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Comenius Calendar You can use this calendar starting whenever you like. You could use it as a birthday calendar, for example, and keep it for more than one year. We hope it will be a positive reminder of our project together - and help you to lead a more healthy life!

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Get walking!

PURE’ DI FAVE E CICORIE Mashed broad beans and Chicory is a typical vegetarian dish in the south of Italy.

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Tip: A healthy lifestyle isn‘t just about food! But you don‘t need to be a sports freak, either. Going for a walk with your friends is a good start!

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Shepherds Pie This traditional British dish was originally made from left-overs.

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Lots of people nowadays live from convenience food and fast food. But that is not always healthy, even if it tastes good!

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One way to help get and stay healthy is to start cooking yourself. Tip: Get together with a friend to plan and cook a simple meal. Then invite some friends to a dinner party!

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Pasta with Tomato Sauce


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This is a very popular dish with children. It originates from Italy. Here in Germany, we asked our Italian Comenius Assistant Benedetta to show us how they really make it in Italy. We discovered that their version is much healthier than the ones people often make here from packet mixes! It tasted delicious.


Tip: Try cooking without packet mixes and using fresh, local ingredients that are in season. It’s much more healthy!


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Fruit Salad For this simple, healthy dessert just wash and chop local, fresh fruit of the season and mix!

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Tip: Fruit and vegetables are very important for a healthy lifestyle. They provide your body with vitamins to fight illness and keep you healthy. Eat five portions every day. One portion is about a handfull!

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Tip: Experiment and learn! Don‘t say you don‘t like something before you‘ve tried it! We tried lots of new things in the project: food, friends, sports, hobbies, countries - it was fun and we learnt a lot. Trying new things helps keep you healthy! Be flexible!

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Roast Dinner This is a typical Sunday dinner in England. We cooked it toghether during the visit to Germany.

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Tip: You don‘t have to become a top athlete. But we all know that our bodies need to move. Get up and about for at least an hour a day!

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Tip: Just like a car needs petrol, your body needs fuel to give you energy. You can‘t work well on an empty „tank“! So start your day with some musli or bread plus a drink of juice, water or milk.

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ORECCHIETTE ALLE CIME DI RAPA Orecchiette with turnip tops

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HAVE FUN WITH Tip: Don‘t just meet your friends on Facebook! Go out together and do something active, just for fun. It‘s good for you!


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Tip: It‘s more fun doing things with friends, so how about joining a club and doing some sport together?

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Pumpkin Soup

Maybe pumpkins only remind you of halloween - but the inside can be used to make delicious soup, as we did here in Austria.

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Tip: Your body needs at least a litre a day! Water is best! Add just a little oure fruit juice if you prefer.

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Here you can see the Austrian pupils preparing a healthy buffet at school.

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How about cooking a healthy meal with your friends?

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Tip: Sweets and sugar are full of calories and bad for your teeth! So try to swap sweets for fruit! Do you remember those delicious cherries we picked in Italy?

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Coconut Biscuits

Tip: People need friends! So make sure you look after yours. Write to them, cook with them, visit them! Just like these girls in Italy.

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Mashed Broad Beans and Chicory

rooms, season with salt and pepper. Thicken with a little gravy mix and add Worcestershire Sauce. Place the meat sauce into a deep ovenproof dish and cover with the mashed potato. Sprinkle the grated cheese on top of the potato and bake in the heated oven for 30 - 35 mins until the surface is crisp and browned.

200 gr. dried peeled broad beans 1 red onion, peeled 1 stick of celery 3 cherry tomatoes, peeled and chopped 1 peeled potato 700g wild chicory, washed and separated into individual stems. Pasta with Tomato Sauce 2 cloves garlic, chopped Olive oil First, prepare the pasta according to the instructions salt on the packet: boil water, add salt, and then add the noodles. Finely chop two onions, two sticks of celery The day before cooking the recipe, put the broad and two carrots. Fry them in some olive oil. Then beans in a pot and cover them with cold water, soaadd a tin of chopped tomatoes and some grated parking them overnight. Cut the potato into cubes, put mesan cheese and allow to cook. Finally, add some it with the beans, onion, tomatoes and celery into an freshly chopped parsley and basil. earthenware pot and cover with two fingers of water. Bring to boil, reduce the heat, cover and cook Fruit Salad very slowly until the beans are very tender – at least 2 hours. The water should have been completely abFor this simple, healthy dessert just wash and chop sorbed at the end of cooking. Remove the onion and local, fresh fruit of the season and mix! the celery. Mash the beans with a wooden spoon while adding a spoon of hot water, if necessary. Orecchiette with Turnip Tops Season with salt. Shepherds Pie Heat the oven to 190. Boil the potatoes until soft and then mash with a little milk and butter. Season to taste and keep to one side. Melt the fat in a large deep pan. Add the onion and carrot and and garlic and fry for 5 minutes. Add the ground lamb and one-third of the beef stock to the onion and carrot mixture and cook, stirring constantly until all the meat is browned. Add the remaining stock, parsley and mush-

