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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes May 21, 2013: 10: 30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Best Western Plus Hilltop

The special budget meeting of the Redding Tourism Marketing Group was held on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at Best Western Plus Hilltop Redding. The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. by Chairman Chris Korologos with the following Board members and guests present: Chris Korologos – Chair - Red Lion Inn Dave Grabeal – Vice Chair – Hampton Inn & Suites Ryan Rydalch – Secretary - Oxford Inn & Suites Bert Meyer – Treasurer – Holiday Inn & Cnv Ctr Allan Patel – Officer at Large – Value Inn & Suites Janelle Pierson – Officer At Large - Bridge House B&B Dave Creager – Attendee – TownePlace Suites Ed Rullman – Board Member - Best Western Plus Hilltop Greg Clark – Deputy City Manager – City of Redding Charissa Gilmer – Attendee - Redding Convention & Visitors Bureau Chad New – Attendee - Redding Convention & Visitors Bureau Laurie Baker- Attendee - Redding Convention & Visitors Bureau Krista Buckel – Attendee - Redding Convention & Visitors Bureau Additional Agenda Items • No additional items added Approval of Minutes • Bert motions to approve the previous meeting minutes. o Janelle seconds. o Vote: All in favor. 0 opposed. 0 abstained. Approved. Redding Unrestricted • When talking with local event coordinators Chad realized there are a few things we can do to help. o Cross marketing o Coordination between events o Create a template, an umbrella event to connect events in a particular time, day or weekend. o Bring in events (like we did with Gnarly Neon 5k) to help make local events more enticing to visitors and to encourage visitors to stay in Redding longer. 1|Page

Krista talks about how to market product, events, or combined events to promote outside the area. o Laurie: We changed the website home page for events and created flyers for events which is a first time for this office. Impressions on facebook increased 500% over last year. o We can trace a third of the web traffic to radio ads. o Chad mentions that local organizations were thrilled. o Discussions continued around ideas for future events and how to market them. o

Shasta Cascade Summit • Laurie: Need to share what Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association does for community and what they will continue to do. o Ed has found dozens of companies who will give $300 each to use for Summit. o Ask Shasta Cascade Viticulture Association to provide wine for mix and mingle to follow Summit. o Ed encourages everyone to be at this event. o Ed would like to see event moved to September or October. o If anyone wants to be a sponsor then let Ed know. • Ed motions that hotels provides $1,500 each from TMBID to Visit Redding to use for Shasta Cascade tourism summit. o

Dave seconds motion.


Vote: All in favor. 0 opposed. 0 abstained. Approved.

San Francisco Website • Laurie: we should use international market budget to be on Visit San Francisco website. o Advertise what to do up north (Beyond the Gateway). o This is a huge international marketing machine and would be a great asset to us. o This will bring new exposure to Redding. • Laurie: Long term vision is to start process with funding from Visit Redding and shift to Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association funding. o Ed & Bert agree. o Last year’s international budget was $67,000. This project costs $30,000. • Bert: Expresses by personal example that visitors almost always go to the website of the place they travel, so we need to have all information on the website. • Laurie talks about having our own landing page on Impact TV • Laurie discusses adding a new TV project and goes over what it entails including our options. o We can use their films on Website, YouTube channel, and other social media. o $26,000 for one year. o Impact TV is a documentary hosted by Martin Sheen. The 5 minute episode will air 4060 times per quarter. We also get a one minute commercial professionally produced. We dictate what is to be shown and discussed. o The whole group liked the idea. Budget Discussion • Laurie shows how the budget format has changed: Both budgets (CVB and TMBID) in one, marketing and operations all in one. 2|Page

• Budget spending is based on actual funds from City of Redding plus projected funds from TMBID. • Bert asks about contingency fund. o Laurie: we do have a contingency set aside. o Chris asks why so much higher than last year, Laurie explains:  Money set aside to allow for unexpected opportunities and new direction suggested by the ad agency. • Janelle: This is our first attempt at a clear budget. • Allan: We should get banners up for the next big event (Fourth of July?). • Change verbiage in budget: Billboards now outside signage. o Catalyst believes in billboards. o Janelle mentions that because people coming to Redding are driving, billboards are good to have spread out further from Redding so people have Redding in mind sooner. • Bert asks about Turtle Bay visitor count. o Numbers are up since last year. Instead of only asking for directions, visitors are asking for things to do while visiting Redding. o Janelle says people can find Turtle Bay easily. o Laurie says having the visitors booth at Turtle Bay is more cost effective than other options. o Laurie asks if there is a better place. o Bert asks if they are worth $50,000. o Greg says that location is important because the Sundial Bridge is a huge attraction. o Greg says the coffee bar has been terrific for visitor business. • Bert to Greg, are you satisfied with the direction we are going? Is City satisfied? Greg says that City is watching how we are changing things and the TOT is going up which makes the City happy. The City is hoping it continues like this. • Much discussion around the details of the budget. • I love Redding products: Student came to us with school project to show Redding pride. o Give to businesses for free and they can sell and return production cost. o Ed likes this idea. o Chad mentions importance of having an official Redding product. • Ed moves that we approve the budget. o Ryan seconds this motion. o Vote: All in favor. 0 opposed. 0 abstained. Approved. Questions/ Comments • Put page numbers on the budget. • Put RCVB on all pages. Consistency. Adjournment • Ryan moves to adjourn. o Allan seconds. o Motion to adjourn at 11:49 a.m.


May 21, 2013 BOD Minutes  

BOD Minutes

May 21, 2013 BOD Minutes  

BOD Minutes