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WAY2GO ACTIVATE 2011 Supporting churches with children’s ministry training

Our mission: Seeing children and young people transformed by jesus

“Break Open Your Words, Let The Light Shine Out” Psalm 119:130 The Message

Editorial May 2011

Christchurch Update

Kia Ora, everyone. The themes for the Adventure this year are the 5 words that encapsulate the Scripture Union ethos: Biblical, Collaborative, Relational, Relevant, and Quality. This time, we are focusing on the theme of ‘collaborative’. So what does that mean? There are a couple of key ideas wrapped up in this word. One is the intention to build partnerships between a small number of staff and the much larger group of volunteers. This level of collaboration is a vital one. Another level is our commitment to equipping and enabling people across denominations to do what God has called them to do. We do this by demonstrating good practice in places such as on camps, and by training volunteers into effective servant leaders for ministry to children and young people. We are dependent on this collaboration to achieve anything at all for the kingdom. Our calling is to equip the church as God’s instrument for mission in the world. From its beginning, Scripture Union has been intentionally interdenominational and we see this as one of our strengths. Examples of collaborating in this way include working with churches in the community to make SUPAkidz clubs and YOUTHSERVE events happen. In these pages, you’ll read of our collaboration through the recent WAY2GO training conferences around the country, where we saw leaders influencing leaders who reach our nation’s children. Wayne Fraser – National Director


Richard Starling Stay Real Youth Ministry “Things are slowly getting back to ‘normal’ in Christchurch, but nothing is really the same as it was. Many of the families of the young people we worked with have left Christchurch after the February earthquake – some permanently. However, some are starting to return now that power and water are back on. As schools have restarted, we have renegotiated a time to restart Stay Real. Three Stay Real groups are already up and running and another three will start next term. Over the Easter weekend, we are taking 23 young people and 7 leaders to the Canterbury Youth Services Easter Camp at Spencer Park.”

Diana Johnston South Island Camps Facilitator “We had to postpone some things and haven’t managed to organise any camps ourselves, but the rest of the country has stepped in and done it for us…a big Godsend as many of our key people are readjusting to life on this side of the earthquake! In the April school holidays, we have Tanya Laybourne and Raewyn Phipps coming down from Wellington and leading a family/children’s camp. I am supporting them by running activities, cooking and being a general helper. The aim is to give the kids a fun time while their parents work/help/sort life out. Parents are invited to be part of the camp as well. Held in October, the Grubby Angels Southern Roadie Camp will be for senior school students in years 11–13 and is based on the YOUTHSERVE model. Young people will come from predominantly around Otago and Southland and be based with a Christchurch church or community organisation to provide practical support for the local community.”

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Question: What do one red cabbage and 156 churches have in common? Answer: They all attended our WAY2GO Children’s Ministry Conferences. WAY2GO 2011 took place in Invercargill, Auckland and Wellington. There were a wide variety of churches working together to help put on the training with Scripture Union. This year our keynote speaker was Wendy Strachan, the Children’s Ministries Coordinator for Scripture Union International. She was an inspiring speaker who shared about the challenges that face us in children’s ministry as we seek to work honestly and deeply with our kids so that they can develop a real faith for the world they live in. God was really at work as we thought about how we do things and explored a wide variety of ideas and practical skills. More than 700 people attended and we have all gone back to our ministries with a lot to think about! . . . And why was the red cabbage there? It attended the science workshop where leaders discovered how to use it to help children learn about God and His amazing world. Hilary, Andrew, Paul, Annette, Nigel and Raewyn work for Scripture Union and they are all enthusiastic about training and equipping people who work with children across New Zealand. If you would like them to come and train your children’s leaders, email Hilary at: 4

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By far the most beneficial training in my year. Many thanks to Wendy for her sessions, especially for her honesty in sharing the tough challenges of seeking to grow a real faith in the lives of real kids. Stimulating and invigorating. It’s been inspiring and refreshing. A good time to make a new commitment to the children. Very God felt. Thank you for an amazing and inspirational day. I loved every bit of it! It was all wonderful – such high quality packed with good stuff. Excellent – a quality, appropriate, respectful, Christ-focused training day. It was sooo much fun and I really enjoyed it and have learnt heaps of new skills to use when teaching my kids about God. Beyond my expectations for being worthwhile since I bought a team a long distance to come here. Delighted for all of us.


Send a young person to camp Each year, many children and teenagers enjoy our holiday camps and come away with enriched lives. We help campers and leaders on their lifelong adventure, by encouraging them to appreciate God’s creation, get into the Bible and pray, grow into God’s kingdom, serve others and become leaders. We would love more young people to experience our quality camping programmes. Campers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and some families struggle to pay camp fees. You could give a child or teen the opportunity to attend a camp; partnering with us in modelling Christian life and inspiring them to follow God. You can donate through our website or by filling out the donation form on the enclosed letter and free-posting this back to us.

