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February 2013

Sun City OroValley It’s More Than Living...It’s a Lifestyle! Candidate Coffees Wednesday, February 6, 9 AM Social Hall/Hopi

Wednesday, February 13, 4:30 PM Social Hall/Navajo Friday, February 15, 1 PM Social Hall/Navajo

Photo by Steve Taillie

See page 4, for Board of Directors Candidates Answers to Questions about SCOV BOD Study Session Thursday, February 14, 9 AM Vistoso Center/Apache BOD Meeting Tuesday, February 26, 9 AM Social Hall/Papago

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Sun City OroValley

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Management Team

Bob Mariani, Manager, 917-8080 Joe Byron, Café Manager, 917-8074 Robin Coulter, .....................Assistant Manager, 917-8070 Mary Cunningham, Com. Area Maint. Sup., 917-8059 Julie Foerster, Resources, 917-8061 Kim Griggs, Golf Professional, 917-8053 Michael Kropf, Course Superintendent, 917-8063 Ken Sandrock, Sup., 917-8078 Pam Sarpalius, Program Director, 917-8077 Randy Trenary, Controller, 917-8060

Support Team

Jim Cundiff, Community Services, 917-8058 Lonnie Davis, Fitness Supervisor, 917-8073 Marnie Goodbody, .....................Librarian, 917-8064 Kim Green, Accounting Assistant, 917-8062 Norma Meyers, Secretary, 917-8065 Kathy Newman, Admin. Specialist, 917-8068 Chris Richard, Coordinator, 917-8069 Coco Sullivan, Coordinator, 917-8072 Social Hall Monitor........................................................................................................... 917-8066 Aquatic & Fitness Center Monitor...................................................................................917-8067

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Mon.-Sun.................................................................................. 9 AM-5PM Children’s Hours: daily ...........................................................Noon-4 PM Except Thu. and Sun........................................... Noon-1 PM and 3-4 PM

Gift Shop of Sun City............................917-8051

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Mon.-Fri..................................................................... 9 AM-Noon, 1-4 PM Sat...........................................................................................9 AM-Noon

Posse................................. 449-0014 or 449-7970 Pro Shop................................................. 825-3110 Golf Info Line.................................................................................825-0322 Mon., Fri., Sat., Sun. ................................................................ 7 AM-5 PM Tue. ......................................................................................... 9 AM-5 PM Wed., Thu. .......................................................................... 7:30 AM-5 PM Driving Range Hours Mon., Fri., Sat., Sun. ................................................................. 7 AM-5PM Tues. ........................................................................................ 9 AM-3 PM Wed. ................................................................................... 7:30 AM-5 PM Thu. .................................................................................... 7:30 AM-3 PM

Social Hall..............................................917-8066

Mon.-Fri................................................................................... 7 AM-9 PM Sat........................................................................................... 9 AM-9 PM Sun.......................................................................................... 9 AM-6 PM

Vistoso Center....................................... 825-3711 After-Hours Emergencies.....................825-1161

If you encounter something in the common areas or golf course needing immediate attention (e.g. a broken irrigation head) and the Administration Office is closed, please report the issue to a building monitor. However, if a situation like this occurs after all the buildings are closed, please contact the emergency line.

Association News From The Board of Directors

Our MISSION as the SCOV Board is to lead in maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Sun City Oro Valley as an active adult community. All Board minutes, agendas and reports are available online and in the SCOV Library. Board meetings are open to residents. What are the Sun City Oro Valley Funds? by Ruth Gitzendanner Recently a resident looked at our financial statements and noted that we have cash and Certificates of Deposit for a little over $6 million. His question to the Board was, “Why do we need an assessment to renovate and expand the sports facility if we have all that money?” SCOV has several sources of income. The primary source is the annual dues paid by homeowners. Other revenue sources are interest, advertising revenues from the Tipster, golf memberships and green fees, activity fees, the AT&T lease and fees paid at the time a home is sold. Income is allocated as appropriate to Operations and the three restricted funds: the Asset Reserve Fund, the Capital Fund and the Contingency Fund. The biggest portion of our dues goes to Operations. This includes salaries of employees, maintenance of our facilities, and other day-to-day expenses. The Asset Reserve Fund holds sufficient money to ensure that funds are available for repair or replacement of community property on a schedule determined by expected useful life. The Capital Fund is the appropriate source of funding for remodeling, additions and improvements to existing facilities and for new construction. When a home is sold, the new owners are required to contribute the equivalent of one year’s homeowners’ dues to the Capital Fund. Rent from the AT&T lease and the Special Assessment go into this fund. The Contingency Fund is intended to provide readily available funding for unforeseen needs and emergencies. The major portion of the funds for the expansion and renovation of the fitness center will come from the Capital Fund. This fund is growing due to the large number of houses selling. The Finance and Budget Committee projects that the balance in the fund will be approximately one million dollars at the end of our fiscal year. The assessment will be allocated to the Capital Fund and provide the majority of the balance of the funds needed for the Fitness Center project. There is a small amount of the Asset Reserve Fund ($117,000) that can be used to pay for a portion of the project costs. If residents opt for the installment method of paying the assessment, we will temporarily borrow construction funds from the Asset Reserve Account. When the payments come in, the Asset Reserve Account will be paid back with interest. There are adequate funds available in the Asset Reserve account to cover this temporary shortfall for construction without jeopardizing funds for other update needs. There are funds in Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013

the Asset Reserve Account set aside to purchase new equipment for the Fitness Center. Note: This article was written prior to the vote for the Fitness Center project and assumes its passage. General Manager - Bob Mariani

Volunteer to Serve on a Committee Last March my Tipster article was about committees and how important they are to Sun City Oro Valley. This year, I thought it may be more effective to send this message in February, so when the committee application forms go out in March, some of you will already be considering on which committee(s) you want to serve. If you haven’t served on a committee or even if you have, it might be difficult for you to realize how much the committee structure means to SCOV. The Board and staff work hard and perform many tasks to help keep the community operating as well as possible. However, the investigations, evaluations and projects that committees undertake equate to a significant portion of the Association’s work. Simply put, without the committees there would be a need for a much larger staff with more expense to the homeowners and the community would not be what it is today. Please consider being part of the solution and volunteering for one or more of our vital committees. The terms of office are May 1–April 30, which means we are beginning to look for interested members to fill openings for our new fiscal year. In addition to ad hoc committees that the Board may appoint from time to time, the committees you are urged to consider joining are: Architectural Review, Community Assistance, Consumer Referral, Active Health, Election, Finance/ Budget, Golf Advisory, Government Affairs, Marketing, Communications, Café, Emergency Preparedness, Nominating, Posse, Properties, and Tipster Editorial. Now is your opportunity to get involved in shaping the future of your community. We urge members to complete and return the committee application form that will be found in the March Tipster, or go to the Association website to complete the form. Depending on the number of responses, we may not be able to place each interested resident on a committee. Our goal, however, is to build a database of interested volunteers who can step into a committee assignment not only now, but also in the future.

Coffee and Conversation

with the General Manager and a Board Member Thursday, February 14, 1 PM, Social Hall/Hopi Wednesday, February 27, 9 AM, Social Hall/Hopi An Informal Exchange of Information


Board Candidates Answer Questions Abou Richard Babin

Cathy Hartrich

What is your personal vision for the future of SCOV?

What is your personal vision for the future of SCOV?

I envision SCOV as a vibrant, active, and engaged community characterized by friendliness, concern and respect for others, and a desire to ensure a high quality of life, including the maintenance of the community’s infrastructure. My vision also includes preserving the community’s sound fiscal position with adequate reserves.

I hope that SCOV will be considered one of the friendliest, active, most affordable, attractive, and well managed Adult Communities in Southern Arizona. I see our club and activity programs expanding to accommodate the many and varied interests and talents of our residents.

Why do you want to serve as a Board Member and what do you feel you will specifically contribute to the Board if elected? I want to serve on the Board of Director because I believe it is important for community members to take part in and share the responsibilities of community governance. I believe I have several skills and qualities that will allow me to contribute to the work of the Board. They include an analytical approach to problem solving, the ability to listen carefully, the ability to ask difficult questions, respect for diverse opinions, a commitment to transparency, a concern for building and maintaining the trust of the community, and a sense of humor. What three goals would you like to help the Board achieve during your term? For some reason, four goals came to mind, so rather than arbitrarily eliminating one I’ll list all four to provide better insight into my thinking. • • • •

Maintain the financial strength of the community by keeping the cost of operations as low as possible, consistent with a high quality of life for residents. Make certain that the community’s infrastructure is properly maintained and updated. Create a positive image for and increase the awareness of SCOV, including The Views Golf Club, in both the Tucson area and nationally. Make certain that there is ample opportunity for residents to communicate their views on community issues to the Board and administration.

Why do you want to serve as a Board Member and what do you feel you will specifically contribute to the Board if elected? I want to see our Board as representative of our Community as possible. I believe more women should participate on the Board as well as residents with business backgrounds. I represent both categories. Being an active member of ones community is a way of giving back while having the opportunity of using ones life experiences to enhance our everyday life. Bringing new ideas and a different perspective to our Board is important in order to keep it vital. Having served on Boards in the past, and with my very diversified background, it gives me an opportunity to contribute new and alternative ideas. I am articulate and believe in open and back-and-forth discussions in order to see different sides of any issue. I serve with honesty, integrity, fairness, and an open mind. What three goals would you like to help the Board achieve during your term? 1 The establishment of a new five to ten year Strategic Long Range Plan. 2 Keeping our standards competitive by continually upgrading our property and capital improvements. Our audio/visual upgrades is one example. 3 Perpetuating the integrity of the past while enhanc ing the development of the future. Keeping in mind that “standing still” is not an affable option for SCOV.

Combined Candidate Coffees*

Wednesday, February 6, 9 AM, Social Hall/Hopi Wednesday, February 13, 4:30 PM, Social Hall/Navajo Friday, February 15, 1 PM, Social Hall/Navajo Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


February 2013, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


ut Sun City Oro Valley Jon Olson

What is your personal vision for the future of SCOV? To assure that Sun City Oro Valley is regarded as the premiere active adult community in Southern Arizona serving its current and future residents by providing first class facilities and activities, while increasing community involvement in the decisionmaking process. Why do you want to serve as a Board Member and what do you feel you will specifically contribute to the Board if elected? SCOV is a unique community. Its residents have diverse interests, values and backgrounds. But we all have an expectation that our Association will be well managed, forward in its thinking, practical in its decision-making and consistent in its direction. I believe that I possess the experience and abilities to help make this happen. I wish to be part of a board that will be responsible and accountable for moving our community forward in accordance with residents’ interests and values. I bring years of experience in nonprofit organizational management with particular expertise in high-level decision-making, a solid fiscal management background, and strong marketing and public relations skills. I have also been both a board member and president of another homeowners’ association. What three goals would you like to help the Board achieve during your term? 1. 2. 3.

To maintain and enhance the community’s strong fiscal position. To maintain our community as the premiere active adult community in Southern Arizona, including its infrastructure, facilities, common areas, programs and activities. To better understand the needs of our members, and to provide information and services that meet them.


There will be no forums this year. Please use the coffees as your opportunity to get to know the candidates. They are eager to hear you’re thoughts for SCOV’s future. Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013

OT Spot H Help Out Today!

The HOT Spot is for the purpose of listing help-wanted ads for various Association and Association Committee tasks. WANTED: The Posse is looking for a resident to join the Posse Board. This member will be responsible for recruiting new members. The successful applicant must be a skilled public speaker and able to develop and execute an effective recruiting strategy. A marketing background is a plus. Contact Del Balston, or 825-9681. WANTED: The Government Affairs Committee needs additional members who are interested in providing unbiased information on candidates for office as well as the activities of Oro Valley and Pima County. We meet monthly and need idea people to think of innovative ideas to engage our citizens. Contact Sally Evert 818-3068 if interested. WANTED: The Properties Committee is looking for a few members in good standing who are interested in helping maintain and improve the Association’s physical facilities. Desired qualifications include technical skills (we would particularly like to add an architect), large facility operations background, and an interest in keeping SCOV facilities at the top end of comparable communities. Contact Jack Evert or 818-3068. WANTED:Personswillingtoleadorfacilitatesupportgroupsinour community: contact Ester Leutenberg Persons willing to facilitate or captain a walking group: contact Del Balston,

The Ultimate Neighborhood Watch Keep our neighborhood safe. Join the Posse.

Call Del Balston 825-9681 or John Njaa 825-5486 today.

Association Committees Committee meetings are open and all residents are welcome to attend. Active Health Committee Chair Judy Bjorling 818-1296

Maybe you’ve resolved to get fit. You’ve started walking and recording your steps. You’re sleeping better. You’re adjusting your diet. What about fun? Why not join us for the First Annual Miniature Golf Tournament Saturday, March 2, 1–4 PM. See Lonnie Davis at the AFC Monday-Friday, February 18–22, to sign up. Participants in teams will play one round of 9-holes. We will offer prizes and refreshments. Speaking of golf, join us Thursday, March 21, 1 PM, Social Hall/Navajo. John Utz, physical therapist and owner of Ultimate Treatment Zone Physical Therapy, will show us how to develop a healthy swing. He specializes in helping golfers understand and improve physical barriers that lead to adverse swing mechanics and/or injury. It’s certain to be a lively program. Did you know there’s a women’s cycle group? Contact resident Donna Mathers 825-4608.


ARC Architectural Review Chair Ric Raynor 520-604-0771 Second and Fourth Tuesdays, 1 PM, Vistoso Center/Yaqui

The ARC would again like to thank residents for working with our committee to maintain and enhance the appearance of our neighborhoods. Upgrading our homes continues to increase all of our property values. The ARC inspects all homes for sale at a time before escrow closing. This process helps to insure new owners will move into a home without Development Standard violations. If you are planning to sell your home, please read the Development Standards and correct problems before listing your residence. If you have questions contact Jim Cundiff 917-8058. Communication Committee Chair Richard Babin 520-989-3321 First Monday, 1 PM, Vistoso Center/Apache CAC Community Assistance Committee Chair George Holthus 818-1042 Carolyn Carson 825-1514 Third Thursday, 4 PM, Vistoso Center/Yaqui

Aluminum Can Donations: Put those aluminum cans to work for SCOV. Deposit only empty, clean aluminum cans in the box outside the Social Hall kitchen. For safety reasons, do not deposit unrinsed cans which attract bees and may become a hazard. Profits fund the equipment for the Loan Room. Please help us by recycling your aluminum cans but placing your trash in your trash containers. CAC volunteers delivered their fifth can load this year to the recycle center; it was 560 pounds which netted $347.20, bringing the year-to-date total poundage to 2,420 pounds and year-to-date revenue is now $1,480. Thanks to all who came out for the Pancake Breakfast. We appreciate your support each year for this fund raiser that helps buy needed items for the Loan Room. We also greatly appreciate the many volunteers who donated their time and effort to cook and serve the Breakfast. Without them, this event would not be possible. Remember, the Loan Room is open Tuesdays and Thursdays to help with your medical or other equipment needs. The hours for this and for the telephone committee which takes your reservations can be found on the inside of the front cover of the Tipster. Consumer Referral Chair Don and Pat Pomeroy 825-1725 Desk Phone 917-8079 Monday-Friday, 9:30-11:30 AM, Social Hall

Here’s how to connect to our online list of vendors: 1. On the home page under the Residents drop-down menu, click on Members Only. 2. Log in with your user name and password. This is also the page where you can create a new account. 3. Click on Log In. 4. Click on the last blue line, Consumer Referral List.

