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February 2011

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Sun City Vistoso Community Association, Inc.

Photo by Jane Ewing

Study Session

Thursday, February 10, 9 AM, Vistoso Center/Apache

Board of Directors Meeting Tuesday, February 22, 9 AM, Social Hall/Papago

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Election 2011

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Board Candidate Forums in the Auditorium • Tuesday, February 8, 6:30 PM • Friday, February 18, 1 PM • Monday, February 21, 6:30 PM

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After-hours Emergencies: If you encounter something in the common areas or golf course needing immediate attention (e.g. a broken irrigation head) and the Administration Office is closed, please report the issue to a building monitor. However, if a situation like this occurs after all the buildings are closed, please contact the emergency line at 825-1161.

Association News From The Board of Directors

SCVCAI Board of Directors Newsletter A bimonthly newsletter by Director Debra Arrett about the activities and items discussed by the BOD is available by ListServ. To sign up, go to www.suncity-vistoso. com, hold your mouse over “News and Information” click on “In the Know”, put in your email address and click on “submit” button. Select any of the notifications you would like to receive and click on the “submit” button. For those who do not have access to a computer, a copy is available for reading in the library. Do You Want to Know What’s Really Going On? by George Williams

Will there be a vote of the whole community about a possible name change for Sun City Vistoso? What’s all this about Focus Groups for the Realty Committee? Didn’t we vote that down a year ago? Will we get to vote before vast sums of our money is spent on new stuff for the community? Why is our Controller retiring? Can we close the golf course, build and sell houses there? Have you heard rumors at the pool or while playing bridge? Are you angry about what you’ve heard our Association might be up to behind your back? What it’s doing or not doing? There’s a wonderful way to get answers. Twice a month our General Manager and a Board member show up for an hour to discuss any and all questions about our community. Anyone can come and ask, or comment about community matters that concern them. It’s called Coffee and Conversation and the times and location are listed in the Tipster every month. There is coffee there but the important part is the conversation. I get to many of these meetings. I see the same 20 or 30 people at each one. These folks are really well informed about what’s happening in our neighborhood. They heard the answers to these questions at a recent Coffee and had a chance to comment. If you have concerns about anything you’ve heard, join the regulars, raise your hand and ask about what worries you concerning Sun City Vistoso. It’s a super and informal way to find out what’s really happening.

Coffee and Conversation with the General Manager and a Board Member Wednesday, February 2, 10 AM, Social Hall/Hopi Friday, February 18, 9 AM, Social Hall/Hopi An Informal Exchange of Information Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Bob Mariani, General Manager Avoiding Conflict with the Neighbors by Bob Mariani

So many times when neighbors have conflicts the expectation is that the Association will resolve the issue. Although there’s a willingness on the part of the Board and Administration to assist in these conflicts, the Association has little or no authority to assure resolution. So, what’s the best way to prevent these neighbor to neighbor disputes before they begin? The key is communication. You don’t have to be friends or spend time together to achieve a peaceful coexistence, but you should try to be a good neighbor and follow these tips: Say hello. At the mailbox, while walking the dog or when you see a moving van arrive, introduce yourself. Learn your neighbors’ names and regularly offer a friendly greeting. Provide a heads up. If you’re planning a construction project, altering your landscaping or hosting a big party, contact your neighbors beforehand. Do unto others. Treat neighbors as you would like to be treated. Be considerate about noise from vehicles, stereos, pets, etc. Know your differences. Make an effort to understand each other. Differences in age, ethnic background and years in the neighborhood can lead to different expectations or misunderstandings. Consider the view. Keep areas of your property that others can see presentable. Appreciate them. If the neighbors do something you like, let them know. They’ll be pleased you noticed, and it’ll be easier to talk later if they do something you don’t like. Stay positive. Most people don’t try to create problems. If a neighbor does something that irritates you, don’t assume it was deliberate. Talk honestly. Tolerance is important, but don’t let a real irritation go because it seems unimportant or hard to discuss. Let your neighbors know if something they do annoys. Be respectful. Talk directly to your neighbors if there’s a problem. Gossiping with others can damage relationships and create trouble. Remain calm. If a neighbor mentions a problem they have with you, thank them for the input. You don’t have to agree or justify any behavior. Wait for any anger to subside before responding. Listen carefully. When discussing a problem, try to understand your neighbor’s position and why he or she feels that way. Take your time. Take a break to think about what you and your neighbor have discussed. Arrange to finish the conversation at another time.

Tipster Flyer Collation

Help collate the Tipster. Once a month, residents are needed to insert flyers. Receive your Tipster early and share refreshments with us at the Auditorium. The work is usually performed on the last weekday of the month at approximately 11:00 AM. Call Dave or Tempe Johnson 825-6994.


Board Candidates Answer Que I. Why do you want to serve as a Board Member and what do you view as your highest priority?

I love SCV and want to share my professional expertise as a CPA to help our community remain vibrant while facing the challenges of our financial environment. SCV has decisions to make regarding its Dick Brammell long range strategic objectives and associated financial commitments. Helping to ensure good decisions is my highest priority.

II. What are five characteristics a board member should possess? Rank them and explain why. 1. A Board member should have the ability to make tough decisions, welcoming information from residents and experts, then making decisions based on data and his best judgment. 2. A Board member needs to listen with an open mind - without bias and receptive to new ideas. 3. A Board member should be able to think creatively to find solutions to challenging problems. 4. A Board member should communicate respectfully, always treating other Board members, staff and residents as he would wish to be treated. 5. A Board member should be willing to compromise. This does not signify weakness; it is the democratic process by which we ensure that our decisions serve the best interests of all residents.

III. Explain your approach to any divisive issue in our community?

Issues become divisive when residents believe there is no opportunity to make their views known. I support a formal approach to decision-making, such as empowering a group to gather facts and opinions from the community and expert sources, assess all input, and make data-based recommendations to the Board.

Coffee Dates: Tuesday, February 8, 9 AM, Social Hall/Hopi Thursday, February 10, 2 PM, Social Hall/Navajo Tuesday, February 15, 1 PM, Social Hall/Papago

I. Why do you want to serve as a Board Member and what do you view as your highest priority?

I wanted to run for the board for some important reasons. One, to place myself in a position so that I take the time to learn everything I can, this will help me to be a better resident. Second, I love living Judy Hale here in Sun City Vistoso, and if I can ever be of help in maintaining our wonderful community, then I want to know how. My highest priority for Sun City Vistoso is to continue the forward movement in making our community a number one choice for new residents.

II. What are five characteristics a board member should possess? Rank them and explain why. 1. Integrity, number one. Lacking this, everyone suffers. It’s very important to have high morals and a code of ethics in any position. 2. A positive attitude, having the ability to look beyond the immediate facts, and see other views, then explore options while maintaining a positive attitude is critical. Negative attitudes blindside a person. 3. Commitment: a willingness to commit to a job, and do it well. 4. Reliability and punctuality: being responsible is a necessity in any position. Everyone’s time is important. 5. Tenacity: never lose sight of what’s good for the community.

III. Explain your approach to any divisive issue in our community? When there is a divisive issue in the community, it’s important not to over-react. Hear all sides. Listen to the concern of others and think of solutions that work and are agreeable to all, or at least the majority.

Coffee Date: Friday, February 11, 9:30-10:30 AM, Social Hall/Hopi

Winter Snow excites many Sun City Vistoso residents to grab their cameras...

Resident Janie Johnson-Russell submit this mountain snow photo.

Resident Steve Taillie captured SCV with snow on the Resident Karin Frohlich took this snowy mountains Catalina mountains in the background. reflecting in her swimming pool in the backyard.

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011, Page 4

estions About Sun City Vistoso I. Why do you want to serve as a Board Member and what do you view as your highest priority?

Robert Hefner

I want to serve as a Board Member to help maintain Sun City Vistoso as one of the best retirement communities in the Nation. My highest priority is to achieve this goal while remaining financially responsible to its residents.

II. What are five characteristics a board member should possess? Rank them and explain why. 1. The ability to listen to the opinions of others. 2. To research and evaluate all sides of an issue before taking a position. 3. To have a basic understanding of corporate finance. 4. To promote communication and teamwork with residents and other Board members. 5. To promote volunteerism among residents.

III. Explain your approach to any divisive issue in our community? While I do not believe we have had a truly divisive issue in Sun City Vistoso in many years, there will always be disagreement among members of an organization as large as Sun City Vistoso. My approach to addressing these disagreements is to have open forums and discussions to hear arguments on all sides of an issue, to research and evaluate these various positions, and then to make an informed decision that is in the best interest of the majority of our residents.

Coffee Dates: Wednesday, February 2, 9 AM, Social Hall/Papago Wednesday, February 16, 1 PM, Social Hall/Navajo Tuesday, February 22, 1:30 PM, Social Hall/Navajo

I. Why do you want to serve as a Board Member and what do you view as your highest priority? After nine years in SCV and involvement in many clubs and committees, I feel qualified to act in the best interests of the community. I feel I have a broad base knowledge of many aspects Janice Strassburg within SCV. Fiscal responsibility tempered with the desires of the populous is highest on my priority list.

II. What are five characteristics a board member should possess? Rank them and explain why. 1. Knowledge of the community and its finances. 2. Availability to the constituents of the community. 3. Involvement in general, as it pertains to clubs and committees. 4. Even temperament to tolerate all the meetings but not a fence rider. 5. Ability to work as a team. The five rankings are a step process needed to come to a conclusion and make decisions that benefit the majority of residents. It is impossible to please everyone but our society is based on the majority factor.

III. Explain your approach to any divisive issue in our community? You learn a great deal more by listening than you do by talking. Listen to neighbors, committee members, friends and those around you for their ideas and concerns. Develop and understand the facts of an issue. Then a Board member has to make a decision and move forward.

Coffee Dates: Tuesday, February 1, 9-10 AM, Social Hall/Papago Wednesday, February 9, 9:30-10:30 AM, Social Hall/Papago Wednesday, February 23, 10-11 AM, Social Hall/Papago

Winter Visitors to Sun City Vistoso

A beautiful roadrunner landed in their yard. Photo taken by Deb Cofer, resident.

Oh dear there is a deer in our yard! Just walking by as causal as can be. Taken by Bill Frasca, resident.

Rita Quin caught this unusual visitor to our golf course, a pelican. SCV appeals to many winter visitors!

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011, Page 5

Association Committees Committee meetings are open and all residents are welcome to attend. ARC Architectural Review Chair Lee Vander Ark 722-9374 Second and fourth Tuesdays, 1 PM, Vistoso Center/Yaqui Outdoor Lighting

The SCV Master Declaration (ART IV, sec. 2, para. g) states that “No lighting shall be permitted which causes unreasonable glare to neighboring property owners, neighborhoods or the Association lands”. Front yard post lights are limited to a total of 250 lumens. This is the equivalent of one 25 watt incandescent bulb. The newer CFL (compact fluorescent lights) 250 lumen bulbs have less than 7 watts. All exterior lighting must comply with the Town of Oro Valley Lighting Code and the Pima County Light Pollution Code. New exterior lighting fixtures must be approved by our Community Services Coordinator to assure all applicable criteria are met. Approval must be granted in advance of installation. Community Assistance Committee Chair George Holthus 825-0430; Susie Klein 825-7535

Aluminum Can Donations: Put those aluminum cans to work for Sun City Vistoso! Deposit only empty, clean aluminum cans in the box outside the Social Hall kitchen. For safety reasons do not deposit unrinsed cans which attract bees and may become a hazard. Fiscal year aluminum can receipts reported in January were $1,807.42; aluminum recycled to date 3,093 lbs. The Loan Room, located at the end of the Cart Barn, has items available for medical needs in addition to tables and chairs, cots and rollaways and many children’s items. Please come and see what is available. Our telephone reservation system operates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and currently has no change in the telephone number. See the inside front cover of the Tipster for numbers and hours of operation. Thanks to all who came out to support CAC/Loan Room at the Pancake Breakfast. Consumer Referral Chair Don and Pat Pomeroy 825-1725 Desk Phone: 825-3711 ext 137 Monday-Friday, 9:30 AM-11:30 AM, Social Hall

Here’s how to connect to our online copy of our list of vendors: 1. On the Sun City Vistoso home page under the Resi dent’s drop-down list, choose Community Operations then click on Members Only. 2. Login with your user name and password. This is also the page where you can create a new account. 3. Click on Update Account and Login. 4. Click on the last blue line, Consumer Referral List.

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Election Committee

Candidate Forums will be held Tuesday, February 8, 6:30 PM; Friday, February 18, 1 PM; Monday, February 21, 6:30 PM, Auditorium. In this issue the candidates have answered several questions posed to them by the Election Committee. The coffee dates of each candidate are listed at the end of their responses. Attending one of their coffees is a good opportunity for you to meet the candidates personally and have your individual questions answered. Additionally, a flyer with more information about each candidate is inserted in this issue of the Tipster. Please look for the Association election materials which will be mailed to you Tuesday, February 22 and must be returned no later than Monday, March 21, 4:30 PM. Finance and Budget Chair Leslie Platt 818-1963 Third Monday, 1 PM, Vistoso Center/Apache Food and Beverages Services Committee

The Food and Beverages Services Committee will meet Thursday, February 10, 8 AM, Vistoso Center/ Yaqui. February’s agenda will include a discussion about the merits of adding a lounge/bar to the Sun City Vistoso Café. Everyone interested in the SCV Café food services is invited to attend our meetings. Our March meeting will be held Thursday, March 10, 8 AM, Vistoso Center/Yaqui. Gift Shop Barbara Farr 818-2105 and Sharon Henderson 825-0722 Shop: 825-3711 ext 130 Shop Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 AM-4 PM, Saturday 9 AM-12:30 PM Meeting: Second Wednesday, 9 AM, Vistoso Center/Yaqui

Heidi Kannengieser will take center stage as our February Artist of the Month. She has been a member of the silver shop for many years and it shows in her work. The final touch for her attractive pendant designs is either a beautiful silver chain or lovely beads. Come by the Gift Shop center front window and see for yourself. Look in the March Tipster for registration information for this year’s Arts and Crafts Festival 2011, Saturday, October 1, Social Hall. This year, as in the past, all participants must be Sun City Vistoso residents.

February 2011, Sun City Vistoso Tipster


Government Affairs Chair Judy Hale 395-5866 Second Wednesday, 1 PM, Vistoso Center/Yaqui

Green Energy Committee Committee Chair Don Marier 825-4878 First and Third Tuesdays, 1 PM, Vistoso Center/Yaqui Image Committee

The Image Committee continues to meet on a weekly basis to discuss the updating of the communities signage including monuments and gateways. Several signage vendors attended a meeting on January 14 to present portfolios of recent gateways and monuments they did in the Tucson area. One vendor created the Oro Valley Monuments placed on Oracle Rd. The vendors listened to our needs and visions and will return on January 26 with their preliminary proposals. In the meantime, the Image Committee will be working closely with the Landscaping Committee to insure continuity in the landscaping around the gateways and monuments and cost containment issues. Landscape Third Wednesday, 9 AM, Vistoso Center/Yaqui

You may have noticed that work has begun on our next landscape project. This is being undertaken as part of our multiyear plan to move toward a lower maintenance landscape that is more aesthetically compatible with the natural desert around us and enhances property values. This project runs along Rancho Vistoso Blvd. from Big Wash bridge to the Del Webb intersection. It encompasses the roadway median, the strip between the road and the walkway, the area to the southwest of the road that backs up to the desert and the area to the northeast of the walk that backs up to the homes on Tom Ryans Way and the desert. Existing plants are being taken out if they are overgrown, not compatible with the natural desert look, require water if in an area that will no longer receive water or require undue maintenance. New plants will be added. This project, designed to be an efficient use of community funds, will improve the appearance of the area. About one third of the area is being returned to natural desert, reducing ongoing maintenance costs for water, decorative rock and plants. You might want to check out the cape aloe (aloe ferox) around the Gathering Circle, to the right of the Catalina Vista building. Its showy orange-red spikes bloom in winter to spring. Marketing and Publicity Tut Tustison 825-9431 Fourth Thursday of the month, 1 PM, Vistoso Center/Yaqui

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

SCV Name Change Committee Chair Jon Olson 818-3705 First and Third Thursdays, 4:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Yavapai

The Name Change Committee will meet February 3 and 17. Our charge is to report to the board this spring as to whether or not we should change the name of Sun City Vistoso. If so, to recommend a new name. The committee has been developing criteria for use in evaluating any names that come before us as possible name change options. The draft criteria we have developed will be shared at our February 3 meeting, along with a plan to receive greater community input. Neighborhood Pride Chair Tempe Johnson 825-6994 Third Tuesday, 2 PM, Vistoso Center/Apache Take A Look

When the red flag on the mailbox goes down, we have reason to go outside to get our mail. Next time you are out there, take a look at the box that holds your incoming mail. Could it use a fresh coat of paint? Now that the weather is cooler and most of our winter residents are here enjoying their winter homes, perhaps it’s time to paint the pole, box and flag. Check with Consumer Referral for names of people who will do it for you at a nominal cost, if you don’t wish to do the actual painting yourself. Another item that needs mentioning, is the responsibility of the homeowner, to maintain pedestrian sidewalks. If the cement is raised where a walker could trip and fall, it needs to be repaired. More often than not, the raising is caused by a large root from a tree in the yard. Again, take a look. Is yours OK?