Sponsored SUPAkidz campers Our first Wellington SUPAkidz Camp was fantastic and grew the faith of all those present, whether they be campers or volunteers. What was fantastic was that over half of the campers would not have been there if someone had not donated part or all of their camp fees. The children were transformed by camp. Many have had their faith activated (and several were from unchurched families). They are now participating fully in their children’s ministry or school SUPAkidz club as they continue to grow in their faith. They are excited about what they are doing and are looking forward to another camp with their friends next year. Families have started to save, but are questioning whether they can afford it.


Scripture Union


New website launches!

Pacific and Vanuatu activity

We are very excited to have a more user-friendly website. You can now register for events and camps online, and purchase from our shop, Resources for Life.

The Scripture Union Pacific region includes ministry in Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and Vanuatu, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

As an existing supporter, we have already created an online account for you with your contact details. All supporters who have provided their email address in the past have been sent their username and password.

Last December I was privileged, along with Penelope Trought and Annette Osborne, to be a part of a training event held at the Scripture Union (‘Skripja Yunyon’) campsite in Vanuatu. Sam Emery, Scripture Union Pacific Coordinator, organized this event.

If you have not received your username and password by email, just email us at or call 0508 423 836.

To update your details at any time, visit and click on ‘Login’. Check out our range of resources for ministry and personal use. Our resources focus on helping everyone to discover the Bible, and children, youth and all-age ministry.

The purpose of gathering for this week was to bring together ministry leaders, staff and volunteers, from across the island nations, for encouragement and equipping, to pass on – Annette Osborne, tools to train others. Children and families worker, Auckland Many times we were humbled by the spiritual walk of these people and although we were giving, we were receiving much more. We made some great new friends as well as some insights into how we can more actively work with our partner movement in Tonga.

“Imagine a tin building in 30 degree heat and high humidity…but imagine the sound of voices lifted in prayer and praise . . . “

Wayne Fraser – National Director

Check out our ‘Shop: Resources for Life’ on our website. Special thanks to James Ayers ( for the huge amount of work and care he has put into building our website. 8

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We are reactivating the Scripture Union Development Fund, which gives supporters the opportunity to make cash investments with Scripture Union. These investments earn you interest and can be at call or term deposits for periods of up to five years. Scripture Union reinvests these funds in registered banks or other high quality institutions. These investments are overseen by the Scripture Union Board.

Thank you

The difference between the interest earned by the Development Fund’s investments and the interest paid to you helps Scripture Union to fund its ministries. Historically, the Development Fund income has been used to assist low income families to send children on Scripture Union camps and to kick start new ministry initiatives. Please see enclosed brochure for full details.

role of National Youth Ministry Leader.

We had an amazing response from you to our appeals for funds to meet our budget by the end of March. God was very faithful through you and donations were slightly above budgeted! Thank you and praise God. This year, we are expanding our ministry and seeking to raise more funds. A particular thank you to those who give regularly to help us plan effectively.

Staff changes Neville Bartley has been appointed to the new Neville will be responsible for coordinating our ministry with secondary aged students through camping and in schools. Neville has been involved in youth ministry, both volunteer and full-time, for the last 23 years. For the last 12 years, he has been Youth Pastor at Wanganui Central Baptist Church, which has included a number of hours each week as the Youth Worker at Wanganui High School. We look forward to welcoming Neville this month to our team as we seek to grow Scripture Union’s influence with young people across New Zealand.

Essential Jesus

This new staff appointment means changes for other members of our staff team.

Andy Banks, currently our Director of Schools will move into a new role called Auckland Youth Ministry Leader, building a team to work in schools across Auckland with their many challenges. He will also oversee the development of the YOUTHSERVE programme in various places.

Bruce Conway will be concluding in his role as Camps Director this month. Bruce has made an enormous contribution to Scripture Union over many years and we are all indebted to him for that. Bruce’s passion for Scripture Union and the outdoors is obvious in many ways and we will miss him. Tim Long has worked for 5 years as Andy Banks’ PA in the Youth office and will also conclude his role this month. Tim has made a tremendous contribution to all sorts of activities and brought wisdom, experience and friendship to our team. He has given way beyond the call of duty and we have appreciated his presence very much. You can make a secure online donation at or freephone 0508 423 836. Or respond on the enclosed form. 10

Scripture Union


Light for the path Guest Writer: Wendy Strachan, SU International Children’s Ministry Coordinator. Wendy has recently been our keynote speaker at WAY2GO.

Imagine this. You are in a large crowded room and someone challenges you to shake hands with as many people as you can – in just 10 seconds. How many people do you think you can connect with? 12? Perhaps 15 if you’ve really fast? Now let’s share the task. This time every person you shake hands with now shakes hands with someone else. At the end of 10 seconds, hundreds of people will have had their hand shaken. It’s true – try it! Such is the power of working together. It’s nothing new. From the beginning of time, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit modelled partnership as the triune God created the world. Now in the 21st century, God invites his people to collaborate with him and each other in building his Kingdom. It’s a privilege we share with others around the world as together, empowered by the Holy Spirit, we bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to God’s creation. And so the Kingdom of God advances. 12

SUNZ Adventure Magazine May 2011