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What does graduating at City College mean to you? “It means I’ve accomplished something that my parents wanted me to do even though they didn’t have the proper means to educate me while I was growing up. I’m also excited that I’ll be graduating in honors because it’s something that I couldn’t accomplish in high school.” “Graduation means a lot to me because I’ll be the first one in my family to actually graduate and have a college degree, even if it’an A.A. right now but it’s a step forward to getting my bachelors. So I’m excited and I’ll be transferring to UC Santa Barbara with a major in Sociology.

Hortencia Arvizu, 21 Sociology UC Santa Barbara

May 21, 2013

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City College hosts its 99th graduation By Klarissa Sanchez City Times

Julio Quezada, 22 Sociology UC Santa Barbara

Vol. 67, No. 12

All the hard work and dedication students put in throughout the years is now paying off. Cameras will snap, proud parents will be in the stands and students will celebrate. Speakers will tell students that graduation will set them off into the real world and a great future. San Diego City College will hold its 99th commencement ceremonies at the Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park on Friday, May 24. The ceremony begins at 5 p.m. and runs until 8 p.m. Before graduation day, all graduates must attend a man-

datory at the Organ Pavilion, Balboa Park on Thursday, May 23, at 3:30 p.m. The first several rows are reserved for graduates and other seats will be available to guests in the unmarked rows. Special accommodation seating is available on the west side of the seating area. Photography is permitted. However, friends and family who want to take pictures are asked to be respectful by keeping the aisles clear. A designated photo area will be provided. Videographer information will be posted at www.sdcity. edu/graduation. Balloons, beach balls, blow horns and lawn chairs

are prohibited. If it rains the ceremony will be moved to the City College Harry West Gymnasium on Park Boulevard (across from San Diego High School). Graduation is a big deal. Everything that the graduates have worked for will finally pay off. It’s time to celebrate accomplishments, allnighters, struggles, finished workloads, and passing. Congratulations graduates and best of luck! For more information about graduation and directions, visit Portals/0/About/OfficesAndAdministration/Graduation/2013/319.

Statistics: Number of graduates partcipating at ceremony: 361 Total number of certificates: 329 Number of graduates (unduplicated): 860 Number of male graduates: 371 Number of female graduates: 489 Average GPA: 3.2 Dean of Student Affairs Office


Burgess retires as City College president By Lizz Carson City Times Terrence Burgess says he’s anxious about retirement after 42 years of working in education. Burgess started his career in education in 1971, teaching biology at Mater Dei High School. Although, teaching wasn’t always Burgess’ first choice in careers. He originally went to college to become a fishery biologist. He got his first degree, a Bachelor of Arts in biological sciences, with his emphasis in marine ecology from California State University Fullerton. Burgess got his first teaching job by applying for an ad in a newspaper. He had been driving a freight truck to put himself through school and decided to give teaching a try before applying for graduate school. “By the time I finished my first year, I was hooked on teaching,” Burgess said. As he tells his story, he smiles and chuckles, acknowledging that becoming a fishery biologist was a bit


of a longshot because there weren’t many jobs available in the field in the early 1970s. Instead, Burgess accidentally discovered his passion for education and says he has loved every minute of it. Before he advanced to the administrative level, he spent almost half a decade teaching. While he was working on his master’s degree, Burgess taught full-time at Fullerton High School, his second teaching job. In 1976 he was awarded with his Master of Arts in biological sciences, with emphasis in marine ecology, ichthyology and ethology. During this year he also took two more part-time jobs on the collegiate level. He was an adjunct professor of ecology at Cerritos College and an adjunct professor of oceanography at Fullerton College, both from 1976 until 1977. Burgess’ excitement about the world of education shows when he talks about his experiences in education, and his years of teaching and being

President Terrence Burgess gives the thumbs-up at the grand opening of the Math and Sciences building March See Burgess, page 2 15. This is his last year ser ving as president for City College. J. Rae Chipera, City Times



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The following are corretions of errors from our May 7 issue. From Page 2, “Student projects showcased at school symposium,” Kathy McCurdy

is spelled incorrectly. It is not “Kathy MuCurdy.” From Page 7, “Not your average bowling alley,” film is mispelled. It is “Napoleon Dynamite,” not “Napolean

Dynomite. “ From Page 10, “Box office season heats up,” name is mispelled. It is Lois Lane, not Louis Lane.


2006. The bonds will provide almost $500 million in new construction and renovations, according to Burgess. Beyond the improvements that have been made, there are currently three projects under construction that should be finished by summer 2013. There are also five buildings scheduled to be renovated, all of which should to be done by summer 2015. Beyond renovations, there is also a child development center that should be completed in spring 2019. “It’s hard to be a leader during difficult times, but I think he’s been one,” said Laura Castañeda, chair of communications at City College and City faculty member for almost 10 years. “Don’t take yourself to be so important ---- all the folks that work here are impor-

tant to City College,” was the advice Burgess said he would give to any president who serves after him. His retirement this year comes one year before City celebrates its centennial. Although he considered it, Burgess expressed that staying through the entire centennial was just too long for him. However, he hopes to be around and able to participate in the events. He also hopes to keep teaching part-time at San Diego State University. “What I will miss most about City College are the wonderful people that work here, and, of course, our fabulous students,” Burgess said, expressing how much he truly does care about the faculty and students. “Thank you for the wonderful honor, and for letting me serve.”

Continued from Page 1 an administrator. In 1980, Burgess took his first job in administration as a program coordinator at Irvine Valley College. He continued to work in administration and 21 years later, he became the president of San Diego City College. “It’s a job I hugely enjoy. I look forward to coming here every day,” Burgess said. The job hasn’t always been easy, though. Burgess said that the budget cuts from 2008 to 2012 “have been the most devastating I have seen in my 39-year career in community colleges.” Before the budget cuts, two bonds were passed to help improve the campus, one in 2002 and the other in

Quality and affordability.

An online Bachelor’s Degree from UCCS gives you

both. Have your Associate’s Degree in Business, Nursing, or Criminal Justice? You can earn your Bachelor’s Degree online from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs for about the same cost as California in-state tuition. ■ We’ve streamlined the admissions process through our association with the California Community College System. ■ Our on-campus faculty teach our online classes and we limit the size of each class, which means you’ll receive supportive, personal attention. ■ Earn a prestigious University of Colorado Bachelor’s Degree. ■ Special tuition rates apply for California Community College transfer students.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-990-8227, extension 3084

