolla United Methodist Church. and stunning coastline, a romantic beach wedding is just steps away with rentable AN ALL-INCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE beachfront options all along the coastline. The All-inclusive country clubs, like the La Jolla Jewel’s most popular beach wedding loca- Beach & Tennis Club and La Jolla Country tions include the famed Ellen Browning Club, make for elegant, versatile spaces to Scripps Park, Kellogg Park, Cuvier Park — host your big event with teams of professionknown as the “Wedding Bowl” — Windansea als on hand to cater to your every whim and Beach and Calumet Park. Permits for beach fancy. weddings are issued through the San Diego’s La Jolla’s many hotels, too, provide more Park and Recreation Department. To inquire than just a place for out-of-town visitors to about permits, call (619) 235-1169. rest their heads — they also serve as classy venues for wedding ceremonies and receptions of all shapes, sizes and forms. A few FOR THE CULTURAL COUPLE For a more cultural affair, try one of the options around town include La Valencia, Jewel’s wedding sites imbued with art, histo- Grande Colonial, The Lodge at Torrey Pines, ry and culture. The exquisite Darlington House, La Jolla Cove Suites and the Estancia Hotel the artistically infused Museum of Contem- & Spa. porary Art, the historic La Jolla Woman’s Club, — Mariko Lamb


The flowers

Floral décor of the 21st century has the power to transform any space into an elegant atmosphere that will take your guests’ breath away. Whether you opt for vibrant pops of color for a glamorous occasion or subtle accents for a chic rustic look, let La Jolla’s floral specialists help put that tender loving care to each and every petal and transform your wedding venue into a masterful work of art.

GO GREEN “What’s trending now for weddings is whatever has not been done before,” said Kimberly Buffington, owner of Flowerchild in La Jolla. “Brides are requesting their own personal style mixed with whimsy and creativity.” Buffington said popular wedding themes of late include “green” or “eco chic” weddings. In one of her recent weddings, Buffington incorporated organic coffee beans, lentils and locally grown purple hydrangea and green cymbidium orchids; invitations, menus and escort cards made with soy ink

The fashion Retail

fashion does. It’s based on what the bride has been dreaming about since she was a young girl, and it’s a very personal decision. (This mentality, however, should go hand in hand with a certain amount of open-mindedness. Smith, Snell and Pinard pointed out to me that just because a bride has been dreaming of a princess gown SABRINA HEFT her whole life doesn’t mean it is the right fit Summer is the season of the bride. What girl for her body type. They advised brides to lisdoesn’t want the picture-perfect day — blue sky, ten to their consultant and try on things warm weather, sunshine? So, being that we are full they might not normally try on). swing in the season, let’s go over some trends in the Another idea my bridal fashion teachbridal department. Since my husband and I eloped ers touched on was the phenomenon of 13 years ago, I had to do a lot of research and enlist brides choosing multiple looks for their the help of some local experts. Catherine Bachelier wedding day. Some brides are going with a Smith of CBS Lifestylist, Monica Snell of M Bride formal dress to get married in, and then change and Liza Pinard of Bella Bridesmaid have all been in into something more flirty and fun for the recepthe business a long time, and they took time out of tion, allowing them to let loose and dance into the their busy schedules to educate me. wee hours. Some brides will even do a third look What I found most interesting is that they all said and change to depart from the wedding and into the same thing when it came to choosing the dress: her new life. Either way, it provides the bride a way bridal does not follow trends in the same way that to express herself through fashion.


Flower arrangements don’t have to stick to tradition. New trends include the use of organic elements, like this orchid-adorned tabletop arrangement (right and center, courtesy La Vida Creations Photography) by Kimberly Buffington of Flowerchild. Lush florals are still popular, like this soft pink peony bouquet (below far right, courtesy Elle G Photography) arranged by experts at Adelaide’s Flowers.

on recycled paper; and tree seedling party favors wrapped in burlap and adorned with a purple ribbon. “I am a huge fan of thinking outside the flower box, and I love to mix organic elements into my work,” she said. “Flowers are no longer the plant in the middle of the table. Instead, the centerpiece is now at the forefront demanding attention and stirring conversation.” USE MODERN TOOLS With the explosion of social media sites and online images, modern brides tend to know exactly what they want before even setting foot in a flower shop, said Ginny Boland, event design manager at Adelaide’s. “Brides peruse Pinterest, wedding blogs, websites and online magazines to create their dream wedding,” she said. “Most of them have already created their own version of a vision board. They have everything at their fingertips to create their one-of-a-kind wedding.”

The food One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding — and one of the things most guests will remember, for better or worse — is figuring out what to serve. Weddings, just like couples, come in all shapes and sizes these days, and the food is no exception. Some go for five-course lavish meals, while others opt only for hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Whatever your food fancy, chances are you’ll find someone in La Jolla who can create it. Establishments like The French Gourmet and Girard Gourmet offer couples everything from the appetizTrends in wedding desserts are ers to the cake, and can create tending toward cupcakes and pies. Above, menus according to the The French Gourmet’s white flower cake (courtesy unique taste of the bride and of The French Gourmet). Cups makes wedding desserts groom. in all shapes and sizes, below (Courtesy of True “I’ve done very different Photography). events,” said Michel Malecot, chef and owner of The French Gourmet. “One wedding had sliders with pulled pork and sweet potato fries, and another where we provided the cake and they

Whether you’ve always dreamed of looking like a princess or something more casual, one thing is for certain: wedding gowns are personal to each bride, and don’t necessarily follow the trends of the imes. SABRINA HEFT | Village News

The place

If buying multiple dresses isn’t in the budget, changing accessories might be a good alternative. Add a beaded or colored sash to the dress and use a flower made out of feathers in your hair, or change out your jewelry for a completely different look. Rachel Larraine is a local designer who makes


With personalized service of the utmost quality and products from top designers and best growers in the world, Adelaide’s can cater to any type of couple and their budget. “As Adelaide used to tell her granddaughters, ‘There is something here for everyone.’ We strongly believe that and work to make every bride happy,” Boland said. One of Boland’s favorite weddings this year was a vintage-lace-meets-rustic-cowboy theme. The exclusive ranch wedding had tables dripping with lace, crystals and luscious pink peonies crossed with high-end gourmet barbeque and cowboy boots. “The best thing about planning a wedding in 2012 is that you make it your own unique memory,” she said. “No wedding is alike.” — Mariko Lamb

brought food trucks in. People want to be a touch different. Everyone wants to be unique.” Other caterers in the area include Giuseppe Fine Catering and The Abbey, with catering options ranging from simple and elegant to lavish and unique. As for trends in the culinary scene, Malecot said he’s seen everything on either end of the budget spectrum. “People are either very concerned with their budget or they have all the money in the world,” he said. “But mostly, we’re seeing that people like extremes. They’ll maybe have some beautiful linen or satin, and then have a very funky menu.” Whatever the food requests, caterers — and wedding professionals in general — appreciate working with someone pleasant. “It takes a special breed of person to work in weddings,” Malecot said. “Some brides are very easy to work with, and some like to micromanage everything. But I always say that if you’re not buying peace of mind, I’m