300 g. orecchiette 4 fillets of sardines in oil 1 Kg. turnip tops 4-5 spoons of olive oil Garlic Salt Crumbs Wash the turnip tops removing the tough leaves. Boil the water and plunge the turnip tops. Cover the saucepan. When the water boil again, plunge the “orecchiette” and cook them. Fry lightly the oil with

2 or 3 cloves of peeled garlic and the sardines in oil. Grate some crumbs of stale bread and put into the oven for few minutes. Strain the pasta and the turnip tops. Put into a saucepan and add the sauted. Mix and serve. Tafelspitz Boiled Silverside of Beef with vegetables) 2.5 - 3 kg Tafelspitz (silverside) - in one piece 500 g mixed vegetables: carrots, celery, parsnips 200 g onions (complete with their skin) 1 leek 1 tbsp peppercorns (black) 3 bay leaves salt 1 kg beef bones (marrowbones cut into ca. 5 cm pieces) 4 tbsp chives For the chive sauce: 100 g bread (sandwich or baguette, crust removed) 200 ml milk 2 egg yolks (raw) 2 eggs yolks (cooked, from hard-boiled eggs) 2 tbsp chives (finely chopped) 400 ml oil (use corn, grapeseed or groundnut oil) salt, vinegar, white pepper mustard 1 pinch sugar For the apple & horseradish sauce: 600 g apples (not too sweet) 30 g fresh horseradish (finely grated) 20 g sugar 1 generous pinch of salt 6 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp oil 1 dash cider vinegar

300 ml milk 250 g dry white bread (best use baguette or ciabatta rather than a sandwich loaf) Cut the onions in half. In a big stockpot, heat some 60 g onions (finely chopped) oil and fry the onions, cut-side down until they are 70 g butter blackened. Wash the silverside and the bones thor- chopped parsley oughly. Pour appr. 4 litres of water into the stockpot and bring to a boil. Carefully place the meat and the Beat the eggs with the milk, then season generously. bones in the water, making sure that the meat is Cut the bread, crust and all, into small dices and submerged. Add some more water, if necessary. Add soak in the mixture for at least 15 minutes. When the peppercorns and bay leaves and simmer the the bread has softened through, squeeze any excess meat for at least 3 hours. If you have the time, let it liquid out with your hands. Fry the onion in the butsimmer for 5 hours, to make sure the meat is so ten- ter until soft and fragrant. Add to the bread and der it almost falls apart. Keep skimming off the foam work into a dough. Fold in the parsley. Brush a piece that will eventually form. About an hour before serv- of strong aluminium foil with melted butter. Form a ing, cut the vegetables into bite-sized chunks. Add compact 6 cm round log out of the bread mixture, the vegetables to the pot, but only add the leek 10 then roll into the alu foil. The length of your rolls minutes before the end of cooking. Prepare the should depend on the width of your pan - they sauces: Soak the bread in the milk for ca. 10 min- should be resting comfortably in the water. Bring a utes, drain and squeeze out the milk as much as pos- pan of water to the boil, add the rolls and simmer sible. Pulse in the multi-mix, adding the yolks and for 40 minutes. Carefully unwrap and cut into 2 cm seasoning and work up a thick sauce by gradually slices. adding the oil. Shortly before serving, fold in the chives. For the apple & horseradish sauce, peel, core Pumpkin soup and finely grate the apples, sprinkling them with lemon juice immediately so they don't oxidise. Add 2 onions , some olive oil the remaining ingredients, seasoning to your liking. one smaller pumpkin (Hokkaido or Butternut), Take the meat out, cut into 2-3 cm slices and return water, salt, pepper, curry and chilli (optional) to the pot. Season the soup. First, serve the soup, 1 beaker sour cream with the vegetables and some noodles, if you like. When serving the meat, put each slice on a plate, Cut the onions in small slices and fry them in olive pouring over 1 tbsp of soup and sprinkling with salt. oil, peel the pumpkin cut it into small pieces, cut it Serve with the sauces, alongside some potatoes, into small pieces add some water and cook the vegetables (creamy spinach is the most traditional) pumpkin together with the onions until they are or bread dumplings. soft. Put salt and pepper into the soup if you like the For the bread dumplings: taste you can add some curry and some chilli. Add 2 eggs the sour cream and use a stick blender to produce a

creamy soup. Serve the soup with some pumpkin oil and ground pumpkin seeds. Coconut Biscuits 170 gr of coconut flour 2 eggs 1 pinch of salt Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix. With the mixture, make little balls. Bake in preheated oven at 140 degrees for 10 minutes.

This calendar was produced as part of our Comenius Project: Henry Beaufort School, Winchester, England. Nelson-Mandela-Schule, Dierdorf, Germany. Scuola Riccardo Monterisi, Bisceglie, Italien. KMS Staudingergasse, Wien, Austria.

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