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City alumnus wins Pulitzer Prize Former editor David Hasemyer earns award for his journalistic work By Mariel Mostacero City Times City College alumnus David Hasemyer was recently awarded a Pulitzer Prize for a series of articles from Inside Climate News, “The Dilbit Disaster: Inside the Biggest Oil Spill You’ve Never Heard Of.” Hasemyer is a 1976 graduate and former editor-in-chief of the Fortknightly (known today as City Times). He said he believes some of his success can be attributed to City College and his time there. “By the time he’d gone to State, he did everything. He’d been Editor of a newspaper, he’d gone down to the printer’s and help proofread, and so when he got to SDSU and applied for the Daily Aztec, big deal. He had a lot more experience,” said John Markley, professor and former Fortknightly adviser. During his time at City, Hasemyer wrote several pieces about a controversy in the Associated Student government in 1976 during his last semester at City College. “(The AS election story) really told me that journalism can make a difference. My reporting can make a difference,” he said. “I left my last semester feeling like ‘yeah, this is a big deal.’” Markley recalled the environment during Hasemyer’s term as editor. “It was the times when everyone read the newspaper. It was a lot more involvement. The Vietnam War had ended, and we had a lot of veterans, a lot of people that had been drafted, the Chicano movements, African-Americans were leading the way and getting involved in politics … people seemed more engaged,”

Markley said. His dedication to reporting the news to the public allowed him to continue in his career field at the university level and outside school. “He started here at City and then he transferred to San Diego State, became editor of the Daily Aztec, then he left that and went to work for a newspaper called the Daily Californian, and then he got on to the Union-Tribune,” Markley said. Hasemyer was an investigative journalist at The San Diego UnionTribune for more than 27 years before moving on to be a public official for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. At InsideClimate News, he wrote a series of pieces about a ten million ton pile of nuclear waste that threatened the Colorado River, which affected his hometown. “I grew up in the Uranium boom times, with the mill, the mining, and that sort of thing. And I’ve always stayed in touch with my hometown community and just reading the paper going ‘wow, this is really big deal,’ especially considering that the Colorado River supplies San Diego County with more than two-thirds of its domestic water supply,” Hasemyer said. His goal is to find “good stories,” and he was able to get that experience of finding facts through his community college first. “It was actually easy for me. My last semester at City was my first semester at State, so I was finishing up here and taking a few classes at State. It wasn’t a huge transition for me,” Hasemyer said. He brought up his adviser as well, who pushed him early on in his career. “Students need to be encouraged. If they are dedicated and really want to pursue whatever career — journalism, biology, anatomy, math — the instructors really need to encourage that. And that’s what Markley did. That’s what I

Students given money for academic excellence By Angela Calderon City Times

City College alumnus David Hasemyer speaks on May 15 about the Pulitzer Prize he was awarded for a series of articles from Inside Climate News. Mary Watson, City Times took from him,” Hasemyer said. When he won his Pulitzer Prize, Markley received an email from his former student, thanking him for his advisement at the Fortknightly. “The thing that impressed me the most was when he sent me that email the night he received the award, thanking me for his start at City College. It’s pretty amazing,” Markley said. Looking back at his time from City College to his recent Pulit-

zer Prize, Hasemyer believes in the passion that can be honed for anyone pursuing a specific career. His own collection of diplomas from City College, SDSU and diplomas from other family members prove that. “Have a passion for it. It’s not just journalism, it’s anything. If you really want to do it, you have to really want to do it. You just have to have that passion and commitment to do it,” Hasemyer said.


City Works recognizes students’ literary pieces By Paul Smoot City Times

City Works literar y journal winner Alice Lowe, recites her work in the Corporate Education Center on May 15. Paul Smoot, City Times


More than 60 students gathered in the Corporate Education Center to hear 11 authors of the City Works literary journal, read on May 15. The readings celebrated another successful year of producing a student-driven, peer-evaluated publication composed of poetry, fiction, prose and artwork. The works included pieces by local, national and international writers and artists. All of the winners are chosen on a school and national level as well and given a cash prize. This year’s national winner Alice Lowe was the first to read

and performed an excerpt from her essay along with a couple of other stories. “I usually won’t go back to a publication, but I decided to come back to support the journal. I didn’t really expect to win; I was completely surprised. All of readings were great and I’m just thrilled,” Lowe said with a wide smile. For some of the winners, the recognition was more than enough. “I feel very honored to win this award because I don’t consider myself a writer. I normally consider myself an essay writer. I’m good at writing research papers. This just encourages me write more creative pieces,” said Shayna Brodnick, first place City Works winner for poetry of

$100. Attendees were able to listen to a hand-picked music playlist while munching on snacks and sipping refreshments all provided by Assistant Professor of English Trissy McGhee, and her creative writing students. “It was a wonderful event; we saw a lot of talented writers,” McGhee said. She talked about how the students were at the core of the literary journal and reading. “We like to keep it a student-centered event. The students drove the music here, decorations, etcetera. We had flowers from the campus farm. I want to encourage people to take creative writing; we have a great creative writing staff,” McGhee said.

More than $300,000 were awarded in scholarships to San Diego City College students on April 27 at the Prado restaurant in Balboa Park. More than 400 students were awarded scholarships for their academic achievements to assist them with their educational careers, goals and contributions to academic expenses. The San Diego City College Foundation and the Office of Student Affairs offer scholarships to qualified students attending San Diego City College. City College student Alejandra Martinez was awarded the William Trowbridge Scholarship, which is awarded to students majoring in Engineering, Chemistry, Biology or Physics. “I am saving it for a fouryear institution,” Martinez said. “I want to transfer to NYU and obtain a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.” Shay Kellough Rockett, who is studying biology to become a surgeon, was awarded the Friends of Downtown, Osher and Edward Roach scholarships. “Some is going into my savings for when I transfer,” Rockett said. “The rest will be for bills since I don’t work as much during the semester.” The scholarships are contributions from City College’s staff and faculty and supporters throughout the San Diego community. Fifty-one scholarship categories, such as the Dr. Arthur Jackson Memorial Counseling Department, a scholarship for students pursing degrees in behavioral science or teaching; the Mary Louise Jannoch Scholarship, awarded to students planning to transfer to a four-year institution majoring in biology; and the Honors Book Award, funds to help pay for books and additional educational expenses, were awarded this year to students. The SDCC Foundation encourages students with a history of academic success and students who have renewed their commitment to education to apply. The scholarship list comes out every fall semester and is posted on City College’s website. | May 21, 2013


Fat should not be a synonym for ugly More than the news that she’s having Kanye West’s baby, Kim Kardashian has been dragged through tabloid headlines for something else. What’s that, you ask? For being fat. For gaining weight because she’s pregnant.