amazing creations using feathers, silk, crystals and more. The bottom line is today’s bride doesn’t hesitate to bend the rules. Another rule often getting bent involves bridesmaids — and this is one I think is long overdue. There is nothing worse than wearing something you despise all day, pretending to look happy in it and let everyone take your picture! Your bridal party will consist of several different body types, and one dress will not compliment all of them. Thankfully, retailers like J. Crew and Ann Taylor have caught on and sell all their bridesmaid dresses in several colors and silhouettes. Brides, relinquish some control here! These girls are here to have fun and support you — the least you can do is let them be comfortable. Your pictures will look better if everyone in them is happy and feeling confident. Even though wedding fashion is unique to each bride, there still exist some trends. Lace is big right now (perhaps thanks to Catherine Middleton), while a blush color — beautiful for any bride — is showing up more and more, and tangerine is popular for a bridesmaid. Dresses are being made of more natural materials like silk, organza and chiffon, replacing heavier materials like satin. This shift has also accompanied changing colors, from white to antique ivory, vanilla, ecru, champagne, etc. Strapless seems to be a perennial favorite, but halter and keyhole backs are also quite popular. Heavy

not charging you enough.” CATERERS: • The French Gourmet: 960 Turquoise St., (858) 488-1725, (offers desserts, as well) • Girard Gourmet: 7837 Girard Ave., (858) 454-3325, (offers desserts, as well) • Giuseppe Fine Catering: 700 Prospect St., (858) 581-2205, • The Abbey: 7776 Eads Ave., (888) 238-0949, BAKERIES: • Cups: 7857 Girard Ave., (858) 459-2877, • Flour Power: 2255 Avenida de la Playa #7A, (858) 558-1199, • Michele Coulon Dessertier: 7556 Fay Ave., Suite D, (858) 456-5098, • Sprinkles: 8855 Villa La Jolla Drive, (858) 457-3800, — Kendra Hartmann

SABRINA HEFT | Village News

Whether planning a grandiose formal occasion or a simple beach wedding, every couple could use a little help. Delegating tasks to relatives or receiving professional assistance for the grander scheme can help ease a couples’ workload, reduce stress and ultimately ensure the event goes off without a hitch. “A wedding is two things. It is most likely one of the biggest parties the bride and groom have ever planned with all the people most important to them attending, and it is the event marking the biggest decision they will make in their lives,” said Cynthia Zatkin, owner of the La Jolla-based Cynthia Zatkin Events. “The combination of those two things is very exciting, but extraordinarily stressful — even for the most competent in us. Hiring a wedding planner means having a guide, a personal assistant, and a new BFF through the process.” Wedding planners can assist in setting and sticking to a budget, navigating the enormous field of vendors, keeping the wedding preparations on track and creating a design that caters to the couple’s unique personality. “The little-known secret to good wedding planners is that we actually save our clients a lot of money through our guidance, negotiation abilities and vendor relationships,” Zatkin said. “We decrease stress ... and act as an insurance policy that all of their planning will actually be perfectly implemented on the wedding day.” — Mariko Lamb

wedding The


The time out Couples spend so much time and energy planning their wedding, it’s important they take a break in the preparations as the event draws nearer for a little pampering and mental health time. The bachelor and bachelorette parties can be a good time to get away from the planning process and relax with friends. While a night out on the town is tradition- Isari offers in-home flowally the way soon-to-be-newlyweds cele- er-arranging classes. brate their impending nuptials, there are myriad other ways to take time out from the chaos of planning such an event. Spa days have become a popular way to unwind with friends, and La Jolla has no shortage of facilities in which to sit back and let yourself be pampered. Another unique activity to do with friends or out-of-town guests is the private flower party. Solana Beach-based Isari Flower Studio offers private in-home parties for any occasion, incorporating the relaxing effects of floral design into a celebration complete with delectable treats and tasty cocktails. Master horticulturist Morgan Jenkins said research on horticulture therapy suggests that working with nature reduces stress, tension and rewards nurturing behavior, making a floral design class the perfect prewedding stress reliever. For more information on Isari’s monthly classes or private events, visit — Kendra Hartmann

embellishment is giving way to beautifully layered and gathered gowns — an eye-catching look, but very simple. One thing is for sure: perusing all the styles of gowns shows how skilled someone must be to create such a beautiful garment. Happy wedding season everyone! Whether you’re the bride or guest this season, have fun and remember this is about celebrating with family and friends, so the mood should be joyous, light and festive. “It should be one of [the bride’s] favorite days, not necessarily the best day of her life,” Smith told me. How true this is — life has many wonderful events in store for us, not just one day! • Catherine Bachelier Smith: wedding coordinator and stylist, (760) 889-3725, • Monica Snell, M Bride: 702 Pearl St., Suite H, (858) 551-1718, • Liza Pinard, Bella Bridesmaid: 935 Silverado St., Accessories like colored or beaded sashes, right, or a feather or flower in your hair can completely change the look of a dress.

The plan

Bridal Hair Extensions for your perfect wedding look. Don’t be limited to your current hairstyle for your wedding, prom or special occasion. By adding 100% natural hair extensions you can add volume, length or completely change your look. Call Judy for a free expert consultation when considering hair extensions or hair recovery treatments

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Fashions for bridesmaids run the gamut these days. Tangerine is a popular color.

This place is fantastic! My fiance went here to buy a tux for himself and to look for rentals for our upcoming wedding. At first we didn’t want to go here because we figured, being in Birdrock, it would be more on the expensive side. After a terrible experience at another tuxedo shop, we decided to give A Better Deal a try. I am SO happy we did! Not only was the experience far better than where we had been, but the quality of tuxedos are fantastic, and they ended up being cheaper for his groomsmen to rent! Score!

SABRINA HEFT | Village News

We also had a hiccup and had to push back the wedding after we went in for our first appointment. When I called to explain, they were so accomodating and even let us come back to try on different tuxes months later even though we had already purchased a tux and it had come in. I can’t reccomend this place enough. If you are looking for quality service, quality tuxedos, and great prices, check this place out!!

A BETTER DEAL TUXEDOS & SUITS Appointments suggested for free consultations.

