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SculptureTucson.org is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to encouraging the creation, placement, and promotion of sculpture in Tucson and Southern Arizona. We work with local governments, organizations and sculptors to open public areas to display works of art and to motivate artists to offer their work for display and sale. In this way we expect to create a joyful and celebrated cultural environment in Tucson. The public will be the beneficiary of seemingly serendipitous areas of delight and artists will have their work seen by large numbers of people, some of whom will buy sculpture. Please join us in fulfilling our mission to help make our community more beautiful, fun and interesting while creating a nurturing atmosphere for artists.

CONTACT US SculptureTucson@gmail.com www.SculptureTucson.org 520.882.5572 PO Box 816, Tucson, AZ 85702 facebook.com/SculptureTucson COVER IMAGE CREDITS Front: (L to R) Pat Frederick, Jimmy Descant, Aurore Chabot, and Curt Brill Back: (L to R) Zak Timan, Judith Stewart, and Terrol Dew Johnson

Sculpture Festival Show & Sale 2018

Table of Contents 2018 Participating Artists Listed Alphabetically 2 - 38

Artist Selection by Elaine A. King 39

SculptureTucson.org Organization 40

Sculpture Festival Show & Sale Sponsors 41


Oro Valley, AZ


Bronze and granite 21" x 8" x 8"

“I primarily work with live models working to capture a single moment and emotion in a particular piece. To me working with a live model is the best way to a mastery of anatomy and proportions. I consider myself to be a realistic artist and I enjoy capturing the details of the body and clothing. Human emotion is so captivating to me and I spend countless hours trying to evoke that through my work. I have been inspired by Native American and Southwestern culture my entire life.� 2

Cave Creek, AZ

Rising From Tribulation

Carved forest fire burned pine with recycled timber base 16" x 13" x 72"

“My work is about transformation, redemption and rebirth. I seek hidden beauty in common or cast-off materials and strive to liberate the inner message that the piece wishes to express. I work intuitively, letting the material lead and guide me to the final manifestation of the piece.� 3

Tucson, AZ

Iron Horse

Recycled engine, bike, and transmission parts, mild steel, and chain 62” x 20” x 10”

“I love the creative process of using recycled materials - finding beauty in something that has been discarded.” 4

Tucson, AZ

Ceramic Head No. 47

Polychromed fired clay 25" x 12" x 12"

“My search in the visual arts is for the hidden human spirit. That small part that makes us each unique, yet finds us a common home. It is my love for movement and dance and the sheer joy of a good laugh that motivate me to express my feelings three dimensionally in clay, plaster, wax and metal.� 5

Tucson, AZ


Utah calcite on aluminum

“Joe Brown has been an artist all of his life. Going to school at the University of Arizona and graduating summa cum laude with a BFA in illustration. He picked up stone sculpture working with a mentor and has been sculpting stone for over 10 years.� 6

Phoenix, AZ

Hold Me Close PLA resin 24" x 8" x 8"

“A full-time sculptor since 2006, Kevin Caron's work appears in public and private places throughout the United States including Chandler, Arizona; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Jupiter, Florida; and New York, New York. He works in steel, aluminum and other metals, and also creates groundbreaking large format resin sculptures using his 8-foottall 3D printer.� 7

Carrollton, TX

Self Portrait

Bronze 16” x 10” x 23"

“Russ Connell is a metal sculptor working from Dallas, Texas. He works in steel, stainless, and bronze. His work ranges from small castings to monumental sculptures built for city display.” 8

Ruidoso, NM

Soars with Eagles

Bronze 36” x 18” x 18”

“I grew up in an area rich in Native American history, and have been intrigued by Native American culture since childhood. I create limited edition bronze sculptures that try to capture the true spirit and strength of our Native American forefathers. I strive to portray their beauty, pride, strength, dignity and grace and marvel in their spirituality and wisdom.” 9

Tucson, AZ

Sacred Symbol Steel 24” x 18” x 12”

“I work primarily with salvaged steel and wood to create objects in both the decorative and functional realms. I try to maintain as much patina and history as possible for the “stories” evoked by the materials, either real or as products of the viewers’ imaginations, can add great appeal to a sculpture. My approach is mostly intuitive and exploratory, building from existing materials in a process that is sometimes gratifying, sometimes frustrating, but results in one-off abstract pieces reflecting a range of emotions.” 10

