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Bernie Smith, Level 3, 8 Quay Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Please address all correspondence to “The Secretary”.



METROPOLITAN: Lena Adam, Anthony Maiatico, Anthony Attard, Caroline Israel, Chris Stefanovski, Mina Papadopoulos, Tina Callaghan, Joel Tynan, Karl San Pedro, Hugh McLaurin, Anthony Day, JWhitney Rizk, Alex del Rosario, Jessica Chidiac, Rayanne Li, Alison Varga, Susannah Hoffman, Josip Blazevic, Nathan Egan, Thea Noone, Joe Rebbechi, Jessica Robinson.

REGIONAL: Lower South Coast, Southern Highlands & Canberra: Athol Williams and Narelle Atkins  phone 6273 2300 Riverina (Wagga/Albury): Struan Timms  phone 6921 8820 Western NSW (Orange/Dubbo): Louise Buesnell and Loretta Turner (part-time Organiser)  phone 6362 1965 Far North Coast (Ballina/Tweed): Trevor McCosker  phone 6686 4192 Wollongong & Illawarra: Vera Cavanagh and Di Dixon (part-time Organiser)  phone 4228 3611 Port Macquarie and Tamworth Region: Paul Mitchell  phone 6583 8837 Coffs Harbour and Armidale Region: Mariusz Werstak and Bridget Sheridan  phone 6650 9950 WAREHOUSING AND MANUFACTURING: Joseph Bourke, John Paul Sialafau, Alex Velickovic

SPECIALISTS INDUSTRIAL OFFICERS: Phil Walker, Bernard Govind, Mitchell Worsley, Aliscia Di Mauro, Rose Ghabache, Monica Rose WORKERS’ COMPENSATION AND OHS OFFICERS: Michael Babic, Jane Lui SENIOR OPERATIONS OFFICER: Felicity Smithson COMMUNICATIONS OFFICERS: Michael Walker, Tim Leong INFORMATION OFFICERS: Corrine Boyle, David Uzzell, Georgina Psillis, Renee Jaajaa, Nadia Olic EDUCATION OFFICER: Philippe LeCompte

A Christmas Wish List Christmas is fast approaching and SDA

If there is no increase in sales, and no

leave, winning Easter Sunday as a public

members are busy in all workplaces,

strong public demand but a real social

holiday in the ACT, securing thousands

whether it’s in retail stores, fast food

cost to retail workers, why should

of messages of support for Boxing

or the distribution centres.

shops be open on Boxing Day?

Day, assisting over 31,000 members

What does a retail worker’s Christmas

The answer is they shouldn’t — they

through the Information Centre, securing

wish list look like? I think most

should be closed.

hundreds of thousands of dollars in

members would include these things

Get involved!

unfair dismissal settlements, pursuing

on their list:

The penalty rates case is still before

millions of dollars in underpayment claims and workers compensation settlements.

My two days off (close the shops

the Fair Work Commission with a

Christmas and Boxing Day);

decision now not expected until the

Not to mention the 2,000 members who

My penalty rates on public holidays;

new year. Have a look at pages

attended family days and the hundreds

Customers to keep their cool

12—13 for what you can do to help the

of thousands of dollars kept in members


pockets through SDA discounts on a

(there’s no excuse for abuse from customers).

Who benefits from Boxing Day trading? The fight for family time on Boxing Day continues (see pages 4—5). Last year’s experience shows no one really benefits from Boxing Day trading. An analysis of NSW retail sales in December last year showed no spike in sales with trading on Boxing Day.

The campaign to restore respect for retail workers and draw attention

2016 has been a busy year. but a year

to customer abuse is underway. I

where we can all say the SDA has

encourage you to complete the SDA’s

delivered for members.

online survey (see page 5 for details).

None of this is possible without you — the

2016 in review

loyal members, supportive Delegates and

2016 has been a busy year. A year

the dedicated staff. I thank all of you for

where the SDA has delivered for

your support this year.


Season’s Greetings

Despite the penalty rates case delaying

I wish you and your families a very happy

bargaining for new Agreements, we

Christmas and I hope — for many of you —

have secured pay rises for members

a restful day off on Boxing Day.

In a poll of the general public of things

that are above inflation and above

to do on Boxing Day, shopping didn’t

average private sector pay outcomes.

even make the top five.

range of activities and benefits!

Coles Delegates have shown strong

But almost one in three shop

support for the way forward to a new

assistants reported that they felt

Agreement (see page 7).

pressured to work on Boxing Day.

The SDA continues to be active on

They suffered in silence, missing out

work health and safety matters,

on family gatherings, or having to cut

leading the defence of paid parental

short their celebrations.

leave, advocating for domestic violence

If you are travelling over Christmas or the New Year, may it be a happy and safe time.

Bernie Smith, Branch Secretary


Say “no” to working on Boxing Day Retail workers work so hard in the lead up to Christmas Day that you deserve, and need, two days off to properly celebrate with by Bernie Smith Branch Secretary family and friends — both on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. You need two days off for so many reasons: 

so you can travel safely to enjoy time with family who live some distance away; maybe you spend one day with Mum and one day with Dad; maybe it’s one day with your immediate family and the next with extended family; or simply because you want two days in a row off with your family to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Whatever the reason, retail workers need two days off because Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Boxing Day!

Just say “no” to work on Boxing Day Across NSW, all retail and fast food workers have the right to refuse to work on Boxing Day. You have the right to have the day off. It is illegal to pressure you into working. Your store is only allowed to trade if employees have volunteered to work. We understand there is real pressure to work on the day, but you have the 100% support of your Union if you want Boxing Day off.


If you feel in any way pressured to work on Boxing Day, please report it to the SDA by email, or by calling us on 131 732.

Baird Government can stop the pressure Unfortunately, the Baird Government seems to be out of touch with the mums and dads of NSW. By allowing trading on Boxing Day, they have forgotten retail workers and their families this Christmas. The only way to remove the pressure to

work on this special day is to close the shops on Boxing Day. Next year, the Retail Trading Act will be reviewed. With your support, we will call for the Baird Government to return Boxing Day to families. They can stop the pressure to work by closing the shops if they care about you. Trading on Boxing Day does not create any extra sales or any extra jobs, but it costs retail workers and their families precious family time.