Jennifer Manalili OK, she’s a bit of a parasite and hardly a fashionista so let’s move onto someone who knows clothes: Mike Jeffries owner and creator of Abercrombie & Fitch. Jeffries has been quoted saying the reason his stores don’t carry XL or XXL for women is simple: He doesn’t want fat women wearing his clothes. Robin Lewis, author of “The New Rules of Retail” has spoken about Jeffries’ brand. “He doesn’t want larger people shopping in his store, he wants thin and beautiful people,” Lewis said. “He doesn’t want his core customers to see people who aren’t as hot as them wearing his clothing. People who wear his clothing should feel like they’re one of the ‘cool kids.’” Jeffries told “Salon” in 2006 that “A lot of people don’t belong (in our clothes) and they can’t belong.” Why has being skinny ---and not healthy, mind you ---become a lifelong goal in our culture? Some unattainable perfect dream that sits over a hill like a pot of gold. Why do we assume all skinny people are beautiful and all overweight people are ugly? There’s always a popular diet fad trying to woo you ---the South Beach, the Atkins ---- someone always telling you you’re not perfect the way you are. Glance at a magazine rack next time you’re at the store and I guarantee you’ll find a cover offering you a way to lose five pounds or more. Many people grow up with

Volume 67 Number 12 May 21, 2013

a preconceived notion of how people should act or look. We get angry and push our standards on people who are different or who don’t fit our molds. We alienate people who are overweight. No one wants to hear they’re happy. As a society, we refuse to believe you can be healthy. We deem them lazy, dirty or worse, unworthy of being loved. It’s like you’re thought to be lesser than. If you’re overweight and OK, maybe even happy? People think it’s a lie. “Reclaiming the word ‘fat’ was the most empowering step in my progress. I stopped using it for insult or degradation and instead replaced it with the truth,” said Beth Ditto, the plus size lead singer of The Gossip in an interview with The Guardian. “Because the truth is that I am fat, and that’s OK.” There’s something to be said about reclaiming the word. If there’s anything you can learn from being overweight, it’s that it’s a part of who you are but certainly doesn’t define you or determine who you can be. And we should shake our heads at these “real” campaigns that throw statements around assuming you are only a real woman if you look one way, curvy or not. This bias extends to men too, a more effeminate or skinny man is just as real as any man who’s heavier or lean. If you are unhappy with your weight, go about losing weight in a healthy manner but don’t punish yourself. Don’t buy into the fad that you’re not good enough or that you have to adhere to labels to be beautiful. Big or small, man or woman, you are already enough and you are already worthy. We have forgotten that a size doesn’t define how beautiful you are and fat has become a synonym for ugly.

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Don’t forget what’s important this summer...

Leave religion out of gay marriage Is it right that gays are prevented from getting married? Moreover, is it right to use religion as the reason why? This remains one of today’s hottest debates and


LaShawn Encarnacion while there are pros and cons to gays being married one thing is clear: the fact remains that gays want to get married because they love each other. It may be a love that most choose not to comprehend

How to reach us: City Times San Diego City College 1313 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92101 Newsroom: T-316

but to deny gays the right to express their love as the rest of the world can is as harsh as discrimination against African-Americans before the Civil War. The prejudice on gay marriage stints from a vast majority of religious groups, stating in Genesis 1:27-28: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And God blessed them …” I can respect their wishes and beliefs, but what about these in-between steps that are taken, like living together or separating before a divorce is final. In the same Bible, Matthew 19:9 quotes, “And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality and marries commits adultery.”

Phone: (619) 388-3880 Fax: (619) 388-3814 E-mail:

City Times Staff Aubrey Brewer, Angela Calderon, David Carrillo, Lizz Carson, LaShawn Encarnacion, Chris Handloser, Issa Lozano, Michelle Moran, Faduma Muhidin, Fahima Paghmani, Ashley Perez, Aldo Ramirez, Fernando Ramirez, Klarissa Sanchez, Paul Smoot, Angelica Wallingford, Mary Watson, David Wells, Bobby Whaley

So many examples of separations and people who commit adultery just to set up for divorce, and yet they protest to the core that gays should not get married. A close friend of mine went through a divorce himself and while he didn’t cheat on his wife until the divorce was final, there was still the separation. Another friend of mine, cheated on her husband and was sleeping around with a couple other men even before the divorce documents were drafted, yet another who protests consistently that gays should never be married. So is it right that they can protest something against the Bible when they are committing acts against the Bible? Our society tries to avoid

change but it is inevitable and acceptable. Gay marriage is becoming more acceptable in the world. On May 7, Delaware became the 11th state to officially allow gay marriages to be performed legally, joining Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Washington and Washington D.C. Gay marriages can work and have worked. While the old school meets the new school way of thinking, living and believing can tear families apart. My late cousin, Vicente Torrez, automatically comes to mind. When he decided to tell his “extremely traditional See Marriage, page 10

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Swedish toy ads challenge gender roles Toys are crucial to development Don’t hand A boy does not know he is supposed to play with toy cars and like the color blue. A girl does not know she is supposed to like the color pink and play with toy dolls. The only reason they start believing this is because we tell them they are supposed to.


Allison Browne Children are not black and white in their perceptions. They only see genders as opposites because we present it very simplistically that way, and they only conform to the “social norm” for their gender because it is what they are expected to do. There is a very distinct divide in the ways toys are designed, and subsequently marketed to boys and girls. Toys often seem decades behind the real world, reflecting outdated stereotypes ---- doctor kits for boys, nurse kits for girls, weapons for boys, cooking for girls, fighting for boys and princess glamour for girls. Let Toys Be Toys recently

conducted a survey where parents volunteered to visit shops nationwide, investigating how their toy departments were marketed. They reported all the science and Lego products were targeted solely at boys and all the “home play” toys at girls. TOP-TOY, a company that creates advertisements for Swedish Toys-R-Us, made headlines for creating a gender-neutral toy catalog. They featured pictures of boys vacuuming and playing with dolls and girls playing with Nerf guns and toy cars. “We want our catalogs to reflect the way that boys and girls play in real life, and not present a stereotype image of them. If both girls and boys in Sweden like to play with a toy kitchen, then we want to reflect this pattern,” retail marketing director Thomas Meng said in a statement on their website. Toys are crucial to the emotional, mental and social development of children. Toys focused on action, construction and technology help develop spatial skills, problem solving and encour-

age children to be active. Toys focused on role playing and acting allow them to practice social skills. Arts and crafts are good for fine motor skills, creativity and perseverance. Both boys and girls need an equal chance to develop these life skills and dividing stores into “girl” toys and

“boy” toys is putting a severe limit on a child’s chance to learn about the world around them. What children learn early on, often through the toys they play with, has a huge impact on what they become capable of later in life. Why would we want to put a limit on the possibilities?

Question by David Carillo Photos by David Carillo

Should the U.S. adopt gender neutral toy ads similar to the ones used in Sweden?

Last year, a video posted on Youtube went viral with a little girl named Riley who seems to see through the absurdity of trying to fit children into gender boxes. The spunky little girl stands in the middle of a toy store, surrounded by pink doll boxes as she turns to the camera. Frustration is written in the adorable little creases on her face and she sort of even stamps her foot as she exclaims, “Why do the little


City Times Editorial Board

A young boy and girl are shown playing with dragons in one of the gender neutral toy ads released in Sweden.