Tucson, AZ

Metaphors Approached Enamel on Aluminum 36” x 29” x 6”

“Steven Derks is a practicing full-time self-taught artist focusing primarily in metal sculpture with an emphasis on as-is found object art, and a minor practice in non-objective painting and photography. His work can be found in numerous public, corporate, museum and private art collections both in the United States and abroad. Notably a six-year exhibition in the White House Oval Office during the Clinton administration, and an ongoing residency exhibit at the University of Arizona Biosphere 2 in Oracle, AZ.” 11

Salida, CO

Sioux Chief

Found object assemblage 4' x 4' x 8"

“I am a self taught Severe ReConstructivist in my style of found object assemblage, specializing in what I call ‘Western Futurism’. Since 1996 I have scoured the flea markets, thrift stores, and alleys of America, gleaning and using parts from the Golden Age of American manufacturing to disassemble down to the hardware, then upcycle build into my sculptural style and statement of my vision of the West its Peoples, environment, and social/political conditions.” 12

Tucson, AZ


Carved fallen aspen, reclaimed wood, antique tin, acrylic paint, wax, mica, found feather 49.5” x 19” x 10”

“Each of my pieces begins with fallen aspen wood that I collect in the mountains of the southwestern United States. I carve the aspen with hand and power tools then combine it with reclaimed wood, found and vintage materials. My love of the natural world and my concern for the environment translate into works about the intricate relationship between man and nature.” 13

Cortaro, AZ


Steel, aluminum, cement and glass 57” x 67” x 13"

“I am a retired Veterinarian who journeyed from treating real horses to creating steel horses and other animals. I enjoy capturing the essence of an animal and especially its movement. The armature is clad in a contemporary manner over the realism of the bone structure with different textures of steel and sometimes bronze. Please enjoy the expression of my love of animals, their motion and personalities.” 14

Tucson, AZ

Bucking Billy

Bronze w/ Granite Base 15.5” x 13” x 4”

“What I am creating with my animal series is a three-dimensional gesture drawing, incorporating the majesty of movement, symmetry of strength and presence of spirit. I believe my style is a fresh look at the traditional images with a focus on the energy existing within these creatures.”


Tucson, AZ


Forged steel

“The plants and animals and the desert are what I love and do best. Capturing a feeling of balance and harmony through my hand-forged one of a kind sculpture.�


Tucson, AZ

Ceramic Head No. 47

Polychromed fired clay 25" x 12" x 12"

“I sculpt figurative sculptures that are life-like, using both historical and modern ceramic techniques. My sculptures have a classical aesthetic and draw from mythic imagery. These elements combine to form something that is sympathetic and inviting to the viewer, but also conveys meanings regarding belief, sexuality, and dilemmas within our society.� 17

Sells, AZ

Endless Knot

Cedar bark, creosote, steel 30” x 10” 2018 ARTIST KEYNOTE SPEAKER

“Terrol Dew Johnson is an award-winning basket weaver and curatorial consultant for major exhibits at the Smithsonian NMAI, the Heard Museum, and the Arizona State Museum. He is also President/ CEO of TOCA.” 18

Tucson, AZ

Yucca in Bloom Repurposed farm implement parts, metal 6’ x 30"

“My art pieces allow me to honor and preserve the unique features, shapes and designs of rotary hoe wheels, used for decades in farming and crop production within the U.S. but which have now become obsolete in the modern age. There were hundreds of different wheel sizes, shapes and designs manufactured in the past but most are now ending up being recycled as scrap metal sent to China. My art is an opportunity for people to learn about something that they are unfamiliar with and for others to recall and remember their past. Stop, look and ask me about them—I would love to tell you more!” 19

Tucson, AZ

To The Picnic!

Cast aluminum 1 of 13, 57” x 30” x 36” each

“Stephen Kimble is a native Arizonan who was born in Bisbee and raised in Tucson. It’s one thing to admire a piece and quite another to fabricate it. There are so many steps from conception to exhibition. I enjoy the creative aspect of the design as well as the analytical challenge of the fabrication. It’s one of those things that requires that you get your whole mind and body into your work.”