Posse Chair Del Balston 825-9681, Vice-Chair George Smith 818-1097 Meetings: First Tuesday, 3 PM, Social Hall/Hopi

Attention Posse members! Mark Wednesday, April 6, on your calendar. This is the day we will have the biggest ever Posse Recognition Party to honor all Posse volunteers with special recognition for those who went out five or more shifts in 2010. This means that right now is the perfect time to invite your friends and neighbors to join you as Posse volunteers. Members added to our Posse roster between now and April 1 are eligible for the party we are throwing solely for members. Service Anniversaries

15 years - Larry & Kit Kerski, Robert Moulson, Gay Russell 10 years - Dale Knudson 5 years - Norma Armstrong, Bob and Elaine Guiraud Gordon and Donna Reimels, Doreen Parks, Phil Weinberg Posse $20 Weekly Drawing for Service

12/6/10 Shari and Larry Wold 12/14/2010 Everett and Arlene Kuizema 12/20/2010 Dennis and Frances Everson 12/27/2010 Steve and Pat Hansen 01/03/2011 Carol and Terry Rohr



Statement of Revenues & Expenses and the Results of Operations Statement of Revenues & Expenses and the Results of Operations

6 Months 2010-11 6 Months 2010-11

December 2010 Actual December 2010 Actual

Revenues: Revenues: Annual H.O. Fees Annual H.O. Fees $ Capital Contribution Fee Capital Contribution Fee $ Golf Revenues Golf Revenues $ Activities Revenues Activities Revenues $ Café Revenues Café Revenues $ Interest Income Interest Income $ Other Income Other Income $ Gross Revenues Gross Revenues $ Asset Reserve Contribution Asset Reserve Contribution $ Contingency Fund Contribution Contingency Fund Contribution $ New Capital Acquisitions New Capital Acquisitions $ Restricted Use Revenues Restricted Use Revenues $ Net Operating Revenues Net Operating Revenues $ Expenses: Expenses: Wages & Benefits $ Wages & Benefits Cost of Sales Cost of Sales $ Utilities Utilities $ Repair & Maint. Repair & Maint. $ Supplies & Expenses Supplies & Expenses $ Net Operating Expenses Net Operating Expenses $ Results of Operations Results of Operations $



234,903 $ 234,903 $ 7,775 7,775 $ 103,892 103,892 $ 25,264 25,264 $ 46,790 46,790 $ 2,272 2,272 $ 6,531 6,531 $ 427,427 427,427 $ $ $ (1,388) (1,388) $ (8,988) (8,988) $ 417,051 417,051

$ 2,459,422 $ 2,459,422 $ 2,459,422 $ 2,459,422 66,694 $ $ 68,420 66,694 $ $ 68,420 $ 484,287 $ 500,658 $ 484,287 $ 500,658 $ 185,317 $ 135,585 $ 185,317 $ 135,585 $ 235,948 $ 216,700 $ 235,948 $ 216,700 $ 13,796 $ 11,200 $ 13,796 $ 11,200 $ 54,831 $ 34,647 $ 54,831 $ 34,647 $ 3,500,295 $ 3,426,632 $ 3,500,295 $ 3,426,632 $ (950,000) $ (950,000) $ (950,000) $ (950,000) $ (100,000) $ (100,000) $ (100,000) $ (100,000) $ (29,602) $ (26,300) $ (29,602) $ (26,300) $ (95,975) $ (68,420) $ (95,975) $ (68,420) $ 2,324,718 $ 2,281,912 $ 2,324,718 $ 2,281,912

$ 232,453 232,453 $ 29,137 29,137 $ 47,826 47,826 $ 3,347 3,347 $ 72,370 72,370 385,133 $ 385,133

$ 1,246,764 $ 1,269,942 $ 1,246,764 $ 1,269,942 120,984 $ $ 110,902 120,984 $ $ 110,902 $ 424,179 444,924 $ $ 424,179 444,924 $ $ 60,737 71,145 $ $ 60,737 71,145 $ 557,763 $ $ 590,674 557,763 $ $ 590,674 $ 2,410,427 $ 2,487,587 $ 2,410,427 $ 2,487,587

$ 31,918



$ (85,709) (85,709) $

$ (205,675) (205,675)

Above is a summary of the Revenues and Expenses and the Results of Operations for the first six months of the 2010-11 fiscal year. Also included is Activity for Fiscal Year 2010-11 a Statement of Activity for the Asset Reserve Fund for the fiscal year to date. A copy of the report in Balance on July 1, 2010 $ 1,126,640 greater detail can be found at our website, www. Balance on July 1, 2010 $ 1,126,640 Add: Select the Board Meeting Add: and Financial Information page, scroll to the bottom Membership Contributions from Dues Membership Contributions from Dues and select the month’s financial reports you wish to (2,488 lots @ $381.83) $ 950,000 (2,488 lots @ $381.83) $ 950,000 view. There are also copies of the monthly Financial Statements and a copy of the Annual Budget for the Sale of Assets $ 3,230 2010-2011 fiscal year in the Library located at the Sale of Assets $ 3,230 Vistoso Center. Interest Earned $ 8,917 As always, please give me a call at 825-3711 ext Interest Earned $ 8,917 Less: 126 with any questions you may have. Less: If you are interested in more information regarding Replacement Expenditures $ (111,851) Replacement Expenditures $ (111,851) the Community’s finances, the Finance-Budget Committee will meet Monday, February 28, 1 PM, at Balance on December 31, 2010 $ 1,976,936 the Vistoso Center/Apache. Balance on December 31, 2010 $ 1,976,936 Patrick Boulton, Controller

Asset Reserve Asset Reserve Fund Fund Activity for Fiscal Year 2010-11

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


February 2011, Sun City Vistoso Tipster


Properties Chair Robert Hefner 825-4825 Third Thursday, 9 AM, Vistoso Center/Yaqui SCV Realty Committee Chair Allan Jakosa 609-6368

The Realty Committee has started gathering information beginning with issues and concerns from residents in six focus group. The results from the focus groups, along with any answers to concerns the committee can provide, are explained in an insert in this Tipster and via the ListServ. The committee has also started to gather information about Arizona Real Estate Rules and Regulations pertinent to any realty arrangement we might want to pursue. We are also identifying built-out communities like ours that have a real estate connection and hope to learn from their experiences. The Realty Committee continues to have open minds to all possibilities. We are dedicated to working toward recommending the most attractive viable option, if any, that generates sustainable income for our community. SCV Sports Complex Committee Chair Bob Carlson 825-4627 First and third Fridays, 1:30 PM, Social Hall/Navajo

In an earlier meeting we expanded the goal of the Sports Complex to exercise and fitness by incorporating wellness into the goal. We created three alternative solutions to the Board assignment: 1. Using the current footprint to create the best possible exercise facility. 2. Using the March 2009 Report submitted to the LPR Committee to enlarge/remodel the current footprint in order to accommodate fitness as well as exercise. 3. Build a new building on the green space next to the cafe, freeing the current complex for meetings and classrooms. The new building would incorporate fitness as well as exercise. Each subcommittee is working independently. We are working on the criteria to use in making a decision amoung the alternative solutions. All meetings are open to residents. Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)

The SPC met Monday, January 10 and conducted a review of each of the Ad Hoc and Standing Committees considering their progress with the Strategic Initiatives (Long Range Plans) assigned by the Board of Directors. The SPC will submit to the Board: 1. An updated progress report on each of the Strate gic Initiatives. 2. Recommendations to modify several current mis sion statements to accommodate implementation of current and perhaps future Strategic Initiatives. Members of the SPC are actively participating with the committees by providing guidance in understanding and implementating their assigned Strategic Initiatives and helping them facilitate their meetings with the residents of SCV. SPC meetings are scheduled for Monday, February 7, 8:30 AM Vistoso Center/Conference Room; Monday, February 21, 8:30 AM, Desert Oasis/Aztec.

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Tipster Editorial Chair Tom Polley 818-9073 Anticipated Tipster delivery of the March issue is Monday, February 28. Tipster Editorial meeting Tuesday, February 15, 9 AM, Vistoso Center/Apache. Sun City Vistoso Café News

Make your reservations now (825-3277) for our Valentine’s Day dinner, Monday, February 14, featuring David’s tenderloin steak and a shrimp skewer. Specials for the month include the popular Soup and Salad Night, Pasta Night and a Western Night with barbecued ribs. There will also be two special Sunday night dinners on February 6 and 20. Come join us. Every month we have a drawing from our completed SCV Café comment cards. Five cards will be drawn each month and the winners will receive a free breakfast or lunch. The individuals drawn from December SCV Café Comment cards are: Bill Nagle, JoAnn McPherson, Brandt A. Soito, Christina Raynor and Bob Fritz. Congratulations and Bon Appetit! Robin Coulter, Admin. Comm. Director Strategic Plan Initiatives Update

In November 2009 the Long Range Plan (LRP) was presented to the Board of Directors and community. The Board of Directors accepted 28 of the recommendations and assigned them to themselves, a committee or staff. Four ad hoc committees were created to deal with six of the approved initiatives. It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over a year and all are at work on their specific tasks. The nature of the initiatives runs from finite to philosophical. Those finite initiatives will have a definite end to them (i.e., a policy was developed to address storage), but those philosophical initiatives will need more breadth to their implementation. An example of this is SI-6 assigned to the Marketing Committee to “Design marketing strategies that target the next generation of SCV home buyers, including optimization of the SCV website.” This is not something that has an end to it. Marketing strategies need be developed, implemented, assessed, adjusted and evaluated for effectiveness. This one area alone is an in-depth, ongoing process that became a focus as a result of the LRP, but there will not be an end to the process itself. Rather, the socalled end will be the implementation of the process. Initiatives were approved and are being implemented. The final step, then, is the process for documenting the completion of an initiative. The current procedure for the few initiatives that have been completed has been a Mission Accomplished report submitted to the Board. The Board has accepted some of these reports and has requested additional work or information on others. This process provides a measurable record of the work begun and completed on the LRP. A grid has been set up in the Vistoso Center/Hospitality room with a record of the initiatives and the dates determined by the Board as having been completed, as well as the official record in the corporate minutes. This process is an excellent example of how the Association, Board and community have worked together to assess needs/wants, evaluate, implement and track progress.


Pam Sarpalius, Programs/Facilities Director Survey

Thank you to all who submitted your replies to the Activity Survey that was in the January Tipster as well as online. I will be reviewing each and every one of these surveys and reading your comments and ideas. Remember, I am always happy to receive input from residents. Don’t hesitate to call or come in to see me. We have more great entertainment this month as well as in March. Be sure to read the Coming Events section of the Tipster each month. One thing I noticed in the surveys is that you overwhelmingly wanted entertainment to be brought into the community for your convenience. December Housing Resale Information Resales









Total sold in 2009 - 108 Library

While most of our residents take excellent care of our collection of books, far too many books suffer irreversible damage and must be removed from the shelves. It is reasonable to think that older books deteriorate on their own, especially in our dry climate. Our resident book binder does his best to analyze each volume individually and restore those that are repairable. As any book lover will attest, it is difficult and expensive to have to remove a relatively new and expensive item from the collection because of negligence. Therefore, SCV management has set forth a new policy, effective January 1, 2011. Your cooperation will be appreciated. New Library Policy:

The books in the library are maintained at high standards for the enjoyment of all patrons. In an effort to maintain this standard, patrons of the library who return damaged books including, but not limited to, books that have damage from pets, food, liquids or are saturated with cigarette, pipe or cigar smoke, will be subject to a fee for replacement of the book. Friends of the Library

Mark your calendars now for two exciting events in 2011 sponsored by the Friends of the Library for our community’s enjoyment. The first event, a home tour of some of the amazing renovations that have taken place in Sun City homes, will be held Saturday, February 19. We will also be holding our annual Books and Authors’ Lunch Wednesday, March 2. More details are listed in the Coming Events Section. It is not too late to join or renew your membership in the Friends of the Library for the 2010-2011 year. Stop by the Library and pick up a membership form. Welcome New Neighbors Unit# Name From 14 Howard and Kathleen Page Oro Valley, AZ 5 Fred and Deena Harris Westminister, CO 3 Stephen Able Oro Valley, AZ 5 James and Dariel Berlowe Oro Valley, AZ Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Recreation and Fitness, Lonnie Davis How many hours a day should I be working out?

The answer doesn’t have to be plural. A single hour or less could be enough to maintain core strength and muscle tone, and just increasing your movement and eating a healthier, balanced diet will help you feel better and more energetic. If you don’t want that six-pack belly, you might need to put in more time, but if you want to slim down and feel better, you don’t have to spend hours a day on it. Association-Sponsored Fitness: Purchase a punch card from the receptionist in the Administration Office, $10/10 classes. You may use this card for all Sun City Vistoso-sponsored fitness classes. It can also be used for your guests. There is a $2 drop-in charge if you do not have a punch card. Cardio Chair Aerobics: Tuesday, Thursday, 10:3011:30 AM, Catalina Vista. Sunrisers: Low-impact aerobics class: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 7:15-8:15 AM, Auditorium. Sweat Stretch: Tuesday, Thursday, 7:30-9 AM, Auditorium. Water Aerobics: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 10-11 AM, Sports Complex Pool. Zumba: Thursday, 5:15 PM, Auditorium. Personal Trainer: Call Ray Jerkins 219-3561 to make an appointment. Sports Complex and Desert Oasis: See Hours of Operation, page 2 of this Tipster. Tuesday, February 8, the Sports Complex pool and spa will be closed for cleaning and shock treatment. It will reopen the following morning at the regular time. Wednesday, February 9, the Desert Oasis pool will close at 7 AM for cleaning and shock treatment and reopen the following morning at the regular time. Special Note from the Sports Complex: Thursday, February 10, 1 PM, an orientation on how to use the gym equipment will be held. Space is limited, so stop in and sign up. See Lonnie Davis or call 825-3711 ext 136.

Golf Kim Griggs, Head Golf Professional

Happy Valentine’s Day! Make sure to buy your special someone a nice gift before February 14. We have a sale table with items as low as $20 and under, including some ladies’ shirts, greeting cards, golf towels and golf ball cleaners. Sun City Vistoso residents/guests, new residents and renters, come and check out our beautiful 18-Hole championship golf course! The views are breathtaking and the course is in excellent condition. Ask us about our memberships, discuss our clubs and view our fully stocked Pro Shop. Arriving soon will be golf hats and towels with “The Views Golf Club” on them. For those who ride the golf course during the off hours, please remember that golf carts must remain on the path at all times. The Lady 9ers Club will be hosting its annual Rally for a Cure Tuesday, February 22. On Thursday, March 10, the 9-Hole Golf Clubs will be


February 2011, Sun City Vistoso Tipster

hosting their annual Guys and Dolls event. Just a reminder that athletic wear, tee shirts, tank tops, short shorts and blue jeans are not permitted when using the golf facilities. Please remember these requirements when coming to use the practice facilities or inviting your friends out. Golf lessons are available from PGA staff members, Kim Griggs and Rick Sample. Thirty minutes of instruction is $40 and 45 minutes is $55. Please ask us about our series specials. Beginners are welcome, so call us at 825-3711, ext. 141, to get started.

Men’s 18-Hole Golf Club Pres. Jerry Rickard 825-7175 Membership Dick Boss 638-6644 Play: Wednesdays

Michael Kropf, Superintendent

Please don’t use divot mix in any area that was not overseeded. The areas around the fairways and the par threes are really starting to have an aesthetic problem where people are filling their divots with seed mix and the germinating seed is creating ugly green spots. This increases the amount of labor and chemicals required to keep the brown areas brown and maintain the quality of the course. The green spots are literally weeds created by golfers being careless. Also, please repair ballmarks. The greens are developing a serious problem with increased numbers of ballmarks. The greens are very soft with all the rain this winter so any ball that hits the green will make a mark. Some golfers hit lower shots that run when they hit the green, but these shots also leave a mark that needs to be repaired. The maintenance crew and the nine hole men’s club spend hours repairing marks that should have been repaired in the first place. It is golf etiquette for all golfers to fix their ballmark, fill their divot in the tees and fairways, and rake their tracks out of the sand traps. The fairways are being deep-tine aerified throughout the winter. This aerification is to help alleviate the compaction from increased amounts of play, to help improve water penetration and help leach out the salts accumulated from the reclaimed water. The holes from the aerification should heal rapidly and not affect playing conditions. Golf Advisory Payton Davies Chair 825-5352 First Wednesday, 2 PM, Vistoso Center/Apache

We are so lucky to be living and playing golf at The Views Golf Club here in Sun City Vistoso. Most people here feel it is one of the best and also one of the toughest tracks in Tucson. A lot of us dragged our feet at the idea of opening up to the public, and also having GolfNow list our course on their website. At the same time, we are all beginning to realize it is necessary to do these things in order to help make ends meet due to the loss of 18 hole annual pass holders and increases in costs. I personally have had several nonresidents comment on how much they like our course and that is a good thing. I have also had people do an about face in their attitudes toward GolfNow. So in general a lot of positive things are going on. On the other hand, there are still people who resent other golfers on “their” course. A lot of this involves growing pains, and I hope our attitudes will continue to improve. We need to work together in continuing to keep our course in financially viable shape. Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Flight winners for the President’s Cup were Howard Schultz, Assistant Tournament Director; Tom Porter, Mike Gardner, Mert Townsend, Mike Bonfiglio, Preston Sheriff and Dave Heaps. Photo submitted by Bob Farmer.

The schedule for 2011 has been finalized and promises a wide variety of events for all levels of play. The 18-Hole Club plays a different game every Wednesday offering competition, fun and a chance to play with old friends and form new friendships. New members are welcome; contact Dick Boss for membership details. Events scheduled for 2011 are: Governor’s Cup, January 26, 29. and February 2; Club Championship March 16 to March 21; Member/Guest April 13 and 14; President’s Cup November 9 to November 16. Don’t forget the exciting new Views Cup. Make sure you keep up to date on your qualifying status posted weekly on the bulletin board. In addition, our next Bash is scheduled for March 9, which is also the date of our Annual Meeting. Check the bulletin board for date of ticket sales. And finally, congratulations to Bob Howe and Steve Mooneyham for their stellar performance in representing SCV in the 2010 AGA Annual Club Team Championship.

Men’s 9-Hole Golf Club Pres. David Chatterton 818-0404 Membership Jack Saatkamp 825-4376 Play: Thursdays morning

Our nine-hole club plays every Thursday morning with an 8:30 AM start time. Please arrive and check in at least one-half hour prior to start. The Pro Shop staff needs this time to confirm all sign-ups are present and/ or to adjust the pairings. Our club now has a membership of 74 players and is still growing. We are guys who keep score of both our golf strokes and our club friends. Remember, every meeting day includes Play with Your Buddies Day . This month’s meeting will be in the Navajo Room immediately following golf on February 10. Following, in the Papago room, will be the Jack Saatkamp Celtic Barbecued Pork Bash. Jack is treating us all to a pulled pork BBQ’d sandwich, beans and cole slaw lunch with cake for dessert. Beverages will be provided and all of this at no charge to the membership. A big “Thank You Jack”, from the all of your fellow nine-hole players. Sign-up is required by Wednesday, February 2. If you’d like to join, call Jack Saatkamp. Golf continues on the next page.


Sun City Vistoso Women’s Golf Club Pres. Maryellen Haddock 825-1058 Membership Sue Pearsey 818-9777 Play: Tuesdays

Winter season golf is in full swing. We have hosted both Catalina Cup and Ironwood Cup and have received many positive compliments about the staff and the golf course. Thanks to everyone who helped to make both these events a huge success. We are also in the middle of our President’s Cup and look forward to congratulating the winners. February is a busy month with our Chili party February 1 and Rally for the Cure February 22. Don’t forget to sign up in the Pro Shop for both. As we know you won’t want to miss these special events. The weather has not been too cooperative so we have had several frost delays. Please call the frost delay line to find out whether or not play is delayed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were involved in the terrible tragedy, that was so close to home, and to those who have been involved in tragic events all over the country. We are fortunate that we have each other for support. Take a moment to say a special word of thanks to a friend or loved one.

