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Summer 2018


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Alisha loves to share her faith Free World Cup resources

Guardians of Ancora – drawing thousands of children closer to God


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Mission – is it about doing or being?


Alisha loves to share her new-found faith at every opportunity


Jumpers for Goalposts – free resource to help churches share faith through football


Guardians of Ancora – drawing thousands of children closer to God

Welcome from our National Director, Tim Hastie-Smith

Eighteen-year-old Alisha Hedley didn’t go to church but she found Jesus through SU events. Now she’s taking every opportunity to share him with others.

This year, with the football World Cup on the horizon, we’re delighted to introduce a new free resource to help churches share the good news in their communities.

Launched in 2015, Guardians of Ancora is now being played all over the world by thousands of children, inspiring many of them to want to know more about Jesus. And, as teacher Fran Jenkins found, it’s also an inspiring basis for local mission too.

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Mission – is it about doing or being? Welcome to the summer edition of Connecting You.

“Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (John 13: 34, 35). With so few children and young people knowing about Jesus, there is an urgent need for more mission across the country. Am I suggesting that churches, many already hard-pushed and under-resourced, should plan to do yet more activity, organise yet more outreach events? Not necessarily. As Jesus explains in the passage above, mission is less about doing, and more about being. What we need to be is more excited about our faith. As we draw closer to God, as we regularly rediscover the joy of a life lived with Jesus at the centre, mission will happen. The light of Jesus will shine through us, and children and young people will see that joy in us and respond to it. That desire and longing to see the next generation connecting with Jesus sits at the very heart of Scripture Union’s ministries, and I’m delighted to share some wonderful stories of this in action, which your support has made possible, in this edition of Connecting You.

Newcastle teenager Alisha knew little about Jesus, but when she spent time with Christians who lived out their faith, she realised how God was at work in her own life too. That led to her following Jesus and into training for full-time mission work with other children and young people. Fran’s small Welsh village church had an aging and dwindling congregation. But her living faith has led her to use Guardians of Ancora to share Jesus beyond the church walls – and she’s discovered that the children are hungry for more. In Liverpool, children and young people flock every Thursday to play casual football in a city park with Mike. They want to know why he’s doing this, what makes him tick – so Jesus naturally becomes part of the conversation. Mission is not about doing more. It’s about being more. When our lives are an act of worship, centred on Jesus, God is shared. Mission is the natural end result.

Tim Hastie-Smith, National Director


Alisha loves to share her new-found faith at every opportunity Your support is enabling us to share Jesus with thousands of children and young people who don’t know him. Eighteen-year-old Alisha Hedley was among them, but now she’s taking every opportunity to share him with others. 4

Three years ago, the only thing Alisha knew about Jesus was that he was the baby in the manger in the school nativity ALISHA play. Now this straightHEDLEY talking girl from Byker is doing a year’s training with SU local mission partner MINE (Mission Initiative Newcastle East). In September, she’s hoping to start a degree in Christian youthwork and sports ministry including a placement with Scripture Union in the north east. Her journey to faith began in 2015 when she went to a Christian youth group held at the home of Dave and Jen Johnson, who are involved with MINE. Alisha says, ‘I went because a mate asked me along and I thought it would be a laugh. Then she badgered me to go with the group to Breakthrough (SU’s holiday in

Scarborough). We had loads of fun, but I didn’t take in much about God.’ The following year, Alisha went to two further SU camps, Scoughall in Scotland in the summer, then back to Breakthrough for New Year. Breakthrough lived up to its name. Alisha says, ‘This time I was in a different group to my mates. I started to think more about God, and I was able to ask questions of people who knew more about God than I did. When you’re surrounded by Christians, it makes you realise what God has been doing in your own life. You see things differently.

I don’t worry or stress about situations anymore because I know God has a plan for my life.