Christmas Day is also at risk A number of retailers have made application to trade on Christmas Day this year. We have opposed all of these applications. This is evidence that retailers will not stop until they can trade 365 days a year! Is no day sacred? It’s time to show some respect to retail workers and their families.

Now, more than ever, it is important to say “no” to work on Boxing Day — to draw a line not to be crossed. If Boxing Day is lost, Christmas Day will be next. I urge all members to take the time off on Boxing Day this year to protect your Christmas into the future. If you have any questions or concerns about Boxing Day or any of your other public holiday entitlements, your Union is here to help — just call 131 SDA.

No Excuse for Customer Abuse! Each year, thousands of workers in retail and fast food experience customer violence and abuse. Unfortunately, nearly 50% of retail and fast food workers have told us that they have experienced customer violence or abuse in the last 12 months. It ranges from verbal abuse to physical assaults and even armed assaults. This is not acceptable — there is no excuse for customer abuse of any kind towards retail and fast food workers. We are currently doing a more in-depth survey of members’ experiences of customer abuse. You can complete the survey by going to We encourage you to do the survey. The information we collect will help in building the campaign to stop customer abuse of retail and fast food workers.

Customers – Keep Your Cool This Christmas! In the lead up to Christmas, we have also made a public call for shoppers to keep their cool and respect retail workers. This is the beginning of what will need to be a long-term campaign to demand respect for all service sector workers. If you experience unreasonable or abusive customers, call your supervisor or manager over. Report the incident through your company’s reporting procedure. There is no excuse for abuse in the workplace.

L SPECIAets k kids tic $18 for just ount)

6 - 19 AP R I L 2 017



isc (30% d




 Order by Friday, 17 March 2017


this completed form to SDA, PO Box K230, Haymarket NSW 1240

I would like to purchase: No. of adult tickets:

@ $33.20 (incl GST) each =



No. of child^ tickets:

@ $18.00 (incl GST) each =



@ $25.20 (incl GST) each =



30% Discount


the SDA Union Office on 02 9281 7022, or

No. of concession* tickets:


visit and log in to the members-only section


I’m paying by:


Cheque or money order payable to SDA, or Visa



Credit card no:

includes children aged 4-15 years, and school children 16-18 years with a ROA School Pupil ID (Form 202) or School Transport Pass. Children aged 3 years and under have free admission. * Concession includes Fulltime tertiary students with transport ID; Pensioners; NSW Seniors Card holders; War Widow/ers withTransport ID

Children 3 and under: admission free! Tickets will be sent via Registered Post unless collected from the Union Office reception.

Plus postage:




4.50 .

Please send my tickets to: Name:

Expiry Date:

Cardholder Name: SDA Membership No:


Phone No:

Postal Address:


Email Address:

Information provided on this group booking form may be deemed ‘personal information’ as defined by the Privacy Laws. This information is collected for the purposes of processing and assessing your booking and recording this information for RAS, its agents and administrative purposes, archival purposes. The provision of this information is voluntary, however, if this information is not provided, SDA or its agents may not be able to process your booking or otherwise affect the purposes for which the information has been provided or collected. This information will not be used for any other purpose unless required by law. You have the right of access to and alteration of personal information concerning yourself in accordance with the Privacy Laws.


Authorised by Bernie Smith, Secretary-Treasurer, SDA NSW Branch, Level 3, 8 Quay Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Geƫng back to the bargaining table at Coles The 2014 Coles Enterprise Agreement was approved by the Fair Work Commission last year. However, in May by Bernie Smith Branch Secretary this year, the Commission heard an appeal and decided to change the way it applies the ‘Better Off Overall Test’ (BOOT), using a new benchmark that has not been applied to Agreements before now. The Commission focused on seven employees’ rosters in three stores, without properly considering the additional benefits of the Coles Agreement, under which the vast majority of employees are better off. As a result of this, employees in Coles are now in an unclear position, with the Commission overturning the 2014 Agreement. Coles employees are now covered by the terms of the 2011 Enterprise Agreement, but so far, Coles has agreed to continue to pay the higher rates of pay and improved junior rates from the 2014 Agreement.

Coles has no obligation to pay any future pay rises. It is important to secure a new Agreement as soon as possible. Enterprise bargaining has delivered a lot for Coles members: higher base rates of pay; better annual leave payments; better roster rules; more superannuation; and more public holiday benefits, to name just a few. Since enterprise bargaining started, the rate of pay in the Award has increased 10.9% more than inflation — in the same period, Coles base rates have increased by 35.5% more than inflation. That’s a 35.5% real pay rise.

The way ahead There is some work to do to ensure absolutely every employee is ahead. The best way forward is to bargain for a new Agreement that complies with the

Commission’s new definition of the BOOT. That will give certainty to all members. I held meetings of Coles Delegates across all of NSW and the ACT throughout November explaining the way forward. At each of these meetings, Delegates unanimously endorsed a motion that recognised the benefits that enterprise bargaining has delivered to members over many years, the need to ensure everyone is better off, and a call for the company to immediately commence bargaining for a new BOOT-compliant Agreement. The Union is calling on Coles to sit down and negotiate a new Agreement that is BOOT compliant in the best interest of its employees, to give employees certainty about their wages and conditions. I thank Delegates for their unanimous support, and together we will secure a new Agreement for Coles employees.

What has happened since bargaining with Coles began?

CPI (inflation) Award Coles Agreement

Shop assistants Shop assistants Increase pay 1992 pay 2016 1992-2016 81.6 % $383.80 $738.80 92.5 % $383.80 $833.30 117.1%

Real wage $100 in 1992 rise is now worth... $181.60 10.9% $192.50 35.5% $217.10


Real wage increases for SDA members are a priority Australian retail workers are the highest paid retail workers in the world. This is not a coincidence. It is because by Robert Tonkli Assistant Secretary retail workers in Australia are amongst the most organised in the world. Union membership delivers! The extra money secured by the SDA in Agreements is known as the Union wages premium. Over time, this really adds up. For example, a full-time adult Service Assistant who works ordinary hours in Coles Supermarkets is paid almost $95 more per week than

someone who does the same work under the General Retail Industry Award.

inflation creeps up. Currently, we are in a low inflation environment.