Lady 9ers Pres. Jan Dunbar 818-9027 Membership Linda Miller 818-2716 Play: Thursdays

We have made it through the cold mornings and are ready for some warmer temperatures. Regular play starts at 8:30 AM on Thursdays. Please remember to check for the frost delays during the winter months. Please be there at least 20 minutes before tee off time. The Rally for the Cure will be held Tuesday, February 22. The sign-up book will be in the Pro Shop. This is a very special event, and we will be honoring all cancer survivors among us. Keep March 10 open for our Guys and Dolls Tournament. More details at a later time. If you would like to join us for a fun 9 holes of golf, please call Linda Miller 818-2716.

Partnered Organizations The items contained under this heading are provided as a service to residents by other organizations that are neither sponsored nor supported by Sun City Vistoso Community Association, Inc. SCVCAI assumes no responsibility or liability for the information contained therein. AA Ned 407-6052 Mondays, 12:30 PM, Craft Complex/Tumbleweed Tuesdays, 7 PM, Vistoso Center/Apache Alzheimer’s Education and Support Group Diane Dail 551-0388 Arlene Schneider 825-5741 Last Tuesday, 4 PM, Desert Oasis

Learn the basics of the disease and how to live with it.

Civic Association The Civic Association of Sun City Vistoso Inc. (CASCVI) is an advocate in consumer affairs. Established in 1994 as a volunteer resident group, we have successfully dealt with the Pima County Assessor and utility companies and conducted valuable investigations such as blue pipe and roofing problems. CASCVI provides an organization where residents can request assistance with problems not covered by SCVCAI. We can be reached at or call Marty Abelson 825-3522

Residents who desire to be on our email list to receive, submit or share home maintenance information, consumer warnings and advisories, residential tax information, and resident-related issues not covered by SCVAI should submit their email addresses to cascvi@ Please note: we are nonpolitical and are here to serve our fellow residents. Nonresident emails will not be accepted. You must be a SCVCAI homeowner. Emerge! Co-Pres. Coralyn Hoaglund 825-6801 and Diane Smith 825-2803 Donations Nancy Williams 818-3178 October-April, Second Tuesday, 8:30 AM, Vistoso Center/Apache

At the February 8 meeting of Emerge! we’ll continue finalizing plans for our fund-raiser luncheon “Emerge into Spring” to be held Friday, March 18. Tickets are $25 pp $10 going to Emerge! On sale:

Wednesday February 23 9AM-Noon Friday February 25, 1-3PM; Tuesday, March 1, 9AM-Noon Thursday March 3, 9AM-Noon at the Social Hall.

Marie Gagnon, 825-2354, can also be called to purchase tickets. We are continuing to accept articles for our raffle. Art or craft work, jewelry, or needlework are always welcomed. Items needed this month are new children’s underwear, diapers and bedding (new only). The crisis line at Emerge! to report domestic abuse is: 888-428-0101. Sun City Vistoso Foundation The Sun City Vistoso Community Foundation, a separate and independent organization from the Association, established in 1998, provides a means through which tax-deductible gifts may be channeled to support qualified health, cultural, educational and charitable needs of Sun City Vistoso and surrounding areas. Gifts may be made at any time by check, in stocks or by gifts-in-kind to the Foundation, 1565 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85755. Pres. Li Chase 825-6764

The Foundation’s mission is “to improve the quality of life for seniors in Sun City Vistoso and the surrounding areas” through a tax-deductible channel. Did you know that in 2004, the Foundation provided assistance to the Computer Club and the ILR (Institute of Learning in Retirement)? The Foundation Board is appreciative of every gift it receives. Your donations make a positive difference in the quality of life in Sun City Vistoso and the surrounding community. Parkinson’s Support Payton Davies 825-5352 or Third Wednesday, 10:30-Noon, Catalina Vista/Pima Exercise every Monday and Thursday 4-5:30 PM, Vistoso Center/Apache

We are happy to have Joey Gregan come as a guest speaker in February. He works for Medtronics and will Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011



February 2011, Sun City Vistoso Tipster

talk about Deep Brain Stimulation as a therapy for Parkinson’s. He also has participated in El Tour de Tucson for the past several years, and the Iron Man Triathlon on the Big Island of Hawaii. When he races, he raises money for Parkinson’s. Come and join us, both Parkies and their caregivers. Just a reminder: the twice weekly Parkinson’s Exercise groups are still meeting. See Workshops and Classes section for details. Now is a great time to come to the classes and get started with individualized exercises. Ray Jerkins is great at getting people started, no matter what their level of exercise is at the time.

Coffee Bar

Located in the Social Hall/Kachina Lounge Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30-10:30 AM

Vistoso Helpful Hands

We are continuing to provide tours of independent and assisted living facilities for those who are planning for the next phase of retirement. If you are interested in the bus trip and lunch at either The Fountains or Mountain View, call Barbara McNeill 825-0677. Look for us at the Health and Wellness Fair on Friday, February 25, 9-Noon, Social Hall. To get VHH help, dial 410-9495. When you hear the beep enter your phone number, then hit the # sign and hang up. We will call you back. Volunteers are always needed. Fill out an application at the Administrative office with Norma Meyers and you will be contacted. Training is available.

February SCV Café Dinner Specials

Coupons may not be used for special dinners. February 6 and 20 Sunday Dinners at SCV Café 3-6 PM

The SCV Café will be open twice a month on Sundays for dinner. Sunday dinners include a limited menu and special drink prices. February 7 - SCV Café Monday Night Madness 3-6 PM

Don’t cook; come join us at the SCV Café for Monday Night Madness where we will serve a limited menu and offer special drink prices. Coupons may not be used for special dinners. Wednesday, February 9, 4:30-6:30 PM Endless Soup, Salad and Breadstick Dinner

Soups include: creamy tomato basil, beef barley and chicken vegetable. Tossed green salad and bread sticks. $5.95 Dinner does not include beverages or dessert. No reservations needed. No to-go boxes. Gratuity will not be added to dinner. Please tip your wait staff.

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

The Coffee Bar customers Jeremiah and Janie Russell, with your host Jean James. Now serving fresh brewed coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cider for $1 and pastries for 75¢.

Now serving coffee from Just Coffee. A community project that supports coffee growers in Mexico.

Monday, February 14, Valentine’s Day Dinner Seating Times 5 or 6:45 PM

Enjoy David’s signature 4 oz. tenderloin steak served on a bed of fresh spinach topped with grilled onions and mushrooms with a grilled shrimp skewer, rice pilaf, tossed green salad, roll and butter. $15.95 Reservations required. A 18% gratuity will be added to your bill. Friday, February 18, 5-6:45 PM Western Night

BBQ pork ribs, baked beans, cole slaw, corn on the cob and cornbread. $14.95 Reservations required, and gratuity will be added to all dinners. Tuesday, February 22, David’s Cafe’ Cooking Class 3-5 PM, $25 pp Come join the fun. Space is limited to 10 students. You will learn how to prepare, cook and enjoy dinner for two, (which you will take home). The Café supplies all ingredients for your wonderful dinner. Menu for February’s class: pecan crusted salmon with an orange maple chili sauce, roasted red peppers, ratatouille and custard pie for dessert. The Café is accepting reservations for the cooking class. A deposit of $25 is required upon making your reservation. Wednesday, February 23, 4:30-6:30 PM Endless Pasta Night

Your Choice of the Following: Marinara Sauce and pasta, meatballs and pasta, hot Italian sausage and pasta or white clam sauce and linguine. The above entree’s include Caesar salad and breadsticks. Price: $7.95 Dinners do not include beverages or dessert. No reservations needed. No to-go boxes. Gratuity will not be added to the dinner. Please tip your wait staff.


Coming Events Items included in this section are sponsored by the Association and are open to all residents. Special Events for Clubs See this Club’s article for full details.

Sundowners RV Club, Trip to Tubac Art Festival, Tue.-Fri., Feb. 8-11 Sun City Singles Dinner, Thu. Feb.10, 5:30 PM, Social Hall/Navajo Kactus Kickers “Love in the Ole’ Corral” Dance, Fri., Feb. 11, 6:30 PM, Auditorium Canadians Party, Sun., Feb. 13, 1 PM, Social Hall/Navajo Garden Club, Valentine Sale, Mon., Feb. 14, 9-11 AM, Kachina Lounge Rock ‘N Roll Club, Nite at the Races, Sat. Feb. 19, 6:30 PM, Auditorium Villanellas, A Sweet Affair Dance, Fri. Feb. 18, 7 PM, Auditorium. Unit 18A Party, Fri., Feb. 25, 5 PM, Catalina Vista Sun City Singles, Happy Hour, Fri. Feb. 25, 5:30 PM, Social Hall/Navajo Wisconsin Party, Fri., Feb. 25, 5:30 PM, Auditorium Quilters Club, Quilt Show, Sat.-Sun., Mar. 5-6, 10 AM-4 PM, Social Hall

Rock ‘N Roll Club, England Swings Dance, Sat. Mar. 19, 7 PM, Auditorium Saturday, February 5, 7 PM The Newmans, $16

Love the music of the 50s? Then come enjoy this great group with singers who were associated with the famous group, the “Diamonds”. This fast moving “Doo Wop” group, appearing with a band, will bring back many memories. The “Newmans” recently appeared in SaddleBrooke and tickets were $28 pp. Heritiage Highlands had to book two shows to meet the huge demand from their community. We know you will have a great time. Cabaret seating, bring your own snacks and drinks. Get your tickets early. This is not a dance; it is a show for all ages. Doors open at 6:30 PM, show at 7 PM.

Tickets on sale at Administration $16 pp

Tuesday, February 8, 10 AM, Social Hall/Navajo Tucson Museum of Art Outreach Program

“Bierstadt, Moran and the Hudson River School.” Wow! Docents Lydia Maldonado and Rae Jennings will tell us about these painters, who glorified the American West and the Hudson River School. Do not miss this one. Refreshments as usual. Sunday, February 13, 2 PM, Auditorium Tucson Concert Band Concert, $10 pp

The Tucson Concert Band will present a concert on Sunday, February 13, 2 PM in the Auditorium.

Tickets $10, on sale Monday-Friday, February 7-11 in the Social Hall. Tickets will be available at the door the day of the concert.

Saturday, February 19 Sun City Home Tour, 10 AM-3 PM, $10 pp

The Friends of the Library are sponsoring a home tour of some of the amazing renovations that have taken place in Sun City Vistoso homes. It will be a one day Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


tour for Sun City Vistoso residents only.

Tickets on sale, $10 pp, Wednesday-Friday, February 2-4, Tuesday-Thursday, February 8-10, 9-11 AM and 1-3 PM, Social Hall. Also Monday-Tuesday, February 14-15, 9-11 AM and 1-3 PM outside the Library.

Friday, February 25, 9 AM-Noon Health and Wellness Fair

There is no charge to receive a lot of great information at the Health Fair. The fair is 9 AM-Noon in the Auditorium. Over 60 local health and wellness vendors will be on hand to pass out information and answer your questions. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Saturday, February 26 Cahal Dunne Show, $14 pp

This worldwide Irish entertainer is back for another great show. Cahal is a favorite who visits us every few years, and his talent and comedy are why he fills the house. Cahal has appeared on David Letterman, entertained American Presidents and has been on PBS. Enjoy a great night with friends and enjoy a “wee bit” of fun. Theater seating, no food or drinks. Doors open at 6:30 PM show at 7PM.

Tickets at Administration $14 pp

Wednesday, March 2, Noon, Auditorium Books and Authors Luncheon, $25 pp

Three local authors will discuss their work. They are: Victor Lodato whose Mathilda Savitch won the Barnes & Noble Outstanding Novel award in 2009; Lydia Millet, who has written several novels and short story collections, will discuss her most recent publication Love and Infant Monkeys, which satirizes celebrities and their animals; Lydia Otero, whose recently published La Calle documents the Tucson Mexican American community’s tragic experience with urban renewal during the 1960s. All are nourishment for avid readers.

Tickets on sale, $25 pp, Wednesday-Friday, February 2-4, Tuesday-Thursday, February 8-10, 9-11 AM, 1-3 PM, Social Hall. Monday-Tuesday, February 14-15, 9-11 AM and 1-3 PM outside the Library.

Friday, March 4 Keith Longbotham, $12 pp

Keith had the auditorium filled with laughter and song last year, and everyone wanted him back. Keith and his trio are a night of fun and great music. Get your toes tapping and your sides aching from laughter. Doors open at 6:30 PM, show at 7 PM, Cabaret seating; bring you own snacks and drinks.

Tickets at Administration starting February 4, $12 pp

Friday, March 18, 11 AM Raffle, Noon Luncheon Emerge! Luncheon/Fashion Show, $25 pp

Emerge! luncheon and fund raiser with fashions by Coldwater Creek. Friday, March 18, Raffle is 11AMNoon, Social Hall. Doors open at Noon for luncheon. Tickets $25 pp with $10 going to Emerge!

Ticket sales: Wednesday, February 23, 9 AM-Noon;


February 2011, Sun City Vistoso Tipster

Friday, February 25, 1-3 PM; Tuesday, March 1, 9 AM-Noon; Thursday, March 3, 9 AM-Noon, Social Hall. Sunday March 20 Daniel Tekunoff, $12 pp

Classical guitar music at its finest by Daniel Tekunoff will fill the auditorium. If you love classical guitar, you won’t want to miss this award-winning guitarist. Daniel is back to entertain SCV. Theater seating; no food or drinks. Doors open at 1:30 PM, performance at 2 PM.

Tickets at Administration starting February 21, $12 pp

Wednesday, March 30, 9 AM, Social Hall/Navajo Utility Bills Too High?

You can do a self-audit online and see how your bills compare with similar houses. A TEP representative will give us a live demonstration.




Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Classes

The next class is Monday, February 14, 9 AM, Vistoso Center/Apache (how appropriate for Valentine’s Day). Please keep in mind that you could save a life, or someone could save your life by taking this class. Classes are held the second Monday of each month. Class size is limited, so sign up early. Call Gordy, 818-0441. There will be no AED class in March. Enjoying Our Desert

Please join the Hiking Club’s community presentations on learning more about the desert around us. First presentation: Saturday, February 12, 2 PM, Social Hall/Hopi, “Stop! I Wanna Take a Picture!” by Rudolf L. Punzmann. Second presentation: Saturday, February 26, 2 PM, Social Hall/Hopi, “Hiking with Handhelds, Advanced Topics in GPS” by Nick Messing and Taylor Clark. Gin Rummy

This year-round workshop is at George and Beverly Riley’s home. All skill levels are welcome. We practice playing, discuss the standardized game rules of Sun City Vistoso, as well as scoring, etiquette and skill tactics. Couples and singles invited. No fee or dues. For times, call 818-0877. Institute of Learning in Retirement

Samplers, Thursdays, 2-4 PM, Catalina Vista. Open to all. No registration or sign-up. Feb. 3 “The Oregon Trail,” Jack Lasseter Feb. 10 “The Truth About Your ‘Fuelture,’” Dr. Twyla Dell Feb. 17 “The Inventions and Discoveries of Benjamin Franklin,” David Druckman Feb. 24 “Alzheimer’s Disease,” Arlene Schneider Mar. 3 “Pleasures of Poetry,” Adrian Korpel and Ann Ellsworth Mar. 10 Review of Classes for Fall 2011

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Parkinson’s Exercise Classes

Exercise classes are held every Monday and Thursday, 4-5:30 PM, Vistoso Center/Apache. $10/class or $50/ mo. Spouse or caretaker is welcome at every class. Call Ray Jerkins at 219-3561. Basic Photography

The Photo Club is offering a course in Basic Photography to all residents. Five 21/2 hour sessions and a field trip are planned. The first class will be on Friday, February 4, 2 PM, Catalina Vista /Photo Studio. To register and for information, call the instructor, Rudi Punzmann 825-2147. The course is limited to 12 participants. Spanish Language Classes

Beginner class start on Tuesday, February 1, 10 AMNoon (depending on sign-up response), location yet to be determined. More advanced classes begin on Thursday, February 3. Intermediate Jog 12:30-2 PM Intermediate Walk 2:05-3:35 PM Advanced Run 10 AM-Noon Contact Susan Sotelo 327-8267 or susansotelo@cox. net. More details to come in the February Tipster. Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the most recommended physical activity for seniors and those with Parkinson and Alzheimers. It enhances balance, body/mind coordination and pulmonary function, improves arthritis and prevents falling. Tai Chi improves reaction time, reduces stress, and cultivates inner strength. Thursdays 10-11:30 AM Dance Studio. Call Jose 297-5362.

For Your Information The items contained under this heading are provided as a service to residents. SCVCAI assumes no responsibility or liability for the information contained therein. AARP Tax Assistance

Trained and experienced AARP tax counselors will provide free assistance for Federal and Arizona State tax returns by appointment only, every Saturday, February 5-April 9, 9 AM-Noon, Vistoso Center. Electronic filing directly to IRS and Arizona will be available. Bring 2009 return; 2010 W-2s; interest, dividend, broker, and pension 1099s; social security 1099s; receipts and cancelled checks, if itemizing deductions, and any other pertinent tax information needed to prepare an accurate return. Call Sandy Fritz 818-9683 for an appointment. Appointments can also be made at the Vistoso Center Saturdays, starting February 5, 9:30-10:30 AM. Please do not call Association Staff for appointments or with tax questions.


join our “Sun

Facebook group City Vistoso”


Dorothy Morris Sun City Vistoso residents wish to express their deepest sympathy in the loss of resident, Dorothy Morris, who was a victim of the shooting at the Congress on Your Corner incident on January 8, 2011.

