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It’s More Than Living...It’s a Lifestyle!


December 2019

BOD Meeting Thursday December 12, 9 AM, WC3

Photo by Sheryl Hester

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Board of Directors

Email address for BOD members, GM & Assistant Manager:

John Wilson, Lou Gard, President Joy Huxtable, Tim Kelley, Christine Ludwig, Director Jim Mitchell, Director Howard Schulz, Director Management Team (area code 520) Mark Wade, General Manager, 917-8080 Robin Coulter, ......Assistant General Manager, 917-8070 Mary Cunningham, Area Maint. Supt., 917-8059 Aalt Brouwer, Food & Beverage Director, 917-8074 Michael Kropf, Course Superintendent, 917-8063 Rick Price, of Golf, 917-8086 Ken Sandrock, Supt., 917-8078 Pam Sarpalius, Director, 917-8077 Randy Trenary, Controller, 917-8060 Support Team Monica Clark, Administrative Coordinator, 917-8082 Kate Cusumano, Librarian, 917-8083 Lonnie Davis, Supervisor, 917-8073 Marsha Dean, Communications Coordinator, 917-8069 Julie Foerster, Resources, 917-8061 Angela Hong, Assistant, 917-8062 Karen Loffredo, Services Coordinator, 917-8087 Katy Mosier, Services Coordinator, 917-8058 Lisa Orach, Administrative Coordinator, 917-8065 Errick Owens, Manager, 825-3277 Kathy Peabody, Marketing & Technology Coordinator, 917-8068 Coco Sullivan, Facilities Coordinator, 917-8072 Monitor - Activity Center................................................................................................... 917-8066 Monitor - Aquatic & Fitness Center.....................................................................................917-8067 Tipster Editorial Committee Vicki Ettleman...................................Chair Carolene Mitchell.........................Secretary Brad Curtis....................................Member Arlene Douglas..............................Member Wanda Johnson.............................Member Karen Koopmans............................Member Drew Ludwig.................................Member Judy Martin...................................Member

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Sun City Oro Valley Tipster,

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If you encounter something in the common areas or golf course needing immediate attention (e.g. broken irrigation) and the Administration Office is closed, please report the issue to a building monitor. However, if a situation like this occurs after all the buildings are closed, please contact the emergency line. Want to Submit a Photo for the Tipster? Go to the website: Login >Member Services >This n That >Photo Release. Fill out the form and submit photos (two per form). Submit as many as you like. Abbreviation Legend Aquatic & Fitness Center................................................................................AFC Sun City Oro Valley.....................................................................................SCOV Welcome Center Conference Room 1..............................................................WC1 Welcome Center Conference Room 2..............................................................WC2 December 2019, Page Welcome Center Conference Room 2 3..............................................................WC3

the volunteers and staff who contributed their time, creativity and/or money to make our community look so attractive and cheerful this month. Best wishes for a happy holiday season.

Association News

From The Board of Directors Our mission as the SCOV Board is to lead in maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Sun City Oro Valley as an active adult community. All Board minutes, agendas and reports are available online and in the SCOV Library. Board meetings are open to residents.

Board of Directors

What is Your Vision for the Future of SCOV? by Joy Huxtable Recently, our community was presented with a vision of how SCOV could look in the future. As the Land Use Consultant’s report stated, the proposed solutions “address immediate recreation challenges, while positioning SCOV to compete with emerging active adult communities for years to come.” Current and future Boards of Directors will have the daunting task of taking this vision and working to make some or all of it a reality. This will involve: prioritizing and sequencing projects, exploring creative funding options, holding community forums to discuss ideas, balancing conflicting wants/needs and seeking talented residents to serve on committees to support a variety of planning and implementation projects. At times there will be difference of opinions. Some residents may be critical of some of the decisions, while others will support them. When misinformation is circulated, a lot of time and energy will be spent to get the facts out. We all understand that change is difficult and can be a long process. At times we will need an abundance of patience. When you take on a big change, it can be a slow, step-by-step process, like “eating an elephant one bite at a time.” In the past few years, SCOV has implemented a variety of major changes that have enhanced our community. Think about our current fitness center vs. the old gym. Compare our old café with today’s The Views Restaurant and Lounge that now provides great service and delicious food, plus entertainment several nights per week. Recall how we’ve added and then expanded pickleball courts to meet the demands of this increasingly popular sport. The future vitality of our community depends on us continuing to move forward, embracing change and thinking outside the box about what could be. We need to adapt to changing lifestyles and interests. A wise person once said, “My interest is in the future, because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.” As you ponder your vision of SCOV’s future, enjoy the festive lights on display around some of our facilities. Thank you to all

General Manager - Mark Wade 520-917-8080

Merry & Safe December I remember when my in-laws first moved to an active adult community. To celebrate, their children bought them a new golf cart. This was a 48-volt system (it went faster than the 36-volt system). My father-in-law was excited and got in the driver’s seat with my mother-in-law in the passenger’s seat, he took off. He turned around in the driveway to go out on the street. He went so fast, my mother-in-law was thrown from the golf cart. She wasn’t hurt badly, but she never rode with him again, and I’m pretty sure he slept on the couch that night. Now, with 70 years of life experience behind him, you might have thought he should know better, and you would be right. This holiday season many of you will have guests coming to visit. Some of you will be tempted to let your grandchildren drive your golf cart. Odds are pretty good that those grandchildren will not have 50+ years of driving experience. If allowed to drive, they may be tempted to go fast or make sharp turns. Serious injury can occur. Please use good common sense when allowing others to drive your golf cart. Obey the governing documents which state, “Carts may only be driven by licensed drivers (grandkids need to have a driver’s license)… Owners and operators are responsible for all damages and/or injuries caused due to their cart operation.” Here’s wishing you a very happy and safe holiday season.

Coffee and Conversation

What’s Inside

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with the General Manager and a Board Member An informal exchange of information. Wednesday, December 18, 10-11 AM Activity Center/Navajo Join our Facebook group Sun City Oro Valley

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It’s More Than Living... It’s A Lifestyle! Vistoso Photo Club by Gerda Timm


ince 1992, aspiring and accomplished Sun City photographers have had a wonderful resource available in the Vistoso Photo Club. Rudi Punzmann, a member since 1993, remembers, “When Del Webb built the Catalina Vista Recreation Center, space was planned for a darkroom. They furnished it and provided enlargers for two workstations in what became a black-and-white darkroom. With the advent of digital photography, during my presi- Long-time club member, dency in 2000-2001, we tore ev- Rudi Punzmann erything out and converted it to a digital darkroom, which is today’s Photo Lab.” The club’s Photo Lab is located at the end of the hallway in Catalina Vista. It is stocked with PCs, a Mac, and two color printers. Today, it is used by our members for club orientation, competition preparation and board meetings. Instructional labs are held by member volunteers to help new members edit and print photos and to size and cut mats for display. The club meets twice a month. A program meeting is held on the second Wednesday of the month. Our program speakers include a wide range of local, knowledgeable talent, usually professional photographers. They talk about wildlife, rodeo, law en- Photo Club Winners Wall in Catalina Vista forcement and fire department photography, as well as numerous subjects on photography improvement and organization. The second meeting of the month is held on the fourth Wednesday and is a competition meeting. Members who enter the competitions are classified into one of three levels. Levels are based on various criteria, i.e., number of prints submitted, number of wins, etc. Winners’ images are displayed each month on the Winners Wall at Catalina Vista. Of


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

course, no one is forced to enter the competitions. We have many members who just like to watch. It is a learning experience just to watch a competition and hear the comments of the judge (a professional photographer from outside the community). Sometimes, especially in the autumn, due to holidays, we may have a competition at the first meeting of the month. Be sure to check our club calendar, https://, to learn if we are having a program A peek into the Photo Lab at or competition meeting on a parCatalina Vista ticular date. Either one guarantees an interesting evening. The Photo Club is proud of our collaboration with other clubs in SCOV. We are part of the Art League, which permits our members to display their photos in the Activity Center’s hallway every few months. Some members have even sold some of their prints this way. At one time, we were involved with the Poet’s Club. It was called Poetography. The poets selected our images and wrote poems about them. We had a joint meeting, and the poets recited their poems. The Computer Club has also been a boon to our club. They have donated used computers to our club. We have used the Computer Club’s room to hold classes, such as Photoshop Elements, given by one of our members. These are just some of the activities of the Vistoso Photo Club. Interested? All SCOV residents and their guests are welcome to attend any of our meetings. If you’re not ready to join, you can attend as many meetings as you like. You can also enjoy all the beautiful images hanging in the hallway at Catalina Vista right outside the Photo Lab.

December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Asst. General Manager - Robin Coulter 520-917-8070 Drones At the October Board meeting, the following guidelines were approved for “the use of drones within a residential setting, especially those equipped with cameras or other sensors, and have a high potential of creating noise nuisances, unwanted trespasses and invasions of privacy. The use of any drone must comply with applicable local, state and federal laws. A drone’s operator must maintain direct control of the device and assumes liability for any damage their drone causes. The use of drones within this tract shall be restricted to the owner’s property and shall not: • create an unreasonable sound nuisance. • be operated within 25 feet of a vehicle. • be operated before sunrise or after sunset. • enter or fly above the property of other residents without their expressed permission. • be used to view or record other residents or their property. • result in the collection of private data or images for publication or posting, without the permission of the people or property owners affected. • be used on or above common spaces or easements. • lose visual contact The airspace above a private residence and below altitudes governed by the Federal Aviation Administration or other governmental agencies, is considered the private property of that owner. Owners and occupants have a reasonable expectation of privacy which must not be violated. Persons under age 16 operating drones shall be actively supervised by parents or adult guardians during their use to ensure compliance with these rules and FAA requirements. The drone must be registered in the Administration office with a copy of the operator’s license and insurance on file.”

Programs/Facilities Director - Pam Sarpalius 520-917-8077 Holidays are a magical time of the year. Some of you will be leaving to be with family, or family members might be visiting you to enjoy our sunshine. Please remember that you need to sign your guests in at all facilities. You cannot give them your membership card to use. Many things are planned to start off the new year. Be sure to take in the fun. I want to take the time to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and may 2020 bring you good health and happiness.

Community Services - Katy Mosier Office Hours Mon.-Fri., 9-11 AM, Welcome Center 520-917-8058 Just a Few Reminders… If you are going to repaint the exterior of your home, please turn in a Paint Submittal Form at the Welcome Center. It takes just a few minutes, and the information helps others in the community when they are studying colors. It will also be a record for you if you touch up paint or sell your home. Please remember that RVs may be parked 72 hours in front of your home in any given month. This is for the purpose of loading and unloading only. RVs owned by residents require a registration sticker available at the Welcome Center. With prior arrangements made by residents at the Welcome Center, guests may park their RVs in an assigned area for 72

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019

hours. Guests may not park RVs for more than six hours on SCOV streets or stay in the RVs. If you plan to replace your roof with pre-approved tiles or lift and relay existing tiles, please fill out an In-House Submittal Form at the Welcome Center. A member of the ARC will verify that replacement tiles will closely match older that have broken. This will provide a record that you replaced your roof. Take a look at your landscape rock. If it is thin, it may be time to add new rock and rake to cover any bare soil areas. It is amazing how fresh rock improves the overall landscape appearance. No submittal form is needed to replenish your landscape rock.

Unit # 2 3 3 6 8 8 9 12 12 17 17 17 17

Welcome New Neighbors – October Name From Michelle & Charles Harde Jane & Bill Honeywell Patricia & Joel Moorhead Bernadette & David Axness Cindy Beard & Stephen Briscombe Brenda Johnson & Muriel McGillicuddy Wanda Dopson Vickie & Daniel Snook Kathleen Thomas Marcellene & Jeffrey Feerer Marsha Wampler & Stephen Peters Gail Schulstrom James Serianni

Oro Valley, AZ Albuquerque, NM Oro Valley, AZ La Crosse, WI San Carlos, CA Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ Oro Valley, AZ Tucson, AZ Sedona, AZ Santee, CA Edina, MN Upland, CA

October 2019 Housing Resale Information Resales 2019 2018

For the Month 15 16 2018 Total Sold - 205

YTD 163 180

2019: Active Listings as of 10/31/2019........................... 4 2018: Active Listings as of 10/31/2018......................... 13 Source: TARMLS®

October 2019 Average Age of New Owners:


SCOV Library - Kate Cusumano Online catalog: 520-917-8083

Get in the holiday spirit by checking out a book or movie from our holiday collection, which includes classic holiday films such as Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol and Home Alone (1&2), plus the latest holiday books from Debbie Macomber, David Rosenfelt, Nancy Thayer, James Patterson and Richard Paul Evans. Make a New Year’s resolution to improve your technical skills by attending one of the Library Webopac software training sessions where you will learn how to find out which John Grisham books you have read, check to see if you’ve seen a movie, create or cancel a reserve, renew an item from home, create a wish list of books or movies you’d like to read or watch and more. Sessions will be held in the Welcome Center Computer Room on the first and third Thursdays of each month 9:30-11 AM. January sessions are January 2 and 16. Please bring your SCOV facility card and arrive a few minutes early to get signed in.




Statement of Revenues Expenses Results Operations Statement of Revenues & and Expenses andand thethe Results ofof Operations

Revenues: Annual H.O. Fees Capital Contribution Fee Golf Revenues Activities Revenues Restaurant Revenues Interest Income Other Income Gross Revenues




$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

290,033 35,438 155,844 13,062 113,002 27,485 35,487 670,351

$ 2,344,736 116,424 $ $ 480,135 $ 31,045 $ 402,127 $ 81,548 $ 166,290 $ 3,622,305

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

2,344,736 144,990 391,521 28,472 365,200 15,336 123,095 3,413,350

Asset Reserve Contribution Contingency Fund Contribution Wash Fund Contribution New Capital Acquisitions Restricted Use Revenues Net Operating Revenues Expenses: Wages & Benefits Cost of Sales Utilities Repair & Maint. Supplies & Expenses Depreciation Total Expenses

$ $ $ $ $ $

(270) (62,792) 607,289

$ (1,120,000) $ $ (25,000) $ (12,492) $ (223,526) $ 2,241,287

$ $ $ $ $ $

(1,120,000) (25,000) (11,800) (170,596) 2,085,954

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

319,353 68,200 84,959 8,485 116,842 115,000 712,839

$ 1,287,867 214,266 $ $ 380,510 33,374 $ $ 492,016 $ 460,000 $ 2,868,033

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

1,216,446 188,348 375,099 49,324 458,206 460,000 2,747,423

Restricted Fund Expenses Net Operating Expenses

$ $

(115,347) 597,492

$ (477,720) $ 2,390,313

$ $

(460,000) 2,287,423




Results of Operations


Above is a summary of the Revenues and Expenses and the Results of Operations for the first four months of the 2019-2020 fiscal year. A copy of the report in greater detail can be found on our website Login after hovering over the Members tab and selecting Financials. At this page you will find the monthly Financial Statements as well as the Annual Budget for the current Fiscal Year and a copy of the Annual Budget for the coming year.


4 Months 2019-2020

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011



If you are interested in more information regarding the Community’s finances, we encourage you to attend the Finance-Budget Committee meeting which will be held Monday, January 27, 2 PM, WC3. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 917-8060, or email me at Randy Trenary, Controller

December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


This time of year our book drop gets a lot more use. On Monday mornings the cart on the other side of the chute is completely full, and books, videos and magazines spill onto the floor. If your items will not fit with the chute completely closed, please return them when the library is open. There are no fines for late materials. We especially ask that you not place large puzzle boxes in the book drop, as they frequently jam the chute, leaving items exposed to bad weather. Thank you for your help keeping our library materials in good condition.

Recreation and Fitness - Lonnie Davis 520-917-8073 Easy Tips on How to Survive the Holiday Food Frenzy Focus on talking more to party guests and eating less. Avoid hanging around the buffet table at social gatherings. Stick to high protein foods, fruit and veggies. Go for the turkey, the sliced meats, the fresh fruit and raw veggies without the dip. Avoid high fat hors d’oeuvres such as cheese, nuts, saucey tidbits and fried anything. Instead, nibble on the veggies or chew gum and talk a lot. Make yourself the designated driver at least half of the time. This will help you avoid calorie-laden alcoholic beverages. Continue your workout schedule, but ease off a bit to allow for the extra time holiday commitments take. You don’t want to stress yourself out or quit exercising completely. Special Note From the Aquatic and Fitness Center (AFC) Orientation on how to use the gym equipment is held every Thursday, 1 PM, so stop in and sign up. Contact Lonnie Davis, AFC Coordinator, to discuss questions or problems with the AFC. AFC and Desert Oasis: See Hours of Operation on page 2. Tuesday, December 10, the AFC pool and spa will be closed for cleaning and shock treatment. They will reopen the following morning at the regular time. Wednesday, December 11, the Desert Oasis pool will be closed for cleaning and shock treatment and reopen the following morning at the regular time.

Association Committees Active Health Chair Rita Menet 920-659-1428 Nov.-May, Third Tue., 1:30 PM Tue., Dec. 17, 1:30 PM, WC1

We have two interesting presentations for you to attend this month. On Friday, December 13, 1 PM, Auditorium, the Active Health Committee (AHC) is hosting “Stem Cells and PRP: Understanding the Latest Advances in Non-Surgical Treatments for Orthopedic Care,” presented by Dr. Tad DeWald from Tucson Orthopedic Institute. Stem cell therapy is promising, but there are also false promises. Dr. DeWald will address what stem cell therapy is and what it is not. In addition, Monday, December 9, 2 PM, Activity Center/Navajo Room, AHC is sponsoring a presentation on “Grandparenting a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder” by SCOV resident, Jill Varley. This is a timely topic as many of us will be visiting with grandkids during the holidays. Please join us for these special presentations. If you want to become a vital member of our team, please feel free to join us at our next meeting on Tuesday, December 17.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019

Activity Center Renovation Chair Ed Zwerling First and Third Tue., 9 AM, AC/Hohokam Room

The Activity Center Renovation Committee (ACRC) has resumed regularly scheduled meetings. Please see the SCOV calendar for time and place. We have narrowed our focus and are working with the designers to create conceptual drawings and budgetary estimates. We have listened to residents, clubs and staff and are in the process of consolidating and filtering all of the information. We are working towards creating an affordable facility that both our long-term and future residents can be proud of. We will continue to keep the process open and transparent, and there will be time for additional comments prior to finalizing the drawings. If you have questions, suggestions or comments please continue to submit them to

Aquatic Fitness Center Advisory Chair Michael Takerian First Wed., 11:30 AM, WC1 A Unique Holiday Gift In preparation for the upcoming holidays, an ideal activity would be to spend some serious time in the Fitness Center or pool. It is a good opportunity to tighten up your tummy, maybe lose a few pounds and feel positive about your selfimage when you visit with friends or family. Drop in the Fitness Center. It is well-prepared for all levels of exercise. The available equipment is extensive, and includes 14 treadmills (walking), 16 sit-down units, 12 deluxe strength machines and two multi-purpose stretch units. Lonnie Davis is the Fitness Supervisor and a dependable source of exercise advice. If indoor exercise is not appealing, the swimming pool is perfect for lap swimming or walking. The pool is heated and has a wonderful view of the mountains. Locker rooms with showers are part of the AFC. The AFC is open 5 AM-9 PM daily.