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Election Committee

Coffees, Ballots & Validations With Board elections coming in February, we normally hold candidate forums for you to meet and get to know the candidates. The candidates also hold coffees for the same purpose. This year there are three open Board positions and three candidates. In the interest in using your time and the candidates’ time effectively, the candidates and the Election Committee have agreed to cancel the forums and encourage all residents to attend one or more coffees to meet and dialog with the candidates. There will be three coffees. Wednesday, February 6, 9 AM, Social Hall/Hopi Wednesday, February 13, 4:30 PM, Social Hall/Navajo Friday, February 15, 1 PM, Social Hall/Navajo All three candidates will be at each coffee. They will give brief opening remarks and then respond to your questions. There will be no moderator or time-keeper. It will be informal as coffees have been in the past. Please plan to attend at least one of these coffees! On Tuesday, February 19, the ballot will be mailed to all homeowners. You will be voting for the Board of Directors. There are three positions for Board of Director and three candidates. You may cast three votes. You may ask, as the Committee did, why conduct an election with the equal number of candidates for the number of positions to be filled? This situation will be studied by the Strategic Projects Committee, but currently there is no provision to not hold an election. Also starting in February and continuing through March, the Election Committee will be validating ballots. The ballot validation process is as follows. • Homeowners receive two ballots, a white BALLOT envelope and a blue envelope. Residents mark their ballots, seal them in the white BALLOT envelope and then seal that envelope in the blue envelope on the outside of which they record their name and unit/ lot. This blue envelope is then mailed or placed in the locked ballot box. • On the ballot validation dates, the Election Commit tee removes the blue envelopes from the ballot box. They then cross check the unit/lot and name against the membership list of eligible voters and place a check opposite the eligible voters name to indicate a ballot has been received. If a subsequent ballot is received for the same unit/lot, it is discarded. • Once the ballot has been validated, the blue enve lope is opened and the sealed BALLOT envelope is placed back in the locked ballot box in bundles of 25 to be counted on Tuesday, March 26. This process validates that individuals are eligible to vote (blue envelope with unit/lot and name) and it ensures that the vote is received anonymously (white envelope containing the ballot with no identification). The blue envelopes are kept as well according to the guidelines in the governing documents. All residents are welcome to observe the validation process. See the bulletin board for ballot validation dates. Finance and Budget Chair Tut Tustison 825-9431 Third Monday, 1 PM, Vistoso Center/Apache February 2013, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Gift Shop Co-Chairs Julie Holtry 825-4473 and Sharon Henderson 247-0707 Gift Shop 917-8051 Shop Hours: Monday-Friday 9 AM-4 PM, Saturday, 9 AM-12:30 PM Second Wednesday

Have you stopped in the Gift Shop lately? If you need a little something for your Valentine, the Gift Shop is the place to shop. There something for every taste. Artists of the Month are Jeanne Holek Carney Lewis and Jeanne Carney Lewis Holek. Their items will be on display in the center front window of the Gift Shop during February. Be sure to check the For Your Information column of this month’s Tipster for details regarding registration for the 2013 Arts and Crafts Fair to be held November 2. GAC Government Affairs Committee Chair Sally Evert 818-3068 Second Wednesday 1-2 PM, Yaqui/Vistoso Center

The mission of the Government Affairs Committee is to facilitate communication and interaction with government representatives so that SCOV citizens are empowered and equipped to interact with their elected officials and government employees. This doesn’t mean that the Committee studies and takes positions on candidates or issues. We try to inform and engage you, so that you can hear the issues of candidates, and then communicate with your elected officials. You would be amazed to hear how much the Town of Oro Valley Mayor and Council members want to hear from constituents and how influential your emails/telephone calls/letters can be. Marketing and Publicity Chair Barbara Nye Ross 818-0701 Neighborhood Pride Chair Tempe Johnson 825-6994 Third Tuesday, 2 PM, Vistoso Center/Apache

Look – Prepare and Plan Next time you are out at your mailbox, take a look. Could it use a fresh coat of paint? Perhaps it’s time to paint the pole, box and flag. Check with Consumer Referral for names of people who will do it for you at a nominal cost, if you don’t wish to do the actual painting yourself. Another item that needs mentioning, as it is the responsibility of the homeowner, is raised pedestrian walkways (sidewalks). If the cement is raised where a walker could trip and fall, it needs repair. Take a walk on your sidewalk and take a look. Reminder: all wrought iron perimeter fences in the community need to be painted the weathered brown color by January 1, 2016, so plan ahead. Perhaps you and your neighbor can share in the cost if the fence runs between the two yards. It might be a good idea at least to get a quote now, so you’ll know how to prepare. Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013

Posse Chair Del Balston 825-9681, Vice-Chair John Njaa 825-5486 Meeting First Tuesday, 3 PM, Social Hall/Hopi

A message from a Posse Squad Leader: Marilyn Rego, Co-Leader, Squad C I admire my squad for their willingness to help. They, like me, know that so many things happen in our Community. We are an aging Community and we need more people to get involved to enhance the safety of our neighborhoods. I am asking everyone who reads this to consider lending a helping hand to our Community. Join the Posse. If you are a part-time or fulltime resident, we will appreciate your help in taking the responsibility to help your friends and neighbors. Each squad patrols once every five weeks; it’s not a monthly obligation. If you are a seasonal resident, would you consider volunteering just four times to help our Community while you are here? We’ll set you up with a squad and will make a convenient time for you and your schedule. Properties Chair Jack Evert 818-3068 Third Thursday, 9 AM, Vistoso Center/Yaqui

The subcommittee responsible for dust control in the lapidary room, especially considering gourding activity, has made its recommendation. Initially, the filter bags will be replaced to determine if sufficient additional air flow can be obtained. Depending on those results, we will see if ventilating air flow augmentation is necessary. The nature of the hazards involved from the dusts was forwarded to the gourding committee leadership with recommendations for proper personal respiratory protection. The audio visual improvement subcommittee is developing bid specifications based on users’ and monitors’ suggestions. It will be meeting with qualified bidders to refine the specifications followed by requests for proposals. It is concentrating on the Catalina Vista and Native American rooms initially. Auditorium Audio Visual equipment improvement recommendations will follow. The semi-annual review of Association properties was conducted with the purpose of identifying maintenance deficiencies. Those few found are being tended to by appropriate Association staff. The committee was pleased with the overall condition of our Community assets. SPC Strategic Projects Committee Chair Ted Hood 818-2281 Third Thursday, 3 PM, Desert Oasis/ Aztec

Help Collate



Once a month, residents are needed to insert flyers. Receive your Tipster early and share refreshments with us at the Auditorium. The work is usually performed on the last weekday of the month at approximately 10:45 AM. Call Dave or Tempe Johnson 825-6994.


Sun City Oro Valley SUN CITYCommunity VISTOSO COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, INC. Association Statement of Revenues & Expenses and the Results of Operations

Revenues: Annual H.O. Fees Capital Contribution Fee Golf Revenues Activities Revenues Café Revenues Interest Income Other Income Gross Revenues Asset Reserve Contribution Capital Fund Contribution New Capital Acquisitions Restricted Use Revenues Net Operating Revenues Expenses: Wages & Benefits Cost of Sales Utilities Repair & Maint. Supplies & Expenses Net Operating Expenses Results of Operations

6 Months 2012-13




$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

238,013 10,990 93,618 12,487 49,501 1,988 25,033 431,630

$ 2,478,082 114,485 $ 493,763 $ $ 76,780 $ 260,086 $ 13,056 $ 158,929 $ 3,595,181

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

2,478,082 83,210 503,240 74,800 242,500 6,000 116,639 3,504,471

$ $ $ $ $

(19,937) 411,693

$ (950,000) $ (100,000) $ (15,908) $ (153,409) $ 2,375,864

$ $ $ $ $

(950,000) (100,000) (8,000) (83,210) 2,363,261

$ $ $ $ $ $

235,155 27,339 49,373 13,614 64,803 390,284

$ 1,296,948 $ 165,469 $ 443,707 $ 61,148 $ 431,731 $ 2,399,003

$ $ $ $ $ $

1,326,250 155,458 453,124 78,097 525,944 2,538,873







from last year to the current year. A copy of the report in greater detail can be found at our website, www. ForFor thethe First 6 Months the Fiscal Year For the 6of Months of the Fiscal First 6First Months of the Fiscal Year Year Select the Board Meeting and Financial Information page, scroll to the bottom, and select the month’s financial reports you wish to view. 2012-13 2011-12 2012-13 2011-12 2012-13 2011-12 There are also copies of the monthly Financial State$307,909 $315,025 Pre-Paid Rounds $307,909 $315,025 Pre-Paid Rounds $307,909 $315,025 Pre-Paid Rounds ments and a copy of the Annual Budget for the 2012Resident Daily Rounds $40,287 $24,522 Resident Daily Rounds $40,287 $24,522 Resident Daily Rounds $40,287 $24,522 13 fiscal year in the Library located at the Vistoso Public Daily Rounds $103,741 $69,732 Public Daily Rounds $103,741 $69,732 Public Daily Rounds $103,741 $69,732 Center. If you are interested in more information regarding the Totals $451,937 $409,279 $451,937 $409,279Community’s finances, we encourage you to atTotalsTotals $451,937 $409,279 tend the Finance- Budget Committee meeting which will be held Monday, February 25, 2013 at 1 PM in Above is a summary of the Revenues and Ex- the Vistoso Center Apache Room. If you have any questions, please feel free to email penses and the Results of Operations for the first 6 months of the 2012-13 fiscal year. Also includ- me at or call me ed this month is a chart comparing golf revenues at 917-8060. Randy Trenary, Controller

Golf Course Revenues Golf Course Revenues Golf Course Revenues

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


February 2013, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster


Tipster Editorial Co-Chairs Lou Phillippi 638-6957 Del Salvaterra 834-5146

Writers, submit your articles online for the March issue no later than Friday, February 8. All Tipster contributors, whether experienced or new, are encouraged to attend the remaining submitter writing class, Monday, February 4, 9 AM, Vistoso Center/Apache. To sign up, go to click on News and Info, scroll down to Events. Click on the Tipster Writers Classes and fill out the form. Attendance will make your submission efforts easier and will eliminate surprises when you see your article in print. Before you submit any article, make certain all names are spelled correctly, event dates are correct and all contact numbers and email addresses are accurate. Assistant Manager - Robin Coulter

After Hours Emergencies Water is running from an Association building…what do you do? There are times when residents may spot something that needs to be brought to management’s attention immediately and the Administration Office is closed. What is the process? On page two of every Tipster, bottom right corner, the procedure is listed. It states: “If you encounter something in the common areas or golf course needing immediate attention (e.g., a broken irrigation head) and the Administration Office is closed, please report the issue to a building monitor. However, if a situation like this occurs after all the buildings are closed and no monitor is available, please contact the After-Hours Emergency Line.” Tell a monitor first. If they are not available, call 825-1161. There is a manager on duty that has access to vendors to address emergencies. Please remember this is for emergencies. We are here to help. Programs/Facilities Director - Pam Sarpalius

Flags Many times we receive phone calls about the United States flags at our facilities. Let me first state that weather is the determining factor in flying flags. We do not fly flags during rainy days or days of high winds. It is improper to fly a flag during rain or bad weather; this means for private homes as well. It is also improper to fly a torn or tattered flag. The dry climate of Arizona mixed with high winds, tears our flags easily. We have four main flag poles in the Community, and we replace two to three new flags per pole per year. When should flags be flown at half mast? We have a list from the State of Arizona of certain dates. When an unexpected request comes from the state or local government, it sometimes asks for lowering of the flag for local, state or federal buildings and not for homes or private communities. We take pride in flying our country’s flag. We always want to do what is proper to show respect for the flag and the freedom it stands for.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013

Community Services - Jim Cundiff Office open to meet with residents 10 AM to Noon, Monday-Friday, Vistoso Center 917-8058

Sidewalk Maintenance Did you know SCOV property owners are required to keep their abutting sidewalks in good condition? Below is the Town of Oro Valley Town Code. 7-5-10 Repair of Sidewalk by Abutting Owners A. All owners or agents of owners with property abut ting and fronting upon any plaza, street or alley within the town are required to keep the public side walks immediately abutting their property in good order and repair. Each such owner shall be liable to the town for all losses to the town or recoveries from the town for damages to persons or the property of others caused by his failure or that of his agents to repair and keep in good order and reasonably safe condition all such sidewalks. B. The town may, at its discretion, through the town engineer, notify such owner that repairs are neces sary to put such sidewalk in good order, and such owner shall, within ten days after such notification, under the supervision of the town engineer, com plete such repairs as specified in such notice. If the person fails to make the required repairs, the town may repair same or cause the repairs to be made and bill the owner, and a lien may be placed on the subject property for all the costs incurred, including all fees such as a permit, attorney’s fees, inspection fees, etc. C. A permit shall be required to make repairs pursuant to this section. However, there will be no charge for such a permit unless it is proposed to make a change in the grade, location or dimensions of the sidewalk. Café News

This month the Café is offering four special dinners. Be sure to see the Café section for dates and menus. We are also offering another Cooking Class with Chef Dave. Register early; January’s class was sold out. We are limited to ten students. Fee is $30 pp. The class will be held Tuesday, February 19. See the Coming Events section for the class menu. The Café is offering a chance to receive a free breakfast or lunch if you turn in a comment card. Random comment cards will be drawn monthly and the lucky people will receive a free meal. The December winners are: Shira Carligiani, Aviva Kamin, Susan Conto and Dorothy Bentz. Congratulations and bon appetit. Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library has two excellent events for your enjoyment this Spring: the Books and Authors Luncheon and the Home Tour. Please check the Coming Events section for more details. We always need new members so pick up a membership form and join to keep the Library in great shape.



December Housing Resale Information

Unit # 3 12 12 12 14 17 17 12


For the Month






10 Total sold in 2011 - 123


Welcome New Neighbors Name From Lisa & Kurt Schulz Baldwin, MO Melissa & Jerry Dulgar Oro Valley, AZ Marlene La Fave Oro Valley, AZ Jane & James Adair Sun City Center, FL Susan & Francis Sansone Tucson, AZ Carol & Karl VanBuren Tucson, AZ Phyllis & Robert Ranson Jenison, MI Warren & Dori Hachmeister Rolling Meadows, IL Recreation and Fitness - Lonnie Davis

Easy Ways to Add More Physical Activity Being active doesn’t have to be limited to your workout times. There are plenty of ways to become more active as you go about your day. Always choose stairs over the elevator, park at the far end of the parking lot when arriving at appointments and meetings, walk down every aisle of the grocery store while shopping, and practice balancing skills while standing in line. Do a set of wall pushups while waiting for water to boil, vigorously vacuum, tend to the garden, sweep the sidewalk, rake leaves, lift weights while watching the news and try toe-raises while talking on the phone. Mini Golf Tournament, March 2, 1-4 PM The Active Health Committee is hosting the First Annual Mini Golf Tournament. One round of 9-holes with prizes and refreshments to follow. See Lonnie to sign up at the AFC February 18-22 either as a team or by yourself, and you will be placed on a team. Association-Sponsored Fitness: Purchase a punch card from the receptionist in the Vistoso Center, $13/10 classes. You may use this card for all SCOV-sponsored fitness classes. It can also be used for your guests. There is a drop-in charge if you do not have a punch card. Aqua Zumba®: Tuesdays, 1-2 PM, AFC pool. Cardio Chair Aerobics: Tuesdays, Thursdays, 10:3011:30 AM, Catalina Vista. Sunrisers: Low-impact aerobics class: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 7:15-8:15 AM, Auditorium. Sweat Stretch: Tuesdays, Thursdays, 7:30-9 AM, Auditorium. Water Aerobics: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 1011 AM, AFC pool. Zumba: Tuesdays, 9:15-10 AM, Thursday, 5:15-6:15 PM, Auditorium. Personal Trainer: Call Ray Jerkins 219-3561 to make an appointment. Aquatic & Fitness Center and Desert Oasis: See the Hours of Operation, Tipster, page two. Tuesday, February 12, 7 AM the Aquatic & Fitness Center pool and spa will be closed for cleaning and shock treatment. It will reopen the following morning at Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


the regular time. Wednesday, February 13, the Desert Oasis pool will close at 7 AM for cleaning and shock treatment and will reopen the following morning at the regular time. Special Note from the Aquatic & Fitness Center: Thursday, February 14, 1 PM, an orientation will be held on how to use the gym equipment. Space is limited. See Lonnie Davis or call 917-8073.

Golf Head Golf Professional - Kim Griggs

Make sure to buy your special someone a nice golf gift before February 14. We have a fully-stocked Pro Shop available for your convenience. Also, remember if you are an annual pass holder, you will receive 30% off your purchase and if you are a resident you will receive 15% off. This excludes sale items, golf balls and equipment. The Views Golf Club will be hosting its annual Cure for Cancer Tournament Tuesday, February 19. This is for a very good cause and the money does stay in Tucson. Just a reminder as we are starting to get very busy. Athletic wear, t-shirts, tank tops, short shorts and denim are not permitted when using the golf facilities, this includes the driving range and other practice areas. There will be no frost delay on the 11:30 AM shot gun on Tuesdays. In mid-January, we will be conducting a beginners golf school. We had tremendous response to the offer, and the class filled up quickly. Another Beginner’s Class will be offered in the near future. More details to come. Superintendent - Michael Kropf

The golf course continues to be in very good condition. The fairways, tees and greens are green and beautiful. Now that the roughs are completely dormant, the brown really outlines and enhances the green colors. However, the better the overall condition of the course, the more the little blemishes stand out. Most of these blemishes are the result of golfers not following basic golf etiquette. One of the biggest problems continues to be ball marks on the greens. The grass on the greens is growing very slowly with the cold temperatures, so the ball marks can’t heal as quick. Golfers really need to fix their ball marks so the greens can continue putting smooth and true. Another problem is divots. Golfers are confused with the proper repair procedure with divots in the fairways. In the winter when the weather is cool, the actual divot can be replaced back in the fairway. The divot will actually heal quicker than using divot mix, but if the divot is destroyed during impact, then divot mix should be used. However, in the summer when the weather is hot, the divot mix is the best option because the Bermuda grass will fill the divot quickly. Concentrate on following proper golfing etiquette by fixing your own ballmark as well as one more, replac-


February 2013, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

ing or fixing divots on tees and fairways, and properly raking traps. By following these basic rules, the golf course can be in great condition for everybody during the peak season. Golf Advisory Chair Preston Sheriff 825-3101 First Wednesday, 2 PM, Vistoso Center/Apache

The holidays are over for another year, and our guests have returned home. Remember that your guests need to adhere to the golf course rules for their safety. Nongolfers were observed walking dogs, playing games on the course and walking on frost-covered fairways. A special thank you to all the 9-Hole Men’s Club volunteers that repair ball marks and fill divots on Tuesday mornings before the shotgun start. We should all do the same when we play. Kim Griggs has asked that all club members sign up for league play at least 48 hours prior to their play date. This will help the Pro Shop staff to prepare for the league without last minute changes. There are always things that come up; let the Pro Shop know as early as possible if you will or will not play. The Views 18-Hole Men’s Golf Club Pres. Dave Heaps 818-6691 Membership Dick Boss 638-6644 Play: Wednesdays

The next Bash will be Wednesday, February 27, Social Hall. Tickets will be sold at the Pro Shop prior to the Bash. No tickets will be sold at the door. Our next tournament of the 2013 season will be The Club Championship, Wednesday, March 20, Saturday, March 23, and Wednesday, March 27. This is individual stroke play and low net. Sign up now to play in this event. Keep updated on your qualifying points for The Views Cup. They are posted on the bulletin board. This event will be played in April. The crown jewel event of the year is our Member/ Guest tournament to be held Wednesday and Thursday, April 17 and 18. This tournament will have many exciting gifts and prizes along with great food and social events. Ask a guest and sign up now for this fun event. Men’s 9-Hole club members are welcome as guests. If you do not have a guest we will try to find you one. Contact Preston Sheriff or Gary Graber. If you know someone new to our Community or outside of our Community who enjoys playing golf, forming new friendships, and having fun, invite them to join our Men’s Club.

Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club Pres. Jon Olson 818-3705 Membership Jack Saatkamp 825-4376 Play: Thursdays, 8:30 AM Meeting second Thursday, Social Hall/Navajo after play

A reminder to all members to arrive and check in one-half hour prior to play to allow the Pro Shop time to confirm/adjust pairings. Also, the Pro Shop has requested golfers to bring small denomination bills to pay for prizes, i.e. $1’s or $5’s rather than $10’s or larger bills. The twice-delayed pulled-pork BBQ will be held after the monthly meeting February 14, Social Hall/Navajo Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013

Room. This has become an annual event hosted by Jack Saatkamp, Membership Chairman. The Guys and Dolls Golf Tournament on January 17 was deemed a huge success. The annual event was hosted by The Views Womens’ 9-Hole Golf Club. The tournament was followed with a luncheon and awards ceremony. It is not too early to begin planning for the annual tournament to be held each Thursday in April. More about this event in the March and April Tipsters. All men, including nonresidents, are welcome to join the Club. Call Jack Saatkamp.

The Views Women’s Golf Club Pres. Mary Ellen Tovatt 616-788-3501 Membership Nancy Larson 989-0453 Play: Tuesdays

The Views 9-Hole Women’s Golf Club Pres. Sharon Heaps 818-6691 Membership Kate Young 248-0030 Play: Thursdays

The Annual Chili Party will be held following golf, February 5, 4-6 PM, Auditorium, $5 pp. Please sign up in our binder in the Pro Shop. Cut off date Friday, February 1. This year’s Cure for Cancer Golf and Tennis Tournaments will be hosted by The Views Women’s Golf Club. The Tennis Round Robin Tournament will be held Monday, February 18. There will be both an 18-Hole and a 9-Hole golf event on February 19 with an 11:30 AM shotgun. The joint tennis/golf Awards Cocktail Party will follow golf, 4-6 PM, Social Hall/Navajo. Price to be announced. Sign up in our binder in the Pro Shop. Cut off date Tuesday, February 12. Several fund raising events are planned and all proceeds benefit the UofA Foundation/Arizona Cancer Center. Non-participant donations are welcome. Check your Listserv and the bulletin board for additional details or contact Chairman Ruth Bonfiglio 825-7794, The President’s Cup and Solheim Cup matches are in progress. Check the bulletin board for results. Good luck to all players!

The shotgun starts 8:30 AM with check-in by 8 AM. With the colder weather, be sure to call the frost line to check for delays, 825-0322. The club name has been changed to The Views 9-Hole Women’s Golf Club. Check the event book for the upcoming events. We are hosting the Golfing for the Cure tournament Tuesday, February 19.

Pass Holder Benefits

This month all The Views Golf Club Annual Pass Holders entered to win

Golf Package Drawing 2 Accenture Wkly Tickets Not a Pass Holder?

Call Kat at 917-8068 to get the details on being an annual pass holder.


Sun City Vistoso Foundation

Coming Events

The Sun City Vistoso Community Foundation, a separate and independent organization from the Association, established in 1998, provides a means through which tax-deductible gifts may be channeled to support qualified health, cultural, educational and charitable needs of Sun City Oro Valley and surrounding areas. Gifts may be made at any time by check, stocks or gifts in-kind to the Foundation, 1565 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85755. Pres. Shirley Chorney 825-8502

Items included in this section must be open to all residents and be either an Association-sponsored or an annual club event of interest to the entire community.

The Foundation mission is to improve the quality of life for active adults in Sun City Oro Valley and the surrounding areas through tax-deductible channels. The Foundation is made up of SCOV residents serving three-year terms without compensation. Please visit our website Save this date, Friday, March 22, for a great workshop, Choices For Life Style Changes. A donation to the Foundation is a wonderful way to honor life-cycle events: birthdays, anniversaries and memorials.

Café Specials February Special Dinners Coupons may not be used for these dinners.

Friday, February 8, 4:30-6:30 PM Pot Roast, $12.95 pp

Delicious pot roast served with garlic mashed potatoes, fresh carrots, roll and butter. This does not include beverage or dessert. Reservations are required. Call 825-3277. An 18% gratuity will be added to your dinner bill. Wednesday, February 13, 4:30-6:30 PM Endless Soup and Salad, $6.50 pp

Your choice of soups: creamy tomato basil, split pea or beef stew served with tossed green salad and bread sticks. This does not include beverage or dessert. No reservations are required. A gratuity will not be added to your bill, so please tip your server accordingly. Friday, February 22, Surf or Turf Dinner, 4:30-6:30 PM Baked Tilapia or Roast Sirloin $15.95 pp

Baked tilapia topped with a mango pineapple salsa cooked to perfection or roast sirloin smothered in a Bordelaise sauce. Either entree will be served with a baked potato, tossed salad, roll and butter. This does not include beverage or dessert. Reservations are required. Call 825-3277. An 18% gratuity will be added to your dinner bill. Wednesday, February 27, 4:30-6:30 PM Endless Pasta Night, $8.95 pp

The offerings include your choice of spaghetti with meatballs, Italian sausage, or linguini with white clam sauce, served with bread sticks and tossed green salad. Beverage and dessert are not included. No reservations are required. A gratuity will not be added to your bill, so please tip your server accordingly. Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Special Events for Clubs

See Club article for full details.

SCOV Strummers,Ukulele Concert, Fri., Feb. 1, 3 PM, Bookman’s on Speedway Kactus Kickers, Javelina Valentine Hoedown, Fri., Feb. 8, 6 PM, Auditorium Dinner ‘N Show, The Hit, Sat., Feb. 9, lunch Texas Road House

Sun City Singles, Dinner, Thu., Feb. 14, 5:30 PM, Social Hall/Navajo Villanellas, Hearts and Roses Dance, Friday, Feb. 15, 6:30 PM, Auditorium Scandinavian Heritage, Dinner, Sat., Feb. 23, 5:30 PM, Social Hall/Navajo Day Trippers, Free Wild Horse Casino Trip, Mon., Feb. 25 Dinner ‘N Show, Memphis, Wed., Feb. 27, Centennial Hall, UofA

Sun City Singles, Happy Hour, Fri., Feb. 22, 5:30 PM, Social Hall/Navajo Day Trippers, Big Room Tour, Kartchner Caverns, Tue., Mar. 12

Emerge! Auxiliary, Annual Luncheon & Style Show, Fri., Mar. 15, Auditorium Rock ‘N Roll Club, Dance Party, Sat., March 16, 7 PM, Auditorium Friday, February 1, 1-3 PM, Auditorium Club Fair

Thinking of joining a club? Come to the annual Club Fair and meet club representatives from the clubs of SCOV. Saturday, February 2, Doors open 6:30 PM, Auditorium The Desert Sun String Band

All bluegrass lovers should come to see one of Tucson’s top bluegrass groups. Your toes will be tapping and there will be a smile on your face. Dress in western clothes if you like. Doors open 6:30 PM, show 7 PM. Cabaret seating, BYOB and bring a snack. Tickets on sale at Vistoso Center, $12 pp. Friday, February 8, 10:30 AM The Fountains Lunch and Tour

The Fountains bus will take SCOV residents to lunch and a tour of their facilities. Their bus will be in the Café parking lot at 10:30 AM. No reservations are needed. There is space for 22 riders. The bus leaves promptly at 10:30 AM, returning about 2 PM. Tuesday, February 12, 10 AM, Social Hall/Navajo Tucson Museum of Art Talks

Docents Kay Jensen and Ava Brook will speak to us on the subject Beads As Art. We hope you can join us. Refreshments are served. No reservations required. Questions call Rudi Punzmann 825-2147. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, February 12, 13 and 14

Cure for Cancer Chipping Challenge - The Views Golf Course

Join fellow golfers at this fund-raising event for the Cure for Cancer golf and tennis tournaments. Proceeds benefit the UofA Foundation/Arizona Cancer Center. All are welcome. Tuesday, February 12, 10:30-11:30 AM Wednesday, February 13, 7:30-8:30 AM; Noon-1 PM Thursday, February 14, 7:30-8:30 AM; 10:30-11:30 AM


February 2013, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Sunday, February 17, 2 PM, Social Hall/Navajo The Natural Wonders of Costa Rica and Panama

Charles Hackenbrock, PhD, will present a great digital adventure into the rain forests of Costa Rica and Panama. Look deep into the sunless low forests, see active volcanos, navigate rivers in search of spectacular living wonders seldom seen and live with native tribal people in remote forest regions. A great presentation of live fauna and animals. There is no charge for this event. Tuesday, February 19, SCOV Cafe Cooking Class, 3:30 PM Dave’s Cooking Class, $30 pp

Only 10 spots are available, so register early. Please pay the $30 fee, cash or check, upon registering. The menu will be: baked tilapia topped with a mango pineapple salsa, couscous and fresh stir-fried green beans. For dessert we will whip up almond cheesecake. Students get to take their class project meal home to eat. Friday. February 22, 9 AM - Noon, Social Hall Health and Wellness Fair

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with health professionals and visit the tables of products regarding health. This event is always a big draw for our Community because so much information is available along with many handouts. There is no charge for this event. Saturday, February 23, 7 PM, Auditorium Meadowlark

It’s been quite a while since Meadowlark has appeared here. This duo of flute and guitar bring a new age program to us. Meadowlark appears mostly in Sedona, so we are lucky to have them in our own Auditorium. Doors open 6:30 PM, show 7 PM. Theater seating, no food or drinks.

Tickets on sale at Vistoso Center, $12 pp

Tuesday, February 26, Noon, Auditorium Books and Authors Luncheon

We are honored this year to have two distinguished writers as our speakers: Pulitzer Prize winner Philip Caputo, and Sharon Rezac Andersen, both of whom will give us views into worlds with which we are largely unfamiliar. Mr. Caputo, whose work includes both fiction and non-fiction, will present his novel, Crossers. It is the compelling story of an act of generosity which sets off a flood of events which serve as a reminder that we can’t escape our history. Since his accomplishments are numerous, refer to his website for more information. Ms. Andersen will present her non-fiction work: The Burden of Knowing: A Journey of Friendship and the Power of Truth in Nicaragua. On a study tour in 1983 she and a friend put themselves in harm’s way to learn the surprising truth about the Sandinistas, and came away with a belief that we need to be cautious of the media’s infotainment tendencies. Call Ann Feeney 818-0340. Tickets sales: Monday, February 4, Friday, February 8, Tuesday, February 12, Thursday, February 14, 9 AM-Noon, Social Hall/Lobby Tuesday, February 19 and Wednesday, February 20, 9 AM-Noon, Library Lobby. $25 pp. Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013

Saturday, March 2, 1-4 PM Active Health Miniature Golf Tournament

Join us at the SCOV miniature golf course for one round of 9 holes with prizes and refreshments to follow. See Lonnie Davis to sign up Monday through Friday, February 18-22 at the Aquatic Fitness Center, either as a team or by yourself, and you will be placed on a team. Saturday, March 16, Home Tours, 10 AM-3 PM Friends of the Library Fund Raiser

This Home Tour is similar to the wildly popular Home Tour the Friends of the Library hosted in 2011. Ten to twelve homes of different models will be showcased, all of which have undergone significant remodeling. Residents can gain new insights into what can be changed in their homes or just enjoy the creativity of their fellow residents. Call Ann Feeney 818-0340. Tickets on sale Monday, February 4, Friday, February 8, Tuesday, February 12, Thursday, February 14, 9 AM-Noon, Social Hall/Lobby Tuesday and Wednesday, February 19-20, 9 AM-Noon, Library Lobby. $20 pp; $15 pp for members of the Friends of the Library. Tickets are limited and will be sold on a first come first served basis to residents and their guests only. Sunday, March 24, 2 PM, Auditorium Tucson Symphony Orchestra Percussion Ensemble

Many requests are received for this group to appear in SCOV. Remember, percussion is not just banging on drums. You will be surprised and entertained by this ensemble from the Tucson Symphony. Doors open 1:30 PM. Tickets sales start February 22, Vistoso Center, $14 pp Saturday, March 30 Annual Courtyard Sale

Start to accumulate your treasures and turn them into cash. There will be more details in the March Tipster issue and on the Bulletin Boards as the date nears. Tables will go on sale about a week before the sale.

To honor Tucson’s Rodeo wear your Western duds Feb. 16-24 Golf Course dress code still in effect - no jeans





AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) Classes

Classes are held the fourth Wednesday of each month, 1:30 PM, Vistoso Center/Yaqui. Lonnie Davis teaches these classes. You could save the life of a loved one or friend by taking this class. Call Lonnie to sign up for the February 27 class 825-3711 ext 136. Basic Photography

Starting Friday, February 1, the Vistoso Photo Club is offering a course in Basic Photography to all SCOV residents. For details and to make reservations, call instructor Rudi Punzmann 825-2147. Space is limited. Clay Club Orientation Class Schedule

Clay Club Orientation class dates/times determined when several have signed up. Clay Club Workshop Schedule: Thu., Feb. 21, 1 PM Hand Built Mugs taught by Tamara Sanderson $1 donation for materials. Tue., Mar. 5, 10 AM Warrior workshop taught by Alice Bies. Computer Talk

Open to all in SCOV. Our speaker will be Christina Buckles, Technology Librarian at the OV Public Library. Her talk is entitled: Learn about all that the Oro Valley Public Library has to offer for free! Sunday, February, 17, 2 PM, Catalina Vista/Yavapai. Gin Rummy

This year-round workshop is at George and Beverly Riley’s home. All skill levels are welcome. We practice playing, discuss the standardized game rules of Sun City Oro Valley, as well as scoring, etiquette and skill tactics. Couples and singles invited. No fee or dues. Call 818-0877. ILR (Institute of Learning in Retirement) Samplers

Thursdays, 2-4 PM, Catalina Vista. No sign-up or fees. All are welcome. Feb. 7 Feb. 14 Feb. 21 Feb. 28 Mar. 7

Cowboy Poetry, Dr. Donald Piele A Valentine Bouquet of Important Information About Your Medicines, Dr. Rick Herrier South Africa: From Apartheid to a Non-Racist Democracy Jack Lasseter Pleasures of Poetry V, Ann Ellsworth and Adrian Korpel Preview and Sign-Up for ILR Fall Classes Parkinson’s Exercise Classes

Exercise classes are held every Monday and Thursday, 4 PM, Vistoso Center/Apache, $10/class or $50/ month. Spouse or caretaker is welcome at every class. Call Ray Jerkins 219-3561. Photo Workshops

See Photo Workshop club for complete details. Sessions are held the first Wednesday of the month, 6:30 PM, Social Hall/Papago. All sessions are designed to

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


be appropriate for novice through expert levels. To receive reminders, contact or David Smoler 818-7880. QiGong Classes

QiGong Class Wednesdays, 6:30 PM, Social Hall/Dance Studio, $7 per class, first class free. QiGong exercises developed by Joe Pinella are similar to physical therapy exercises. Adapted for people with arthritis, chronic pain, stiffness, heart disease and cancer, these very simple, effective, techniques actively engage the body’s own healing systems. They have helped people lessen their pain, regain more movement, increase their energy, and live a better quality of life. Sponsored by Natural Health and Wellness Club. clubs/healthwellness. Spring Spanish Language Classes

Continuing Beginners: Tuesdays, 12:30-2 PM; Intermediate Walk: Tuesdays, 10-11:30 AM; Intermediate Jog: Thursdays, 12:30-2 PM; Advanced: Thursdays, 10 AM-Noon. Tuesday classes begin February 5 and Thursday classes begin February 7. All classes end the week of April 22. Classroom information will be forthcoming. Advanced classes cost $125. All others cost $100. Continuing Beginners classes assume that you have some knowledge of Spanish. All who are interested, please contact the instructor, Susan Sotelo, or 327-8267.

For Your Information The items contained under this heading are provided as a service to residents. SCOVCA assumes no responsibility or liability for the information contained therein. AARP Drivers Safety Program (DSP)

Wednesday, February 13, 1-5 PM, Vistoso Center/ Apache. Pre-registration is required. Limited to 25 students. To register call Coco Sullivan 917-8072. $12 for AARP members, $14 non-AARP members. This is a classroom course designed for older drivers. Learn defensive driving techniques, new laws, how to adjust your driving habits to age-related changes in vision, hearing and reaction time. Many insurance companies provide a multi-year discount for completing this course (check with your insurance provider). AARP Tax Assistance

Trained and experienced AARP tax counselors will provide free assistance for electronically-filed federal and Arizona state tax returns, by appointment only, Saturdays, February 2 through April 13, 9 AM-Noon, Vistoso Center. Bring 2011 return; 2011 W-2s; interest, dividend, broker and pension 1099s; social security 1099s; receipts and cancelled checks if itemizing deductions; and any other pertinent tax information needed to prepare an accurate return. AARP tax preparation appointments can be made by calling Sandy Fritz 818-9683 or by stopping at the Vistoso Center Saturdays starting February 2, 9:30-10:30 AM. Please do not call Association staff with tax questions.