858.551.6044 369 Birdrock Ave. @ La Jolla Blvd. Same day service


SOCIETY Rewarding generosity


Starry, starry nights

with Vincent Andrunas The Arc San Diego Foundation, a nonprofit formed in 1992 to support programs and services for the developmentally disabled at The Arc of San Diego, held its 2012 annual meeting and awards luncheon on June 20 at Island Prime. After a social reception, guests enjoyed a three-course lunch featuring a fresh salad, exceptional sandwiches (including a superb lobster and bacon combination) and a decadent “mud pie”

dessert. Foundation chairman Jim Reynolds and Arc president/CEO Dave Schneider presented the Circle of Light Awards. The Silver Award, for donors who’ve made contributions of $100,000 to $500,000, went to La Jollans Phyllis and John Parrish. Their longtime support and assistance to the agency includes serving as chairs of the Jewels of San Diego gala for the past three years. A Bronze Award (for contributors of $25,000 to $100,000) went to Las Patronas (accepted by VP-elect of grants Jena Joyce) for funding the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible van. The Parker Foundation also received a Bronze Award (accepted by president Judy McDonald) for its generous gift to the Sulpizio Family Center capital campaign.


Cockney slang spoken here!

I need your head in my business! Men/Boys

$15 Haircuts Reg. $20 Exp 07/04/2012

HEADWAY HAIR STUDIO 858.456.2936 Call for Appt. 7742 Herschel Crosby Center Suite N

Did You Hear Me? Remember when you were young and your parents were lecturing you and at the end would say “Did you hear what I said?” You would say “yes” and continue on with your own thoughts. Today, as adults, we find ourselves in a reverse situation. Children, at times, must now take over the role as parent to ensure the well being of their elderly parent. Linda calls her mother every night after work and gets the same answer to every question she asks – “Everything’s fine.” Assuming that “everything is fine” and that her mother knows and does what is best may be putting them at risk. Experts advise it is better to discuss the possible need for extra support before the need arises. Sit down with your parent and ask questions about what concerns them about the future, are they worried about losing independence; do they want to stay at home? Become their partner by knowing what legal and financial arrangements are in place. For more resources to help children care for their elderly parents, call the Certified Geriatric Care Managers at Innovative Healthcare Consultants. These RN who are experts in geriatrics will help you know when it is time to bring in professional services to help or when the need to find new living arrangements is necessary. Call them at (760) 731-1334 or view the website at

Among its many other offerings, the La Jolla Community Center (formerly the Riford Center) hosts a Distinguished Speaker Series. Ron Roberts, County Supervisor for District 4 (which includes La Jolla) and current chairman of the entire Board of Supervisors, spoke at the center on June 20. Guests were enjoying Arc: above: Jim Reynolds (Arc San Diego Foundation chair), Phyllis and John Parwine and hors d’oeuvres when the conrish (Circle of Light Silver Award recipients), Jena Joyce (LP VP-elect of grants), genial Roberts joined them after a long Judy McDonald (Parker Foundation president) day of zoning hearings. His articulate hour-long presentation, entertainingly delivered, revealed that San Diego County is larger than Rhode Island and Delaware, has a budget exceeding that of 14 states and is more populous than 22 states. During his tenure, Roberts has changed the model of county government in innovative ways, boosting efficiency. There are now fewer county employees than in 1995 (and this was true even before the recession), the county library system is recognized as the nation’s best, and while county air has Ron: above: Doreen Schonbrun, Ruth Yansick (LJCC CEO), Ron Roberts (County never been cleaner since measurements Supervisor, guest speaker), Madeline Artman, Glen Rasmussen (LJCC board began 50 years ago, work continues to chair), Reena Horowitz improve its quality. Following his talk, Roberts stayed to answer many questions from interested guests.

our impressive country

and the Beatles rock again


It will please many people to know the Beatles are alive and well, playing great music together, and looking forever young. Evidence to that effect was apparent June 23 at the San Diego Symphony’s fifth annual “Tux ’n’ Tennies Summer Bash” at Embarcadero Marina Park South, kicking off the symphony’s Summer Pops series (which will run through Sept. 2). Since it was a tribute to the Bea-


TnT: above: Paul and Susan Hering (event co-chairs; he’s Symphony board vicechair), Evelyn Lamden (Symphony board chair), Catherine and Andrew Clark (event co-chairs)

Fashion Files Diana Cavagnaro Envision ‘It’ The Art Institute of California San Diego presented the fourth annual “It” Fashion Show featuring students’ designs at the Hyatt Regency-Mission Bay on May 25. Jaye Brown, academic department director of Fashion Programs welcomed the group. Grants in the amount of $1,000 were given to City of Hope, Jeans4Justice and the Educational Foundation. Themed “GeoVue-Envision It,” the event blended geometry and geography, with each student using inspiration from the Cubist art movement. The audience saw inspirations from Picasso and other artists reflected in the fashions, and an esteemed panel of judges awarded the scholarships to Shantel Acosta (MarComm Award for pre-show marketing), Kerstin Winter (Trend Setter Award for the most marketable designs), Karlene Keller (Inno-

La Jolla


vator in Design Award), Elina Sheripova (Atelier Award for the best construction and most technical designs) and Luciana Baladerrama (“It” Design Award for the best in show). The Art Institute of California-San Diego is a fashion design, media, and culinary arts school providing associate and bachelor degrees. For more information visit,

The Golden Age of Hollywood The Angels of Aseltine hosted Second Hand Rose, a luncheon and fashion show, at the Town & Country Resort on June 8. As the event began with boutique shopping featuring gently used designer clothing, a shopping frenzy ensued for the designer clothes sold at a fraction of the original cost. Many of the shoppers had waited all year for the event. Actress Kimberlin Brown — best known for playing Sheila on the “Young and the

Models show off Antonio Ricco creations from Star Fashion Boutique. DIANA CAVAGNARO | Village News


CONTINUED FROM Page 1 good fit. You want someone who will create an event that feels like you.” Noxon said she aims to cater to every type of couple — be they old, young, traditional, nonreligious, goth, same sex, couples on a budget or couples planning half-million-dollar affairs. Every bride, she said, will find something useful at the Wedding Party Bridal Show. “For the first time in history, we’ve got four generations of brides planning weddings at the same time,” she said. “And this bridal show works for all of them.” So what do today’s brides want? According to Noxon, modern-day weddings tend to be more about the guests than the bride and groom.

“Today’s bride and groom want to create a guest-centric wedding,” she said. “Twenty years ago, it was more about the bride. But now we have more people doing destination weddings, and they have guests coming from all over the world. Couples just want their guests to have a great time.” Having a great time, however, can depend on who couples choose to hire for their wedding. Noxon said couples must be aware that the planning process can be indicative of the wedding itself, and “if you’re not having fun planning your wedding, you’re not going to have fun at the wedding.” It is for this reason, she said, that she only lets what she deems the most competent vendors be a part of the bridal show. And while competency — especially with regards to weddings — comes with a price, Noxon is careful to point out

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THURSDAY, JUNE 28, 2012 | VOL. 17, NO. 39

Restless” — kicked off the luncheon, themed The Golden Age of Hollywood, as mistress of ceremonies. Guests were encouraged to dress according to the theme, and tables were beautifully decorated with items one might find at the movies. The fashion show featured clothing from the used-clothing boutique, and Bonnie Wainwright sang Barbra Streisand’s “Second Hand Rose” while Chrissy Burns entertained with Marilyn Monroe’s “I Wanna Be Loved By You.” More shopping continued after the show, wrapping up another exciting year. The Aseltine School has been educating children with emotional and learning disabilities since 1968. For more information, visit

ston — had their work cut out for them as they modeled garments custom designed for them. Daywear to eveningwear was showcased, with Designer Millinery hats and jewelry by L-Petri Designs accenting the creations. Antonio’s designs can be found in Beverly Hills and at Star Fashion Boutique in La Jolla at 1110 Torrey Pines Road #D.