Architectural Compliance Team Chair Don Stewart 618-980-3878 First Fri., 1 PM, WC1

The Architectural Compliance Team (ACT) inspects residential properties to ensure adherence to the Development Standards. All exterior areas of the property are checked. Some examples are walls, gates, fences, paint and stucco, landscaping, windows and screens, flat work, lighting, shutters and shades. Mandatory inspections are done at time of listing the property for sale. Items not in compliance are listed in the resale demand and compliance report from the title company. Courtesy Inspections are done at the request of property owners thinking about selling or those who are just curious about their compliance. No records are kept by SCOV on deficiencies or actions taken on Courtesy Inspections. The team is staffed by eight resident volunteers and a staff liaison. Meetings are open to all residents with minutes published on the SCOV website.

Counting Your Steps? Join the Tipster Collation


Architectural Review Marlene Branz 618-670-1063 Second and Fourth Tue., 2 PM, WC3

There will only be one meeting in December on Tuesday, December 10. Submittals are due Tuesday, December 3. Submittals must be received by the Community Services Coordinator by 11 AM one week prior to the Architectural Review Committee meeting. We will resume the regular meeting schedule beginning in January.

Community Directory Chair Lisa Collins 812-344-4773

Did you know that SCOV pays nothing for the paper phone book? The publisher sells ads in the Business White and Yellow pages and is responsible for the contents of those pages. The publisher decides each spring whether it’s profitable to continue. Let the advertisers know that you appreciate their ads and keep your fingers crossed for next year. Last year, there were over 380 changes to the directory. Even though the paper phone book is updated just once per year, you can update your listing in our online directory at any time. The online version is updated monthly, thus always has the most current information. Do you need someone’s email address or unit number? Those are included only in the online directory, not in the book. To update your listing, log in to the directory and complete the online form “To change your directory listing” or fill out an orange card at the Welcome Center.

Consumer Referral - Vendor List Susanna Moran

The Vendor List is on the SCOV website. After logging in, go to The Vendor List was formerly the Consumer Referral List. The Vendor List may also be viewed at the monitor’s desk in the Activity Center during business hours. Please check the Vendor List, as changes are made frequently. Vendors should email Susanna Moran to inquire about applying to be on the Vendor List.

Election Election 2020 The Election Committee is preparing for another election cycle. There will be two director positions and at least one initiative on the ballot. The vote will be electronic unless you have opted out of all electronic communications from the Association. If you vote by hard copy, the ballot must be mailed to Florida (the Association is no longer accepting ballots in the Administrative office). The “Meet the Candidates” interview video will provide the opportunity to view and listen to the candidates. Watch for information on a web page listed under Member Services – Vote March 2020. In February there will be two forums where questions will be asked of the candidates, so you can get a feel for their understanding of and passion for SCOV. Videos of these forums will also be available online. If you would like to submit candidate questions for consideration by the Election Committee, please bring them to the Administration office. More details on the candidates and initiatives will be provided as we get closer to the election.


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Finance-Budget Chair Carol Gloriosa

SCOV members are always welcome to attend FinanceBudget Committee (FBC) meetings and study sessions. The date, time and place for committee meetings and study sessions, as well as FBC meeting and session agendas, minutes and notes, are posted on the SCOV Members Only website.

Food and Beverage Chair Barb McNeill Oct.-May, First Fri., 2-3 PM, WC1 Check out the chalk board in the lounge for daily drink specials. If you haven’t tried the newly updated chicken wings with house-made ranch dressing and barbeque or hot sauce, you are missing out on a treat. New and old favorite menu items introduced in November have been well received: French toast, pulled pork tacos/nachos, loaded potato skins, just to name a few. If you don’t see an item you like, and we have the ingredients, Chef Paul is happy to make it for you with some extra preparation time. Almost any item can be adapted to gluten free. If you want to see the nutritional values for menu items, the Nutritional Information Sheet is available at the hostess counter.

Friends of the Library Andrea Houston Pat Brown Lynne Davis

Happy holidays to all. Do you need a gift or a little something extra to give? Don’t forget to shop the library book sale for holiday items and wonderful books for your coffee table or for reading in a comfy chair. If you’re thinking about end of the year donations, don’t forget your library. Buy a book or leave a few dollars as a donation; it all comes back to the community in the form of new books, videos and audios. Looking forward to 2020, there is much in store. In January you can join or renew your Friends of the Library membership. Thursday, January 9, is a Great Reads event for Friends of the Library (FOL) members, covering the Tucson Festival of Books. There are also two author talks. In February, the annual Home Tour is Saturday, February 22, with early ticket sales to FOL members on Thursday, February 6, plus two more author talks. March brings the Tucson Festival of Books and discount bus tickets for members. Please join or renew your membership and keep the new books,videos and audios filling our shelves. Thank you for your past support.

Keeping Your Resident File up to Date Remember to fill out an In-House Submittal Form if you are going to have new underlayment installed on your roof and are using the same tiles.

December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Gift Shop Co-Chairs Don Jovag 520-762-6030, Elaine Deeter 520-825-5388 Gift Shop 520-917-8051 Shop hours: Mon.-Fri., 9 AM-4 PM; Sat., 9 AM-12:30 PM December brings chilly weather and a warm spot in our Gift Shop to browse for gift items for the holidays. Featured artists this month are Elaine Woods and Elaine Deeter. Gourd sculptor and card maker, Elaine Woods, Elaine Deeter, left, Elaine Woods, right says, “I sculpt the gourd, then use long pine needles to weave onto it. After carving the gourd, I dye the outside, drill holes around the gourd, then prepare the pine needles, softening them to a certain pliability to be able to work with them.” Elaine Deeter began creating greeting cards a few years ago for her personal use. Then, “I decided to start making cards to sell in our Gift Shop. It is a wonderful way to contribute to our community and meet new people. I enjoy seeing people appreciate my work and hearing how their friends and family are happy to receive a handmade item.”

Government Affairs Chair Don Teiser, 520-333-2525 Second Wed., 1 PM, WC1

The non-partisan, Government Affairs Committee (GAC) conducts political forums and secures speakers on issues that are of special interest to our community.

Loan Room - Community Assistance Chair Gay Russell Third Thu., 3 PM, WC1; Loan Room hours: Tue., Thu., 8-9 AM

December brings extra social activities and visits from family and friends. Many will need equipment from the Loan Room, so, if you haven’t already, please make a reservation as soon as possible. We often run out of some items around the holidays. Our website has a list of available items and you may make a reservation there or come into the Loan Room when we are open Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8-9 AM. Anyone borrowing from the Loan Room must sign a Liability Waiver Form, one time only, which will be kept on file in the office. Please bring your SCOV card with you as this information is updated each year. A fob will not work in the Loan Room, and spouses cannot sign for each other. This will take a few extra minutes, so additional time will be needed. Thank you for your patience in this matter. The Loan Room will be closed Thursday, December 26.

Long Range Planning Chair Martha Cray Second and fourth Wed., 10 AM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Lemmon

Our purpose is to provide a vision for the future of SCOV, create a plan addressing future needs and desires, and engage residents in development of such a plan. The October 2019 Land Use Study developed in partnership with The Planning Center of Tucson has been an important step in this process. As we go forward, we are studying feedback

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019

and ideas generated from the study and exploring possible funding options. The study remains available on the SCOV website on the committee web page. Our meetings are open to all residents, and questions and comments from those in attendance are encouraged.

Marketing Chair Pete Coy 360-739-4100

The Marketing Committee has begun meetings and welcomes anyone who is interested in marketing SCOV.

Neighborhood Pride Chair Tempe Johnson 520-825-6994 Third Tue., 2 PM, WC3 ‘Tis the Season As the end of our calendar year approaches, the Neighborhood Pride Committee wishes you a most happy holiday season. Fifteen years have passed since our committee was formed, and our community looks absolutely beautiful, so take time to look around. As a community, we should indeed feel proud of the way we look, not only to neighbors and ourselves, but also to those individuals who visit with the thought in mind to buy and move here. We sincerely thank you for your cooperation in helping to make SCOV such a wonderful place in which to live. Enjoy the holidays, your families, your friends and neighbors and especially our beautiful community. ´Tis the season, and the Neighborhood Pride Committee wishes you joyous holidays and a happy New Year.

Nominating Committee Chair Meade Davis 307-920-3333

The Association is seeking potential candidates for the Board of Directors. The March 2020 vote will be to fill two director positions, serving three-year terms. According to our Bylaws (5.1) there are two ways to become a candidate for the Board of Directors, through nomination or through petition. Through nomination (prior to December 22): If you would be interested in being considered by the Nominating Committee (or to suggest others) please fill out a Statement of Interest available from the Administration office. Through petition (prior to January 1): If you would like to be placed on the ballot through the petition process, you must be a member in good standing with a written certification of eligibility from the General Manager, and complete a petition with signatures of 25 Association members in good standing. A copy of the petition is available from the Administration office. Once the petition is received, the General Manager will certify eligibility. Thank you for your consideration in running for the SCOV Board of Directors or for providing names of individuals you feel would make excellent Board members.

Posse Chair Linda Simōn 520-789-7169 First Tue., 3 PM, Desert Oasis (must be logged in first)

Happy holidays to all. It’s that time of year when holiday decorations and lights abound. It’s a good time to remind SCOV residents of their outside flashing lights over the garage and on the front porch. When our homes were built, the flashing light feature was included. Originally, this was so residents could signal they needed assistance. Things have changed. Most residents do not rely on this option.


Holiday Hours Tuesday, December 24 AFC/Pool open 6:30 AM-3 PM Desert Oasis open 9 AM-4 PM Welcome Center and Library open 7:30 AM-2 PM Activity Center and Catalina Vista, closed Restaurant open 7 AM-4 PM Wednesday, December 25 All facilities closed

Tuesday, December 31 AFC Pool open 6:30 AM-3 PM Desert Oasis open 9 AM-4 PM Activity Center open 6:30 AM-Midnight Welcome Center and Library open 7:30 AM-2 PM Restaurant open 7 AM-8 PM Catalina Vista, closed Wednesday, January 1 AFC/Pool open 8 AM-5 PM Restaurant open 7 AM-8 PM All other facilities closed

Sun City Oro Valley Scrapbook Resident-submitted photos.

Gambel’s quail by Sheryl Hester


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Young bobcat by David Chatterton


December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Many have had this feature disconnected. For those who haven’t, if their flashing light was on when the Posse came by, we called the homeowners to check on them and to remind them to turn off the light. More often than not, the resident was unaware it was on. If no one answered when we called, the Oro Valley Police were called; they would go to the home and often awaken the resident to be sure they were okay. Most of us now have cell phones and no longer rely on this feature but will call 911 if help is needed. As a result, there have been fewer flashing lights over the years and the Posse board, along with input from General Manager Mark Wade and the Police Department, have decided the Posse will no longer respond to flashing lights. If, in the past, you’ve been awakened by a call regarding your flashing light, please know we will no longer interrupt your sleep. Hopefully, the only flashing lights will be holiday lights. Enjoy the season and consider making a New Year’s resolution to join the Posse. You are wanted.

Preserve and Enhance Lifestyle and Property Values Chair Don Stewart 618-980-3878 Second and fourth Fri., 2 PM, WC1

PREVAIL Task Force is in the final stages of refining a workable process for evaluating the extent to which a homeowner’s proposal to construct a permanent improvement would impact the neighbors’ views. We are hopeful that we will be able to field test the process over the coming months. The next step for the Task Force is to consider vegetation and its impact on views in SCOV. The goal is to identify a consistent, workable process for handling differences of opinion in this area. The meetings are open to all.

Properties Chair Rich Oaks Third Thu., 9 AM, WC1

One of the objectives in the Properties Committee Charter is to monitor and make recommendations regarding energy efficiency for common area and Association facilities. Over the past several years, the committee has conducted studies and made a number of recommendations that have reduced the Association’s use of electricity. Examples include the recent installation of LED lighting in the Wood Shop at the Artisan Center and the previous installation of LED lighting in parking lots, at the pickleball courts, the racquetball court in the AFC and the Auditorium in the Activity Center. LED lighting uses less electricity and has longer useful life compared to conventional lighting. In addition to using less electricity, these lighting retrofits provide added cost savings due to decreased maintenance requirements and reduced cooling loads for the indoor projects. The Properties Committee works on a variety of tasks like this during the year. Our next meeting is Thursday, December 19.

Tipster Editorial Chair Vicki Ettleman 520-519-9781

Our committee, comprised of volunteer SCOV residents, has developed a set of standards, The Tipster Article Standards, that control the appearance of the Tipster and how articles are submitted. It sets standards for format, article size, acronyms, abbreviations, common words and phrases, etc. The purpose is to ensure that information presented to readers is interesting, useful and accurate and that it is presented in a fashion that is attractive, easy-to-read and makes a good impression about our community. Part of the process of preparing the Tipster for publication is for committee members to review submitted articles to ensure Tipster

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019

Article Standards are met. Sometimes, committee members will edit articles as necessary to bring them into compliance with the Standards. Committee members may also consult with submitters if more than minor edits are required to ensure the message intended by the submitter is preserved during the edits. Articles for the January Tipster must be submitted by Sunday, December 8. The next meeting is Monday, December 16, 9 AM, WC3.

Director of Golf - Rick Price 520-917-8086

We are thinking of you over this holiday season, and I would like to say thank you. Our success is due to your support of the community and the Golf Club. We look forward to serving your golfing needs this coming year and providing a positive, memorable golf experience along with professional, friendly service. You won’t want to miss the sales in the Pro Shop for the month of December. Don’t forget to pick up that perfect gift or a gift card for the holidays. We want to remind you of the Christmas Toy Drive from Saturday, December 7, through Friday, December 13. We are collecting toys for local kids and families in need. If you bring a guest during this week with a toy valued over $25, your guest plays for free. Also, any toy and food donations are welcome, whether you play golf or not. We appreciate your kind and generous support. The Pro Shop will be closed Monday, December 25, for Christmas, to allow our team to spend time with our families. However, if you have a private cart and would like to play golf on Christmas Day, you are more than welcome. Also, the driving range is available to hit balls if you have a range card. I wish you and your family and friends a wonderful holiday season.

Superintendent - Michael Kropf 520-917-8063 December is historically the time of year when the temperatures get cold enough to start having frost. Just a reminder on what frost does to the grass and procedures to follow when a delay occurs. Walking or driving on frosted grass causes damage to green leaf tissue which eventually leads to the grass dying. When the non-overseeded areas go dormant and turn brown they are no longer susceptible to frost damage, but the overseeded fairways, tees and greens can be damaged. Every cold morning that frost is possible, a message will be left before 6 AM on the frost delay phone line stating what the conditions are on the course and how those conditions will impact the day’s golf. If the temperature is cold, but the frost is not that bad we might not have a delay, but instead the golf carts could be restricted to the cart path for a determined amount of time. If the frost is more severe the delay will reflect the earliest time the golf course can be prepared for golf and ready for play to start. Sometimes the greens


need to be mowed, and each day the pins need to be moved before golfers can begin play. The putting green, driving range tee and chipping area all have overseeded grasses, so they will also be closed until the Pro Shop is notified of their opening. Remember to check with the Pro Shop for specific tee times because they try to catch up the times throughout the day.

Golf Advisory Chair Beth Allen 520-639-8845 Sep.-May, first Wed., 2 PM, WC3

Our leagues are in full swing with all of our members back in town, and slow play can be an issue. Slow play can be the kiss of death for golfers who like to hit their shots quickly and move along. Bye-bye momentum. Time to hurry up and wait. What can you do? Stay loose and work on your tempo. Don’t let those muscles tighten up. Take the club you will use on your next shot to make slow easy swings. That will help keep your body loose and swing in rhythm. It’s important to check in 30 minutes before your tee time. For early morning play, remember you might want to check The Views frost delay line, 520-825-0322. Make sure to visit the Pro Shop for that special holiday gift for yourself or your loved one. The Pro Shop has great stuff. Enjoy the holidays.

Men’s Nine-Hole Golf Club Pres. Quentin Anderson Membership David Chatterton 520-204-5636 Play Thu. morning

Welcome back for the 2019-2020 golf season. Please be sure that you have paid your annual dues. Thursday, December 12, is our Buddy Day Powerball. You must sign up for this event at If you have problems with signup, see someone in the Pro Shop for assistance. You should check in 30 minutes before your tee time. Our course is in great condition. Please help keep it that way by repairing your divots on the fairways and ball marks on the greens. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

The Views 18-Hole Women’s Golf Club Pres. Marty Blakely VP and Membership Debbie Huffman Play Tue. mornings

The 2019-2020 season is off to a great start. On opening day, November 5, 43 ladies played in a scramble event with a luncheon meeting following golf. Prior to opening day 17 members participated in a Kachina Cup event held at 49er Country Club October 29. We 18-Hole Women having fun! are an active women’s golf league that enjoys fun both on and off the golf course. New members, residents and nonresidents, are welcome to join at any time throughout the year. Our next meeting following golf is the holiday party Tuesday, December 3. Anyone interested in more information or membership in the 18-Hole Women’s Golf Club should contact our membership chairwoman, Debbie Huffman.

Pass Holder Benefits

The Views 18-Hole Men’s Golf Club Pres. Richard Flax Membership David Flatness 425-443-3708 Play Wed. AM

Welcome back members. Three events are scheduled this month: December 4, a Red Green Scramble; December 11, a three-man Shamble and December 18, a two-man better ball. There is no scheduled event for December 25, Christmas Day, but we will be playing a three-man Scramble on January 1, New Year’s Day. We encourage all members to play the weekly events and the major tournaments to build up points to participate in The Views Cup. Membership annual dues were due November 20. The AGA rate is $65 thereafter. That amount covers your membership in the 18-Hole Men’s Club, your AGA handicap registration/membership, and hole-in-one insurance. Just drop off your application and check payable to Views 18-Hole Men’s Golf Club in our shoe box at the Pro Shop. Printed membership rosters are available at the Pro Shop. If you want to join the club, please pick up the membership application there. Happy holidays.

This month The Views Golf Club Annual Pass Holders special is

Free Guest Pass Not a Pass Holder?

Call the Pro Shop at 825-3110 for details.