February 2013, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

American Red Cross Blood Drive

Valentine’s Day is a time when thoughts turn to giving flowers and candy. Why not include giving blood? Together we can spread hope and give something meaningful on this holiday. The need is constant, and the gratification is instant. Please donate blood. Sun City’s next drive is Thursday, February 14, 8-11 AM, Auditorium. To schedule an appointment, call the Red Cross 1-800-448-3543 or visit Keebler will provide sweets at the refreshment table. Costume Closet

Please contact Lynne Newbauer 818-3516 or Marty Siracusa 825-6961 to schedule an appointment if you would like to borrow from the Costume Closet. Saturday afternoon works best. Remember, a donation is needed to keep this asset going, so please help out if you use the Closet. Cure for Cancer

This year’s Cure for Cancer Golf and Tennis tournaments will be hosted by The Views Women’s Golf Club. All proceeds benefit the UofA Foundation/ Arizona Cancer Center. If you would like to make a nonparticipant donation to this very important cause, call Chairman Ruth Bonfiglio 825-7794, Make your checks payable to UAF/Arizona Cancer Center. Donate Your Old Cell and Smart Phones

The SCV Emerge! Auxiliary wants to thank the many folks who have donated their cell or smart phones. We are still looking for used phones with chargers. Phones will be set for 911 calls only and will be used exclusively by participants in cooperation with Emerge! Center for Abuse. Unused phones will be recycled and the money donated to Emerge! Call Nancy Williams 818-3178 for drop-off.

We can never say thank you enough: for the friend who knew Anne needed an ambulance and literally saved her life, the Oro Valley Hospital and doctors, who put forth heroic efforts that pulled her back from the brink of death, and cared for her during a five-week hospitalization, and the many friends and neighbors who provided cards, flowers, gifts, concern and respite care so Bob could go to work. This is indeed a loving community. Bob & Anne Davis We wish to express our sincere thanks to our many friends and neighbors in Sun City Oro Valley who offered their time, care and concern during Mary’s long illness and passing. The Green Tree ‘family’ was especially amazing in their assistance to us during this difficult time. The Family of Mary Hackenbrock I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of my family, friends and neighbors for the outpouring of support since Herb’s passing. While I have long known of the wealth of compassion associated with being a part of this community. Your calls, cards and thoughts brought much comfort. Thank you all. Sis Jones During our time of sorrow we would like to thank everyone for the kindness,support and friendship provided to our father, Ronald Stein, during his time in Sun City Oro Valley. The Stein Family I wish to thank all our friends and neighbors for their love and kind acts of giving cards, food and support during Raymond’s last days of sickness and passing. We are very grateful to you all. Donna Willard, Michael and David

SCOV Gift Shop Arts & Crafts Festival 2013 Registration

The Arts & Crafts Festival will be held this year on Saturday, November 2. Registration for the event will be Monday, February 25, 9-10 AM and Thursday, February 28, 2-3 PM, Social Hall/Navajo. Registration forms will be available in the Gift Shop Friday, February 1. This is a great Sun City Oro Valley event which attracts people from all over the Tucson area. Sun City Quilters, Quilt Show registration

Monday, February 4, and Friday, February 8, 9 AM-Noon, Social Hall Lobby. See club article for more details.

Thank You Corner This section allows residents to express thanks to the community. Articles should not exceed 50 words and should not contain thanks to specific persons.

A big thank you to all in Sun City Oro Valley friends and neighbors for your condolences on Ralph’s passing. Especially all who attended the memorial and for all the sympathy cards. From his grateful wife Marion Casalino Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013

Memoriam To record the passing of a current or former resident call 917-8065 or complete a Tipster form located in the Vistoso Center. Residents

Ralph Casalino Kenneth Wingo Raymond Willard Alberta Gibson Duane Walstead Herb Jones Ronald Stein Mary Hackenbrock Hugh Lowery Bobbye Wood

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October 6 November 1 November 26 December 4 December 17 December 17 December 23 December 24 January 15 January 20


Clubs Aqua Tone Marcia Polley 818-9073 Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, 10 AM, Aquatic & Fitness Center/Pool Art League Co-Pres. Dave Dame 825-7430 Judy Bjorling 818-1296, Colored Pencil Club Peggy Webb 825-2731 or Betty Sarr 825-7801 October 1-May 15, Fridays, 9 AM-1 PM, Catalina Vista Etching - Printmakers Vickie Von Elbe 825-1329 Fridays, 9 AM, Catalina Vista/Art Fine Arts Studio Pres. Mellanie Herbert 825-2258 Wednesdays, 9 AM, Catalina Vista/Art

Our studio represents the best artists in our community. Work-at-home artists are welcome to visit us on Wednesday mornings to just see and feel the earnest vibrancy of our little community. We’ll make you feel at home. We supply lots of artsy information, encouragement and camaraderie. We are currently painting pieces for our next Social Hall theme show in March, Patterns in Nature. Oil Painting - Art Made Easy Merle Broadbent 818-0098 Mondays, 9 AM-Noon, Catalina Vista/Tohono

Visit the Social Hall during the month of February to view paintings done by the members of our group. Sculpture Gene Eckebrecht 825-2419 Mondays, 9 AM-5 PM , Catalina Vista/Art Studio

We came, we saw, we sculpted! We’re a teaching club and will guide new members through all steps necessary to create a clay sculpture. Come visit us on Monday mornings. We’ll demonstrate our art form to you.

Watercolor John Ebert 818-1830 Registration Irma Franke 825-1198 Tuesdays, Thursdays, 9 AM-4 PM, Catalina Vista/Art

Bob Jennette, Sun City Oro Valley artist and resident, will present a watercolor workshop Painting Outside the Lines. This is a positive approach to negative painting by concentrating on the space around the shapes in a design. The workshop will present an alternative approach to the ways participants paint, not to replace it but add a fresh look at the images they use. The workshop will be held Tuesdays, February 19, 26 and March 5, 9 AM-Noon. Fee $70 for three sessions. To reserve a place, call Irma Franke 825-1198. Henry Miller suggests that we, “Develop interest in life as you see it; in people, things, literature, music -- the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls, and interesting people.” Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Arthritis Water Club Pres. Dawn Simske 825-0907 Sec. Ruth Hofstetter 825-8990 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 1:30 PM, Aquatic & Fitness Center/Pool

Annual business meeting, Sunday, March 17, 2-4 PM, Catalina Vista/Pima. Dues $4/yr and will be collected at the meeting. Refreshments will be served. Come join us for gentle water exercise specifically designed by the Arthritis Foundation to help with the range of motion and to relieve stiffness and pain. These exercises are great for arthritis, fibromyalgia, replaced hips and knees, etc. Our resident volunteer instructors, Dawn Simske and Helen Kirk, are Arthritis Foundation trained.

Astronomy Pres. Bob Mc Pherson 825-0097 October-May, Third Thursday, 7 PM, Social Hall/Navajo

Note: The February meeting will be held at the Catalina Vista/Yavapai. The February speaker will be Dr. Faith Vilas, highly acclaimed in Planetary Science, former director of MMT on Mt. Hopkins, and current Director of the Planetary Science Institute’s Atsa project. Dr. Vilas will speak to us about Atsa, which will use crewed suborbital commercial spacecraft with a specially designed telescope to provide low-cost space-based observations above the contaminating atmosphere of the Earth. Our amazing universe is revealed every Thursday via classes in the Kachina Lounge from 4-5 PM. Visitors and nonmembers are welcome to attend the meeting and the videos. Barbershop VLQ (Very Large Quartet) - Kactus Krooners Mike Moyer 818-6509 October-May, Mondays, 11 AM-Noon, Desert Oasis

Love those barbershop harmonies? Got a song in your heart? Want to hear and feel and learn what it’s like to blend your voice with others barbershop style? Come join this mixed (men and women) a cappella chorus in song for just one hour every Monday. Great way to start each week. SCOV visitors welcome. There is strength in numbers, the more the merrier. Bible Study Men’s Bible Study Fred Gustin 825-7531 Bill Moeller 825-8695 October-May, Tuesdays, 7:30 AM, Catalina Vista

We will be studying Jesus’ Private Ministry to His Followers found in the Gospel of John, Chapters 13 through 17. Please join us. Precept Women’s Bible Study Linda Miller 818-2716 or Pat Gustin 825-7531 October-April, Wednesdays, 8:45 AM, Vistoso Center/Apache

We will begin a new 10-week series on the Sermon on the Mount February 13. This would be a perfect time for newcomers to join this caring group of women who love to study the bible and pray for one another.


February 2013, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Bike Club - Vistoso Cyclists Don Piele 520-302-5321 Pres. Tom Meyer 612-791-1791 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Mountain View Plaza

On the western edge of Sun City Oro Valley, the Lost Coyote Trail is a dirt road that runs North and South where we have access to new trails and roads to explore on mountain bikes. The Vistoso Cyclists now offer an offroad ride option on Wednesdays, exploring the beautiful car-free trails in our own backyard to the North and West. The views from these trails of the Catalina Mountains are spectacular. This option is in addition to the regular road bike options offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 9 AM at the Mountain View Plaza. New riders are always welcome. We have three levels of riders, and no one is left behind. See our website for the current ride schedule and routes. Billiards Ray Hicks 825-2214 Monday-Friday, Noon-4 PM, Catalina Vista/Billiards

Sunday afternoon, December 2 saw all the tables in use as our latest tournament and potluck took place. The first place winners were Howard George and Tony Kulpa. Terry Henrichs and Clyde Cottrell tied for second place. The potluck followed, and no one left hungry. Jozsef Mohacsi has mended from foot problems. Jim Cook has sold his home and plans to relocate to the Phoenix area. Jim was always very involved with the Billiards Club activities and will be missed. Our next scheduled tournaments will be Tuesday, February 5 and Sunday, February 24. We are seeing some new faces at the pool room. Hopefully we will see yours. Bocce Pres. Karl Dalla Rosa 825-1982 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 2 PM, Bocce Courts

Sorry for the error in the date for our Pizza Party in last month’s Tipster. We are having our party on Friday, February 8, 5 PM. The cost is $5 pp and $7 pp for guests. Rosemary will collect for both the $5 club dues and for the pizza party all this month. We are looking forward to seeing all our members there. Weather permitting, we have been having some good times on the bocce court. Join us and see how much fun it can be. Hope to see you all for some of Dave’s great pizza, our 50/50 raffle and of course our fun Bingo game.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013

Birders Group Marjorie Flory 825-4580 First Friday, 4 PM, Catalina Vista

A cold winter monring at Catalina State Park.

All residents are welcome to bird with us and attend our planning meeting February 1. You must contact the group coordinator prior to Noon the day before the trip to assure your carpool space. Meet at the parking area behind the Vistoso Center 15 minutes before the departure time. Bring lunch where indicated. Don’t forget binoculars, hat, water, sunscreen and bird guidebook. Gas money will be collected before departure from SCOV. Tue., Feb. 5, 7:30 AM Sweetwater Ponds. Diane Harris 395-1714. $3 carpool. Thu., Feb. 14, 8 AM Catalina State Park. Marj Flory 825-4580. $2 car pool. Thu., Feb. 21, 7:30 AM Agua Caliente Park and Woodland Road. Roger and Maggie Hinkle 818-9488. Take lunch. $5 carpool. Wed., Feb. 27, 6 AM Patagonia Lake. Max Haegele 818-9178. Take lunch. $12 carpool. Fri., Mar. 8, 6:30 AM Gilbert Water Ranch. Shirley Piplani 825-428. Take lunch. $13 carpool. Book Clubs Book Club Lillian Vittenson 825-5522 Eileen Rotman 825-5434 First Monday, 1:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pima

Linda Piele will lead our February 4 discussion of Queen of America by Luis Alberto Urrea, a fictional account of the further adventures of Teresita who flees revolutionary Mexico and struggles to find her rightful place across the border. Next month we’ll move back in time and across the ocean to Hitler’s Germany and Erik Larson’s In the Garden of the Beasts, the true story of William Dodd’s appointment as ambassador in 1933. Larson has delved into all sorts of historical details, personal and public, to provide an in depth picture of what was taking place at this pivotal point in time. Jan Linn will lead what promises to be an intriguing discussion. Newcomers and visitors are welcome.


Great Books Pres. Barbara Gates 825-7645 VP Sharyn Rafieyan 825-6762 October-May, First and Third Wednesdays, 2 PM, Catalina Vista/Tohono

By general consensus, the group has determined to discuss even the longer works in this year’s book selection as a whole rather than in smaller parts with different leaders. As a result, all of David Grossman’s Momik was tackled in January with a team of leaders. February 6 we will reflect on all of Annie Dillard’s An American Childhood with Marge Chase and Mary Marks as our guides. Dillard’s memoir of growing up in Pittsburgh in the 1950s should resonate with many of a similar age although the focus is not only on her personal awakenings but also her growing attentiveness to her natural surroundings as well as the history that shaped her city. February 20 Barbara Gates will facilitate our understanding and appreciation of William Wordsworth’s well-known poem Intimations of Immortality from Recollection of Early Childhood. Newcomers are welcome to participate in our discussions and partake of our refreshments.

Bowling - Pathfinders Blake Napper 818-2718 Mondays, 9:30 AM, Fiesta Lanes (River and Oracle Rd.) Bridge

Duplicate Bridge Pres. Nancy Mason 825-7015 Mondays, 6 PM; Fridays, 12:30 PM, Social Hall/Papago

Annual dues $8 pp are payable now. Please be present at least 10 minutes before play begins, so we can start on time. Bring exactly $1 pp for prize money each time you play. Residents may play twice before joining. Renters with an Association renter’s card are welcome to join. Guests of residents may play only twice in a year. We are not an ACBL sanctioned club and do not award master points. Ladies Monday Social Bridge Pres. Marilyn Smoler 818-7880 Mondays, Noon, Social Hall/Navajo

Join us every Monday with a fun loving group of women. We look forward to seeing you. Ladies Wednesday Bridge Pres. Marilyn Smoler 818-7880 Wednesdays, Noon, Social Hall/Hopi

We are well on our way playing bridge and having a good time in the new year. If you care to join us, we’d be glad to have you. Tallies are 50¢. Play begins at 12:25 PM. June Jaeger 818-9564

Marathon Bridge

The Marathon begins each year in October. If you’d like to join next year call June.

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Mixed Social Bridge Pres. Barney Budreck 825-2172 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 9 AM, Desert Oasis/Zuni

If you enjoy the challenges of playing bridge while having a good time with wonderful people, our morning group welcomes you. Play with us twice before paying the $6 pp annual fee. Coffee will be ready upon your arrival. Practice Bridge Pres. Joe Pheanis 818-9144 Sec./Treas. Louise Lines 825-6673 Mondays, Wednesdays, 1 PM, Desert Oasis/Zuni

Get back in the game with your neighbors. Enjoy an afternoon honing your bridge skills. Tuesday Night Partners Bridge Pres. Jon Buchel 825-6735 VP Ger Krabbendam 825-1138 Tuesdays, 6:30 PM, Social Hall/Papago

Our seasonal residents are now joining us, so be early with your partner and each bring $1. Join the fun for an evening of social bridge. Remember to sign up to be an Angel at one of the sessions which gives each couple the privilege of playing the entire evening without sit-outs. Sign the sheet for the date that is convenient for you and your partner as you register for the evening. Bunco Fern 825-8127 Pat 825-7198 Fourth Tuesday, 1-4 PM, Desert Oasis/Zuni Canasta CJ Barbee 825-5885 Rosemary Dalla Rosa 825-1982 Thursdays, 6 PM, Desert Oasis

We’d like to welcome our new members, Jim and Harriet Martin. We hope they are enjoying our canasta night as much as we enjoy having them. We still have room for new members, so if you’re interested in a great evening with good friends, please join us. We’re planning another pizza party early this month, so come help us celebrate the new year with food, and a game of canasta. Desert Celtic Society Pres. Frank Maisch 825-8583

Time to think about our St. Patrick celebration and the wear’n of the green! This fun time will be held Friday, March 8, 6 PM, Social Hall/Navajo. Corned beef and cabbage will be served along with a special dessert. $18 pp. BYOB. Please send check to Don Kirk, 1068 E. Royal Oak Rd. before February 27. Guests are always welcome. Ceramic Club Pres. Carney Lewis 825-0044 Monday-Wednesday, Noon-3 PM; Tuesday and Friday, 9 AM-Noon Craft Complex/Ceramics

A paper pot class will be held Wednesday, February 27, 9 AM. A sign-up sheet, along with a sample of this project and necessary instructions, is available in the paint room. The sign up deadline for this class is Friday, February 8.


February 2013, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Class Date

Clay Club

Pres. Bob Arms 395-1697 First Thursday, 1 PM, Craft Complex/Clay Studio

2013 dues $15 pp. Complete all membership information on form. 2013 Officers: Pres., Bob Arms; VP (vacancy); Sec., Teri Petty; Treas., Maria Gagnon. See Workshops and Classes section for our schedule of classes. Contact Joan Brown if you have questions about the Empty Bowls project. Marjons Ceramics again generously donated clay for these bowls. Kilns will be replaced in 2013. Are you interested in buying one of the used ones? Call Bob Arms. New members are meeting Mondays 1-3 PM. This is personal work time, when new members help each Clay Warrior by Alice Bies. other get acquainted with what’s available, find what they need, remember what they learned in orientation and learn from each other. Vistoso Computer Society (VCS) Information Paul Chorney 825-8502 Gaston Meloche 638-5404 Membership Dave Johnson 2427 Nasturtium St., 825-6994

Patricia Hill is the speaker at our general meeting Monday, February 11, 1 PM, Auditorium. Patricia has been heavily involved with computers and computer clubs. She is the founder of the Arizona Alliance of Computer Clubs, an organization to which our club belongs. Patricia is going to bring us up to date on the Computer Technology Conference to be held in Scottsdale Thursday-Saturday, April 4-6. Whether you use a PC, MAC, tablet or some other device, there will be something of interest for you. See Workshops and Classes for details on the special Computer Talks. Please note instructor’s preference for class registration and use the vehicle indicated if only one method of communication is listed.