SCV Fire Station Closed Until Mid-May

The Sun City Fire Station is in the process of remodeling and will be closed until mid-May of 2011. The crew has relocated temporarily to a villa in Splendido. For general visitation, blood pressure checks, etc., residents may go to the next closest station at 12125 N. Woodburne in Rancho Vistoso, near 1st and Tangerine. Call administration at 825-9001. Homeless Veterans Sock Drive Very Successful

Once again SCV residents’ generous contributions of socks for Tucson’s Homeless Veterans’ Program has exceeded our goal. We delivered 1,406 pairs of socks, 64 pairs of briefs and a carton of travel size bath products. The veterans’ staff was overwhelmed with our contribution in this economy. The success of our sock drive is largely due to the members of the Sundowners RV Club. They contributed socks and money for discounted sock purchase that amounted to more than 50% of SCVs total contribution. Thank you to all who participated. Sandy Jasper was the coordinator. New Club Forming, Natural Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness, February Programs: meets first and third Wednesday, 3-4:30 PM, Catalina Vista. Everyone welcome. Contact or We’ll explore topics, tips, and resources on maintaining good health. Wednesday, February 2: facilitator-led discussions on non-toxic food, healing modalities, vitamins and minerals, the new Food Safety Law, and much more will take place. Wednesday, February 16, Erin Kantola, RDH, CST, will speak on how CraniolSacral Therapy can help migraines, neck and backaches, scar tissue, lymph drainage, and TMJ. Anna Burchard of the new Natural Life Holistic Oasis (Ina & Oracle), will talk about lowering the risk of chronic disease with a lifestyle modification wellness program, FirstLine Therapy. Information shared is only for educational purposes and is not intended to replace medical advice from your care providers. Spring Variety Show

Sun City Vistoso’s new theatrical group, SRO (Standing Room Only) will present its first major production, Friday and Saturday, April 1 and 2, in the auditorium. Watch for ticket sales beginning the first of March. Three new ladies have just moved into a retirement home. There they meet a couple of long-time gentlemen residents and the fun begins. We discover some surprising aspects of the lives and personalities of these retirees, as well as view their musical variety show. Catalina Community Services Food Bank

The Catalina Community Services Food Bank would appreciate fresh fruit donations such as oranges, grapefruit, tangerines etc. Contact residents Jan and Ken Almer at 818-2504. They will pick up your donation and deliver it. Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Thank You Corner This section allows residents to express thanks to the community. Articles should not exceed 50 words and should not contain thanks to specific persons.

The Community Assistance Committee wishes to thank all those persons who worked to make a success of the annual Pancake Breakfast. We greatly appreciate all your efforts to support our Loan Room. We also appreciate those who came out to eat pancakes and visit neighbors in support of our program. I would like to thank everyone for their phone calls, cards, hugs, prayers and good wishes. Although this is a very difficult time it is very comforting to know that I am surrounded by people who care. Maryellen Haddock I moved here less than three years ago and learned the meaning of community during my experience with liver cancer. I was blessed with food, visits, dog care with love, presents and cards. The greatest gift was love and caring. I thank you. Peggy O’Leary

Memoriam To record the passing of a current or former resident call 825-3711 ext 120 or complete a Tipster form located in the Administration Office. Sun City Vistoso submitters can choose to make their name and phone number available to provide information on contacting the former resident’s family. Resident

Jack Ryan Gloria Kvamme Fran Lenches Barbara Nossaman Nancy Harris Dorothy Morris Zev Cywan Elsy Doris Bonnie Lundy

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

December 10 December 15 December 25 December 29 January 5 January 8 January 17 January 19 January 19

Former Resident

Vivian Rumler 1 January 6 Jack Brochu 1 January 8


February 2011, Sun City Vistoso Tipster

Clubs Aqua Tone Marcia Polley 818-9073 Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, 9 AM, Sports Complex/Pool Art League Dave Dame 825-7430, Judy Bjorling 818-1296, Co-Presidents

Attention all Sun City Vistoso residents. During June, July and August, the Social Hall exhibit is open to all Sun City Vistoso residents. You do not have to be a member of any of the clubs to exhibit your artwork. So start working on an art piece now. Colored Pencil Club Lorrie Montagino 825-8359 or Betty Sarr 825-7801 Fridays, 9 AM-1 PM, Catalina Vista Etching--Printmakers Vickie Von Elbe 825-1329 Fridays, 9 AM, Catalina Vista/Art Fine Arts Studio Pres. Melanie Herbert 825-2258 Wednesdays, 9 AM, Catalina Vista/Art

Our golden years have provided us the time (I say this with a grain of salt) to pursue our hobbies and other enjoyable activities. So here we are, fine artists of Sun City Vistoso, gathering each Wednesday to discuss art world happenings and paint. We paint, we chalk, and we pallet knife. We constructively critique each others works at 11 AM, and some of us bring our lunch and, spend the majority of the day working on our pieces. If this sounds like fun to you, please come and join us. All one needs is the desire to create. We’ll help you along. Our group is currently working on pieces which will make up the next theme show in March in the Social Hall. The theme is “edibles,” and this is sure to inspire a broad range of show entries. Oil Painting--Art Made Easy Merle Broadbent 818-0098 Mondays, Wednesdays, 9 AM-Noon, Catalina Vista/Art

Visit the Social Hall during the month to see the oil paintings done by our group. If you would like to try oil painting, call Merle for the details.

Sculpture Gene Eckebrecht 825-2419 Mondays, 9 AM, Catalina Vista/Art

New year, new start, new interests. Come and try sculpting in clay. It’s not difficult. We have skilled sculptors to assist you, and you’ll produce pieces you’ll be proud to display in your homes.

Join The Posse The Ultimate Neighborhood Watch...

Watercolor John Ebert 818-1830 Registration Irma Franke 825-1198 Tuesdays, Thursdays, 9 AM-4 PM, Catalina Vista/Art

Bob Jennette, Sun City Vistoso professional artist and teacher, will present a three session workshop, “Tempera Batik”, Thursdays, February 3, 10, and 17, from 9 AM-Noon, Catalina Vista/Art Studio. The fee for the workshop is $50 plus a $10 material fee. Participants will produce a still life painting of fruits and vegetables using tempera paint as a resist to India ink as a background. This technique produces a special “batik” effect to the subject matter. Demonstrations and practice will give the students an exciting bold use of a new combination of materials which enhance the finished painting. Please sign up with Irma Franke, irmawf@comcast. net, or call 825-1198 for class reservations, as the class size is limited. Participants will need to bring a plastic egg carton to class. Arthritis Water Club President Dawn Simske 825-0907, Secretary Ruth Hofstetter 825-8990 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 1:30 PM, Sports Complex pool.

Annual Luncheon/Business meeting, Sunday, March 20, 2-4 PM, Catalina Vista/Pima. Dues are $4/yr and will be collected at the meeting. More details to come in March. Come join us for gentle water exercise specifically designed by the Arthritis Foundation to help with range of motion and to relieve stiffness and pain. These exercises are great for arthritis, fibromyalgia, replaced hips and knees, etc. Our resident volunteer instructors, Dawn Simske and Helen Kirk, are Arthritis Foundation trained.

Astronomy Pres. Shirley Chorney 825-8502; October-May Third Thursday of each month, 7 PM, Social Hall/Navajo

On February 17 our speaker will be Dimitri Psaltis, Associate Professor of Astronomy & Physics, UofA at Steward Observatory. The title of his talk is “Imaging Sagittarius A*: To See a Black Hole”. Yearly dues, $12/family, are due and payable at the door or by check to Treas. Dick Heiser, 1782 E. Crown Ridge Wy. Interested in Astronomy? The club offers a video lecture series for members every Thursday, 4 PM, Social Hall/ Kachina Lounge except on club meeting days. We watch gifted lecturer Alex Filippenko (voted best teacher 6 times by UC Berkeley students) explain the universe. A new lecture series begins February 10. The subject is “Black Holes Explained”. Club activities are geared toward amateurs interested in astronomy, not experts. Club activities also include field trips, star parties outreach programs to area schools and picnics.

Keep our neighborhood safe. Join the Posse. Call Del 825-9681 or George 818-1097 today!

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Bible Study Men’s Bible Study Fred Gustin 825-7531, Bill Moeller 825-8695, Tuesdays, 7:30 AM, Catalina Vista

We are studying the Book of Hebrews. The men are from varied backgrounds and we have lively discussions. Our gifted teacher keeps us focused and on track. Join us!

Precept Women’s Bible Study Margaret Armantrout 825-1230 or Pat Gustin 825-7531 September-April, Wednesdays, 8:45 AM, Vistoso Center/Apache

to SCV Bocce Club. The deadline for party reservations is Friday, February 4. Hope to see you at the party. Many SCV residents stopped by our table at the SCV Club Fair in January. Rosemary and Karl Dalla Rosa were there to explain the game, answer questions, and encourage folks to join our club. We hope you will give bocce a try this year. Birders Group Marjorie Flory 825-4580 First Friday, 4 PM, Catalina Vista

Precept Women’s Bible Study group at luncheon at Acacia.

Join us as we continue our study of Revelation. Call for more information or come share a lesson. We are a group of women who share the love of the Lord and an interest in learning the Bible. This group of women is caring and supportive of one another and prays for families and friends. Bike Club—Vistoso Cyclists Harold Chapman 825-1404 Pres. Elizabeth Houle-Nelson 818-6646 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Mountain View Plaza

Starting time for February, 9 AM. Men and women are welcome. Meet in front of the Barnet Eye Center, Mountain View Plaza. We ride 25+ miles at a comfortable pace. All rides include a stop for snacks and beverages. Everyone must wear a helmet and bring sufficient water. The monthly breakfast ride is Wednesday, February 23, to Sunny Side Up Café. Billiards Jay Witala 825-9878 Monday-Saturday, Noon-4 PM, Catalina Vista/Billiards

December had some very good activities at the Billiard’s room. Sunday, December 19 was the annual club Christmas Billiard’s tournament, called Round Robin-8 ball and then the pizza party catered by the “pizza man”. A good time was had by all and the ladies were really happy for the day off from the kitchen and cooking. The Billiards Crew will be looking forward to meeting new people in 2011. Bocce Pres. Dennis Reynolds 825-5674 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 2 PM, Bocce Courts

Our annual club meeting/pizza party is Friday, February 11, 5 PM, Catalina Vista/Tohono for members and their guests. The party is $4 pp for members and $7 pp for their guests. Yearly dues $5 pp and party reservations can be paid to our Treasurer, Sandy Reynolds, 14023 N. Biltmore Dr. either by cash or check payable Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Scoping birds at Sweetwater Ponds. Photo by Roger Hinkle

All residents are welcome to bird with us and attend our planning meeting March 4, 4 PM. You must contact the group coordinator prior to noon the day before the trip to assure your carpool space. Meet at the parking area behind the Vistoso Center 15 minutes before the departure time. Bring lunch where indicated. Don’t forget binoculars, hat, water, sunscreen, bird guidebook, and money to pay your driver. Wed., Feb. 2, 7:30 AM Wed., Feb. 16, 6:30 AM Fri., Feb. 25, 8 AM Thu., Mar. 3, 6:45 AM

Santa Cruz River. Judy Carlson 818-1980. $2 carpool. Gilbert Water Ranch. Barbara Gates 825-7645. Bring lunch. $12 carpool Honeybee Canyon. Thora Vervoren 818-2946. Meet at Vistoso Center parking area for free shuttle. Boyce-Thompson Park. Max Haegele 818-9178. Bring lunch and State Parks Pass. $11 carpool. Book Clubs

Book Club Lillian Vittenson 825-5522, Eileen Rotman 825-5434 First Monday, 1:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pima

The January meeting was about Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. The discussion was led by Harriet Rosenstein. Our February meeting focuses on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. Eileen Rotman will lead the discussion of this novel about the disappearance of a teenage Swedish heiress. In March we will explore The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Sharyn Rafieyan will lead the discussion.


February 2011, Sun City Vistoso Tipster

Great Books Pres. Martha Sartoris 825-0092 October-May, First and third Wednesdays, 2 PM, Catalina Vista/Tohono

On February 2 we’ll look at poems with moral messages as Elise Asch guides our discussion of Bertold Brecht’s A Bed for the Night and Alden Nowlan’s He Sits Down on the Floor of a School for the Retarded. On February 16 we’ll focus on community service and its complexity under the tutelage of Esther Goldman as we examine Gwendolyn Brook’s poem, The Lovers of the Poor, and Adam Davis’ essay, What we Don’t Talk About When We Don’t Talk About Service. On March 2 Bill Mitchell will help us consider how Americans associate with one another in civic groups as we discuss a selection from Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America. On March 16 Barbara Gates will lead us in a study of Use of Force by William Carlos Williams and Compassion: The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel by Sogyal Rinpoche. Bowling—Pathfinders Don Andersen 825-1408 Mondays, 9 AM, Fiesta Lanes

Practice Bridge Pres. Joe Pheanis 818-9144 Sec./Treas. Louise Lines 825-6673 Mondays and Wednesdays 1 PM, Desert Oasis/Zuni

We learn while we play. We welcome beginners and intermediate players. Just come in and enjoy an afternoon of bridge with your neighbors. Tuesday Night Partners Bridge Pres. Jayne Kuennemeier 825-0095 Temporary Partner Contact Lee Gloden 818-0142, Tuesdays, 6:30 PM, Social Hall/Papago

Registration starts 6 PM, cut-off time 6:25 PM, play begins 6:30 PM. Bring exact change of $1. Annual dues $5 pp. Newcomers may play twice before joining. Please wear your nametag. If you need a partner contact Lee Gloden. Plan to arrive early for a fun evening with spirited play. Congratulations to Rowena and Loren Hardinger for bidding and making, not one, but two Grand Slams on December 21. Bunco Joan 818-0862, Fern 825-8127 Fourth Tuesday, 1-4 PM, Desert Oasis/Zuni

Bridge Duplicate Bridge Pres. Helen Smith 818-3614; VP Dave Johnson 825-6994 Mondays, 6 PM, Social Hall/Papago; Fridays, 12:30 PM, Social Hall/Papago

Our annual dues are $6 pp. Please be present at least 10 minutes before the scheduled playing time, as we may start a few minutes early. Bring exactly $1 pp for prize money for each time you play. Residents may play twice before joining our club. Guests of residents may play only twice in a year. Bring your membership card the first time you play. Renters, with an Association renter’s card, are welcome to join. We are not an ACBL-sanctioned club and do not award master points. Ladies Monday Social Bridge Pres. Joan Scouller 825-2806 Mondays, 12 PM, Social Hall/Papago

Join us for a friendly game of bridge. The doors open at Noon and play begins at 12:25 PM. Dues $3 pp. Ladies Wednesday Bridge Pres. Stell Curry 818-0274 Wednesdays, Noon, Social Hall/Hopi

Registration for bridge begins at Noon and play starts at 12:25 PM. Each player pays 50¢ (preferably 2 quarters) for a tally. Come join us.

Canadian Club

If you are a Canadian owner, renter or someone claiming Canadian roots, the place to be is on Sunday, February 13, 1-3 PM, Social Hall/Navajo. Spend a few hours getting to know your fellow Canadians over refreshments. Please RSVP by Friday, February 4. $5 pp to cover expenses. Call or email Louise Fraser 825-9592 or Leslie Bradley 818-6629 Canasta Bob Segebrecht 825-5480 Thursdays, 6 PM, Desert Oasis/Zuni

Join us for a friendly game of Canasta. You must be checked in by 6:10 PM when the doors promptly close. Please bring three quarters. Dues are $4 pp for the 20102011 year. You may play twice before joining this group. Desert Celtic Society Frank Maisch 825-8583

Our annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration will be held on Friday, March 11, and co-chaired by Joseph and Char Quinn, and Roy and Barb Riley. Plan on wearing a “touch of Green” and bring along your best Irish jokes. Guests are always welcomed.

Sun City Vistoso Employee Recognition

Marathon Bridge June Jaeger 818-9564

The Marathon Bridge club starts anew every October. If you want to join, call June Jaeger. Mixed Social Bridge Coordinator Allan Kennedy 825-8700 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 9 AM, Desert Oasis/Zuni

This is an informal bridge group that enjoys friendship as well as playing cards. It’s fun, so do come. Please note the new 9 AM winter starting time. Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Employees who go above and beyond the call of duty are recognized with an On the Spot award. On the Spot awards received recently went to: John Kati Pro-Shop Norma Meyers Administration Chris Richard Administration Guy Short Pro-Shop Gary Stiegler Activities

Employee of the Quarter, 4th Quarter of 2010, Diana Diocochea, Café


Ceramic Club Pres. Rusty Kiesling 825-4262 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9 AM-3 PM Craft Complex/Ceramics

At the general meeting held January 26, the following slate of officers for 2011-2012 was presented: Pres., Carney Lewis; VP, Helen Bronkhorst; Sec., Marilyn Guimond; Treas., Micky Harris. The date for the holiday luncheon has been changed to Friday, February 11, Noon, Social Hall/Navajo. Mark your calendar and invite a friend. A sign-up sheet with the menu and price is posted in the ceramic room. Monitors, please mark the room calendar to serve twice a month. If you are unable, or no longer wish to monitor, turn in your key to Carney Lewis 825-0044. Clay Club VP Joan Brown 825-5793 Meetings first Thursday, 1 PM, Craft Complex/Clay Studio

On Thursday, February 3, 1 PM we have a club meeting in our studio. Reminder: Club dues $15 pp are due in January. Please bring a check and your registration form to Marie Gagnon, our treasurer. We enjoyed the opportunity to observe Nick Blaisdell a professional potter. He shared his years of knowledge and skills with our membership. Janice Waller arranged this fascinating program for our club. Thank you to our members who have volunteered to serve on our club committees and also to those who have volunteered to be on our board. Pres., Vern Lemieux; VP, Joan Brown; Sec., Carol Schwager; Treas., Marie Gagnon. The bucket review will be done the end of February. Dick Cook and his committee will need some help, so add your name to the sign-up sheet posted on the bulletin board. One clay bucket per member will be stored in our studio, and heavy buckets need to be stored on the floor and not on the shelves. Jim Brown, Dick Cook, and Bob Smith replaced the canvas wedging on our table; thanks, guys. Esther Hull and her team helped to make the Sun City Vistoso Club Fair a success for the our Club. Information: Membership: Web page:

Computer Society (VCS) Sue Lane 825-7518 Paul Chorney 825-8502 Ken Amsler 979 E. Seven Palms Dr. 825-2039

The VCS general meeting will be held Monday, February 14, 1 PM in the Auditorium. Carey Holzman, author of The Healthy PC and a weekly radio talk show host from Glendale, AZ will share his PC knowledge with us. February Class Schedule PC Classes Date Time Beginning PC for Windows 7, plus XP-class notes (4) Wed., 2, 9, 16, 23 8 AM-10 AM Dick Butler 825-4664 Power Point Workshop(1) Wed., 9 10:15 AM-12:15 PM Gay Russell 825-5763 Introduction to Windows 7 (4) Fri., 4, 11, 18 25 10:15 AM-12:15 PM Karen Hasselbach 360-0215 Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Mac Class Date Time Mac Topics, beginners thru advanced-including key applications (4 Thurs., 3, 10, 17, 24 10:15 AM-12:15 PM Ron Craig 505-7411 or 421-6243 Video Calls with Skype (1) Thurs., 10 1-3PM Dean Strandskov 825-8127 PC or Mac Classes Date Time Everything Google: Groups, ListServ, Gmail, Homepage Stuff, etc. (4) Mon. 7, 21, 28, Mar 7 3:15-5:15 PM Marian Horsley 825-1846 Photoshop Elements 101 (4) Tues., 1, 8, 15, 22 10:15 AM-12:15 PMLaura Hackenbrock and Patrick Mulligan Contact Laura @ 825-3606 Help Sessions: Tues., Feb. 8 and 22 1PM-3PM In the Computer Learning Center.