‘I got back home, and decided to become a Christian. I got baptised in September last year – my mum, younger brother and sister and mates from school all came along. ‘I didn’t get the grades I needed to go to university – but I don’t think I was ready for it anyway. Instead I took a year out to train with MINE. I’ve had the chance to learn loads more about God and become much more confident. I’ve been running Messy Church and Open the Book sessions in local schools and talking to the kids about Jesus. I’ve also been helping to run a local community café and doing football coaching.’

A powerful testimony

lots of questions. I’ve also given my testimony at an SU holiday and a talk to 200 strangers in an Edinburgh church!’ Reflecting on how life is different now she’s a Christian, Alisha says, ‘I don’t worry or stress about situations anymore because I know God has a plan for my life.’ Alisha hasn’t just inspired other young people. Dave Johnson says, ‘She’s shown those of us in missions and churches how to share Jesus with children and young people who know nothing of Christianity – because she didn’t either. She’s following where God leads and through her he’s doing amazing things.’

One highlight was a 10-day trip to Ukraine, in February, with a party of 14 other adults from SU and local mission partners. Alisha says, ‘We visited schools to talk about what life in England is like, and to share our faith. I was asked to give my testimony in front of 80 students – I was so nervous! But I realised they might not get another opportunity to hear about God. Actually they were really interested and asked


Scripture Union holidays played an important part in Alisha’s faith journey. Do you know a child or young person who might also benefit? Find out more at


We rely on your support to make our holidays possible. If you can spare some time, we have a range of volunteering opportunities available at Or perhaps you might consider making a gift? Go to if you’d like to help support our holidays in this way.



Prayers Sunday 27

Give thanks to God for Alisha and the exciting journey he’s taking her on. Pray that her faith will continue to flourish, for her studies to go well, and for her ministry to children and young people in the north-east to bear much fruit.

Monday 28

Please pray for other young Christians – give thanks to God for their enthusiasm to share the good news of Jesus with their friends.

Tuesday 29

Pray for all those who work with and mentor young Christians – SU regional team staff, our local mission partners, and churches and other groups across the country. Ask God to bless them with wisdom and kindness.

Wednesday 30

Alisha realised that not getting into university was a blessing. Please ask God to enable other young Christians

to see that when life doesn’t go according to their plans, it may be because he has a better one.

Thursday 31

Praise God for adults like Dave and Jen Johnson who help young Christians develop their faith. Ask God to show you if he wants you to help grow the faith of young people and, if so, to guide you to the right opportunity.

Friday 1

This summer, many young people will be taking part in SU’s young leadership training. Ask God to help them discover the gifts he has given them, and how to use those gifts wisely to build his kingdom.

Saturday 2

In Ukraine, there are many barriers to sharing Jesus. Praise God for enabling SU staff and volunteers to visit and share their faith with Ukrainian students. Ask him to incline their hearts to follow him.


National Volunteer week

Prayers Sunday 3

Today, Sophie Doyle is working with us in the south west, helping to launch a new family service in Portsmouth. The vision is to reach local families who have no connection with church. Pray that many will come and that relationships will be built.

Monday 4

This week is National Volunteer Week. Give thanks for all who freely give their time to serve God, especially those who make Scripture Union’s ministry possible. Pray that in days when there are so many pressures, volunteers will continue to come forward.

Tuesday 5

Local mission partner, Christian Schoolswork Hastings, are hosting the GSUS Live trailer in secondary academies June 4–22. Praise God for the opportunities this creates and pray that as students examine the relevance of Jesus’ teaching they will want to apply it to their own lives.

Wednesday 6

Over the next few weeks thousands of copies of It’s Your Move will be given to children in Year 6. Pray for all the many volunteers across the


country who will be involved in this, that they might show the love of Jesus.

week beginning JUNE 3

Thursday 7

Backpackers holiday club, based on Jesus’ final week from Matthew’s Gospel, goes to press at the end of June, for publication in October. Pray for Angela Grigson and Lizzie Evans as they finalise this, and for the many volunteers in churches preparing to run holiday clubs this summer.