The Views 9-Hole Women’s Golf Club Pres. JoAnn Matty 520-400-9111 Co-Membership Barbara Armes 206-915-2609, Laurie Kennedy 503-449-3200 Play Thu. mornings

The 2019-2020 9-Hole Golf League has officially begun. We are off to a great start with a willing and ready board and five new members. We will be celebrating Lunch with friends at the first of the league season Thursday, Decemgeneral meeting ber 5, with a catered holiday lunch after nine holes of golf, at which time we will be collecting toys, nonperishable foods and checks for those in need. Our Cure for Cancer Tournament planning is well underway with a goal of collecting $18,000 for cancer research. The date for this important tournament is February 18. Keep checking Golf Genius for more updates and registration information. The club is still accepting new members. Come out and learn how to play golf and meet new friends.

Join our golf Facebook group


December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Coming Events

Food & Beverage Director - Aalt Brouwer 520-917-8074

Heading into the busy winter season, we have a lot of new and exciting things happening. A new menu was just released; new entertainment will be playing throughout the season; and some new staff members joined our amazing family. Most of all, over the summer months we started a community table in the restaurant. This is for those of you who may not feel comfortable dining at a table alone, or perhaps are looking to meet people within SCOV. Our community is focused on social gathering places. As the restaurant is already one of these places, we wanted to take it one step further and have a table at the restaurant for those who are looking for a community gathering spot. We hope this brings new visitors to our lovely restaurant and creates new friendships within the community. Our spotlight employee of the month is Alyssa Madrid. You all know her as the one-armed superstar waitress. A firstyear postgraduate with a bachelor’s degree in public health, she is applying to pharmacy school this year. Alyssa enjoys doing puzzles and playing with her 14year old dog, and her dream is to pay off her school debt before she retires.

Sun City Vistoso Foundation Jerry Bushong 719-221-0580 Fourth Thu., 1 PM, Desert Oasis

Thank you to all our friends and neighbors who have supported the Foundation over the past 21 years. This year the Foundation has granted $37,648 to the following deserving organizations: SCOV Wheels for Kids, YWCA Kids Camp, Painted Sky Elementary School, SCOV Cyclists for ICS (Food Bank), Boys and Girls Club, Tucson Youth Music Center, SCOV Ukulele Club, Literacy Connects, SCOV Women’s Auxillary for Emerge!, Youth On Their Own (YOTO) and SCOV Women’s Golf Club for U of A Cancer Research. In addition, the Foundation has sponsored the DisposeA-Med with the Oro Valley Police Department and provided Shredding Day in April. If you have not had a chance to complete your gift card for this year there is still time to send it in with your donation. Without your generous support our community would not be as wonderful as it is. The Foundation wishes all a happy holiday and New Year.


SCOV Holiday Lights by Sheryl Hester Celebrating the new community holiday lights Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019

Items included in this section must be open to all residents and be either sponsored by the Association or be an annual club event of interest to the entire community.

Every Day, 3-6 PM The Views Restaurant Happy Hour Please join us for happy hour. Enjoy the best in live entertainment Friday and Saturday, 5:30-8 PM.

Tuesday, December 3, 8:30 AM Deck the Halls of the Activity Center and Auditorium Come make merry as we decorate the Activity Center and Auditorium for a beautiful holiday season. We need many hands with strong arms and the ability to scale ladders. Supplies you can bring (marked with your name): step stool, wire cutters, tape, scissors, marking pen and a glue gun. Judee Wickersham 520-989-3254

Tuesday, December 3, 1 PM Author Jim Fergus Bestselling author Jim Fergus will speak and sign copies of his latest book, The Vengeance of Mothers, a sequel to his award-winning, international bestseller, One Thousand White Women, in the Auditorium. His novel explores what it means to be white, to be Cheyenne, and the bonds between wives and husbands, children and mothers, when society sees them as “unspeakable.” The author divides his time among southern Arizona, northern Colorado and France. There is no charge; however, to help us plan for attendance, you will need to obtain a ticket, available in the Library.

Thursday, December 5, 8:15 AM Holiday Bus Trip to Nordstom Leave the driving to us to the Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale. This is a great opportunity to shop or just enjoy window shopping and lunch amid the holiday decorations. It’s an enjoyable day for both women and men. Bus departs the mall at 3 PM. See Coco or Pam at the Welcome Center to purchase tickets, $42 pp. Only 52 tickets are available.

Friday, December 6, 3 PM Holiday Door Decoration Contest Turn in your form for the Holiday Door Decoration contest no later than December 6, 3 PM. Your residence door must be decorated for judging during daylight hours on Thursday, December 12. Winners of cash prizes will be announced a few days later. Remember, only the actual door will be judged, not items placed around the door. Entry forms were included in the November Tipster or picked up at the Welcome Center.

Friday, December 6, 4-6 PM Sun City Strummers The Ukulele Club of SCOV will be presenting their SingA-Long holiday program in the Auditorium. Please come and enjoy sacred, secular and Hanukkah traditional songs. No charge, just be prepared to smile.


Saturday, December 7, 7 PM

Saturday, January 4, 11:15 AM

Sun City Singers Holiday Concerts Please plan to join us for our holiday concert under the baton of director Don Hess in the Auditorium. Also presented on Tuesday, December 10.

Free Sneak Peek Line Dancing Class Come and try line dancing with the Sunliners Line Dance Club in the Auditorium with our professional instructor. Check-in is 11:15 AM. The class is 11:30 AM-12:15 PM. Register by calling Kay Sheets 520-818-1949.

Monday, December 9, 2-3 PM

Tuesday, January 14, 9 AM

Tickets, $5 pp, on sale Dec. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, 9 AM-Noon, Activity Center

Grandparenting a Child on the Autism Spectrum Presented by SCOV resident and educator, Jill Varley. Strategies for calming down some of the chaos during the holidays will be presented followed by open discussion. Activity Center/ Navajo Room.

Annual Club Presidents Meeting All club presidents or leaders must attend this meeting. Rules new and old will be reviewed. The meeting is in the Auditorium at 9 AM sharp.

Tuesday, December 10, 10 AM

Oro Valley Art Tours This is a free event. The bus only holds 13 people. Each tour leaves at 1 PM and ends at 3 PM. The same tour is offered February 18.

Tucson Museum of Art Talks Docent Harry Hakanson will present a program entitled, “The Hudson River School.” This school is of great importance in American painting, and many may be surprised who some of the members were. So come one, come all to the Activity Center/Navajo. Harry is sure to make it a hit. Refreshments are served. Questions? Call Rudi Punzmann 520-427-7777.

Tuesday, December 10, 7 PM Sun City Singers Holiday Concerts Please plan to join us for our holiday concert under the baton of director Don Hess in the Auditorium. Also presented on Saturday, December 7.

Tickets, $5 pp, on sale Dec. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, 9 AM-Noon, Activity Center

Friday, December 13, 1-2 PM Non-Surgical Treatments for Orthopedic Care This informative presentation will address what stem cell therapy is and is not. Our guest speaker, Dr. Tad DeWald from the Tucson Orthopedic Institute, will discuss, “Stem Cells and PRP: Understanding the Latest Advances in NonSurgical Treatments for Orthopedic Care.” Sponsored by the Active Health Committee. Auditorium.

Tuesday, December 17 Ugly Christmas Sweater Day Time to pull out those ugly Christmas sweaters from years gone by and wear them all day. I am sure SCOV staff will have theirs on. Let’s have fun.

Monday, December 30, 10:45 AM Tipster Collation Help collate the inserts that go into the Tipster in the Auditorium. It’s a great way to get some exercise and meet new people.

Thursday, January 2, 8:30 AM Un-Decorate the Activity Center and Auditorium It was hard work to create a festive Activity Center and Auditorium. The Garden Club decorating committee wants to thank all residents who labored to make it possible. Now helpers are needed to un-decorate the space. Please join us.


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Tuesday, January 14, 1 PM

Free tickets for both dates will be available Tue., Dec. 10, 8 AM, from Coco in the Welcome Center

Thursday, January 16, 1 PM Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Presentation Want to learn more about transportation in this area? Come to the Auditorium at 1 PM. Questions will be answered and you will learn about new things happening with the RTA

Saturday, January 18, 7 PM Cher and Bill Medley Tribute Show Once again we start our great TAD Management shows and fun. Join us in the Auditorium for great music with this salute to Cher and Bill Medley. Theater seating, self-contained drinks allowed (no mixing). Doors open 6:30 PM, show 7 PM.

Tickets, $25 pp, on sale at the Welcome Center and online starting at 8 AM, Wed., Dec. 18

Monday, January 20, 1 PM U of A Flandrau Planetarium This speaker was here during the summer and there were many requests for a repeat presentation when more residents are in town. Come to the Auditorium and experience this event. No charge.

Tuesday, January 21, 1 PM Indoor Movie Mark your calendar now for the next free indoor movie in the Auditorium. The movie will be announced at a later date.

Wednesday, January 22, 1 PM Author Nancy Turner Best-selling author Nancy Turner, much loved in SCOV, will speak and sign copies of her new release, Light Changes Everything, in the Auditorium. In this novel the author returns to the world of Sarah Agnes Prine, a character based on Nancy’s great-grandmother and introduced in her first novel These Is My Words. It picks up in 1907 with Sarah’s nieces, Mary Pearl and Esther, in the Arizona Territory just outside of Tucson. There is no charge; however, to help us plan for attendance, you will need to obtain a ticket, available beginning Wednesday, January 8, in the library.


December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Saturday, January 25

Saturday, March 7, 7 PM

Annual Pancake Breakfast The Community Assistance Committee which supports the Loan Room will be holding its annual pancake breakfast in the Auditorium. Please plan to come out for this yearly event. If you would like to help with this, please contact Gay Russell 520-825-5763.

A Tribute to Rod Stewart This entertainer has traveled all over the world to present this show. Sit back and enjoy Rod’s many hits, including “Maggie May” and “Forever Young.” Theater seating. Drinks in containers only. Doors for this show open 6:30 PM, show 7 PM.

Tuesday, January 28, 10 AM U of A Art Museum Talk Enjoy this great presentation in the Activity Center/Native American Rooms. Subject will be announced at a later date. No charge for this event.

Wednesday, January 29, 1 PM Author Mary Alice Monroe Best-selling author Mary Alice Monroe will speak and sign copies of her latest book, The Summer Guests, in the Auditorium. She identifies her novels as environmental fiction. This story takes place as a hurricane threatens the coasts of Florida and South Carolina and explores the bonds and new beginnings that are born from natural disasters. There is no charge; however, to help us plan for attendance, you will need to obtain a ticket, available beginning Wednesday, January 15, in the Library.

Friday, February 7, 7 PM Motown Magic TAD Management brings us back to the sounds of Motown with this great tribute show. Songs from such greats as the Temptations, The Four Tops, Martha Reeves and Gladys Knight. Theater seating, self-contained drinks allowed (no mixing). Doors open 6:30 PM, show 7 PM, in the Auditorium.

Tickets, $25 pp, on sale Tue., Jan 7, 8 AM, at the Welcome Center or online

Monday, February 17, 1 PM Author Sam Kleiner Oro Valley native, and New York-based lawyer, Sam Kleiner, will speak and sign copies of his book, The Flying Tigers, in the Auditorium. As this is Presidents’ Day, he has titled his presentation “President Roosevelt’s Secret War: The True Story of the Flying Tigers.” The SCOV Modelers Club will exhibit a display depicting accurate to-scale models of planes that flew in the China-Burma-India theater prior to the U.S. entry into World War II. There is no charge; however, to help us plan for attendance, you will need to obtain a ticket, available beginning Wednesday, January 15, in the Library.

Tuesday, February 18, 1 PM Oro Valley Art Tour This is a free event. The bus only holds 13 people. Each tour leaves at 1 PM and ends at 3 PM. The same tour is offered January 14. Ticket information under January 14 listing.

Saturday, February 22, 7 PM Michael Paul, Ventriloquist, Comedian and Improvisor A true night of laughter from this TAD Management show. Michael has been on the “Tonight Show” and “Saturday Night Live.” Pam SarpaIius reports, “I have previewed this show, and it had my sides hurting from laughter.” Doors open 6:30 PM, show 7 PM in the Auditorium. Theater seating, self-contained drinks allowed (no mixing).

Tickets, $25 pp, on sale Thu., Feb. 6, 8 AM, at the Welcome Center or online

Special Events for Clubs See club articles for full details. Singles Golf, Sun., Dec. 1, 1:45 PM, The Views Singles Bocce, Thu., Dec. 5, 5:45 PM, Bocce Courts Day Trippers, Sun., Dec. 8, club holiday brunch catered by Catalina International, $22 pp Singles Dinner, Thu., Dec. 12, 5:30 PM social hour, 6 PM seating, Activity Center/Navajo Kactus Kickers Dance, Thu., Dec. 12, 6:30-9:30 PM, Auditorium, Wild Ride, $15 members,$20 nonmembers Singles Happy Hour, Fri., Dec. 27, 5:30 PM social hour, 6 PM seating, Activity Center/Navajo Day Trippers, Thu., Jan. 9, U of A day-long guided tour, Planetarium, Mirror Labs, etc., $139 pp Day Trippers, Mon., Jan. 20, casino trip to Harrah’s Ak-Chin, free trip open to everyone Day Trippers, Fri., Jan. 31, The Duttons at the Berger Performing Arts Center, $67 pp Day Trippers, Wed., Feb. 12, Silver Star Theater, an evening of solid gold rock and roll, $66 pp

Workshops and Classes Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Classes Classes are held the fourth Wednesday of each month, 1:30 PM, WC1. Lonnie Davis teaches these classes. To attend, you must register ahead of time by calling Lonnie 520917-8073. You could save the life of a loved one. There will be no class in December. Association-Sponsored Fitness Purchase a punch card from the receptionist in the Welcome Center, $20/10 classes or an annual pass for $300. You may use this card for all Sun City Oro Valley-sponsored fitness classes. It can also be used for your guests. There is a $3 drop-in charge without a punch card. Class descriptions may be found online Questions, call 520-917-8073. Aqua Zumba®: Balance Class: Chair Balance Class: Cardio Chair Aerobics: Core Conditioning: Sunrisers: Sweat Stretch: Water Aerobics: Zumba® :

Tue., 1-2 PM, AFC Pool Mon., 10:30-11:30 AM, AFC Fri., 10:30-11:30 AM, AC/Dance Studio Tue., Thu., 10:30-11:30 AM, Sat., 9-10 AM, Catalina Vista Mon., 5-6 PM, Wed., 3-4 PM, AFC Mon., Wed., Fri., 7-8 AM, AFC Tue., Thu., 7:30-9 AM, AFC Mon., Wed., Fri., 10-11 AM, AFC Pool Tue., 9:15-10:10 AM, Thu., 4-5 PM, AFC

Tickets, $25 pp, on sale Wed., Jan. 22, 8 AM, at the Welcome Center or online

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019


Parkinson’s Exercise Classes Classes are held Mondays and Thursdays, 4-5:30 PM, WC3. Caregivers are welcome to attend. Ray Jerkins 520-219-3561. Spanish Language Classes Contact Myriam Barrientos 520-906-8334 spanishmyriam Review the many levels of classes available at Classes run through May with various breaks and holidays. Tai Chi for Men Class Jose Hernandez-Rivera will offer a “Tai Chi for Men” class on Saturdays, January 11 through February 29, 10 AMNoon, Dance Studio. This class requires at least 10 students and will emphasize self-defense applications using Tai Chi and other martial arts principles. To register, call Jose at 520297-5362.

For Your Information

The items under this heading are provided as a service to residents. SCOV assumes no responsibility or liability for the information contained therein. The Coffee Cart Located in the Kachina Lounge, coffee is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-10:30 AM. Costume Closet The Costume Closet, inside the Loan Room at the Cart Barn, is open by appointment only. Please call Marty Siracusa, 520-825-6961 or Betty Verderese, 520-825-7811 to schedule appointments. Cash donations are always welcome. Future Pacific Northwest Club Save the date, March 15, 1-4 PM, Activity Center/Native American Rooms. Let’s try to revive the Oregon and Washington clubs from yesteryear and include Alaska and Idaho residents. A group has scheduled the above date to gather and determine if we want to organize an annual event. At this first gathering we want as many people as possible from the Pacific Northwest to join together to have fun and fellowship with others from one of the most beautiful areas of the country. If you are interested in helping with the formation of this new club, contact Sigrid Flatness 425-213-6689 or SCOV Winter Wonderland It’s still not too late to contribute to this year’s SCOV outdoor holiday decor. Be sure to see our first attempt at adding holiday cheer to The Views Restaurant and the Activity Center. Thanks to all who have donated, including our HOA. We’re hoping to add more each year with your help. Checks payable to SCOV Unit 3 can be mailed to L. Bretz at 14620 N. Chalk Creek Dr. Happy holidays. Square Dancing Looking for some low-impact aerobics with mental stimulation? Interested in making friends while involved in team activities? Enjoy a variety of music? Square dancing might be just for you. Casual dress. Singles and couples are welcome. There is an Intro to Square Dancing on Sunday, January 5, 7 PM, at Saddlebrooke’s Mountain View Ballroom. Contact Karen Duellman,


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Memoriam Residents 1 1

Eleanor Akker Charles Trull

September 3 November 15

Former Residents Arlene Berg 1 October 19 Bob Gray 1 October 19 Roberto Fernandez 1 November 6

Clubs Arts, Crafts & Hobbies Art League Co-Pres. Caryl Thornton 520-638-7024, Carol Nagel 520-825-3097

The Art League is considering forming a Printmakers Club. Several years ago the Printmakers Club was very active, but in the last few years the membership has dwindled. Over the last several months there seems to be a renewed interest. If you have any interest in joining this group, contact Carol Nagel.

Bark Carving Bob Ash 520-282-3688 Tue., 1-4 PM, Thu., 9 AM-Noon Artisan Center/Lapidary Come by the Artisan Center on Tuesday afternoon or Thursday morning and see what the cottonwood bark carvers are up to. If you are interested in trying cottonwood bark carving, the club has bark and Ted Rydzewski can help you get started. If you are already doing bark carving, come by and carve with us and join the conversation. Ted can tell you how he carved the Kokopelli relief pictured here.

Ted’s Kokopelli Carving Clay Pres. Gary Brown 520-303-7328 VP Lorraine Buck 520-331-3022 Sep.-May General Meeting first Thu., 1 PM, Artisan Center/Pottery Studio cleaning last Wed., 1 PM, Orientation as needed

As part of the SCOV Art League, Clay Club members will be displaying a variety of artistic expressions in the Activity Center during December. Come and see what you can create and learn in our studios. Pictured is a creation by Lea King (bowl and goat) and Bill Snead (bone horns). You can see this beautiful work in our Clay Studio window, along with many

other beautiful pieces. December finds us merrily creating holiday decorations as well as gifts for family and friends. Members, sign up in the


December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Clay Studio to attend our festive holiday party on Saturday, December 7, 5 PM, Catalina Vista. We hope to see everyone there.