All classes and workshops require registration. Register directly with the instructor by phone or email. Instructors’ names and email addresses are listed on the VCS web site; clubs/computer. Other sources of information are the club’s ListServ, the Tipster, and the SCV community calendar. Class schedules are also available outside the computer learning center. If you were not a member of VCS between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010, your dues of $10 pp are payable to VCS and deliverable to Ken Amsler, 979 E. Seven Palms Dr., 825-2039, along with the application form available outside the learning center. Checks, not cash, will also be accepted for dues at the monthly general meetings. Membership is required for all classes except Beginning PC and includes help sessions and the right to join the ListServ, an online bulletin board, to receive announcements and computer help from other members. To be added to the VCS or MacListServ, click on the ListServ web site or email To donate PC computer equipment call Dick Butler, 825-4664. Recycle used ink cartridges in the bin provided just outside the computer lab. Cribbage Club Robert Hines 825-2208 First and third Thursdays, 6:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pima Dance Groups Ballroom—Vistoso Villanellas Pres. Helen Smith 818-3614 Membership Ruth Hochstein 825-0070 Dances: Third Friday, September-June, 7:30 PM, Auditorium

Come on and hear the “Tucson Swing” band. This is a must for the lovers of the big band sound. Great music makes great dancing. The dance on Friday, February 18, is “A Sweet Affair,” starting with a social at 7 PM and dancing until 10:30 PM.

Tickets: $15 for members and $20 for guests. Ticket sales: Tuesday, February 8 and Wednesday February 9, from 8:30 AM till 10:30 AM.

For more information contact Marianne Walker 8254718. Invite your sweetie to the affair.


February 2011, Sun City Vistoso Tipster

Dancin’ Dynamos Lynne Newbauer 818-3516 Classes meet in the Social Hall/Dance Studio Cloggers Instructor/Registrar Anne Wilson 297-0843 Tuesdays beginning in November Classes, Social Hall/Dance Studio

Clogging classes are well underway for the 2011 spring season, with our annual workshops in Tucson, Phoenix, California and Yuma. If you are a clogger and just visiting for a few weeks, join us. Tuesdays, 9-10 AM, Basic Plus - EZ Advanced, $4 pp. Information: Anne Wilson 297-0843.

Hula Del Salvaterra 834-5146 Marietta Fowler 825-9162 Classes, Tuesdays, 1-3 PM, Social Hall/Dance Studio

Line Dancing--Sunliners Cherry Harper 818-6396 Coming Events: Open Line Dance Fri., Feb. 4 , 6:30-8:30 PM Dance Party Sat., Feb. 12, 5:30-9 PM


Intermediate Continuing Beginner Basic Beginner


Intermediate Transition Intermediate Continuing Beginner

Sat., 9-10 AM Sat., 10:15-11:15 AM Sat., 11:30 AM-12:15 PM ( Feb. 19 last class)) Wed., 2-3 PM-Dance Studio Sun., 11 AM-12:30 PM Thu., 4-5 PM

CANCELLATIONS: Intermediate Practice Wed., 6:15-8 PM Members will be notified when Wed. practices resume.

All classes, practices, and dances are held in the Auditorium unless otherwise noted.

Rock ‘N Roll Membership Earl Cohen 818-2582 Dances in the Auditorium

“Aloha Hula Sisters” photo taken by Bob Salvaterra.

Aloha Hula Sisters is starting a new choreography in February for Beginning and Continuing/Intermediate Hula. Please come and dance with us. Beginning Hula 1 PM, Continuing/Intermediate Hula 2 PM. We all share the love and experiences of Hawaii as expressed through the motions of the hula. Dance steps are not strenuous, but they give you a good workout. Classes are free.

Tappers Lynne Newbauer 818-3516 Dancersize/Intermediate tap Fridays 3 PM Social Hall/Dance Studio

Last Class for Tipster Article Writers’ Do you write an article for your club or committee? Have you reviewed the Tipster Article Standards? We will have one last class this season Thursday, February 3, 9 AM, Vistoso Center/Apache.

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Rock ‘N Roll New Year’s Eve 2010 Dance Party. Photo by Earl Cohen.

Join us as we create the suspense and excitement of real thoroughbred horse racing at our exciting new event, “A Nite At The Races”. All bets are placed with funny money with a chance to redeem for top prizes. Saturday, February 19, Auditorium. Snack/Dessert/ Prizes/BYOB. Doors open 6 PM with post time 6:30 PM. Tickets $15/pp.

Ticket sales Monday, February 7, 9-11 AM and Wednesday, February 9, 9-11 AM Social Hall Tickets will not be available at the door.

Get ready to dance again at our “England Swings” event with the Retro Rockets Band, Saturday, March 19, 7-11 PM, Auditorium. Snack/Dessert/BYOB. Watch for more details in your email and Tipster.


Square Dancing—Sundancers Presidents Mike and Karen Duellman 904-9627 Caller Ron Markus Dances in Auditorium Wednesdays 7 PM website

Not only is February the month of hearts and flowers, but also activities for the Sundancers. While the rest of the world is eating candy and writing Valentines, we’ll be dancing every Wednesday, working off those calories. February events: Wednesday, February 2, at our regular club dance, there will be a General Meeting of members to elect Club officers. On Monday, February 21, 1 PM, Auditorium, All Level Round Dance, with Barb Haines cueing. Wednesday, February 23, at the regular club dance and class, graduation Alumni are invited to attend and take part in the festivities of the evening. Sunday, February 27, 2:30 PM, Auditorium will feature a dance with guest caller, Nasser Shukayr. Prerounds start at 2 PM with the Bonds cueing. So many choices, and so much fun.

Western Dancing—Kactus Kickers Pres. Lonnie Davis 818-0502 Membership Lori Nalewicki 818-9590 November-April, Dances, Second Friday, Practice Thursdays, 6:30-8 PM, Auditorium.

Day Trippers Pres. George Tanner 818-1226 Membership Doris Dent 825-8009 Meeting/Activity Information, Second Friday, 9 AM, Social Hall/Navajo Wed., Feb. 23 Arizona Opry. $55 pp for lunch and show. Monitor Jinx Kirk 818-2257 Wed., Mar. 9 Mystery Trip. $53.37 pp includes lunch. Location unknown, but will visit two locations. Comfortable clothes are advised. Bus leaves at 9:30 AM, returns 2:30 PM. 40 person maximum on bus. Monitor Melba Niemuth 825-1396 Sat., Apr. 16 Arizona Folklore Preserve in Ramsey Canyon. Entertainment by Dolan Ellis of the New Christy Minstrels. Doors open 1 PM, show time 2 PM. $47 pp includes a box lunch. Bus 10 AM, returns 5:30 PM. There will be some walking required from the road to the theater. Monitor Steve Taillie, 825-8804 Democratic Club Pres. Ben Love 825-8064, VP Ursula Jarvis 825-8461 Second Saturday, 1 PM, Social Hall/Navajo

Our Speaker will be Adam Kinsey, Pima Co. Director, who will analyze the 2010 election results. Dinner ’N Show Gay Russell 825-5763; Membership, Julie Balogh 818-1046 First Monday, 7:15 PM, Auditorium

General Meeting: February 14, 7:15 PM, Auditorium. All are welcome to join us for our monthly meetings. Bring your checkbook to the meeting; we prefer not to take cash.

Current schedule: Sat., Feb. 12 Here Lies Jermy Troy, Hale Center, dinner at Mt. Athos. Bus, show, dinner, $57. Bus leaves at 12:30 PM. Barbara Schmitt 825-4249. Thu., Mar. 17 Annual Dinner (members only), Sun City Café, 5:30 PM. Tickets are $15. Marilyn Schwartz 825-9174. Wed., Mar. 30 Sound of Music, Broadway Palm, Mesa. Lunch, bus, show, $66. Joyce Dorenbos 825-9826.

Note: Buses leave on time behind the Vistoso Center. That time posted is when the bus leaves the parking lot. Please plan on being at the parking lot 15-20 minutes prior to departure to pick up your tickets and The Greg Spivacy Band who will be playing at our “Love in the Ole’ Corral” board the bus. dance in February. Photo provided by Frank Morris.

Discussions Groups

Celebrate Valentine’s Day western style. Our “Love in the Ole’ Corral” dance is Friday, February 11, 6:30-9:30 PM. Great Decisions Social Hour begins at 6 PM. We will feature Greg Spivey‘s Jim Huffer 825-8743 western live band. Light refreshment buffet, snacks and Second and fourth Wednesdays, 11:30 AM, September-May, Social Hall/Navajo set-ups are provided. BYOB. On February 9 the video is National Security from the Tickets: $12 pp members $15 pp guests, Foreign Policy Association. On February 23 the video Ticket Sales: Wednesday, February 2, 9-11 AM, is Horn of Africa from the briefing book for the new Friday, February 4, 1-3 PM year. The new topics for Great Decisions 2011:•ReMonday February 7, 9-11 AM, Social Hall. building Haiti •U.S. National Security •Horn of Africa Western dance practices are every Thursday, 6:30 PM, •Responding to the Financial Crisis •Germany AscenAuditorium. Everyone can come to learn western steps. dant •Sanctions and Nonproliferation •The Caucasus It’s great fun. •Global Governance.

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011



February 2011, Sun City Vistoso Tipster

Dog Club—Fido’s Friends Pres. Alex Bissett 825-7763 Membership Joan Eddy 825-8630 Third Thursday, January- March, TBA

The primary purpose of our dog club is the care and operation of our dog park. The park provides a place where owners can take their dogs so that they may run unleashed, chase balls, exercise and socialize with other dogs. Our club has come to realize that from time to time residents of our community, for a variety of reasons, may reach a point when they can no longer care for their pet. On the other hand, we believe there are residents that would love to have the companionship of an older pet. In the near future, our club will pursue the development of a pet rescue program to try to place these pets in suitable homes. Anyone interested in helping in such a program should contact the club president or vice president.

Energetic Exercise Karen Caldwell 825-5231 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 8:25-9:30 AM, Social Hall

Happy Valentine’s Day. To give your heart a Valentine, come to our classes for a vigorous and beneficial aerobic and cardio workout. We have a professional instructor, Sally Martinez, and a very supportive atmosphere. Becoming a part of our group will make a difference in your life and outlook, and you will also feel better. There is plenty of variety to keep you on your toes. The class includes both men and women. The first class is free. Membership dues $3, class tickets are 12/$30. Euchre Jack and Barb Matthies 825-4891 (October-May) Randi Anderson 825-1533 (May-October) Mondays, meet 5:45 PM, play 6 PM, Catalina Vista

Looking for a fast-paced game? Come play Euchre! It’s similar to Pinochle but much simpler, more exciting and more fun. Euchre is easy to learn but not always easy to win. Play with a new partner every eight hands for only 50¢ per night. All levels of players are welcome. Financial Strategies Jim Huffer 825-8743 First and third Tuesdays, 9 AM, Social Hall/Hopi

On February 1 we will have L. Craig “Scooter” Grubb from Morgan Stanley as our guest presenter. We usually meet in an informal open session to discuss a potpourri of topics, beginning with a discussion of recent market actions and trends. We bring our own investment ideas to the meeting and research them together, using one of the commercially available programs. Vistoso Native American Flute Circle President Peggy Webb 825-2731 Information Ed Pendrys 825-7151 First Sunday, 3 PM, Catalina Vista/Tohono

Garden Club Meeting second Wednesday, 1:30 PM, Catalina Vista/Pima

Wednesday, February 9, 1:30 PM, Kathie Schroeder, wildlife ecologist from Oro Valley, will be back with her bobcat to entertain us. The new slate of officers for next year will be posted at that time. Join us for refreshments and to meet our special guest. Monday, February 14, Valentine Flower Sale, 8:30 AM-Noon, Kachina Lounge/Social Hall. Attractive bud vases are for sale at low prices. Gardening tip: Protect sensitive plants on nights below 28°F. Leave any frost-killed foliage on branches on landscape plants. This will protect the base of the plant, which should re-sprout. Fertilize citrus, fruit trees, and roses on Valentine’s Day. Prune mesquites and other large trees and roses. Plant spring-blooming bulbs and garden annuals.

Genealogy Club Pres. Norma Schellberg 818-2514 Program Chair Evelyn Thomson 825-7435 Ancestral Research Barbara Krecklow 825-4695 October-May, Second Tuesday, 1 PM, Social Hall/Navajo

There will be no monthly meeting in February due to our club banquet on Saturday, February 5. Meetings will resume on Tuesday, March 8, with Certified Genealogist Betty Malesky. Her topic is entitled “Women Without Shadows: Gone Without a Trace.” Come learn tips for finding the elusive female ancestors in your past. Be sure to stop in at our genealogy research room in the Vistoso Center to check out our new computers and browse our 700-volume genealogy library. We can always use more facilitators in order to keep the room open every day. Contact Barb Krecklow for training and sign-up. To learn more about our club, go to our website at where you will find lots of helpful information. Treasurer Cleo Wolf is now accepting dues for the calendar year 2011. $15 pp; $25/cpl. Leave your check in Cleo’s drawer in the Genealogy Room or mail it to her at 2263 Cargondera Canyon Dr. Monday Evening Gin Rummy George Riley 818-0877 Mondays, 6:30 PM, Desert Oasis Morning Gin Rummy George or Bev Riley 818-0877 Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, 9 AM-Noon, Desert Oasis/Aztec

Everyone draws cards for partners and has no choice of teammates or tables. There are no fees or dues for this club or for workshops. Games are comparatively low stakes.

Researchers tell us one way to keep our minds alert is to learn a new musical instrument. Our club offers the opportunity to learn to play the Native American flute, an easy instrument to play. There is no need to know how to read music. Only five basic notes are needed to get started. Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


We both live in Sun CityVistoso because it’s the best! Steve Mooneyham

Maryellen Haddock GRI 520-818-8433

Associate Broker ASR, CHMS


See all the homes for sale in

2348 E. Chrysanthemum Coronado model $299,900

Sun City Vistoso at

14635 N. Del Webb Cheyenne Model $269,000

14595 N. Chalk Creek Dr. 14280 N. Trade Winds Wy 13695 N. Pima Spring Wy Montara model Cumberland model Whitehall Model $229,000 $199,900 $249,000

Home Care Services

We mind your home so you don’t have to. FREE Irrigation Inspection • Interior and exterior house checks for part-time residents. • Irrigation repairs and service • Landscape maintenance Many Sun City Vistoso references available



Licensed - Bonded - Insured

Epoxy Coating & Cement Staining for your Garage, Driveway, Patio, or Walkway

Remodeling & Additions

Billy Monroe 520-444-7666

232-9775 License #111435

We’re residents of Sun City Vistoso

Try Something New

Pizzas or Omelets custom made before your eyes Let me come to your gathering and create the finest pizzas or omelets you will ever taste! Perfect for any occasion. 5 per person, $125 minimum 24 years in business Licensed and insured $

Call the Pizza Man

520-888-9359 Paid Advertising, Sun City Vistoso Tipster, February 2011, Page 24

Brett Monroe 520-603-7789

Sun City Sun Screens Lower Cooling Costs  Provides Daytime Privacy  Excellent Glare Reductions  Protects from UV Damage  Blocks Up to 90% of the UV ...not the View! 

Denny Bruns Multi-Million Dollar Producer Denny Bruns


Window Cleaning

Sun City Vistoso Resident Sun City Vistoso sales since 1994 Call me for automatic updates of homes for sale in Sun City Vistoso DIRECT (520) 918-7427 Ask me for a free market analysis FAX (520) 825-8950 of the value of your home TOLL FREE (888) 825-8251 E-MAIL

10445 N. ORACLE RD., STE. 121 ORO VALLEY, AZ 85737

Kathleen Couturier 663-4010

14640 N. Chalk Creek Dr. $319,000


2315 E. Gerbera Way $162,500

DIRECT (520) 918-7427 FAX (520) 825-8950 TOLL FREE (888) 825-8251 CELL (520) 247-9437 E-MAIL 10445 N. Oracle Rd. Ste. 121, Oro Valley, AZ 85737

Garage Door Repair Of Tucson, LLC

Service 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week Insured, Local, Free Estimates




“Serving Sun City Vistoso since 1995”

Paid Advertising, Sun City Vistoso Tipster, February 2011, Page 25

SCV Gourmet Club Pres. Rose Young 818-0989; VP/Membership Joanne McPherson 825-0097; VP/Communications Hal Cutcher 825-2489; Sec. Judy Hood 818-2281, Treas., Lori Covey 638-6571

February is an active month for the Gourmet Club. Argentina BarBQ is the theme for the dinners in members’ homes. We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with lunch at Wildflower, Monday, February 14, 11:30 AM, $20 pp. Checks should be sent to Lori Covey, 1176 E. Rising Sun Dr. by February 7. Plans for the Ronald McDonald House dinner are underway. Help is still needed in the way of monetary donations and help with preparing the meal. Call Don Cesario 825-3184 or Roberta Selsor 825-8699.

Gun Club Warren Cuthbert 818-1282 Meeting Second Wednesday, October-May, 2 PM, Social Hall/Navajo Club does not meet June-September

At the February 9 meeting, we plan a very exciting program with U.S. Border Patrol Agent and Firearms Instructor, Juan Guajardo, who will speak to our group about the Border Patrol and the weapons they use. Please come to the meeting/program and bring anyone else who might be interested. The Gun Club is for people who have an interest in learning about guns, shooting, personal protection and firearm safety. In fact, you do not need to own a gun or have any experience with firearms to come to Gun Club meetings. We especially invite those women to attend, who have an interest in learning about firearms’ safety and self-protection, with or without a gun. People are frequently interested in learning the laws and regulations about carrying a gun and what is required to obtain an Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit. Club Members are encouraged to bring any new or interesting guns/accessories to the meeting for people to see or any guns they want to sell/trade. For safety, any gun brought to the meeting needs to be unloaded and have a trigger lock. You are invited to come to a meeting and see if our club activities would interest you. Club members often shoot on Thursday afternoons (October-May) and Thursday mornings (June-September) at Pima Pistol Range. Hand and Foot Bonnie Arneson 229-1084 Sundays, 1:30 PM, Desert Oasis

Please join us for a fun afternoon of Hand and Foot. If you have never played, it’s very similar to Canasta and easy to learn. Please bring three quarters and be able to stay until 4 PM. You may play one time before joining. One-time dues are $5 pp. Havurah

Pres. Letty Margolis 577-3413 Corresponding Sec. Reva Knapp 825-0777 Third Monday, 7 PM Catalina Vista

The Havurah Cookbook is the newest project resulting from our members’ initiative and collaboration. Sunday, March 6, is the deadline to submit recipes for Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


the cookbook, many of which will be served at a luncheon planned for that day. Check our website, noted above, for details regarding The Havurah Cookbook Project and other events. Our club is open and welcoming to everyone interested in Jewish culture. Coming Events: Wed. Feb. 9, 7 PM Thu. Feb. 10, 10 AM-Noon Mon. Feb. 21, 6:30 PM Thu. Feb. 28, 10 AM-Noon Sun. Mar. 6, Noon

Fun in Yiddish, Social Hall/Navajo. March 6, luncheon ticket sales Social Hall Lobby. Submit recipes and bloopers. Catalina Vista March 6, luncheon ticket sales. Submit recipes and bloopers, order cookbooks. 7 PM general meeting Speaker: Dr. Mindy J. Fain program: Don’t Let a Hospital Stay Get You Down.” Social Hall Lobby, March 6, luncheon ticket sales, submit recipes and bloopers, Order cookbooks. Luncheon “Put Your Best FOOD Forward” Auditorium.

