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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes September 16, 2014: 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Holiday Inn

The regularly scheduled quarterly board meeting of the Redding Tourism Marketing Group was held on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at Holiday Inn in Redding. The meeting was called to order at 10:01 a.m. by Chairman Dave Grabeal with the following Board members and guests present: Steve Gaines- Past Chair- Best Western Plus Hilltop Carol Mozingo – NonExpiring Board Member Hilton David Grabeal – Chair – Hampton Inn & Suites Judy Salter – Attendee Ryan Rydalch – Vice Chair – Oxford Inn & Suites Krista Buckel – Attendee – CVB Janelle Pierson – Treasurer – Bridgehouse B&B Laurie Baker – Attendee – CVB Jay Patel – Annual Board Member – Thunderbird Lodge Kallie Markle – Attendee – CVB Dave Creager – Annual Board Member – TownPlace Suites Chad New – Attendee- CVB Greg Clark – Deputy City Manager – City of Redding Ed Rullman – Attendee – Best Western Plus Hilltop Brandi Merkel – Officer at large – Holiday Inn David Black – Annual Board Member – Red Lion

Introductions Confirm Quorum Yes Approval of Agenda 1. Ryan motions to approve Agenda, Brandi seconds the motion: o Vote: All in favor o Motion passes Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes 2. Steve clarifies that the LMMF House is still in concept phase, not in ‘plan’ phase, as the minutes say. 3. Steve motioned to approve June 17th, 2014 minutes as written with the amendment of changing the word ‘plan’ to ‘concept’ Janelle seconds: o Vote: All in favor o Motion passes Public Comment  No public comment was made Luis Miramontes Memorial Foundation Update  The executive committee reported back to the full board that after looking into the details, they voted to put $ 10,000 into the budget to sponsor the LMMF.

Sponsorship Criteria  We’ve added sponsorships to local efforts to support tourism. CVB created a form for establishing criteria for requests. Ed adds that the public doesn’t know much about the CVB and what it does, wonders if we should make efforts in the community, ie social media, to let them know that this is available. Chad says it’s up to the board to decide how visual the board wants the opportunity to be. Dave G. cautions that putting the option out there to the public could move too fast. Laurie wants us to meet the goal of informing the public about our efforts. Krista clarifies that Visit Redding’s social media is used largely by people out of the area, and it might be more effective to target the local community through another avenue. Janelle wonders if there’s a common intersection for these groups- city for permits, health department for food service- and if that would be the place to offer information about RTMG’s sponsorships. Laurie explains the upcoming community newsletter and considers that a good place to inform locals. Ed wonders if the REU bill would be an option, Greg thinks that would be tricky. Judy thinks the message should be clearer that the mission is to attract people from outside the area, ie, that lodging stays should be the purpose, not an added benefit. Janelle mentions that newer events might need a few years to establish themselves before adding RTMG’s underwriting. Edits will be made to the form and it will be re-presented. Year End Financial Report Steve motions that we accept the report as presented. Janelle seconds. All in favor. Motion passes. Annual Reports All board members received the annual report via email. Everyone is impressed with how it looks. Greg explains that Laurie will come to the CSAC meeting on 10/8 and the City Council meeting on 10/21, and give an overview of the report. Carol motions to approve the reports to be filed with the city. Steve seconds. All in favor. Motion Passes. Marketing Report The pet-friendly aspect was well received. Ed mentions that it’s legal now for restaurants to allow pets on their outdoor patios. Judy wonders if there could be more dog shows in Redding, since those travelers spend a lot of money. The Meeting & Event Guide was well received; Greg wonders how often it will be updated. Chad says annually, just like our other brochures, so that the information stays fresh. What about advertising in it? Chad says it’s under discussion. Laurie explains that ads aren’t always visitor-friendly, Ed wonders if it might be better to direct advertisers to event sponsorships. Chad and Laurie explain that we’d prefer to control how ads look, both in brochures and on the web site. The board will get a digital copy of the brochure. Coram Ranch will be added in next revision. Questions and Comments Steve explains that presentations have been made to Win River about TOT collection and joining RTMG. Carol explains that there’s some reorganization happening at Win River among the Rancheria and the Casino. They’ll be revisiting the conversation at the end of November, and that they have full intention of contributing to RTMG in some fashion, pending their board’s approval. Greg comments that the State of the City is coming up, and it’ll be titled “Good Things Are Happening”. The City is redesigning its website to communicate the beauty of Redding. He also mentions that the Anselmo situation is garnering attention among the wine community and it could signal a positive shift. Adjournment o Meeting is adjourned at 11:28 p.m.

9 sept 16 2014 board meeting minutes  
9 sept 16 2014 board meeting minutes