Tucson, AZ


Glass 9”

“This series features stylized representations of the human figure exhibiting varying gestures. Each one of a kind piece has been sculpted from molten glass using hand tools and a 2200 degree furnace. Chemicals applied to the surface of the hot glass produces soft textures and slight opacity.” 21

Green Valley, AZ

Three Pieces

Steel, bronze 21" x 7" x 16.5"

“What I am creating with my animal series is a three-dimensional gesture drawing, incorporating the majesty of movement, symmetry of strength and presence of spirit. I believe my style is a fresh look at the traditional images with a focus on the energy existing within these creatures.�


Tucson, AZ

Scott Musgrove


Bronze 30” x 30” x 60”

“We offer complete solutions for the contemporary sculptor. Metalphysic utilizes state of the art digital technologies as well as old world bronze casting techniques to produce fine art bronze sculpture for regionally and nationally recognized artists.”


Tucson, AZ

Holey Towers Rusted steel 10’ x 8”

“Surprise, wonder, fun and a sense of serendipity are the elements I strive to include in my work. I like to use materials that have otherwise been discarded to make something that is interesting and uplifting and fulfill the artist’s mission to create new ways to see.” 24

Tucson, AZ


Stainless Steel 6 1/2’ x 2’ x 2 ½’

“I have been making and showing sculpture for fifty years. Conceptually I owe a debt to the great mid-century American abstractionists and minimalists. I have worked in wood, bronze, concrete, and steel, as well as conceptual installations.” 25

Tucson, AZ


Stainless Steel 6 1/2’ x 2’ x 2 ½’

“Tom Philabaum is an award-winning Arizona glass artist whose latest series plays on the organic, earthy theme of rocks. The rock series came about in 2007 by exploring shape-making techniques whose consequent was not a vessel. He originally conceived of sculptures composed of many parts or fragments to create the whole, resulting in the Precarious Rock sculptures.” 26

Tucson, AZ

Coming of Age

Limestone, 23k gold gilding

“I am an artist, trained as a painter, who has worked primarily as a sculptor for the last thirty years. As a sculptor my work ranges from public projects and commissions to independent studio work. Principally I’m known for my work in both stone and glass, although my palette can include landscape, concrete, wood, steel and other common components found in construction.” 27

Tucson, AZ

Goliath Frog

Bronze Life-size. 7" x 14" x 17"

“I see my work as a translation of living form to bronze sculpture. While working, my own experiences range from rather intense observation to broad points of physical gesture and emotional expression. I work with a variety of subjects….human, inanimate, and natural....always hoping to show life-like movement, texture, anatomy and concepts of spirit.” 28

Loveland, CO

Convergence Monolith

Corten steel 10’ x 4’ x 6”

“I’m constantly seeking to create a visual pallet from my artistic vocabulary of forms and techniques. I sculpt to explore modern and organic aesthetics with inspirations informing me from nature, man-made, and/or conjured up forms and environments in my mind. These inspirations lead to visions in my mind’s eye which in turn I’m compelled to create sculptural forms, series, and installations to bring to reality. In short, the sculptures I create circulate with aesthetics in contemporary forms with influences and inspiration from, science, architecture, and the world around us.” 29

Micheldorf, Austria

I Am

Cast cotton rag, pigments 10.5” x 2”

“Lore is inspired by the dance of life, celebrating the divine feminine that is emerging all around us. She loves working with the nude which is her muse and metaphor. Creating visions of beauty is her soul’s expression and journey.” 30

Oracle, AZ

Girl with Spiral Hair 2018 BEST OF SHOW

Fired Clay 44”

“Shaping and defining the human form, just enough to make it come alive, to be believable, is the first push forward. This impulse to shape goes forward through the materials used, clay or wax or plaster. The materials have their own beauties of surface and texture, adding unexpected surprises and other interpretations to the human form.” 31

Berkeley, CA

Musica Universalis Oil, glass, eggshells (mute swan, leghorn chicken, ring neck dove), magnet, thread, air

“Zak Timan's artwork resides at the intersection of science, sculpture, and jazz music. He is most known for the development of his floating sculpture series—compositions of buoyant elements which suspend in clear oil-filled glass vessels. With this work Timan captures the energetic moment prior to movement—the potential of energy vs. the kineticism of energy. His works can be found in public and private collections throughout the U.S. and internationally.” 32

Tucson, AZ

“Gerardo Castillo was born in the United States just one mile north of the U.S. Mexico border. He has seen life unfold on both sides of that border, at one time from his covered front porch on the banks of the Rio Grand. His art reflects this experience.”