Music, art and fashion

Upcoming Events

La Jolla’s Star Fashion Boutique presented the designs of Ricco Antonio at the Big Canyon Country Club in Newport Beach on June 11. Commencing with the music of the Laguna Flutes, the music, art, and fashion show featured the artwork of celebrity artist Pilar Wayne, widow of John Wayne. Proceeds for the event went to the Pacific Symphony to support music education programs. With a huge runway measuring 112 feet in length, the models — clients of Antonio, including president of the symphony Dorcas PreDIANA CAVAGNARO | Village News

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Julie Sarno walks the runway at the Angels of Aseltine luncheon and fashion show on June 8.

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• La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, July 26-28, Museum of Contemporary Art La Jolla, 700 Prospect St., 20 short films from 8 to 10 p.m. each night, • The One and Only Truly Fabulous Hat Contest, July 18, Opening Day at the Races for the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Plaza de Mexico. • Hats & Headdresses, Sept. 9, Mingei International Museum, hats from cultures and countries around the world with a lecture on the history of hats by Diana Cavagnaro on Aug. 1 at 6 p.m., (619) 239-0003. • Celebrating Couture 2012, Aug. 7, Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel, presented by The Globe Guilders & Neiman Marcus and featuring Monique Lhuillier’s Fall 2012 Collection, for tickets call Carol Hanson at (619) 229-2090.

Lucian Baladerrama’s designs won best in show at the fourth annual “It” fashion show on May 25. DIANA CAVAGNARO | Village News

— Diana Cavagnaro is a nationally recognized hat designer and milliner, and has been operating a fashion business in San Diego for 30 years. She has been teaching in the fashion department at San Diego Mesa College for 20 years. Diana is an active member of the Gaslamp Quarter Association, The American Sewing Guild, the San Diego Costume Council and the Fashion Group International.

Details... The Wedding Party Bridal Show, themed “Wedding Goddesses,” will showcase vendors for every step of the planning process, from the venue to the honeymoon. From noon to 5 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla, located at 3777 La Jolla Village Drive, guests can watch two couture fashion shows (2 and 3:30 p.m.), play the “Soon To Be Newlywed Game,” taste wines, hors d’oeuvres, cakes and pies, indulge in mini makeovers, and enter to win a five-night honeymoon at the GranSueño Resort in La Paz, Mexico worth $4,000. Tickets are $20 at the door or $15 in advance. VIP tickets are available for $50. For tickets or more information, visit or call

that incompetence also has a price tag, and the cost usually comes out of the enjoyment of the day. “Because everything comes with a price tag,” she said, “if the price is low you might be paying with your wedding day. There are a lot of talented, enthusiastic wedding professionals out there, but there are a lot of the other kind of

(760) 635-1120. La Jolla-based vendors: • The Bridal Bar (concierge services to help couples find the right vendors for their event) • A Better Deal Tuxedo • Va Lena Valentina (custom couture wedding gowns) • Adelaide’s Flowers • Classy Event Group (DJ services, lighting design and photo booth rental) • Siegel Thurston Photography • Under the Crust (pies)

professionals out there, too.” So what does she suggest for the couple that doesn’t have an unlimited budget? “It’s not all about money,” she said. “It’s not about hiring expensive people or buying expensive things. Everyone has different priorities, so find your top priorities and spend more on those

things. Don’t spend a lot on something just because some wedding magazine said you should spend that amount.” Whatever the price, Noxon urges couples to make sure their vendors lend more than just a service to the event. “The energy of the people you hire,” she said, “is as important as the product they bring.”





CEO Ward Gill welcomed guests, revealing that the symphony, which is San Diego’s largest music educator, will have a balanced budget for its 14th consecutive year. Matthew Garbutt conducted the symphony musicians in works by 18th and 19th century English composers before an intermission for a threeitem live auction by Pierre Charmasson. Then the reincarnated Fab Four took the stage, looking much as they did for their first appearance on Ed Sullivan’s 1960s TV show. They seemed so much like John, Paul, George and Ringo, but in reality, they were Jim, Tony, Tom and Chris — a Beatles tribute band known as Classical Mystery Tour. They looked and sounded just like the originals, doing the costume changes, the wigs and even the Brit accents. The big difference is that they performed along with the full symphony orchestra, adding dramatic depth to the show. Playing hit after hit for nearly 90 minutes, they finished with “Imagine,” “Hey Jude” and finally “Twist and Shout” as a spectacular fireworks show went off overhead.


TnT: above: Rachel Grosvenor, Joyce Grosvenor, Joyce Glazer, Kari and Ward Gill (he’s Symphony CEO), Dolores Clark TnT: below: Ray Kau, Mary Schlesing, Gail Ruff, Bruce Bailey, John and Deb Anderson

TnT: above: Connie Lukeman, Hank Johns and Pia Lucey, Paul and Lisa Laikind, Julie Cooke TnT: below: Kathy Paulin, Ron Forrester, Sara and Anthony Napoli

TnT: above: Mel Katz, Marilyn Sawyer, Catherine Blair, Doug Sawyer, Mitch Woodbury

tles, guests were encouraged to wear their “best Beatles attire” (or variations of the tuxedo-and-tennis shoes dress code for which this event is named). Many arrived in 1960s styles dragged from the depths of their closets (or local costume shops), like micro/mini dresses with wild Peter Max prints, bell-bottom pants, big wigs or uniforms suggesting they were fugitives from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The party started with cocktails, a lavish hors d’oeuvres buffet and a rockin’ band playing current hits. Moving to formal dining tables in the concert area, guests strolled along “Abbey Road,” flanked with black-clad chorus members singing Beatles songs. Two doublesided buffets offered unhindered access to a lush assortment of culinary temptations, including beef, lamb, chicken and seafood. Dessert assortments were already on the tables.

C O A S TA L DINING IN AND AROUND LA JOLLA Donovan’s Steak House They may look good enough to eat, but the paintings and sculptures at Donovan’s of La Jolla are strictly off limits – so you’ll have to content yourself with the USDA prime beef, the eatery’s star attraction. If steak isn’t in the plan, pork and veal chops and succulent seafood will satisfy the most discriminating of palates. And at Donovan’s, fresh seasonal vegetables and your choice of potato are always included with each entrée.



(858) 729-9988 WWW.AMICIS.COM

Amici A focus on authenticity, friendly service, customer satisfaction, Amici's is fast becomng one of La Jolla’s favorite pizzarias. Freshly made pizzas, pastas, and salads made of the highest quality ingredients and freshness– for a taste that is nothing short of perfection.