Friday 8

John Wesley Lifepaths run in Preston today and Monday. Pray for Claire Hughes of the North West Team, local mission partner SPLAT and the volunteers. Pray that as children learn about John Wesley they will also learn to put their trust in the Jesus he followed.

Saturday 9

Tim Hastie-Smith is with a team from SU Madagascar this weekend as they celebrate their centenary and their historic link with Wales. He will be speaking at activities in Llandudno. Give thanks for the work in Madagascar and pray that this year will be a springboard for future ministry.


week beginning JUNE 10

Sunday 10

Chris Eales is trialling a new club based on the residential Go Wild. It will be like a Bushcraft version of Guardians of Ancora clubs for schools and will run for six weeks. The first started last week in Tawstock in North Devon. Pray that this will be successful and lead to new ministry opportunities.

Monday 11

assembly. Pray for the six volunteer teams as they share the good news about how a friendship with God can impact lives today.

Thursday 14

Guardians of Ancora celebrates its third birthday this month. Thank God for the million-plus users, and for those who have had the vision and skills to develop the game and to use it in local contexts. Give thanks, too, for the generous supporters and trusts who have enabled this project to develop.

Prayer Spaces have proved an effective way of helping children and young people to reflect on the place that God might have in their lives. Pray for the prayer space week in a Chester high school organised by local mission partner Chester Christian Schools Work.

Friday 15

Tuesday 12

Saturday 16

Pray for local mission partner Faith in Schools Newham as they talk today to reception children about the parable of the lost sheep. On 10 July they will be talking to Year 4 children about why the Bible is special.

Wednesday 13

Scripture Union in Nepal have Teens’ Teacher Training in Lalitpur next week (18–20 June). They are expecting about fifty young adults who are committed to lead teenagers in their churches. Pray that they will gain new skills. Please pray for the team from local mission partner Learn4Life in Reading as they visit a school next week, for a half-week of assemblies, RE lessons, games and activities, asking that God will lead the way on everything they do there.

Starting this week, local mission partner GenR8 in Cambridgeshire will be visiting over one hundred and forty primary schools with their friendship-themed summer


Free resource to help churches share faith through football Over recent years, your support has enabled us to develop some great free resources to help churches connect with the children in their communities. This year, with the football World Cup on the horizon, we’re delighted to introduce Jumpers for Goalposts – our free downloadable pack to help churches share faith through football in a hassle-free way. 10

‘If you want to build a relationship with children and young people in your community, organise a game of football,’ RICHARD says Richard Witham, WITHAM SU’s National Sports Mission Leader. ‘They’ll come because they want to be part of something fun in their local park or community space. It’s a great way for us to bless them and get to know them. And as we do, so too will come natural openings to share our faith. ‘Sport is a great mission tool. It doesn’t need much planning or special equipment, and you don’t even need to be sporty to set it up. ‘Our new mission resource, Jumpers for Goalposts, is themed around football, the most popular sport of all. We’re launching it to coincide with the World Cup (14th June to

15th July), but actually you can use it at any time of year.’

Sport is a great mission tool. It doesn’t need much planning or special equipment, and you don’t even need to be sporty to set it up. Jumpers for Goalposts is based on the flexible format of The Light Party Pack. There are three core activities – football skills and a game for the super sporty, games and activities for the ‘sorta’ sporty, and hosting a big screen event for the not-so-sporty. The pack includes advice on how to make your event safe and successful, ideas for follow-up activities, and much more.


Mike Swanson of SU local mission partner 468 Project knows just how much of a draw football can be. Every Thursday afternoon, a crowd of children and young people descend on a Liverpool city park to join in the casual football session he leads. Mike says, ‘These aren’t keen sporty kids – just normal kids who want to be outside playing. We can provide a safe space where they can feel loved, accepted and challenged. This ministry has really helped to reach those children who don’t come to usual church activities.’ And, as Mike has got to know them, both children and parents have asked him why he’s doing this, giving him an opportunity to talk to them about Jesus. Richard says, ‘Jumpers for Goalposts will help more churches to discover for themselves just how effective football-based mission is – and in turn help more children and young people who aren’t part of a church to learn something of God and his love for them.’

