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BOARD REPORT NOVEMBER 8, 2018 SPECIAL REPORT TO THE PUBLIC All Board members and the Chancellor congratulated Trustee Maria Nieto Senour on her re-election to the Board and expressed gratitude to Trustees Rich Grosch and Peter Zschiesche, both of whom are retiring from the Board, for their sixteen years of service. Trustee Mary Graham said that she attended the Border Angels event and reminded everyone of the importance of continuing to support DACA and undocumented students. Trustee Peter Zschiesche thanked Vice Chancellor Stephanie Bulger and others for the recent Industry Advisory Committees Member Appreciation Event, especially the talk on cybersecurity and related industry programs. He reported on his activities with the Deported Veterans Support House in Tijuana and expressed appreciation for Veterans Week activities throughout the District, especially the presentations and tours of the campus veterans centers. He emphasized the importance of celebrating veterans for their positive assets and achievements, rather than only focusing on the problems they experience as the result of their service. Trustee Rich Grosch indicated that he also attended and enjoyed the Industry Advisory Committees event. He said that he had served on a panel with Trustee Maria Nieto Senour, Chancellor Constance Carroll, and Continuing Education President Carlos Turner Cortez at the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) Leadership Congress in New York. He also informed the Board of his recent appointment to a new Restorative Justice Board, which he hopes to see become connected with the SDCCD in obtaining services for the young people who need support and guidance because of their experiences in the justice system. Trustee Bernie Rhinerson emphasized the importance of the recent ACCT Leadership Congress, at which he participated on a panel on college Promise program initiatives. Trustee Rhinerson was also re-elected to the ACCT Board of Directors for a second three-year term and used his re-election as an opportunity to urge that ACCT take a stronger, more positive policy position on the community college baccalaureate. He will also be presenting at the ACCT Governance Institute for Student Success for the New England State Systems on November 29-30. Trustee Maria Nieto Senour thanked everyone for their congratulations on her re-election to the Board and stated that she considers this to be the best and most effective governing board she has ever seen or known. She reported on her attendance at the ACCT Leadership Congress, as well as the recent SDCCD Board Retreat, which she found to be very productive. Trustee Senour also participated in and made comments at the recent Hermanos Unidos/Brothers United (HUBU) conference held by City College for young African-American and Latino men. Chancellor Constance Carroll reported that the November 6 general election had some very positive outcomes. She noted that Governor-elect Gavin Newsom has a long history of supporting community colleges and that there will be meetings with him in the near future to discuss specific issues. The Chancellor indicated that the SDCCD is participating in Giving Tuesday on November 27, and urged people to make donations. She stated that fall student enrollment is still tracking above 1% of the target. Finally, the Chancellor reported that the new SDSU President Adela de la Torre recently had a very positive meeting with the San Diego and Imperial Counties Community Colleges Association (SDICCCA) leadership and will be attending the reception in her honor that will be hosted by the SDCCD on November 26. Student Trustee Sophia Castellani-Staedler reported on various student activities at Mesa College, including the upcoming farmers market on November 15, the recent grand opening of The Serenity Space, and the recent student leadership retreat.

The governing board of the San Diego Community College District is composed of 5 elected members and 1 student trustee position. The student trustee position is filled on a rotating basis. BOARD MEMBERS Mary Graham Rich Grosch Bernie Rhinerson (executive vice president) Maria Nieto Senour, Ph.D. (president) Peter Zschiesche CHANCELLOR Constance M. Carroll, Ph.D. (secretary to the board) STUDENT TRUSTEES Sofia Castellani-Staedler Alana Mahal Bermodes Susana Molina-Bibian


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BOARD ACTIONS At its meeting of November 8, 2018, the Board of Trustees: •

Reported from Closed Session that the Board approved the termination of a professor, in accordance with Section 87732 of the California Education Code.