There are more important issues Girls playing with Nerf women to get to vote in this guns and boys playing with country. Barbies, what a wonderful Many professions have world. huge divides in the pay scale for men and women. In porn, women get paid close to four CON times what men do and in Bobby Whaley the medical industry where Advertisements that men make thousands of dolshow these crossed gender lars more than women each norms seem like a good year. thing, they tear down the Gender is out there. constraints of gender, equalOur constructions of ity for all. But everybody gender are vast, we enforce needs to focus on ripping our gendered society every down these ideas of man and moment of every day. Every woman and work on us all as time we look down aghast at people. a man crying, or a woman Gender divides are a being assertive. When we big problem for America, tell men “don’t hit a lady” after all it took 144 years for and tell women to cook,

out guidelines for childhood

clean and raise the kids, and you ought to get a part time job while you’re at it. Our society is gendered. These issues are important, we need to deal with them, right? Well ... Yes we do. Our country’s national debt increases by $4 billion a day according to Representative Kevin Brady of Texas in a report by ABC News. Is it important to remove gender from our society? Yeah it is, however there are so many more important things to do, like repairing our national economy, switching our nation to

renewable energy sources, ending our international conflict and refocusing our national spending on the homefront. They are on the list of things our nation needs to address, but we have much bigger problems at hand, ones that corporations don’t want us to look at, because national defense is a $3.8 trillion industry. So next time you see these ads, recognize that we need to do something about it, much like we all need to travel to Europe, but it’s a luxury and we need to take care of business with our economy first.

girls have to buy princesses?” “Some girls like superheroes,” she says. “Some boys like superheroes. Some boys like princesses. Why do all the girls have to buy pink stuff? And why do all the boys have to buy different colored stuff?” And just like that the argument, the spectacle made over the gender neutral toy ads that were released in Sweden seems so small when seen through a child’s eyes. We encourage our kids. We tell them that they can be whatever they want to be, but deliberately and immediately turn our backs on that mantra by trying to fit them into boxes and forcing them to adhere to labels. “You’re a girl,” we say as we hand them a dollhouse and a Barbie. “You’re a boy,” we tell them and hand them Hot Wheels and toy guns. Childhood is a wonderful, imaginative time. Why must we hand out specifics and guidelines? Many of us look at younger generations, kids and maybe even teenagers alike, and

Ben Lightner, 17 Machine Technology

Matt Johnson, 36 Arts

Romeo Montillano, 44

“I think it’s a good idea. People pay too much attention to things like that. I think that an ad won’t sway a child. They will just play with what they want to play with, so it doesn’t really matter.”

“It’s a new interesting concept. I don’t know if we should support it or not. It’s real different for me. I really don’t see a need for it. A kid will figure out what he likes later on.”

“It is still a touchy subject. I’m sure eventually the U.S. will accept it, but it wouldn’t be good to do so now. I think it will confuse children. I think it would have a double effect on them.”

Counseling/Behavioral Science

want to tell them to take things slower and remember not to grow up too fast. It’s a time to be whatever it is you want to be and play with whatever doll or Nerf gun you want. Childhood is once in a lifetime, we all have the rest of our lives to be adults. Leave the labels ---- and the boxes ---for later. In this day and age, most people are familiar with issues of sexuality right? Be it lesbian, transgender, gay, bisexual or anything else. So we can acknowledge that we all come in different shapes or forms but our publicity, our culture, even the way we go about buying and selling is still not a reflection of this. Last year, the organization Millions of Moms sparked uproar when it protested against JCPenney, vowing to boycott them after the department store included an ad featuring two moms in their mail catalog for Mother’s Day. How did the store react after this? They released an ad featuring two dads the following month for Father’s Day. Go back and remember what it was like to be a kid. How many women have played with jeeps or cars or toy guns as young girls? How many boys maybe decided to color outside of the lines so to speak, and dared play house or take part in tea parties with the girls or were curious about those giant kitchen sets? The point is that childhood is exactly that, a time to let your imagination run wild and to color outside of the lines. Our advertisements should be a reflection of this, a way to encourage our children to be what they want to be right here, right now.

Demajahli Murphy, 20 Accounting “I don’t think it would be a bad thing. It would be weird to see but it wouldn’t bother me. It depends on what type of person you are and your beliefs. Most likely it would create a controversy. People trip out on the smallest things.”

CT ARTS 6 | May 21, 2013


New Donut Bar on B Street The cupcake was so 2005, but the doughnut is what’s trending now SDCITYTIMES.COM

‘Gatsby’ album puts a modern twist on the 1920s Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year then you should know about Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel SOUNDBREAK “The Great Gatsby.” The film has Angelica Wallingford been out in theaters for about two weeks and has been getting mixed reviews. The soundtrack, however? I guarantee it’s one of the best film soundtracks you will hear this year. Development for “The Great Gatsby” had been going on for years. The idea of turning it into a Broadway play had even been tossed around, and in 2008 it was confirmed that Baz Luhrmann would be taking over as director. However, when it came to the soundtrack Luhrmann turned to his go-to composer

Craig Armstrong and executive music supervisor Anton Monsted. Jay Z signed on as the co-executive producer and spent two years working with Luhrmann and his team to put out one of the best soundtracks that has been used in a Baz Luhrmann film. The soundtrack as a whole is amazing. The producers managed to address the themes of decadence, love and excess that are in the story. Musically, the album is all over the place. It’s the music of the roaring 20’s with a modern twist. Elements of hip-hop, rock, electronic dance music; jazz and swing are blended together in a way that doesn’t make it sound cheesy or forced together. One standout track on the album is “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey. Her vocals are haunting See Gatsby, page 10

Kate Nash is back to start a riot Kate Nash rose to fame in 2007 during a time in music when confectional cuteness was popular and indie was starting out with catchy jingles, lots of keyboards and some very great up and coming British acts. Her single “Foundations” gained her a Best Female Artist at the 2008 BRIT Awards and her platinum selling album “Made of Bricks” brought her fame in the U.S. She’s persevered after many “trials and tribulations” to release her new album “Girl Talk.” The hot blooded confessional is Nash at her fiercest. She’s doing what she wants, when she wants and having fun. It’s no wonder the 25 year old named her album “Girl Talk,” it’s themes and riot girl anthems recreate a girl power feel. In 2011, after being dropped from her record Nash performs to a sold out audience at The Obser va- label Nash started a Kicktor y in Santa Ana on May 9. Issa Lozano, City Times

starter campaign where fans could pledge to pre-order the album in hopes of coming up with funds to produce it. It’s proving that the word “indie” hasn’t lost its independent meaning. Nash said “The record itself has this really DIY feel to it. I went through a bad time from 2011-12 and I just purged it into the record. It’s my strongest record. That’s why I feel it’s my best work”. The themes on the album run everywhere from love to being a conventional girl, feminism, and relationships between best friends. And Kate doesn’t just sing on this album, she yells with the angst of an angry 16-yearold. “I noticed I’m so bratty and so angsty! I’m like 25 I should be over that!” But the issues regardless of age are still present especially in the music industry, a place where sexism is not exactly an issue that has been cleared up. “The more I’m working,

the better and more respect I get as an artist but I feel like there is for sure sexism in the industry and a lot of girls are not writing their own songs and being forced to do things they don’t really want to do.”

