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SHASTA CASCADE WONDERLAND ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Tuesday December 9, 2014 California Welcome Center The regular quarterly meeting of the Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association was held on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at the Anderson Welcome Center. The meeting was called to order at 10:01 a.m. by Chairman Ed Rullman. The following board members and guests were present: In Person: Linda Austin – Director – Shasta County South Ed Rullman – President – City of Redding Michael Han – Director - Lassen County Kelli Gant – Director – Trinity County Jeff Titcomb – Secretary/Treasurer – Plumas County Jim Mullins – Director – Siskiyou County Laurie Baker – SCWA General Manager Lisa May – SCWA Director of Tourism Development & Sales Via Conference Phone: Matt Doyle – Director – Shasta County North Lorissa Soriano – Director – Modoc County Debra Lucero – Director - Butte County Keli Anthis – Director – Siskiyou County Dave Gowan – Director – Tehama County Guest: Bink Huddleston 1. Call to Order a. 10:01 am 2.

Confirm Quorum a. Roll call taken with attendance sign-in sheet b. Quorum confirmed with 11 Board Members in attendance (4 needed for a quorum)

3. Approval of Agenda a. Jeff Titcomb made motion to approve agenda, Kelli Gant 2nd motion. Vote: All in favor, 0 abstained, agenda approved as written 4. Approval of September 2014 minutes : a. Jeff Titcomb moved to approve minutes, Kelli Gant 2nd Vote: All in favor, 0 abstained, minutes approved as written 5. Public Comment - none 6.

Board Member Update a. New members: Jim Mullins & Keli Anthis – Siskiyou County b. Retiring Member: Linda Austin – South Shasta County

i. Michael Han volunteered to take L. Austin’s vacancy and find replacement for Lassen County ii. Laurie Baker added possible candidate Tina Peluso for Shasta County East; Tina is giving the opportunity some thought before she answers, and if she says yes, we would still need approval from Shasta County Supervisor Pam Giacomini. 7. Financial Report a. Laurie Baker presented SCWA Budget to date for review 8. Points of Interest for Shasta Cascade map a. Laurie Baker explained project-purchased by RCVB for Visit Redding’s new website with option to add regional map to SCWA website at no additional charge. b. Requesting all board members to submit points of interest. Participation from Modoc, Plumas and Trinity already received. 9. Tourism Summit Update – Kelli Gant & Jeff Titcomb a. Discussion on format, length of event, speakers and content 10. Fall Colors Report a. Laurie Baker outlined campaign – the Fall Colors website draws significant views and attracts media coverage. Critical to submit timely and accurate photos since “leafpeepers” want to plan visit to arrive when trees are “peaking”. 11. Questions/Comments a. 2015 Visitor Guide progress. Lisa May commented - working on final ad sales and listing verification. Scheduled to go to print February. 12. Adjournment: a. Linda motioned to adjourn, Jeff Titcomb 2nd. SCWA meeting adjourned at 11:08 a.m.

SCWA Board Mtg minutes 12 9 14  
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