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Board of Directors – Executive Committee Meeting Minutes July 29, 2014: 3:23 – 4:01 Redding Convention and Visitors Bureau A meeting of the Executive Committee of the Redding Tourism Marketing Group was held on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at the Redding Convention and Visitors Bureau office in Redding. The meeting was called to order at 3:23 p.m. by Chairman Dave Grabeal with the following Board members and guests present: David Grabeal – Chair – Hampton Inn & Suites Brandi Merkel – Officer At Large – Holiday Inn Steve Gaines- Past Chair- Best Western Plus Hilltop Janelle Pierson – Treasurer – Bridgehouse B&B Ryan Rydalch – Vice Chair – Oxford Inn & Suites Laurie Baker – Attendee – CVB Dave Creager – Officer At Large - Towneplace Suites Kallie Markle – Attendee – CVB Esteban Pizano – Hilton Garden Inn Chad New – Attendee – CVB Introductions Confirm Quorum Yes Approval of Agenda Items  Luis Miramontes Memorial Foundation Request o Steve, Ryan & Dave G had been asked to do due diligence and find out how many room nights Dignity Health is generating through the LMMF efforts. In sum, it wasn’t great. Their total payables from 6/1/13- 7/30/14 were roughly $95,000. That was in doctors and nurses, though, not in patients. RTMG was hoping for more substantial information. o Ryan motions that RTMG approves $10,000 for sponsorship of the LMMF Golf Tournament. Janelle seconds. o Steve feels it’s important for RTMG to spend its money in high-visibility ways, and that LMMF has done more in 3 years than most efforts do. In its first year, LMMF brought a DaVinci to Redding, and now there’s a DaVinci 4-i. It’s used for prostate health, gynecology, and internal medicine. LMMF is now partnering with Dignity to focus on getting a bronchioscope, furthering Redding as a medical hub and benefiting the hotels. He would like LMMF and RTMG to be longstanding partners. LMMF is doing well, and not getting RTMG’s sponsorship will not break the momentum. o Esteban points out that the golf tournament attendees and patients probably covers the cost of the sponsorship. o Dave G wants to quantify the room night potential. If it were insignificant or could not be quantified, then he’d be reluctant to engage the sponsorship because he wouldn’t want it to be perceived as philanthropic. Dignity Health does spend money in Redding, some through travelling doctors and nurses, and the DaVinci is being used for all kinds of people north of San Francisco and south of Portland. While it’s not easily quantified, we know there are room nights generated from it and the tournament, so there is a perceived payback on the investment, and it provides a feather in the cap as a community support mechanism. o Ryan’s major concern was whether the money was just for a memorial golf tournament and lunch, but after meeting with Steve and learning more, he appreciated that the LMMF is bringing in tangibles. Steve clarifies that LMMF is all volunteer and has 0 overhead. The golf tournament is more of a thank you to its supporters. Ryan feels there is potential for reach. o Ryan asks about available funds. Laurie says there is enough in the budget and this amount is earmarked. Janelle is glad we’ve set aside money for local events in support of the community. o Janelle wants to know what the ad in LMMF will look like and who decides what it will show/say, since it’s part of generating community support. Laurie says CVB will decide that. o Dave repeats motion. All in favor, Steve abstains.  Everyone and their spouses are invited to the golf tourney sponsor party. Adjournment o

Meeting is adjourned at 4:01 p.m.

07 july 29 2014 executive board meeting  
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