Colored Pencil Jan Thomas 520-591-1275, Sue Parkes 520-825-7307 Fri., 9 AM-Noon, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

If you are interested in crocheting sleeping mats made out of plastic grocery bags for the homeless, please join us. Jane Fairchild has started a group who are doing just that. They have joined the Knit and Crochet group on Tuesday afternoons. Needed are plastic grocery bags, not the newspaper bags, for this project. If you would like to find out about helping, please join us to see if it might be something in which you would like to participate. Besides crocheters, people are needed to cut the bags into strips and tie the strips into yarn, so one doesn’t have to know how to crochet. This is definitely a worthwhile project to reduce plastic waste. For more information call Jane Fairchild, 520-909-5069.

Are you fascinated with changes in colors and patterns? Do you like details? Colored Pencil may be just the club for you. It is an easy, forgiving medium but does require patience. Basic drawing skills are helpful, especially if you want to venture into scratchboard, which some in our group enjoy. We have many resources to help you get started and helpful advice for beginners. Come join us.

Fine Arts Studio April Hoffman 520-329-8443 Jane Leonard 616-847-1527 Wed., 9 AM-2 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

We are gradually welcoming back seasonal residents. We welcomed a new artist from Oregon. Our group has people from all over the country, which makes conversation interesting and subject matter is often reflective of the area from which they came. There are many different materials used and ways of going about handling them. One of our members introduced us to a technique called wabi-sabi. It incorporates cold wax rather than hot which is called encaustic. She hopes to take a private lesson next summer in Montana with the artist who teaches the process. In the meantime she continues to experiment. During our critiques, it is not a requirement to show your work and you are free to take the advice or not of others. It is interesting to listen to the suggestions of those who have made art for decades. These same artists have studied with experts from all over the country and some have gone abroad to study, including Mexico and Europe. Several have degrees in art. If you join us, you will benefit in many different ways. You are welcome to watch over our shoulders. Join if you wish.

Gourd Art John Shaw 520-825-1368 Mon., 1-4 PM, resumes in Nov.; Fri., 9 AM-Noon, Lapidary Room

Join us on Monday afternoons or Friday mornings for fun and to produce your own special gourd art.

Japanese Flower Arranging Donald Marier 520-825-4878 Nov.-May, Second and Fourth Mon., 2-4 PM, Catalina Vista/Pusch Ridge

Japanese flower arranging, Ikebana, is the art of arranging flowers, branch materials, grasses and leaves. At its core is the beauty resulting from a combination of color, shapes and graceful lines. More than simple floral decoration, it is a form of sculpture with plant materials. Learn from certified instructors at your own pace and make creative arrangements for your home.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019

Knit and Crochet Sigrid Flatness 425-213-6689 Tue., 2:30-4:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pusch Ridge

Modelers Pres. Fred Faust 520-907-3469 Second Fri., 8 AM, Catalina/Pusch Ridge

The picture shows World War I biplanes on a diorama base that are part of the donation the Modelers created for the Tucson Cancer Conquerors for use in their silent auction at their fundraising high tea event on December 14 at the Ventana Canyon Resort. Tuesdays, December 24 and 31, 10 AM-2 PM, the Modelers Room will have an open house. Come see the railroad and other modelers in action. As a SCOV resident, come join others at our monthly meetings. You will see what we are about, and you may enjoy a cup of coffee and a sweet roll. From time to time, we schedule field trips of interest to modelers. During any day, if the lights are on and someone is in the Modelers Room, stop in.

Open Studio Artists Pres. Carol Nagel 520-825-3097 Tue., 9 AM-1 PM and Thu., 9 AM-1 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

It is great having so many artists returning to the Art Studio after being away over the summer. New artists are always welcome. Bring you materials and dust off your creativity.

Vistoso Photo Pres. Gerda Timm 520-825-6864 For meeting schedule please see the website

This month we will be having one meeting on Wednesday, December 11, 4:30 PM, Catalina Vista, for the members’ potluck holiday party. The photo competition (viewing open to all SCOV residents) will begin at 6 PM. The competition theme is “Street Photography,” and the date requirement is that the photo was taken after April 1, 2019. There will only be one meeting in December due to the holiday. We will resume with two monthly meetings in January.


Visit our website and read the welcome message to learn about our club and view images taken by our members. We welcome SCOV residents to our meetings to watch our “Flowers,” black and white by Steve Perkins competitions or presentations. More information about our club is on page 4 of this Tipster. Winning pictures of our contests are displayed and may be viewed any time Catalina Vista is open. First place “Print” winners for October were Val Harding, Ed Caine and Laura Hackenbrock. “Digital” winners were Janet Nelson, Ed Caine and Harvey Gardner.

Sculpture Pres. Laurie Lichaa 520-606-8829 Mon., 9 AM-5 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

The sculpture group meets on Mondays in the Catalina Vista/Art Studio. You can view some our sculptures in the display case outside of the Art Studio and the SCOV Library. If you are interested in becoming a member, we would be happy to show you the process used to create our art. Stop by and see us on Mondays. The photos at right show three stages of a project that Gene Eckebrecht is creating. Gene started by brazing wire to create an armature. The first picture shows the next step in the process which is bulking up the armature with foil. It is important that the foil is condensed as tight as possible to provide a stable structure to attach the clay. The second and third pictures show the clay being applied. Gene will finish the project adding detail, then bake and add a finish.

Sewing Thimblelenas

Sue Lane 520-971-8755 Co-Treas. Phyllis Austin 805-341-5176, Pat Norton 480-993-8762 Monitor Training Suzanne Stiles 805-748-3206 Pfaff Training Mel Wheeler 520-334-0957 Mon.-Fri., 9 AM-Noon and 1-4 PM, Sat., 9 AM-Noon, Artisan Center/Sewing

Some of our SCOV members sewing for Dress-A-Girl


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

As you can tell by reading about the various groups in Thimblelenas, we do a lot of charity work. Many of our ladies were involved in sewing over 1,000 dresses for the Dress-A-Girl

Sew-A-Thon November 2. What a tremendous outreach and good representation for SCOV. Thank you all. Mark your calendars for Thimblelenas annual meeting Thursday, December 5, 3 PM, Activity Center/Hopi Room. Dues can be paid at that time, $5, check only, no cash. We will elect new officers. Holiday refreshments will be served. Hope to see you there. Casa Amigas

Sigrid Flatness 425-213-6689 Mon. and Thu., 9 AM-Noon, Artisan Center/Sewing

Most of our seasonal members are back, and we’re in full swing in the Sewing Room. Over the past several weeks we’ve been working on sewing fleece vests for school children on the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation in Sells, AZ. This past year we began to support the children with these vests that they wear to school in their school colors, burgundy and grey. This fall they’ve requested navy and light blue vests also. So we got to work and have been sewing more than 40 that will be delivered soon. Then we’ll concentrate on sleep sacks for babies and flannel sleep pants for school children. We’ve also been converting used sheets into much needed crib sheets for an organization called More Than A Bed. A big thanks to all of you who donated your used sheets. So far this year we’ve cut, sewn and put new elastic into 150 crib sheets. Cheer Bears

Pat Norton 480-993-8762 Wed., 1-3 PM, Artisan Center/Sewing

Cheer Bears donated 30 baby bears to the Kuddles for Kids event and gave the bin the start it needed. This month there will be bears distributed to Emerge!, Seniors for Kids and the Sunrise Group of the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation. After these distributions we start all over again. Two new members are being trained to use the embroidery machine. This is a good place to learn new things and meet cheery people. Every Wednesday at 1 PM we meet in the Sewing Room to make marching Cheer Bears. We hope to see you there. If you can trace, cut, embroider, sew, stuff or pack lots of love in a small package, your help is welcomed and needed. Looking forward to many faces around the table. Machine Embroidery

Sharon Larsen 520-818-2791 Training Coordinator Karin Frohlich 520-612-7379 4D Computer Training Debra Dirks 520-825-2248 Third Tue., 1:30 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo Plan to come to our meeting Tuesday, December 17, 1:30 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo. We would enjoy seeing what you are embroidering for the upcoming holiday season. Our meetings are always a great way to get new ideas and receive encouragement for your projects. At this meeting we’ll be having a holiday Jeanette Smith’s Victorian Christmas quilt potluck lunch.


December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Pet Beds

Jan Bohe 520-825-9725 Tue., 1-3 PM, Artisan Center/Sewing

I want to wish a Merry Christmas and give a thank you to everyone who contributed to our Pet Beds for the Humane Society. This includes the women who cut up the fabric for the pillows, the stuffers who prepare the pillows with the scraps and fiber fill, anyone who brought in yardage and fiber fill, donations of old towels, tennis balls, pet food, pet supplies, etc. You have done a fine job this year. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Quilters

Carol Guibert 520-404-1462 Second and Fourth Tue., 1 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

Our year has come to an end, and we will be celebrating the holidays with our annual holiday potluck on Friday, December 6, 11 AM, Activity Center/Navajo Room. Bring a salad or dessert to share. We will also be swapping a holiday fat quarter, so look in your stash and pick up a special one to bring. We will be playing several new games, so just bring a pen or pencil to play. Seniors for Kids

Co-Pres. Pat Norton 480-993-8762 Jean Sax 651-436-4243, Sewing/Crafting for SFK, Mon., 1-3 PM, Wed., 9 AM-Noon, Artisan Center/Sewing Toy woodworking, various times, Artisan Center/Wood Shop No meetings May-Sep.

Thank you all who donated stuffed animals and soft toys to the “Kuddles for Kids” event sponsored by Seniors for Kids last month. We know that the donations will comfort and support children who find themselves in difficult situations. Just being able to hug is a comfort when feeling alone leaves one empty. Seniors for Kids would like to invite all SCOV residents to view the toys, quilts, pillowcases, hats, scarves and so many things that have been created and collected to distribute to the children we serve on Thursday, December 5, 9 AM, WC3. At 10 AM, all the items will be boxed and the sleighs will start on their journeys to AVIVA, Tri-Community Food Bank, Three Points Clinic and Family First. If helping children in need would get your creative juices flowing, stop by the Artisan Rooms and see where your skills might help Seniors for Kids provide cheer to children who are in need. Tapestry Rug Hooking

Coni Arseneau 217-398-1416 Carrie Wiley 360-734-5952 Tue., 9 AM-Noon, Artisan Center/Sewing

The Tapestry Rug Hooking group meets on Tuesday mornings in the Sewing Room. We welcome new members. If you are interested in hooking, our club provides materials and instruction. Learn more about our group by visiting our website listed above or come by to see us on Tuesday mornings. A member of our group, Carrie Wiley, is also a member of the Old Pueblo Rug Hookers of Tucson. This group is a member of ATHA, an international rug hooking organization with over 3,000 members spanning the globe. Recently, Carrie was challenged to make mug rugs out of plaid

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019

wool. The picture is of her creation to meet the challenge. As you can see in the photo, the backing is a piece of the wool she used to make the strips which she hooked into the rug warp. This would be a quick project for a beginner and a wonderful gift.

Show ‘n Share Vicki Frakes 859-801-0525 Fri., 9 AM-Noon, Catalina Vista/Mt. Lemmon

Show ‘n Share is a crafters group that work on portable crafts. We have crafters who make cards, crochet, do it yourself crafts, embroidery, jewelry, mixed media, scrapbook, quilt, and much more. If you can carry your craft to Catalina Vista, please come and join us. We are a fun, easy group with relaxed camaraderie, birthday parties and a monthly project to share. We meet year-round, and always welcome new members. At Show ‘n Share we love to show our creations and share our ideas. Annual dues, $5.

Silversmith and Lapidary Pres. Steve Adams 520-268-8216 Shop hours: Mon.-Thu., 9 AM-Noon, 1-4 PM; Fri., 9 AM-Noon Meet first Mon., 3:30 PM, Artisan Center/Silversmith Studio

We are in the holiday season already. If you need any oneof-a-kind gifts, our club has some gorgeous silver jewelry for sale, displayed in the Artisan Center windows outside our shop. Stop in and a member can help you.

Silversmith orientation class held in October We held our first new student orientation classes the end of October. The first two days included silversmithing basics (pictured). The students were able to make a beautiful silver pendant holding a finished cabochon. The last two days, students attended the lapidary training. They learned how to cut a raw stone, then shape and polish it into their own finished cabochon. If you are interested in learning more about how to join our club, stop in and sign up for an orientation class. No experience is necessary.

Stained/Fused Glass Jo Anne Bowman 501-282-4454 or 520-441-9229, Debbie Brown 724-249-2802 Mon. closed 8 AM-3 PM, open 3-9 PM, Artisan Center/Stained Glass Tue.-Sun., 8 AM-9 PM Monitor on duty Tue. and Thu. 9-11:30 AM, fused glass Monitor on duty Wed., 9-11:30 AM, stained glass The holidays are in full swing. We see so many lovely and original items going out the door; we hope you shopped the craft fair and got your share of all the lovely gifts. Our glass club semi-annual general meeting and Christmas party is scheduled for Thursday, December 5, 5 PM, Activity Center/Navajo/Hohokam Rooms. We will have our

What a nice gift for a wedding


general meeting after we serve dinner, followed by an ornament exchange for those who would like to participate. This is an important meeting as we will be electing some new board members. We hope to see all of you there. Signing up for the party will be done on “Perfect Potluck” as follows: a). Go to, b). Under the category of “Find” type in my last name, “May,” c). The password is 8909, d). This will bring you to our program. If you are not able to attend, please enter your name in the first category. If you are able to attend, enter your name on a line in the category of the food you would like to bring and indicate what you plan to bring.

Wood Carving Bob Ash 520-282-3688 Sat., 9-Noon, Artisan Center/Lapidary

We do all kinds of carving in the wood carving club, including in the round, relief carving and on occasion, chip carving. Come by the Artisan Center on Saturday morning and see what the Bob Lewandowski’s moose wood carvers are working on. We will show you or explain to you the different forms of wood carving. If you think you might be interested in wood carving, we can help you get started. If you are already a wood carver, bring your tools and a project and join the conversation. We have carvers who are at all levels of experience. You can ask Bob Lewandowski about the moose pictured here.

Woodworking Pres. Bill Bable 248-231-2829 VP Chris Schatzman 504-470-6075 Sec. Colin Kaltenbach, Treas. Nancy Njaa

The club has 195 members ranging from master craftsmen to beginners. We have a fantastic shop with great woodworking tools. But the best thing about the shop are the members. If you are a beginner or highly skilled you can always find a member willing to share techniques or give advice. If you are just starting out as a woodworker you might try your hand at making simple toys for the Seniors for Kids. If you are an old hand you might consider mentoring newcomers. To find out how to join, go to When I first joined the club, I was a little intimidated by the master craftsmen I observed. One of my first days in the shop I was struggling and noticed one of the shop’s best (Larry Miller) watching me. I just shrugged. He stopped what he was doing and happily showed me a better way. This is typical, not the exception.

Join the Posse The Ultimate Neighborhood Watch Keep our neighborhood safe Call Linda Simon 520-789-7169


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Continuing Education Astronomy Pres. Allan Mashburn 435-219-0042 Oct.-May, Third Thu., 7 PM, Activity Center/Navajo

Join us on Thursday, December 19, 7 PM, for our monthly Astronomy Club meeting. Our speaker will be Dean Koenig, well-known astrophotographer and long-time owner of Starizona, a local astronomy store offering a full range of telescopes and related equipment. Dean has been instrumental in the purchase of the telescopes that our club has given to every 5th grader at Coronado K-8 School for the past 10 years. Dean’s talk is entitled, “The Adventures of an AstroNut.” He has had a fascinating career, as you will see from his story and his pictures. Our next star party will be held on Tuesday, January 21, behind The Views Restaurant beginning about 6:30 PM. You will be able to look through several different telescopes and be amazed at the deep sky views. If you have considered buying a telescope or binoculars, come and experience different types in action. To receive announcements about our star parties or our club’s educational programs contact Nelson Tilden 520-825-2077.

Bible Men’s Bible Study

Jerry Anderson 520-638-6586, Rick Thomas 520-591-0475 Oct.-May, Tue., 7:15 AM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Kimball

Note: New starting time is 7:15 AM. Our study this year begins with the book of Genesis, followed by a study of the book of Revelations. Often called the bookends of the Bible, they deserve to be studied together. Their comparison shows the power and consistency of God’s Word. Study guides are available. If you like, please join many of us for breakfast afterward at The Views Restaurant. What a great way to start your day. Precept Women’s Bible Study

Pres., Sheila Witler 720-775-7623 Sec. Faith Heitmann 208-750-5886 Oct.-Apr., Wed., 9 AM, WC3

SCOV Precept Women’s Bible Study has begun our fall/ winter study of Romans Part 2 in Kay Arthur’s Precept Upon Precept Studies. We will be concluding our study of Romans Part 2 on Wednesday, December 4, and will begin Romans Part 3 Lesson 1 on Wednesday, December 11. Please do not be concerned if you have not been with us for Romans Parts 1 and 2 as the first lessons of Part 3 has great reviews of Parts 1 and 2. There is so much to learn in Romans, such a treasure-filled Book of God. The lessons will begin promptly at 9 AM. You are welcome to join us at 8:45-8:50 AM to meet the ladies, grab a cup of hot coffee or tea and find a seat before we begin. The class runs for about 21/2 hours with worship music and songs, 60 minutes of teaching from the lesson facilitator, a 10-15 minute break for homemade goodies, visiting, and restroom break, then a 50-minute Kay Arthur video teaching. Such a rich and instructive time for our Wednesday mornings. We look forward to having you join us in the study of God’s Word.


December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Books Great Books

Pres. Barbara Gates 520-825-7645 VP Maryfaith Fox 612-414-7789 Oct.-Apr., First and Third Wed., 2 PM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Lemmon

The Great Books Club provides an opportunity to engage in thoughtful and lively discussions on a wide range of topics. The anthologies published by the Great Books Foundation contain short selections from classic and contemporary works of literature. Our current book, Great Conversations 1, is available from the Foundation or other online sources. Our December meetings will focus on a short story by Joseph Conrad and excerpts from Thorstein Veblen’s The Theory of the Leisure Class. We find these classic readings give us a fresh perspective on contemporary issues. Newcomers are always welcome. Open a book, open your mind. SCOV Book Club

Pres. Glenda Jackson 925-640-7312 Contact: Cynthia Kartman 414-732-3063 First Mon., 1:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Kimball

In December, we will be reading and discussing Luis Alberto Urrea’s 2018 novel The House of Broken Angels. A family on the Mexican-American border comes together to honor two of their beloved members in a weekend that is both joyous and bittersweet.