Froglanders Froglander's has been satisfying yogurt lovers cravings for over 26 years.In addition to the best yogurt in town, they also serve acai bowls, banana splits and yogurt pie. You'll find eight flavors everyday. Plus they offer over 50 different yogurt toppings including fresh fruit .La Jolla students receive a 20% DISCOUNT. Open late. Friday- Saturday 11 AM -10:30 PM . and Sunday-Thursday 11AM-9:30 PM .

Bite of Boston

• Maine Lobster Rolls every day • Fish & Chips, Fried Shrimp, Fried Scallops and Ipswich Fried Clams every day! • All-Natural Turkey deli meat and Philly Cheesesteak • More than 30 sandwiches on the menu! check on-line for our

Daily Special

Bite of Boston (BoB) is a family-owned eatery which offers an array of East coast-style seafood, soups, breads and meats flown in weekly from Massachusetts. Lobster rolls are available seven days a week. Enjoy Fish & Chips, fried shrimp and Ipswich fried clams every Fri, Sat, Sun. More than 30 sandwiches on the menu including the Philly Cheesesteak, Prime Rib, Turkey, and a variety of low-cal options. Call in for take-out or delivery. Check the BoB website for menu specials!

World Class

New England Clam Chowder! SUN & MON. 10:30 - 3:00 • TUES. - SAT. 10:30 - 7:00 3202 Governor Dr. (University City/La Jolla) San Diego 858.453.4000

Also in Rancho Bernardo 15721 Bernardo Heights Rd. • 858.451.2900


Sliced Always Fresh Grilled! Always Fresh

Jersey Mike’s Jersey Mike's is a sub shop that embodies the Jersey Shore, serves up classic sub sandwiches, wraps, and salads for dine in or take out. Menu items includes the popular original Italian sub, a meat lover's dream, with provolone, ham, prosciuttini, cappacuolo, salami and pepperoni, guaranteed to be always freshly sliced. Jersey Mike's also offers hot subs like the famous Philly cheese steak, grilled. East coast transplants will be happy to hear that they can get their fill of Tastykakes – a rare treat on the West Coast – at Jersey Mike's.

The Broken Yolk Café The Broken Yolk Café offers a large selection of home cooked meals in a comfortable and casual atmosphere. There are over 20 different omelets to choose from as well as a wide variety of other breakfast favorites which include pancakes, waffles and French toast. Feel more like lunch? Try one of our juicy ½ pound burgers or one of our large sandwiches.

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Bicycle delivery available in the Village for $20 minimum Store hours: 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily





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NON-DENOMINATIONAL SAN DIEGO BAHA’I COMMUNITY 6545 Alcala Knolls Dr. (off Linda Vista Rd.) SUNDAY 9:00 - 10:00 Interfaith Devotions; 10:30 - 12:30 Introductory Talk & Discussion Please Call 858-274-0178 for Directions or for more information General Baha’i Info -

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Scott Smith, has been serving the beach communities since 1979.

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ACCOUNTING CAREER SCHOOL One program trains you for multiple job opportunities! Be job-ready in 6 months for many job positions: accounting and AR, AP clerks; bookkeepers; QuickBooks specialists…or, start your own bookkeeping business!

ACCOUNTING ACADEMY Call for brochure: 858-836-1420 Next classes begin July 30th

AIRLINE CAREERS Become an Aviation Maintenance Tech. FAA approved training. Financial aid if qualified - Housing available. Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 888-242-3214



SEEKING P/T WORKERS for the post of BOOKKEEPER, PAYROLL/ PAY RECEIVER. Applicants must be computer literate, Contact

ITEMS FOR SALE 300  garage sale MOVING SALE - 35 YEARS in La Jolla Furniture, antiques, collectables and household items - June 29th & 30th 83pm Friday & Sat 7330 Eads Ave.

 for sale or exchange CARPET DISTRIBUTORS SALE Carpet for your home at wholesale. 619-504-7931 303-908-9599 Go to FAST FOOD DISCOUNT CARDS Fast Food Discount Cards that never expires. 24 Restaurants including Arbys, Wendys, Pizza Hut, Krispy Kreme and more. Cost $20. R. T. 3115 WhiteHorse Road PMB 177, Greenville, SC 29611. (864) 295-5551

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a warm water environment. The benefits are: • Non-weight-bearing (reducing stress on joints) • Facilitates full use of the front and hind legs vs. partial use as seen with underwater treadmills • Dogs are often able to actively swim although unable to move their legs on land (due to stroke/ spinal injury) • Allows manual techniques by therapist/ manual resistance to an affected limb • Swimming in a controlled environment is the safest way for clients to exercise. • Speeds recovery following injury/ surgery • Improves function & quality of life • Works reciprocal muscle groups (helps correct muscle imbalances) • Reduces pain & inflammation • Reduces canine obesity thus decreasing the risk of other health-related problems • Increases strength, range of motion & cardiovascular conditioning • Prevents overheating through proper water temperature • Increases tolerance for extended cardiovascular training • Decreases recovery time • Reduces post-exercise soreness • Provides good cross training for the competitive, athletic dog (619) 227-7802

duced $300K, now $3.35mil. Buy 200 ft Baja beach lots or 9 miles (or less) Pacific Ocean front land. Need a partner to develop all or part. Local resale shop biz for sale. Many more RE opportunities. Geo Jonilonis Rltr 619 454 4151

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SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA HALL OF JUSTICE 330 WEST BROADWAY SAN DIEGO, CA. 92101 CASE NO: 37-2012-00097855-CU-PT-CTL PETITIONER OR ATTORNEY, CHRISTINE SONALI MERRILL 1475 HORNBLEND ST. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92109 HAS FILED A PETITION WITH THIS COURT FOR A DECREE CHANGING PETITIONERS NAME FROM CHRISTINE SONALI MERRILL TO SONALI CHRISTINE MERRILL THE COURT ORDERS THAT all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objection that indicates the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING TO BE HELD ON JULY 13, 2012 TIME : 8:15 AM DEPT: 8 220 WEST BROADWAY SAN DIEGO, CA. 92101 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 07, 14, 21 AND 28, 2012 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO.