About the pack... • Aimed at children aged 8–13 but with options for all ages • Three core resources – one around playing football, one around sporty games and activities, one around screening the World Cup

Hassle-free, simple-to-organise ideas for sharing faith through football Use in:





• Flexibility depending on how ‘sporty’ you are, and how brave in sharing your faith with children and young people who aren’t in church • How to plan, who to invite, and how to find them • Top tips on how to bring faith into the conversation • How to manage risk and keep your event fun and safe • How to keep ‘un-sporty’ children engaged • Ideas for follow-up activities • Ideas for schools-based activities


As the pack is digital, there’s still time to make use of Jumpers for Goalposts. Download the pack for free at jumpersforgoalposts. Your local SU team may also be able to support you in your misison. Get in touch at or call Richard Witham on 01908 856071 (leave your name and number).


We’ve seen such fruit coming from the use of our free mission resources, but to continue to produce resources that connect and engage with the next generation we need your help. Donate today at


Prayers Sunday 17

With the World Cup under way, please pray that churches and mission ministries across the country will make the most of this fantastic opportunity to introduce children and young people to Jesus through football.

Monday 18

Please pray that God prepares the hearts of children and young people who come to missions this summer and that they are open to hearing the good news about Jesus.

Tuesday 19

Give thanks to God that mission through sport is proving to be such a successful way of enabling churches to build relationships with children and young people who aren’t part of any church.

Wednesday 20

Give thanks for all Scripture Union supporters whose donations have enabled SU to develop the new Jumpers for Goalposts resource.

Thursday 21

Please pray for Richard Witham as he develops mission through sport as a way to introduce children and young people to Jesus.

Friday 22

Give thanks and pray for all volunteers who give their time willingly in service, so that more children and young people can discover God’s love for them.

Saturday 23

Please pray for Mike Swanson of 468 Project, and for all other local mission partners that are involved with mission through sport.



Week beginning June 24

Sunday 24

Pray for the SU Serbia children’s camp and the family retreat for families with children with a disability (24–30 June). Please pray for participants, leaders, volunteers and, on the Family Retreat, personal assistants.

Monday 25

Two Lifepaths start today, Malmesbury Abbey and Brinkburn. Pray that as children explore the lives of Jesus’ followers in the past, they will think about how they live their lives. Pray for strength for the Brinkburn team who have added a day in response to demand.

Tuesday 26

A group of south-west staff and volunteers travel to South Africa today to join holiday club teams in Cape Town and Port Elisabeth. Pray for the team as they meet local team members, and cross language barriers, that they may present the good news of Jesus effectively.

Wednesday 27

Today and tomorrow Lifepath Cragg Vale, West Yorkshire, organised by local mission partner Christian Initiative in Calderdale Schools, looks at the life of Thomas Crowther who worked to improve the life of children in the 14

mills. Pray that the children from local schools will see that God cares.

Thursday 28

Lifepath, run by local mission partner Scripture Union Ministries Trust on the Isle of Man, based on the monks who lived on the Island, started yesterday and continues today and again July 2–4. Pray for the 730 Year 5 children who will attend.

Friday 29

‘In the footsteps of Bunyan’ run by local mission partner Impact in Bedford takes place today. Children explore the life of John Bunyan in creative ways. Pray that as they see Bunyan’s faith they may understand something of what it means to trust God.

Saturday 30

SU in Wales will be taking advantage of the World Cup to take The Games into schools where they look at the Bible story of Daniel’s friends standing up for God in a difficult situation. Pray that this resource, available in both English and Welsh, will make an impact.

Prayers Sunday 1

SU Singapore ask for prayer that God will provide the 70 volunteers needed to run the children’s holiday TREK programmes. Pray too for the launch of the new SU@CF, a schools ministry reaching out to the students.