Hiking Club Contact Dave Fraser at 818-2434, or for New Member Orientation Hike information.

February weather promises to be perfect for hiking so check the club newsletter on our website for information on all the great hikes offered. Don’t miss Rudi Punzmann’s presentation, “Stop, I Wanna Take a Picture,” on Saturday, February 12, 2 PM, Social Hall/Hopi. Mark your calendars for the Nick Messing and Taylor Clark presentation “Hiking with Handhelds, Advanced Topics in GPS on Saturday, February 26, 2 PM, Social Hall/Hopi. Remember, these presentations are open to all Sun City Vistoso residents so invite your friends and neighbors! Our Spring Picnic is on Thursday, March 10, at Catalina State Park. Check the March newsletter for the offered hikes. John and Judy Newton have graciously volunteered to host the event. The annual meeting will be on Saturday, April 9, Social Hall and will be hosted by Marlene Lawrence, Jo Bomar, and Ginny Williams.

Horseshoes Jack Howatt 825-1583, Ray Coleman 825-2789, Ron Knudson 825-9307 Tuesdays, Thursdays, 2 PM, Catalina Vista

ILR - Institute of Learning in Retirement Pres. Jane Arndorfer, VP Lei Bammel, Curriculum: Sharyn Rafieyan, Registration: Milt Damlich, Samplers and Short Subjects: Wendy Baumann, Rowena Hardinger, Website:

Classes for this ILR winter season had the largest enrollment ever, reflecting the love of learning in our community. Some of our intrepid members take as many as four courses a season! We do ask that you attend only classes for which you are registered. We appreciate the day-to-day work of all who volunteer to make the ILR such a vital part of Sun City Vistoso. Thanks to those who spend an incredible amount of time


February 2011, Sun City Vistoso Tipster

scheduling all the classes and Samplers, who moderate classes, who do the work of registration, who make video equipment available and all the many behind-thescenes volunteers. If you have a new email address, please notify Gene at See “Workshops and Classes” for the listing of the Samplers for this month. We have excellent speakers lined up with a different topic each time. Just come when you can, no registration or fees. Please contact the Curriculum Committee if you have ideas for a course or presentation. Investment Club — VIP Dick Cook 825-9302 First Monday, 12:30 PM, Vistoso Center/Apache Website:

We learn investing by sharing ideas, picking stocks and making a monthly investment. We have recently modified our rules to make it easier for new members to join. You are invited to visit our meetings and join if you like. We are the only surviving Sun City investment club. Japanese Flower Arranging Club Don Marier 825-4878 - Doris Oliver 818-1512 - Second and fourth Mondays, 2 - 4 PM, Catalina Vista/Pima

Learn to make creative arrangements using flowers and branch materials by taking lessons in the Japanese style of flower arranging. This will allow you to proceed at your own pace. Class leaders, Don Marier and Doris Oliver, are both certified teachers.

Karate Club Fred Hargrave 825-1779 Classes: Wednesdays, 9 AM-Noon, Social Hall/Dance Studio

Are you a victim of Too-ism: I’m too old, too out of shape, too busy. We are starting a push on karate basics and working on advancements for the new year. Improve your balance, strength, flexibility and memory to gain confidence. We study traditional Okinawan ShitoRyu Karate tailored to your physical condition, needs and desires. We also learn modern self protection techniques and theory. These are the same techniques that are taught to the police and the military. We simply modify them for seniors. No one gets hurt in our class. It’s safer than golf!! Did you know that fewer injuries are reported among martial artists than among golfers? Beginners welcome. Phone Instructor Paul Lauff, 548-5725, President Fred Hargrave 825-1779, or stop by the Dance Studio on Wed. 9-12 AM.

Mah Jongg Pres. Barbara Harding 818-1696; Sec. Sonny Kaye 825-8546 Thursdays, 1 PM, Desert Oasis/Zuni Business meeting, first Thursday

Welcome, returning players and winter visitors. Are you new to our community? Stop by on game day to see what Mah Jongg is all about. Our tournament continues, leading up to our Spring luncheon on March 31, when the winners will be announced. Details about the luncheon will be in the March Tipster. Notices were received recently to remind us to renew Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

National Mah Jongg League memberships and order the 2011 hands and rules cards. League members will receive their 2011 cards around April 1. Be sure to order yours. If you need to brush up on your skills, come play. There is always help available. The best way to sharpen your skills is through regular playing. Dues for 2011 $5 pp, cash only, payable to Treasurer Ena Mindel on game days. Meditation Club — Healing Imagery Music Contact Betty Verderese 825-7811 Moderator: Dr. Tom Zahn, 825-8293, Tuesdays, 5:30-7 PM, Social Hall/Dance Studio

The first meeting was held Tuesday, January 18. The connection between imagery and music has ancient roots. Plato said “music has the capacity to touch the innermost reaches of the soul... and gives flight to the imagination.” The creative imagination is seen today as a living agent in us, a vital way of discovering deeper truths about ourselves and the universe. This is a six-week session. The cost $25 pp to be payable on the first day of class. Dr. Zahn is a licensed psychologist in Arizona. Optional reading is Healing Imagery and Music by Carol Bush.

Mexican Train Dominoes Pres. Jean Azzarello 825-6711; Sec. Gay Russell 825-5763 Membership Doris Dent 825-8009 Second and fourth Saturdays, 6 PM, Catalina Vista

Need a warm and cheerful place close to home to have some fun? Try our Saturday night Mexican Train Dominoes group! Refreshments and lots of great people to visit with as you play. Knowledge of the game is not necessary. We will gladly teach you! Dues $7/yr pp. $1 pp for non-members to play. Wear your name tag and we will be sure to find you a table. Come on over for a fun evening. Play dates for February are Saturdays, February 12 and 26 at 6 PM. Modelers Club Pres. Dave Sarther 825-3767, Second Friday, 8 AM, Catalina Vista/Pima

We will meet on Friday, February 11, 8 AM, for coffee and donuts with the business meeting at 9 AM, Catalina Vista/Pima. The Modelers Club is a group that enjoys building, collecting and talking about all kinds of models from RC planes, boats, trains, cars and almost anything worth building or collecting. Bring yourself, a neighbor, a guest and a favorite project or model you are working on or have completed. After our regular business meeting, we continue with the actual handson modeling portion of the meeting through lunchtime. We encourage members to present modeling projects they are working on and demonstrate their modeling techniques to fellow modelers during the hands-on portion of our gatherings. At the end of the business meeting we have Show and Tell. We periodically have guest speakers and take field trips. Everyone is welcome.


Women’s Pan (Panguingue) Ena Mindel 818-7780 Mondays, Fridays, 1-4 PM, Desert Oasis Wednesdays, 9 AM-1 PM, Desert Oasis

Pan (Panguingue) is a fun and interesting card game. Stop in to watch us play at any session. If you like what you see, we’ll teach you to play. Call Ena 818-7780 Photo Club Pat Mulligan 825-9977 Meeting second and fourth Wednesday, 6:30 PM, Catalina Vista

nate flaws. Rotating, cropping, changing color cast, sharpening, changing color to black and white (or sepia). February 16, Topic: •Digital Darkroom 102 - How to restore old images, re-size images for emailing or projection, store files safely. Basic cloning and use of layers. March 2, Topic: •Composition 102 - A practical look at how to compose pictures in-situ. Using the characteristics of your camera’s lens, available lighting, choosing and posing subjects to achieve the picture that is in your mind. March 16, Topic: •Macro-photography, Images of really small stuff. Challenges of lighting, focus, and depth of field. Photo Locales. What is your type of photography? Ideas for new challenges.

Please email us your images to share at the next meeting, or bring a print, thumb-drive or CD to the meeting. Tell us how and where you shot and processed them. This is not a competition. There are no fees or dues. For technical details or to be included in our emails, please contact Pickleball Club Marge Allen 825-3095 Sandy Kennedy 825-4865 Open play- 7-11 AM daily. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6-8 PM Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 3-5 PM

VPC photographers at the St. David’s Monastery field trip. Photo by Dick Rabun.

The Vistoso Photo Club has photo competitions, exhibitions, guest speakers, instructional programs, computer assistance in the lab, and field trips. Activities in February will be: Tuesday, February 8, 9-11 AM Lab instruction and help session. Sign up at the Lab door. Wednesday, February 9, 6:30 PM Program Meeting: Rudi’s Show & Tell. Tuesday, February 22, 2-4 PM Lab instruction and help session. Sign up at the Lab door. Wednesday, February 23, 6:60 PM Competition Meeting: The assignment is Line(s) and/or Curve(s). Monday, February 28 – March 2 Annual photo field trip to Lake Havasu. Check our web page for details.

December Intermediate Level winners were: Joan Kelley, Rose Stapfer, and Rudi Punzmann. Advanced Level winners were: Dick Rabun, Lilo Punzmann, Fran Kautsky and Val Harding. Check our excellent web site, shown in the caption above, for details. Come join us.

Vistoso Photo Workshop Club David Smoler 818-7880, First and third Wednesdays, 6:30 PM, Social Hall/Hopi

The Vistoso Photo Workshop Club emphasizes education and the sharing of experience in both photographic composition and technical skill. All sessions offer a wide range of techniques that can be applied, regardless of equipment and skill level. February 2, Topic: •Digital Darkroom 101 - Introduction to Photo Editing Software. A demonstration of how to edit images from your digital camera for more punch or to elimiSun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Pickleball Club will host its spring tourney on Saturday, February 12, 10 AM-3 PM. There will be two divisions, intermediate and advanced. Those interested in participating in the tourney must register by Monday, February 7, by email to or and classify yourself in one of the divisions above. Partners for the tourney will be decided by random draw on the day of the tournament. Embroidered pickleball T-shirts are available for $15 in choice of colors or $10 if embroidered on shirt furnished by you. Lessons are available, if needed. Again, contact Marge at or visit our website for all information. Pilates Barbara McNeill 825-0677 Mondays, 3 PM, Dance Studio; Thursdays, 1:30 PM, Dance Studio

For further information, please contact Barbara McNeill. Pinochle Clarence and Doris Shaub 818-0762 Play Wednesdays, 6 PM, Desert Oasis/Zuni

Come join a fun group. We play single deck and rotate partners every four hands. Skills rusty? We’ll get you up to speed quickly. Bring 50¢ for your tally. The first Wednesday of each month is treat night. The third Wednesday is birthday night. See you Wednesday at 6 PM. Poker

Ladies Poker J ane Habbershaw 825-2635 First and third Wednesday, 6:30 PM, Desert Oasis

We play the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Game is held in the Desert Oasis Rec Hall, Aztec Room. We play 6:30-8:30 PM. It is a great way to socialize with your community members. All ladies are


February 2011, Sun City Vistoso Tipster

welcome to come out and observe and or play. Plan to have a good time. Unknown games are graciously taught. Our club looks forward to seeing you.

Men’s Friday Poker George Rose 520-303-2019 Fridays, 5:45-8:45 PM, Desert Oasis

A special congratulations to our newest member, Jim Paul; on December 3 Jim got his first Royal Flush, ever, while playing Texas Hold’em with us. It has been three years since any of us has had a Royal Flush. Playing poker with your neighbors can be most enjoyable. We play high only, FiveDraw, Five Stud, Seven Stud, Omaha, Texas Hold’em and Iron Cross (Criss Cross). No dues; bring your own refreshments. The dealer will ante for all players, which gives him control of the game. The cards speak for themselves! Absolute requirements are to leave politics and religion at the front door and come with the intention of having three hours of enjoyable, no hassle, understandable poker! Men’s Poker Angelo Cammiso 825-5716 Tuesdays, Thursdays, 6-9:30 PM, Desert Oasis

The first hand is dealt at 6 PM and no hands are started after 9:30 PM. Angelo Cammiso, David Habershaw and Jan Fritz are our leaders for 2011. All games are highlow with the exception of Texas Hold’em which is high hand only. We play no wild card games and the cards call themselves by just being laid face up when the hand has concluded. We keep it friendly with a maximum of three raises. You are welcome to play immediately or you may observe for an evening. It is your choice. Sun City Vistoso Quilters Carol Guibert 818-0441 September-May Second and fourth Tuesdays, 1 PM, Desert Oasis/Aztec

There is lots of hustle and bustle around the quilters as they prepare for the tenth annual Quilt Show, Saturday and Sunday, March 5-6. We will have beautiful quilts, old and new, raffle, boutique, sale table and potholder display. Registration for all quilts is Monday, February 14 and Friday, February 18 in the Social Hall, 9 AM-Noon. Anyone from Sun City Vistoso can enter a quilt. Friday, February 4, 8:30 AM-1 PM, Deborah Schoof will teach a crazy quilt class. Registration will be limited. February 8 there will be a paper piecing demonstration by Jean Sax in the sewing room. February 22 there is a field trip planned to Bella Quiltworks and Quilters’ Market. Sign-ups will be taken at the February 8 meeting. Our block of the month project is continuing with blocks 9 and 10. Next month will be the final blocks.

Racquetball Al Burdi 818-3516 Open Mixed Doubles: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 8-11 AM

RV Club--Sundowners Vic Huxtable 548-2653 Website Second Monday, 9 AM, October-May, Social Hall/Papago

Many thanks to La Mesa RV for presenting an outstanding program at our January meeting. Besides informing our members of the newest concepts in the RV world, six new rigs were brought to the social hall’s parking lot for our review. A four day trip to Quartzite-Parker-Blythe saw the Sundowners Club enjoying the New Christy Minstrels, an area blue grass festival, as well as exploring the multifaceted flea market area. A good time was had by all. For our February meeting, Ken MacRae of Ken’s Welding and RV Repair, will once again present useful maintenance information for RV owners as well as information on solar power. Ken is an excellent resource on all things RV so bring your questions and notebooks. Upcoming Events: February 8-11

Trip to Tubac, Arizona

Republican Club Pres.: Glenda McCormick 818-1051 VP: Patti Camp 818-1097 Website:

The Republican Club will meet on Tuesday, February 15, 3 PM, Auditorium. Bring pencils, paper, and ideas for the club’s activities. St. Philip’s Support Group Kirk Kuykendall 825-1693,

The St. Philip’s Support Group will meet Friday, March 11, 5 PM-7 PM, Catalina Vista/Pima. Please bring a plate of hors d’oeuvres to share. Beverages will be provided. Suggested donation $2 pp.

Scrabble Bill Wallace 818-6747 Play Fridays, 1 PM, Desert Oasis/Zuni

Seniors for Kids Jean Sax 818-2410 First Thursday, 8 AM, Desert Oasis/Aztec

Seniors for Kids is beginning to prepare for the annual Courtyard Sale, where we sell coffee, doughnuts and hot dogs as well as oranges, grapefruit and lemons. Please remember that you can donate your extra fruit to us. We will pick your fruit just prior to the Courtyard Sale which is March 26th. Information next month on how to schedule a pick-up. This sale is our largest fund-raiser for toy making supplies, so we need you to stop in and purchase beverages and food from us.

Open play each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8-11 AM. Come and join us for some lively action and good exercise. Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Sewing—Thimblelenas Gina Russell 818-0440 Mondays-Fridays, 9 AM-Noon and 1-4 PM, Craft Complex/Sewing

The UFO project days for some Friday mornings and afternoons have been cancelled due to lack of interest. Orientation to use the sewing room is Friday, February 25, 1-3 PM. Sign up at the message center in the sewing room. Call Patty Phillips 591-6599. Please check: are your dues ($5) current for 2011? Then it is time to stop by the sewing room and see a monitor. Thimblelenas is made up of several groups such as Trauma Bears, Quilting, Seniors for Kids, Casa Amigas, Machine Embroidery, Pet Beds. Join Thimblelenas, participate in as many groups as you wish. Casa Amigas and Project Linus Elizabeth Stewart 825-0963 Mondays and Thursdays, 9 AM-Noon, Craft Complex/Sewing

Last year our girls made 1,218 pieces of clothing (tops, shorts, pants, PJ’s, smocks, dresses, bibs, tote bags, etc.) for Casa De Los Ninos, a temporary shelter for children and 953 items for the Amphi School District. These numbers indeed show 2010 was a banner year. Our assembly line sewing works quite well, don’t you agree? Come join the fun. See you Monday and Thursday mornings. Machine Embroidery Sharon Randall 818-2791 Sally DeWald 825-6731 Third Thursday, 1 PM, Craft Complex/Sewing Website:

Are your husbands or friends wanting you to embroider their initials on shirt cuffs? Bring a long sleeved shirt with a buttoned cuff to the next Embroidery Club Meeting. We’ll learn about placement on shirt cuffs and hooping techniques to get the desired effect. We will not be doing the actual embroidery at the meeting, but you’ll be leaving with the know-how. Bring any projects for Show and Tell, along with questions, problems or anything else you’d like to share with this group of enthusiastic embroiderers. New members welcome. Owning an embroidery machine is not a requirement, just a love or interest in the craft. For an introductory lesson on the Viking Rose Embroidery machine in the Sewing Room, contact Kaaren Drent 818-2343.

or WalMart. The invitation is there to join us Tuesday afternoons for a good time. In 2010 we sewed 209 pet beds, all washable and dryable. Trauma Teddies Bonnie Johnson 825-3874S October-April, Wednesdays, 1-3 PM, Craft Complex/Sewing Sheepshead Pres. Bill Allen 825-3095 Tuesdays, 10 AM, Desert Oasis

The Sheepshead Club would like you to come play every Tuesday morning. Sheepshead, a card game known to many mid-westerners, originated in Germany many years ago. We play three, four and five hand versions, depending on attendance. If you would like to learn to play or need your skills honed, we can teach you! We remind you that we need to establish a new slate of officers for the coming year. Remember, Sheepshead players are known to play with less than a full deck.