Genealogy Pres. Lee Sopwith Mentoring Holly Gibson 303-548-1299 General meetings Oct.-May, Second Tue., 1 PM, Activity Center/Navajo

The general membership meeting and presentation for the Genealogy Club will be Tuesday, December 10, 1 PM, Activity Center/Navajo/Papago Room. A round table presented by members of the club focusing on lineage societies, such as Daughters of the American Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution and the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. Lineage societies are a fun way to use your genealogical research to prove you are descended from prestigious, prominent or famous people, patriots to Salem witches. Lineage groups have genealogical libraries and may help you to start a new network of relatives. If you have trained as a monitor, signup on the club calendar at to reserve a three-hour or two-hour monitor slot and help the club by keeping the library open. Check out the club website for days and hours that the library is available. Help is available for all.

ILR - Institute of Learning in Retirement Pres. Jane Myerson Curriculum Randy Myerson Registration Karen/Sherwin Koopmans Samplers Sally Evert

Mark your calendar. The Winter 2020 courses preview is Thursday, December 5, 2 PM, Catalina Vista. Bring your reusable or recyclable container with water/coffee/tea, etc. If you wish to register for classes immediately following the preview, bring a pen and checkbook. You can register online following the preview at Not an ILR member? You can sign up for membership and classes at the same time. Course descriptions and a printer-friendly

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019

registration form are on the ILR website. Mailed forms must be accompanied by a check. Do you have ideas for courses or Sampler topics? The curriculum committee and/or the Sampler committee would love to hear from you. The work of these committees depends on your generosity and interests. Thank you to the fall 2019 course moderators, committee members and monitors who helped make the fall 2019 session successful.

Natural Health and Wellness Sherokee Ilse 520-818-3279 Vegan potluck, First Wed., 5:30 PM, Catalina Vista Mindful Meditation, every Tue., 3 PM, Catalina Vista Third Wed., 3-4:30 PM, Catalina Vista, Mt. Kimball/Pusch Ridge

No December meeting; happy holidays. Wednesday, January 15, 3-4:30 PM, our speakers will inform us about a low-cost, innovative, effective cancer treatment. With virtually no side effects, this treatment has been pioneered by two U of A cancer researchers and is based upon the work of Otto Warburg, who discovered that cancer cells use far more sugar (glucose) than normal cells. The Warburg Way™ has been used in China for 12 years with over 13,000 treatments safely given, now available at a clinic in Nogales Mexico. If you know anyone with cancer, join us to learn more. Bring $3 annual dues in an envelope with your name, phone, address, and email if you plan to attend any of our club functions including the meetings, vegan dinner and meditation sessions. Vegan/plant-based potluck dinner takes place the first Wednesday of each month, 5:30 PM. Bring a vegan/plantbased dish to share and a copy of the recipe with your name for allergy questions. First time attendee? Just bring a place setting. RSVP or questions, Mindful Meditation, every Tuesday, 3 PM, Catalina Vista, with diverse members from the Christian, Buddhist and secular communities. Gain insights that come from the stillness of meditation.

Poets Corner Sharyn Rafieyan 520-825-6762 Mon., 9:30-11:30 AM, WC1

Poets Corner member Janis Symmers eloquently expresses her concern about the disastrous effects of climate change in these excerpts from “She-Bear”: “White against ancestral landscape, / too thin for this time of year, / she makes her way hungry / toward open water. / Tiny satellites around their mother, / three cubs in freedom from their den / cavort in innocent delight / on their journey to the sea. / But the ice is wrong for stalking seal, / glaciers melt, the cold seas warm, / fish and other prey are few. / I know what the mother senses…I see the she-bear tense! / Too late! Too late to hide! /… No decoy ploy will foil this starving bear. / The only choice is fight, / fight the fight she cannot win. I cannot watch. I turn my head. / I know if I look back I’ll see: The red life’s blood of this white land / Seeping back into the sea.” Write about what excites you. Join us.

Join our Facebook group Sun City Oro Valley 21

SCOV Technology Club (formerly Computer Society) Membership David Johnson 520-825-6994 Pres. Paul Sherwood 252-532-5705 General Meetings, Nov.-Mar., Second Mon., 1 PM, Auditorium Help session: call 520-329-7661 for an appointment

SCOV Technology Club’s board of directors is pleased to announce a name change. Previously known as the Vistoso Computer Society, the club now refers to itself as the SCOV Technology Club. This change more accurately reflects the focus and interests of the club as well as the direction the industry is taking today. The club’s president, Paul Sherwood, invites any SCOV resident to call him with technology questions, ideas, issues, suggestions, etc. Please use the club help number 520-329-7661 or email address to reach him.

Cultural & Social Democratic Club Maureen Salz 520-240-0049 Second Sat., 1 PM, Activity Center/Navajo

Those attending the November meeting: • Donated $1,435 to the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation after hearing guest speaker Haley Smith speak about her work with high needs, indigent, HIV positive clients • Brought enough diapers to fill the back of Ms. Smith’s vehicle. • Donated 255 pounds of nonperishable food items to Impact of Southern Arizona. • As of this writing, donated 82+ gallons of water for Los Samaritanos. A new slate of officers will be voted on at the Saturday, December 14, meeting. We will then catch our collective breaths as we enjoy pizza and drinks provided by the club. Attendees whose last name starts with A-M are asked to bring a salad and those with N-Z a dessert. Please RSVP to to ensure that enough pizza is ordered. The SCOV Dems wish everyone a joyous holiday season and a healthy New Year.

Dining - Prepare & Share Pres. Debbie Kotlarek 262-899-5810 VP Sandra Fisher 208-860-3431

This club provides an enjoyable social evening monthly, getting to know some of your SCOV neighbors who enjoy cooking (and eating) interesting food. Our dinners in members’ homes provide relaxing fun as we explore various cuisines (e.g. Moroccan, Thai, South American) or get creative with more ambiguous themes (food from movies, soups). Since everyone brings part of the meal, it’s not a huge effort for the hosts. Please visit our website to see photos and details, For those who would like to join mid-year (any time from now on), we have a waiting list, as opportunities do arise for you to join a scheduled dinner during the season. And there are two


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

more catered/restaurant events this year that are open to nonmembers. Please feel free to contact a club officer for more details.

Dog Club - Fido’s Friends Co-Pres. Chic Garner 520-528-9528, Kari Dufur 503-312-1017 Nov., Jan., Mar., third Thu., 1 PM, Activity Center/Hopi Facebook: Fido’s Friends (SCOV) open to members only

Happy holidays. Our dog park is not an amenity of SCOV, so if you have a dog and would like to come to the park, let us know. We would love to have you join. The requirements are: SCOV resident, your dog(s) has current immunizations including rabies, distemper, and bordetella and your dog is at least six months old. Other rules apply. Our membership fee is $10/year plus a one-time key fee of $10. Our next club meeting will be Thursday, January 16. All are welcome.

Garden Club Co-Pres. Zona Boss 520-638-6644 and Shari Norris 520-825-6786 Co-VP Judee Wickersham 520-989-3254 and Nancy Brown 520-979-2569

The holiday potluck (pitch-in) is always a special occasion for the Garden Club members. Join the fun on Tuesday, December 10, 12:30 PM, Auditorium. A dish of your choice is your reservation. Team up with a friend to make a larger dish, as well as having fun putting it together. Curbside service will be offered again this year to drop off prepared dishes and items for the food drive, making it easier for parking. Members should wear their name badge and a holiday smile. A Ukulele Christmas Sing Along will feature the Ukupodimus. Holiday undecorating for members is on Thursday, January 2, 8:30 AM, in the Activity Center and Auditorium. Please help Judee Wickersham put the decorations away for another year. Many hands, laughter and good conversation makes the time fly. Dues are $5 pp and $8/cpl. Contact Annette Munoz 253-905-7747

Havurah Pres. Barbara Hamm 520-989-0062 We’re thrilled to be rolling out our new website Check it out for further information about the following events, programs, membership and more. Havurah wishes everyone a very happy Hanukah. There’s a celebration planned on Monday, December 23, 4-6 PM. Wine, cheese and goodies will be served. We will be lighting the menorah and will be entertained by members of The Tucson Klezmerados band. The book group meets Tuesday, December 10, 3:30 PM, to discuss The Color of Water by James McBride. Footnote, an Israeli movie, will be shown Monday, December 16, 6:30 PM, Catalina Vista. Bocce continues every Sunday at 10 AM. Come out and have a great time. Start getting ready for our members-only dinner on Saturday, January 11. It’s a Havurah Hoedown, pardners, with good food, entertainment and lots of fun.


December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Republican Club Merritt McGlothlin 520-572-7853 Third Tue., 3 PM, Activity Center

The Republican Club will not meet in December. We will resume meeting Tuesday, January 21, and will most likely meet all through the year including the summer, since 2020 is a Presidential Election year. Please continue to monitor the Tipster and the Thursday email, “This Week in SCOV,” for further Republican Club information. Everyone is always welcome to attend our meetings on the third Tuesday of each month. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a very happy New Year.

Scandinavian Heritage Club Sigrid Flatness 425-213-6689

Mark your calendars for the annual Scandinavian dinner, Saturday, February 1, starting at 5 PM, with appetizers followed by a wonderful dinner of your favorite Scandinavian specialties. We’ll again be in the Activity Center/Navajo Room. Tickets will go on sale in January. Be sure to look in the January Tipster for the dates to purchase tickets and sign up for the potluck. It’s going to be another great time.

Sun City Singles Pres. Pieter Rooker 520-441-9866 Ticket Sales Lenore Lev 917-796-8450 Dinner meeting second Thu., 5:30 PM; happy hour last Fri., 5:30 PM

First-time visitors may purchase a ticket to one of our activities without becoming a member. After attending one time, you must become member in order to attend any of our activities. Singles golf, Sunday, December 1, 1:45 PM, The Views Golf Course. Singles bocce, Thursday, December 5, 5:45 PM, bocce courts. Catalina International Caterers will serve dinner Thursday, December 12, Activity Center/Navajo Room. Social hour 5:30 PM, seating 6 PM. Menu: romaine Caesar salad, Angus prime rib au jus, horseradish sauce, or grilled Alaskan salmon with orange-zested soy, ginger and honey glaze, smoked gouda, baby red smashed potatoes, sauteed baby green string beans, tarragon butter sauce, soft French rolls and butter. Dessert: Kahlua chocolate mousse cake with whipped cream. Entertainment by Cheaper Than Therapy Quartet and Rouzbeh Tebyanian, Pianist. Happy hour, Friday, December 27, social hour 5:30 PM, seating 6 PM, Activity Center/Navajo Room. Entertainment by AZ Banjo Blasters.

Ticket sales: Thu., Dec. 5, 10 AM-Noon and Fri. Dec. 6, 1-2 PM, Activity Center Lounge. Dinner tickets, $20 pp; happy hour appetizers, $10 pp Checks only, payable to Sun City Singles

Spanish Cultural Club (SCC) Gary/Carolyn Lerch 520-818-3319 Oct., Nov., Jan.-Mar., Apr. (Cinco de Mayo Fiesta) Fourth Mon., 7 PM, Catalina Vista

No meeting in December. See January Tipster for SCC Monday, January 27, meeting information. $10 pp to join for the season. Please attend the annual Zapotec rug and Mata Ortiz pottery show which, this year, will include knitted children’s hats from Ecuador: Saturday and Sunday, January 25 and 26. See Workshops and Classes for information regarding Spanish language classes.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019

States Illinois Club

Judy Rigby 520-638-8800

Travel through the past on Route 66 at the annual Illinois Club party on Sunday, January 26, 1-4 PM, Activity Center. Look for home-delivered flyers and ticket sales in early January. Food, prizes and entertainment are all in store for you, so come out and have a good time. More donations are still welcome for door prizes and would be a great advertisement for your crafts. Contact Carol Gloriosa 520-310-5349 or For ticket information, contact Judy Rigby 520-638-8800 or Wisconsin Club

Anne Rusch 920-202-0008

Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 14, for our annual Wisconsin party. This is a great opportunity to mingle with fellow Wisconsinites as you enjoy happy hour, a catered dinner and entertainment. All residents and renters with Wisconsin ties are welcome.

Sun City Variety Theatre Membership Christie Faust Sep.-Apr., Third Thu., 10 AM, Desert Oasis

Theatre Club Oktoberfest dancers showing their stuff Our Oktoberfest was so much fun and a huge success. Ideas for our show March 21 and 22 are ongoing and coming together. Come join this fun group for the leadup and performances. Watch the Tipster. We welcome all. Happy holidays to you.

Unit Party Unit 7

Laurie Jarrett 913-940-1443

Calling all Unit 7 gangsters and flappers. Mark your calendars now for our Roaring 20s party February 29. Dust off your feathers, beads, boas, fedoras and spats for a rip roaring good time. More information coming soon. Costumes are encouraged but not required. As the song from The Great Gatsby says, “A little party never killed nobody.” Not receiving the weekly email newsletter

This Week in SCOV?

Go to > News & Info > E-news Sign Up and complete the form. Then you’ll be in the know about all the happenings in SCOV.


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Veterans Club of SCOV Pres. Mike LaBarbera 812-431-7427 VP Pat Stone 541-980-8906 First Mon., 1-2 PM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Lemmon

We are a social group of military veterans who want to serve those who have served. All veterans, male and female, private to general, one military assignment or retired, are welcome. Repressed, uncomfortable or mixed emotions about your military service, contact Mike or come to a Veterans Club meeting. No pressure, just friendly advice, camaraderie and understanding from fellow veterans. We reach out to local, like-minded groups or individuals to make a difference in our community with monthly outreach visits to veterans in rehab, recruiting stations or VA facilities. We inform and educate club members of entitlements and review relevant issues at monthly meetings. Monthly social happy hour “Meet & Greet” at 3:30 PM, the first Friday after regular monthly meetings at The Views Restaurant. Check out our website or attend a club meeting to see what we have to offer. Please call, email or text Mike LaBarbera for more information. For those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.

Women’s Action Group of Oro Valley (WAG) Facilitator Anne Munoz 253-905-7747 Communications Kris Sigford 612-747-0487 First Fri., 11 AM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Kimball

WAG’s mission is to promote positive, progressive political change on issues affecting women and families. We welcome back our seasonal residents and invite you to attend our Friday, December 6, meeting.

SCOV Women’s Auxiliary Pres. Linda Wilkes 520-395-2370, VP Joyce Shaw 425-765-1415 Finance Debbie Francis 402-216-4227, Sec./Publicity Kathy Patterson 616-350-6443 Donations Kathy Hrdy 520-825-4723 Sep.-Apr., Second Tue., 9 AM, WC3 Our Auxiliary benefits Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse which helps victims of domestic abuse. Emerge! provides support and transitional housing to women and children in crisis. They help educate the community by providing presentations on domestic abuse, as well as counseling to child survivors. Donations can be brought to our monthly meetings. Items needed include: • New personal care products: shampoo, conditioner, ethnic hair products, hair brushes, body wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, lotion, razors • New baby items: baby bottles, sippy cups, baby wash and shampoo, diapers (sizes 4, 5 and 6), Pull Ups (3t, 4t, 5t) • Gift Cards: Fry’s, Safeway, Walmart, Walgreen’s, etc. The Auxiliary also supports Impact of Southern AZ by collecting a specific food product each month. December’s donation: dry pasta. We always welcome new members. Our next meeting is Tuesday, December 10, beginning later than usual, at 10:30 AM, with our holiday luncheon to follow in WC3.


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Dance Ballroom - SC Starlight Jim Kasierski 520-954-4041

With the holidays just around the corner, you might be looking for the perfect gift, maybe even one that’s been hinted at… the gift of dance. Surprise that special person with dance lessons for the two of you, six professional lessons for only $45/couple. Classes, either beginner’s or intermediate will be offered on Wednesdays, January 8-February 12. Then you’ll be ready to enjoy dancing at our Valentine’s dance. See the insert in the Tipster for class details. Next up is our most popular event, the New Year’s Eve dinner and dance. Dinner at 7 PM is a three-course meal, followed by dancing to the Tom Patrick Band from 8-11 PM. Limited quantity tickets, $65/pp, on sale Thursday, December 12, 9-11 AM, Activity Center Lobby. Dance practice continues on Wednesdays from 4-6 PM in the Auditorium. Come join us, membership is still available, $5/resident or $10/nonresident.

Folk Dance Harvey Gardner 520-308-5616 Fri., 10 AM-Noon, AFC/Studio 2 Folk dancing is more fun than a treadmill and healthful exercise for balance, muscle, mind and mood. For most dances we hold hands in a circle to perform non-gymnastic steps to the enchantingly fascinating music and rhythms of diverse cultures (including our own). Neither partner nor prior experience needed. Typical dance sessions consist of 15 folk dances with instructions. Sitting out dances to rest is always acceptable. Drop by and come in to watch and see if this internationally popular dance form is right for you. To see us in action online, do a Google search on FDCSCOV YouTube.

Hula On! Artistic Dir. Glory Lamb 805-698-3887 Thu., 2-3 PM, Activity Center/Dance Studio

Aloha hapa haole, hula dancers. We’re beginning a new season of learning favorite hulas to well-known Hawaiian songs. Been to Hawaii? These will bring back happy memories. Going to Hawaii some day? You’ll have an appreciation for the beautiful hula dancers and know some of the tradition behind their graceful moves. Anyone can hula at any age. It’s gentle, lyrical, fluid motion, an easy way to strengthen muscles, work on isolation, posture and to develop an elegant way of moving, even when you’re not dancing. Give it a try for a $2 per class fee and give your feet, body and brain a pleasant awakening.

Jazz Dance Instructor Stephanie Consalvo 520-825-1932 Tues 2:30-3:30 PM, Activity Center/Dance Studio

A new beginner 12-week Jazz Dance Class is starting Tuesday, January 7 through March 24, 2:30-3:30 PM, Dance Studio. This class will focus on basic walks, hand moves, style and small combinations. All are welcome.


December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Line - Sunliners Pres. Siva Raven 505-469-7505 Membership Judy Widener;

Classes: We will have two classes in December with professional instructor Deanna Berthiaume, held in the Auditorium. Classes prepaid monthly, $10 for two classes in December. Social: Holiday party on Saturday, December 14, 6-9 PM, Auditorium. Tickets will be sold for members and their guest. Upcoming Classes: Free Sneak Peek Introductory Class, January 4, 11:30 AM-12:15 PM. Sign-in at 11:15 AM in the Auditorium. Intro to Line Dancing classes begin Saturday, January 11, 11:30 AM-12:15 PM, and will continue every Saturday through February 29. $40 for 8 classes (prepaid) plus $10 membership fee. To register for the Sneak Peek and/or introductory classes, call Kay Sheetz 520-818-1949. Classes: Sat., Dec. 7, Auditorium Intermediate 9-10 AM Beginner 10:15-11:15 AM Thu., Dec. 12, Auditorium Beginner 2-3 PM Intermediate 3-4 PM Practices: Mondays, Dance Studio 7-8 PM Beginners – Barbara Hall 8-8:45 PM Transition to Intermediate – Barbara Hall Wednesdays – Dance Studio 3-4 PM Beginners – Lynne Nelson Thursdays – Auditorium 2-3 PM Beginners – Debbie Allen & Barbara Hall 3-4 PM Intermediate – Siva Raven Check our website for updates.