Over a long period, the difference is even more pronounced.

The Consumer Price Index is currently 1.3% (to September 2016).

Since the SDA began bargaining with Coles in 1993, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) has increased by 81.6%, retail Award wages have increased by 92.5%, but the Coles Service Assistant rate of pay has increased by 117.1%. That is a 35.5% real pay rise for Coles workers.

The Wage Price Index (a measure of wage increases) in the private sector is only 1.9% (to September 2016).

Members who work under SDA-negotiated Enterprise Agreements in other companies have also got the benefit of significant real wage increases over this time. SDA members’ wages conƟnue to increase above inflaƟon Without ongoing pay increases, the purchasing value of wages slowly erode as

These increases are historically low. However, SDA members have continued to receive wage increases well above these measures. Interim pay increases across a number of Agreements Currently, a number of major Agreements have gone past their nominal expiry dates. These include Woolworths Supermarkets, Coles, Big W, Kmart, Officeworks, David Jones and Dan Murphy’s.

Recent interim wage increases by various companies Company Coles Supermarkets Woolworths Supermarkets

Officeworks Kmart Dan Murphy’s Big W David Jones Myer


Interim Wage Increases 1.5% from 1 July 2016 (following the scheduled 1.5% increase from 1 December 2015). 1.4% from 28 September 2015 (backdated to 1 July 2015). An additional 1.4% from 4 January 2016. An additional 1.5% from 4 July 2016. 3% from 1 May 2016. 1.5% from 1 May 2016. An additional 1.5% from 1 November 2016. 2.8% from 18 April 2016 (backdated to 1 July 2015). Backpay of 1.25% from 1 August 2015. An additional 2.5% from 29 February 2016. 1.3% from 9 August 2015. An additional 1.6% from 7 February 2016. 2.5% interim increase from 1 February 2016.

did you know...

Each of these Agreements continues to operate until replaced by a new Agreement.




Members can apply right now for

The SDA is keen to conclude negotiations for new Agreements with all retailers.

assistance with the cost of undertaking

However, this is unlikely to be done until the Fair Work Commission hands down its decision in the Penalty Rates case.

Tertiary Education Assistance Program

In the meantime, the SDA has been able to secure interim wage increases for members in many companies (see some examples in the table on the previous page).

These increases are well above inflation and above the average national wage increase of 1.9%.

tertiary education through the SDA’s

Membership maƩers! The SDA achieves the best pay rises in companies where we have a higher number of members. The more workers we represent, the better the outcome. If someone asks you, “What does a Union do for me?”, remind them that SDA members are, on average, paid more than non-SDA members. In fact, SDA members enjoy some of the highest retail rates of pay in the world.

Members must use the Application Form contained in this leaflet to apply. Please attach additional pages if you require more space. Applications must be received by the SDA’s Sydney office no later than 3 February 2017, and successful applicants will be notified by post in February 2017. But remember — the Tertiary Education Assistance Program is available only to financial members of the Union.


(TEAP). The application form can be downloaded from the SDA website at

Under this program, ten SDA members at University will receive $1,200 each and six members at TAFE will receive $600 each towards their educational expenses. Applications must reach the SDA by Friday 3 February.

Interim wage increases ensure the value of our members’ wages not only keeps up with, but is in front of, inflation. This way, members are still getting real wage increases while we work to conclude new Agreements.

The SDA is proud to help SDA members who are studying at a tertiary level with their education costs. The Union has $1,200 TEAP packages for SDA members to assist them with expenses relating to their university studies in 2017. There are also six $600 TEAP packages to help those studying at TAFE and other tertiary colleges in 2017. Full details are set out in the “Conditions of Entry” on the back of this leaflet.


= You and your family are entitled to a 10% discount on the standard price of the preparation of a tax return when it is completed by an ITP tax accountant at a participating branch, or through ITP online. Members and their families are also entitled to a special rebate on business tax returns when they become a new ITP business client. When you lodge your business or company return, they will subtract 20% from the amount you paid your accountant last year. As with Union fees, tax return preparation fees are 100% tax deductible. Choose to have your return completed in-person or online: 1. In Person: go to to find your nearest ITP location or call 1300 387 487.

This is because collectively, SDA members are able to secure a better deal than individual employees acting on their own.

2. Online: email your name, contact number and postcode to

So encourage any non-members in your workplace to join the SDA to help ensure the real value of your wages keeps increasing.

to receive the discount. and we’ll be in touch with what we need to complete your return online. Please note: you must present your current SDA membership card


union picnic day 2016




DUBBO ORANGE ARMIDALE WANNA SEE MORE PICS? Just visit our facebook page:


The Struggle Continues to Protect Penalty Rates Penalty rates

The FWC was expected to deliver

On top of this, thousands of people


their decision on Sunday penalty

have signed the petition to Prime

to be a hot

rates earlier this year, but is now

Minister Malcolm Turnbull and you’ve

topic for retail

unlikely to be handed down until

sent Employment Minister Michaelia

workers across

January 2017.

Cash more than 300 emails calling

Australia as

The attack on penalty rates has

on her to Protect Penalty Rates.

the anticipated

been ongoing since 2012.

A massive thank you to everybody

release of the

Throughout this time the SDA

who has supported the Protect

Fair Work Commission’s (FWC)

has continued its Protect Penalty

Penalty Rates campaign. Together,

review of Sunday penalty rates

Rates campaign talking to as many

we’ve made our voices heard! We’ll

looms closer.

everyday Australians as possible,

keep on fighting and we know that

about the importance of penalty

you will too. Keep up the great work!

rates and the need to protect them.