“I create hybrid forms with negative spaces that pass into and through the forms as well as contain compositional elements in complex arrangements against layers of tile and f o ssi l - l ike f ra g m e n t s, carved and distressed surfaces, bright colors against raw blackish metallic stains and the residue of personal dream imagery. I strive to bring dynamic energy to

…Et Plus Tard, Cette Lapine (après Durer)

Earthenware, slips, stains, graphite, colored pencil, acrylic medium 14.5” x 13.5” x 11.75”

my art in which layers of memory fossils embedded in biomorphic and architectonic sculptures serve as metaphor for time, experience, and consciousness.” 33

Tucson, AZ

“This balancing sculpture represents the active role one must constantly take when trying to be resilient. Resilience is not just strength, and endurance against adversity. It is being flexible and willing to adapt to abrupt changes, and appropriately reacting to the forces inside and outside one’s self. The pyramidal base symbolizes a strong body, and the pin and balance at the top embody a strong mind.”

“ T h e se sc u lp t u r e s function as a circular canvas whose interior and exterior spaces are activated with imagery examining the everchanging roles of women and cultural gender norms. It brings Complications, Revolution Series Ceramic into question construc18” x 18” x 17” tions of power in relation to expectations of behavior and beauty. Complexities of sexuality, motherhood, and aging are revealed with the sculptures slowly rotating on pedestals, creating a continually moving and overlapping progression of imagery of revolving juxtapositions, nuanced angles, and sliding points of view.” 34

Tucson, AZ


Found wood, reclaimed metal 43" x 11" x 3"

“Much like an archaeologist, I discover the inherent character and subtle nuances of found materials including wood and metal. I bring these parts and pieces together to build form. As the parts and pieces inch closer together, they begin to dialogue. At that moment, I know the work is born.� 35

Tucson, AZ


Powder coated steel 24" x 24" x 84"

“Designing and creating sculpture is a journey that involves concepts, materials and processes. My concepts derive from a basic appreciation of composition that explore line, shape, form and texture using steel or wood. Throughout the process I try to imbue a sense of energy or a spirited sense of life in its completed state.� 36

Tucson, AZ

Gravity Free Bronze 19" x 12" x 17"

“For over 25 years Neil Weinstein has created sculptures of the human body in ceramic and bronze. He chooses unconventional poses that offer unexpected angles and curves. All his works avoid cuteness and sentimentality.�


Tucson, AZ

Circle of Life Recycled Pond

Found metal objects and steel, forged and welded 7’ x 5’ x 2’

“I'm a blacksmith who enjoys working with found metal objects. I find new identities for them, while leaving evidence of their former use. My style is organic, often botanical, and the ideas of environmentalism run through my work.” 38

ARTIST SELECTION Artists were selected for the Sculpture Festival Show & Sale through a competitive call to artists publicized nationally. Internationally renowned art critic Elaine A. King selected the participating artists. Additional artists were also invited by the SculptureTucson.org board of directors.

“Art today is no longer merely an aesthetic experience. It has become a means for many to learn more about their ever-expanding world.” – Elaine A. King

ABOUT ELAINE A. KING Art Historian, Critic, and Curator King received a Certificate of Fine Arts and Decorative Arts Appraisal from New York University. Dr. King is now Professor Emerita at Carnegie Mellon University of the History of Art/Criticism/Theory and Museum Studies. She is a freelance curator and art critic who she juries exhibitions, gives papers at international conferences and write regularly for Sculpture Magazine and ARTES Magazine. Elaine A. King was the Executive Director and Curator of the Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery and the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati. During her tenure she curated over 50 + exhibitions, including Mel Bochner, Barry Le Va and Martin Puryear, along with the drawings of Elizabeth Murray, Nancy Spero, Robert Wilson, David Humphrey and Martha Rosler and Tishan Hsu. She also curated Portrayal After Andy Warhol at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh.


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