WANT TO Purchase minerals and other oil/ 2012-014783 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: ALIRO gas interests. Send details to: P. O. Box MARKETING located at: 4944 SANTA MONICA AVE. UNIT 115 SAN DIEGO, CA. 92107 is hereby registered by the 13557, Denver, CO 80201 following owner(s): ALICIA SHAPIRO This business is be-

WWW. SPORTSGIRLJEWELRY.COM ingconducted by: AN INDIVIDUAL The transaction of busiFUND RAISERS FOR YOUTH SPORTS- VERY ness began on: 05/29/12 The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San PROFITABLE


Diego County on: MAY 29, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 07, 14, 21 AND 28, 2012

owner(s): SAASAAN JOSEPH NABAVI This business is beingconducted by: AN INDIVIDUAL The transaction of business began on: NOT YET STARTED The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: MAY 30, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 07, 14, 21 AND 28, 2012

tered by the following owner(s): ALVARO VIRISSIMO This business is beingconducted by: AN INDIVIDUAL The transaction of business began on: NOT YET STARTED The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: JUNE 05, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 07, 14, 21 AND 28, 2012

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-014898 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: HERB EN ROUTES located at: 4113 VOLTAIRE ST. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92107 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): DANIELLE RAISS, PAIGE HAILEY This business is beingconducted by: A GENERAL PARTNERSHIP The transaction of business began on: NOT YET STARTED The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: MAY 30, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 07, 14, 21 AND 28, 2012

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-013100 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: PAWS IN GOOD CARE located at: 1767 TORRANCE ST #210 SAN DIEGO, CA. 92103 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): STEPHANIE FAITH JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHER SCOTT JOHNSON This business is beingconducted by: HUSBAND AND WIFE The transaction of business began on: NOT YET STARTED The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: MAY 10, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 07, 14, 21 AND 28, 2012

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-015013 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: AUTOTRANS PORTERS ONLINE, SHOWTIME GOLF located at: 8868 REGENTS RD. #103 SAN DIEGO, CA. 92122 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): LEONA INVESTMENTS This business is beingconducted by: A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY LEONA INVESTMENTS 8868 REGENTS RD. #103 SAN DIEGO, CA. 92122 CALIFORNIA The transaction of business began on: 01/01/12 The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: MAY 31, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 07, 14, 21 AND 28, 2012 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-013851 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: PROFESSIONAL TATTOOING located at: 3125 FREEMAN ST #C OCEANSIDE, CA. 92054 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): DEJA CHASTAIN This business is beingconducted by: AN INDIVIDUAL The transaction of business began on: NOT YET STARTED The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: MAY 18, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 07, 14, 21 AND 28, 2012 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-014906 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: AFFORDABLE YACHT CARE located at: 4978 BRIGHTON AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92107 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): JONATHAN BARTEL This business is beingconducted by: AN INDIVIDUAL The transaction of business began on: NOT YET STARTED The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: MAY 30, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 07, 14, 21 AND 28, 2012 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-015063 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: ELITE MOTOR GROUP INC located at: 4820 BERYL WAY SAN DIEGO, CA. 92109 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): ELITE MOTOR GROUP INC. This business is beingconducted by: A CORPORATION ELITE MOTOR GROUP INC. 4820 BERYL WAY SAN DIEGO, CA. 92109 CALIFORNIA The transaction of business began on: NOT YET STARTED The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: MAY 31, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 07, 14, 21 AND 28, 2012

SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA HALL OF JUSTICE 330 WEST BROADWAY SAN DIEGO, CA. 92101 CASE NO: 37-2012-00098329-CU-PT-CTL PETITIONER OR ATTORNEY, MARILYN NEWHOFF HILL 5725 CAMINITO EMPRESSA LA JOLLA, CA. 92037 619-584-6516 HAS FILED A PETITION WITH THIS COURT FOR A DECREE CHANGING PETITIONERS NAME FROM MARILYN NEWHOFF HILL TO MARILYN ELAINE NEWHOFF THE COURT ORDERS THAT all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objection that indicates the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING TO BE HELD ON JULY 20, 2012 TIME : 8:20 AM DEPT: 8 220 WEST BROADWAY SAN DIEGO, CA. 92101 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 14, 21, 28 AND JULY 05, 2012 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-010035THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: POSH ART, PURE INTENTIONS SUPERIOR ASSISTANCE located at: 4327 TEMECULA ST. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92107 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): MALAKA JACKSON This business is beingconducted by: AN INDIVIDUAL The transaction of business began on: NOT YET STARTED The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: APR 10, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 14, 21, 28 AND JULY 05, 2012 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-015982 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: THE ELEVATION STATION, ELEVATION STATION located at: 4976 NEWPORT AVE.. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92107 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): MAURICE L WALTERS, GLENDA S WALTERS This business is beingconducted by: A HUSBAND & WIFE The transaction of business began on: NOT YET STARTED The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: JUNE 11, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 14, 21, 28 AND JULY 05, 2012

by the following owner(s): MARGARITA CATALAN & BENJAMIN MORALES This business is beingconducted by: A HUSBAND & WIFE The transaction of business began on: JUNE 1, 2012 The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: JUNE 01, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 14, 21, 28 AND JULY 05, 2012 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-015812 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: WORLD SEASONINGS located at: 1511 MISSOURI STREET, SAN DIEGO 92109 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): TRAVIS BULLOCK This business is beingconducted by: AN INDIVIDUAL The transaction of business began on: NOT YET STARTED The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: JUNE 8, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 14, 21, 28 AND JULY 05, 2012 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-015922 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: OLD TOWN ACUPUNCTURE & WELLNESS located at: 4062 HARNEY STREET, SAN DIEGO, CA 92110 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): MATT CALLISON, ELISABETH GOULD, IAN ARMSTRONG This business is beingconducted by: A GENERAL PARTNERSHIP The transaction of business began on: NOT YET STARTED The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: JUNE 11, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 14, 21, 28 AND JULY 05, 2012 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-013359 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: TRAINHER, TRAIN HER located at: 2320 GALVESTON ST. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92110 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): COURTNEY MURPHY This business is beingconducted by: AN INDIVIDUAL The transaction of business began on: NOT YET STARTED The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: MAY 14, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): MAY 24, 31 JUNE 07 AND 14, 2012 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-016633 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: BRAIN NEW located at: 4229 OCEAN BLVD. APT A SAN DIEGO, CA. 92109 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): JESSIE HALE, KYLE KLEMETSRUD This business is beingconducted by: A GENERAL PARTNERSHIP The transaction of business began on: 06/15/12 The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: JUNE 15, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 21, 28 JULY 05 AND 12, 2012 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-015307 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: KITCHENISTA located at: 3233 THIRD AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92103 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): ALLISON B. WARNER This business is beingconducted by: AN INDIVIDUAL The transaction of business began on: NOT YET STARTED The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: JUNE 04, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 21, 28 JULY 05 AND 12, 2012 SUMMONS (Family Law)

NOTICE TO RESPONDENT (NAME): Thomas Hess, aka DEL MAR LAGOON VIEW HOME buy, FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT lease or lease option, $1.65mil. Kearney 2012-014928 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: ZOKU 2012-015355 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: TRIPLE FILE NO. 2012-015141 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: Thomas D. Hess, an individual; Does 1 through 20, incluMesa 21,800 sq ft office building just re- HANDICRAFTS located at: 954 TOURMALINE ST. SAN ADVANTAGE REAL ESTATE located at: 1261 IGLESIA UNIDOS EN CRISTO located at: 7818 WILKER- sive. YOU ARE BEING SUED BY PLAINTIFF: American ExDIEGO, CA. 92109 is hereby registered by the following FLEETRIDGE DR. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92106 is hereby regis-

SON COURT, SAN DIEGO CA 92111 is hereby registered press Bank, FSB, a Federal Savings Bank, American







LA JOLLA Sat & Sun 12-3pm 8819 Caminito Sueno .3BR/2.5BA . . . . . .$639,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Christie Duguid • 858-722-8844 Sat & Sun 1-4pm .333 Coast Blvd. #16 . .2BR/2BA . . . . . . .$995,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Carol Doty • 858-997-8151


Sat & Sun 1-4pm .7520 Draper #1 . . . . .3BR/3.5BA . . . . . .$999,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Kathy Evans • 858-488-7355

Klatt Realty is offering For Sale this choice 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo with a smalll patio and covered parking for 2 cars close to UCSD! Action priced at $385,000!!! This will sell fast! Call Klatt Realty for your appointment to see this deal for yourself!!!