Show ‘N Share Barbara Richards 825-3635 Fridays, 9 AM-Noon, Catalina Vista/Tohono

Making beautiful greeting cards with stamps on colorful card stock or using silk or metallic thread to embroider patterns on cards is exciting. Try the Iris Fold for a new twist. Knitting baby blankets for charity with donated yarn with a friendly group of like-minded ladies will renew your knitting skills. So limber up your fingers and find out what you will need to begin. No fees. Silversmith and Lapidary Pres. Bob Peoples 818-3349 Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9 AM-4 PM, Friday-9 AM-Noon

Hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season, and we are glad to see all of our members back again. Please stop in and visit us during our activity hours. We offer two classes a year for those who would like to learn the fine art of silversmithing. As usual we always have wonderful jewelry available for sale through the gift shop. Remember Valentines Day is coming! Hope to see visitors stop by.

Sun City Vistoso Singers Pres. Jim Macke 825-7056 Director Don Hess Rehearsals Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 PM, Auditorium

Pet Beds Jan Bohe 825-9725 Leader Tuesdays, 1-3 PM, Craft Complex/Sewing room

We are off to a good start for the new year making pet beds for the Humane Society. By cutting up scraps of fabrics that otherwise would be thrown away, we sew sturdy pillow cases and stuff them with the scraps and polyester fiberfil. However, we do need more fabric scraps and polyester fiberfil. So if you are sewing, save the leftovers and bring them to the sewing room marked “Pet Beds” or call Jan Bohe for other arrangements. The fiberfil can be purchased at any fabric store Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


SCV Singers Spirit of the Season Concert, December 14. Photo by Steve Taillie.

Rehearsals for the Spring Concert are now underway. If you like to sing, please come and join us. No auditions, just a love of music and the joy of singing with others. Dues are $10 pp.


February 2011, Sun City Vistoso Tipster

Sun City Vistoso Singles Pres. Evelyn Thomson 825-7435; VP Al Piarowski 825-0654; Sec. Esther Dethman 825-9516; Treas. Lyle Ziegler 825-2545 Dinner Meetings, Second Thursday, 5:30 PM, Social Hall Happy Hour, Last Friday, 5:30 PM, Social Hall

For pleasant company, a drink and good food, join the Singles Club. Dinner this month is on February 10, 5:30 PM, Social Hall/Navajo. We’ll have chicken and broccoli lasagna, salad and chocolate eclairs. During dinner SCV residents will perform the mystery play Mr. & Mrs. Tremaine’s Anniversary Party. This play was a great success in the Café last year.

Tickets available Thursday, February 3, 10 AM-Noon, Friday, February 4, 1-2 PM, $17 pp, Social Hall, checks only please.

Happy Hour is February 25, 5:30 PM, Social Hall/ Navajo. A light snack will be available.

Happy Hour tickets on sale Tuesday, February 22, 10-11 AM, $7 pp, Social Hall, checks only please.

Spanish Cultural Gary Lerch 818-3319 Fourth Monday, 7 PM, Catalina Vista

Two photos from the Spanish Cultural Club’s November 22 meeting. One is of food and one is of calavera/skelton riding on a burro. The meeting featured Stevie Mack from Crizmac, showing and discussing Mexican folk art and Alex Martinez’s rugs from Oaxaca. Photos by Dixie Agnew.

Please join us February 28, 7 PM, Catalina Vista, for a presentation by Fernanda Morillon, executive director of Borderlinks. Fernanda will give a brief history of Borderlinks and talk to us about the Borderlinks delegation trips that she has led to Copper Canyon and Chiapas, Mexico. We will continue to travel vicariously in March with Jim and Addie Ford’s trip to Argentina. We are looking for ideas for our early Cinco de Mayo fiesta in April. Call Gary or Carolyn 818-3319. Stained/Fused Glass Club Steve Taillie, 825-8804, cell 869-2441 Fusing, Sundays, 6-8 PM, Tuesdays, 9-11 AM, Craft Complex/Tumbleweed Stained Glass, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 1-4 PM, Craft Complex/Tumbleweed Open Studio, Tuesday-Sunday, 8 AM-5 PM, Craft Complex/Tumbleweed

If you are not receiving regular email messages from the club, please call Steve Taillie with your email address so you can be added to our communication list. If you have not yet done so, please pay your 2011 club dues of $15. The lock combinations will be changed soon and only current members will have access to our studio, cupboards and equipment. Members will be available on Thursdays and Fridays to accept payment. Two beginners’ classes in foiling are scheduled for Monday-Friday, February 7-11 and February 21-25, 9 AM-Noon, Craft Complex/Studio. The lab will be closed Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

to members during those times unless you are enrolled in the classes. State Clubs Michigan Club

Make sure you’ve marked your calender for Sunday March 13, Noon-2 PM, Auditorum for the Michigan Club Champagne Brunch. Ticket sales:

Tuesdays and Wednesdays, February 22-23, and March 1-2, Social Hall, $16 pp.

Our entertainment this year is an incredible group of young people from Old Pueblo High School called Mariachi Aztlan. If you’ve never seen them perform, you’re in for a wonderful treat. There are many mariachi groups around Tucson, but only this group plays every year with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra for the Christmas Pops. You won’t want to miss them. Great fellowship, great food, memorable music. See you there! Call Barb Mathies 825-4891. Minnesota Party is Coming

Reserve Saturday, March 5. We expect to have another great evening of good friends, good food and good entertainment. Culinary Design’s menu: pulled chicken and applewood brisket, corn casserole, baked beans, green salad, biscuits, peach cobbler, and coffee. Social hour begins at 5:30 PM (BYOB) in the Kachina Lounge, followed by the buffet dinner at 6:30 PM, Social Hall Auditorium. The evening’s special entertainment performed by “The Desert Tones,” a unique 25-member Tucson women’s ensemble, presents a mix of 40s, Big Band and Standards. Ticket Co-chairs: Joe and Lois McAnallen 818-0099. Co-Chairs: Carolyn and Jon Leonard 818-0942

Ticket sales will be held Tuesday, February 8 and Wednesday, February 9, 9-11 AM, Social Hall, $20/pp.

If you and friends wish to sit together, purchase tickets at the same time for reserved seating. If any tickets remain, they will be sold Tuesday, February 15 at the same location/time. In previous years, tickets have sold out the first day. New England Club Luncheon

Sunday, February 20, 1 PM, Social Hall/Navajo. If you have ever lived in New England, come join us for good conversation and a delicious lunch catered by Sweet Tomatoes, plus door prizes. The menu includes two soups, four salads, baked potatoes with toppings, macaroni and cheese, muffins and cookies along with ice tea, lemonade and coffee. BYOB.

Tickets $12 pp. Sale dates: Thursday, February 3, and Monday, February 9, 9 AM-Noon, Social Hall.

No tickets will be sold at the door. For further information contact Wendy @ 818-0174 or Marjorie @ 825-5750. Washington

We hope all you Washingtonians have marked your calendars for Saturday, February 19, 4-9 PM, Catalina Vista. You will not want to miss all the fun! It will be an evening of good food, good conversation and prizes. Menu will include snacks, pizza and dessert. Beverages are provided or BYOB. Come join us! Call Caryl Thorton 638-7024 or Glenda McCormick 818-1051

Tickets, Tuesday, February 8, 9-11 AM, Social Hall, $12 pp.


Tapestry Rug Hooking

Wisconsin Fifth Quarter Party

Wisconsin Badger football has a tradition of a fifth quarter celebration after the game, win or lose. We’re celebrating the Wisconsin Badgers in the 2011 Rose Bowl on Friday, February 25, Auditorium. Festivities include dinner, entertainment, beverages and snacks, plus socializing with a fun bunch. The buffet dinner includes roast beef, chicken, potatoes au gratin, green beans almondine, salad, and cherry pie. Four buffet lines will be used. Dress is casual, but feel free to wear your Red and Whites if you wish. Social hour is at 5 PM and dinner at 6:15 PM.

Tickets $20 pp, on sale Wednesday, February 16 and Thursday, February 17, 10 AM-Noon, Social Hall.

More details to follow in bulletin board postings and distributed flyers. Contact Rudy Poklar 818-2437 Swedish Embroidery Barbara Richards 825-3635 Thursdays, 1 PM, Craft Complex/Ceramics Senior Olympics Swim Team Gordon Gillin 825-8261

We are so proud of our 2011 team! There will be a report of our Thursday, January 27, Tucson meet in the March Tipster. Our next big meet will be in Green Valley, Saturday, March 19. Results will be in the May 2011 Tipster. Wish us well. We will schedule swim clinics in March if needed, coached by Joe Bolze, Dave Goodman and Gordon Gillin. We continue to need more new swimmers. Be sure to contact Gordon Gillin to sign up for fun, fitness, competition and questions.

Table Tennis Clive Probert 825-8719, Bill McCarthy 825-8833

We have play at all levels of ability. The best times for new members to try us out are Saturdays at 10 AM. If you want to play any time with visitors or grandchildren, call the monitor at Catalina Vista 825-8613. If the room is free, they will set up a table for you. Paddles and balls are available. Table Tennis Hours of club play, Catalina Vista: Women Tue 1:30-3:30 PM Men/Advanced Women Tue., Thu. 5-8 PM Men’s Recreational Wed., Fri. 4-6 PM Men/Advanced Women Thu. 5-8 PM Open Club Play Fri. 6-8 PM Clinic by Appointment Sat. 9-10 AM Open Club Play Sat. 10 AM-Noon

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


Ann Feeney 818-0340 Thursdays, 9-11AM, Craft Complex/Ceramics

We are always happy to enroll new members or to have residents interested in rug hooking stop by and see us. Tennis Women, Lynne Newbauer 818-3516 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 8-Noon Men, Larry Hoaglund 825-6801 Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, 8-Noon Mixed Doubles, Louise Lemke 825-4818 Sundays, 1-3 PM

Sunday, February 13, mixed doubles will play from 1-3 PM followed by a social at the courts. The club will provide refreshments. Members will bring appetizers. Sign up on the board at the courts. Beginner tennis lessons will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, February 15, 17, 22, 24, 2- 4 PM. Cost will be $20. Call Lue Satterfield at 825-4709 or Bill Hasselbach at 260-7614, if interested. Instructors will be Mike Huglen and Bill Brunsdale. Watch the March Tipster for intermediate lessons. The Men’s Memorial Tournament will be held February 19 through March 6. Watch for sign-up sheet on the board. Rally for the Cure play takes place on Monday, February 21, 10 AM-Noon. Watch the board for a sign-up sheet. This year the Mariachi Aztlan from Pueblo High School will be joined by the CDO High School Jazz Band for a concert on Saturday evening, March 12. Ticket sales will begin on February 28, 9 AM. Watch March Tipster for more information. Theatrical Club - Standing Room Only Pres. Lynne Newbauer 818-3516 Artistic Director Stephanie Consalvo 825-1932

We are well under way with rehearsals. Our first show will be April 1 and 2. Ticket sales begin in March. Our show presents three new ladies who have just moved into a retirement home. There they meet a couple of long-time gentlemen residents and the fun begins. We discover some surprising aspects of the lives and personalities of these retirees, as well as attend their musical variety show. Travelogue Jim Huffer 825-8743 Third Monday, 7:30 PM, September-May, Social Hall/Navajo

At our February 21 meeting, sponsored by the Dinner ‘N Show Club, we will show “Walking Tuscany and Umbria, Italy” presented personally by Gordon McCall, a local Oro Valley resident. Enjoy walking to the lovely, historic hill towns of south central Tuscany, including a day in Siena in the fall. Then, indulge further in walking the lush, pastoral beauty of Umbria, including a day in Assisi. The history, culture, and geography will be explored, but the emphasis on this program is the vicarious pleasure of walking and discovering these wonderful old places by trail and by foot.


February 2011, Sun City Vistoso Tipster

We think the viewer will get a real sense of having walked in our shoes in this program in addition to the many opportunities to learn about the geography, history, and culture of this “off the beaten track” area to most American travelers. In upcoming presentations, Gordon (a retired world history teacher) will enlighten us with the history, culture, archaeology, geography, etc. of his various travel subjects. Ukulele Club - Sun City Vistoso Strummers Jean James 648-1118 Fridays, 11 AM Desert Oasis/Aztec

Woodcarvers Kaaren Drent 818-2343 Saturdays, 9 AM, Craft Complex/Lapidary

Welcome to new officers of Woodcarvers/Gourd Art Club: Pres., Kaaren Drent; VP, Bill Kennedy; Sec.,Jackie Brown and Treas., Susan Parkes. Our biannual Woodcarvers/Gourd Show is coming up March 19. Our Spring Picnic is March 26. Information and sign-up sheets are posted on the bulletin board in the Lapidary room. Barkcarvers meet on Tuesdays, Noon3 PM and Thursdays, 9 AM-Noon. Woodcarvers meet Saturdays, 9 AM-Noon. Gourd Art John Shaw 825-1368 Mondays, 1-4 PM, Fridays, 9 AM-Noon, Craft Complex/Lapidary Wallyball and Water Volleyball President, Marlene Lawrence, 638-6536, Vice-President, Bill Sarmir, 825-8815 Treasurer, Judy Rigby, 638-8800, Wallyball: Tuesdays and Fridays, 1-3 PM, Sports Complex/Racquetball Court Volleyball: Sundays and Thursdays, 1-3 PM, Desert Oasis Pool

Our first Club Fair in January for the Strummers was a big success. Thanks to the community for their audience participation and giving us a listen.

We provided musical enjoyment at the Annual Club Fair on Friday, January 14, on the Kivi Patio. Unit Parties Unit 7

Mark your calendar for our 2011 dinner planned for Saturday, November 12, 2011. It’s a great opportunity to greet longtime friends, as well as to meet and welcome new Unit 7 residents. We’ll look for you there. Unit 11

Another year has rolled around and it’s time to mark your calendar for the annual potluck dinner. Let’s all gather Saturday, March 5, 5:30 PM, Catalina Vista, for a good dinner and a good time. The cost will be $5 pp. You can decide whether you want to bring a vegetable dish, a salad, or a dessert. A flier with all the details will be delivered to each house early in February. Reservations need to be in by Friday, February 25. See you there! Unit 18A

Unit 18A Party, potluck dinner, Friday, February 25, 5 PM, Catalina Vista. Vegetarian Club Ruth and Jim Barwick Co-Chairs 219-1152

Save Sunday, March 27 for another delicious potluck dinner and stimulating program, followed by a short business meeting to elect officers for the coming year. Check the March Tipster for details.

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Officers for the 2011 year were selected at the annual meeting and holiday party in December: Pres., Marlene Lawrence; VP, Bill Sarmir; Treas., Judy Rigby. Club survey results were reviewed and the charter was updated. Dues of $5 are now due and may be sent to the treasurer. Those attending the Barbara Satterly looks over the gifts at the event enjoyed a meal annual holiday party for Wallyball and Water catered by Culinary Design, as well as a Volleyball. Photo by Judy Rigby. lively gift exchange. A happy hour for club members and their guests will be held at the home of Marlene Lawrence on Friday, February 18, 4:30 PM. Those attending should bring an appetizer to share with others as well as their own drinks. Pop, ice, and table service will be provided. Come join the fun at Water Volleyball and Wallyball!

Woodworkers Don Jovag 818-1078 Weekdays, 9 AM-4 PM, Craft Complex/Wood Shop

Remember that Woodworking Club dues are based on the calendar year. Therefore, dues for 2011 were due January 1. If you have not yet paid them, please drop by the woodshop and place a check for $10 in the dues’ box. Be sure to reference it for 2011 dues. Also, if you have a locker rented, add $5 for locker rental. The woodshop is running smoothly, but there are times that we have to scramble to get enough monitors. If you are a monitor, please come and sign up for one of the shifts. If you would like to be a monitor, contact Ed Aurand.


Writers Club Adrian Korpel 818-0544 First Wednesday, Noon-2 PM, Catalina Vista Poets’ Corner Sharyn Rafieyan 825-6762 Mondays, 9:30-11:30 AM, Vistoso Center/Yaqui

Bonnie Lamm constructed an edible masterpiece called a Cherpumple Pie as her contribution to a holiday celebration held by members of the Poets’ Corner. This amazing creation contained three layers of different flavored fruit pies baked inside three different cake batters which were sandwiched together and generously coated with a cream cheese frosting. The production caused considerable frustration as evidenced in these lines from Bonnie’s poem: “three pies in three cakes baked in pans ‘til they spilled in the oven and burnt ─ hot damn!” Surely a clever rescue ensued because the end result was delectable and no one seemed concerned about calories or cholesterol. Poets do know how to party! Please note that the Poets’ Corner will be open to participants only until this year’s facilitated workshop is completed on Valentine’s Day. As of February 21, all resident poets will be welcome once again.

Yoga Pres. Judy Bjorling 818-1296 Mondays, 8:30-10 AM, Social Hall/Papago; Tuesdays,10:30 AM-Noon, Vistoso Center/Apache Thursdays 7 PM, Social Hall/Dance Studio

Show your body some love this month by participating in yoga classes. All are welcome to come and reap the benefits! The first class is $9, and subsequent classes are $7, payable at the time of class.



Oro Valley

Alzheimer’s Caregiver Group

Are you a caregiver to someone who has Alzheimer’s? Join us for support, education and discussion. Program will be held twice a month on Tuesdays; this month it will be held on February 1 and 15, 1:30 PM, in the Study Room of the Oro Valley Public Library, 1305 W. Naranja Drive. Pima Council on Aging

Monday, February 14, 11 AM, Oro Valley Public Library. An ambassador will be available to provide information and referral service on issues concerning older people, such as housing options, transportation, food, mental health, care giving, social services and legal aid. No appointment needed. Many other events and programs are available at Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011


the Oro Valley Library. For more information, visit our website or call 229-5300.