The facts of the issue

by Bernie Smith Branch Secretary

Despite a recent Essential Media Report showing that an overwhelming majority of voters (81%) support penalty rates, Sunday penalty rates continue to remain

We’ve been briefing Members of Parliament on the devastating effects a cut to penalty rates would have on people and communities

on the Turnbull Government’s

Australians still value their weekends, and if you work on a day like Sunday, you should be fairly rewarded for giving up family time to work.

and we’ve been getting our chopping block.

supporters to call on the Turnbull

Cutting penalty rates without

Government to stand up for

increasing base rates of pay would

weekend penalty rates, a request

devastate hundreds of thousands

they have so far refused.

of workers who rely on penalty

You’ve been involved too.

rates every week to make ends meet. It would also be a massive

With your help, the Fair Work Commission received more

Regional Australia alone will take an economic hit of up to $1.55 billion every year if penalty rates are scrapped. There’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that cutting penalty rates would result in the creation of even one extra job. We know the far

blow to the Australian economy

than 6,000 submissions telling

pulling out $1.5 billion of wages/

your stories about exactly how

consumption from regional

important penalty rates are to

workers will simply be forced to

areas every year1. This drop in

you. SDA members sent so many

work longer hours for less money.

consumption would potentially

submissions that the FWC simply

Cutting Sunday penalty rates for

lead to cuts in hours and job losses.

couldn’t handle any more!

retail workers would just be the start.

more likely outcome is that current

Join the campaign at PAGE 12 I SUMMER 2016 I SDA NEWS

Save our weekend. In fact, Prime Minister Malcolm

Snap a photo of your weekend

Turnbull has previously said

activities and share to Instagram

that cuts to penalty rates are

using the hashtag.


Through this campaign we can

What would be next? Public

demonstrate what people are giving

Holiday penalty rates?

up to work on weekends and why

We know that retail workers are

they should be fairly rewarded for it.

just the thin edge of the wedge. Pressure would quickly grow for cuts to penalty rates in other industries too, including nurses

No.1 in the long run

Check out our website and send a message to Malcolm Turnbull and Michaelia Cash about how important weekend penalty rates

and emergency service workers. are to you and your family and to Cutting penalty rates without compensation will take money

encourage them to stand up for working families.

out of the pockets of hard working families. That’s why it’s more important than ever to

Finally, don’t forget to jump onto Facebook and like the Protect

stand up for your penalty rates.

Penalty Rates page where you can

Act today!

get the latest information on the

There are a number of ways that

campaign. 1

you can get involved.

REST’s Core Strategy has been ranked No.1 for longterm performance more times than all other super funds put together.

Who loses when penalty rates are cut? The

economic impact of penalty rate cuts in

We’ve recently launched

Australia’s retail and hospitality industries. The

#SundaySelfies on Instagram.

McKell Institute Report 2015 p8 1300 300 778

How can you help Protect Penalty Rates? 1. Sign up to the SDA’s campaign website. 2. Ask your family and friends to sign up too – the more supporters we have, the louder our voice will be. 3. Like the Protect Penalty Rates Facebook page at 4. Stay tuned to the campaign and take part in the latest actions. Together, we can protect our penalty rates.

Surveyed monthly with similar options over rolling 10 year periods. SuperRatings doesn’t issue, sell, guarantee or underwrite this product. Go to for ratings criteria. Ratings are only one factor to consider. Past performance may not be repeated. Product issued by REST. Contact us for a PDS to consider before deciding.


Breakfast for a great cause The SDA has supported research into breast cancer for many years now. This year our annual golf event by Corrine Boyle, was replaced by Women’s Officer a “Grand Final Breakfast” held on 30 September, the Friday before the NRL Grand Final. Guest speaker was Tigers legend Benny Elias and our Pink Ribbon ambassador was Anke Timm. Sixty nine people attended and we raised $5,000. In addition to the breakfast, a raffle was held in the Illawarra that raised a further


$4,500, a bowls day in Wagga and many more local fund raisers, bringing our total donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation this year to $15,839. We would like to thank the sponsors of the day:  Chifley  REST  Taylor & Scott Plus the following who donated prizes:  Zara  REST  Edwin Pirah (Ties)  Frequent ValuesTM We really appreciate the support of our sponsors, prize donors and, of course, all those who attended and contributed to our fundraising efforts.


What to expect during store renovaƟons by Alison Varga, Organiser

You don’t have to watch Better Homes and Gardens to know the difference a renovation can make to an area.

A fresh coat of paint, some new flooring, maybe an upgrade to the furniture; all these things can make a real impact on the atmosphere of a space.

Noise Hammers, nail guns, jackhammers, saws, and electric screwdrivers. Power tools can create a noisy environment. Sometimes, major construction work is done after hours, but sometimes there are limitations if sites are in residential areas. Noise can make it not only hard to concentrate and hear others, but can be detrimental to a person’s hearing. If you experience discomfort due to noise, or are finding conditions difficult to work in, you should report the concerns. Being provided with ear protection is one possible solution but might not always work and can even create other risks if you can’t hear other hazards or customers. If solutions are unsatisfactory, you must contact us immediately.

Our stores are no different.


Retail is always changing, and stores are always trying to compete to look bigger, better and newer than the next shop.

From time to time during refurbishments, fumes may be present (from things such as paint, adhesives or cleaning agents). Sometimes such fumes may cause workers to feel ill or create discomfort such as watering eyes, sneezing, or other reactions. If you experience such discomfort, report your concerns immediately to your store or duty manager and request assistance.

While sometimes it may be exciting to enjoy the perks and upgrades of a new store, let’s not forget the long process it takes to get there. During this time, the employer must make it a priority to take care of the health and safety of staff during the renovation period. The most important thing is: if you experience discomfort or are concerned, make sure you speak to management immediately. If you are still concerned or need further advice, you should contact the SDA immediately on 131 732. Here are issues that might occur during a refurbishment.


You can also request a copy of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the product being used. These will state whether the product is hazardous and will contain information about the conditions for using it. For example, it may state that the product is nontoxic but might cause watering eyes and that ventilation is required. If you are still concerned or need further advice and support you should contact us immediately.