By Issa Lozano City Times

It’s my strongest record. That’s why I feel it’s my best work. Kate Nash

Her view on feminism is heavily present in songs like “All Talk” and “Rap For Rejection” where she rages “You’re trying to tell me sexism doesn’t exist. If it doesn’t exist, then what the f--k is this? How many boys will it destroy? How many girls and boys will it annoy?” She explained “I am a feminist. I think it’s a really cool thing. There’s a lot of negative stereotypes about it. Anyone can be a feminist. It’s quite simple. If you believe in women’s rights you’re a feminist.” The album contains punk elements thrown into

an already melodious pop album. Those who think she’s strayed from older material are completely wrong “I’ve always been into punk and pop music.Theres always pop in my music because I like melody but then I’m gonna experiment with different things. If people really listen to my records and see my live shows they’ll totally get it. “ “Girl Talk” is full of emotions: anger, love, angst and lots of it. Nash says emotional turmoil changes your attitude. “ … You just ride it all the way and you can either get really depressed and not get out of bed for six months or be like ‘F--k it what have I got to lose?’” And she did just that, trading in keyboards for an electric bass and black hair dye and delivering pure grit. Nash’s tired of being overlooked, screwed over and disrespected by members of the opposite sex and “Girl Talk” is an open love letter to her fans and a middle finger to those who underestimated this girl.

May 21, 2013 |



(Above) A male student flips a female student over his back during the jazz dance on the May 10. (Below) A male student flips a female student over his back during the jazz dance. Photos by J. Rae Chipera, City Times

Dance students perform in high energy show

By Kaily Sanders City Times Cheers, whistles and applause echoed loudly in the jam-packed Saville Theatre after the captivating performance of “More than JustICE,” a hip-hop piece from City College’s last dance concert of the semester. Dressed in white and electric blue street wear, sunglasses and sideways hats, dance students performed a high-energy hip-hop dance that captivated the audience’s attention. They danced to a hip-hop mash-up with music by Booba and Common, break dancing, bouncing around the stage and throwing each other high into the air. An Evening of Dance was held on the night of May 10

and had a wonderful turn out, with the theatre completely packed full of friends and family members of the dancers, students and faculty members. “We give two complimentary tickets to all students so along with the paying customers we get a great crowd for our shows,” director Alicia Rincon said in an email interview. “I am so proud of my students and faculty with their dedication to excellence and their joy of the creative process,” Rincon said. Rincon wants City College students to know about the Dance Department, and the classes and oppurtunites. “We offer a variety of courses for every student need. Students may not know

that we offer along with the technical classes, Salsa partnering, Yoga, Pilates, Choreography, and performing opportunities in the fall and spring.” David Martinez, 24, mechanic engineering major, encourages students to take dance classes. He is enrolled in a street dance class at Mesa College, and has taken class here at City. “It’s fun. You can’t knock it ‘til you try it,” Martinez said, combatting stereotypes about dance. The concert had two acts, each with five choreographed pieces. There was a variety of dance styles including contemporary, hip-hop, jazz infusion, modern and dance theater. There was a total of four poems that were acted

out as dances. The show started off with a comical piece, “Odd is as Odd is,” choreographed by Debi Toth-Ward. The dancers wore brightly-colored jester outfits and silly expressions. The audience laughed as they danced around stage and bumped into each other, sometimes falling dramatically to the floor. “I loved the humor and the costumes,” said Jaime Nixon, 21, dance and psychology major. Nixon performed in five out of 10 pieces of the show. Although he said he always gets nervous waiting for the performance day to come, he liked performing and enjoyed all the dances he was in. “I loved it. It’s kind of relieving to perform after all

A refuge for picky palates Stacked offers diners ways to customize their meals on iPads If you are a picky eater like me, welcome to your new favorite spot. Every time I order food, I have to The exterior of Stacked restaurant features multicolored glass windows. modify it to my taste ---- no hesitation. Michelle Moran, City Times Then I discovered Stacked, an American restaurant that works a little differEven though the mac and cheese Don’t worry adults, there is beer ently. pizza sounds like a crazy good con- and wine available. You can stack your At Stacked, you have the ability to coction, I ended up stacking my own own mimosa, or you can have a beer create your own food masterpieces mac and cheese. It had the perfect or wine rack. I like having a selection through the use of amount of cheese of beers or wine to drink from, so I an iPad. Every table and ingredients, plus suggest ordering a rack. is equipped with its they use my favorite: Sometimes you just want to take own iPad that you can elbow macaroni. your food to go and there’s a separate order from and pay I love restaurants iPad for that. As soon as you enter through. that offer a variety the restaurant, there’s one waiting No, there are no of dipping sauces. At for you to order from. You really don’t robots that bring your Stacked, they have a interact with people unless you have a food, but they do have JUST EAT IT Sriracha mayo that question, you pay with cash or when waiters. works well with a they bring the food out to you. Michelle Moran The menu is burger and curry Stacked is located in Fashion Valley intriguing and you can basically do ketchup to accompany the fries. Mall on Friars Road. This place is perwhatever you want: stack your own The dessert menu should be ille- fect for families and great for all occapizza, burger, mac and cheese, salad, gal. sions. The weekends tend to be packed etc. You can stack your own ice cream with people, so expect to be put on a Although you can create anything sandwich or milkshake, people who waiting list. that you desire, there is also an actual are on diets would definitely break it For more information on Stacked, menu as well. for one of these beauties. visit their website at

the rehearsing,” Nixon said. “I’m getting used to performing and getting more comfortable in my own skin,” he added. Another piece that the audience clearly enjoyed was called “It was a Good Year.” This was a playful jazz piece, with a romantic mood, in which the dancers portrayed love-struck students.

They captured the audience’s attention with their well-coordinated swing dancing techniques, The dancers chased each other around the stage like love-sick puppies to “The Nearness of You,” by Stan Getz. The entire audience See Dance, page 10

City students get Emmy nominations By Lizz Carson City Times Three RTVC students at City have been nominated for student Emmy Awards. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Pacific Southwest chapter has nominated James L. Smith II, Alice Kim and Alex Miller Pastore for the Student Production, General Assignment award for three projects. “Perez Captured,” the piece by Smith and Kim was a news piece that took place across the border. The piece follows the capture and extradition of Armando Perez, who has been accused of killing his estranged wife, Diana Gonzales, on City’s campus in 2010. “It was an adventure, we went to Tijuana and had an interview with the chief of police,” said Smith, recalling the work that went into the piece. “Covering the Diana Gonzales story was very difficult for students,” said Laura Castañeda, chair of the communications department at City and advisor of Newscene. “It’s been challenging because it was in our back-

yard. It was a hard lesson to learn,” Castañeda said about Newscene’s coverage of the event. One of Pastore’s two nominated pieces is also about the Diana Gonzales story. “One Year Later –--- A Mother Continues to Cope with her Loss” is about the one year anniversary of Gonzales’ death and how her family is dealing with their tragedy. Pastore and Smith have not only been nominated, but have also won in the past. Last year Pastore took home the student Emmy for Student Production ---- General News Assignment for his piece “San Diego Marks the End of D.A.D.T,” a piece he worked on with another student about the repealing of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Pastore explained that every student entry costs $40 to submit, so usually he just submits his best work. This year his best work included a piece titled “Election Indicators” that looked at unconventional ways that different people try to predict election results, including asking third grade students and buying certain cups from 7-11.