February Class Schedule

Class Date


Last Pass Vault for PC Users 1 Session Mon. Feb. 4 1–3 PM Sue Lane Please use email iPad Users Group for PC & Mac Users 1 Monthly Session Tues. Feb. 5 1–3 PM Sonny Kaye Please use e-mail Exploring Mac’s New Operating System, Mountain Lion 2 Sessions Wed. Feb. 6 & 13 10:15 AM–12:15 PM Ron Craig Please use e-mail Photoshop Elements Basic for PC & Mac Users 4 Sessions Thurs. Feb. 7, 14, 21, 28 10:15 AM–12:15 PM Patrick Mulligan Please use e-mail Files and Folders for PC Users 3 Sessions Fri. Feb. 8, 22 & Mar. 1 10:15 AM–12:15 PM Karen Hasselbach Please use e-mail Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013


Inside Your Computer for PC Users 1 Session Tues. Feb. 19 10:15 AM--12:15 PM Brian O’Neill Please use e-mail iPhone User Tips for iPhone Users 1 Session Wed. Feb. 20 1–3 PM Peg Bushong Please use e-mail Help Sessions for PC & Mac Users Tues. Feb. 12 & 26 1–3 PM All classes and workshops require registration. Register directly with the instructors by phone or email. Instructors’ names and email addresses are listed on VCS website Class schedules are also available outside the computer learning center. Membership dues are $10/household starting January 1, 2013. Checks, not cash, will be accepted for dues at the meetings or sent to Dave Johnson, 2427 Nasturtium St., Oro Valley, AZ 85755, along with the application form available outside the learning center. Membership is required for all classes except Beginning PC and includes help sessions and the right to join the ListServ (online bulletin board) to receive announcements and computer help from other members. To be added to the VCS or MacListServ, click on ListServ on the VCS web page. Recycle used ink cartridges in the bin provided just outside the computer lab. Cribbage Club Robert Hines 825-2208 First and Third Thursdays, 6:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pima

Our next tournament will be March 7.

Dance Groups

Ballroom - Vistoso Villanellas Pres. George Holthus 818-1042 Membership Aldo J. Burdi 818-3516 September-May Dances: Third Friday, 7 PM, Auditorium

Our monthly dance, Hearts and Roses, will be held Friday, February 15. The Major/Minors band will play for our dance pleasure, 6:30-9:30 PM, Auditorium. Social hour 6 PM. Dress code is dressy/coats for men. Call Kirk/Mary Kuykendall 825-1693

Tickets on sale Tuesday-Wednesday, February 5-6, 8:30-10 AM. Prices $15 members; $20 guests

Dancin’ Dynamos Pres. Patsy Pulley 825-6694 Sec./Treas. Del Salvaterra 834-5146

Do you love to dance? Dancin’ Dynamos is a great way to try out dancing for fun and exercise. $5 pp annual dues.

Tipster Article Writers’ Class

Do you write a monthly Tipster article for your club or committee? If so, you are required to attend one training session. Last class is scheduled for Monday, February 4, 9 AM, Vistoso Center/Apache To signup for this class go to Hold your mouse over News & Info, scroll down to Events click, then click on the Tipster Writers’ Class fill out a class form.


Hula - Aloha Hula Sisters

Del Salvaterra 834-5146 Class and Practice Social Hall/Dance Studio Class October-May, Tuesdays, 1-3 PM Practice October-May, Thursdays, 2:45-3:45 PM

Come dance with us. Learn kahiko (ancient) and ‘auna (contemporary/modern) styles of hula dancing. The graceful movements of hula are not strenuous. Hula dancing is fun and it provides a fitness regimen which helps tone hips, legs and abdominals. Classes are free. Contact instructor Del Salvaterra.

Tappers Lynne Newbauer 818-3516 Dancersize/Intermediate tap Fridays, 3 PM Social Hall/Dance Studio

The focus of this class is to learn tap combinations while getting some exercise and improving balance.

Line Dancing - Sunliners Pres. Judy Bjorling 818-1296 Membership Karen Caldwell 825-5231

All classes, practices and dances are held in the Auditorium unless otherwise noted. DANCES: Open Line Dance February Dance Party

Fri. Feb., 1, 6:30 -8:30 PM Sat., Feb. 9, 5:30-9:00 PM


Intermediate Sat., 9-10 AM Continuing Beginner Sat., 10:15-11:15 AM Beginner Transition Class Sat., 11:30-12:15 PM, through Mar. 2


Intermediate Intermediate Transition Intermediate Continuing Beginner

Sun., 11 AM-Noon (Dance Studio) Wed., 2-3 PM (Dance Studio) Thu., 2:45-3:55 PM Thu., 3:55-5 PM

Rock ‘N Roll Pres. Earl Cohen 818-2582 Dances in the Auditorium

Mark your calendars. A good time is in your future at the Rock ‘N Roll Club dance party, Do You Believe in Magic? with music by The Retro Rockets Saturday, March 16, Rock ‘N Roll New Year’s Eve Party participants. Auditorium. Watch your emails and the Tipster for more details. Members, if you are not receiving our emails, we may not have an up-to-date email address for you. Please advise if this is the case to Renewal applications are sent via email in July. You won’t want to be left out. Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Square Dancing - Sundancers Co-Pres. Roger and Jane Radomsky 531-1054 Caller Ron Markus Dances Wednesdays, 7 PM, Auditorium

2013 had a great start when we filled the hall for Mike Sikorsky’s guest-caller dance. Weekly dances continue throughout February 7-9 PM, black and white club colors are worn on the first Wednesday. Our next guest caller dance will be Saturday, March 2. This will be the last one for the season; there is a change in format. Mike Seastrom will teach a Plus Workshop beginning 2 PM. After a dinner break, he will call the evening dance beginning 7 PM. Rounds will begin 6:30 PM with Ronnie and Bonnie Bonds cueing.

Tickets for the day-long event are on sale for $20/cpl not including dinner.

Western Dancing - Kactus Kickers Pres./Membership Del Salvaterra 834-5146 Dances November-April, Second Friday, Auditorium Practice as scheduled

Come join the fun and kick up your heels at the Javelina Valentine Hoedown, February 8, Auditorium. Music you’ll love to dance to will be performed by Wild Oats band. Western duds encouraged but not required. Singles welcome. Doors open 6 PM. Dance 6:30-9:30 PM. Snacks, dessert and mixers provided. BYOB. Tickets $15 members, $20 nonmembers

Ticket sales: Social Hall/Lobby, 9-11 AM Friday, February 1; Monday, February 4; Tuesday, February 5 Ticket contact: Dick Martin 825-0731

Check the date for next month’s dance, March 8. Dance classes continue Thursdays thru the end of February; Fundamentals, 6:30-7:30 PM; Continuing Development, 7:30-8:30 PM, Auditorium, taught by Frank and Joan Morris. One-night attendance $5/cpl for unregistered participants. Day Trippers Chair Jack Gallagher 825-4650 Membership Ginny Tanner 818-1226 Meetings Second Friday, 9 AM, Social Hall/Navajo Mon., Feb. 25 Free Bus Trip to Wild Horse Casino - bus leaves 9 AM departs Casino 4 PM. Includes $5 food voucher/$10 casino club voucher. Monitor: Joan Vander Vliet 825-4650 Tue., Mar. 12 Big Room Tour, Kartchner Caverns. Cost $68 pp includes bus, tour & lunch at Horseshoe Cafe, Benson. Bus leaves 8 AM, returns home by 4:30 PM. Monitor: Lori Covey 6386571 Tue.-Thurs., April 16-18 Bus Trip to Riverside Casino, Laughlin, NV. Cost $150/dbl. $170/sgl. Includes bus, two-nights at Riverside, one breakfast buffet and one lunch or dinner buffet, all baggage handling. Monitor: Joan Vander Vliet 825-4650 Sat., May 18 Guided 4-hour bus tour of Tucson. Cost $42 pp includes tour guide and bus only. Bus leaves at 8 AM returns at 1 PM. Includes guided tours of many Tucson historical sites.

Come to our meetings and hear about planned trips.


February 2013, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Democratic Club Ben Love 825-8064, VP Arlene Lehto 825-1327 February, April, September, November Second Saturday, 1 PM, Social Hall/Navajo

The Democratic Club will meet February 9. Our featured speaker will be the LD-11 Chairwoman, Mrs. Jo Holt. Jo will present an overview of our plans for the coming year. Also, Mr. Dave Joseph will present stats of the November election for our district. All SCOV voters are welcome. Refreshments will be served. Our Board will not meet in February, since we will not have a membership meeting in March. Dinner ’N Show Nancy Butler 825-4664 First Monday, 7:15 PM, Auditorium

All are welcome to join us for our monthly meetings. Nonmembers may attend shows for a $3 service fee. Bring your checkbook to the meetings, checks only. Sat., Feb. 9 The Hit, Hale Centre, Gilbert. Lunch at Texas Roadhouse. Bus, lunch, show, $70. Marcia Polley, 818-9073. Wed., Feb. 27 Memphis, Nederland Production, TCC. Bus and orchestra seats, $72. Kathy Garver, 344-9725. Sat., March 9 You Say Tomato, Berger Theater. Dinner at Carraba’s. Bus, dinner and show tickets $73. Jean Azzarello, 8256711. Sat., March 30 LaCage Aux Folles, Phoenix Theater. Lunch at Palette Art Museum. Bus, lunch and show tickets $77. Kathy Garver, 344-9725.

Buses leave on time behind the Vistoso Center. The bus leaves promptly. Discussions Groups Great Decisions Jack Evert 818-3068 January-May, Second and Fourth Wednesdays, 11 AM, Social Hall/Papago

We are presenting two new topics: NATO, February 13, and Myanmar, February 27. Concerning NATO, questions revolve around how its agenda has evolved since its inception during the cold war. With its military commitment in Afghanistan winding down and a recent successful campaign in Libya, what are the Alliance’s present-day security challenges? Once we have that resolved, we move to Myanmar and Southeast Asia where President Obama just made a historic visit. His visit highlighted welcome and unprecedented democratic reforms made by Myanmar’s government. What challenges must Myanmar overcome before it can fully join the international community? What role can it play in Southeast Asia? Pro Freedom Discussion Group Jim Huffer 825-8743 September-January, Second and Fourth Wednesdays, 11 AM, Social Hall/Papago

Our next scheduled meeting is May 22, so put it on your calendar. Dog Club - Fido’s Friends Pres. Marge Gustafson, Membership Elaine Deeter 825-5388 Next meeting March 14, 2 PM, Social Hall/Hopi

We have had quite a few lost or abandoned dogs in Sun City Oro Valley this past year. Fortunately, we were able to find the owners of the lost ones and adopt out the one dog we think was dropped off and abandoned. Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013

We have developed a protocol of things to do if a lost dog is found, based upon past experience and prompts us to let all the right people know and gives some ideas for finding owners of lost dogs. If you find a lost dog and want to help, try to put the dog on a leash, and when it is calm, check for tags and call the owners. If there is no tag or the dog is not tame enough to leash, please contact Elaine or Marge and we will get the process started.

Energetic Exercise Carole Tracy 825-1187 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 8:25-9:30 AM, Auditorium

You’ll love the way you feel after a good, healthy workout with the friendly folks who gather for Energetic Exercise. Professional instructor Sally Martinez has been leading these classes for over 18 years. She is much-loved and respected for the fun and helpful variety of ways she gets us moving. A combination of aerobic/cardio, weight workouts and stretch moves gives us greater strength, endurance, balance and flexibility, all qualities we need to do all the other activities we love. Come join us. We love new members, men and women. Your get-acquainted class is free. Annual dues $3 pp. Tickets $30 for 12 classes. Euchre Jack and Barb Matthies 825-4891 (October-May) Jack and Maria Welch 395-1205 (May-October) Mondays, meet 5:45 PM, play 6 PM, Catalina Vista

Don’t watch TV at night; come play euchre, a fast moving game. Meet your neighbors and make new friends. If you are new to the game, we will be glad to teach you. Bring your smile and 50¢; we are looking forward to seeing you. Financial Strategies Jim Huffer 825-8743 First and Third Tuesdays, 9 AM, Social Hall/Hopi

On February 5 we will bring our own investment ideas to the meeting and research them together, using one of the commercially available programs. On February 19, our presenter is Robert G. Kahl, CFA, MBA, CPA, operating as Sabino Investment Management, LLC. He will review the past year and project the future outlook for the financial markets.

Vistoso Native American Flute Circle Peggy Webb 825-2731, Member information Ed Pendrys 825-7151 First Sunday, 2-4 PM, Catalina Vista/Tohono

Researchers tell us one way to keep our minds alert is to learn to play a new musical instrument. Our club offers you the opportunity to learn to play the Native American flute. You don’t need to know how to read music. It is easy to learn with only five basic notes. Please note the meeting time change.

The crisis line at Emerge! to report domestic violence is 888-428-0101


Garden Club Pres. Vicki Gushwa 825-2413 Second Wednesday, 1:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pima

Newcomers are welcome to join us as a guest for two meetings and find out what we are all about. Our annual dues $5 pp. Mark your calendars for these events: Wednesday, February 13, 1:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pima. Regular meeting program on Roses by Joyce Patten. We’ll tour Joyce’s garden in April. Tuesday, February 19, 9 AM, Mesquite Valley Growers and Tanque Verde Ranch buffet lunch. Sign up at the regular meeting.

Havurah One of Joyce Patten’s rose bushes

Chris Seggerman is our guest speaker for February. Chris works for the Genealogy Collection in the Law and Research Library at the Arizona Capitol. He’s been there since 2007. Prior to that, he worked for more than two years with the newspaper collection for the Arizona State Library. He’s a graduate of ASU. Examining Handwriting is Chris’s topic. His lecture details a brief history of handwriting from the 18th century onward. He discusses where genealogists can expect to find handwritten documents and special techniques used in reading them. Guests are welcome at our monthly general meetings. Members are reminded that annual dues, $15 pp, $25/cpl, were due in January. You may pay Shirley at the meeting or leave a check in the treasurer’s drawer in the club rooms. Gin Rummy George Riley 818-0877 Mondays, 6:30 PM, Desert Oasis/Aztec Thursdays and Saturdays, 9 AM, Desert Oasis/Aztec

We play team games by drawing cards for partners with no choice of teammates or tables. There are no dues or fees for this club. Games have comparatively low stakes. Call George or Bev Riley. Hand and Foot Bonnie Arneson 520-229-1084 Sundays, 1:30 PM, Desert Oasis


Gun Club Pres. Warren Cuthbert 818-1282 October-May, Second Wednesday, 2 PM, Social Hall/Papago Club does not meet June-September

For our February 13 meeting we have Jim and Kathleen Kuck, NRA Certified Firearms Instructors, who own JnC Defensive Strategies, LLC. They will present a program on NRA Firearms Training, Personal Protection Classes, Refuse To Be A Victim Classes and Arizona Concealed Classes. The Gun Club is for people who have an interest in learning about guns, shooting, personal protection and firearm safety. In fact, you do not need to own a gun or have any experience with firearms to come to Gun Club meetings. At some meetings we have guest speakers from law enforcement or other gun related organizations.

Genealogy Pres. Michael Carroll 818-0556 Ancestral Research Barbara Krecklow 825-4695 October-May, Second Tuesday, 1 PM, Social Hall/Navajo

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Co-Pres. Michael and Sonny Kaye 825-8546 Corresponding Sec. Lorie Behrmann 395-1812 October-May, Third Monday, 7 PM, Catalina Vista

We share an interest in Jewish culture with events and programs open to everyone. Our 18th Anniversary Dinner Party and Klezmer Concert was an outstanding success due to the efforts of the following committee members: Bill Abel, Irwin Brewster, Norman Dritch, Bernie Greenapple, Jim Ford, Lee Kreida, Mike Kulick and Jay Leutenberg. Upcoming Events: Women’s Brown Bag Lunch Friday, February 1, and Friday, March 1, 11:30 AM, Catalina Vista/Pima. Call Norma Brewster 7601225. General Meeting Monday, February 18, 7 PM, Catalina Vista. Dr. David Sattinger will be speaking on Astronomy, the Babylonian Captivity and the Hebrew Bible. Bagel Brunch and Entertainment Sunday, March 3, 10:30 AM, Auditorium. Ticket sales at the February 18 general meeting. Fun With Yiddish Wednesday, March 13, 7 PM, Social Hall/Navajo.

Remember to bring non-perishable food items for the Catalina Food Bank to all events. Dues $10 pp. Call Bernie Greenapple 825-5697.

Hiking Club Dave Fraser 818-2434 for new member orientation hike information.

The New Year’s Hike was attended by seventy nine members. We hiked several trails in Saguaro National Park West and enjoyed a potluck and surprise at the Mah-a-gah picnic area. Thanks go out to the chair and all the committee members. On Sunday, February 24, 2 PM, Social Hall/Navajo, John and Linda Bold will be presenting a program entitled Glacier National Park: Past, Present and Future. Both John and Linda have hiked, worked and lived in Glacier, so this presentation promises to be an in-depth coverage of the park. All residents of Sun City Oro Valley are cordially invited to attend. Tuesday, February 26, the club will hold its spring picnic. Save the date and look for details in the club’s newsletter.