Air quality Issues due to dust and debris can be common during renovations and on construction sites. If you feel affected by the air quality, please raise your concerns immediately with your store manager or duty manager. Risk reduction may include ensuring that the relevant area is partitioned and sealed off, ensuring that works are conducted at other times, or that areas are cleaned with vacuums (not brooms) afterwards.

Asbestos is a serious concern often raised by workers, and for good reason, as asbestos can be extremely hazardous if not handled properly. There are strict laws for the removal and disturbance of asbestos which should be adhered to. Some things to note: 

All sites must have an Asbestos Register which should be no more than five years old. This should list all asbestos containing materials on a site.

Asbestos can be in different states – including a state where it is safe if not damaged and left undisturbed.

If asbestos is to be disturbed, businesses must ensure there is no risk to workers. Often such works will be conducted at night when no workers are present. Businesses must ensure that the areas are free from risk. Often tests are conducted to ensure areas are clear (such as by air monitoring).

For any safety concerns... Remember — whenever you have any safety concerns in your store, report them to your store management. You can also report such concerns to your WHS Committee or Health & Safety Rep. Contact the SDA Information Centre on 131 732 if you need advice or assistance at any stage.



WOOLWORTHS “PHYSIO RECOVERY” PROGRAM: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Woolworths offers ill or injured employees access to a free voluntary physiotherapy program called “Physio Recovery”. The SDA advises that members seek treatment

by David Uzzell, Information Officer

and advice from their own doctor first.

Physio Recovery should be used in addition to, and not in substitution for, consultation and treatment from a medical doctor. This is to ensure your complete recovery. Physio Recovery is aimed at reducing muscle deterioration during recovery from injury. The program provides fast access to a network of physiotherapists for up to six free visits if an injury is work related, and three free visits if it is an injury that is not work related.

POSITIVE DISCUSSIONS WITH WOOLWORTHS The SDA and Woolworths recently discussed Physio Recovery. The company agrees that: 

injured workers have a right to see a doctor of their choice from the outset;

participating in the program is voluntary;

injured workers can consult other health professionals at any time; and

injured workers can also lodge a workers compensation claim form for work-related injuries. This should be done as soon possible. A claim includes payments of other medical expenses or lost wages if required. Claims should be made within a maximum of six months from the date of injury.

ATTENDANCE AT MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS Woolworths also agrees that managers and other company representatives should not attend medical appointments or examinations of an injured worker. We remind workers that Safe Work NSW specifically states that no employer can insist that they or their representative is present during a consultation. We recommend that your doctor’s appointment is private. For work-related injuries, managers and their representatives might attend case conferences with you and your doctor. Case conferences are separate from your normal doctor’s appointment. Case conferences are to discuss the injured worker’s medical restrictions and determine what work duties and roles the injured worker may be able to perform.

Managers – keep out of medical appointments! All SDA members should be aware that managers and insurance companies have no right to attend your medical appointments, even if it is for a workrelated injury. This is supported by the Fair Work Ombudsman. Medical appointments are private. Tell any manager or insurance company representative that they are not entitled to attend. Contact the SDA if you need any help.

Word on the street: requesƟng leave The hard-andfast rules of your employment are in your Enterprise Agreement. This includes taking annual leave. by Chris Stefanovski, All permanent Organiser employees accrue four weeks’ paid annual leave a year. The real benefit is when you take the leave. Your company may have a policy around restricting the taking of annual leave at certain times. You may have a very good reason why you need to take leave at a certain time.

Let’s say you are getting married and your fiancé is a teacher, or works in an industry with a Christmas shut-down so you want to go on your honeymoon in January. You will know well in advance, so you can give plenty of notice. The company will have plenty of time to plan the arrangements to cover you over your absence. Another employee’s hours could be increased to cover for you while you are away, or a casual might get extra hours. Companies might prefer leave not to be taken in certain periods but it is not a blanket ban on leave. A reasonable discussion on taking the leave should happen.

We all know it’s harder to get leave at busy times of the year, but all the circumstances need to have been considered. To improve your chances, make sure you give as much notice as possible; if you need to take leave for a major reason such as a honeymoon or an overseas trip you probably know well in advance — that’s when to apply for leave (but don’t make any travel bookings before you’ve had your leave approved!)

Enjoy your leave If you are having annual leave over Christmas and January, enjoy your break, and travel safely!



A big resu What a great response! Since August, the SDA has had over 5,500 safety chats with retail and fast by Jane Lui, OHS Officer

food workers from across Australia.

Thanks to you and our team of

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passionate and dedicated Delegates, Health and Safety Reps and Organisers for all your efforts in helping to make this happen.

What you told us Workload, heat and cold, cuts and abrasions and manual handling continue

Delegates in the wor SDA NSW Delegates stepped up and did an outstanding job, performing nearly 3,000 safety chats this year. The data assists by Philippe LeCompte, the Union in Education Officer improving health and safety for retail workers in their workplaces. Special thanks go to Jozsef from Woolworths Warringah Mall, who completed over 40 safety chats in his store and signed up five new members during the process. Awesome work, Jozsef!!

sult for health & safety to trend as the top issues you have

The SDA has been able to work with

identified as adversely impacting on your

members to tackle a range of health


and safety issues you have told us are a

Check out the full the results from our


third annual Safety Demands Action week

Over the past few years, the SDA has


been able to win improvements to

What’s next?

conditions at workplaces through the

Responses from the Safety Chats

results we have collected.

conducted in your workplace will be

Union workplaces are safer workplaces,

shared with your SDA Delegates, Health

thanks to members like you.

and Safety Reps and Organisers to help them work with you to address issues

your health and safety is a priority every day... While the SDA’s Safety Demands Action week is an annual event, workplace health and safety matters every day of the year. If a workplace issue is impacting on your health and safety, you should take the following steps: 

Report the issue;

Raise the issue with your manager;

Talk to your workplace Health and Safety Rep and/or Union Delegate;

Put the issue on the agenda of your workplace Health and Safety Committee ;

Seek assistance from your doctor if the issue is affecting your health and wellbeing.

adversely impacting on you. Remember, your participation in safety week does make a difference.

es truly are friends orkplace It has been another solid year for new Delegates in Sydney attending basic skills courses. They have learnt how to approach workers in their store to explain the benefits of Union membership, plus how to pass on information to their workmates about their entitlements. Two Delegates stand out for their efforts. Carly from Woolworths Rosemeadow and Faraan from Woolworths Bankstown signed up 11 and 10 members respectively in just two weeks. Carly also assisted two members with workers compensation payments (including a member in another store). Carly and Faraan, you are both great ‘friends in the workplace’.