Rock ‘N Roll Pres. Renee Steinmetz Membership Chair Jon Russell

Rock out the old year and rock in the new with the SCOV Rock and Roll Club’s New Year’s Eve Party. This year the doors open at 6:15 PM, and party will be from 7-10 PM. We will ring in the East Coast New Year with George Howard Band the George Howard Band by watching the ball drop on Times Square. Food is being catered by Catalina International Caterers.

Members tickets, $35, on sale Tue., Dec. 17, 8-9:30 AM, Activity Center/Navajo. Nonmembers tickets, $40, on sale Thu., Dec. 19, 8-9:30 AM, Activity Center/Navajo. Cash only for ticket sales, no checks

Totally Tapping for Fun Instructor Stephanie Consalvo 520-825-1932 Fri., 1:30-2:30 PM, Activity Center/Dance Studio

Totally Tapping for Fun will begin its 12-week session Friday, January 3, through March 20, 1:30-2:30 PM, Dance Studio. This class will focus on the basics, rhythm, form and fun. All are welcome.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019

Western - Kactus Kickers Pres. Sherokee & David Ilse 520-818-3279 Membership Marci Gutierrez Activities in Auditorium

Come join the Kactus Kickers in celebrating “Holiday Miracles and the Magic of Mistletoe,” Thursday, December 12, 6:30-9:30 PM. Music provided by Wild Ride. Doors open at 5:30 PM. Western dance classes begin Thursday, January 9, 5:30-8:15 PM, with instructors, Joan and Frank Morris. The time will be divided between three levels of classes. Registration: December 5, 6 and 27, 9-11 AM, Activity Center. Cost is $12.50 pp (couples $25) for an eight-week session. Class size limited. An added bonus this year is our new Swing Class on Mondays starting January 20, 6:30-7:30 PM. Jim and Carolyn Chambasian will be instructing, a great addition to our team with over 15 years dancing the East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop and Charleston. December dance tickets, $15 pp for members, $20 pp nonmembers and includes dinner, dessert and non-alcoholic beverages.

Ticket sales: Members, Thu., Dec. 5, 9-11 AM, Activity Center Nonmembers, Fri., Dec. 6, 9-11 AM

Exercise Aqua Tone Marcia Polley 520-818-9073 Irmel Wheeler 520-334-0957 Tue., Thu., Sat., 9 AM, AFC/Pool

Aqua Tone is a toning water workout that incorporates a variety of rhythmic body movements performed in the water. This aquatic exercise class enhances cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. We meet Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 9 AM in the winter, 8 AM in the summer at the AFC pool. There is no fee to join the club or the class. The teachers are club member volunteers. Being able to do a basic swim stroke is very helpful. Items used in the class are buoys, boards, noodles, balls and a fitness band. Most are available at the pool. A band can be purchased from Marcia for $5. We assign an experienced member to a newcomer to help with learning the various movements. You will get a good workout in a fun class.

Arthritis Water Pres. Don Faber Sec. Jane Myerson Instructor: Dawn Simske, Arthritis Foundation trained Mon., Wed., Fri., 10:15 AM, Apr.-Oct.; 1:30 PM, Nov.-Mar., AFC/Pool Come join us for gentle water exercises specifically designed by the Arthritis Foundation to help with range of motion and to relieve stiffness and pain. These exercises are great for arthritis, fibromyalgia, replaced joints, etc. Classes are led by Dawn or students trained by her. Annual membership is $4. Please note: The outside air temperature must be 77 degrees or higher for the class to be held.


Energetic Exercise Marty Siracusa 520-825-6961 Mon., Wed., Fri., 8-9 AM, Auditorium

Give yourself a gift of fun and fitness. We have classes that will prepare your muscles and joints to help you continue all those activities you enjoy–with greater strength, balance and flexibility. Professional instructor Sally Martinez has been our leader for 25 years and is expert at working with seniors. She’s both inspiring and encouraging. You’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel. New members are always welcome, men and women. Your get-acquainted class is free. Annual dues are $3. Tickets are only $30 for 12 classes.

Fitness Swim Contact: Dave Goodman Tue., Thu., Sat., 6:45-8 AM, AFC pool

The Fitness Swim Club provides a vehicle for swimmers to participate in a group swim workout. We generally go 2,400 to 3,000 yards per workout, mostly freestyle. Some do more, a few do less. Workouts are suitable for master swimmers, triathletes and those who would just like to participate in swim workouts. Please ensure you have medical clearance to participate in vigorous physical activity prior to joining. We welcome new members.

Pilates Mary Ayers 520-638-7916 Mon., 3 PM, Thu., 1:30 PM, AFC/Studio

Two excellent instructors are here at the SCOV AFC twice a week teaching Joseph Pilates group mat classes. Each class participant, regardless of their exercise level, is striving to increase their core strength. Core muscles are deep abdominal and back muscles that help stabilize our pelvis and spine. The Pilates exercises are simple. Each class begins with low-impact warm-up exercises, stretching and deep breathing. The instructors oversee us at all times. They modify the most strenuous exercises for anyone with limitations. These classes result in benefits that can’t be beaten: better balance (fewer falls), more flexibility (joints move again), increased muscle tone (you’re stronger) and more energy. Please join us or come by and watch a class. The cost is $8/class and annual club dues are $20 pp. Call Mary with any questions.

Tai Chi Co-chairs Kathy Patterson 616-350-6443 Pat Howard 541-621-4404 Thu., 10-11:30 AM, AFC/Studio 1

Many medical professionals now recommend tai chi to help their patients improve balance and prevent falls. In our classes we enjoy learning the tai chi form. We also increase flexibility, strength, and learn to reduce stress. Our instructors Jose Hernandez-Rivera and Donna Drazenovich teach us how to apply tai chi principles to our daily lives. Our next series of classes begin with a free introductory class on Thursday, January 2. Our regular 10-week class begins the following Thursday. Newcomers, please contact one of our co-chairs if you have questions about the class.

Yoga Pres. Linda Caravello 520-603-5042 December class schedule listed below Monday: 8:30-10 AM, AFC 1&2, Maria Tuesday: 10:45 AM-Noon, AFC 1&2, Torrey Wednesday: 8:15-9:30 AM, Dance Studio, Leah Wednesday: 10:30-11:45 AM, Chair Yoga, Dance Studio, Kathy Thursday: 10:30-11:45 AM, Chair Yoga, Dance Studio, Kathy Thursday: 10:45 AM-Noon, Desert Oasis, Torrey Friday: 8:15-9:30 AM, AFC 1&2, Maria (Strength & Tone) Yoga will improve balance, quiet your mind and breathing, give you the ability to focus, and relax you. Please arrive 10 minutes before class starts, bring your mat and $7.

Games Bridge Duplicate Bridge

Pres. Dave Hablewitz 520-989-0486 Mon., 6 PM, Fri., 12:30 PM, Activity Center/Hohokam

Duplicate bridge is for all players who enjoy competing and playing against other teams. We are not an ACBL-sanctioned club and do not award Master Points. New players are always welcome, and we may be able to help you find a partner. Residents and renters with an Association Renter's Card can play twice before joining. Guests of residents may play twice. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early so we can begin on time. Bring exactly $1 pp for prize money each time you play. Ladies Monday Social Bridge

Anita Gayheart, 360-949-3452 Mon., 1-3:30 PM, Activity Center/Hohokam

Play social bridge in a friendly setting. We welcome new members. Marathon Bridge

Dave Johnson 520-825-6994

Contact Dave or Tempe Johnson, 520-825-6994. Mixed Social Bridge

Pres. Don Wheeler 520-334-7578 Mon., Wed., Fri., 8:30 AM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

The Mixed Social Bridge Club plays contract bridge in an informal, relaxed and fun environment. If needed, we will make a table of three or have a player float to ensure that everyone can play. We start promptly at 8:30 AM; come a few minutes early to socialize and partner up. We have coffee and members often bring goodies. Please join us. We welcome new members.

esident Doris R


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

SCOV Name Tags Name tags with our logo are $8 each. The order form is available at Log in first then >Member Services >This & That >Name Tag Order Form.


December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Partners Tuesday Night Bridge

Pres. Owen Reese, VP Adele Reese, Sec. Judy Bjorling 520-818-1296 Tue., 6:30 PM, Activity Center/Navajo/Hohokam

Another Grand Slam: Dave and Tempe Johnson managed to bid and make a grand slam and collect $10 for doing so. Is there holiday luck for you? Bring a partner and $1 each to play 24 hands of rubber bridge with us. You can play once without paying the $6 yearly dues. And on Tuesday, Dave and Tempe Johnson collect $10 December 10, we begin at 6 PM with refreshments to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Bring some finger food to share. Bridge will begin as usual at 6:30 PM. Practice Bridge

Pres. Robert Carlson 612-850-9005, Sec. Marilyn Guimond 520-825-0828 Mon., Wed., 12:30-3 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo Wednesday Afternoon Bridge

Co-Pres. Rikki Harvey 520-219-5872, Kay Jacobs 520-825-8525 Wed., 1 PM, Activity Center/Navajo

Change in our holiday party plans. We will not be having lunch at The Views Restaurant on December 4. Instead, we will have a light luncheon Wednesday, December 18, Activity Center/Navajo Room. Lunch will be at Noon followed by our general meeting and bridge. You must sign up in advance. We will be voting on our slate of officers for 2020: Pres., Phyllis Quist; VP., Janelle Parks; Sec., Kathy Boelte and Treas., Mary Lou Ruesch. Thanks very much to our outgoing officers for their commitment to our club over the past two years. We always welcome new members, annual dues are just $2 and are due in January.

Bunco Fern Strandskov 520-825-8127 Fourth Tue., 1-4 PM, Desert Oasis/Saguaro

We invite all to come and join us on the fourth Tuesday of the month for a fun game of Bunco. We are really looking for some new players. I know we have a lot of Bunco players in our community. There is a $2 entrance fee which is divided among all the winners. Please come and join us, we promise a fun afternoon for all.

Cribbage Robert Hines 520-825-2208 Mobile 520-240-1375 First and Third Thu., 6:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pusch Ridge Euchre Judee and Art Wickersham 520-245-1357 Becky and Kevin Reiley 815-631-0788 Bonnie and Wayne Klenda 509-548-5315 Mon., Meet 5:45 PM, Play 6 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

If you are interested in playing this easy, fast moving game, please join us. It will only cost you 50¢ for the evening. The room only accommodates 40, so do not be late if you want to play.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019

Five Crowns Rosemary Dalla Rosa 520-825-1982 Sat., 4:30 PM or 5:30 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

Happy to see some of our friends returning from their summer retreats. We have a great group of people who will welcome any newcomers and are happy to help anyone new to the game. If you have any questions, please call Rosemary. Hope to see many new faces.

Gin Rummy Rosemary Dalla Rosa 520-825-1982 Thu. and Sat., 9 AM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo We love to welcome new members. Team Gin Rummy is a fun game and easy to learn. Good people and good times. Come and give us a try; very low stakes.

Mah Jongg Joyce Unger 520-825-8069 Thu., 1 PM, Desert Oasis

Our welcome back coffee and cake was a huge success. Many thanks to president Phyllis who did all the baking. New members are always welcome. Stay tuned for information about our upcoming tournament in 2020.

Women’s Pan (Panguingue) Rosemary Dalla Rosa 520-825-1982 Mon., Fri., 1-4 PM, Wed., 9 AM-12:30 PM, Desert Oasis/Saguaro

If you enjoy a challenge, come observe our game of Pan (Panguingue). It’s a very interesting and fun game. We would love to have you join us to see what fun it can be.

Pinochle Dave Flatness 425-443-3708 Wed., 6 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

We play single deck and rotate partners every four hands. Bring 50¢ for your tally. The first Wednesday is treat night. The third Wednesday is birthday night. If your skills are a little rusty, we will get you up to speed quickly. Annual dues are $6 pp.

Poker Dealer’s Choice Poker

Steve Dirks 520-429-3303 Tue., 6 PM, Desert Oasis/Saguaro

Our game is open to all SCOV residents. Games: Texas hold’em, crazy pineapple, Omaha, seven-card stud, crisscross, slide-rule and a couple of five-card draw variations. The dealer antes 25¢. All games are high-low except for Texas hold’em and crazy pineapple which are high only. Stakes are 25¢ for the early round of bets and 50¢ for the last two rounds. Contact Steve Dirks for a Word document with the full club rules and a detailed description of the games. Men’s Friday Poker

Joe Bonitch 520-329-1149 Fri., 5:45-8:45 PM, Desert Oasis/Saguaro

We play easygoing, informal poker with low stakes. Games are all high only, five-card draw, five-card stud, seven-card stud, Texas hold ‘em, Omaha and criss/iron cross. No dues. Bring your own refreshments. Cards provided. Dealer antes 5¢ per player and chooses the game. Absolute requirements


are to leave politics and religion at the door and enjoy three hours of no-hassle understandable poker. We welcome new players. Bring nickels, dimes and quarters. Call Joe if you would like to review rules of play before your first game. Please show up at 5:30 PM, so we can start playing by 5:45 PM.

Scrabble Bill Wallace 520-818-6747 Fri., 1 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

Sun City Singers Pres. Bob Westendorf 619-571-1040 Director Don Hess 520-444-2206 Rehearsals Tue., 6:30-8:30 PM, Auditorium

Please plan to attend one of the Sun City Singers Holiday Concerts, Saturday, December 7 and Tuesday, December 10, 7 PM, Auditorium. Director Don Hess will be conducting your friends and neighbors in a mix of traditional and new songs celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah and that red-suited chimney invader. Mark your calendar now.

Tickets, $5, on sale December 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9, from 9 AM-Noon, Activity Center

Sheepshead - Shauskopf Terry Rohr 520-818-1936 Tue., 10 AM, Desert Oasis

Ukulele - Sun City Strummers Pres. Kathy Mashburn 435-790-4481 Musical Director Don Bong Tue., 10-11:30 AM, Desert Oasis/Saguaro


Barbershop VLQ (Very Large Quartet) Kactus Krooners Mike Moyer 520-818-6509 Oct.-May, Mon., 10:30 AM-Noon, Desert Oasis

Love those Barbershop harmonies? Got a song in your heart? Want to hear and feel and learn what it’s like to blend your voice with others – barbershop style? Come join this fun mixed (men and women) a cappella chorus in song for just 1.5 hours every Monday morning. Great way to start each week. SCOV visitors welcome. There is strength in numbers; the more the merrier.

Different Drummers Women’s Circle Zona Boss 520-638-6644, Colleen Cottrell 520-825-8393 Wed., 1:30-3 PM, 2338 E. Montrose Canyon Dr. See you at our fall/ winter location, Colleen’s home: 2338 E. Montrose Canyon Dr. The Different Drummers Women’s Circle provides a community drum circle for any woman wanting to connect with others through hand drumming using African Djembe drums, hand-held Native American frame drums and other small percussion. Drums and instruments are provided for guests. Join us to drum, laugh and meet new friends. People worldwide for centuries have used group drumming to energize minds and bodies, strengthen community bonds, release stress and celebrate life.

Early Music Recorder Ensemble Joyce Minks 520-825-0642 Tue., 12:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pusch Ridge

Have a recorder (the instrument)? Want to learn or improve your skills? Would you like to play in a group? Soprano, alto, tenor, bass recorders welcome. Enjoy the harmonies of an ensemble. Music is provided. Just one hour every Tuesday. SCOV visitors welcome. Let’s make beautiful music together.


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Save the date for our annual Christmas and Holiday Sing-A-Long Concert Friday, December 6, 4 PM, Auditorium. This concert is free, seating is open and no tickets are required. Come early as this event fills up fast.

Sports Bike - Vistoso Cyclists Pres. Mitch Small 412-897-8731, VP Lynn Lamb 913-915-4676 Electric Assist Bikes, Mike Hulett 218-329-2929 Membership Tom and Bonnie Bethea Mon., Wed., Fri., 1200 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd.

Vistoso Cyclists boasts membership of nearly 200 riders. We ride year-round to preplanned destinations in Tucson and surrounding areas, using both city streets and dedicated bike paths. Occasional away rides start from a distant location. Weekly mountain bike options take a few of us to the beautiful Tortolita rangelands, containing some of the highest-rated single track bike trails in the nation. Our group ride options are from 25-50 miles, and we always make time for a coffee stop midway. Those who ride with the Women on Wheels group have their own agenda providing routes of 12-30 miles. We sponsor social events, participate in Wheels for Kids charity and are involved with fundraising for the Interfaith Community Food Bank, raising over $43,000 last year. If you are a resident and love to ride a bike, check out our website above.

Billiards Pres. Tom Caswell 612-396-8254 Mon.-Fri., Noon-4 PM, Catalina Vista/Billiards

Many of our seasonal members have returned, so activity has increased substantially. The ladies also continue to have a great time each Wednesday morning. Planning/scheduling


December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

for our tournament with SaddleBrooke is underway. It will be our turn to host them this time. As always, we welcome interest from all new residents. Happy holidays to all and all the best for 2020.

Birders Group Peggy Smith 520-344-0991

Cactus wren by Steve Holmes

San Pedro River outing. Photo by Margaret Hinkle

Meet your State Bird, the very busy Cactus Wren. One of seven species of wren in Arizona, this one is very common in SCOV. You will see it frequently searching the crevices of your patio to rid it of bugs. Want to learn more? We are an activity-oriented group, and all SCOV residents are invited to join us and learn more about the birds here in Arizona. Below is a tentative list of upcoming bird outings. If you are interested in going on any of these field trips be sure to contact the trip leader for details at least three days in advance. • Friday, December 6, Gilbert Water Ranch. Max Haegele 520-818-9178 • Thursday, December 12, Santa Cruz Flats, Mike Welch 520-308-5753 • Friday, January 3, Reid Park, Mona Connoy 520-8187923 • Wednesday, January 8. Catalina State Park, Max Haegele 520-818-9178

Bocce Debbie Kotlarek Steve Porter 720-394-0413 Mon., Wed., Fri., 2-4 PM or 4-6 PM, Bocce Courts Exciting news: SCOV Bocce Club will be the official host for the Senior Olympics bocce competitions, January 20-25. We are delighted to bring this event back to our community. Visit our website for a link to Senior Olympics details and watch for more information in the January Tipster. Bocce is a great way to make new friends and enjoy time spent in our beautiful outdoors. The game is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by people of most ages and abilities. We welcome newcom- At the 30th Anniversary party, Nelson and Kilja Sulouff, ers and will be Keith and Sharon Carlson, Ella and Logan Taylor, Carl glad to show and Rosemary Dalla Rosa, and Jan Malkin were given you how to play. special recognition for their long history with the club. Please arrive 15 minutes before either time of play.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019

Gun Club David Ilse 520-818-3279 Oct.-Apr., Second Wed., 2 PM, Activity Center/Hohokam

The Gun Club is focused on the safe and responsible use of firearms. We have a variety of speakers throughout the year ranging from local law enforcement, shooting venues, conceal and carry, firearm instructors, etc. We have a wealth of knowledge within the club and have many interesting open-ended discussions. We welcome new members, and there is no fee for attending a session. Please call David Ilse 952-4513220 to learn if the December meeting will be a luncheon or regular meeting. We will also be electing officers for 2020.