Monday 2

would each experience something of God’s love for them.

week beginning JULY 1

Thursday 5

Pray for the Lifepath on the life of Josiah Spiers developed by some of our team in Wales. As part of the Llandudno 150th anniversary they will be taking this around schools in the area of Llandudno as a lead-up to the summer events.

Friday 6 The MOUSE (Moving On Up to Secondary Education) programme run by local mission partner Bridgebuilder starts today. Pray that they will achieve their aim of giving every Year 6 child in Milton Keynes a copy of It’s Your Move.

Tuesday 3

The Audit Committee meets today looking at risk management, pensions’ governance, a review of the audit findings, the draft trustees report and accounts. Give thanks for Philip Wolstenholme who has faithfully served as volunteer internal auditor for more than twelve years.

Wednesday 4

Every Wednesday at St Nicholas Primary School, Beverley Schools Christian Trust run Junior J.A.M club. Thank God for the enthusiastic children who come; pray that they

Pray that children and young people will meet with Jesus and choose to follow him at the SOLID Festival this weekend. The festival, run by SU in

partnership with others, provides a fun, active weekend with Christian music and teaching.

Saturday 7

Christians 4 Education, a local mission partner in North Wales, have identified the need for goodquality secondary assembles so that the 95% of young people not connected to the churches can hear about Jesus and what he offers them. Please pray with them as they establish a team and prepare materials for this challenge.



week beginning JULY 8

Sunday 8


Thank God for the progress on the campsite in Tajikistan. Pray for Tim Hastie-Smith and Glen Coombs of Scripture Union International as they visit this summer that they will be able to help SU Tajikistan make the most of this resource.

Monday 9

Local mission partner Great Open Door working in Harlow have developed a new series of RE lessons for primary schools called ‘Why is ... important to Christians?’. Please pray that that they will be able to take these lessons into many schools and that the children will understand why Jesus is important.

Tuesday 10

Sophie Doyle is working with our South West Team, and has proposed a Scripture Union sports hub with a sports trainee to a church in Bodmin. Please pray that the initial enthusiasm will turn into action and that other churches in Bodmin will also commit.

Wednesday 11

Fusion are our latest mission partner in the south west. Based on the Lizard, Cornwall, they have an exciting vision to reach children and young people in their surrounding area using a converted mobile bus. Please pray for success in reaching the 95 and a strong committed team of volunteers. 16

Thursday 12

Give thanks for the successful launch of Čuvari Ankore (Guardians of Ancora) in Serbia. Pray for project manager Amanda as she and others from Skripta (SU Serbia) prepare to use the app in their summer camps and events.

Friday 13

This weekend Bob Goody, development worker in the central region, will head up the youth work for the annual conference of CMJ (Christian Ministry to Jewish People). Pray that this new partnership will be fruitful and that the young people will grow in faith.

Saturday 14

Next Monday Chris Eales is leading an It’s Your Move day with a primary school in North Devon at an outdoor centre. Pray that this day will help children as they to move into secondary education.


week beginning JULY 15

Sunday 15

In Ukraine Scripture Union is known as Open Bible. Please pray for their outreach to children, young people and families through summer camps, work in schools, children’s clubs and the new website.

Monday 16

Today schools worker Sue Evans of local mission partner Brentwood Schools Christian Worker Trust is running a prayer space with a primary school while colleague Fiona Mason is running a careers-based prayer space in a secondary school. Pray for the impact of both events.

Tuesday 17

Pray for Maureen Okwara and her family as she returns to the finance team after maternity leave and for the gifts team who are responsible for the processing of the donations made by our supporters.

Wednesday 18

Newly appointed development worker in the south-west, Toby Chant, asks us to pray for the opportunities given by detached youth

work and popup missions. Pray that these opportunities to engage with young people in their own spaces in partnership with local churches will lead to good conversations and relationships.

Thursday 19

Pray for the leadership team as they visit holidays and missions this summer, asking for safety as they cover many thousands of miles, and that they may be a source of encouragement and blessing to all those they visit, equipped with a ‘word in season’.