Warren from Coles Macquarie Fields recently went around his store and got members studying at high school or university to complete the textbook voucher application form. Warren collected over 80 forms from his store and signed up six new members during the task. There will be plenty of happy winners early next year because of your awareness Warren! Well done!! Thank you to all Delegates who have attended training this year. It has been a pleasure to work with you and hear how you have helped members every day through advice and support. Have a happy and safe Christmas.

If the issue is not resolved or for advice and assistance contact the SDA on 131 SDA (that’s 131 732).

customer violence and abuse Unfortunately, over that last two years nearly 50% of retail and fast food workers have told us that they have experienced customer violence or abuse. This is not acceptable. Over the next few months, we’ll be touch again to get your ideas about how we can effectively campaign together to stop violence and abuse in our workplaces.


Paid Parental Leave is under a Caring for babies matters a great deal.

by Monica Rose, Industrial Officer

When babies first arrive, they really need time with their mums and dads, to bond with them and to be cared for.

So why is the Turnbull Liberal Government trying to cut paid parental leave for 80,000 families? Supporting parents so they can look after their babies is the right thing to do. We are calling on Malcolm Turnbull to stand up for Australian families and abandon savage cuts to paid parental leave.

You can help! Sign the petition calling on Malcolm Turnbull to support paid parental leave. It’s time that the Federal Government took care of what matters most, rather than taking money from families while pushing for tax cuts for business.

The Turnbull Liberal Government is trying to cut the amount of time parents have to care for their children, even though the experts agree that families need more paid parental leave, not less.

Why is this important? When a baby is born, it usually means that, initially, one parent continues to earn an income, while the other parent cares for the child full-time. But for families who need two incomes, this can be tough. And for the first few weeks while mother and baby recover from birth, both parents really need to be at home. While employers want more and more from employees, there hasn’t been enough done to make sure family still comes first.

Best for the child Babies do best when they are cared for by a parent, full-time for their first six months. And when pparents are back at work, theyy need affordable early education and care.

Making sure every new family can give a child this start in life is something employers and the Government need to provide, together. A full-time wage for the first six months of a child’s life, and affordable early education and care when both parents are back at work is the best way to create a bright future for all of our kids. Raising the next generation as best as we can is everyone’s responsibility.

What’s the Government trying to do? Currently, new parents are eligible to receive 18 weeks of paid parental leave from the Government, at the minimum wage, on top of whatever scheme their employer offers. The Coalition wants to save $1.2 billion by preventing new parents from receiving the full 18 weeks of government-funded leave if their employer offers a more generous parental leave scheme. The revised scheme would see about 80,000 women have their taxpayerfunded entitlement either reduced or cut altogether.

Background Paid parental leave was included in some Enterprise Agreements negotiated by the SDA and other unions, well before the Government introduced its scheme in 2011. In Agreements containing a paid parental leave provision, shop assistants and other workers often had to forgo other entitlements to get the paid parental benefit.


r aĆŠack! friends to do it, too. The more people that

Most families depend on two steady

Parents who benefit from the hard-won right to employer-provided paid parental leave should not be penalised by having their benefits removed at this most vulnerable of times in their lives.

incomes to make ends meet, and bringing

Sign up to the cause!

Twitter, and of course,

a child into the household adds additional

Sign the petition at australianunions. org,au/ppl, and get your family and

keep an eye on future

These workers will now be penalised by the Government because these conditions have been rolled into a whole raft of employment entitlements over many years.


sign the petition, the more pressure thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s put on the Government. For updates, follow australianunions on Facebook and/or

editions of SDA News!


St John: Helping the Community St John Ambulance Australia is a self-funding charitable organisation active in all Australian States and Territories, dedicated to helping people in sickness, distress, suffering or danger. We have been active in Australia for over 130 years, and internationally are part of a wider organisation with a long and honourable history. St John Ambulance Australia provides a myriad of services within the community, from ongoing services for the aged or infirm to first aid services for special events. Here are just some of the things we do: 

First Aid training (Over 500,000 first aid certificates last year);

First Aid kits;

First Aid and Health Services at community and public events, and assistance during national disaster relief, through volunteers (16,000 volunteers deliver 1.2 million hours of volunteer service, treating over 100,000 people each year.);

A range of community care services for the aged, the infirm, the immobile and lonely, provided by 2,000 volunteers;

Ambulance services in Western Australia and the he Northern Territory (3,500 paid and volunteer ambulance officers);

Funding and support for Ophthalmic services att the St John Jerusalem Eye Hospital, in East Timor and in Australian communities;

A national youth development program for more e than 4,000 young people aged 8 to 18 years;

Public access defibrillators throughout the Australian community;

First Aid training for school students;

First Aid training for learner drivers.

Internationally St John are part of The Order of St John with a long and honourable history. Want to know more, or get involved? Just go to: l specia r offer fo SDA rs membe

SDA members receive 15% off all first aid kits. To purchase your first aid kit at the special discounted price, go to and look for Discount First Aid Kits under Health Support Services.

Salaried employees can be members too! by Karl San Pedro, Organiser

There is a common misconception that salaried employees cannot be a part of the Union, but this is not true.

Any person employed in retail, warehouse, fast food, and pharmacy can be a part of the SDA.

How the SDA can help If you’re a salaried employee, we can check to make sure your contract meets the minimum standards, along with other industrial advice. We can ensure that you are working in a safe workplace, and give assistance with safety issues such as workload stress, as well as providing additional benefits with membership such as journey claim insurance, free legal advice, entertainment discounts and more.