Sat & Sun 1-4pm .6209 Beaumont Ave . .4BR/4BA . . . . . . .$2,595,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Natasha Alexander • 858-336-9051 Sat 1-4pm . . . . . .8245 Caminito Maritimo4BR/2.5BA . . . . . .$1,140,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cher Conner • 858-361-8714 Sat 1-4pm . . . . . .1215 Virginia Way . . . .4BR/3.5BA . . . . . .$1,900,000-$2,200,876

Maxine & Marti Gellens • 858-551-6630

Sun 1-4pm . . . . .8656 Via Mallorca # D .1BR/1BA . . . . . . .$259,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Randy & Jo-an Upjohn • 858-459-6110 Sun 1-4pm . . . . .101 Coast Blvd. #1D . .2BR/2.5BA . . . . . .$839,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cassandra Altmann • 858-449-6966 Sun 1-4pm . . . . .4265 Caminito Cassis .4BR/3BA . . . . . . .$899,000-$949,000

Russ Craig • 858-361-7877

Sun 1-4pm . . . . .7575 Eads Ave. #307 .3BR/3BA . . . . . . .$975,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dina Lander • 619-992-4532 Sun 1-4pm . . . . .6655 Ave de las Pescas3BR/2BA . . . . . . .$1,100,000-$1,300,000

David Schroedl • 858-459-0202

Sun 1-4pm . . . . .1340 Caminito Arriata .3BR/2.5BA . . . . . .$1,145,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Goldie Sinegal • 858-342-0035 Sun 1-4pm . . . . .1596 Vista Claridad . . .4BR/3BA . . . . . . .$1,275,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .The Reed Team • 858-456-1240 Sun 1-4pm . . . . .5741 Beaumont Ave. . .3BR/2BA . . . . . . .$1,295,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Randy & Jo-an Upjohn • 858-459-6110 Sun 1-4pm . . . . .7246 Rue de Roark . .4BR/2BA . . . . . . .$1,399,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Michelle Serafini • 858-829-6210 Sun 1-4pm . . . . .8247 Paseo del Ocaso 3BR/2BA . . . . . . .$1,485,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Michelle Serafini • 858-829-6210 Sun 1-4pm . . . . .7635 Caminito Avola . .4BR/4BA . . . . . . .$1,560,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Charlie Hein • 858-205-2310 Sun 1-4pm . . . . .1341 Caminito Arriata .3BR/2.5BA . . . . . .$1,599,950 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Maria Valencia • 619-888-8947

RENTALS: $2,200*** RPM! We are offering this 2 bedroom, 1 bath apart- JOSEPH DEAN KLATT PhD & ENYA ment in the Foot of Prospect area for a 1 year LIST WHERE THE REAL ESTATE ACTION IS AT lease now! The unit has been painted and new flooring has been installed in the kitchen and KLATT REALTY INC. DRE IIic. No. 00617121 the bathroom! Rent includes a 1-car garage! (858) 454-9672 Sorry, no pets, please. Call for full details and 1124 Wall St., La Jolla Enya an appointment to see this for yourself.

Sun 1-4pm . . . . .5555 Ladybird Lane . .3BR/2BA . . . . . . .$2,250,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jeannie Thompson • 858-395-7727 Sun 1-4pm . . . . .7964 Prospect Place . .3BR/2.5BA . . . . . .$2,295,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .The Reed Team • 858-456-1240 Sun 1-4pm . . . . .7244 Carrizo Dr. . . . . .3BR/4.5BA . . . . . .$2,750,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cher Conner • 858-361-8714 Sun 12-3pm . . . .1542 El Paseo Real . .4BR/4.5BA . . . . . .$3,449,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Laleh Hedayat • 858-774-2018 PACIFIC BEACH / MISSION BEACH / CROWN POINT Sat/Sun 1-4pm . . .1263-1265 Oliver Ave. 4BR/4BA . . . . . . .$899,000 $955,000

Kathy Evans • 858-488-7355

Sat/Sun 10-5pm . .1253 Oliver Ave. . . . . .4BR/4BA . . . . . . .$929,000-$959,000

Terry Mobley • 619-933-9751

Sat/Sun 1-4pm . . .1624 Malden St. . . . .3BR/3BA . . . . . . .$1,200,000-$1,400,000

David Schroedl • 858-459-0202

Sat 12-3 Sun 10-5pm . 4002 Everts S. t#3 3BR/2BA . . . . . . .$1,699,995 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Peter Middleton • 858-764-4808 Sun 1-4pm . . . . .5209 Soledad Mtn Rd .3BR/2BA . . . . . . .$695,000-$775,876

Claire Melbo • 858-551-3349

MISSION HILLS Sat & Sun 1-4pm .4125 Jackdaw St. . . .3BR/2BA . . . . . . .$675,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Lisa Ashkins • 619-888-2117


LEGAL ADS 900 Express Centurion Bank, a Utah State Chartered Bank, NOTICE! You have been sued. The court may decide against you without your being heard unless you respond within 30 days. Read the information below. You have 30 CALENDAR DAYS after this summons and legal papers are served on you to file a written response at this court and have a copy served on the plaintiff. A letter or phone call will not protect you. Your written response must be in proper legal form if you want the court to hear your case. There may be a court form that you can use for your response. You can find these court forms and more information at the California Courts Online Self-Help Center (, your county law library, or the courthouse nearest you. If you cannot pay the filing fee, ask the court clerk for a fee waiver form. If you do not file your response on time, you may lose the case by default, and your wages, money, and property may be taken without further warning from the court. There are other legal requirements. You may want to call an attorney right away. if you do not know an attorney, you may want to call an attorney referral service. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may be eligible for free legal services from a nonprofit legal service program. You can locate these nonprofit groups at the California Legal Services Web site (, the California Courts Online Self-Help Center(, or by contacting your local court or county bar association. NOTE: The court has a statutory lien for waived fees and costs on

any settlement or arbitration award of $10,000 or more in a civil case. The courts lein must be paid before the court will dismiss the case. CASE NUMBER: 37-2011-00101292-CU-BC-CTL The name and the address of the court is: SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO Central 330 West Broadway, San Diego, Ca. 92101 The name, address, and telephone number of the plaintiff’s attorney, or plaintiff without an attorney, is: Lina M. Michael, Esq. SBN: 237842; Brian P. McGurk, ESQ. SBN:250091 MICHAEL & ASSOCIATES, 555 ST. CHARLES DRIVE, SUITE 204, THOUSAND OAKS, CA 91360 DATE: NOV 18, 2011 Clerk, by C. Wright-Whitten, ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 21, 28 JULY 05 AND 12, 2012