Friday 20

The Wave Youth and Children’s Ministry, a local mission partner based in Swanage, give thanks for the two young people who committed their lives to Jesus during a Youth Alpha course and others who have moved significantly closer to him. Pray that they may continue their spiritual journeys.

Saturday 21

Today local mission partner MINE in Newcastle are running a training day to equip volunteers and congregations across the region to be communities of good news for young people, with keynote speaker the Bishop of Berwick, and workshop leaders from a number of regional organisations. Pray that this will be an effective day of equipping and resourcing.


Guardians of Ancora – drawing thousands of children closer to God Your support enabled us to launch our first ever digital game app, Guardians of Ancora, in July 2015. Three years on, it’s being played in 180 countries in 4 languages by around 1 million children, inspiring many of them to want to know more about Jesus. And, as teacher Fran Jenkins found, it’s also an inspiring basis for local mission too. 18

Last year, when Scripture Union was looking for teachers to pilot an RE lesson based on Guardians of Ancora, Fran was FRAN the first to sign up. She JENKINS says, ‘I love the idea of a Bible-based virtual world where children can hear about God and Jesus. And it’s a wonderful way of reaching children who don’t go to church. So often, school assemblies are based on general moral values which limits children’s understanding of who God is.’ Fran teaches at a primary school in the Pembrokeshire village of Roch. The Baptist Chapel she attends there has only a handful of members and no resident minister, but with some help from Scripture Union and volunteers from a larger church nearby, they decided to hold a pop-up mission. It included a family fun afternoon, and tablets were available so that children could play Guardians of Ancora. Thirty children, mostly from non-church backgrounds, came to the event.

They enjoyed Guardians of Ancora so much that Fran decided to set up a Saturday club so they could come together to play every week.

More than a game Fran says, ‘There’s more to it than just playing the game. We start each session by opening a treasure chest which contains a prop relating to this week’s Guardians of Ancora story. We also do crafts and art, and share our thoughts about the stories. The children’s enthusiasm is infectious and they’re eager to know more. They all play the game at home too and talk about it at club. One little girl said, “Did you find out how Jesus died? It’s so sad”, to which another replied, “Don’t worry, there’s another miracle – he comes back to life!”’

The children’s enthusiasm is infectious and they’re eager to know more.


The thoughts that the children have shared at the club show that Guardians of Ancora is successfully communicating the heart of the gospel to children who previously knew nothing about God. Here’s what some of the children aged seven to nine had to say:

“I love learning about the stories and want to know more about how Jesus came alive.” “I pray now because it’s exciting to talk to Jesus.”

“The stories help me learn more about Jesus.” Fran says, ‘Guardians of Ancora has led to some of the children and their families coming to our church for the first time, to sing songs they’d learned at the club. And each week we post on social media what we’ve been doing, which helps spread the word about Jesus and lets the community know that the church is alive, active and open to all.’

Guardians of Ancora facts Launched July 2015 We estimate around one million children have played it (including some non-Christians) Up to 1,000 children a week are inviting a friend to play it too

52% 40%

It’s being played in 180 countries around the world in 4 languages 52% of players said it made them more interested in learning more about Jesus 40% said it made them want to be a friend of Jesus

Voted ‘App of the Year 2017’ by Premier Digital Awards and ‘Best Children’s Project’ by the Christian Funders Forum


Go to for Guardians of Ancora resources to help you share Jesus with children who aren’t in church. For a better overview of the game, visit


A financial gift could help make Guardians of Ancora better than ever, and help to develop more outreach resources so that even more children can discover the God who loves them! You can make a gift online at Thank you so much.



week beginning JULY 22

Sunday 22

SU Zambia has embarked on the Daily Power Devotional Reading Project to reach every child with God’s Word. Thank God for the project and pray that the initiative will result in widespread use of the daily Bible readings.

Monday 23

This week a number of churches in Potters Bar will be working together with support from Sam Fowler, development worker in the south east, to deliver a holiday club. Pray for a real sense of unity and for God to work in many lives.