Hiking Pres. Byron Wolffing 520-284-7889 Orientation hike guide Meg Gerken 520-638-7204 to see all scheduled hikes

Whether you are new to Arizona, new to hiking, or you’ve been hiking in the desert for years you recognize the special beauty of the desert and mountains surrounding us. Come be a part of the SCOV Hiking Club to get out and explore our unique part of the country. We have hikes for every ability level, dedicated volunteer guides who take time to plan and lead these hikes, and we welcome all who are interested to participate. If you would like to become a member and hike with us, please call Meg Gerken for the required Orientation Hike. The website is a great resource for more detailed information about the types of hikes available, hiking schedules and wonderful pictures. About 100 people attended our November fall picnic at Catalina State Park; some hiked that morning and others came for the comraderie. Mileage awards were given, with the top award going to Dave Fraser for 6,000 club hiking miles. There were several rookies receiving their 100-mile awards, and many in between.

Horseshoes Ray Coleman 520-825-2789 Ron Knudson 520-825-9307 Oct.-Apr., Tue., Thu., 2 PM; May-Sep., 8 AM The Pits at Catalina Vista

Welcome to horseshoes. If you are looking for an exciting activity that requires little or no experience, you have found it. Everyone is welcome, nothing is needed. There are no fees, and horseshoes are available. Come Tuesday or Thursday. Call for more information. Read more about horseshoes on Get outdoors, enjoy our wonderful weather and get good exercise. See you at the horseshoe pits.

We need your aluminum cans! Put your empty aluminum cans to work for SCOV. Deposit only empty, rinsed aluminum cans in the box outside the Activity Center kitchen door. The Community Assistance Committee uses the funds from recycling to purchase items for the Loan Room.


Pickleball Pres. Jeff Rusch VP Membership Dave Burnham Sun.-Sat., 8 AM-9 PM Action on the courts has been heating up with the return of our seasonal residents and renters. On November 9 we celebrated our club’s tenth anniversary with an open house on the courts. Many members were in attendance as well Open house guests’ introduction on how as a number of SCOV to play pickleball residents who showed interest in learning the game. Our mini clinics have returned to teach basic and advanced skills. These will be announced by email and scheduled on Tuesday afternoons, 1-2:30 PM. Our new winter schedule has set times for novices and beginners with a mentor at each session on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Mentors will there to help with tips and answers to questions. Schedules are displayed on our website and each bulletin board and court doors. Our annual holiday social is Monday, December 16, 5-7 PM. Get your reservations in on our website no later than Sunday, December 1.

POP Tennis Pres. Brian Goff 520-825-7232 VP Barbara Satterly 520-825-8965 Tue., Thu., Sat. 7:30-10 AM, Desert Oasis Courts

Racquetball Pres. Michael Pidone 520-825-2369 VP Al Lichaa 520-606-8829 Sec./Treas. Hart Wagner 520-825-4175 Mon., Wed., Fri., 8-11 AM, AFC/Racquetball Court

Training is offered on the first and third Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30 AM.

Club play is going strong as we await more of our members to arrive in January. Bobs (1 & 2), we look forward to seeing you return to action. This month we are featuring Brent Stewart, one of our youngest members. He has elevated his game 10fold since he started playing with us a few years ago. Brent is fast and quick with his reach, which are great assets to the game of racquetball. Please save the date for our general meeting and election of new officers, Thursday, January 23. The nomination committee has given us some Brent Stewart fine candidates for officers for the next two years; however, if you are interested in a position, talk to a board member and we will throw your name into the hat.


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Table Tennis Co-Chairs: Megan Jacoby 949-697-4665 Francie Galbraith 520-447-5834

Men and women of all playing levels are welcome. We are a fun and inclusive group that enjoys the benefits of fitness, flexibility and sometimes a little friendly competition that playing table tennis offers. Tables are at Catalina Vista; paddles and balls are available in a tub in our section of the cupboard. We also have videos to inspire you and improve your game. Please note that on Open Play days you are encouraged to bring a partner (or three), as there may not be others there to play at the start time. Hours of Club Play

Women Men/Women Open Play Open Club Play

Tue., 1:30-3:30 PM Tue., 5-8 PM; Thu., 5:30-8:30 PM Fri., 4-8 PM Sat., 9-10 AM upon request, 10 AM-Noon

Tennis Pres. Larry Wall 248-701-1044 Treas. Sherwin Koopmans 520-818-6337 Men’s tennis, Tue., Thu., Sat., 8 AM-Noon, Jim Benshoof 612-799-5918 Women’s tennis, Mon., Wed., Fri., 8 AM-Noon, Anita Gayheart 360-949-3452, Suzanne Kellam 520-505-4599 Mixed doubles, Sun., 1-3 PM, Susan Hernandez 310-433-7474

Most seasonal residents, including members of the Tennis Club, now have returned. The courts are busy with men’s and women’s play, together with mixed doubles. A women’s interclub team has been formed, and play began in November. The club kicked off the new Participants at mixed doubles season with a general meeting and social on October 27 social on November 2. Thanksgiving was celebrated with the women’s turkey trot round robin and social on November 13. Two major events in December will be: • Women’s holiday round robin and social, Wednesday, December 11, 9 AM. • Holiday dinner and social, Saturday, December 14, 5 PM. Registrations now are being taken for the 2020 membership roster. New members are always welcome. Anyone interested should send an email to Larry Wall.

Wallyball Pres. Walt Nalewicki 520-818-9590 Treas./Sec. Chris Baird Games for Dec: Tue., Fri. setup 12:45 PM, play 1-3 PM, AFC/Racquetball Ct. Welcome back winter members. We are always looking for new players. Are you thinking about playing? Take a look in the racquetball court window and see if this might be your game. Wallyball is volleyball played in Happy holidays from the Wallyball Club the racquetball court. Tryouts are welcome. Play safe and play smart.


December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Water Volleyball Pres. Dick “Paco” Munson 520-225-9080 VP Brian Goff 520-825-7232 Treas. Linda Stawiski 520-638-8846 Competitive Mon., 1-3 PM; Casual Thu., Sun., 1-3 PM, Desert Oasis

The number of players on Thursdays and Sundays has been great. This is a very good time to join our club and see how we play.


Day Trippers Chair Warren Cuthbert 520-818-1282 Vice-Chair Laura Suchocki 520-612-7226 Membership Carol Guibert and Barbara Phillips Second Fri., 9 AM, Activity Center/Navajo

Sun., Dec. 8, Club holiday brunch, Auditorium, catered by Catalina International, $22 pp. Monitor: Laura Suchocki 520-612-7226 Thu., Jan. 9, Day-long science tour at U of A. Visit to Planetarium, Mirror Labs, etc. $139 pp. Monitors: Carol Guibert, 520-404-1462 and Edie Phillips 520-297-3920 Mon., Jan. 20, Casino trip to Harrah’s Ak-Chin casino. Free trip open to everyone. Monitor: Edie Phillips 520-297-3920 Fri., Jan. 31, The Duttons at the Berger Performing Arts Center. Includes lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse, $67 pp. Monitor: Laura Suchocki 520-612-7226 Wed., Feb. 12, Silver Star Theater featuring an evening of solid gold rock and roll entertainment and dinner, $66 pp. Monitor: Laura Suchocki 520-612-7226 Be sure to bring your checkbook to every meeting.

RV Club - Sundowners Pres. Larry Castriotta 520-262-7072 VP John McConnaughey 503-580-2465 Second Mon., Oct.-May, 9 AM, Catalina Vista Upcoming Trips The next general membership meeting is Monday, January 13. There will not be a December general meeting, instead, a Christmas party. We now have an Informal Trips tab on the website, where members can post where they are headed and welcome other members to join them. Larry has listed one for Rocky Point, Mexico.

at SCOV: Holiday party, December 15; Valentine’s luncheon, February 10. Sign up on Volunteers needed: We need two more members for the Social Events Committee. New members welcome, please call Larry or John and we will get you on-board. Check out our website for club trips.

Garage Doors If you have a new garage door, remember it must be painted either the main body color or one of the trim colors of your house.

Partnered Organizations The items contained under this heading are provided as a service to residents by other organizations. SCOV does not sponsor, support, assume responsibility or liability for the information.

AA Cora S. 520-539-7147 Mon., 12:30 PM, Artisan Center/Stained Glass Kevin D. 708-732-2943 Tue., 7 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo Alzheimer’s Education and Support Cecelia Ortiz 661-972-2639 Last Tue., 4 PM, Desert Oasis/Ocotillo

Learn the basics of the disease and how to live with it.

Cancer Support Facilitator: Laura Held 520-447-5170 Jan. 2020 meeting Wed., Jan. 8 due to holiday. First Wed., 4:15-5:15 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Studio

The focus of this group is on present feelings and responses to pre-cancer, current and post-cancer. Laura M. Held, a retired oncology nurse, cancer survivor and SCOV resident, facilitates the group.

Caregivers’ Support Facilitator: Jane Holder 520-820-0171 First and Third Fri., 2-3 PM, Catalina Vista

If you are caring for a partner, child, parent or any other loved one, this support group will allow you to share with other like-minded people in a safe environment. What is said in this group, stays with this group.

Catalina Public Library Art Lovers Book Club

Sundowners enjoy an evening campfire at Lake Patagonia We’ve got some great trips coming up. Palm Springs, December 9-13; Patagonia Lake and the Tubac Arts Festival, February 3-7; Route 66, March 23-27 and Canyon de Chelley, April. And we’ve got some great social events coming up here

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019

SCOV Library and SaddleBrooke Library co-sponsor an Art Lover’s Book Club which meets 10:30 AM-Noon, the second Friday of each month at the Dewhirst Catalina Public Library, 15631 N. Oracle Rd., Catalina. On Friday, December 13, we will be discussing The Bridal Chair by Gloria Goldreich. It is available at all three libraries. Upcoming titles include: Claude & Camille by Stephanie Cowell, I, Mona Lisa by Jeanne Kalogridis, American Mirror by Deborah Soloman, The Painted Girls by Cathy Buchanan and The Passion of Artemisia by Susan Vreeland. We hope you will join us.


Diabetes Support Facilitator: Bill Bable 520-639-8845 First Mon., 3:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Mt. Lemmon

Our group formed in February of this year. We have had anywhere from 5 to 25 attending the monthly meeting. We discuss all things diabetic. There are Type 1, Type 2 and pre-diabetics. There are about an equal number of men and women. Some members have lived with diabetes for 60+ years whereas others are recently diagnosed. This month we will have fellow SCOV resident, Karl Leiderman, who is very knowledgeable about keto and low-carb diets, joining us. He will talk about these diets and answer questions. If you have been at all curious about our group, please join us for this meeting.

Grief Recovery and Support Pari Foster 520-248-3658 Tuesdays, 1-2 PM, Catalina Vista, Art Room

This is not a counseling group but a loving, caring, and most importantly a safe environment to share your grief from any loss. It is important to note that grief from any loss comes in many forms: loss of loved one or friend, a pet, home or job, loss of independence, etc. It is not to be taken lightly and is a journey that takes time and is vital to healing and growth. By sharing our grief with others on the same journey the burden is, therefore, lightened.

Parkinson’s Support Payton Davies 520-825-5352 Third Wed., Sep.-May, 10:30 AM-Noon, Desert Springs, 30 W. Lambert Lane

Caregivers and/or people with Parkinson's are welcome to attend. We have speakers at most meetings with topics of interest. "I have Parkinson's, but Parkinson's doesn't have me."

Survivors of a Loved One Who Died By Suicide Contact Ester Leutenberg 520-818-0016 Survivors of a loved one who died by suicide have unique grief issues and struggles. It is helpful to talk with others who understand.

Vistoso Helpful Hands Barb McNeill 520-825-0677

Check out the Chair Balance class Fridays, 10:30-11:30 AM, Activity Center/Dance Room, with Laura. It’s an excellent way to strengthen unused muscles after accidental falls or surgery. Vistoso Helpful Hands (VHH) is an all-volunteer organization helping SCOV residents who find themselves temporarily in a crisis or needy situation. We provide caregiver relief, transportation, animal care, handyman services, light housekeeping and yard care, paperwork organization, run errands and can pick up a take-out meal from The Views Restaurant. We also have referrals for longer-term paid assistance. For help call 520-447-0077. If we are not available, leave a message with your name and phone number. We will call you back.


Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Wheels for Kids Dick Swain 920-217-2610 or Tom Terfehr 520-789-7243

Wheels for Kids is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to providing rehabbed bicycles for kids in need in the Tucson area. To date, we’ve provided over 2,200 bikes to various other 501(c)(3) charities who then distribute the bikes to their clients. Some of our partner organizations are Youth On Their Own, El Grupo, Refugee Focus and Tucson Boys and Girls Club. Wheels for Kids is a total volunteer effort. We need mechanics. If you are interested, we’ll train you. Visit our website for more information and how to donate bikes or financial support. Help kids experience the same joy you had when you got your first bike.

YOTO/Northwest Auxiliary Kris Cohen 520-818-2582 You can help Tucson nonprofit Youth On Their Own (YOTO) strive to eliminate barriers to education and empower local homeless youth (homeless through no fault of their own) to stay in school. How? Bring $25 gift cards or new twin-size blankets to the Activity Center lobby Friday, December 6 or Monday, December 9, 9-11 AM. Cash and checks made out to YOTO will be accepted. For 30+ years, YOTO has supported the high school graduation of this unique demographic by providing financial assistance, basic human needs, and one-on-one guidance. Through community support, over 16,000 homeless youth have remained in school and pursued opportunities for selfsufficiency.

Extended Community American Legion Oro Valley Post 132 We are local veterans making a difference in the lives of veterans and service members in need. Help us to help them by joining our friendly post. You, too, can make a difference. Your membership also adds to our collective voice on important issues. Contact: Ed Davis, 520-229-1064, We meet the third Thursday at 6:30 PM, September-June, Vistoso Memorial Chapel, 2285 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd., Oro Valley. Arizona Rose Theatre Our Christmas comedy, Dashing Through the Snow, will deck the halls with holiday hilarity. This Jones/Hope/Wooten play is family-friendly and just might be more fun than a ride in a one-horse open sleigh. Make sure to keep an eye out for one of your own SCOV residents during the show. Performances will be held on December 7, 8, 14 and 15. The Arizona Rose Theatre is located in the Tucson Mall, on the lower level near Macy’s. For more information, call 520-888-0509 or visit our website at Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson The Boys and Girls Clubs of Tucson is a 501(c) (3) organization that has six Clubhouses and reaches nearly 10,000 youth throughout this community every year. Your contribution may qualify for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit of up to $800 per family. Please visit


December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Catalina State Park Concert Series Music in the Mountains Concert Series holds a concert the first and third Saturdays in December. Join us at Catalina State Park. All-day admission to the park is $7 per vehicle (up to four adults) and includes the concert. Feel free to bring snacks, drinks and a chair or take a hike before the show. • December 7, 3 PM, Bruce Carlson, folk-Americana. • December 21, 3 PM, Mother Cody Band, a wide mix of folk, rock and country as well as some fun holiday music. Oro Valley Historical Society SCOV resident and local historian Jim Williams will discuss “A New Look at Steam Pump Ranch” at the Oro Valley Library Wednesday, December 11, 2 PM. The event is sponsored by the Oro Valley Historical Society and is open and free to the public.

B. J. Kass reviews current books for the Friends of the Library at Great Reads on November 14 at the Activity Center. 119 Friends members attended

NARFE Chapter 1874 Current and retired Federal employees, spouses, guests and visitors are invited to join NARFE Chapter 1874 for our holiday luncheon at Vivace, 6640 N. Campbell Ave., Tuesday, December 3, 11:30 AM. Call Roger 520-390-6462 to reserve spot and purchase tickets, $25 pp. chapter1874. Santa Catalina Catholic Church Social Awareness Ministry “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Immigrants” Forum. Have you ever wondered why people don’t just come to our country legally? Are you interested in knowing how it is possible to advocate for comprehensive, just legislation? The Santa Catalina Social Awareness and Justice Ministry invites you to a forum that will answer these questions and more, Sunday, February 23, Santa Catalina Catholic Church parish hall, 14380 N. Oracle Rd., 1-3 PM. Welcome Club Northwest Please look at our website www.welcomeclubnorthwest. org for calendar and upcoming events: Luncheon, Thursday, December 5, 11:30 AM; Coffee, Thursday, December 19, 10 AM-Noon. Please see website for details. RSVP: Margo Sandrin We welcome all ladies to attend two functions before joining. Our club offers a friendly atmosphere to interact and make new friends. Happy holidays to one and all.

The SCOV Library partnered with The Views Restaurant for Words & Wine on November 18, a presentation by Arizona author Christina Barrueta on wine from Arizona wineries with tasting of some of the wines featured in her book, Arizona Wine, A History of Perseverance & Passion. 40 persons attended the event on the lovely restaurant terrace. Kate Cusumano photo

Volunteer Opportunities Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene Feed My Starving Children packing event: The week of February 4-8, SCOV residents will have the opportunity to help pack one million meals for the Feed My Starving Children organization at the Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene. We need you. Please invite your friends to join you in packing. For more information, contact Dan at 20fmsc@gmail. com. To volunteer for a two-hour shift, go to: https://give. Tutors Needed for Nearby School Kids Would you enjoy tutoring a child? Painted Sky Elementary School, Rancho Vistoso’s neighborhood public school, is looking for volunteers (including math) to work one-to-one with students. One hour a week of your time will make the difference in a child’s education. Please contact Amy Watson at or 520-696-3820.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019

Gus Romano took this amazing photo of a commercial airliner crossing the field of view during Mercury’s transit across the sun as viewed from earth on November 11. Mercury is the small dot slightly to the right and up. Photographed through a solar filter. The next transit will occur in 2032


Classifieds The items contained under this heading are provided as a service to residents by other organizations that are neither sponsored nor supported by SCOV Community Association, Inc. SCOV assumes no responsibility or liability for the information contained therein.