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-016066 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: LNY OPTOMETRY located at: 1890 GARNET AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92109 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): YOSUKE YONEMASU This business is beingconducted by: AN INDIVIDUAL The transaction of business began on: 06/12/12 The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: JUNE 12, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 28 JULY 05, 12 AND 19, 2012 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-016888 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: EVOLUTION - ATHLETIC TRAINING REDEFINED located at: 4250 PEPSI DR. SUITE E SAN DIEGO, CA. 92111 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): THOMAS PAUL HILL This

business is beingconducted by: AN INDIVIDUAL The transaction of business began on: NOT YET STARTED The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: JUNE 19, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 28 JULY 05, 12 AND 19, 2012 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-016887 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: GOVISITCOSTARICA.COM, GO VISIT COSTA RICA located at: 4151 MISSION BLVD. #212 SAN DIEGO, CA. 92109 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): DELFINA TRAVEL GROUP, INC. This business is beingconducted by: A CORPORATION DELFINA TRAVEL GROUP, INC. 4151 MISSION BLVD. #212 SAN DIEGO, CA. 92109 CALIFORNIA The transaction of business began on: NOT YET STARTED The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: JUNE 19, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 28 JULY 05, 12 AND 19, 2012 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 2012-016385 THE NAME(S) OF BUSINESS: DA KINE SAFETY SOLUTIONS located at: 2316 PASEO DE LAURA #118 SAN DIEGO, CA. 92056 is hereby registered by the following owner(s): ALAN EVERHART This business is beingconducted by: AN INDIVIDUAL The transaction of business began on: 06/13/12 The statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., Recorder / County Clerk of San Diego County on: JUNE 13, 2012 ISSUE DATE(S): JUNE 28 JULY 05, 12 AND 19, 2012

Your Future Home Awaits You! Spectacular Panoramic Views

Heart of the Muirlands

Captivating Architectural Beauty

7645 Hillside Dr.

1160 Via Espana

5338 Soledad Rancho Ct.

This beautifully located land with panoramic white water views sits on a 15,000 square ft. useable lot and includes North Shore Views. Located in the Country Club, this lot is surrounded by multimillion dollar homes in the heart of La Jolla. With a full set of architectural plans and all entitlements previously costal approved, the opportunity to create your own dream home awaits!

Please come visit this exquisite single story home tucked away in the heart of the Muirlands. This covenant ranch home on 15,000 sq. ft. is surrounded by luxury homes. Five bedroom home offering a lovely lifestyle, located on a secluded, quiet cul-de-sac. This storybook traditional features charming family room with ocean views, living room that opens to an inviting garden, and formal dining room with window seats. Traditional cabinets give warm yet elegant country touch in the kitchen. Don’t miss out on the charm and warmth of this special home.

Just blocks to La Jolla, this rare architecturally grand versatile 5 bedroom, 3 bath home includes an inviting formal living and dining room. Enjoy a lush and serene backyard landscape Wonderful separation for privacy between master bedroom wing and main floor suite. Contiguous upstairs bedrooms are connected with an interior doorway. 5th bedroom is 22x14 which could be turned into a family room, office , den, or home theater.

Offered at $2,495,000

Offered between $895,000- $949,000

Offered at $1,850,000

Open House Sat 1- 4

Open House Sun 1- 4


Just Listed! • Gorgeous Golf Course Estate Tropical Paradise on Nearly 1/2 acre with Captivating Views

David Schroedl 858 • 459 • 0202 DRE #00982592

Just Listed! • 1340 West Muirland Drive This nearly 1/2 acre Spectacular Muirlands One-Story Estate of over 3,700 sf is situated on the 17th Fairway of the La Jolla Country Club. Walls of Windows Frame the Captivating & Stunning Golf Course & Ocean Views. Romance & Understated elegance throughout this completely remodeled & incredibly private residence. Absolutely an entertainer's ultimate dream. The Backyard is a Virtual Oasis/Paradise Boasting a Gorgeous Pool & Entertainment area. Complete with it's own gate to the golf course! Exquisite details include Calcutta Gold Marble slab counters, solid oak & French limestone flooring and dual A/C. The additional huge game room w/full bath could be a theater. Separate guest house w/private entrance is perfect for in-laws, guests, an older child, a caretaker or even a live-in nanny/maid. Walk to Windansea Beach and the restaurants & shops of the Village, all just a short stroll away.

Seller will entertain offers between $2,800,000 & $3,200,000

©MMVII Sotheby's International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby's International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby's International Realty Affiliates. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. CA DRE#01767484

Just Listed in lower Hermosa! Single level Entertainer’s Paradise

Open This Sunday 1- 4 One level / Muirlands Village

David Schroedl 858 • 459 • 0202 DRE #00982592

Marc Lipschitz 619 • 857• 2882 DRE #01048968

Just Listed! • 359 Mesa Way

6655 Avenida De Las Pescas

Amazing Spacious Completely4 BR / 3 BA Remodeled One-Level Home in Lower Hermosa has it all! Walls of Glass open out to an Entertainer's Dream Yard with a Beautiful Salt-Water Pool & Spa, a Loggia/Lounge area right out of a Resort for the Adults & lots of Grass for the Kids.Over 3,000 sf of Indoor-Outdoor living Personified to Absolute Perfection. Features a Whole House Audio/Video with Wall Pad Controls throughout/Mac & iPad Compatible, Imported Solid Bamboo Flooring. A Chef's Ideal Gourmet Kitchen w/Calcutta Gold Marble Slab.This Private Paradise is on an almost 10,000 sf Flat Lot and just 3 short blocks to the Sand of Windansea.

Completely remodeled to perfection. This wonderful elegant single-level 3BR/2BA home. Boasts a huge, private 14,000 sf lot, the property has a large grassy backyard & patio for entertaining. Just a few short blocks to Muirlands Junior High & LJ High School, plus the best beaches and the Village of La Jolla.

Seller will entertain offers between $2,400,000 and $2,800,000

Seller will entertain offers b/w $1.1M & $1.3M

©MMVII Sotheby's International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby's International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby's International Realty Affiliates. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. CA DRE#01767484

La Jolla Village News, June 28th, 2012  

La Jolla Village News, June 28th, 2012