Your pay and condiƟons Although you may not be covered by an enterprise agreement, salaried employees are still covered by the relevant award as well as the National Employment Standards. The salary package contained in your contract must be equal to or better than the minimum wages provided for under your relevant award. The SDA makes submissions and negotiates the conditions of the award based on feedback from our members,

and as a member you can contribute to this process. We can also review your pay and conditions to ensure they meet the minimum standards.

Safe workplaces

insurance is completely free to all members. 

Salaried employees who aren’t SDA members have no protection.

Free Legal Consultation:

Members may receive advice on matters not related to work, such as wills, motor vehicle accidents and family law.

Great value health cover:

SDA members get access to the SDA’s nib Health Insurance offer.

Savings on holidays, accommodation and dining:

Through the SDA’s Frequent ValuesTM program, SDA members can take advantage of some great deals on hotels, Gold Coast attractions, North Queensland resorts, Emirates holidays, and much more.

Discount movie tickets, family days and other events:

SDA members save substantial amounts when they purchase movie tickets through the Union, and on our family days held at Luna Park, and Jamberoo, as well as on events held on Melbourne Cup day.

The SDA is always focused on ensuring that all of our members work in safe workplaces. We recently conducted our Safety Demands Action campaign, speaking to members around the country about safety at work. One of the key concerns our members have is workload stress. We understand this can be a common concern for salaried staff as well. Under the Fair Work Act, additional hours or overtime may be considered unreasonable if it is a risk to Work Health and Safety. If you think this may be affecting you, please contact the SDA on 131 732 for more information.

Other membership benefits As well as providing you with industrial advice and support, and ensuring your workplace is a safe workplace, the SDA provides additional benefits to our members including: 

Journey Claim Insurance:

After workers compensation was cut in 2012, the SDA negotiated an insurance scheme to cover our members on their journeys to and from work. This

Details can be found in thee SDA Services & Benefits booklet included with this edition of SDA News or on our website at

membership services and benefits

But remember — only members of the Union receive all these great benefits.






25 YEAR CLUB 2016 EVENTS The SDA has many long-term members who have reached â&#x20AC;&#x201D; or exceeded â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 25 years of membership. These members are part of the exclusive 25-year membership club! We arrange annual get togethers to reward and celebrate with these special people. Here are some pics of recent events held in Sydney and Parramatta. Once again, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to thank each and every one of you for your loyal membership. The Union needs people like you!




PRE-PURCHASE ONLY! To attend, you must pre-purchase your tickets through our Sydney office using the application form below.

BBQ LUNCH The SDA has secured the use of the Park’s barbeque area for a BBQ lunch for our members, which will be held between midday and 1.30 pm. Members who attend can take advantage of some great value lunch options which the Park is making available for us. There are three options:  A: Banjo’s Aussie BBQ: A barbecue rump steak topped with bbq onions and a tasty beef sausage. Served with a side of potato salad, coleslaw and a crusty bread roll. Choice of can of soft drink or bottle of water.  B: Banjo’s Vegetarian BBQ: Barbecue vegetable skewer, vegetable rissole, corn on the cob, with bbq onions. Served with a large portion of potato salad and a crusty bread roll. Choice of can of soft drink or bottle of water.  C: Sammy’s Sausage Sizzle: A tasty barbecue beef sausage served in a crusty bread roll, topped with bbq onions and choice of sauce. Choice of can of soft drink or bottle of water. To join in our BBQ lunch, you must pre-purchase a lunch ticket on your application form. You will be sent a special voucher(s) to redeem on the day, along with your admission ticket(s). PLEASE NOTE: No alcohol is permitted.

HOW TO PURCHASE TICKETS Simply fill out and send in the form below with payment. If you’re paying by credit card, you may fax the completed form and your credit card details to the SDA Sydney office on (02) 9281 7050. For more information about this Family Day, please contact the SDA Information Centre on 131 SDA (131 732).

APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY FRIDAY 3 FEBRUARY 2017. NO EXTENSIONS ARE AVAILABLE. Admission and meal tickets are valid on Sunday 19 February 2017 only.

APPLICATION FOR JAMBEROO FAMILY DAY 2017 TICKETS Mail this form, along with your payment to SDA Jamberoo Family Day, PO Box K230, Haymarket NSW 1240 or, if you’re paying by credit card, you can fax this form to (02) 9281 7050 by 3 February 2017 Name:...................................................................................................................................................................................................................... SDA Membership Number: .................................................................................................................................................................................... Address: .................................................................................................................................................................................................................. ..........................................................................................................................................................................Postcode ........................................ Phone: Home ............................................................................ Work................................................................................................ Employer: ....................................................................................... Suburb/Town ................................................................................... I would like to order: [insert number] ............... tickets @ $32.00 [children under 4 free]: $ ............................ [insert number] ............... Banjo’s Aussie Barbecue – Option A @ $17.50: $ ............................ [insert number] ............... Banjo’s Vegetarian Barbecue – Option B @ $17.50: $ ............................ [insert number] ............... Sammy’s Sausage Sizzle – Option C @ $ 9.50: $ ............................ Registered Post Charge: $.....4.50 ................ Total: $ ............................  Cheque  Money Order  Credit Card [complete details below] Payment Method:  Mastercard  Visa Credit Card Type: Card Number: ........................................................................................................................................... Expiry Date: ........................................ Cardholder’s Name [please print]: ......................................................................................................................................................................... Cardholder’s Signature: ...........................................................................................................................................................................................


The SDA’s Family Day at Jamberoo is a great day out for members and their families from Sydney, the Illawarra, South Coast and Southern Highlands. For this day only, SDA members, their families and friends are entitled to a special $32.00 admission price (that’s more than 40% off the normal adult price). All of Jamberoo’s rides will be in full swing, including ‘Funnel Web’, the exciting thrill ride, ‘The Taipan’, the giant Outback Bay wave pool, the iconic mountain toboggan, Surf Hill – the eight-lane aqua racer, the Rapid River ride with waves and waterfalls, The Rock – a five-metre free-fall drop, Billabong Beach – an aqua park for the littlies, Mushroom Pool, and much more! Plus, this year, there’ll be live entertainment for the whole family to enjoy!