February 2013, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Horseshoes Jack Howatt 825-1583 Ray Coleman 825-2789, Ron Knudson 825-9307 Tuesdays and Thursdays, pits located at Catalina Vista May-September, 8 AM; October-April 2 PM

ILR - Institute of Learning in Retirement Pres. Lei Lane Bammell, Curriculum Sharyn Rafieyan, Registration Milt Damlich, Samplers and Short Subjects Gaston Meloche,

Come enjoy the four Samplers planned for February, the final ones of the winter season. See Workshops and Classes in this issue for details. Did you register for one of the four classes that begin this month? You can check the class lists posted in Catalina Vista, Desert Oasis and Vistoso Center. The preview and sign-up for fall classes is March 7. Note the change in our website address it is now Be sure to make the “S” on Site a capital letter. If you would be interested in managing a simplified club website as part of the SCOV website, contact Lei Bammel. Japanese Flower Arranging Club Donald Marier 825-4878 Doris Oliver 818-1512 October-May, Second and Fourth Mondays, 2-4 PM, Catalina Vista/Pima Karate Club Pres. Fred Hargrave 825-1779 Classes Wednesdays, 9 AM-Noon, Social Hall/Dance Studio

Mah Jongg Pres. Jenny Clark 818-3815, Sec. Sonny Kaye 825-8546 Thursdays, 1 PM, Desert Oasis/Zuni Business meeting, First Thursdays

Our annual, once-a-month Mah Jongg Tournament began in January. January winners will be announced next month. A “Hand-of-the-Day” will be chosen each tournament day. The third Thursday of the month is Tournament Day. Entry fee for tournament participation is $1 pp. Sign-up 12:45 PM on the day of the tournament. Tournament play begins 1 PM. If you prefer not to compete, come play anyway. Everyone is welcome. The Tournament will run through April. Our annual luncheon will be held in April, at a date to be announced.

Mexican Train Dominoes Pres. Judy Rigby 638-8800 Refreshments: Laurie Chikusa 825-4635 Second and Fourth Saturdays, 6 PM, Catalina Vista

Members enjoyed an appetizer and dessert potluck in early January. Come join in the fun of Mexican Train dominoes. We will gladly teach you how to play. Call Judy Rigby if you would like a copy of the game rules before attending. Membership $7 pp, but the first night is only $1 pp. Refreshments are always served.

Modelers Club Pres. Fred Faust 743-7283, Meetings Second Fridays, 8 AM, Catalina Vista/Pima

All SCOV residents are welcome at our monthly meetings. We welcome new members, both historians and model builders. Join us to see what we are about and enjoy a cup of coffee and a sweet roll. During our meeting on February 8, we will welcome UofA Professor Wayne Wesolowski, who will present the history of the Lincoln Funeral Train. He will tell us how he created, from old photographs, a museum quality model for Lionel LLC to produce an operating model of the Lincoln Funeral Train in “O” gauge. He will also speak of his other involvement with modeling. Join us to enjoy a very interesting presentation. Photo above is Past Modelers’ Club President Dave Sarther with his 1/48 scale model of a 1942 Ford. Natural Health and Wellness Club Sherokee llse 818-3279 Third Wednesdays, 3-4:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pima Room http://www.scovaz/clubs/healthwellness

Our mission: to discuss, share and provide natural approaches to health and wellness. 2013 dues $3 pp. On February 20, Lynda Witt, ACCT Certified Thermographer will discuss Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) . It is typically used as a non-invasive screening tool for breast health, however, this technology can be used for many other medical conditions including identifying dysfunction of many glands and organs. Lynda will present how the use of full body imaging can alert people to coronary artery disease, congested liver, colon dysfunction, thyroid gland conditions, dental health, low level infections and many other hard to determine health challenges. This visually engaging presentation captures the audience’s eyes with the vibrant colors of different types of case studies shown. Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is the doorway to a new paradigm; one of wellness and prevention. We are sponsors of the Qigong Class by Joe Pinella. See Workshops and Classes section of this Tipster. Women’s Pan (Panguingue) Ena Mindel 818-7780 Mondays, Fridays, 1-4 PM, Desert Oasis Wednesdays, 9 AM-1 PM, Desert Oasis

Pan (Panguingue) is a fun and interesting card game. Come watch us play at any session. If you like what you see, we’ll teach you to play. Call Ena.


Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013


•Catalina Vista •SCOV Café •Social Hall •Vistoso Center/Library •Desert Oasis


Steven C. RydbeRg

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Epoxy Coating & Cement Staining for your Garage, Driveway, Patio, or Walkway Billy Monroe 520-444-7666

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Window Cleaning Live music every Friday and Saturday from 7-11 pm Laff’s Comedy Night Thursday, February 7th

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German Weekend

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COMPANY 10445 N. Oracle Rd. Suite #121, Oro Valley, AZ 85737 “Serving Sun City Oro Valley since 1995”

Paid Advertising, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013, Page 25

Vistoso Photo Club Pres. Dave Henderson 465-0650 Meeting Second and Fourth Wednesday, 6:30 PM, Catalina Vista

Pilates Mary Ayers 638-7916 Mondays, 3 PM Thursdays, 1:30 PM, Social Hall/Dance Studio

Feb. 13, 9:30 AM, Catalina Vista photo lab. Club board meeting. Open to all members. Feb. 13, 6:30 PM. Catalina Vista, Program meeting Feb. 27, 6:30 PM, Catalina Vista. Competition meeting. The assignment is The Natural World. Come join us.

Pinochle Bob Segebrecht 825-5480 Play Wednesdays, 6 PM, Desert Oasis/Zuni

We offer comprehensive educational and instructional programs with guest speakers, challenging photo competitions, monthly exhibitions and computer and equipment instruction in our modern photography lab. We are a social club. We have several enjoyable field trips and a couple of wine and cheese socials each year. See Workshops & Classes for Basic Photography class information.

Photo Workshop Club David Smoler 818-7880 First Wednesday, 6:30 PM, Social Hall/Papago - through April

The Photo Workshop Club emphasizes education and the sharing of experience in both photographic composition and technical skill. All sessions offer a wide range of techniques that can be applied regardless of equipment and skill level.

February 6 Composing for Drama and Effect Use light properties for drama. High and low-key images. Diagonals curves, and perspective to draw the eye to the subject. Subject simplicity. Where to place horizons. Unusual angles. Black and white. Use the appropriate lens. March 6 Advanced Image Editing How to make your images pop the way professionals do it. Using sophisticated editors such as PhotoShop Elements and CS6 to make accurate adjustments of color balance and contrast and brightness of limited areas. Emphasize small portions of the image and invisibly eliminate unwanted image elements. Do black and white conversion and photo restoration.

Did you know Pilates is excellent for strengthening both men’s & women’s core muscles (the muscles located in your abdomen and back) and also helps to improve your balance? It is excellent for people with back problems. Even if you have never tried it, the exercises are adaptable for all skill levels and will help you to strengthen muscles in your entire body. Come give our classes a try. $8/class plus a $20 pp annual membership.

We play single deck and rotate partners every four hands. Skills rusty? We’ll get you up to speed quickly. Bring 50¢ for your tally. The first Wednesday is treat night. The third Wednesday is birthday night. Annual dues $5 pp. Poker

Men’s Friday Poker George Rose 520-303-2019 Fridays, 5:45-8:45 PM, Desert Oasis

Playing poker with your neighbors can be most enjoyable. We play high only, five draw, five stud, seven stud, Omaha, Texas Hold’em and iron cross (criss cross). No dues. Bring your own refreshments. The dealer will ante cards for all players, which gives him control of the game. The cards speak for themselves. Absolute requirements are to leave politics and religion at the front door and come with the intention of having three hours of enjoyable, no-hassle, understandable poker.

Do you have some new pictures to share at this meeting? Please email them or bring a print, thumb-drive or CD to the meeting. Tell us how and where you shot and processed them. This is not a competition. There are no fees or dues. For technical details or to be included in our emails, contact

Men’s Poker David Habbershaw 825-2635 Tuesdays, Thursdays, 6 PM, Desert Oasis

Pickleball Club Pres. Ted Hood 818-2281 Treas. Jack Welch 395-1205 Monday-Friday, 7 AM-Noon, 3-5 PM, Saturday and Sunday 7-11 AM Trainer Judy Cornelius 818-6610

In February, each group will choose different varieties of Asian food to prepare and share. Chinese fried rice, Thai cashew chicken, Japanese sukiyaki or Korean beef could be on the menu. Join us on Tuesday, March 5, for a special lunch at the Gallery at Dove Mountain. We’ll be in a private room with a wonderful view. There will be several menu choices at special prices. Seph will provide more details in his Prepare & Share newsletter. It’s still not too late to meet new friends and enjoy and share recipes by participating in our March and April events. Dues $5 pp and are good for one year from the time they are paid. Call Seph Reese. Look for our table at the Club Fair on Friday, February 1.

The annual meeting and board elections has been changed to Sunday, February 3, 1-3 PM, Social Hall/ Navajo. Refreshments will be served. Please plan on attending. The Club Fair is Friday, February 1, 1-3 PM, Auditorium. We hope to see a lot of visitors. Come see what fun we have and sign up for a free pickleball lesson. The club is still trying to set up some clinic time with an area instructor. More to follow on this. Be sure to check the hours of play posted at the courts for club members. Check with the fitness center for reserved times for any Sun City Oro Valley resident.

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Prepare & Share Dining Club Pres. Seph Reese 825-2748 Meetings in members’ homes at various times


February 2013, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Sun City Vistoso Quilters Carol Guibert 818-0441 September-May, Second and Fourth Tuesdays, 1 PM, Desert Oasis/Aztec

It’s time to get ready for the quilt show. Quilt registration Monday, February 4 and Friday, February 8, 9 AM-Noon, Social Hall. Any SCOV resident may enter quilts, old or new. On Tuesday, February 12, 1 PM, Desert Oasis, we are in for a special treat when we host Nancy Arsenault, an amazing local quilt artist, with a trunk show. Due to the Books and Authors luncheon on February 26, we will not have our normal meeting that day. We will meet at 9 AM in the Sewing Room to discuss final preparations for the upcoming quilt show, Saturday and Sunday, March 2 and 3.

Racquetball Pres. Al Lichaa 812-0198 Sec./Treas. John Wilson 818-2368 Open Mixed Doubles Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 8-11 AM

We’re currently having a round robin intraclub tournament and having fun playing some good racquetball. Our club encourages all residents interested in our sport to come join us during open play. New players can make arrangements with our president for beginner lessons. It’s a fast sport, which develops and maintains good eye/hand coordination plus body flow around the court.

The February program will include a discussion by members of the pros/cons of various types of RV parks, e.g. Elks, casinos, national and state campgrounds, private parks etc. The Sundowners RV Club is open to anyone whether you have an RV or not. Visit our website. Republican Club Pres. Merritt McGlothlin 520-572-7853 Membership Glenda McCormick 818-1051 Third Tuesday, 3 PM, Auditorium

Our next meeting will be held February 19. See you then. St. Philip’s Support Group Kirk Kuykendall 825-1693 Scandinavian Heritage Club

Scandinavian Smorgasbord, Saturday, February 23, Social Hall/Navajo, $3.50 pp, cash preferred. Udenfor vaerker (danish Hors D’oeuvres) 5:30 PM, Middag (dinner) 6 PM. BYOB. Kaffee (coffee) will be served.

Tickets on sale Monday-Wednesday, February 4-6, 9-11 AM Tuesday, February 5,1-3 PM, Social Hall/Lobby

Sign up for your Scandinavian dish to share with 12 people. Call Dorothy Krage 825-0910. Scrabble Bill Wallace 818-6747 Play Fridays, 1 PM, Desert Oasis/Zuni

Early Music Recorder Ensemble Marge Flory 825-4580 Tuesdays, Noon, Catalina Vista

Have a recorder (the instrument)? Want to learn or improve your skills? Would you like to play in a group? Soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorders welcome. Enjoy the harmonies of an ensemble. Sheet music is provided. SCOV visitors welcome.

The Scrabble Club welcomes new members. We invite you to join us, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player. The Official Scrabble Player’s Dictionary is our spell-check dictionary; we have several on hand as well as Scrabble sets. Call Bill Wallace or Corinne Kulick 825-7673.

RV Club - Sundowners Member information Marge Allen 825-3095 October-May, Second Monday, 9 AM, Social Hall/Navajo

Seniors for Kids Jean Sax 818-2410 Meet September-May, Desert Oasis

We need to start thinking about the Courtyard Sale in March. This event provides necessary funds for our charitable activities. Set aside any items that could be sold at our Treasures Table. Items will be collected on the Friday before the sale. We will pick and collect your unneeded citrus to sell. Some organizations who enjoyed our gifts at Christmas were: Family First and Northwest Birthing Center (diapers); YOTO (gift cards); Three Points and Tucson Medical Center (handmade toys); ICS (food bank); and Catalina Adopta-Family (clothes and toys for kids). We sew, glue and saw toys, clothing and quilts for kids. We also raise money for food banks, diapers etc. The Courtyard Sale is one of our fundraisers. It’s all for the kids and you could help us by donating your used treasures and citrus.

Potluck at RV Club outting.

On most RV club trips, we gather together the first night for a shared potluck dinner, just one of the many social activities we enjoy together. Following our regular club meeting on February 11, we will adjourn to the Metropolitan Grill to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013


Join our Facebook group “Sun City Oro Valley”


Sewing - Thimblelenas Ruth Mayer, 818-0066 Mondays-Fridays, 9 AM-Noon and 1-4 PM, Craft Complex/Sewing

Serger classes will be: Thursday, February 21, 1:30 PM, #101 serger basics (prerequisite: room orientation), and Thursday, February 28, #102 serger threading, (prerequisite: #101). Call Bobi 825-8856 for either class. The next Orientation/Sewing Machine and Monitor classes will be on Friday, February 15. Sign up at the Message Center in the sewing room. Registration will not be taken by phone, for questions, call Patty Phillips 591-6599. Our sewing group includes: Pet Beds, Seniors for Kids, Casas Amigas, Cheer Bears, Sun City Vistoso Quilters and Machine Embroidery. There are many types of sewing choices to interest you personally. We welcome you in one or all groups. Casa Amigas Karen Hasselbach 520-360-0215 Mondays and Thursdays, 9 AM-Noon, Craft Complex/Sewing

We are putting out a call to knitters and crocheters to help transform balls of yarn into items for the needy. Possible results could be lap robes, baby blankets/hats, children’s hats, and scarves. Come to the Sewing Room to check out some yarn, and return it as a finished product. It’s cold out there. Cheer Bears Nancy Njaa 825-5486 September-May, Wednesdays, 1-3 PM, Craft Complex/Sewing

A total of 239 Cheer Bears found happy homes during 2012. We are busy making bears again and are off to a great 2013. Machine Embroidery Sharon Randall 414-614-5504 Training Coordinator Karin Frohlich 825-5278 Meetings Third Thursday, 1 PM, Craft Complex/Sewing

The first meeting of the new year will be February 21. Bring any of your machine embroidery projects to Show and Tell. We’d all love to see what you’ve been up to, and we get inspired by seeing your projects. Embroidering on towels is great fun. For ideas and inspiration go to our website and click on the red towel. New members are always welcome. Owning an embroidery machine is not a requirement, just a love or interest in the craft. Pet Beds Jan Bohe 825-9725 Tuesdays, 1-3 PM, Craft Complex/Sewing

The dogs and cats at the Humane Society thank you all for the warm pet beds made for them. The beds totaled 232 for 2012. Many nimble hands were cutting up new scraps and stuffing them along with new polyester fiberfill into sturdy cases. These can be washed and dried. We have a good time volunteering for this worthy project. If you have new scraps or fiber-fill or are interested in joining our group, call Jan Bohe.

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Sheepshead Pres. Bill Allen 825-3095 Tuesdays, 10 AM, Desert Oasis

Join us for a morning of friendship, cards and chatter. The game is well-known in the upper Midwest and is played with 32 cards. Sounds easy, right? Come next Tuesday and find out. Show ‘N Share Marion Nelmark 825-9331 Fridays, 9 AM-Noon, Catalina Vista/Tohono

Make beautiful greeting cards with stamps on colorful card stock, or use silk or metallic thread to embroider patterns on cards. Try the Iris Fold for a new twist. Knitting baby blankets for charity with donated yarn and a friendly group of like-minded people will renew your knitting skills. So limber up your fingers and find out what you will need to begin. No fees. Silversmith and Lapidary Pres. George Tanner 818-1226 Shop hours Monday5-Thursday 9 AM-Noon, 1 PM-4 PM; Friday, 9 AM-Noon Club meeting First Monday, 3:30 PM, Craft Complex/Silver Shop

Our after-Christmas holiday party was a lot of fun. Everyone was wearing something they had made. It is always a great Show and Tell. We will have another silversmith class. The classes run for three days. You’ll learn the basics of silver soldering. You’ll create and finish a pendant and a cuff bracelet. If you are interested in lapidary, we’d be glad to work with you on cutting and polishing stones. The SCOV craft complex is a wonderful place to discover all your talents. Experience it for yourself. Sign up for a class now.

Sun City Singers Pres. Dick Cook 850-1821 Director Don Hess Rehearsals Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 PM, Auditorium

Rehearsals for the April 9, Spring Concert are underway. This all-volunteer choir loves music and the joy of singing with others. Come join us as we sing a variety of songs that bring back favorite memories. Officers for 2013: Pres., Dick Cook; VP, Jack Wilshire; Sec., Lynn and Frank Krivitz; Treas., Marcia Polley. Dues $10 pp to be collected at rehearsals. Sun City Singles Pres. Jan Buchel 825-6735, VP Helen Smith 818-3614 Dinner Meetings second Thursday, Happy Hour, last Friday

Valentine’s dinner is February 14, 5:30 PM, Social Hall/Navajo. We will serve stuffed breast of chicken, with penne pasta, string beans and salad. Dessert is lemon and cream shortcake. After dinner entertainment will be presented by the Silver Belles, from SaddleBrooke. Happy Hour February 22, 5:30 PM, Social Hall/Navajo room.

