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San Diego Community College District

PROPOSITIONS S & N PROJECT FACT SHEET  Miramar Site & Infrastructure  Development Phase I – Landscaping Campus

San Diego Miramar College


10440 Black Mountain Road San Diego, CA 92126 619 388 7800 619.388.7800


Wimmer Yamada and Caughey

Construction Manager

Gafcon, Inc.


Project Description The Miramar Infrastructure Phase I project calls for the demolition and grading of over 1,000,000 SF of surface areas to  install new ADA‐compliant walkways and parking with lighting, landscaping and irrigation.  The landscape architecture  component is designed to respect the character of the existing site, while at the same time enhancing it with vegetation  and other elements that will provide a more drought‐tolerant, low water‐use environment that requires less maintenance.   The new landscaping will use reclaimed water for irrigation The new landscaping will use reclaimed water for irrigation.

Special Features The types of plants used for the landscape project are a combination of “California  Friendly” trees, shrubs, and groundcovers.  These non‐thirsty plants grow well in our  Mediterranean‐type climate, with the ability to tolerate less water.  They include several  native species.  The landscape design is intended to provide year‐round, aesthetically  pleasing outdoor environment appropriate for this campus setting.   The irrigation design and equipment incorporates a number of  proven water and soil conservation methods and principles.   The irrigation system uses an automatic controller that measures the amount of moisture in the air and soil, and automatically  adjusts water accordingly.  Plants are grouped by “hydrozones”  – so that those with similar  requirements for sun and water exposure are clustered together to increase irrigation efficiency. Natural and reintroduced vegetation also help with storm water  management and pollutant removal.  Vegetated depressions in  the ground – known as  the ground  known as “swales” swales  – collect and filter rainfall and runoff.  Plants, trees and  collect and filter rainfall and runoff. Plants, trees and other vegetation remove pollutants before they can enter the storm drain system, and  help control erosion.  The new parking lots at Miramar will all have shallow  vegetated swales between the rows as a  storm water management tool. San Diego Community College District • 3375 Camino Del Rio South • San Diego, CA 92108 Phone: 619.338.6546 •  Fax: 619.338.6509 • www.sdccdprops‐  

By the Numbers • • • • • • •

18.3 miles or 98,589 linear feet of below‐ground irrigation pipe ranging in size from 6” diameter down to ¾” diameter 7,800 pop‐up sprinkler heads  21,457 square feet of drip irrigation in appropriate areas to minimize water use 763 newly planted trees (24’ box, 36’ box, and 60’ box sizes)  63 770 l l t d h b t l d d 63,770 newly planted shrubs, ornamental grasses, and ground covers 149,561 square feet of newly created turf areas 51,794 square feet of native plant buffer adjacent to the environmentally sensitive area on the campus’ northwest corner

Fast Facts j Name Project

p Miramar Infrastructure Phase I – Landscape Architecture

Funding Source

Proposition S


Wimmer Yamada and Caughey

Construction Manager

Charlotte Zolezzi, Gafcon, Inc.


West Coast General Corporation

Ci il Engineer Civil E i

R B F Consulting R.B.F. C lti

Electrical Engineer

LSW Engineers California Inc. (Electrical Design)

Mechanical Engineer

MA Engineering

Landscape Architect

Wimmer Yamada and Caughey

Propositions S and N Program Manager

Gafcon, Inc.

Campus Project Manager

Jim Bray, Gafcon, Inc.

Construction Start Date


Project Budget

$15.8 million

Targeted Completion Date

October 2009

San Diego Community College District • 3375 Camino Del Rio South • San Diego, CA 92108 Phone: 619.338.6546 •  Fax: 619.338.6509 • www.sdccdprops‐  

Miramar Infrastructure Phase I Fact Sheet  
Miramar Infrastructure Phase I Fact Sheet  

The Miramar Infrastructure Phase I project calls for the demolition and grading of over 1,000,000 SF of surface areas to install new ADA‐com...