Tuesday 24

As we approach the holiday season pray that holidays moving to new sites will be able to adapt quickly: Step Out, Curtains Up, Ka’zoo and Ka’zoo 2.0, Transformers Lite, Ancora Explorers and Activ8.

(Great Dayz), Suzie Kerrison and Rachel Morley (Saddle Up and the SU Bake Off 2) and Catrin Hampton (Slam).

Thursday 26

Starting today and running until August 1 local mission partners The Bus Stop and MINE join to host a team of young people and adults for a week of mission in Byker and Walker, building on the year-round work of MINE and connecting with new people. Pray that the young people on the team will grow in faith and ability to serve.

Friday 27

Thank God for all those who support us financially. Pray for children and young people who have been given financial support to attend an SU holiday this summer that it might be a memorable experience for them.

Saturday 28 Wednesday 25

Pray too for those who are stepping into holiday and mission leadership for the first time: Alice Lawrence (Go Wild), Tim Belton and Niky Dodds (Hexham Holiday Club), Dan Rollins

Local mission partner Fleet and Crookham Churches Together in Schools thank God for good numbers and consistent attendance at their Christian Unions, and ask us to pray for a good transition for those children in lunch clubs at junior schools to Christian Unions in secondary schools.


Prayers Sunday 29

Please pray for users of ‘RDV the Book’, a new Bible guide app for young people, launched earlier in the year by SU in French-speaking Switzerland. This free app invites personal meditation through a range of content including videos, audio, testimony, prayer, challenges, questions and images.

Monday 30

Please pray for the safety of young people and volunteers attending our holidays and missions, asking God to give wisdom for the leaders, especially the first-aiders and those looking after health and safety.

Wednesday 1

week beginning JULY 29

Local mission partner Contagious in Alnwick give thanks for the Diary of a Disciple workshops in two local primary schools run by their worker and local volunteers. Pray for a new Guardians of Ancora club starting in one of the local primary schools following the popularity of the one run there in the autumn term.

Thursday 2

Please pray for the opportunities local mission partner Missional Generation has in the coming months to share the gospel using virtual reality resources with groups and schools along the M62 corridor, and for continued vision as they create new, innovative resources to help young people put faith into action.

Friday 3

Tuesday 31

Pray for Trevor Ranger of local mission partner Synergy as he leads a holiday Bible club in Chippenham. Four local churches are joining forces to work with up to eighty children using TeamBuilders, SU’s new material. 22

Pray for Grace Inwood who is now coordinating our Facilities Management at Trinity House and for Adelaide Nketsia, the HR Officer, as she deals with recruitment and personnel issues. Ask God to give wisdom.

Saturday 4

National mission partner Festive run a stall at Soul Survivor contacting further education students. Pray that the right students will find them, engage with them, benefit greatly from their commitment to pray for them and equip them to be missional in their sixth forms and colleges.


week beginning AUGUST 5

Sunday 5

SU in Western Australia is excited about a new opportunity with Veta Youth working with the local church and schools to deliver a Certificate in Theology to 15-, 16- and 17-year-olds. Please pray for SUWA, Veta Youth and the students and schools as they begin this exciting journey.

Monday 6

Pray for Holiday Bible Week in Bishop’s Stortford and Vacation Bible School in Saffron Walden organised by local mission partner Stort Valley Schools Trust taking place this week. Both involve a number of churches and will reach upwards of eight hundred children between them.

Tuesday 7

Pray for the SU team and volunteers who will be involved in sports mission, leading workshops and promoting SU mission at Creation Fest, a familyfriendly music and teaching festival in Wadebridge this week.

Wednesday 8

resources and opportunities to share Jesus with their peers this autumn. Ask God to give creativity, wisdom and sensitivity.