Tickets: $17 pp dinner and $7 pp Happy Hour. Ticket sales: Thursday, February 7, 10 AM- Noon and Friday, February 8, 1-2 PM Happy Hour only, Tuesday, February 26, 10-11 AM


February 2013, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Spanish Cultural Gary Lerch 818-3319 October, November, January-March Fourth Monday, 7 PM, Catalina Vista

Our February 25, meeting will feature SCOV resident John Shaw telling us about the Spanish connection and history behind Hopi kachinas. John will also show us kachinas that he has made. Come early for refreshments and conversation. There will be a meeting on Monday, March 25. Our early Cinco de Mayo party is Monday, April 8, 5 PM, Catalina Vista. Stained/Fused Glass Club Steve Taillie, 825-8804 cell 869-2441 Wye Mace 825-8738 (fused glass) Fusing: Sundays, 6-8 PM, Tuesdays, 9-11 AM, Craft Complex/Tumbleweed Stained Glass: Wednesdays, Thursdays, 1-4 PM, Craft Complex/Tumbleweed Open Studio: Tuesday-Sunday, 8 AM-5 PM, Craft Complex/Tumbleweed

If you are not receiving regular email messages from the club and want to be added to our communication list, call John Ragona 818-1632. Our next general meeting will be on Wednesday, February 6, 1 PM, Craft Complex/Tumbleweed. Please pay your 2013 club dues $10 pp. The combination locks will be changed and only current members will have access to the studio. A beginners’ class in foiling is scheduled for MondayFriday, February 11-15, 9 AM-Noon, Tumbleweed. The studio will be closed to members during those times, unless you are enrolled in the class. You are still welcome to add your name to the class list on the bulletin board. An order for homosote boards will be submitted if there is interest. If you want a new board, or have a board that you want to sell, call Steve Taillie or John Ragona.

New England Club

If you have ever lived in New England, we welcome you. Our committee has been working hard to make this sixth annual New England Club get together an evening to remember on Friday, February 15, 6 PM, Social Hall/Navajo. You will enjoy appetizers and punch, New England clam chowder or another soup, salads, a baked potato bar, dessert and beverage provided by Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant. The Sun City Strummers will entertain us after dinner.

Tickets: $14 pp, Friday, February 1, 9-11:30 AM, Social Hall

For more information call Wendy Baumann 818-0174 or Marjorie Gerdes 825-5750. Wisconsin Party

Everyone with ties to Wisconsin, including residents, newcomers, visitors, friends and family are invited to our annual party Friday, March 22, 5 PM, Auditorium. Our event, Spring Fling, is a casual affair including beverage, Italian buffet including meatless choices. Entertainment by Night Hart, a singing group. For more information or to volunteer call Phil Weinberg 818-3047.

Ticket sales: Tuesday, March 12, 10AM-1PM, Social Hall, $20 pp Senior Olympics Swim Team Gordon Gillin 825-8261

State Clubs Pure Michigan Champagne Brunch

Mark your calender for our Pure Michigan annual get together, Sunday, February 24, Noon, Auditorium. Our champagne punch reception at Noon, will be followed by Debbie’s creme brule, french toast and other delectables. This is a great time to visit with other Michiganders, and maybe meet someone new from the Wolverine State. We are having some surprise entertainment this year that we know you’re going to enjoy. If you’ve missed the event in the past, you won’t want to miss this year.

Ticket sales, 9-11 AM, Social Hall Lobby, $20 pp Monday and Wednesday, February 4 and 6, Tuesday and Thursday, February 11 and 14

Minnesota Club

The 2013 Minnesota Party will be held Saturday, February 16, social hour 5:30 PM, dinner 6:30 PM, Auditorium. We need volunteers to come forward to plan next year’s Minnesota Party as several members are leaving the committee. Contact Ken and Gail Shepard 8251432 for more information. Those interested should also plan on attending the Wrap-Up meeting on Wednesday, February 20, 3 PM, Social Hall/Papago.

The results of the January 24 Tucson Swim Meet will appear in the March Tipster. Our next meet will be in Green Valley, March 16. Results of that meet will be in the May Tipster. Our swimmers should continue training on their own. We will attempt to hold one more clinic in early March prior to the Green Valley meet on Saturday, March 16, emphasizing starts, turns and stroke techniques. Joe Bolze, David Goodman and Greg Nelson are coaching. Watch the March Tipster for more details. New swimmers, men and women, are always welcome, 50 years of age or older. Call Gordon Gillin for information and/or to be placed on our roster. Corinna and David Goodman and committee are working to develop a swim team tee shirt.

For ticket information, call Barb Mathies 825-4891.

Where Friends Meet...

The Coffee Bar

Energetic Exercisers Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9-10:30 AM at the Social Hall Fresh brewed coffee, tea, hot chocolate and assorted pastries


Table Tennis Co-Chairs Clive Probert 825-8719 Ursula Jarvis 825-8461

We have play at all levels of ability, and it’s a great way to keep fit. Come and join us on Saturday mornings, 10 AM, when we have our open play, or call Clive Probert. We have paddles and balls available. Table Tennis hours of club play, Catalina Vista: Women Tue., 1:30-3:30 PM Men/Advanced Women Tue., Thu: 5-8 PM Men/Women Recreational Wed., Fri. 4-6 PM Open Club Play Fri., 6-8 PM Clinic by Appointment Sat., 9-10 AM Open Club Play Sat.,10 AM-Noon Tapestry Rug Hooking Ann Feeney 818-0340 Thursdays, 9-11 AM, Craft Complex/Ceramics

We are always happy to enroll new members or have residents interested in rug hooking come see us. Tennis Women Laurie Chikusa 825-4635 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 7 AM-Noon Men Karen Lee 818-2200 Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, 7 AM-Noon Mixed Doubles Sundays, 1-3 PM, Ruby Fuhrmann 818-7828

New home owners and seasonal renters are welcome to join $7 pp and participate in all our activities. Contact one of our officers for information or stop by the courts one morning. A big thanks to Shirley Patterson and all those who helped with preparation and clean up to make the holiday luncheon such a success. Seventy people participated in an afternoon of socializing, food and music. Rosters for 2013 are available, so ask one of the officers. The calender for the year, with tournaments and parties on the back, are proceeding on schedule. Check for updates on the bulletin board or website, Sign up at the courts for Sunday, February 17, mixed doubles, the Valentine’s Day social and for Monday, February 18, Women’s Cure for Cancer golf, tennis and luncheon. Also the men’s memorial tournament starts. Sign up at the courts. We received a big thank you for the shoe collection program. It was such a big success that we will continue through the spring. The collection box is in the tennis club house. Theatrical Club - SRO (Standing Room Only) Pres. Lynne Newbauer 818-3516 VP Joe Guenther 825-7703

Knee Deep performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 4, 5 and 6. Tickets go on sale Monday, March 4, $10 pp, reserved seating. This show is kneedeep in music, comedy, drama and advice. The show runs 90 minutes.

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011



Jim Huffer 825-8743 September-May, Third Monday, 7 PM, Social Hall/Navajo

At our meeting February 18, we will begin showing a new series: The Ancestral Puebloans (aka the Anasazi). This is a four-part video program of the rich and fascinating history, geography, culture and religion of the Ancestral Pueblo people originally centered around the Four Corners area of the Southwest. From February through May we’ll learn, in depth, these native Americans’ compelling story of survival and challenge to maintain their identity, unity and culture from the time of Christ to the present day. Our February meeting launches our studies with their earliest beginnings in Chaco Canyon in today’s New Mexico. More information about subsequent programs will be presented at this meeting. Plan to attend all four meetings if possible. Ukulele Club - Sun City Vistoso Strummers Pres. Jean James 648-1118 Sec. Jackie Brown 825-2487 Kanikapila, Tuesdays, 10 AM-Noon, Desert Oasis/Zuni

It’s February, the month of Valentine’s Day, and the Strummers continue on with our love of all things ukulele. On Friday, February 1 we will be performing at Bookman’s on Speedway. Everyone is welcome to this free ukulele concert, so come out and be entertained while perusing the shelves of this most interesting store. This month a number of our members are sailing off to Hawaii on a cruise with our favorite ukulele instructor, Ukulele Mike. We wish them a fond Aloha and Bon Voyage. If you are interested in learning to play this friendly little instrument, come to a kanikapila (jam session) meeting and see the great time for yourself. We will have you strumming in no time. Unit Parties Unit 11 Party

Are you ready to party? The annual Unit 11 potluck dinner will be Saturday, March 2, Catalina Vista. If you haven’t attended one of our dinners, we’d like to invite you to come to this one. We’ll provide the meat, you bring a salad, a vegetable or a dessert. Flyers will be distributed to each home the second week of February. 18A Unit Party Spring Potluck

Saturday, March 30, 5:30-8:30 PM, Catalina Vista. Details will be in the flyer delivered in March.


February 2013, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Wallyball and Water Volleyball Pres., Judy Rigby 520-638-8800 (water volleyball rep) VP, Terri Linssen 505-803-2671, Sec/Treas, Dave Martin 818-9249, (wallyball rep) Wallyball Tuesday and Friday, 1-3 PM, AFC/Racquetball Court Water Volleyball: Sunday and Thursday 1-3 PM, Desert Oasis/Pool

Gourd Art Kaaren Drent 818-2343 Mondays 1-4 PM, Fridays 9 AM-Noon, Craft Complex/Lapidary

Gourd art is a craft that often surprises those new to it, because these woody members of the cucumber/pumpkin family may seem quite mundane until you’ve seen the exquisite pieces that gourd crafters can create from them. We have all the materials on hand to get you started crafting your own gourd creation.

Fred Harris moves through the buffet line at the holiday party.

Although it has been too cold to play water volleyball in December and January, the heat is always on for Wallyball. In addition, call Judy Rigby or Terri Linssen about playing indoor volleyball each Wednesday with SaddleBrooke. Now is the time to pay your dues $5 pp, cash only, to Dave Martin at 14142 N. Buckingham Dr. Watch your email for upcoming social gatherings. Woodcarvers David Osoba 818-6629 Saturdays, 9 AM-Noon, Craft Complex/Lapidary

You too can make terrific, useful and decorative items by learning a few woodcarving skills. Come to one of our meetings and find out for yourself. Our club offers all the tools to get you started on that woodcarving project you’ve always wanted to create, and our members are happy to help and share their expertise and knowledge.

Barkcarvers Ted Rydzewski 825-8624 Tuesdays, Noon-3 PM, Thursdays, 9 AM-Noon, Craft Complex/Lapidary

Barkcarving is a unique and age-old craft. We harvest scrap wood and turn it into something beautiful. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. We have a supply of bark and tools; you can come in and begin a project the first day. Come be inspired.

Woodworkers Pres. Keith Carlson 742-7726

I see projects being started, so all is well. The first thing on the agenda will be the up-coming Club Fair which is Friday, February 1. If you have a project that you would like to display bring it along. The first Safe Operations Class for new members will be Monday, February 4, 8 AM, Woodshop. There will be eight classes in all. A complete schedule of days are posted in the Woodshop. These classes are a must for all new members and registration is required. A sign-up sheet will be available at the Club Fair. Call Don Jovag 818-1078. Adrian Korpel 818-0544

Writers Club

At present the Writers Club’s only organized activities are in poetry. Please see the Poet’s Corner. Poets’ Corner Sharyn Rafieyan 825-6762 Mondays, 9:15-11:15 AM, Vistoso Center/Yaqui

Poet Peter Cole says, “I used to want to make poems as though poetry or even speech hadn’t existed before me. Now I work at the other end of the spectrum, making poems mostly out of what already exists, and somehow finding that fresher. More mysterious.” Perhaps this is just another way or repeating the old advice that advocates writing about what you know. Hopefully, we’ll be putting this adage into practice, possibly with new approaches and improved techniques, during the course of our facilitated workshop with Charles Alexander. Please note that we will not conform to our usual schedule from February 4-18. We will, however, return to our self-help format and regular Monday morning meetings February 25 when poets, not signed up for the course, will be welcome to join us.

Yoga Pres. Jewel Prendeville 520-395-1356 Mondays, 8:30-10 AM, Social Hall/Papago Tuesdays, 10:30 AM-Noon, Social Hall/Dance Studio Thursdays, 4-5:15 PM, Social Hall/Dance Studio

Yoga is good for the mind, body and spirit. SCOV is lucky to have three yoga classes for our residents. Each class $7 pp. The annual dues for the Yoga Club $5 pp.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013




Oro Valley

Second Saturdays at Steam Pump Ranch

10901 N. Oracle Rd., Oro Valley, AZ February 9, 11 AM–12:45 PM, property tours, 1 PM. Guest speakers: Pusch Family great-grandchildren. The Town of Oro Valley proudly presents Second Saturdays at Steam Pump Ranch, from 11 AM-2 PM on the second Saturday of each month. This exciting new way to visit Oro Valley’s vivid past will include special guest speakers, tours, and an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and eat lunch onsite. The February 9 guest speakers are great-grandchildren of George Pusch, one of Oro Valley’s first settlers.

Partnered Organizations The items contained under this heading are provided as a service to residents by other organizations that are neither sponsored nor supported by Sun City Oro Valley Community Association, Inc. SCOVCA assumes no responsibility or liability for the information contained therein. AA

Ned 407-6052 Mondays, 12:30 PM, Craft Complex/Tumbleweed Tuesdays, 7 PM, Desert Oasis/Zuni Alzheimer’s Education and Support Group Don Dittman 551-6109 Arlene Schneider 825-5741 Last Tuesday, 4 PM, Desert Oasis

Learn the basics of the disease and how to live with it.

Arthritis (all kinds) Support Group Facilitator Corinne Kulick 825-7673 Coordinator Ester Leutenberg 818-0016 Meeting Third Tuesday, 3:15-4:15 PM, Catalina Vista/Pima Caregiver Support Group Facilitator Ester Leutenberg 818-0016 First and Third Fridays, 2-3 PM, Catalina Vista/Art Room Civic Association CASCVI (The Civic Association of Sun City Oro Valley Inc.) is an advocate in consumer affairs. Established in 1994 as a volunteer resident group, we have successfully dealt with the Pima County Assessor and utility companies and conducted valuable investigations such as blue pipe and roofing problems. CASCVI provides an organization where residents can request assistance with problems not covered by SCVCAI. We can be reached at or call Marty Abelson 825-3522

Residents who desire to be on our email list to receive, submit or share home maintenance information, consumer warnings and advisories, residential tax information and resident-related issues not covered by SCOVCA should submit their email addresses to We are nonpolitical and are here to serve our fellow residents. Nonresident emails will not be accepted. You must be an SCOV homeowner. Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Emerge! Co-Pres. Betty Hansen 818-1779 Elaine Deeter 825-5388 Donations Nancy Williams 818-3178 October-April, Second Tuesday, 8:30 AM, Vistoso Center/Apache

Our auxiliary helps and supports Emerge! one of the main agencies in southern Arizona providing shelter for women and children who are victims of abuse. Our next fund raiser is our annual Luncheon/Fashion Show Friday, March 15, Auditorium, $30 pp.

Tickets sales Tuesdays, February 12, 19, 26 and March 5, 9-11 AM, Social Hall Lobby

Because we have sold out in the past, we recommend that the single tickets be purchased early. Fashions will be by Catalina Ranch House & Fresh Produce. Nancy Williams continues to collect donations. This month items requested are all types of female hygiene products; tampons, pads, toothpaste, tooth brushes, hair and facial products etc. The crisis line at Emerge! to report domestic violence is 888-428-0101. Gluten Free and Celiac Disease Support Group Ester Leutenberg 818-0016 Grief Support Group - Loss of Child or Grandchild Facilitator Ester Leutenberg 818-0016 Fourth Wednesday, email or call for time and location Grief Support Group - Loss of Spouse/Partner Contact Sec., Lori Behrman 395-1812 Facilitator Arlene Schneider Second and fourth Fridays, 3 PM, call for location Parkinson’s Support Payton Davies 825-5352 or Third Wednesday, from October - April, 10:30 AM-Noon Catalina Vista/Pima Exercise Mondays and Thursdays 4-5:30 PM, Vistoso Center/Apache

The Parkinson’s disease support group will meet February 20. We provide coffee and cookies. We will have a physical therapist talk to us. If you have Parkinson’s, live with someone who has Parkinson’s or know someone who has Parkinson’s, please come; I think you will enjoy the discussion and the company. Survivors of Loved Ones who Died by Suicide Coordinator and Facilitator Ester Leutenberg, 818-0016 Call for time and location Vistoso Helpful Hands

Our all-volunteer organization needs your help. Please fill out an application with Norma Meyers at the Vistoso Center. We will train you to carry the pager to dispatch volunteers who help our SCOV neighbors with transportation, meals, caregiver relief, errands, etc. on a temporary basis until they are better or able to get full-time paid help. To get help, dial 410-9498. When you hear the beep, enter your phone number followed by the # sign and hang up. We will call you back. Watch for coming events: tours and lunch at The Fountains in February and Amber Lights will be in March. Barb McNeill 825-0677


February 2013, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

Extended Community American Association of University Women

The AAUW Casas Adobes Branch meets Saturday, February 9, 9:30 AM, Social Hall/Hopi, for Continental Breakfast $6 pp. Dr. Barbara Gates, a Alumni Distinguished Emerita Professor of English and Women’s studies at University of Delaware, will present the program. Her talk will focus on Beatrix Potter, a famous children books author. Guests are welcome. The Catalina-Oro Valley Lions Club

We meet the first and third Monday of each month, 7 PM, Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge, across Oracle from the Golden Goose. Call Mimi Wittenborn 825-9340. DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Meeting

The DAR El Presidio Chapter meeting will be held Thursday, February 14, 1 PM, at a private residence. The meeting will consist of a flag retirement ceremony for worn, torn, faded or soiled flags. Flags will be cut into small pieces and incinerated as is traditional. If you would like to attend or donate flags for retirement, please call 520-631-8803 for the address and additional information. (NICO) NW Inter generational Community Orchestra

Blow the dust off your musical instrument and expand your musical knowledge and love of playing. NICO always welcomes new members. There are no fees or auditions. All levels of experience are encouraged to join student musicians. Rehearsals for two concerts per season are held 3:30 PM Thursdays (except holidays) at the Coronado K-8 School band room, Catalina. Call Suzanna Porter 825-0997 or Nora May 437-4590. PCC Performing Arts presents All Shook Up

This show was inspired by the songs of Elvis Presley. February 21 through March 3, Center for the Arts Proscenium Theatre, reserved seating. Buy early to get the best seats. All Shook Up tickets $18 discounts for groups and seniors. Pima Community College Center For The Arts, 2202 W. Anklam Rd, Tucson, AZ, 85709, 520-206-6986. Pima County Gardening Demonstrations

The following free presentations will be given Fridays, 1 PM, Oro Valley Public Library, 1305 W. Naranja Dr., in the Public Meeting Room.