An Egyptian man grows noticeably tense in Cairo’s Tahrir Square at the anniversar y celebration of the uprising on Januar y 25, 2012. J. Rae Chipera, City Times | May 21, 2013


Social Watchdog

Online dating - it’s becoming a social norm for everyone, not just the socially awkward SDCITYTIMES.COM

End the semester on a sweet note We’ve reached the end of These cupcakes are my the semester. Can you believe favorite to take to parties. The it? chocolate flavor is strong and delightful, partly thanks to the sprinkling of ground instant coffee that goes in. I’ve learned from the past (and many a Food Network show) that coffee helps bring out the chocolate flavor in baked goods, proKNIGHT BITES ducing a more pronounced Jennifer Manalili flavor that is of course even So take a moment to your- more delicious. self and indulge a little after The recipe makes two surviving all of those lectures, dozen cupcakes but is very professors and all-nighters. easy to double. Make sure After all, how does that to cool them properly ---- I famous saying go? There’s usually make cakes a day always room for dessert. before I have to frost them

The Arab Spring revolution revisited Devil’s By Klarissa Sanchez City Times The Arab Springs were never as they seemed. The term was created after the United States-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. The idea was that Saddam Hussein’s oppressive government would lead to the development of democracy throughout the Arab world. While some believe the Iraq War has since been as unnecessary and less successful than at first hoped, the promised “Arab Spring” did indeed arrive in late 2010. On April 23, Dr. Coyle spoke to students about how the Arab Spring became one of the biggest movements. The topics include the first anniversary of the start of the Arab Spring, which upset dictators in Tunisia and Egypt. This revolt has spread to other parts of the Arab world, including Yemen, Bahrain, Syria and Libya.

“I hope what I can do is clear up for you some of the misconceptions of the Arab Springs,” said Coyle. Arab nations throughout North Africa and the Middle East saw wide movements to replace their dictatorial governments with democratic systems. Some of these movements have proven more successful than others, and the political future of many Arab nations remains uncertain. Millions of people rose up to topple dictators and overturn the oppression. “The movement was brutally brutally suppressed by the Iranian revolution guards.” “You have people in the streets talking down on Mubarak saying ‘Mubarak must go.’ Interestingly, President Obama came out and said it’s time for a change and Mubarak must go,” said Coyle. Coyle continues to explain that this shocks America’s allies in the

Middle East because those allies such as Jordan and Saudi Araba are dependent on U.S. support in the event that the people would like to come up in an uprising. “By Obama calling for a change, that showed that America can’t be counted on,” said Coyle. Eventually, President Mubarak orders the military to break up the demonstrators and the military refused. The military actually begins to support the demonstrators. The military says we’re on the people’s side and that they’re not on the side of the administration. When that happens Mubarak has to step down. So what happens? The demonstrators have won and they have democracy. The speaker’s expertise on this vital region enables him to offer a critical analysis of the Arab spring and its impact on American policy and interests.

---- they’re easier to frost this way. The great thing about cupcakes is you don’t have to limit yourself to one kind of frosting or toppings the way you would with a giant cake all on it’s own. You can go crazy or fancy, or maybe even go versatile like I did with these babies. One batch was topped with my favorite peanut butter frosting and crushed Nutter Butter cookies. The other batch was topped with chocolate mocha frosting and crushed Oreos. Have fun with this. After all, the semester’s over and you deserve it. Enjoy.

Cupcakes Food

Devil’s Food cupcakes. Jennifer Manalili, City Times

Adapted from Serves 24 Devil’s Food Cupcakes: 2 cups of flour 2 cups of sugar 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda 1 1/2 cups milk 1/2 cup (1 stick) of melted butter 2 teaspoons vanilla 2 eggs 1/2 teaspoon of ground instant coffee granules Pinch of salt

Explore the music, don’t just listen to it

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a cupcake pan with liners and spray with non-stick cooking spray.

By Mary Watson City Times

2. Mix all the ingredients except the eggs with a mixer. Beat on high for two minutes. Add eggs and beat on high for another two minutes.

Mass media is growing and it’s becoming easier to create anything digital and send it to whoever or wherever in the world within minutes. With the cultivation and prosperity of social media, it’s possible to share any kind of art medium and have it be viewed by hundreds or thousands with targeted similar interests. From time to time, any

artist can overwork themselves into making mundane, desolate meaningless artwork. That, paired with millions of people doing the same thing, produces thousands of look-a-like, sound-alike, unimaginative artworks that bury the unique and visionary fine art, music, photography, etc. There are blogs and social media websites geared toward resolving the issue. Website,, does what it can

to combat music drones and promote upcoming artists by letting the users decide what’s rockin’ and what’s a flop. As soon as the page loads, a song is played at random and the user can listen to the song all the way through or “heart” the song. Both of these actions award the song’s artist with popularity and a higher percentage to be played again at random. However, the user is granted See Music, page 10

3. Scoop the batter into the pan using an ice-cream scoop. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Top off your chocolate treats with a creamy peanut butter or mocha chocolate frosting. Get the recipes at:

May 21, 2013 |

Program teaches women self defense By Klarissa Sanchez City Times The Rape Aggression Defense is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques. The R.A.D. Systems is a comprehensive, women-only course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands on defense training. A 12-hour self-defense program was held on April 20 and April 27 for all female faculty, staff and students. Two sixhour sessions were held at the Harry West Gym. The courses are taught by nationally certified R.A.D. instructors. MIT Police DeAnn Griffin shows the importance of being aware of surroundings. “Some techniques that are shown within this program are elbow strikes, knee strikes and hammer fist,” said Griffin. R.A.D. Systems balances See Defense, page 10



Foods to keep cancer away Why you should eat more dark chocolate, fruit and tea Imagine foods, not drugs, that are powerful enough to help lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer and for an added bonus, make you a happier person. And the best part of this, no side effects. These life-altering superfoods are available right now in your local supermarket.

HEALTHY LIFE Faduma Muhidin

Blueberries – Antioxidant superfood Packed with antioxidants and phytoflavinoids, these berries are also high in potassium and vitamin C, making them the top choice of doctors and nutritionists. “Inflammation is a key driver of all chronic disease, so blueberries have a host of benefits,” says Ann Kulze, MD, of Charleston, S.C., author of “Dr. Ann’s 10-step

Diet, A Simple Plan for Permanent Wieight Loss.” “When selecting berries, note that the darker they are, the more anti-oxidants they have.” Omega 3-Rich Fish – Superfoods for the heart, joints, and memory. Omega-3’s are most prevalent in fatty, cold-water fish: Look for wild, not farmed salmon, herring, sardines and mackerel. Aim for two to three servings a week. Other forms of omega 3’s are available in eggs, flaxseed and walnuts. Soy – Superfood to lower cholesterol. A study reported in The Journal of the American Medical Association in 2003 showed that a diet of soy fiber, protein from oats, barley, almonds and margarine from plant sterols lowered cholesterol as much as statins, the most widely prescribed cholesterol medicine. Fiber – Superfoods that aid weight loss and check cholesterol. A diet high in fiber will help you maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure. As a bonus, because fiber helps you feel full longer, it’s a great tool in weigh management. Whole grains, beans, fruit and veg-

Even eating chocolate can decrease your health risks. Faduma Muhidin, City Times etables are all good sources. Tea – Superfood for lowering cholesterol and inhibiting cancer. “The overall antioxidant power of black tea is the same as green tea, “ says Kulze, “but green tea does have ECGC, a powerful antioxidant that we really do think is quite special.” A recent Japanese study on green tea found that men who drank green tea regu-

larly had lower cholesterol than those who didn’t. So replace sugar sodas with tea and you are already one step closer to maintaining your health. And finally, the yummiest superfood yet … Dark Chocolate. New research has shown that dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and can lower blood pressure. Kulze recommends that you look

for chocolate with 60 percent or higher cocoa content; the darker, the better. In addition, the darker it is, the lower the fat and sugar content. Now that’s our kind of health food. Any information given here should be consulted with your primary care physician or doctor before it is taken into advice. Remember, your doctor always know best.