Held a campus meeting at Mesa College that included a welcome and introduction by President Pamela Luster, Chair of Chairs Terry Kohlenberg, Classified Senate President Trina Larson, and Associated Students President Sofia Castellani-Staedler; following comments by Vice President of Student Services Ashanti Hands, heard a presentation on Your Mesa Journey by Technical Analyst Charlie Lieu, and on Multiple Measures (Assessment) Outcomes by Associate Dean Bridget Herrin; following an introduction by Vice President of Administrative Services by Lorenze Legaspi, heard a presentation on Staying on the Path with Open Education Resources (OER) by OER Librarian Lisa Burgert; on Expanding Partnerships by Dean Larry Maxey and student Robyn Bolden; on Finishing Out Learning Spaces by Lorenze Legaspi; and on STEM Core/STEM Conexiones by Program Activity Manager and Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Activity Director Leticia Lopez and students Flavia DePlachett, Jazmin Núñez, and Oscar Correa; and on Mathletics by Assistant Professor Juan Bernal, and student Maeghan Murrell; following comments by Interim Vice President of Instructional Services Leslie Shimazaki, heard a presentation on Work-Based Learning by Coordinators Shawn Fawcett and Katlin Choi; on Professional Learning in the LOFT by Instructional Designer Katie Palacios and Professional Learning Coordinator Janue Johnson; and on Guided Pathways and Student Athlete Success by Dean Ryan Schumaker and students Raven Casas, Alina Snyder, and Hannah Chapman.

Heard public comments by Miramar College Academic Senate President Maria McMahon who discussed the recent Collegiality in Action visit at Miramar College, which is addressing campuswide governance issues, and passed out a summary of concerns regarding a specific issue pertaining to leadership. She also highlighted resolutions passed at the recent statewide Academic Senate plenary. On behalf of Mesa College Academic Senate President Kim Perigo, she thanked Trustees Grosch and Zschiesche for their service, and recognized City College Academic Senate President Jan Jarrell for her leadership at the recent statewide Academic Senate plenary. City College Academic Senate President Jan Jarrell discussed a resolution passed at the plenary to address the concerns about the lack of collegial consultation at the system level by the State Chancellor. She also noted that City College had its accreditation follow-up visit yesterday, which she said was successful. Continuing Education Academic Senate President Richard Weinroth acknowledged the work of his Academic Senate colleagues at the recent plenary session, and highlighted resolutions passed in recognition of the need for a non-binary gender option on the CCC Apply form, in support of redefining the Faculty Obligation Number (FON) to include noncredit faculty, and to revise the curriculum development process for noncredit programs.

City College professor Jim Miller addressed the Board regarding a proposed resolution in support of climate education and, on behalf of the AFT Guild 1931, he thanked Trustees Grosch and Zschiesche for their many years of exemplary service to the District.

Conducted the first reading of revised Chapter 5 – Student Services Board Policy: BP 3100 Student Rights, Responsibilities, Campus Safety, and Administrative Due Process, with comments by Vice Chancellor of Student Services Lynn Neault, with approval to proceed to the next step of review and approval.

Approved the appointment of Dr. Isabel O’Connor as Vice President of Instructional Services for Mesa College.

Adopted a resolution in support of environmental literacy; and approved new or revised courses and programs following comments by Vice Chancellor of Instructional Services Stephanie Bulger; purchase orders prepared during the month of September; various personnel actions including the certification of short-term personnel service effective on or after November 9, 2018; the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 College and Continuing Education Academic Calendars; and the 2018-19 First Quarter Financial Report.

Authorized travel of Mesa College students and faculty members to conduct Spanish and geology classes in San Jose, Costa Rica; for Mesa College students and faculty in the fashion program to attend the Women’s Wear Daily MAGIC Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada; and for Miramar College students and a faculty member to conduct English classes in Barcelona, Spain.

Accepted grants from the National Institute of Health via the University of California San Diego to conduct a career development training program to strengthen access for minority students in the biological sciences at City College; processed through the Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD)/California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, Workforce and Economic Development Division for Advanced Transportation and Logistics Deputy Sector Navigator services at Miramar College; processed through the RSCCD for Life Sciences/Biotechnology Sector Navigator services at Miramar College; accepted funding from the U.S. Department of Education for the Federal Work-Study program and the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants program at Mesa College; and entered into an agreement with the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Auxiliary Organization for the Strong Workforce Program at Miramar College and Continuing Education; and the California Department of Education for the operation of the Child Development Centers at City, Mesa, and Miramar colleges.

Entered into a long-term purchasing agreement with Constellation Energy for natural gas service at Miramar College; and ratified a use permit allowing for the lease of space to Neighborhood House for a child care center at the Continuing Education Educational Cultural Complex; heard a status report on the 2018 Student Success Scorecard (2016-17 Outcomes), presented by Vice Chancellor of Student Services Lynn Neault; and heard a report on Reducing Textbook Costs for Students by Vice Chancellor of Instructional Services Stephanie Bulger.







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Please note: Board meetings will be held at the District Office, Room 235/245, unless otherwise noted on the posted agenda. The agenda is available the Friday prior to the Board meetings on the District website at nsf/Public.

Board Report (Nov. 8, 2019)  
Board Report (Nov. 8, 2019)