Thursday 9

Last year Beach Life was a huge success on the Fylde Coast. This year the beach comes to Haydock for the next two days. Pray that the families who come will have a great time, that the donkey will behave and that the children will understand something about Jesus and his love for them. Pray too for Beach Life in Bispham and Fleetwood (August 20–22) and Blackpool and Cleveleys (August 23–25).

Friday 10

Pray for Chris Nuttall as he juggles the management of the support functions and aims to develop new and better processes to enable other staff to work more effectively.

Saturday 11

The Felpham Mission will be celebrating their centenary today. Praise God for 100 years of faithful ministry and pray that the celebration service at which Tim Hastie-Smith will be speaking will draw many including those who do not yet know Jesus.

Pray for the preparation being done over the summer months for Shine which will give Christians in schools



week beginning AUGUST 12

Sunday 12

SU Jamaica thank God that over four hundred students, teachers and graduates have been trained in ‘leading a student to Christ’ and ‘Scripture Engagement follow-up’. Please pray that the evangelistic initiatives being planned will bear much fruit.

Monday 13

Today Sam Fowler leaves with a team of volunteers to work alongside SU Romania in a week-long summer camp for teenagers aimed to nurture and encourage them in their walk with God. Pray that all will grow in their faith.

Tuesday 14

National mission partner, Festive, ask us to pray that as Christian Union leaders in Year 13 move on, the new leaders who will be taking over from them will have the courage, vision and energy to take up their new roles.

material to the compendiums this will result in a renewed vision to see children and young people grow in faith.

Thursday 16

Pray for all the churches and other groups running the TeamBuilders holiday club this summer. Pray that as the children have fun they will discover more about what it means to be on God’s team.

Friday 17

Our partnership with South West Youth Ministries has been very fruitful. Pray that as consideration is given to the development of a new sports ministry in partnership, God will give wisdom and direction.

Saturday 18

National mission partner Chaplaincy Central write, ’Please join us in praying for School and College Chaplains as they return to work after the summer break. May they be refreshed and equipped for what the next academic year holds.’

Wednesday 15

Thank God for the new Light compendiums, providing a whole year’s worth of children’s Sunday group material. Pray that as churches begin to transition from quarterly 24


week beginning AUGUST 19

Sunday 19

SU in Myanmar praise God for the Community Children Clubs in Yangon and in the delta area. Pray for an extension of this work and for preparations for a Youth Training Day in October.

Monday 20

Next week local mission partner PSALMS (Painswick and Stroud) is running a new residential sports and adventure camp. Pray that through all the fun there would be opportunities for those who come along to discover Jesus and explore issues around faith and life.

Tuesday 21

Lisa Jones is working with a number of churches running holiday clubs over the summer. These churches want to reach into the community and attract children who have no previous contact with church. Pray for Ferring Baptist this week and for St Luke’s in Hawkinge at the end of the month.

throughout the summer are hosting a celebration on the beach as part of the 150th anniversary. Pray that this will attract large numbers to hear the good news of Jesus as they did in Josiah Spiers’ day.

Friday 24

This weekend forms the major part of the 150th Anniversary in Llandudno with a pop-up mission around the town, an evening celebration on Saturday and presentations in churches on Sunday. Thank God for the vision of Josiah Spiers and the way God has prospered the work of SU.


Wednesday 22

Pray for the preparations for Family Fun Day run by local mission partner Lighthouse, Crawley taking place on 31 August. Pray that it will bring a sense of community and that every person who attends will experience the love of God.

Thursday 23

United Beach Missions who run mission weeks in Llandudno

Saturday 25

Pray for Jenni Whymark as she prepares for next week’s Stage Door in Surbiton, a non-residential week of drama, craft, music and games where the children prepare a play to perform to their family and friends on the Friday evening.



We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord. Psalm 78:4

Connecting You | Summer 2018  

Connecting in you is Scripture Union's supporter and prayer magazine, keeping you up-to-date with what God is doing through the work you sup...

Connecting You | Summer 2018  

Connecting in you is Scripture Union's supporter and prayer magazine, keeping you up-to-date with what God is doing through the work you sup...