Transfer qualifying credits from your community college to earn a bachelor’s degree from DeVry University. With DeVry’s accelerated course schedule and flexible learning options you can earn your bachelor’s degree at DeVry University in as few as 1 1/2 years and be one step closer to your dream career.

San Diego Campus 2655 Camino Del Rio N., Suite 350 | San Diego | 619.293.5400 Program availability varies by location. ©2013 DeVry Educational Development Corp. All rights reserved. | May 21, 2013


Take pride in what you’ve accomplished so far and know that you can add a Bachelor’s to your list of achievements. Transfer and continue the journey to go for greater.



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only so many “hearts” a day, and it is more like currency than it is a Facebook “Like” button. Hearts can be earned by completing quests which make it fun to roam around the site and find music in a different way. Just like artists, users can earn a reputation by requesting and “hearting” artists before it makes the top charts. The more reputation one has, the more likely the user’s radio station or “channel” will show up on another user’s recommended section. Thesixtyone’s relatively small user-base makes it ideal for artists and listener’s to congregate and bounce ideas off each other. As a plus, artists have the choice to allow users to download their music for a small fee, or in most cases for free. Speaking of free ... is my ultimate site to find absolutely free and legal music. The focus of the blog is to seek and sort out the talent from the auto-tuned and the genuine from the repetitive. The blog covers indie, folk, electronica, dubstep, trap and hip-hop, with the occasional mash-up/remix. The majority of the music is played through SoundCloud and can be easily downloaded right from the blog. The Music Ninja can be potentially beneficial to any band looking to promote their sound. The bloggers welcome new music with open arms, in the contact section it reads, “I listen to every single song I receive and try to reply to as many emails as possible.” So it’s definitely worth a shot. The band could even earn a spot on their “Resident Artist of the Month” page.

Catholic” parents about his gay lifestyle, it took them years and his coming down with the HIV-virus for them to realize that their son was their son regardless of his choice. “Coming out” is one of the toughest decisions for a person who is gay to make because of the judgments that await them. But in recent years, the culture of the U.S as a whole is changing and being gay is so much more accepted as opposed to 20-30 years ago when all they could do is mask the lifestyle by forcing themselves to

Gatsby Continued from Page 6

Offering Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees. (866) 594-2330 Columbia College - San Diego 4025 Tripoli Avenue, Bldg. 111

Catlyn Wyatt ‘12

and emotional. The music has a somber sound to it that matches certain scenes in the film perfectly. Another thing that I liked about this song was that the instrumentation was simple and how the instruments were layered in the song. Overall, this song was a perfect fit for the film and one of the best songs on the soundtrack. I’ll admit “Young and Beautiful” surprised me because I’m not a big Lana Del Rey fan. I thought that her last two releases were boring and frankly, her whole “daddy, hold me, pale, moonlight, Pepsi cola” thing didn’t really reel me in. However, if her next release is anything like “Young and Beautiful” then she will definitely have a place in my iTunes library. Another standout track is “Over the Love” by Florence + the Machine. This song was written from the perspective of Daisy Buchanan, Jay Gatsby’s longtime crush. There are also mentions of certain things in the novel. Musically, this song is a

Defense Continued from Page 9 the needs of women to acquire self defense education in a relatively short period of time. She explains that the program is beneficial to woman who participated. “This program benefits the woman of City College by

Dance Continued from Page 7 burst out in laughter as the dancers acted out humorous love triangles. “We were very bipolar with our love,” said Nixon, laughing. Dance major, 24-yearold Sarah Zwoniarkiewicz explained that she was in the class that performed “It was a Good Year.” “I love seeing some parts in class and then

baroque pop ballad with hints of soul, which matches Florence Welch’s voice perfectly. The vocals on this song are powerful and emotional. The lyrics were beautifully written and really capture Daisy’s struggle. This song was a hit overall and one of the best songs on the soundtrack. But of course, with the good always come the bad and this soundtrack only really had one thing that was wrong with it. That thing is the Andre 3000 and Beyoncé cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black.” This cover is just wrong on almost all levels. It is hands down the worst song on the album and the worst song that Beyoncé has ever been a part of. “Back to Black” doesn’t need a down tempo EDM wobble, chopped and screwed beats, and weird vocal arrangements. I understand that they wanted this song to be emotional and reimagine it in a unique way but it just did not work in their favor. Instead, they turned one of Amy Winehouse’s best songs into a pile of emotionless EDM crap. All the producers would have needed to do was slow

date straight, all the while, living in a lie that was not making their life complete. Gay marriages maybe still a hot topic but it’s not as taboo as people are trying to play it in the headlines and in the communities of this nation. More and more communities are embracing the lifestyle, not accepting it but rather embracing and tolerating it. It just goes to show that all should be allowed to love and to show displays of that love. Marriage is the ultimate sign of love, and everyone, no matter their sexual orientation, should have the right to marry whoever they want. giving them empowerment and self-confidence,” said Griffin. R.A.D. Instructors share life saving information with confidence, knowing that their lessons will be continuously reinforced for a lifetime. For more information on the R.A.D. program, visit

seeing them put into different parts of the show,” Zwoniarkiewicz said. Although she did not perform in this concert, she said she really enjoyed the performance and hopes to be able to perform in the future. “My favorite part was the hip-hop, as well as my class,” she said. Performances were also held on May 11 at 2 and 8 p.m. For more information visit the website

down the tempo, slightly rearrange the music and let Beyoncé do her thing without Andre 3000. All that being said, this was an excellent soundtrack. Baz Luhrmann has an awesome gift of picking out songs that perfectly fit his movies. Just like the songs from his “Romeo + Juliet” and “Moulin Rouge!” soundtracks, the songs on “The Great Gatsby” soundtrack perfectly enhances the story rather than take away from it. If you were to get any soundtrack from the summer movie season, then I highly recommend this one. You won’t be disappointed. For even more tracks, check out the deluxe version of the soundtrack which includes an orchestral version of “Young and Beautiful,” a remix of “Over the Love” by SBTRKT and dialogue from the film; including one of Tobey Maguire reciting his lines over a brilliant instrumental. “The Great Gatsby” is in theaters everywhere and the standard and deluxe versions of the soundtrack are available on iTunes.

