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SHASTA CASCADE WONDERLAND ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Tuesday December 10, 2013 California Welcome Center The regular quarterly meeting of the Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association was held on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at the Anderson Welcome Center. The meeting was called to order at 10:02 a.m. by Chairman Ed Rullman. The following board members and guests were present: In Person: Linda Austin – Director – Shasta County South Ed Rullman – President – City of Redding Deb Lucero – Director - Butte County Laurie Baker – SCWA General Manager Lisa May – SCWA Director of Tourism Development & Sales Doug Wright – Guest (Attorney pro bono) Via Conference Phone: Lorissa Soriano – Director – Modoc County Matt Doyle – Director – Shasta County North 1. Call to Order a. 10:02 am 2.

Confirm Quorum a. Roll call taken with attendance sign-in sheet b. Quorum confirmed with 5 Board Members in attendance (4 needed for a quorum)

3. Approval of September 2013 minutes a. Ed Rullman made motion to approve minutes, Linda Austin 2nd motion. Vote: All in favor, 0 abstained, motioned passed to approve September 2013 minutes as written 4. Option to add additional agenda items: a. None added 5. Meet Lisa/Report on Shasta Cascade Guide/New Members a. Lisa gave a brief background of her career. Summarized her current projects i. Shasta Cascade Guide: Board members were requested to submit information for the write-up on their counties, with photos and email to Lisa. b. Lorissa Soriano thinks Desert Rose Casino management would be receptive to participating in advertising efforts. Also Pit River Casino. She will try to get others on board as well. c. Deb Lucero commented that it’s a good guide but failing in food and art and culture categories. Need to entice reader that there is more than hiking and outdoor recreation. d. Laurie Baker commented that we are eliminating ‘Hear My Stories’ and making room for articles and photos.

e. Ed added that Jeff Titcomb is a good writer, can write about his jewelry store in Greenville. 6. Board Member Resignations/SCEF Board Members a. Hugh Williams will be stepping down, and Tina Peluso, new Fall River Chamber President is interested. Will work on getting county approval. b. Siskiyou County Board will submit nomination for one vacancy. c. Michael Han volunteered for Lassen County vacancy. d. Deb Lucero suggested Jill Richards for Trinity County vacancy since she is involved with tourism. She will contact her. e. Laurie Baker referred to SCEF By-Laws for BOD guidelines. Make sure SCWA members are aware they are to attend SCEF meetings as well. 7. Financial Report a. Discussion around getting more grants b. Visit California rural grant is predicated on international marketing i. Deb Lucero requested to see a copy of the agreement c. Will be doing direct deposit with Redding Bank of Commerce for payroll. Money will come from eliminating a credit card machine and the fees associated with it, and not having to pay the CPA for employee tax reports. 8. Share What’s New in your Region a. Lorissa: Modoc County is planning “Outdoor Expo” for June 2014 i. Ed noted the Sundial Bridge 10th anniversary is June 21 – July 4 and maybe SCWA can facilitate cross promotions b. Matt: Raising of the Dam continues to be the big concern for northern Shasta County. Jones Valley and Shasta Marina will be gone if dam raising is approved. The Shasta Lake Business Association will be going before Congress to oppose the project unless recreation is listed as one of the main reasons for raising of the dam. Ed requested that Matt report back to the group the progress on meetings with government officials, mainly Doug LaMalfa’s office. c. Deb: No longer a Butte County Tourism Program. Tourism is not being promoted through the Chico Chamber. Plans for a world-class golf resort overlooking Lake Oroville. The plan is to attract Chinese, Australian and Spanish tourists. Emerald Tours, an Orange County golfing company will be hosting an international tour before the resort opens to create interest beforehand. d. Linda: Welcome Center used for Anderson Chamber Meet & Greet, it was well attended and attracted new members for SCWA. 9. Questions/Comments a. Memberships: Ed asked Matt Doyle if he would be comfortable getting more Shasta Lake business participation in the SCWA, Matt said he would try. 10. Adjournment: a. Linda motioned to adjourn, Deb 2nd. SCWA meeting adjourned at 11:16 a.m.

SCWA BOD Minutes Dec 2013  
SCWA BOD Minutes Dec 2013