The Sydney Tower Eye

Madame Tussauds

Sydney Aquarium, Darling Harbour

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount on single adult and child entry tickets upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount on single adult and child entry tickets upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount on single adult and child entry tickets upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount on single adult and child entry tickets upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

t (02) 9333 9222 a

t (02) 9333 9240 a

t (02) 8251 7800 a

t (02) 8251 7877 a


Australian National Maritime Museum

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Gold Coast

Featherdale Wildlife Park, Doonside

Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount on single adult and child entry tickets upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 25% discount upon presentation of their current SDA membership card.

t (02) 9333 9288 a

t (02) 9298 3777 a

t (07) 5534 1266 a

t (02) 9622 1644 a

Gold Coast Attractions SDA members and their families are entitled to a 15% discount at these leading Gold Coast attractions:



Wet’n’Wild Dreamworld White Water Skypoint Water World* t (07) 5588 1111 World t (07) 5582 2700 t 133 FUN t 133 FUN (07) 5588 1111 t (133 386) (133 386) a dreamworld. a whitewaterworld. a skypoint. t 133 FUN a a a *Please note: you must pre-purchase your tickets through the SDA website to access the discounts on these attractions.

Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures

ABC Driving School

SDA members and their families are entitled to a 20% discount on single adult and child entry tickets upon presentation of their current SDA membership card. 1300 362 881.

SDA members and their children receive $25 off the standard cost of five lessons with ABC Driving School. For more information, go to or see the White Pages for your nearest branch.



Europcar Rentals

Coffs Coast Driving School

SDA members receive exclusive rates when they rent with Europcar. Simply quote 47699503 when making your booking. No PIN or Velocity number is required. For more information, phone Europcar on 1300 131 390 or go to

Get five one-hour lessons for just $275 – that’s a saving of $5 per lesson. We service Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas. Phone 0411 985 185 for more information.




Offer valid to 30 June 2017


t n u o c Dis ie Tix v o M

+ order online at, + phone the SDA on 131 SDA (131 732) with your credit card details, or + purchase them in person at the SDA Sydney Office between 8.30am

and 4.00pm Monday to Saturday (except on public holidays).

HOYTS/EVENT E-TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE! SDA Movie Tickets for Hoyts and Event cinemas are now available as e-tickets, which you can print at home or redeem on a smartphone.


Take out a ME variable rate Flexible Home Loan with a Member Package1 and you could receive

p.a. 0.10 %

A bank built for you.

extra discount

off the rate just because you’re a SDA NSW member. Apply between 3 Oct 2016 and 28 Feb 2017 1 A Member Package annual fee of $395 applies. Credit criteria, terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. Credit provided by Members Equity Bank Ltd Australian Credit Licence 229500.


Great news for all workers at H A new Agreement was settled for the HP Distribution Centre this year. It is a solid Agreement with an 8.6% wage increase over a three-year period, which is well above inflation. In addition to having these pay rises locked in, the Agreement contains a number of improved conditions including RDOs for permanent employees and changes to work performance management (see box on opposite page). by Bernard Govind, Industrial Officer

Another highlight is the introduction of task rotation, which is to be implemented through a committee. A major achievement of this Agreement is that all of its benefits are applied to agency casuals, including: 

A clause included in the Agreement makes it clear that the same pay and conditions now apply to agency casuals.

Where the company cancels the shift of an agency casual less than two hours prior to the commencement of their shift, the agency casual will be paid for the whole shift. Note: this will not change the existing practice of advising casuals of the cancellation of their next shift on the afternoon of the day prior to their next shift.

The counselling and discipline procedure will now apply to agency casuals. There will be no exclusion for casuals who have less than 12 months of service.

These are breakthrough achievements in an enterprise bargaining agreement. Many labour hire workers find themselves in precarious situations where they wait every day to find out if they are needed for a shift. Even worse, sometimes they arrange child care and leave to work only to find on arrival that they are not required that day, finding themselves having to pay for the cost of child care and transport. That can no longer happen under this Agreement.


t Hoxton Park DC

WORK PERFORMANCE This clause has been re-drafted to remove references to engineering standards in favour of a change in focus to the principle of a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay: The new provision is as follows: “The parties acknowledge the agreed principle of a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. The parties to the agreement agree to the principle of every Associate working to the best of their ability.

“There is an expectation that Associates will always use their best efforts and will always strive to achieve the required levels of work quality and accuracy. This will include compliance with company policies in relation to emergency procedures, security, honesty, sexual harassment, racial discrimination/ vilification, occupational health and safety, and only smoking in designated areas. “The preferred methods are considered

the best methods for doing the job using prescribed safe operating methods. The parties acknowledge that using the preferred methods and following correct procedures is the appropriate way to achieve the necessary level of safety, quality and accuracy. Associates who are adequately trained are required to use preferred methods, follow correct procedures and to act in accordance with all safety procedures.”






up to $25 off



Present your card or digital Frequent ValuesTM card to participating outlets to redeem your offer


Up to $25 off the total bill

Up to $25 off the total bill



Present your card or digital Frequent ValuesTM card to participating outlets to redeem your offer

Blackbird Cafe

Wok on Inn

Blackbird Cafe is a popular café, restaurant and bar, overlooking Darling Harbour, at Cockle Bay Wharf. Enjoy Blackbird Cafe’s diverse Modern Australian menu. Fully licensed, with a great selection of wine, spirits, beer, and fabulous cocktails. Offering pizza and cocktail-making classes for groups of all sizes. Open 7 days for lunch and dinner from 11am until late.

Wok on Inn was created to bring Asian street food inspired by 8 regions of Asia – Thailand, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea and Mongolia. Choose from signature street food, soups, salads and snacks. Dine-in, takeout, delivery, phone order, online orders and catering.

Balcony Level, Cockle Bay Wharf Sydney, NSW (02) 9283 7385

Valid at all NSW locations Visit website for locations

Simply log on to to view or claim offers. Offers correct at time of printing. For the latest listing and terms and conditons please refer to the SDA website.


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