May 21, 2013 |






DJRN 220 Fall 2013


CRN 09382

Be part of a


City College’s new campus magazine seeks writers, photographers and graphic artists interested in seeing their creative and journalistic work published online and in print

More information: 619-388-3815 legend



This momenT began wiTh a choice.





DJRN 210 Fall 2013

City Tim es

He chose to make a difference. Chose to get a degree. To learn new skills. And it was all made possible by the National Guard.

More information: 619-388-3880

Writer? Photographer? Graphic designer? Illustrator? Join the City Times student newspaper staff. Starting this fall, newspaper production labs enter a new era as part of City College’s Digital Journalism program.

Education BEnEfits • skills training • Part-timE sErvicE Contact Sergeant First Class Alexander Eisman at 909.889.3503

1-800-GO-GUARD 10BW-04_4.94x7_Eisman.indd 1

th! 4 2 e Jun t r a t es S s s Cla

1/8/13 3:41 PM

Need a single class? Want to stay on track? Know someone who can’t get the class they need? We’re helping college students overcome the course shortage in Southern California. Need classes? We can help you graduate on time. We offer undergraduate classes with: Transferable Units* – Fully WASC accredited University with a stellar academic reputation. Convenience – Offered at 8 So Cal regional locations. Competitive Pricing – Lower per unit cost than most private universities, the CSU and the UC systems; $395 per unit; $50 discount when you register by June 1, 2013; free parking; no extra fees.

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We’re offering classes in: Accounting, Business and Public Speaking, Business Writing, College Algebra, College Reading and Writing, Constitutional Law, First-Year Spanish, Introduction to Academic Writing, Green Business, Religion in America, World History and many more! Visit today! *All degree programs have unique requirements. You are encouraged to speak with an academic advisor at your home institution to ensure the applicability of a course to your degree.


Courses provided through the School of Continuing Studies at the following locations:

Burbank | Rancho Cucamonga | Redlands Riverside | San Diego | Santa Ana | Temecula | Torrance



BADMINTON Team places second for first time at state championship | May 21, 2013

McGinnis reflects on a productive year in sports By LaShawn Encarnacion City Times

A player from the City College badminton team watches for the ball during a practice at the Harr y West Gym. The team recently placed second place the California Community College Athletic Association championship after losing 9-12 to DeAnza College for the title. They ended with a record of 9-1 as they took home their second place trophy from Pasadena. The championship for the team and individual finals took place between May 9 and 11. This is the team’s fifth trip to the championship (competing in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2012) and first without the first place title. David L. Wells, City Times



April April April April April April April

11 13 16 18 20 23 25





L, 1-2 L, 0-1 W, 16-12 W, 10-5 W, 4-3 W, 8-2 W, 1-0

Palomar Palomar Imperial Valley Mesa Grossmont Southwestern Palomar

Mar. 15 April 3 April 17 April 19 April 24 May 1 May 9

W, 21-0 W, 20-1 W, 18-3 W, 20-1 W, 20-1 W, 16-5 L, 9-12

Irvine Valley Grossmont Irvine Valley Fullerton Mesa SoCal Playoff DeAnza *State title


Mar. 12 Mar. 14 Mar. 19 Mar. 20 Mar. 21 April 2 April 4



L, 1-8 W, 9-0 L, 1-8 L, 0-9 L, 3-6 L, 1-8 L, 0-9

Saddleback Imperial Valley Palomar Amherst Grossmont Mesa Riverside

April April April April April April April


Mar. 4 Mar. 5 Mar. 7 Mar. 14 Mar. 19 Mar. 21 April 4

SOFTBALL SCORES 7 7 10 12 17 19 20


W-6-3 L, 0-9 L, 12-16 L, 0-11 L, 1-9 L, 6-7 L, 1-6

Ventura Tourney Ventura Tourney Grossmont Palomar Southwestern Mesa Citrus




L, 0-9 L, 0-9 L, 0-9 L, 0-9 L, 0-9 L, 0-9 L, 0-9

Palomar Mesa Grossmont Palomar Imperial Valley Cuyamaca Mesa

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From the controversy surrounding the men’s volleyball team to the back-to-back successful season of the badminton team, the sports program at City College has had its share of highs and lows. City’s athletic director, Kathy McGinnis, takes pride in the job as she has guided her student athletes throughout the year. “This year, as with every year that I have been Athletic Director, we have excelled both on the field and in the classroom,” McGinnis shared through an email interview. “Supporting approximately 160 student athletes is very rewarding. From my viewpoint I don’t focus on the bumps in the road but more on our continued commitment to the quality experience we provide for our student athletes,” McGinnis said. While the athletes competed during the 2012-13 season, achieving successes both on and off the field, McGinnis talked about the achievements made throughout the year. “Many of our Sophomores will move on to 4 year institutions. Our female Athlete of the Year (Tessa Butterfield) has accepted a full ride to Univ. of Alaska for Volleyball. Softball’s Jonna Kalstrom was named to the Academic AllAmerican team as a catcher,” McGinnis said. Some of the coaches also took home some conference trophies during the spring season. “Women’s Cross Country Coach Kylie Edwards and Badminton coach Son Nguyen were chosen as Coach of the Year by the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference (PCAC),” McGinnis said. The coaches not only performed for City College on the

field but have also been heavily involved in the community. “The coaches are also big advocates of community service with their teams,” McGinnis said. Highlights include participation in the “Making Strides” breast cancer walk (which raised over $1,000), the annual food pantry challenge (collecting more than 1,500 cans of food) and the “Shop with a Jock” holiday trip, where ten children from families receiving CalWorks each got a $100 shopping trip to a local Target (funded in part by the American Federation of Teachers). One of the yearly fundraisers for the athletics department was the annual Harry West Golf Tournament, held on May 2, providing funds for the Harry West scholarship fund and adding funds to the co-curricular program budget. As for the outlook for the 2013-14, McGinnis is not certain but she does have some plans in the works. She explained “As for next year, the coaches are already recruiting, as this is a year round necessity. There is no way of predicting the outcome of our season.” “Our conference has accepted a petition from Mt San Jacinto college to join the PCAC, taking our conference to 10 teams beginning with the 2013/14 seasons,” McGinnis said. “This is good news as it improves the quality of teams that we face throughout the year. Also, Women’s Sand Volleyball is being considered as a sanctioned community college program by our State Association (California Community College Athletic Association). Dede Bodnar, head womens volleyball coach ran a club team on the sand this spring and was very successful,” McGinnis said.



L, 0-3 Grossmont L, 0-3 Irvine Valley L, 0-3 Mesa L, 0-3 (Forfeit) Golden West L, 0-3 (Forfeit) Orange Coast L, 0-3 (Forfeit) Palomar L, 0-3 (Forfeit) Grossmont

Kathy McGinnis works on paperwork for the upcoming fall season. Mary Watson, City Times


City Times is the student newspaper of San Diego City College.

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