Extended Community American Association of University Women

The Casas Adobes Branch of AAUW (American Association of University Women) will meet on February 19, 9:30 AM at Sun City Vistoso Social Hall. Following a continental breakfast Bert Whitley, a 40-year Borderlands resident, will share insights gained from living and working in that area. Saturday, February 26, join AAUW on a day trip to the Musical Instruments Museum in Phoenix. $75 provides a bus, lunch and a tour. Proceeds to the AAUW scholarship fund. Call Pat 9297-6215 or Linda 544-4166. American Legion, Oro Valley Post 132

Oro Valley American Legion Post 132 extends an invitation to veterans to join the world’s largest veterans service organization. Help make a difference in the lives of veterans and those now serving. Don’t delay any longer. Meet at Catalina Elks Lodge, 16045 N. Oracle Rd. Next meeting Tuesday, February 22, 7 PM. Call Steve Asp 544-7882 or email Gifts of Hope - Mt. Shadows Presbyterian

Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church hosts a “Gifts of Hope” Alternative Giving Marketplace Sunday, February 6, 10 AM-1 PM. This event is an opportunity to purchase meaningful gifts for many occasions. These “gifts of hope” are donations to local and international missions in the name of the honoree. An attractive card will be given to send to the honoree describing the mission’s use of donation. Learn the Life Saving Skills of CPR

Bystander CPR Classes offered by Golder Ranch Fire District are free to residents. Family and Friends, Thursday, February 10, 1-4 PM, Desert Oasis/Aztec. Compression only CPR, Tuesday, February 15, 2-4 PM, Social Hall/Hopi. Register by calling 818-1017, seating is limited. NARFE (National Active and Retired Federal Employees)

The February Chapter 1874 meeting will be on Monday, February 21. Lunch starts at 11:30 AM, $9.50 pp. The meeting will be Noon-1 PM. The speaker will be Judy Clinco, President of Care Giver Training Institute. Contact Valerie H. Davis at 520-908-0774 for more information. Friends of the Oro Valley Library Spring Book Sale

Wednesday, March 30, 9 AM-5 PM Thursday, March 31, 11 AM-8 PM Friday, April 1, 9 AM-5 PM, 1/2 price day Saturday, April 2, 9 AM-12:30 PM, 1/2 price; 1-5 PM, $5 bag sale (our bag) Oro Valley Festival of the Arts

Saturday, February 19, 9 AM-4 PM, and Sunday, February 20, 10 AM-4 PM, Oro Valley Marketplace Shopping Center, free.


February 2011, Sun City Vistoso Tipster

Palm Sunday Potluck Luncheon

All Sun City Vistoso/Resurrection Lutheran Church members/attendees are invited to a Palm Sunday Potluck luncheon on Sunday, April 17. Please reserve this date; details later. Call Sally Evert 818-3068 with questions. Vista Fine Arts Presents A Gift For Jazz

Sunday, February 20, 2:30 PM. Summer bound for International Jazz Festival in Europe, and audiences totaling 10,000 to 20,000, award winning young artists from Tucson Jazz Institute will perform solo and in ensemble. Vista de La Montana UMC, located two-tenth’s of a mile south of Golder Road, west off Oracle. 8251985 Freewill offering. Vista Fine Arts Welcomes Back Scott Michael Bennett

Concert to be held Sunday, March 6, 2:30 PM. Scott has been described as Christian music’s Josh Groban with a Michael Buble sound and Celine Dion’s passion. Scott has a powerful voice and shares a love and special ability to sing inspirational, classical and pop. Vista de la Montana Church, two-tenths mile S. of Golder Rd. W. off Oracle 3001 E. Miravista Lane. 825-1985 www. Freewill offering.

Classified The items contained under this heading are provided as a service to residents by other organizations that are neither sponsored nor supported by Sun City Vistoso Community Association, Inc. SCVCAI assumes no responsibility or liability for the information contained therein.

BR=Bedroom; BA=Bath; N/S=No Smoking; N/P=No Pets; W/D=Washer and Dryer; LR=Living Room; DR=Dining Room; AZRM=Arizona Room; Fireplace= FP; Stainless Steel= S/S Classified Advertising, $10/ad

FOR SALE: Golf Cart - 1999 Club Car (E) 2-year-old batteries, partial enclosure. Excellent condition, high speed. $1850, Joel 520-505-4024 or 231-313-7190. FOR SALE: Home at 1780 Pennystone. Remarkable mountain views across fairway #10 from several windows. $30,000 of improvements in the last seven years. $259,000. CD possible, Arlene or Don at 818-3508. FOR RENT: Lock in your 2012 winter getaway now. Reserve our spacious 2 BR/2BA home with magnificent mountain views, recently furnished in southwestern style. Sparkling clean with everything you need to feel right at home, including WiFi. For photos and more details, call Tom and Barbara at 414-445-0268 (Wisconsin). FOR RENT: Now available for your 2011-2012 multimonth vacation home rental. Newly furnished with great mt. views. 2 BR/2BA, 2 car garage. Furnished covered patio and grill. Web: Rental rates will be discounted for Sun City Vistoso families and friends. Rentals throughout the year or long term. Call Jo (Wisconsin) 262-886-9999 or 520-825-0232.

Sun City Vistoso Tipster, Febraury 2011

Welcome Club Northwest Monthly Luncheon

Welcome Club Northwest will hold their monthly luncheon for women new to NW Tucson within the last five years on Thursday, February 3, 11 AM, at Taste of Texas, 8301 Thornydale, 11 AM, $20. Jim Turner, historian, gives a book presentation on Winifred Judd, trunk murderess. Reservations required. Contact Carole 638-6566. WACVA (Women’s Army Corps Veterans Association)

The Palo Verde Chapter 87 of WACVA accepts membership from all females who have served honorably with the WAAC, the WAC, or who have served in the Army, the Army Reserves, or the Army National Guard. The February meeting will be on Saturday, February 5, 10 AM at the Northwest Center, 2160 N 6th Street. For further information, contact Kristine Grace at 7430603.

FOR RENT: Available all year. Vacation house w/great view, remodeled 2BR/2BA includes all utilities, wireless, DirecTV, phone, garage w/remote, covered patio w/grill, stainless appliances, washer & dryer. Golf, swimming, tennis and more. 30-day minimum, cleaning and security deposit. Photos and rates at Email of call 520-468-8915. FOR RENT: New on the market vacation home. Beautifully redecorated and fully furnished. Newly redone kitchen with S/S appliances, 2BR, (one is a master with walk-in closet), 2 BA, LR, DR, covered patio with grill. Garage, in-home laundry with W/D, private yard. Your home-awayfrom-home in Sun City! N/P, N/S available January 2011. Call Robert at 520-825-0097. FOR RENT: Mariposa plan 1,200 sq. ft. 2BR/2BA furnished home on Tradewinds Way. Beautifully furnished, saltillo tile floors, 2 queen beds. All utilities included: WiFi, cable, local phone. Available April 2011 through 2012. Monthly preferred, consider weekly off season. Long term special rates. Call Dianne 520-575-0039. FOR RENT/LEASE: Beautifully refurnished 2BD/2BA SCV home. Fully furnished, large landscaped lot, 2 covered patios. Bright open kitchen with all appliances. Gas fireplace, 2 car garage. Close to community center. Super amenities in a resort setting. Available from April 2011. Call Dan 520-744-0881. 14330 N. Rusty Gate Trail. FOR RENT: Summer Timeshare - Deluxe 2 BR Condo at Gold Crown Resort near Traverse City, Michigan. Golf courses, lakes and resort towns abound. Sleeps 4 or 6. Available July 8 and July 15. $1,200 per week or 2,000 both weeks. Joel 520-505-4024 or 231-313-7190. BUYING: A curious collector would like to buy watches, old photos, war relics, 19th and 20th century family and estate items, antiques, jewelry, coins, silver and much more. Anything unusual or nostalgic. I like to look and love to buy. Exceptional prices paid. 529-2984.


520 404-2350 Sun City Vistoso Statistics as of 12/31/2010 Active listings as of 12/31/10 ................. 85 Active Contingent listings ........................ 7 Pending sales............................................. 3 Sold Homes .............................................. 87 Highest SOLD price in 2010 $410,000 Highest price per square foot paid in 2010 $202.11 Lowest SOLD price in 2010 $146,000 Lowest price per square foot paid in 2010 $95.06 Information from the TARMLS and deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

6640 N. Oracle Rd., Suite 130, Tucson, AZ 85704

1-877-569-6131• •





20 years experience All makes/models, in home service!

Corey Walton • 498-4854

470 W. Roger Road, #108 Tucson, AZ 85705

Free In-Home Estimates Free Installation We Do Repairs

790-6180 ROC 218701

CLEERE LAW OFFICES A Professional Corporation

Robert F. Cleere, L.L.B.

Kathy Cleere, J.D.

Planning ahead to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property • Estate Planning • Probate • Elder Law • Trusts & Wills • Trust Administration

Free Initial Consultation (520) 219-9733

interiors Reorganization Renovation Budgets/Consults Seller Consultations Color Palates Furniture/Art Arrangements Landscape Designs 10445 N. Oracle Road, Suite 141, Oro Valley, AZ 85737

Paid Advertising, Sun City Vistoso Tipster, February 2011, Page 36

You Can Choose Your

Life Style...Sun City ViStoSo ON ER C UND



14382 N. Spanish Garden Ln.

$185,000 1620 E. Silverton Ave.

$199,900 13960 N. Desert Butte Dr.

$299,900 14391 N. Alamo Canyon Dr.


998 E. Boulder Pass

$239,000 14370 N. Rusty Gate

$200,000 14021 N. Desert Butte Dr.

$242,000 930 E. Seven Palms Dr.


BETTY J. WHITE Associate Broker

Your Sun City Vistoso Specialist

6640 N. Oracle Rd., Suite 130, Direct: 520-275-6654, FAX: 520-825-6525


Where the experts are.

Special Needs Remodeling Cliff Nystrom

German Weekend February 11, 12, 13

Live German music Sat., Feb. 12, 5-7 PM

Laff’s Comedy Club Valentines Day Special Petite Fillet & Lobster $21.99 Show - February 10 and Tableside Banana Foster

Dinner & Show, 6 PM (5-9 PM)for 2 for $9.99 $ 24.99 per person Line Dance Lessons Show Only, 7 PM, $10 per person Thurs., Feb 17 at 6:30-8 PM Only $5 Reservations Required

Super Bowl Party

Live Country Music Come watch on our 10 TVs or let us cater your party! Friday and Saturday, 8 PM-12 Let us cater your event or use our banquet facilities for your parties!


of $25 305 E. American Ave. $5 Off The Purchase or more Must present coupon, one coupon per table Oracle, AZ please, cannot combined with any other offer.

Expires 2-28-2011

Core Values: Honesty, Integrity, Reliability. Handyman Services, Accessibility/Handicap Accommodation, Renovations, Repairs.

520-405-1207 ROC # 261307




Exterior Painting

Licensed Bonded Insured BBB member a All work warranted a Will match resonable bid from licensed painter using premium paint. a a

Registered with your Consumer Referral at Sun City

400-1591 or 465-6840

Paid Advertising, Sun City Vistoso Tipster, February 2011, Page 37

ROC 160023


What do you need to ship?

MJM Income tax ad.indd 1

MAIL WELL SHIPPING 15270 N. Oracle Rd., Suite 124


(NE corner of Basha’s at Golder Ranch Rd.)

818-0660 Authorized ship center for:

DOMESTIC • INTERNATIONAL • GROUND • AIR Mail Box Rentals • Packing • Picture Framing • Knife Sharpening

1 Off any shipment of $15 or more $ 5 Off any shipment of $45 or more


2 Off any shipment of $25 or more


(Not to be combined with any other offer)

Sharpen 2 knives get a 3rd sharpened for 1/2 price

10% Off

Any Framing Order Over $25

The SCV Café invites you to leave the cooking to us... Join us for Sunday dinners February 6 and February 20 for your choice from an Exclusive Menu plus great Drink Specials too!

No reservations needed Gratuity will not be added to the dinner so please tip your server accordingly.

Café 1555 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. 825-3277

Thanks to Sun City Vistoso for your Continued Support Not OUR client... Farmers Insurance of Catalina will offer a great Sun City Vistoso Discount! Call for details...

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Sunday Dinners 1/28/2010 1:31:19 PM

February 6 and

February 20 3-6 PM

Custom Team Shirts, Hats and more! OApparel OPrinting ONovelties Let me set up your club, with your own custom shirts and hats.

520-331-6525 •




Ruthie’s Transport Service

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Do you have family or friends visiting this holiday season? Our spacious 1, 2, or 3 bedroom villas are the perfect home away.

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Suncrest Remodeling & Restoration Arizona Licensed Contractor Over 25 Years Experience

Carpentry Electrical Drywall ROC 191660 Plumbing, Etc. Water Heater Replacement Complete Handyman Services

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Handyman Services Inc. Home Repairs / Free Estimates On the Sun City Vistoso Consumer Referral List

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Pete Goebel

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Oro Valley Coatings, LLC Exterior h Interior Painting

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Painting contractor for hire hourly Call for details... Limited Time Only On the Sun City Vistoso Approved Vendor List u Various

Home Repairs u Drywall Repairs u Roof Repair & Coating u Wallpaper Removal u Popcorn Removal u No

u Pressure u Stucco u Texture u Concrete u Concrete

Free Estimates Money Down Until Job Completed


Isaac Mercado

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u All

Coating Staining

work warranted

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family room

media room


utility area

New Cabinets & Refacing Solutions In Home Consultation Computerized Kitchen Design Project Management On the Sun City Vistoso Consumer Referral List 7780 N. Oracle Rd., Tucson, AZ


L & M Custom Painting Inc. Quality, Value and Service at its Best Interior • Exterior Custom Painting Experts

Special Economy Pricing $ 1,495

• 5 year warranty/premium paint • No money Down

Every job starts and finishes with management present.

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991-9933 Leo Martinez

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Sandy’s Window Cleaning Residential & Commercial • Free


Ask about ceiling fans, light fixtures and mirrors

Rhonda R. Valentino, ABR, ALHS, SFR 520-370-7409 Southern Arizona’s Largest Family Owned Real Estate Company

We have many Sun City Vistoso references Jack Campanella Owner/Operator

520-818-6474 Cell 520-256-9043

We are Licensed

14720 N. Summerstar Blvd. $297,000, 1,941 sq. ft. MLS#21033234

14599 N. Lone Wolf Lane $240,000, 1,750 sq. ft. MLS#211000936

14549 N. Lost Arrow $285,000, 1,997 sq. ft. MLS#21040773

2255 E. Buster Mountain Dr. $234,500, 1563 sq. ft. MLS#210311501

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Sun City Vistoso - Tuesday, March 1 - 9:30 AM Social Hall, Papago Room

SaddleBrooke - Wednesday, March 2 - 10:00 AM

Mt. View Country Club, East Room, 38759 S. Mt. View Blvd. 2011 Summer Getaway Locations: FMadison, WI FSan Diego, CA FIthaca, NY FEugene, OR FSanta Barbara, CA For more information: 800.847.2466 email: P.O. Box 188, Madison, WI 53701


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F&S Home Services No job too small or too big

Frank Soto

Master Craftsman Home Repair, Remodeling & Restoration Painting, Plumbing, Drywall (520)-861-2657 Electrical, Concrete & Tile

Make Your Home Look New Again! Free Estimates and Consultation

Southern Arizona Painting

293-3002 • Residential • Interior • Home Associations • Commercial • Exterior • Color Consultation •Licensed •Bonded •Insured ROC 269797


Any Interior Paint Job of $750 or More

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dustperados cleaning


Any Exterior Paint Job of $1000 or More

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Modern Technology - Old World Quality

Flash | 520-891-0606 Residential & Commercial Licensed & Bonded

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Bob & Jackie Cahoon 490-3633 444-5937


#1 in Sales and Listings in Sun City Vistoso since 2004 Top 3% Tucson Realtors SCV Residents

Located in Sun City Vistoso

1171 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. #103

Oro Valley’s Handyman Carpentry, plumbing, electrical, windows & doors, ceiling fans, lighting, shower doors & grab bars, pet doors, and much more. REFERENCES AVAILABLE INSURED

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440-1453 Not a licensed contractor by choice




Replacement Windows Save You 40% Or More On Your Energy Bills •FRENCH DOORS •SLIDING GLASS DOORS •WINDOWS WE’RE LOCALLY OWNED!



Our Installations Are Licensed • Bonded •ROC#229817


Cell: 409-4591

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Mauricio Rivas Painting & Repairs Dry Wall Repair, Texture & Acoustics Interior & Exterior Painting Acoustic Removal Roof Coating  Quality Work  Irrigation Patios  Complete Landscaping  Hauling

240-5205 (c)

Not a licensed contractor

825-6717 (o)


544-5622 or 661-8096



Cindy K. Arrebollo Agent

15770 N. Oracle Rd., Suite HI  Tucson, AZ 85739

Office 520-790-7788  Fax 520-818-1341 Paid Advertising, Sun City Vistoso Tipster, February 2011, Page 47

We both live in Sun CityVistoso because it’s the best! 14720 N. Desert Rock Drive 2257 E. Amaranth St. 14401 N. Glen Hollow Pl. $ $ $ 365,000 199,900 205,000 2141 Sq. Ft. MLS# 21031829 1380 Sq. Ft. MLS# 21041068 1530 Sq. Ft. MLS# 21041085

Steve Mooneyham

Maryellen Haddock GRI 520-818-8433

Associate Broker ASR, CHMS


See our other ad on page 24 for more homes for sale U

1113 E. Versailles Dr. 1841 E. Anza Way 14453 N. Spanish Garden Lane $ $ $ 269,900 259,000 189,900 1948 Sq. Ft. MLS# 21013965 1,714 Sq. Ft. MLS# 21037370 1308 Sq. Ft. MLS# 20933411

Steven Rydberg

1432 E. Mule Train Dr. Expanded Silver Creek $334,000

Associate Broker, ABR, GRI




14618 N. Desert Rock Drive Sunrise model $279,900

2020 E. Bighorn Mt. Unique Model $429,000

See Every Home Listed For Sale in Sun City Vistoso! 983 E. Boulder Pass Dr. $268,000 1,681 Sq. Ft. MLS# 21039989

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Judy Hale•Realtor•Sun City Resident

Joe Dylewski

Financial Advisor


11941 N. 1st Ave., Suite 171 (SW Corner of Tangerine and 1st Avenue) Oro Valley, AZ 85737 This Cresent model offers Catalina Mt. views, terrific landscaping with a waterfall in the backyard and glorious flowers and shurbs front and back. Light, bright and cheerful. MLS# 21037464 $252,000


An exceptional home in Sun City Vistoso. Almost 1,800 sq. ft. of beautiful living! This Pacifica model has been tastefully updated. With room for a golf cart in the garage. MLS# 21037466 $239,000 2+bedrooms, 2 bath, 1430 sq. ft. This home is located in Sunset Cove a small community in Southeast Tucson. Very quiet and serene. No age restrictions. MLS# 21028288 $189,000


Sun City Residents KATHY HARVEY Specializing in& City KATHY &SunRICHARD HARVEY ABR, CRS, GRI, Associate Brokers

ABR, CRS, resales sinceCity 1988!GRI, Associate Brokers Specializing in Sun If you want the Best, Call Us!Residents Sun resales since 1988! City If you want the Best, Call Us! Cityinresales Specializing in Sun since 1988! Specializing Sun City

resalesthe since 1988! If you want Best call us! If you want the Best, CallofUs! Full Time Professional Agents with +40 Years Experience! 2506 E. Vistoso Commerce Loop Suite #100 520-297-6172 • 800-297-6172 •

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Charming, updated home with Mariposa model with views! area northeast patio,wonderful borders common

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