BR=Bedroom; BA=Bath; BBQ=Barbecue; N/S=No Smoking; N/P=No Pets; W/D=Washer and Dryer; LR=Living Room; DR=Dining Room; FR=Family Room; AZRM=Arizona Room; FP=Fireplace; Stainless Steel= S/S; WiFi=Wireless Internet Service. Classified Advertising $10/ad • Deadline 10th of the Month. HELP WANTED: Beverage Coordinator needed for SCOV’s Rock and Roll Club dances. 5 dances a year, 3 hours per dance, pay is $75 per dance. If interested, contact Pat Dale for more information, 520-825-1652, cell 520-400-3025, dalelowery44@msn. com. FOR RENT: Four rentals available; all with views. 1,100 to 2,200 sq. ft. Fully furnished, king in master, front and back patios. Jan. through Mar. 2020 requests will be put on back-up list. All available beginning May 2020. For pictures and pricing call Jan at 636-357-8817 or email FOR RENT: 14461 N. Sky Trail, 2 BR/2 BA, new S/S appliances, paint, carpet and tile. Owner pays utilities, cable, WiFi. Tastefully furnished and equipped. Small pet friendly, N/S, 30-day min. lease. Email, call Craig or Mary 520-271-5814. Please use this link for pictures, rates, reservation calendars and other information: FOR RENT: Fully furnished 2 BR/2 BA Silvercreek. Reclining couch, smart TV, king in master, queen in guest, WiFi, cable, W/D, gas BBQ on covered patio. Private fully enclosed back yard, ceiling fans in each room. N/S, N/P. Available Apr. and fall 2020 and Jan.-Apr. 2021. Call or email for pricing and pictures, dixie14495@gmail. com, 636-544-1706. FOR RENT: Just became available for Jan. 2020. Beautiful vacation home with view located in SCOV, 2 BR/2BA. Fully furnished, includes utilities, WiFi, cable, patio, W/D, garage, N/S, N/P. Also available May to Dec. 2020, Jan. 2021, and May to Dec. 2021. Call Kathy 510-537-1590 or email FOR RENT: 2 BR/2 BA, fully furnished Pacifica model. Newly remodeled bathrooms with elegant natural stone. King in master. Utilities, cable, Internet included. Furnished, covered patio with grill and beautiful waterfall feature. Available Dec. 2020 to mid-Apr. 2021. 4 month minimum stay. N/S, N/P. For details and/or pictures call Knansee 970-948-8808 or email FOR RENT: Lovely Sabino model, 2BR/2BA, 1,422 sq. ft., front patio has mountain view, very private back patio. Available Dec. 15 to Jan. 31, min. 28 day rental; $3,200 for Jan. or $4,200 for whole period. Fully furnished, all utilities, cable, WiFi included. Updated kitchen and master shower. Golf cart. N/S, N/P. Quiet street, 14561 N. Sky Trail. Email for photos, etc., or phone 587-578-5660. FOR RENT: $1,600/Dec. 2019, plus $75 cleaning fee. North Copperstone Dr., 2 BR/2 BA, fully furnished, nicely appointed. Includes WiFi, TV, linens, towels. We have rented this wonderful home for several years and just bought our own home here in SCOV. Call Suze at 207-669-0052 and I will put you in touch with the owners. FOR RENT: New on the market. Townhome on Green Tree Dr. Available Dec. 2019, Jan. through Apr. 2020 and beyond. Back patio facing east with natural desert landscape and beautiful unobstructed views of the Catalina mountains. Approximately 1,200 sq. ft., 2BR/2BA, king in Master BR. New tile and paint throughout the home. Fully furnished and utilities are included. Please call Chris at 605-770-0578.

FOR RENT: Breathtaking mountain view from inside and backyard. 1,200 sq. ft. home located on Trade Winds Way available May 2020 through Feb. 2021. Large covered patio with BBQ, new appliances, furniture and updated kitchen. King in master with private bath and queen in guest room with separate bath. Smart TV, WiFi and cable included. Monthly minimum, NP/NS. Contact Margaret at mhbrayden@ for photos and rates. HOME WATCH: Karl’s Home Watch Service is committed to keeping a watchful eye on your home while you’re away. Karl, a Sun City facilities monitor and full-time Sun City resident, will inspect your home’s interior and exterior for signs of problems with plumbing, irrigation, A/C, roof and more. Karl Leiderman, 520-406-8894, email: PET SITTER: I give loving care to your fur babies in your home while you are away. I am a new SCOV resident and have many references from previous clients. Reasonable fees. Debbie Tuttle, 760-600-6745, PET SITTER: Experienced pet sitters, SCOV residents, reference letters available. Contact Rick or Gloria, 520-425-2079. BUYING: A curious collector would like to buy watches, old photos, war relics, 19th and 20th century family and estate items, antiques, jewelry, coins, silver and much more. Anything unusual or nostalgic. I like to look and love to buy. Exceptional prices paid. 520-529-2984.

Linda S. Tucker, Attorney Wills • Probate • Trusts

Free Half Hour Consultation Phone or Office 520-257-1166 1846 E. Innovation Park Drive Oro Valley, AZ 85755

HOLISTIC HEALTH COACHING Stronger—Fitter—Healthier

 lose weight  boost energy  increase muscle  prevent disease

 reduce stress  improve mobility  enhance sleep  manage diabetes

Together, WE can do this! APPLY NOW KARL LEIDERMAN - Certified Health Coach Full-time Sun City Resident  Cell: 520-406-8894

We Clean Homes and Businesses

Diana Dicochea • Weekly • Monthly • References Available

For More Information Please Call (520) 444-8183 36

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


December 2019, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


And it’s a Seller’s Market.

Now is the time to get your home on the market. Please contact me, so we can chat about how I can help you get the most out of your property. ROC# CR61-156602


Serving Sun City Since 2008


W W W. H O M E P R O J E C T S A Z . C O M

expires 12/31/19

Jeff’s Glamified Rides 520-599-3792

Interior/Exterior Wheels/Tires

Motors/Chassis Headlight Restoration

Jeff Little, Professional Mobile Car Detailer

Irrigation Systems • Dirt Work

Mobile Auto Detail We Come To You

Plant Installations • Boulders • Flagstone & Pavers • Fire Pits

Mslandscapingllc Landscaping & Dirt works

Jose (520) 279-5670 or (520) 334-0090 You dream it, we make it!

Money Back Guarantee



OROVALLEYCARPETCLEANERS.COM Paid Advertising, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019, Page 37

Corp. L22832186 CR 21

BBQs • Walls • Patio Pavers

December Special: Wash, Wax, Wheels, Tires and Vacuum, $55



Two Gals And A Bucket Specializing in Cleaning

On the Sun City Consumer Referral List Pet Friendly Residential & Commercial Bonded & Insured Maria Glenn 520-484-3986

Serving Tucson Since 1979

3636 E. Ft. Lowell (Fort Lowell & Dodge)


The Original Off the Wall Bed •Custom Kitchens •Libraries •TV Media Rooms •Home Offices •Custom Cabinetry •Quality Garages email: tm

L M Painting Exterior Painting Special $1,750

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Complete Interior Painting Discounts Offer good through December 31, 2019

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35+ Years of Real Estate Experience Cell: (520) 333-8787 Office: (520) 352-2700

Just Sold: 14205 N. Alyssum Way 11165 N. La Canada Dr., # 175 • Oro Valley, AZ 85737

Call for appointments.

520-293-6740 5599 N. Oracle Rd. Between Orange Grove and River Rd. 10425 N. Oracle Rd., Suite 135 Oracle Rd. and Pusch View Lane

Unique Artwork Featuring Local Artists One-of-a-kind gifts! 16701 N. Oracle Rd, Ste. 145 • Catalina, AZ [south of Camp Bow Wow] • 520-818-1242 • Mon-Sat 10-5 & Sun 11-3

Paid Advertising, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019, Page 38

Carpentry Electrical Drywall Plumbing, Etc. ROC191660 Building Maintenance & Repairs Honest, Reasonable, Reliable

Mike Daignault

(520) 289-7607

Beth Is Back – Treat Yourself!

Touch of Class Salon 825.0665 SPECIAL

(One per client)

Free Regular Manicure with Purchase of Any Pedicure! Hot Towel Spa Pedicure • Shellac SIZE: 2 Available x 7.5 Other Nail Services


15631 N. Oracle Rd.

Just 5 minutes north of Rancho Vistoso


VISTOSO Community Church

: , Sunday Worship Service , 9:30 am Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study, 5 pm Christmas Cantata December 7, 4:00 pm, December 8, 9:30 am  Christmas Eve Service, 5 pm  New Bible Study Begins: Tuesday, January 7, 9:30 am 1200 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. (520) 825-0652 web:




#1 on Google®


For Sun City OV


2373 E Indian Town Way Kensington Model

14045 N Desert Butte Drive Bolero Model

Call Me T

oday 390-6000

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Golden Goose Thrift Shop Paul J. Sandelin Attorney at Law 520.989.0074 -

Making Good Things Happen Every Day! 100% of Profits go to Local Charities

1171 East Rancho Vistoso Blvd Suite117 Oro Valley, AZ 85755

Estate Planning - Elder Law - Wills Trusts - Trust Administration Powers of Attorney - Probate HealthCare Directives - Living Wills Real Estate - Business Corporations - LLC’s

Best Thrift Shop

(5 Years in a Row) Convenient Location - Personal Service Complimentary Estate Planning Consultation Licensed in Arizona and Minnesota

For a pick-up A 501(c)3 not-for-profit

Call 825-9101


15970 N. Oracle Rd. Catalina, AZ 85739 – Phone 825-9101

Celebrate the Holiday Spirit at The Views Visit website for details: (520) 825-3277 Monday, December 9 Tuesday, December 10 Tuesday, December 17 Monday, December 23 Tuesday, December 31

Winter Wine Dinner Wine Try & Buy Wine Try & Buy Tapas with Entertainment by Joe Bourne New Year’s Eve Dinner

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Mr. Butierez is a professional painter who has been painting homes in Sun City since 1994. He has specialized in new custom homes along with interior and exterior repaints since 1985. Refresh Your Kitchen –

SENIOR LIVING PLACEMENT SERVICE There is no charge for our service which helps you find the right setting for Independent Living • Assisted Living Center • Adult Care Home • Memory Care

Amanda Gelatt (520) 870-0962

Have Us Paint Your Cabinets


Licensed, Bonded and Insured. ROC 317608 CR-34

(5 2 0 ) 6 8 2 - 5 34 9 Call us today for a free estimate!

Living Trusts • Wills Estate Planning Estates Settled Contracts-Leases Personal Injury Powers of Attorney-Living Wills Guardianship-Conservatorships Divorce-Marital Agreements Corporations • LLCs Serving Northwest Tucson Since 1976 No Charge For Initial Consultation • House Calls Welcome


1846 E. Innovation Park Dr. 7400 N. Oracle Rd. Suite #175 Oro Valley, AZ 85755 Tucson, AZ 85704

A place where comfort and exceptional care come together.

That place is Amber Lights Senior Living Community. It’s where you’ll find all levels of Assisted Living services, a caring staff, and great neighbors all rolled into one. Which is why families call the comfort here “amazing.” Why not come see if you share that same feeling?

Join us for a complimentary lunch & tour. Please call 520.395.9616 to schedule your visit.

Independent & Assisted Li v ing R esidences

6231 N. Montebella Road Tucson, AZ • 520.395.9616 Paid Advertising, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019, Page 41

Hillman & Shelby Law, Ltd. Sun City Oro Valley Office New Location! 1846 E. Innovation Park Rd. Main Number


Free Consultation

F&S Home Services Frank Soto

Master Craftsman Home Repair • Remodeling • Restoration • Painting • Plumbing • Electrical • Concrete • Tile • Roofing • AC & Heating

(520) 861-2657 Not a licensed contractor

Estate Planning Wills & Trusts Probate Taxation Trust Administration We now accept credit card payments.

ROC# 032524

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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JENNIFER & MATT TEAM Your Sun City Realtors Please Call Us Today!

Buying or Selling in Sun City? Expert Help Is Right Here! Jennifer Shuffelbottom Matt Shuffelbottom REALTOR®


(520) 262-1785

Visit The Views Pro Shop for Gifts for Golfers Apparel Golf Equipment Gift Certificates Bring a new, unwrapped toy for the Christmas Toy Drive, December 7-13. Bring a toy valued over $25 and your guest plays for free. All toy and food donations are welcome.

(520) 825-3110

Francesca’s Cleaning Services Francisca Espinoza-Owner

Kevin...does it all Your Sun City Neighbor All Repairs & Remodeling 35 years Remodeling Experience Call us, we’ll get it done!

Kevin Frosch 520-490-5951

*Free Estimates *Sun City Oro Valley References

Open daily 7:30 am-5 pm (except Christmas Day)



Interior a Exterior Painting a Licensed, Bonded, Insured. a

Serving Sun City Oro Valley since 1997.


Roof coat on flat roofs.


All work warranted.

Registered with your Consumer Referral at Sun City Oro Valley


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ROC 160023










24/7 Non-medical Caregiver Staffing

Loving Angels Among Us, LLC

Sylvia Briones

(520) 351-9055

Member, Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce and Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Tucson Southwest Kitchen & Bath 7780 N. Oracle Rd. #150 • 520.531.9187 WWW.SOUTHWESTKITCHEN.COM

Celebrate your retirement. You’ve earned it. So, flaunt it. Have a ball. But don’t stop there. Move into Fairwinds – Desert Point and you can keep the celebration going every day. That’s what Living Better Than Ever is all about—enjoying life to the max. We’ll make life easier so you can have fun in your own way. Call (520) 314-5141 now to schedule your complimentary lunch and tour.

It’s More Than Retirement. It’s Five-Star Fun.

Oro Valley • (520) 314-5141 • Paid Advertising, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, December 2019, Page 44

(520) 792-9669

Serving Sun City Oro Valley Since 1998

The Original Re-Paint Specialists We can beat any competitor’s price We want to be your painter of choice We are licensed, bonded & insured We have been in business over 25 years

It’s Been a Joy to Serve Sun City for 25+ Years Happy Holidays! Previous Winner of Arizona Daily Star Readers’ Choice Best Homeowner Insurance Agent Auto • Home • Umbrella • Golf Carts Life • Annuities • IRAs • Motorhomes

15920 N. Oracle Road - Suite 130

Catalina Pointe Centre - Right across the street from McDonalds


One Stop Shopping – We Do It All

 Exterior Specialists: Drywall  Top Quality Products & Stucco Repair That Last  Wrought Iron Fences &  We Get It Done On Time Pool Decks  Satisfaction Guaranteed  Free Estimates

BACHE & LYNCH Attorneys at Law

1846 East Innovation Park Dr Oro Valley, Arizona 85755


Dawn Caffall

Local Agent Specializing in Sun City

Defective Products • Wrongful Death Traumatic Brain Injury • Nursing Home Negligence • Permanent, Life Changing Disabilities • Motor Vehicle Collisions WE REPRESENT INJURY VICTIMS, NEVER INSURANCE COMPANIES. CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!

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You’ve always said you wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress.

You’d better tell them now. Water Heater Installation & Repair Hot Water On Demand Water Filtration Systems Water Conditioning Drain Cleaning & Video Inspection Green Plumbing Solutions Re-pipe Specialists

2285 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. Oro Valley

(520) 544-2285

We specialize in water filtration systems.

Family Owned and Operated

Preplanning takes care of all the decisions so your family doesn’t have to. Kotalik’s Mustang Building Service, Inc.

Expires 02/29/20

Expires 02/29/20

Better Than Bottled Water Every Tap No Backwash-No Salt-No Electricity All Work Is Guaranteed

Full Service General Contractor (520) 349-5517 . Expires 02/29/20

. Expires 02/29/20

Contact us for: Home Repairs Maintenance Remodeling Interior & Exterior ROC 197786

Fred Swiderski R E A L T O R®

520-850-2439 Residential Brokerage website: 11165 N. La Canada Dr. #175•Oro Valley, AZ 85737

7883 N. Oracle Rd. ATION!Oro Valley, AZ 85704 C O L W NE

M-F 9am-5pm, Sa 10am-3pm

Free In-Home Estimates Free Installation We Do Repairs


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ROC 306543


S U N C I T Y N E I G H B O R H O O D R E A LT O R ®

Associate Broker

Dear Sun City,

This holiday season, I’m thankful for.... YOU!


(520) 825-8677 (520) 275-6654 15250 N. Oracle Rd., #110 Tucson, AZ 85739

GENERAL AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE & REPAIR 16255 N. Oracle Road • Tucson (Catalina)


520-665-3580 520-833-1404

“Back to Doing Business the FAIR WAY” Air Conditioners l Air Purifiers l Heat Pumps Furnaces l Package Units l Ductless Mini-Splits

Call for an appointment!


Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


We want to thank YOU, our customers, for your support in making this another tremendous year. We look forward to serving you in the New Year!



10 YEAR WARRANTY ON PARTS & LABOR with purchase of a new American Standard system



System must be installed by December 31, 2019


1171 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. #161 Oro Valley, AZ 85755

Satisfied Fairway Customers

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ROC #316583

Barbara “BK” Kittelson SCOV RESIDENT Realtor® I Want to “BEE” Your Agent


520-907-3393 .


email: Barbara Kittelson@azmoves com

YOUR LOCAL TEAM For Buying or Selling Real Estate Roger Angeloni Associate Broker Allie Angeloni Realtor® Team Angeloni Long Realty Company Website Address

Email Addresses Roger’s Cell (520) 989-1583 Allie’s Cell (520) 989-1584

Sun City Residents Knowledgeable Hard Working

Honest Experienced Trustworthy


Schedule your free home evaluation today. ABR, CRS, GRI, Associate Brokers

Sun City Residents

KATHY && RICHARD HARVEY KATHYSpecializing HARVEY in Sun City ABR, CRS, GRI, Associate resales since 1988!Brokers

Sun Residents If youCity want theCity Best, Oro CallValley Us! Specializing in Sun



Sun C

Specia res If you w

homes sincein1988! Specializing Sun City If you want Best call us! resalesthe since 1988! If you want the Best, CallofUs! Full Time Professional Agents with +40 Years Experience! 7330 N. Oracle Rd. Suite #280 520-297-6172 • 800-297-6172 •

Mariposa m 520-297-6172 Charmin Mariposa model with wonderful views! Paid Advertising, Sun City Oro Valley520-297-6172 Tipster, December 2019, Page 48 northeast p Charming, updated home with 800-297-6172 borders common area 800-297-6172 northeast patio,

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