Feb. 8 Getting ready for your warm weather vegetable garden Feb. 22 Ask a Master Gardener Senior Learning Project

The University of Arizona Aging and Cognition Unit is seeking persons 65 and over to participate in our research study on aging and cognition. This threeday study would include tasks such as defining words, answering math questions, and solving puzzles. We use these tests to get a measure of overall mental functioning. If you are interested in participating, please call Cindy Woolverton 520-621-5721 Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013

20th annual Southwest Indian Art Fair

The 20th annual Southwest Indian Art Fair at the Arizona State Museum located on the UofA campus, will be held Saturday and Sunday, February 23 and 24. There will be premier artists, performances, demonstrations, market place and native foods. Contact the Arizona State Museum, 520-626-8381, for more details, directions and times. This is an indoor/outdoor event. Tucson Concert Band

The Tucson Concert Band, directed by retired Navy bandmaster Lorelei Conrad, returns to SCOV, Sunday, February 10, 2 PM, Auditorium, with Call it Fascination, Enchantment, or a Little Romance, a pre-Valentine’s Day musical love fest. Selections include Gershwin, Like Someone In Love, the Third Movement from Howard Hanson’s Romantic Symphony, My Heart Will Go On, and much more.

Tickets are $10 at the door or $5 if purchased in advance. Sales on Tuesday, February 5 and Thursday, February 7, 9 AM-Noon, Social Hall.

Contact Liz Beaver; 520 298-1252,, Tutors Needed for Nearby School Kids

Would you enjoy tutoring a child? Painted Sky Elementary School, Rancho Vistoso’s neighborhood public school, is looking for volunteers to work one-on-one with students. One hour a week of your time could make the difference in a child’s education. Please contact Rachelle Ferris or 696-3820. Vista Fine Arts - Augsburg Centennial Singers Concert

Vista Fine Arts presents The Augsburg Centennial Singers in concert Saturday, February 23, 3 PM, Vista United Methodist Church. The program will feature folk songs, spirituals, hymns and barbershop. The group has traveled extensively. They were outstanding in their previous appearance at Vista. A free will offering will be taken. Vistoso Community Church

We invite you to our warm and welcoming services and fellowship. On Sunday, we have worship at 9:30 AM followed by fellowship and our morning Bible Study at 11:10 AM, Wednesday, 7 PM; our midweek service features singing, prayer, and a study in the Book of Romans. We are located on Rancho Vistoso Blvd., next to the fire station. Welcome Club Northwest

We will hold our monthly luncheon for women new to northwest Tucson within the last 5 years on Thursday, February 7, 11 AM, Hilton El Conquistador Resort, La Canada Drive in Oro Valley, $25 pp. The program will be a fashion show presented by Nadine’s Desert Fashions. Contact Ruth Shelton 520-498-0018 for reservations. WNPA’S 75th Anniversary Event with Ted Danson

WNPA, (Western National Parks Association), headquarters in Oro Valley and 66 affiliate parks in 12 western states, celebrates its 75th year partnership with the National Park Service on Saturday, March 9, at Westward Look Resort. The dinner and awards program features special guest, Emmy award-winning actor, conservationist and author, Ted Danson. For ticket information, visit or call 622-6014.


Classified The items contained under this heading are provided as a service to residents by other organizations that are neither sponsored nor supported by Sun City Oro Valley Community Association, Inc. SCOVCA assumes no responsibility or liability for the information contained therein. BR=Bedroom; BA=Bath; N/S=No Smoking; N/P=No Pets; W/D=Washer and Dryer; LR=Living Room; DR=Dining Room; AZRM=Arizona Room; Fireplace= FP; Stainless Steel= S/S; WiFi= Wireless Internet Service Classified Advertising, $10/ad

FOR SALE: 2004 Lazy Dayz Ford motor home. 45,000 actual miles, 23½ ft. long. Excellent condition. Call 520891-0606. Can be seen by appointment. FOR SALE: Reluctant sellers. We love our home and neighbors but need more room. Well cared for Montara model (1298 sq. ft.), split 2BR/2BA, great mountain views from living room and master, beautiful backyard, sky lights, open and airy, lots of windows, newer appliances/tile in kitchen and bedrooms. Two patios, one covered. Garage cabinets. $195,000 520-818-3279. FOR SALE: Beautiful open floor plan with high ceilings, 2BR, 2BA and den, 1463 sq. ft. plus 200 sq. ft. AZRM. Home is in great condition and is being sold fully furnished including appliances, furniture, accessories, linens, towels, fully stocked kitchen, 48 inch LCD TV and much more. Home has new countertops, kitchen sink, and tile backsplash along with new refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave. Must see! $205,000, 520-818-0756 FOR RENT: 2013-2014 multi-month vacation home rental. Completely furnished with great mountain views. 2BR/2BA, 2-car garage. Furnished covered patio with grill. Rental rates will be discounted for SCOV families and friends. Rentals throughout the year or long term. Call Jo (Wisconsin) 262-886-9999 or 825-0232. Photos available via email. FOR RENT: Fully furnished with mountain views. King size bed in master BR. Currently available for monthly rental in April 2013. Longer terms April-December 2013 and all of 2014. Price discounted for stays of three months or more. For photos and more details call Jan at 636-357-8817 or email janostrander2010@ FOR RENT: Beautiful 3BR/2BA, 1500 sq. ft. Claridge model, fully furnished, on former model home street, N. Pima Spring Way with mountain views. Southern patio/ grill/pool and hot tub in large backyard. Front courtyard and 2-car garage. Available now. Discount for multiple months and SCOV friends. Pets considered. Online photos available. Cynthia O’Neil 520-955-3028. FOR RENT: Pusch Ridge view home in SCOV. 2BR/2BA, office, 1320 sq. ft., newly furnished southwest style, great views from the master bedroom, kitchen and furnished covered patio. Fully furnished, new king and queen beds, 46” flat screen TV, cable, WiFi, DVD, phone, new tile floors, all linens and utensils, utilities included. Available June-November 2013. Discounts for three or more months. Email or call Martha for photos and information. 520-395-1948. FOR RENT: Immaculate 2BR/2BA, Montara model. Fully furnished and guest ready. Utilities included. High speed Internet and cable TV. Great off-season rates. Starting April 1, long or short term. Call 970-209-1572. Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


FOR RENT, Unfurnished,1050 sq. ft., 2BR/2BA at 16th fairway tee box. Professionally designed interiors with granite in kitchen, saltillo tile floors, all new in ’07. WD and refrigerator included. Part of SCOV membership available with privileges to tennis, golf, pools, Café, library, fitness and hobby shops. Oro Valley Hospital close by. Area west of home patio wide open desert for privacy, wildlife viewing and pet walking. Wonderful caring neighbors on super quiet Green Tree Dr., $1250/mo. long term; presently listed for sale. email wnguild@aol. com for photos and information call 520-818-2203. FOR RENT: Beautiful vacation villa located in SCOV. 2BR/2BA. Completely furnished, fully equipped kitchen, with all amenities including complimentary WiFi, cable, large patio, barbecue, 2-car garage. Available for April through October 2013, December 2013 and all of 2014. 13490 N Tom Ryans Way. Call Kathy 510-537-1590, email FOR RENT: Enjoy our spacious 2BD/2BA home with excellent mountain views and private patio with gas grill. Recently furnished in Southwest style, our home is sparkling clean and has everything you need for a perfect getaway, or a place to stay while searching for your own retirement home, including a separate office and complimentary WiFi. Reserve now for 2013-2014 winter season or reduced 2013 summer rates. For photos and more details call Tom and Barbara at 520-825-0618 (Arizona). FOR RENT: Sun City Oro Valley furnished 1200 sq. ft. 2BR/2BA beautiful home with covered patio in back and walled patio in front with mountain views from front patio. King and full beds. Fully furnished with all utensils, linens, W/D, wireless, TV, grill. NS,NP. For rates call Frank at 801-209-9092. Discount for three or more months. See website at PINETOP FOR RENT: Nicely furnished 3BR/3BA townhome at Mountain Pines Estates available Memorial Day through September 15. Attached garage, natural gas BBQ, WiFi and DirecTV. N/S, pet considered. $1700/ month for seasonal renter. Call 520-229-8733 BUYING: A curious collector would like to buy watches, old photos, war relics, 19th and 20th century family and estate items, antiques, jewelry, coins, silver and much more. Anything unusual or nostalgic. I like to look and love to buy. Exceptional prices paid. 529-2984.

Donate Your Empty Aluminum Cans Put your empty aluminum cans to work for Sun City Oro Valley. Deposit only empty, rinsed aluminum cans in the box outside the Social Hall kitchen door. For safety reasons do not deposit unrinsed cans which attract bees and may become a hazard. The Community Assistance Committee uses the funds to purchase items for the Loan Room. Your support is appreciated by many SCOV residents.


February 2013, Sun City Oro Valley Tipster

SCOV Scrapbook

The Elegant Trogon is a rare bird in the USA. Photo by Steve Holmes.

Resident submitted photos

This is a rare sight here in Sun City Oro Valley. Photo by Pam Sarpalius.

This bobcat looks like he is ready to pounce. Photo by Carol Nagel.

This beautiful owl is ready for his close up. Photo by Michael Takerian

Residents enjoyed a talk on Tohono Chul Park “An Armchair Tour�. Photo by Steve Taillie. While out birding John Roehm photgraphed a rare sight... a coatimundi.

Sun City Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013, Page 35

SCOV Scrapbook

Resident submitted photos

This stupendous sunrise was captured at the AFC pool by Jane Ewing.

This Harris hawk was photographed by Lou Phillippi.

Wednesday Lunch Pasta Made-to-Order February 6 and 20 10:30 AM-3 PM Try our new Made-to-Order Pasta Lunch. There are delectable sauces, three kinds of pasta and seven “mix-ins” to choose from. Served with a small salad, roll with butter. $ All for just pp. Add chicken or shrimp or meatballs $ for more.



May We Suggest a Glass of Wine with Your Lunch?


Minchella Window Fashions & Interiors Duette Shades • Silhouettes • Luminettes • Blinds • Designer Roller Shades • Shutters • Custom Draperies Latest Remote Control Technology Upholstery & Flooring

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Since 1977 Fax (888) 488-6328

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What do you need to ship?

MAIL WELL SHIPPING 15270 N. Oracle Rd., Suite 124


(NE corner of Basha’s at Golder Ranch Rd.)

818-0660 Authorized ship center for:

PGA Certified Golf Instructors

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Sharpen 2 knives get a 3rd sharpened for 1/2 price Call the Pro Shop and talk to Kim Griggs or Rick Sample about our clinics for beginners as well as one-on-one lessons that are available.

Lessons make a great gift!

Half-hour lessons $45 45-minute lessons $55




Golf Club at Oro Valley


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Any Framing Order Over $25

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Looking for a change? Pus out! Walk-ins always welcome

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Mac iPad & iPhone Tutoring in your home.

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We’ll tailor a flexible care plan to fit your needs and budget.


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Oro Valley’s Handyman Carpentry, plumbing, electrical, windows & doors, ceiling fans, lighting, shower doors & grab bars, pet doors, and much more. REFERENCES AVAILABLE INSURED

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14441 N. Sky Trail $ 169,900

14431 N. Alamo Canyon Dr. $ 215,000

2090 E. Tumble Brook $ 324,000

14541 N Rock Springs Lane $ 198,500

Sun City OrO Valley



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New Cabinets & Refacing Solutions In Home Consultation Computerized Kitchen Design Project Management

12080 N. Dove Mt. Blvd., Suite 100, Direct: 520-275-6654 FAX: 520-825-6525

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Everything you need to feel at home.



6300 East Speedway Blvd., Tucson

6231 N. Montebella Road, Tucson

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Commission for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities

Sandy’s Window Cleaning Residential & Commercial • Free


Ask about ceiling fans, light fixtures and mirrors We have many Sun City Oro Valley references Jack Campanella Owner/Operator

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You’ve always said you wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress.

You’d better tell them now.

2285 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. Oro Valley

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Preplanning takes care of all the decisions so your family doesn’t have to.

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Bob & Jackie Cahoon 490-3633 444-5937 #1 in Sales and Listings in Sun City Oro Valley since 2004 Top 2% in Sales in Pima County SCOV Residents Living Trusts • Wills • Estate Planning • Estates Settled • Contracts-Leases Personal Injury • Powers of Attorney-Living Wills Guardianship-Conservatorships • Divorce-Marital Agreements Corporations • LLCs Serving Northwest Tucson since 1976


Located in Sun City Oro Valley

1171 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. #103 Thanks to Sun City Oro Valley for your Continued Support Not OUR client... Farmers Insurance of Catalina will offer a great Sun City Oro Valley Discount! Call for details...

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Kevin Rydberg bLANDSCAPEa • Landscape Design • Irrigation • Landscape maintenance • Rock Work • Install & Repair Brick Pavers • Smartscape Certified Over 20 Years landscaping experience Serving Sun City Oro Valley since 2006


A Safe Step Walk-in Tub offers independence to those seeking a safe and easy way to bathe right in the convenience and comfort of their own home.

PConstructed and built right here in America, with more standard features than any other tub.

PBuilt-in support bar and the industry leading 4-inch step up*

PThe highest quality tub complete with PDual hydro-massage - water and air lifetime warranty.

bubble jets strategically placed to target sore muscles and joints, offering life-changing therapeutic relief.

PTop-of-line installation and service, all included at one low, affordable price.

You’ll agree—there just isn’t a better walk-in tub on the market. So take your first step towards feeling great and stay in the home you love. Give us a call today! *On uninstalled tub, actual height may vary based upon installation.

Safe Step Tubs have received the ease-of-use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation

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Dr. Dan Cappozzo & Dr. Becky Cappozzo Gentle low force chiropractic techniques


Call Fritz Knauf for Emergency Repairs and Free Cost Estimates A Sun City Oro Valley Resident LICENSED

544-5622 or 400-3930


•Water Heaters •Water Service Lines • Sewer/Drains • Garbage Disposals Ron Roberson R and R Water Works LLC 30 years of plumbing experience

• Gas Line Repairs • Toilets & More


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Irrigation Man Keith Demand

• 30 years experience with repairs • Referrals Available • I stand behind my work

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Steve Mooneyham Associate Broker, ASR, CHMS, SFR


Stephen G. Hood Realtor 520-302-8674 RESIDENTIAL BROKERAGE











14427 N Del Webb Blvd. Expanded Montrose Model $189,000 14026 N Cirrus Hill Dr.

2116 E Ruellia Drive

Montara Model

Mariposa Model $189,000 14238 N Trade Winds Way Montara Model $185,000

$225,000 14109 N Forthcamp Drive Mariposa Model $146,000 14192 N Biltmore Dr. Expanded Crescent Model $299,000

40 years Combined Banking & Real Estate Sales

Debbie Evenchik Executive Sales Associate

Judy Hale, ABR Jerry Hale, SFR RealtoR


Judy .............................. (520) 395-5866 Jerry.............................. (520) 907-3954

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10445 N. Oracle Rd. #121, Oro Valley, AZ 85737

1014 E Coachwood Dr Cheyenne Model $285,000 Spacious living, huge master suite, guest BR w/blt in Murphy bed & desk, new carpet, paint & newer HVAC. Ready to move in!

814 E Desert Glen Dr Expanded Miramonte $184,900 New listing, 2BR/Den, almost a 1/4 acre lot backing to green belt, great views, hurry and come see this beauty!

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Direct (520) 531-9677 (800) 346-5863 Toll Free HARVEY KATHY & RICHARD ABR, CRS, GRI, Associate Brokers KATHY & RICHARD HARVEY

Sun City Residents Sun City Residents KATHY HARVEY Specializing in& City KATHY &SunRICHARD HARVEY ABR, CRS, GRI, Associate Brokers

ABR, CRS, resales sinceCity 1988!GRI, Associate Brokers Specializing in Sun If you want the Best, CallValley Us!Residents Sun City Sun Residents resales since City 1988! Oro If you want the Best, Call Us! SpecializingSpecializing in Sun Cityinresales since 1988! Sun City

resalesthe since 1988! If you want Best call us! If you want the Best, CallofUs! Full Time Professional Agents with +40 Years Experience! 2506 E. Vistoso Commerce Loop Suite #100 520-297-6172 • 800-297-6172 •

Mariposa model with48 wonderful views! Paid Advertising, Sun City520-297-6172 Oro Valley Tipster, February 2013, Page


Charming, updated home with Mariposa model with views! area northeast patio,wonderful borders common

2013 February Tipster  

Feb. 2013 edition of the offical newsletter of Sun City Oro Valley Community Association. An active adult community located just north of Tu...

2013 February Tipster  

Feb. 2013 edition of the offical newsletter of Sun City Oro Valley Community Association. An active adult community located just north of Tu...