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SHASTA CASCADE WONDERLAND ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Tuesday March 10, 2015 California Welcome Center The regular quarterly meeting of the Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association was held on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at the Anderson Welcome Center. The meeting was called to order at 10:04 a.m. by Chairman Ed Rullman. The following board members and guests were present: In Person: Ed Rullman – President – City of Redding Jeff Titcomb – Secretary/Treasurer – Plumas County Jim Mullins – Director – Siskiyou County Tina Peluso – Director - Shasta County East Dave Gowan – Director – Tehama County Laurie Baker – SCWA General Manager Lisa May – SCWA Director of Tourism Development & Sales Via Conference Phone: Matt Doyle – Director – Shasta County North Guest: Bink Huddleston 1. Call to Order a. 10:04 am 2.

Confirm Quorum a. Roll call taken with attendance sign-in sheet b. Quorum confirmed with 6 Board Members in attendance (4 needed for a quorum)

3. Approval of Agenda a. Jim made motion to approve agenda, Jeff 2nd motion. Vote: All in favor, 0 abstained. 4. Approval of December 2014 minutes : a. Jeff moved to approve minutes, Dave Gowan 2nd, All in favor, 0 abstained. 5. Public Comment - None 6.

Board Member Update a. New members: Keli Anthis is no longer running Strawberry Valley Inn and Shasta Inn. Keli is open to remaining on the board and board members approved. b. Tina Peluso – Shasta County Intermountain area Fall River Chamber, Burney Chamber, VP Rails to Trails, retired from Circle 7/Spinner Fall Lodge, does fly fishing, consulting, and small business management.

7. Financial Report a. Laurie Baker presented SCWA Year to Date for review – Approved by Ed, 2nd by Matt. All approved, none opposed. 8. Contract with City of Redding a. Redding contract with SCWA –Laurie responsible to city to oversee RCVB. Funding formulas not changing. Laurie explained various aspects of marketing expectations from City of Redding contract. Contract has minimal updates for a five year term. Laurie shared how the TOT works. b. Ed shared how TBID in Redding works – 2% c. RVCB has to follow Brown Act because money comes from the City of Redding. SCWA will follow the intent of the Brown Act with the ability to call in to the Board Meetings. d. Action Item: Laurie will follow up with her suggestions on Brown Act protocol. e. Ed wants the next meeting agenda to include discussion on the rural counties. Suggestion is all 8 county chambers come together to discuss their relationship with the rural counties and how they relate to the money SCWA receives from City of Redding. Jim suggests a chamber summit. f. Jim moved to accept City of Redding contract. Jeff 2nd . All in favor, no opposed. Visit California Vacation Guide g. Each board member given a copy and Laurie highlighted the SCWA ad and articles. 9. Marketing Survey a. US Travel Survey b. Action Item: Laurie emailing copy of survey to board from US Travel so US Travel can see board members ideas in marketing rural areas. 10. Tourism Summit/Sponsors/Agenda Update a. Lunch menu options presented by Laurie, board decided on South of the Border menu b. Sponsors-Redding RCVB $6000. Laurie asking each board member to bring us one sponsor at $350. Jim - Mt. Shasta Chamber will be a sponsor for Siskiyou County. c. Ed will introduce each sponsor at the summit d. Using Net Sound again this year for lighting and sound e. Ed suggests moving stage long ways in the room versus stage at end of room. f. Guest Speakers to be SC Ambassadors – Each county speak on the importance of tourism to their county – Brand USA – Visit CA– Eight county booths/tables – Whiskeytown and Lassen representatives speak – Banner to be made for each county if we have enough summit sponsor money g. Mixer venue – Turtle Bay Action: Laurie will confirm with Turtle Bay h. Dave suggests giveaway to get people to attend mixer 11. Shasta Cascade Visitor Guide a. Laurie offered boxes of Visitors Guides to all board members. Businesses in their counties that are willing to distribute are welcome. 12. Discover America Website a. Showed In Language Video - Mexico b. Working on translation of flyers, and website into Spanish, Japanese, German, Korean.

13. 24 Hour Bike Race – Weaverville a. Kelli Gant unable to be present to share event details. Laurie asked for suggestions on how we can get the word out on the race. Hotel stays, dining and other business sales will spill over into other counties as Weaverville is small town with not enough accommodations for all travelers. Ed explained that the Bike Race brochure doesn’t mention SCWA in the brochure. In hindsight, SCWA should have been in brochure. b. Importance of event being on all event calendars and on websites. c. Jim suggested calling Vick with Team Bigfoot in Eureka who is the event contact. 14. Questions/Comments a. Tina gave out ‘Trail Concept Plan’ 15. Adjournment a. Ed entertained motioned to adjourn, Dave so moved, Matt 2nd. SCWA meeting adjourned at 11:08 a.m.

SCWA Board Mtg Minutes 3 10 15  
SCWA Board Mtg Minutes 3 10 15